zmoylan-pibecause your 1tb usb flash drive just isn't big enough... https://liliputing.com/2017/01/kingston-launches-2tb-usb-flash-drive.html00:31
daftykinsthose things are enabling such craziness :>00:33
zmoylan-piperfect for emergency cat videos when zombie apocalypse happens...00:39
daftykinsthat's true00:39
daftykinsi put in another 2 Pis today as yet more music streamers for my clients place00:40
zmoylan-pibut you'll have to order it and fill it before trump is sworn in... :-p00:40
daftykinscan't sniff at £40 per node when you've already got a stereo there!00:40
zmoylan-pithe pi's are a truly remarkable industry changing piece of tech00:40
daftykinsactually lets remote in and tweak their settings whilst i remember their IPs00:41
daftykinslucky they're not home else i could start blaring music in their bedroom 8D00:43
diddledanI'm wondering if raspi are gonna do a birthday version bump again this year00:45
zmoylan-piplay a subliminal mp3 at low volume in bedroom 'give daftykins a nice bonus...' :-P00:46
zmoylan-piwould be a great drive to bring to work in on first day at nsa and a pro snowden bumper sticker...00:57
ali1234i just installed mythtv-ackend on a raspberry pi01:15
ali1234i dont think it is going to be fast enough01:15
daftykinsnewp :>01:16
ali1234i should probably just switch to tvheadend or something01:17
daftykinsi know it'd make a lot of folk happy if a future Pi did HEVC 10-bit decode :>01:19
ali1234mysql is the killer apparently01:20
ali1234its using 25% CPU just idling01:21
daftykinshow's that dire net connection of yours? any improvement over the last while?01:21
ali1234no, its still the same as ever01:21
daftykinscan't wait until i can go do the work at a clients, he put all his sockets on the same incoming line - so i bought a proper NTE5a off ebay for £11 including a built in filter module - gonna make it the proper master and then slave the rest01:23
daftykinsdoubled his connection speed last time i visited :D01:23
ali1234yeah just dont tell BT01:24
daftykinswell, they don't exist over here but yeah, no DMC modding :D01:24
ali1234and get the proper punch down tool01:24
ali1234dont buy the plastic ones they are useless01:25
daftykinsyeah i have owned a Krone IDC for many a moon01:25
daftykinsgotta do those patch panels!01:25
daftykinsi've often wondered if they'd take a Krone away from you on flights, 'cause i needed to do stuff in Spain before now01:25
ali1234i doubt it01:26
ali1234but they only cost like £201:26
daftykinsmmm more the trouble of sourcing one down there01:39
RockyRoadHello  ............03:55
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:26
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JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Wednesday, and happy Trivia Day! 😃09:03
SuperMattmorning all09:19
knightwisemorning foobarry09:32
knightwisehey SuperMatt09:32
* knightwise just ordered a rasp pi II09:32
foobarrymy internet is uppy downy today09:35
foobarryand i'm at work :(09:35
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popeyscan order for cheap video card cancelled...10:07
knightwisePut my pihole back in operation , scary to see how much of my traffic is ad related10:07
knightwisegood morning popey10:07
foobarryhave scan gone titsup?10:08
popeythey had an oopsie on amazon, a high end video card for 10 quid10:08
zmoylan-pibut the suspiciously cheap card is not been sent... bad popey! :-P10:08
popeyAzelphur ordered like 30 of them10:09
awilkinsPossibly Controversial Opinion : StrongSwan is a complete PITA and not a good choice of VPN client12:31
awilkinsUpside : they have a great attitude to security, they are an active project, etc12:32
awilkinsDownside : They let their attitude to security get in the way of being actually able to use their software for it's intended purpose12:32
awilkinsAFAIK StrongSwan is the only VPN client that does IKEv1 for current Debian / Ubuntu that integrates with network manager12:33
awilkinsSadly, you can't actually *use* it for IKEv1 via network manager12:33
awilkinsAFAICT there is NO VPN client that does IKEv1 + XAUTH that integrates with NM at the moment12:34
awilkinsWhich is a shame because it's the go-to VPN config for most of the places I've worked12:34
awilkinsI get it, it's rubbish and old therefore we shouldn't be promoting it's use12:34
awilkinsYou do that by making it hard to set up as a server, not by making it virtually impossible to use as a client12:35
