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pittitsimonq2: thanks!07:06
pittiGood morning07:06
dokoMirv: can you reproduce this in Debian too? I would however suspect a binutils change ...09:30
fossfreedom_sil2100: hi! did you find anytime yesterday to look at the ubuntu budgie LP build issue?  TIA11:24
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sil2100fossfreedom_: hey! Sadly I got swarmed with post-holiday stuff yesterday, but I'm looking into this nowish11:45
fossfreedom_sil2100: no worries - same here.  cheers.11:46
sil2100Mirv: hey! Do you know the autopkgtest infra enough to maybe somehow kick the libnih armhf test from http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/xenial/update_excuses.html#dbus ? Since it seems to be 'Test in progress' but not on any queue11:47
pitti$ retry-autopkgtest-regressions -s xenial --state RUNNING11:51
pittiand see "retry-autopkgtest-regressions --help" how to actually send them11:51
pittisil2100: ^11:51
Laneyarmhf is having a sad time as well11:52
LaneyI'm trying to sort it out but slow going11:52
pittiin lp:ubuntu-archive-tools; this is also on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration/AutopkgtestInfrastructure#Re-running_tests11:52
Laneymight or might not just be trusty11:52
sil2100pitti: thanks \o/11:56
* sil2100 bookmarks the wobpage11:56
pittisil2100: but please ask Laney to check the logs first why the requests disappeared; that's not really expected11:56
Laneypitti: sil2100: Can't find it immediately, busy trying to understand this "container not running" thing, sorry12:08
dokoginggs: fyi, freemat ftbfs with LLVM 3.9 (debian-science)12:09
ginggsdoko: thanks, will take a look. i checked julia yesterday and it also fails. are you planning to remove 3.8 for zesty? or are you only changing the default to 3.9?12:11
dokoginggs: I only wanted it demoted, which is done now12:12
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ginggsdoko: sorry what demoted? i do not understand12:15
dokoginggs: llvm-3.8 demoted (main -> universe)12:17
ginggsdoko: ah, got it now12:17
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Mirvsil2100: hi12:49
Mirvsil2100: yeah but it seems you got answers already :)12:50
Mirvsil2100: sorry for the delay, right when you pinged me I started driving my car to yearly service12:50
Mirvfeels like: -24'C, nice weather12:50
Mirvdoko: I've been experimenting a bit, and now I got the same problem with forced binutils 20161212: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/301180375/buildlog_ubuntu-zesty-armhf.qtwebkit-opensource-src_5.7.1+dfsg-1build1~1_BUILDING.txt.gz (fake bumped version number). I don't have Debian armhf available for testing. I'm still building a similarly older gcc-6 to test next.12:56
dokorbasak: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/parallax/+bug/165395912:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1653959 in parallax (Ubuntu) "[MIR] parallax, dependency of crmsh" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:58
Mirvthat should be roughly the same binutils that was in use when Debian's package was built (https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=qtwebkit-opensource-src&arch=armhf&ver=5.7.1%2Bdfsg-1&stamp=1481858819)12:58
dokoMirv: thanks for checking12:59
rbasakdoko: noted, thanks.13:04
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srulii want to run a script each time apt finishes installing updates, i tried apt post success hooks but its not working, dpkg post success runs the script after each package is installed and i dont want that, i only want it to run when all is finished, how can i go about this?14:26
dokomain is now down to one llvm version ... instead of three14:43
dobeysruli: alias apt-upgrade="apt upgrade && foo" ?14:52
srulidobey: thanks, didnt think of that, but i need it to work from gui update-manager14:53
dobeywhy? what are you trying to accomplish exactly?14:54
cjwatsonwhat exactly did you try for apt post success hooks?  those sound like the right tool for the job14:55
cjwatsonperhaps you just got the syntax slightly wrong or something; it would help to know a little more than "it's not working"14:56
srulidobey: i am holding back kernel updates for a few weeks after release, wrote a bash script to check date of kernel and install if > x days, i want it to run at the same time of regular updates14:56
cjwatsonah, you probably can't do that in an apt hook, I bet it's not re-entrant in the right way14:58
dobeyafter apt already succeeded in installing the updates, seems like way too late to do that14:58
dobeyseems like you'd want to check that *before* the download/install started14:59
cjwatsonturn the problem on its head: use APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success to put all kernel packages on hold except for those that it's acceptable to install15:01
cjwatsonthat will run immediately after 'apt update', thus generally before download/install15:01
