hggdhtarpman: the security folks are actually at #ubuntu-hardened00:13
tarpmanhggdh: oh, thanks. noted00:13
tarpmanhggdh: I got that from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/GettingInvolved00:13
hggdh#ubuntu-security is a +i channel, so reserved00:14
hggdhtarpman: ah. #ubuntu-security is mapped to -hardened00:24
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hotellinaHi everybody, I reported a bug for Ubuntu and I got asked more information. After having provided more info do I have to manage the status myself setting the status from Incomplete >> to Confirmed?16:22
rbasakhotellina: essentially yes. Usually it'd be Incomplete -> New unless the team uses a different workflow (eg. kernel team) or if others have already confirmed they have the same bug.16:34
hotellinatnx rbasak.16:35
burakbugrulhello everybody, does anyone know about recovering journal error20:42
burakbugrulI can't shutdown my computer ::(20:42

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