awilkinsThat just makes it hard to use Ubuntu as a workstation in a business that uses that flavour of VPN12:35
awilkinsStrongSwan even has opinions about the strength of PSK that's permissible - AFAICT if your PSK is less than 20 chars, it refuses to work because of their low opinion of the security level of that. Well, I can't tell my sysadmin to change the common PSK for 200 users just because StrongSwan says so....12:37
awilkinsAnd if you install the "strongswan" package so you can attempt to configure and run it from files / command line, it conflicts with ike / ike-qtgui (the Shrew Soft VPN client) which is rude and annoying and doesn't integrate with NM ... but does have the advantage of working for at least *some* of the IKEv1 / PSK / XAUTH connections I use.12:42
awilkins(by "no VPN client" I mean, no VPN client that you can get from the main package repo)12:43
foobarrynever wanted a smart watch until now13:05
zmoylan-pihad me right up till they ran systemd :-P13:06
RixonHi there, I have a system on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS with php5 installed. I've just added Ondřej Surý's PPA to get the php5.6 package and was just about to install it with apt-get when I suddenly realised I'd better ask in here: do I need to remove php5 first or will the package manager deal with that for me?13:17
diddledanRixon: I believe it'll upgrade in-place fine13:19
Rixondiddledan: excellent thank you =)13:20
Rixonah, apt-get just told me: "0 to upgrade, 9 to newly install, 0 to remove and 234 not to upgrade."13:22
Rixonapparently they can both be installed and run alongside eachother, but apache/nginx/whatever will need configuration files to point at /etc/php/5.6/... rather than /etc/php5/...13:22
foobarrymy wife put some of my usb sticks thru the washing machine cycle13:33
diddledansoggy sticks!13:34
SuperMattIt's to wash all the filth out of them13:34
SuperMattshe knows where you store your gentlemens' special interest movies13:34
foobarrymetal detecting?13:35
foobarryairfix models?13:35
SuperMattI thought they were documentaries on the history of manhole covers13:35
foobarrythats jez corbyn13:36
SuperMattYou're right!13:38
diddledanthis is beautiful https://youtu.be/HD2zrF3I_II14:29
diddledanI wonder if my nephew will ask me what the last century was like when he's a little older15:28
diddledanI'll have to tell him it was all fuzzy because VHS had poor bandwidth15:28
diddledanand then he'll ask my dad (his grandad) what it was like before that and he'll get the answer that it was black and white15:29
diddledanI really need to build that pikea gaming table for him soon15:29
foobarrymy son seems confused about which generations had electricity15:57
foobarryi think he's pretty much got it: bible times: no things except animals and diseases, victorian times: some things and diseases, modern times: all the things, different diseases15:59
daftykinsmore intelligent diseases!15:59
daftykinsand misuse of medical advances15:59
* diddledan probes daftykins16:00
daftykinsoh and aliens!16:01
foobarryshame lubotu doesn't tell us the youtube titles like other chans16:04
daftykinswould definitely reduce the need to click ;)16:05
diddledanbut that ruins the fun of me posting random links!16:05
AzelphurWeird statement of the day: I just bought a GTX 1080 for my home server.16:48
Azelphurdiddledan: it's headless too16:51
diddledanyou're weird :-D16:51
Azelphurdiddledan: got a VM on there, passing the GPU through, I call it my Game Client Server \o/16:52
diddledanso it kinda is and isn't headless at the same time16:52
diddledanit's an ambiguous server16:53
Azelphurindeed, and it's a server that runs clients.16:53
diddledanwe need to make that an industry term now16:53
diddledanand we need a test to find out how ambiguous your server is and whether that is ambiguous enough to classify as an ambiguous server16:54
diddledanour applications are web-scale ambiguous16:54
diddledanwe also have a fleet of containers running micro-ambiguous services16:55
diddledanwe also have a big-ambiguity data lake.16:59
diddledanwe're all-in on the ambiguous paradigm that we no-longer run normal systems17:00
diddledanour cost savings are 80% compared to normal cloud computing17:01
diddledanwe have 110% velocity and our KPIs and ROI are improving YoY17:02
diddledananyone got to buzzword bingo yet?17:02
diddledanour ambiguous synergies are streamlined and unified17:03
Azelphurgotta love buzzword bingo :)17:03
diddledanespecially when it involves shots17:04