srulii am calling an external script, what difference does it make it apt finished installing the updates? my lines in "60aptupdate" APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success {"path/to/script";}; and APT-get::Update::Post-Invoke-Success {"path/to/script";};15:02
cjwatsonif you put the ones you don't want to install on hold, then all the rest should happen naturally15:03
cjwatsonalso, APT-get::Update::Post-Invoke-Success isn't a thing15:03
srulii can get by the issue of when it calles it by telling the script to call another one and second one will wait for /va/lib/dpkg/lock to free up.. point is the apt hook is not called when using the gui15:04
srulicjwatson: ther are some other scripts i also need to run after install, question is why is the hook not called when running gui update-manager15:04
sruliactually its also not called when running from command line, i just noticed the hook made no difference, i made a wrapper before for apt-get and have a copy of it in /usr/local/bin, when that file is there then apt update from command line triggers it, however the hooks in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ are not being triggered15:07
cjwatsonAPT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success definitely should be15:07
cjwatsonand it is here15:08
cjwatsonfor example if you have update-notifier-common installed, then you should notice that the timestamp of /var/lib/apt/periodic/update-success-stamp is updated every time you do an apt update; that's handled by /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/15update-stamp15:08
cjwatsonI'd suggest starting by seeing whether that happens from update-manager as well15:09
cjwatsonif so, then that means it must be a problem with your hook rather than with the hook system in general15:09
cjwatsonit's been a while, but I *think* that update-manager possibly doesn't generally do an apt update itself, but just relies on the apt cron jobs to do that15:10
srulitime stamp does work,15:11
cjwatsonas far as I know the only way to install a hook that runs after install is to use DPkg::Post-Invoke - that's not "after each package is installed", but rather after each dpkg invocation (which may operate on several packages at once)15:12
srulii tested the dpkg post invoke it ran after every package, will try again, post-invoke-success or just post-invoke?15:13
cjwatsonAPT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success -> after apt update, DPkg::Post-Invoke -> after every dpkg invocation15:16
cjwatsonyou will definitely not be able to use apt-get install from DPkg::Post-Invoke, so don't bother trying things like that15:17
srulii am not trying to call that directly from post invoke, i am trying to call an external script15:19
cjwatsonsure, just a warning15:20
cjwatsonin general you just need to write things in a way that will cope with being called multiple times from a single apt upgrade run, though15:21
cjwatsonwhich is usually not difficult, just requires a little thought15:21
srulisomething is wrong with hooks, in 15update-stamp i copied the line to touch another file, it doesnt touch that file15:21
cjwatsonif this were on my system this would be where I'd break out strace15:22
srulii dont know how to use that.. try adding to your 15update-timestamp "APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success {"touch /var/lib/apt/periodic/1234 2>/dev/null || true";};15:24
sruliits exactly same line but touches different file15:24
cjwatsonworks fine for me15:26
cjwatson$ sudo apt update15:26
cjwatson$ ls -l /var/lib/apt/periodic/ | head15:27
cjwatsontotal 015:27
cjwatson-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan  4 15:26 123415:27
sruliupdate-manager gui is what i am testing15:27
cjwatsonlike I say I don't think it does an apt update15:27
cjwatsonbut rather relies on apt's cron jobs to do that from time to time15:27
srulibut it does update the timestamp on /var/lib/apt/periodic/update-success-time15:28
cjwatsonok, I tried update-manager and it apparently did kick off an update, and /var/lib/apt/periodic/1234 was touched15:29
cjwatsonI've helped you all I can, need to go and do some other things now, sorry15:29
srulihow do i do an strace?15:30
cjwatsonbest read its documentation15:30
sruliwilldo, thanks for your help15:31
cjwatson(it will produce a lot of output - you'll want to arrange for that to go to a file, and then you can search for interesting things in that file)15:31
srulicjwatson: didnt run a strace but rebooted and tried again, it did kick it of, i checked with ps before reboot and update-manager was not running! how do i apply changes to apt conf files without reboot?15:40
cjwatsonyou don't need to reboot to apply changes to apt configuration files15:41
cjwatsonperhaps you didn't check for other apt-related processes in ps15:42
sruliwell i just tried a million different configs, nothing kicked of the post invoke until a made a reboot!15:42
sruliok, glad that i got that working,15:42
