mariogripboiko: ping00:08
boikomariogrip: pong00:10
mariogripboiko: Hey, could you point me in the right direction, i'm trying to debug a problem with incoming calls not showing notification/ringing on Nexus 5 and Fairphone 2 ports.00:11
boikomariogrip: sure, are you familiar with dbus-monitor and its output?00:12
mariogripboiko: yes00:12
boikomariogrip: ok, so first thing we can check that ofono is actually receiving and notifying the calls00:13
boikomariogrip: dbus-monitor --system00:13
boikomariogrip: let me find here what to look for in the output, just a second00:13
mariogripgot this: dest=(null destination) serial=673 path=/ril_0; interface=org.ofono.VoiceCallManager; member=CallAdded00:14
mariogripboiko: ^00:15
boikomariogrip: yep, so from ofono's point of view, all good00:15
boikomariogrip: are you able to make calls from the phone?00:15
mariogripboiko: yes00:16
mariogripboiko: and also too add, it shows missed calls when i hang up00:16
boikomariogrip: ok, so let's try now to collect some debug from dbus-monitor in the session bus00:16
boikomariogrip: I'm interested in org.freedesktop.Notifications particularly if a Notify() method is called00:17
mariogripboiko: no, nothing from org.freedesktop.Notifications http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736496/00:18
boikomariogrip: oh, that one seems to be running on the system bus00:24
boikomariogrip: is it?00:24
boikomariogrip: (guessing as I see ofono stuff in there)00:25
mariogripboiko: yes this was output of dbus-monitor --system yeah00:25
boikomariogrip: dbus-monitor --session00:25
boikomariogrip: ok, so the notification thing is on the session one, can you please run dbus-monitor --session?00:25
mariogripboiko: here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736533/00:27
boikomariogrip: is telephony-service-approver running there?00:28
boikomariogrip: if not, can you try running it manually before receiving the call?00:29
mariogripboiko: no it was not running, will try that00:29
mariogripboiko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736552/ with that running00:34
mariogripboiko: telephony-service-approver output this: USSDManager: Failed to connect signals00:34
boikomariogrip: only that in the output? and still no notifications?00:35
mariogripboiko: and Loading module: 'libubuntu_application_api_touch_mirclient.so.3.0.0', still no org.freedesktop.Notifications00:36
boikomariogrip: is mission-control-5 running?00:37
mariogripyes pidof /usr/lib/telepathy/mission-control-5: 10094 9964 9289 7540 234000:38
mariogripboiko: ^00:39
boikomariogrip: all those instances running as the same user?00:40
mariogripboiko: jep all under phablet user00:41
boikomariogrip: that's curious, there should only be one of that running00:42
boikomariogrip: just as a test, can you kill them all and run mc-tool list ?00:42
mariogripboiko: that ouputs ofono/ofono/account000:43
boikomariogrip: there is only one instance of mission-control-5 now, right?00:44
mariogripboiko: yes, but there is many of telephony-service-* and telepathy-ofono00:44
mariogripboiko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736589/00:45
boikomariogrip: ugh, really?00:46
boikomariogrip: did you build telephony-service, etc locally?00:46
mariogripboiko: no, this is from system-server.ubuntu.com00:47
boikomariogrip: ok, just asking cause all those instances might have been caused by tests ran at build time00:56
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boikomariogrip: so, you have multiple instances of telepathy-ofono too?00:56
mariogripboiko: yes, did a reboot, not i have one of each00:56
boikomariogrip: ok, can you run telephony-service-approver by hand now and get the output of dbus-monitor --session?00:58
mariogripboiko: what? now for some reason nothing comes out of dbus-monitor --session01:02
boikomariogrip: that's weird, maybe that explains the multiple instances of the telepathy components (a problem with the session bus setup)?01:04
mariogripboiko: yeah, found the problem, since im using adb with root i had to su my way into phablet and that messed with en dbus envs01:12
mariogripboiko: now ran this from the terminal app to make sure its correct: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736678/01:13
boikomariogrip: ah ok01:13
mariogripboiko: but still no org.freedesktop.Notifications01:13
boikomariogrip: is telephony-service-approver running?01:13
mariogripboiko: yes01:14
boikomariogrip: running on the same env as the rest of telepathy01:14
mariogripboiko: yes that got started at boot so that should be correct01:15
boikomariogrip: for some reason mission-control-5 is not asking telephony-service-approver to dispatch the call01:16
boikomariogrip: that would be a AddDispatchOperation entry in the dbus-monitor logs01:16
boikomariogrip: let me remember how to get mission-control logs01:16
mariogripboiko:  MC_DEBUG=1 maybe?01:24
boikomariogrip: no, there is a dbus call to get the logs IIRC01:24
mariogripoh ok01:25
boikomariogrip: qdbus org.freedesktop.Telepathy.MissionControl5 /org/freedesktop/Telepathy/debug org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Debug.GetMessages01:25
boikomariogrip: you might need to install qdbus-qt501:25
mariogripboiko: this is what i got out of that http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736752/01:35
mariogripboiko: "mcd", 5, "add_dispatch_operation_cb: AddDispatchOperation /org/freedesktop/Telepathy/DispatchOperation/do0 (0x17150a0) on approver /org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Client/TelephonyServiceApprover failed: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the01:36
mariogripreply timeout expired, or the network connection wa01:36
boikomariogrip: yep, that explains why you are not getting the dialog, telephony-service-approver is not replying, but it should have listed the call on dbus-monitor though01:38
boikomariogrip: I wonder if it might be an apparmor denial01:38
mariogripi can try disabling apparmor01:39
