Bashing-omR&R time guys , laters06:06
ducassemorning all07:20
ducassehi BluesKaj, insomnia again? :)07:49
BluesKajyeah, I seem to wake up every 3 hrs08:00
ducasseannoying. only suggestion i have is to try melatonin, it worked for me.08:01
BluesKajwell, my sciatica is acting up too08:03
ducasseno wonder you can't sleep :(08:05
ducassesnowing here today, and really windy up here on the hill. unfortuately, i _have_ to go out today, not looking forward to it.08:08
BluesKajwe;re going to get an arctic cold front by this evening , -20C08:12
ducassesounds horrible. stay inside :)08:20
BluesKajwe plan to08:31
BluesKajthink I'm ready for more sleep...later08:32
BluesKajHi folks12:52
ducasseawake again, BluesKaj? :)13:03
BluesKajHi ducasse, yeah , slept another 4 hrs for a total of 7 , so i'm good :-)13:05
BluesKaj'Having morning coffee atm13:05
ducassethat's not bad :) i'm still sitting here, drinking tea and helping out when i can in #u. my cat is wandering around the keyboard insisting on attention, though, so it's hard to focus :)13:07
ducassebtw BluesKaj, configured a microsd card and a usb stick with xbian, going to try if it works later today. thanks a lot for the guides!13:27
BluesKajducasse, right, hope it works for you13:28
BluesKajI used Raspbian with the new Pixel desktop ...it's quite nice13:29
ducassei've heard a lot of people say that about pixel. it's based on lxde or lxqt, right?13:30
BluesKajlxde rather13:32
BluesKajphat phingers13:33
BluesKajI tyried the the trinity desktop on it , but ran into permission problems so I reinstalled raspbian pixel13:34
ducassehehe... i've got a fat wrist, typing with wrist support is not as easy as i'd like. leads to heavy use of backspace.13:34
ducasseBluesKaj: i was thinking of getting an rpi3 with pixel for my nephew, is it enough for basic browsing stuff? i'd think the most important thing for him would be youtube.13:40
BluesKajducasse, the rpi3 is quite capable of good video performance as along as the gpu memory share setting is high enough. I've been using 192 in kodi and it works quite well, not sure about you tube Hi Def tho..I can check it out13:43
ducasseBluesKaj: hi def would not be important in his case, i doubt the stuff he watches is available in it anyway.13:44
ducasseBluesKaj: i see the memory split is set to 256 by default on the xbian image, that would probably be a bit high if you intend to use it as a desktop.13:49
ducasse(but then i wouldn't use xbian) :)13:49
BluesKajyoutube hi dewfy14:04
BluesKajducasse I checked out the youtube channel in 1080i video and it seemed ok , at raspian configuration/performance at 192, which edges close to max power requirement from the PSU indicator14:21
ducasseBluesKaj: that's not bad, thanks. i doubt he'll need that, though, he's mostly watching game and music videos.14:22
BluesKajworks even better with 720p on kodi14:24
ducassei mostly use 720p videos myself, although i can't remember any problems with 1080p. as long as they're not hevc.14:24
BluesKajhave you tried the strukturag/libde265 ppa? I'm not going to bother until I encounter a hevc video, which i haven't so far14:30
ducasseno, i haven't. i still don't really need it, and in the longer term i'm planning on getting another device anyway. it would be nice with something that has a proper remote etc.14:32
BluesKajI use a wireless KB and mouse and it sort of acts as a remote using kodi14:34
ducassei use an android phone with the official 'kore' remote. works well, but at times i'd rather have a regular infrared remote with physical buttons.14:35
BluesKajI have an android phone as well, and one of my friends uses his phone as a remote too, but I haven't bothered trying the app14:38
ducasseit's actually rather nice, they've baked in a lot of functionality.14:39
ducassei actually can't think of anything you can't easily do from the app. i mostly just use the basics, though, so there might be more advanced stuff i've missed.14:42
ducassebut for managing the library, controlling playback, selecting subtitles/audio tracks etc it works well.14:43
BluesKajall of the actions described on their website seem to be similar to navigating kodi with the mouse and KB here since kodi is displayed on my tv14:47
ducasseyes, but it's more comfortable imo. i guess that depends on your keyboard and mouse, but a phone takes up little room and is mostly there anyway.14:50
ducasseif you're going to be editing/adding a lot of text, i'd prefer a keyboard, though :)14:50
ducasseWildPenguin: \o16:28
WildPenguinjust curious about various things in Linux, particularly in Ubuntu.16:32
ducassefeel free to ask :)16:33
WildPenguinwhich stage of  Debian can Ubuntu be compared to? Stable, Testing or unstable?16:35
ubot5`Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!16:36
nicomachusthat link may be helpful, WildPenguin16:36
WildPenguinok. thanks a lot16:38
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naccWildPenguin: generally, ubuntu is based off unstable at the time of the release (well, just before it, around feature freeze time)16:40
