jayc_hello everyone. I have a small problem that I need some guidance on. I'm using IPMI in shared mode and have the IP address set to I have the subnet configured in MAAS. The node gets detected fine, but fails commissioning. If I configure IPMI for dedicated mode and give it it's own port on the switch, the node will commission fine. What am I missing?00:08
jayc_This is the error I get: Failed to power on node - Power on for the node failed: Could not contact node's BMC: Connection timed out while performing power action. Check BMC configuration and connectivity and try again.00:09
jayc_But the node does get powered on when trying to commission.00:10
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mionoWhen I mark two interfaces on the node to create a bond, both of the interfaces disappear when I click "Save" then when I reload the page both of the interfaces show up again, but no bond is shown.09:43
mionoOkay, found the reason. The log says:11:38
mionodjango.core.exceptions.ValidationError: {'vlan': ['A bond interface can only belong to an untagged VLAN.']}11:38
mionoWhy can't the bond interface be in my VLAN 99 ?11:38
osmanlicilegiHi. Is thera anyone having storage problems with virtualized hardware? I'm using either VMware and VirtualBox and cannot commission disks.11:39
jaceknmiono: not sure exactly but is it possile that you need bond0.99 for tagged traffic? bond0 is always untagged in ubuntu I think11:41
mionojacekn: So you're saying it's impossible to use bond0 as a trunked interface?11:48
jaceknmiono: it's possible but you end up with bond0 (untagged, native vlan) and bond0.XX (VLAN XX)11:49
mionojacekn: hmm, okay11:50
mionojacekn: I tried doing something similar to that. By setting the bond (made up of two interfaces) to untagged and not member of any subnet. And then I created a VLAN on that bond named bond0.99 (.1q-tag 99)11:52
mionoBut then, when I did the deploy I got some strange in the post-install (I think), and couldn't ping the IP later.11:53
jaceknmiono: so that should work on the network level but I'm not sure about PXE/DHCP and the rest of it, maybe one of MAAS developers can help out with details11:53
jaceknmiono: for example as far as I know you can't PXE boot using tagged interface11:54
mionojacekn: no, the PXE-radiobutton was on bond0 and not on bond0.99911:55
jaceknmiono: ok so what IP address and in which subnet will MAAS assign to bond0?11:56
mionojacekn: this is how the network configuration looks: http://lagga.se/network_config.png11:57
mionojacekn: to my understanding it will assign to bond011:57
jaceknmiono: nope, is in VLAN99 and your server will PXE boot using native vlan for bond0 children, not sure what that VLAN  ID is11:58
mionojacekn: well, it does boot over PXE...11:58
mionoand the installation starts and it's working pretty good up until I get an error, I will have that error pretty soon.11:59
mionoAnd when it's booted over PXE and is installing it's using that IP-address (
jaceknmiono: hmmm that's strange, my best bet is that something strange happens because MAAS can't make sense of your config12:00
mionoyeah, could be.12:00
jaceknmiono: so it boots from bond0 with and then you tell it to use with bond0.9912:01
mionowell yeah, I guess.12:01
mionoI mean, I'm sure that it boots from "some interface" with
mionoand after the install, when it reboots I can't reach that interface anymore.12:03
mionoVery strange, when I created the bond through the maas-interface I chose active-backup as the bonding-mode.12:39
mionoBut after deploying Ubuntu to the machine the interfaces-file has some options that seem related to LACP, which I find strange since that's not the bonding-mode I opted for.12:40
mupBug #1618543 changed: freeipmi lacks IPv6 support <maas-ipv6> <verification-done> <MAAS:Fix Released> <freeipmi (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <freeipmi (Ubuntu Xenial):Fix Released> <freeipmi (Ubuntu Yakkety):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1618543>17:44
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mupBug #1639930 changed: initramfs network configuration ignored if only ip6= on kernel command line <maas-ipv6> <verification-done> <cloud-init:Fix Released> <MAAS:Fix Released>18:50
mup<cloud-init (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <cloud-init (Ubuntu Xenial):Fix Released by smoser> <cloud-init (Ubuntu Yakkety):In Progress> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1639930>18:50
mupBug #1628313 changed: [2.1 ipv6] comissioning should ignore SLAAC addresses <maas-ipv6> <MAAS:Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1628313>19:20
mupBug #1654063 opened: CentOS images have overly specific (and wrong) version numbers <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1654063>20:20
smgollerOk, I have a maas server (both region and rack) that is not acting as a router. I have a separate router. the maas server has multiple interfaces on it, one for the lab network, and one for the rack network. when a machine boots on the rack network, cloud-init tries to talk to the lab network interface and can't. the machine can talk to the rest of the world as a whole. I tried turning on net.ipv4.ip_forward via sysctl but that doesn't seem to22:25
smgoller help. Any ideas?22:25
smgollerIs it possible to customize the url cloud-init tries to talk to on a per subnet basis?22:26
spaok_does anyone know why cloud-init running on a maas deployed node would be failing to post events?23:51

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