mariogripboiko: tried disabling apparmor, but now it does not even show missed calls after i hang up.01:47
mariogripboiko: can we continue tomorrow? i have to go to bed. Thanks you so much for your help so far :)01:49
boikomariogrip: good idea, it's getting late here too01:50
boikomariogrip: ok, ping me tomorrow so that we can continue01:51
mariogripboiko: Thanks :) I'll ping you tomorrow, see ya!01:51
boikosee you!01:51
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mariogripogra_: do you know how i can set an apparmor profile to complain mode?09:05
mariogripaa-complain does not seem to work on ubuntu touch09:08
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TaunkaCan someone tell me please if is there any live image for Ubuntu touch please?15:24
TaunkaHi please?15:40
dobey!devices | Taunka15:43
ubot5`Taunka: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:43
TaunkaHi sir15:44
TaunkaI just want to put a live in my usb drive15:45
Taunkato test it and see if I can install it15:45
Taunkanothing more15:45
TaunkaSomeone, please?15:49
k1l_so you mean unity8 and mir on a pc?15:49
TaunkaI don't know k1l_15:53
TaunkaI just have a 2in1 computer/tablet15:54
TaunkaAnd I hwant to see if I can use touch there15:54
TaunkaVery confusing15:54
TaunkaI always used ubuntu but this time is getting very hard15:54
TaunkaI can't find a live image!15:54
dobeyTaunka: there is no such live image15:56
dobeyTaunka: if you have a PC you just use the standard ubuntu ISO15:56
dobeyTaunka: if it's an android based tablet, it needs custom image built for the device15:56
Taunkadobey: this laptop/tablet has android and windows 1015:56
TaunkaWhat do I do15:57
dobeyi don't know. if you can boot an ISO from a USB, then grab the standard ubuntu ISO and write it to a USB and then boot that15:57
Taunkayes I can15:58
Taunkabut that will be just Ubuntu15:58
Taunkanot touch15:58
dobeythey are the same thing. you just have to grab the 16.10 ISO and run the Unity8 session15:59
TaunkaI have to install Unitiy8 first with apt-get15:59
Taunkathen will ahve Unity8 session?15:59
dobeyit's going to be a little different from what is currently on actual phone/tablet images, but the overall experience is the same16:01
Taunkaok very good help dobey thank you16:01
Taunkawill try16:01
Dev^Null4hey all trying to flash a htc desire and I am getting the following message Device a11_ul not found on server what can I do..16:09
dobeyDev^Null4: there's no port for that on the server16:11
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mariogripboiko: ping20:35
boikomariogrip: pong20:36
mariogripboiko: Do you have time to debug some more?20:36
boikomariogrip: yep20:36
mariogripboiko: I tried setting mc5 in apparmor complain mode, but there is no different20:37
boikomariogrip: no denial messages in logs?20:37
mariogripboiko: no20:37
mariogripboiko: nothing at all20:38
boikomariogrip: now that's weird20:38
mariogripboiko: this is the only denial: apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/bin/media-hub-server"20:43
boikomariogrip: so, the only explanation would be that telephony-service-approver is stuck for some reason, can you gdb it, and print a backtrace a couple seconds before you place the call?20:47
mariogripboiko: and its really weird that this is an issue on both nexus 5 (this device have worked before) and fairphone 220:47
mariogripboiko: will try that20:47
boikomariogrip: are you using rc-proposed?20:48
mariogripboiko: yes20:48
mariogripsame happens on stable20:48
dobeywell no more weird that photo sharing was only not working on nexus 5 before20:48
mariogripdobey: yeah, but the telephone did get incoming calls right20:49
dobeywell, now that you have it running on android 5, those two things have swapped places :)20:49
mariogripdobey: but android should not have anything to do with it when ofono is working correctly....20:50
dobeywell android should have absolutely nothing to do with thumbnailer and photo sharing, either :)20:51
mariogripdobey: have you tried the 4.4 version recently? does that work?20:51
mariogripdobey: that i blame apparmor for20:52
dobeyno, i've been using cyanogenmod for a while now20:52
mariogripdobey: oh ok20:52
mariogripdobey: well cm is dead now :(20:52
dobeywell, the services are dead. but i think people still do ports, you just have to flash manually to upgrade20:53
mariogripits all http://lineageos.org/ now, CM wont even get updates at all so20:54
dobeywell, not like i got system updates frequently anyway20:57
dobeyand there's some stuff i needed to use which only works on android, and i didn't want to run stock "put all your stuff on google's servers" stuff20:59
mariogripyeah, we need more apps21:00
dobeywell, not just apps. but yeah21:01
dobeyneed working and reliable system and hardware too21:02
mariogripsystem and hardware is getting there21:04
mariogripboiko: you talked about Notify() but who should be the sender for that? is that *-approver21:05
boikomariogrip: yep, it is the approver21:06
mariogripboiko: ok will try hooking up gdb21:06
dobeyhopefully we can get working snap based device images soon.21:08
boikomariogrip: I'll go for dinner, will be back in ~1 hour21:09
mariogripboiko: ack21:09
mariogripdobey: humm, seems like ubports is not going the snap way tho, we will probobly go our own way with some inspiration for sailfish. we will support snap apps.21:11
mariogripsnap will be "too hard" at this point21:11
dobeytoo hard?21:11
mariogripbut at a later point we probobly will21:11
mariogripFirst we need to see who canonical does this with there devices before we deside, but looking at iot side it seems to be a mess with android21:13
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mariogripand also if we go the mer/sailfish way we can work together with them on hardware enablement21:14
dobeyi'd expect there will be a kernel/android snap, core snap, u8 snap, and other snaps on top21:15

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