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icedwaterMis-anthrope: hello06:45
icedwaterI'm interested to see how this pans out in the end.06:46
icedwaterFizzyCoffee: that too. How did you make coffee fizz?06:47
FizzyCoffeeDry Ice.06:47
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icedwaterMis-anthrope: you'll probably have to restate your problem here about lightdm being removed because it crashes when you log in.06:53
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ivoks'win 2107:58
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zulcoreycb: i got gnocchi13:14
coreycbzul, ok13:15
coreycbjamespage, hi can you promote the following please from liberty-proposed->liberty-updates? cinder, heat, manila, nova, openstack-trove, sahara13:18
jamespagecoreycb, okies13:51
jamespagecoreycb, ok those are going now13:53
coreycbjamespage, cool thanks13:53
jamespagethere are also py-crypto and python-oslo.messaging updates in proposed - are those good to go?13:53
coreycbjamespage, checking13:54
coreycbjamespage, those should probably wait a bit13:55
cpaelzerrbasak: in prep for my next major task it would be kind if you could re-import qemu to the importer tree14:15
coreycbjamespage, can you promote 1.8.3-0ubuntu0.15.04.2~cloud3 to kilo-proposed?14:27
coreycbjamespage, erm oslo.messaging14:27
rbasakcpaelzer: import running.15:05
rbasaknacc: FYI, in importing qemu I got:15:08
rbasakImporting 2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.28 to ubuntu/trusty-updates15:08
rbasak01/04/2017 15:07:43 - ERROR:Unable to import orig tarball for 2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.2815:08
rbasakImporting 2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.29 to ubuntu/trusty-proposed15:08
rbasak01/04/2017 15:08:21 - ERROR:Unable to import orig tarball for 2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.2915:08
rbasakIt seems to be continuing.15:08
cpaelzerinteresting rbasak15:09
cpaelzerthat might be related to the pristone tar changes15:10
cpaelzernacc: ^^ ?15:10
rbasakcpaelzer: import complete. It's pushed something, at least. I'm not sure about those errors.15:15
rbasaknacc, cpaelzer: full output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23739412/15:15
rbasakSo it looks like it impacts SRUs only.15:15
adrian_1908In apache2, should i use the /var/www/... directory for websites, or is there a reason to prefer something else?15:30
moonpupadrian_1908: personal preference... you can create and use any directory / mount point you like.15:32
coreycbjamespage, zul: ceilometer hasn't cut any releases for newton yet so I'm thinking about cutting a snapshot from master branch so we can get mod_wsgi and other updates released15:32
coreycbjamespage, zul: s/newton/ocata15:32
jamespagecoreycb, +115:33
coreycbjamespage, ok i'll do that then15:33
adrian_1908moonpup: ok, I'll stick to defaults then I think.15:33
zulcoreycb: cool beans15:33
coreycbjamespage, should I use our current snapshot version (ie. 1: or switch to this -> 1:7.0.0+git20170104.aa3f491bb-0ubuntu1 ?15:48
jamespagecoreycb, what will the next version release be?15:50
coreycbjamespage, should be 8.0.015:51
coreycbjamespage, last one was 7.0.015:51
jamespagecoreycb, 1:7.0.0+git20170104.aa3f491bb-0ubuntu115:52
coreycbjamespage, ok thanks15:52
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naccrbasak: yes, that message is when `gbp import-orig` fails16:38
rbasaknacc: ah, so that affects pristine tar branches only?16:41
naccrbasak: i believe so, and the 'upstream/' tags16:41
naccrbasak: that's the only use we have for the 'orig' tarballs themsevles16:41
naccrbasak: i can verify that with the source in a bit, but that's my recolleciton of the implementation16:44
naccrbasak: would be good to see why that happens in practice (feel free to open a bug)16:44
adrian_1908what would you guys recommend for comfortably copying files back-and-fourth between client and server (not constantly, just the occasional website, config files etc.)?16:55
rbasaknacc: bug 1654022, thanks.16:56
ubottubug 1654022 in usd-importer "Errors importing orig tarballs when importing qemu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165402216:56
rbasakadrian_1908: git, possibly with git-annex. Otherwise you lose track of what version of what is where.16:56
adrian_1908hmm, that's a good point rbasak16:57
naccrbasak: ack, thanks for the bug18:40
coreycbzul, do you have an MIR open for python-pyroute2 for neutron?19:15
zulcoreycb: #165352719:15
coreycbzul, ok you mind revisiting that for mterry's comments?  i uploaded a new neutron that should fix up the autopkgtest issues.19:17
coreycbzul, where's pyroute used anyway?19:20
zulcoreycb: hold on19:20
coreycbzul, I see, it was added since b219:26
zulcoreycb: yeah i added it to fix the CI19:27
coreycbzul, ok well shouldn't be a blocker for b2 if we backport it the cloud archive while it's reviewed19:28
zulcoreycb: i think its in the cloud archive now19:29
reyzhello guys20:42
reyzis Ubuntu Server a good solution for a Home NAS?20:42
reyzmostly to serve movies etc a long all my home devices20:42
batman1anyone care to give me a hand with deploying autopilot? I've been working on this for about a week now without success. I can't even get landscape to deploy. It's currently bombing with a TLS error shortly after juju launches machine-020:44
soopreyz: freenas22:13
reyzsoop: ubuntu is not a good solution?22:14
reyz didnt like freenas much22:14
soopYou could use Ubuntu but why reinvent the wheel? Unless you plan on using it for something else as well ...22:15
soopwhat is your end goal like dlna services etc?22:15
soopor this22:17
reyzsoop: i mostly use my NAS for accessing movies via samba22:33
reyz(since my family needs subtitles for the movies)22:34
reyzand i also use it to store files and music22:34
reyzthats it22:34
reyzsoop: also, freenas is not meant to be used with commercial hardware, ZFS is slow AF with non RAD setups22:37
bladernrHey, I'm curious, why is an apparmor update trying to remove rsyslog?22:57
bladernrhrmm, nevermind, I need to ask elsewhere, it's due to a PPA :/23:02
sbeattiebladernr: ah, I was just going to say that I couldn't reproduce that.23:08
bladernrYeah, someone snuck it into a PPA and that caused it.  I'm going to email the guy who did it to understand why.23:09

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