cjwatsonapt reads its configuration every time it starts.  the only way a reboot could possibly be relevant is if there was some apt-related process running that you missed.15:42
cjwatson(and by apt, I mean anything that uses the apt libraries)15:43
sruliquestion is now if there is a way to do a post-invoke for upgrade? else i will need to call a "script &" that script will need to wait for the lock on /var/lib/dpkg/lock to be freed15:43
cjwatsonthere isn't a way to do a post-invoke for upgrade, no15:44
srulialso apt update from command line executes the script once, from gui it calls it 3 times, so will have to touch a tmp file when called and first thing in script is if tmp file exists = exit 015:44
cjwatsonI'd probably use a cron job or systemd service or similar rather than putting a script in the background, though15:45
cjwatsonand I'm still confused about why you'd need to call apt from a hypothetical post-upgrade hook; that sounds like a symptom of bad design15:45
cjwatsonI gave a design for your kernel use case earlier that wouldn't require that15:46
cjwatson(and if apt (or dpkg) isn't involved then /var/lib/dpkg/lock shouldn't matter)15:46
sruliwell few reasons, 1. usually after a month the kernel is no longer in cache so cant install it, (my script downloads kernel as soon as its released but keeps in in different dir) 2. i run some other scripts to change m/c/a times on /boot files, (dont want anyone to be able to see when was last time i booted the machine) i need this script to run every time a update changes a file in /boot15:49
cjwatsonif I were you I would have your script maintain a local apt repository15:50
cjwatsonthat way it'll still be available in the apt cache and you can use the simpler hold-all-kernels-except-if-approved design above15:51
cjwatsonand 2. doesn't require /var/lib/dpkg/lock to be released, so you can do that stuff any time15:51
sruli1. i looke dhard and could not find a way to tell apt/dpkg to install a package based on mtime, and i tried but was not successfull in holding a specific kerne, had to put "linux-image-generic" on hold "linux-image-4.4.0-48-generic" did not hold15:54
sruli2. but i need it to change the mtimes after dpkg finishes, if it runs before then dpkg might update some files in boot after...15:54
cjwatson1. like I say, maintain a local apt repository, put everything on hold from APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success except the ones that you determine are old enough15:55
cjwatson2. DPkg::Post-Invoke should be sufficient for that - apt holds the lock basically to avoid confusion, but DPkg::Post-Invoke itself is reliably run after dpkg finishes15:57
srulihow do i determine if its old enough without downloading the file to check the mtime, if i already need to download it, why keep a local repo of many GB's15:58
srulialso what is the gain of your way? my script downloads, keeps a dir full of them, if it determines mtime is ripe, it moves it to /var/cache/apt/archives and executes "apt install linux-image-x.x.x-x-generic" so it goes through the normal apt install proccess16:02
cjwatsonyou can either keep a little database of package names/versions to mtimes, or do an HTTP HEAD request to get the mtime; and a local repository doesn't *necessarily* require actually having all the files locally, you could have just the index information locally and do the download when your APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success hook decides to unhold a kernel package (for example; there are other ...16:02
cjwatson... possible strategies)16:02
cjwatsonthe gain of this is that it's more reliable with respect to apt locking etc.16:02
cjwatsonyou wouldn't have to mess about with trying to work out when apt isn't running, potentially colliding with other things; and it would mean the package would be straightforwardly visible in update-manager, and be applied as part of the normal upgrade run16:03
cjwatsonanyway you obviously don't have to take my advice, but you asked, so ...16:03
cjwatsonalso if your script is already keeping a directory full of them then I don't see why running a bit of extra code to turn that directory into an apt repository is a problem16:04
cjwatsonit might actually end up being less code16:04
cjwatson(since apt would deal with acquiring stuff straight from that directory)16:04
srulii did not find a way to check mtime with http header, also if i remove the hold like you suggest it will install the lastest kernel, unless i misunderstood part of your instruction16:05
sruliregarding taking your advice.. sure i want and thanks for your time, i want to do things the best way possible... but i have to understand properly.. and it has to achive my goal16:06
cjwatsonthe mtime is in the Last-Modified header in an HTTP HEAD request, although if you already have the files locally then using that is certainly easier16:07
cjwatsonI don't understand why it would install the latest kernel16:07
sruliif there is no hold on it and its doing a update it will install latest16:08
