rtginfinity, I pushed a patch to drop powerpc-smp and powerpc-e500mc in anticipation of Ubuntu removing support for 32 bit powerpc. I assume that is something on your todo list for the installer(s) ?15:05
rtgfor Zesty, of course15:06
apwrtg, doesn't that announcement imply we are dropping the whole of 32bit powerpc architecture ?15:08
rtgapw, given tha I am completely unfamiliar with powerpc, what you're saying implies Ubuntu has no 64 bit big endian user space either15:10
apwright, they are all kernels in the 32 userspace15:31
rtgapw, so there are some 64 bit aplications that can run in a 32 bit user space, right ? I found that a bit confusing when trying to figure out what we actually did support.15:34
rtgso we can stop building any powerpc kernels for Zesty.15:35
apwi believe that will be true, but i guess we don't do anything till the arch is gone in the archive16:02
rtgapw, I'll drop that patch then.16:03
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infinityrtg: Unpush that.16:43
infinityrtg: powerpc should maintain the status quo until we drop *the entire arch* (ie: stop building it).16:43
infinityrtg: Ahh, I see you and Andy reached the same conclusion.16:44

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