Azelphurfinally got to play elite dangerous today though, loving it17:06
Azelphurcan't wait to go tri screen elite dangerous17:06
diddledanget an oculous17:08
Azelphurdiddledan: been tempted for a while, already spent quite a bit recently17:16
Azelphuralthough Bitcoin is definitely making me a happy panda financially atm17:16
diddledandid your 30 orders for the scan bargain get cancelled? my single one did but I'm unsure whether that was 'cos my bank account ran out of monies :-p17:17
Azelphuryea they all got cancelled17:17
diddledanshame :-(17:17
diddledanbut I understand their reasons17:18
Azelphurindeed, I bought them just figuring it was a punt17:18
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daftykinsAzelphur: i hope you're not like my spending mates, living from pay packet to pay packet :P18:11
daftykins'cause that's one nuts purchase right there!18:11
Azelphurdaftykins: nah, I work as a programmer so get paid reasonably w ell18:11
Azelphurbut also, have you seen the Bitcoin market recently? loving it :)18:11
daftykinsnope still glad to stay away from that experiment18:11
Azelphurheh, I'm glad I got in18:12
zmoylan-pistore your bitcoin on an 8" floppy for maximum security :-P18:12
daftykinsdoesn't really matter what some mates are paid though, it's the way they spend it that's pretty cringeworthy :)18:13
Azelphurdaftykins: I'm a weirdo, I pretty much only by tech18:14
daftykinsalthough now i'm gonna be paying out for home maintenance since this shower of mine has been leaking through the floor below :/18:14
daftykinsfun and games18:14
AzelphurI have a house full of kit, my 2 bed apartment has a 58" 4k TV, 4 x 40" 4k monitors, along with another 3 19" monitors, I have a PC, my home server, my 3 laptops, built a PC for my gf too, etc18:15
AzelphurYet, I sit here wearing a shirt that I've had for 10+ years with missing buttons and odd socks.18:15
Azelphurbut, that's me lol18:15
zmoylan-pithat's easy to sort, go out and buy a dozen pairs of socks of one colour and a dozen pairs of another.  then you have socks for years with next to no hunting for socks18:16
Azelphuryea, I have been tempted to just get rid of all my socks and start again with only one set of socks.18:17
daftykinsyeah but you buy all those super cheap deals of no-name brand crap right? ;)18:17
daftykinsso it could all pop tomorrow and you'd have no recourse? :>18:18
Azelphurthat's true too technology wise18:18
AzelphurTV is a hisense, monitors are AMH korean imports18:18
daftykinsmight want to check the ol' insurance coverage18:18
Azelphurdaftykins: but, that said, I made reasonable estimations when I make purchases18:18
Azelphurfor example, with the Korean monitors, I looked up the name brand, UK versions18:18
Azelphurand worked out I could have one fail, replace it out of pocket, and have it still be cheaper18:19
daftykinsthink that'd depend on the specs for me18:20
daftykinsfair bit more than just pixel count to a 4K display18:20
Azelphurdaftykins: they are really nice LG Panels, 4:4:4 chroma, have a wide array of inputs, even supports 4 inputs simultaniously with picture in picture18:21
Azelphuriirc they are LG panels anyway, the only downside to them is they have a little b it of shadowing at the bottom of the display18:21
Azelphurand one of my 4 developed an entire row of dead pixels :<18:21
daftykinsyeah wouldn't be worth the hassle of dealing with a return on that sort of thing18:22
zmoylan-pithat call to a korean support centre must have been fun... :-P18:23
AzelphurI did actually try and return it, eBay seller just ignored me lol18:23
Azelphurbut yea, wasn't expecting to be able to return it18:23
zmoylan-pi'press 2 to have godzilla attack the supplier'18:28
awilkinsMaximum security for bitcoin is print an encrypted copy of your wallet key on paper then put it in a safety deposit box18:43
awilkinsThen delete the electronic copies18:43
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zmoylan-pithink of the possabilities... it could display the score of a match you've recorded to watch later... :-P http://www.computerworld.com/article/3153953/security/ransomware-arrives-on-smart-tvs.html21:11
zmoylan-pidrop the audio when the closed captions revel the name of the murderer...21:11
daftykinsi saw that one21:19
daftykinsthe guy employed the new "moan at a company via twitter" to get a favourable response technique21:19
zmoylan-pihelps make the company stop ignoring you21:21
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