WildPenguinthere are some Ubuntu/Lubuntu derivatives like LXLE which are also adhere to their theme. For example lxle is built for old computers. How reliable are they?16:41
WildPenguinin terms of security and stability.16:42
naccWildPenguin: you'd presumably need to ask them16:42
ducassedunno, i only use ubuntu, debian and arch.16:42
WildPenguinducasse, you have used three distros. which one do you think is really beginner friendly?16:43
ducasseWildPenguin: of those three, cleary ubuntu. i have used a lot of other distros over the years, those three are just the ones i prefer now.16:44
WildPenguinok. I'll stick with Ubuntu, then.16:45
ducasseWildPenguin: one very important thing is that ubuntu has a great community for support, and if you google for something, there are probably more answers for ubuntu than most other distros - at least that's the impression i get.16:46
WildPenguinthat's a very important factor.16:46
ducassethe ubuntu community in general tend to be helpful and not looking down on beginners. if you have problems, someone in #ubuntu is almost always there to help.16:49
WildPenguinyes. that's true.16:49
ducassei'd also advice you to learn how to get the most out of search engines, there are _tons_ of material out there. very often you will find a direct answer to your question.16:50
WildPenguincan I run the SAP ERP package on Ubuntu or on any of its derivatives?16:52
ducasseseems so, although not supported. i'd advice asking in #ubuntu-server16:54
WildPenguinI just need to be able to run that on Ubuntu.16:55
ducassei've never worked with sap, so i have zero experience with it. try #ubuntu or #ubuntu-server, someone there should know.16:56
WildPenguinducasse, thanks a lot.17:11
ducasseWildPenguin: np, any time.17:11
WildPenguinwas going through the link you provided. thanks.17:12
* nacc ponders if "< unimouse> nacc suck me idiot" is reason to invoke ops...18:56
daftykinslooks justified to me.18:57
daftykinsmaybe less via the trigger and more via a channel join, but you know how useful they are at the best of times...18:57
ducassejust give people a hint in #ubuntu-offtopic, tends to work.19:01
ducassehapppy new year, both of you!19:01
naccducasse: ah good point, thanks!19:01
daftykinsand to you sir19:01
naccducasse: same to you!19:01
daftykinsmeh offtopic is a cess pool :P19:01
ducasseyes, but full of people with +b superpowers :)19:02
ducassehow was the holidays, daftykins?19:02
daftykinswell i just discovered a water leak in my house, so it's back to work with a bump ;)19:03
daftykinshow was yours?19:03
ducassemine was fine, quiet. visited my mother + sister and kids christmas eve, that was about it.19:03
ducassewater leaks are no fun :(19:04
ducassei'm playing with calibre, trying to get some books i've bought recently nicely organized etc. still need a good reading device, researching.19:05
daftykinsah har19:22
daftykinsyeah i had quiet ones at my parents with my one remaining grandparent too, she's 95 now and totally gone mentally sadly19:22
daftykinsmakes for the repetitive conversations :P19:22
ducassesad, but little that can be done :(19:23
daftykinssuch is the way, mmm19:23
ducassedaftykins: news - bought a third monitor. ahh, the luxury! :)19:24
ducasseany plans for the new year?19:28
daftykinswork as much as i can and spend a lot on fixing up the house i think!19:33
ducassehave fun with that ;)19:37
ducassebtw, nearly quit smoking - down to 3, 4 per day...19:38
ducassethere's hope i'll finally get down to zero on of these days.19:38
daftykinswhat was your usual rate?19:39
ducasseyou'll never get that out of me!19:40
ducasse(but more than one pack per day)19:40
ducasse(much more)19:41
daftykinsi don't even know how many is in one19:41
daftykinsah right19:42
daftykinswhat are your thoughts on the electronic gadgets?19:42
ducassewhich gadgets in particular?19:42
ducasseoh, those.19:43
BluesKajI was smoking 2 packs per week , then I finally quit for good almost 2 yrs to the day ... some of my bandmates still smoke19:43
BluesKajand I had quit for 10 yrs up until 2011. and I succumbed , but not all the way19:44
BluesKajsmoking is tough to quit, that's a fact19:45
ducassestill going to do it, i'm pretty determined.19:53
ducassei think step 1 is _stop mentioning smoking!_ :) it immediately makes me want one. the big hurdle is probably to think of something else.19:54
daftykinsi like cake19:55
daftykinsbut i won't give that up! ;)19:55
BluesKajthe craving usually lasts less than a minute IME , now when I see somebody light up it last for only a few secs19:56
BluesKajfor a minute when you're trying to quit19:56
ducassehehe - this is what my cat does when she wants attention/treats - http://imgur.com/a/BVzMM19:57
daftykinsooh the das keyboard makes an appearance19:58
ducasseyup :) /me loves it.19:58
BluesKajtake care folks20:27

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