cjwatsonif you have a local apt repository then you'd pin that repository to be preferred over versions in the archive16:08
cjwatsonthat's one good reason to have a local repository, in fact; if properly configured then it makes it harder to commit accidents if using apt by hand16:08
cjwatsonhm, might be slightly fiddly with multiple versions though16:09
cjwatsonreally out of time to think about this16:10
cjwatsonmight be necessary to maintain the repository out of band with a cron job, so it would basically only "publish" the packages that are old enough in its Packages index file16:11
srulithere are multiple other problems, i will need to download it to the repo to check the date, if its in the repo, it will get installed.. for the moment i will have to go with what i have and at a later stage think of resoing it16:11
srulimany thanks for your time and advice16:11
cjwatsonthen you don't need anything in APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success, you'd just have a preferences file that causes all kernel packages from the primary archive to be ignored16:12
JanCsruli: why do you want to postpone important security updates?16:12
sil2100fossfreedom: I think I see what's wrong, I think I reviewed your livecd-rootfs branch too broadly and we miss some changes there - let me add what's needed and try re-running (once it migrates)16:13
cjwatsonanyway in general the way I would recommend thinking about this kind of thing is that you're basically trying to maintain a curated channel for updates, and the best way to do that is generally to try to make things look as much like the existing channels (e.g. xenial-updates) as possible16:14
sruliJanC: i do not want anyone to be able to see from my /boot partition when i last booted it so have to postpone kernel few weeks, if you know how i can encrypt boot and at sametime have hidden grub with regular boot going straight to windows you will be my hero16:14
sil2100fossfreedom: or better said, too narrowly I guess ;)16:14
cjwatsonsruli: what do you do about /proc/uptime?16:15
JanCI'm not sure what booting has to do with installed kernels16:16
JanCboot time, I mean16:17
srulicjwatson: you cant get that from boot partition, can you? rest of system is luks, i am not worried about when i am using it, i dont want colleagues to try to check when i am not around16:18
cjwatsonok, but you're not likely to make your system more secure by holding back upgrades just so that it's hard for people to tell how recent it is16:19
sruliJanC: if a kernel is realeased 2 days ago and its in my boot partition, u know i must have used it in the last 2 days, i want it to be a month since i last used it16:19
cjwatsonsounds like you want two grub installations, one chaining to the other16:19
srulicjwatson: correct, actually impossible to tell, without the luks key they can play all they want in boot16:20
cjwatson(you could also just encrypt /boot if you don't mind having to type in your LUKS passphrase at every boot)16:22
JanCthat's what I was thinking too...16:23
srulicjwatson: problem with that is i need windows to be able to boot without pass, my work even demands that it always boots striaght into windows so had to hide the grub menu16:23
srulicjwatson: chaningin 2 grubs is one of the ideas that came up on #ubuntu , had a few ideas on how to have encrypted boot with default booting straight into windows, couldnt find any guides.. i guess i will need a week to fugire it out and test it properly.. its on my list16:24
JanCbasically you want your first stage grub (or other bootloader) to be on something else than /boot16:25
sruliwith regards to grub password, i was thinking to use keyfile on usb stick, it usb is connected it shows grub and unlocks else boot windows16:25
srulitheat the way to go i guess... need some time to figure it out.. unless you can point me to a guide16:27
cjwatsondon't have a guide, but I'd probably do something based on grub-mkstandalone (or maybe grub-mkrescue)16:28
sruliand i will be able to hide the grub menu and default boot windows?16:29
cjwatsoncertainly possible, a matter of crafting an appropriate grub.cfg16:30
srulithanks, will be back when i am ready to try it.. really appreciate the help16:31
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sil2100fossfreedom: ...actually scratch that, the error seems to be somewhere else, I continue looking16:47
Mirvdoko: still a problem with forced gcc 6.2.1-5ubuntu1, so maybe it's something Ubuntu specific. https://launchpadlibrarian.net/301204319/buildlog_ubuntu-zesty-armhf.qtwebkit-opensource-src_5.7.1+dfsg-1build1~1_BUILDING.txt.gz16:47
fossfreedom_sil2100: this really is a roller-coaster!  cheers for the feedback.16:50
Mirvupdated bug #1653529 with how the testing was done and a link to Debian log of the same source that succeeded on Dec 16th16:51
ubottubug 1653529 in qtwebkit-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "qtwebkit 5.7.1 fails to build on armhf" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165352916:51
