LinuxNovicehello, anybody here?07:25
hateball68, far as I can see07:26
LinuxNovicehow much space would I require if I need to install an OS in a virtual machine.07:27
hateballLinuxNovice: by "an OS", do you mean Lubuntu?07:30
LinuxNoviceI am Lubuntu now, if I need to install a Windows OS/07:30
LinuxNovicecan we run SAP ERP on Lubuntu?07:31
dovahwhats the real website lubuntu.me or lubuntu.net?09:44
CrazyDuckhello, does lubuntu prompt me when there are updates/upgrades available?12:57
n-iCeHi guys19:52
n-iCeis there a minimal installation?19:52
LiftLeftI started up compiz, and then my desktop wallpaper disappeared22:01
LiftLeftthen it was blue22:01
LiftLeftthe window borders are pretty ugly also22:02
genii!info compizconfig-settings-manager22:10
ubottucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compiz): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 1: (yakkety), package size 561 kB, installed size 4487 kB22:10

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