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mzanettizsombi, ping10:28
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FrogCastpopey, hey your voice on Mycroft; is that a text to speech voice that I can integrate into an application? Or would I need to a commercial license?18:10
ogra_it is a very small cloned popey living inside the mycroft case ... no licensince allowed for that :P18:20
popeyFrogCast: you'd have to ask mycroft.18:21
FrogCastpopey, thanks bud. I'd love it if my product could speak using your voice.18:22
FrogCastpopey, just curious; how many hours did you sit down recording your voice?19:10
popeyFrogCast: i think it was about 8 hours total19:22
popeyspread over a number of days19:22
FrogCastpopey, that's not bad... Maybe I should do it myself? Is it the sort of thing that if you spend say 72 hours, it would be remarkeably improved?19:24
popeyi dont know, I just recorded it, vocalid did all the processing19:25
popeyyou can't rush it though19:25
FrogCastpopey, thanks for the insight. I might need a break on the project I am working on now; what is the focal point for ubuntu development at the moment? Is it still the core apps?19:28
popeyFrogCast: not so much. it's all about snappy :)19:57
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