sil2100fossfreedom_: I'm wondering if the problem might be that your budgie seeds are missing the -live metapackage, e.g. ubuntu-budgie-live16:54
mitya57Can some SRU team member please look at owncloud-client in Yakkety queue? It's and important fix and waits since 2016-12-19…16:54
sil2100fossfreedom_: I mean, the seeds do have live configured, but the ubuntu-budgie-meta package doesn't define it (and doesn't link to it in the metapackage-map)16:54
sil2100fossfreedom_: sadly live-build is very vague in giving any clues on failures quite frequently, but that would be my first guess here16:55
fossfreedom_sil2100: oh! I'm looking here but not sure what needs updating - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntubudgie-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-budgie.zesty/files16:57
fossfreedom_wait - you mean the debian package itself that you run the ./update on to regenerate it?16:58
mitya57Does anybody know why is the sponsorship tracker "Last updated at: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 16:40:29 -0000"?17:22
rbasakThat sounds familiar. IIRC, the pending-sru report was stuck at a similar time.17:23
rbasakIf it has the same root cause, someone with access to snakefruit can kill things/clear locks.17:23
rbasak(assuming the sponsorship tracker updates from snakefruit)17:23
cjwatsonthe sponsorship tracker isn't on snakefruit is it?17:23
cjwatsonwhat's the URL?17:23
LaneyIt's on a different host17:23
mitya57The URL is http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/17:23
cjwatsonyeah, that's cranberry17:24
cjwatsonbdmurray: ^-17:24
mitya57It's cranberry, yes.17:24
LaneyThe files are owned by dholbach... hope it wasn't run out of his crontab or anything like that :)17:25
rbasakThat's be ironic :)17:27
bdmurrayI'll have a look17:27
bdmurraymitya57, cjwatson, rbasak, Laney: it looks like it was run by him, I'll move it over to ubuntureports this week.17:40
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fossfreedomsil2100: hi - I've looked at ubuntu-meta and ubuntu-gnome-meta and they don't have a "live" mapping.18:47
fossfreedomI'm a little confused - I can't see other community flavours with a "live" name metapackage18:48
srulicjwatson: you around? i got my script working fine, but change the hook to dpkg it now only works with post-invoke, not with post-invoke-success, what can that be?18:51
cjwatsonsruli: Because you can't make up configuration key names and expect them to work - you have to use the specific ones that apt cares about.  And, for whatever reason, the key names it has defined in this area happen to be spelled "APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success" and "DPkg::Post-Invoke".19:10
cjwatson(though "APT::Update::Post-Invoke" also exists)19:10
cjwatsonapt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc:   if (RunScripts("DPkg::Post-Invoke") == false)19:11
cjwatsonapt-pkg/update.cc:       RunScripts("APT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success");19:11
cjwatsonapt-pkg/update.cc:      RunScripts("APT::Update::Post-Invoke");19:11
srulii see so there is no post-invoke-success for dpkg, interesting, google is full it..19:11
cjwatsonThe first hit I find for (quoted) "Dpkg::Post-Invoke-Success" is a stackexchange post explaining that it doesn't exist.19:13
cjwatsonAs far as I can tell somebody made it up or typoed it in some other stackexchange post and didn't check whether it really existed.19:13
cjwatsonI get three hits total for it before Google starts omitting "very similar" results, and all three hits are basically copies of the same post.19:14
sruliok, i see now that stackexchange post, will have to use post-invoke,19:15
cjwatsonI mean, maybe it would be useful if it did exist, but you'd have to file a bug report against apt asking for it.19:16
sil2100fossfreedom: might be unrelated, but I guess I might be onto something - need to poke someone, will continue digging tomorrow19:49
fossfreedomsil2100: ok - cheers for all your time today.  much appreciated.19:50
bdmurraymitya57: The sponsors page has been updated and cronned20:25
mitya57bdmurray, thanks a lot!20:25
mitya57bdmurray, maybe you can help me one more time today? I need someone to look at owncloud-client in Yakkety SRU queue…20:27
bdmurraymitya57: Can you properly reference the Launchpad bug in the changelog.  Otherwise the pending SRU report won't show an LP bug and the verification process won't go so well.20:32
mitya57bdmurray, the previous upload (2.2.2+dfsg-1ubuntu0.1), already in proposed, references that bug properly.20:33
mitya57But if you want me to put the proper reference to this upload too, please reject it and I'll reupload.20:34
bdmurraymitya57: please do reference the bug again, I've rejected the existing upload20:50
mitya57bdmurray, re-uploaded20:53
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mitya57bdmurray, thanks a lot!21:17

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