villapxrephrased: anyone know how to make MATE terminal identify itself as xterm-256color?00:08
marpaCan you help me find out why cant I make Netflix work in Ubuntu mate. I use Chromium00:47
mate|72662i downloaded some .snap packages of ubuntu store.how to install them in offline mode?09:54
mate|72662any help?09:58
esprimo_ la langue11:07
esprimo_comment changer la langue et le claviert?11:07
esprimo_quel est l'endroit où l'on peut modifier cela sur Ubuntu Mate sans refaire une nouvelle install?ation11:09
esprimo_et meilleurs voeux à toutes et à tous encore...11:10
esprimo_J ai installé la dernière version ubuntu mate 16.1011:10
vojzzoWhat terminal does ubuntu mate have by default?11:36
masnell_vojzzo: mate-terminal11:38
masnell_also uses tilda via F12 for a slide down terminal (on by default in 16.04, need to turn on in MATE Tweak in 16.1011:42
vojzzocan i download gnome-terminal?11:44
masnell_vojzzo: see no reason you can't via your package manager of choice11:54
moshe_is anyone here?11:54
masnell_!ask | moshe_11:55
ubottumoshe_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:55
keydexAhhh. I'm so glad I found Ubuntu Mate. I've been using Ubuntu + installing Gnome Flashback all this time.14:58
ryan>install gentoo15:31
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HoppingMadManHey, hows everyone today?16:07
naturallyglad to be using mate 16.0417:13
naturallynice to have compiz back without hacks17:13
naturallynegative plugin handy17:14
HoppingMadManYeah, I know that feeling too. The amount of times I would break a system to get compiz working then when you got it working it was like being held together with duck tape and the hope17:19
HoppingMadManhey, pignon19:26
HoppingMadManhow are you?19:26
pignonHoppingMadMan fine, and you :)19:26
pignonI came here for a little question19:26
HoppingMadManYeah, spending today documenting so lots of fun19:27
HoppingMadManYeah shoot, might be able to help you19:27
pignonwhere has the update tray icon moved?19:27
pignonlol you look passionate :S19:28
HoppingMadManAre you running current?19:28
pignoncurrent LTS19:28
pignoni forgot to search ubuntu-mate when looking online19:29
pignonforgot the mate19:29
HoppingMadManI was going to say? That would be my first call have you tried Google19:29
pignonubuntu-mate display update manager notifier19:30
pignonI think in short the name of that tool is update-notifier19:31
HoppingMadManYeah I know what you mean, but I can't find it maybe I don't uses it give me a second19:32
pignonwell it looks they decided to put it in silent mode, it must be my bad, i'm too used to see updates everyday and not seeing it worries me19:33
HoppingMadManYeah don't worry maybe Ubuntu Mate just removed it from the config. I live in the Terminal so I am really just a few commands away19:34
pignonI just reckon it19:34
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pignon(when searching for it a always see "disable annoying update notifier")19:35
HoppingMadManAre you sure you just have not changed it to silent mode19:36
HoppingMadManIf that is what you have done just find Look And Feel menu and Notification settings19:37
HoppingMadManAnd see if you are running it in silent mode19:37
pignonah its not the pop-ups that lak19:39
pignonthanks by the way now I know how I can disable it if it becomes annoying19:40
pignonit's just the shield icon I had on mint-mate, and I can remember was on previous versions of ubuntu19:41
HoppingMadManYour welcome, its just I believe that Ubuntu Mate team may have removed it19:41
HoppingMadManI checked, I do have the packaged installed but as to the icon you are talking about I don't have it so maybe you are going to need to look into dconf-editor19:43
pignonhum, it seems too complex19:47
pignonI'm searching in mate-tweak, finding interesting things19:49
HoppingMadManYeah I love mate-tweak it would have sweet to have that level of customization back in the day of Gnome 219:50
pignonwell thanks again, with the few I understand I feel like mate took inspiration from gnome3 so that updates are done automatically, to stop bothering users, and finally you must go configure the update manager so it displays more or less popups..19:57
pignonwhy not19:57
pignongotta go19:57
JerryTali1234, desktop settings?21:13
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