floridagram1<AdamOutler> Looks decent.03:34
floridagram1<KMyers> @AdamOutler, Read the description closely10:45
maxolasersquadHere's a project I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time on https://github.com/maxolasersquad/ff_companion13:14
maxolasersquadFor any fans of Final Fantasy 1.13:15
floridagram1<KMyers> @maxolasersquad, I have never heard of "Final Fantasy"... Is it some sort of sport?13:15
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> Nope, adult video for people on deathrow13:34
maxolasersquadIt's kind of like West World. ...13:38
maxolasersquadYou live out your fantasy and then the robots become sentient and kill you.13:40
floridagram1<SivaMachina> It's always robots. Why does it always have to be robots?19:25
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Because robots are good at everything except solving mysteries, telling a story, or giving a hug.19:26
maxolasersquadI guess it could be robot zombie ninjas from outer-space.19:26
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Killer robots are well within robotic capabilities19:26
maxolasersquadRobots also struggle with clicking that "I am not a robot" button.19:27
floridagram1<AdamOutler> I'd say no, it should be well within the capabilities of a visual recognition hooked into an X display19:28
floridagram1<AdamOutler> That just prevents script kiddies19:28
floridagram1<KMyers> ASUS' ZenFone AR handles both virtual and augmented reality … https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/04/asus-zenfone-ar-vr/20:36
floridagram1<KMyers> I think this may be my next phone20:36
floridagram1<SivaMachina> My current phone. … http://www.lg.com/us/cell-phones/lg-K450-xpower21:24
floridagram1<ahoneybun> next month it will be 2 years with my phone21:24
floridagram1<SivaMachina> Had my last one about 2+ years. It almost got to point of being the next Samsung Galaxy Bomb.21:34
floridagram1<AdamOutler> What do you guys think about 6 of these in raid mode 5?  https://www.wish.com/m/c/58403e2f009f554edf1ba76023:21
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> did you get them yet?23:21
floridagram1<KMyers> I still need to see one of them validated23:22
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> likewise23:22
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Not yet.  I got one and it is now a perfect 2TB system recovery tool, but slow AF23:22
floridagram1<AdamOutler> It boots ubuntu23:22
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> what version USB is it? I thought it was supposed to be 3?23:22
floridagram1<KMyers> I want to actually see if it will hold 2 tb of data and is not fake23:22
floridagram1<AdamOutler> USB 3 or not, it's how fast the flash controller can distribute and how fast the flash can accept.23:23
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> i agree, if so, that will make a nice storage device for my kodi box23:23
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Keith, I wrote zeros all night to it and it didn't fill up.  I stopped it at ~1.2 TB23:24
floridagram1<AdamOutler> It partitions properly and seems legit when the tables are wiped.23:24
floridagram1<KMyers> Order me one and I will pay you back if you place another order. I logged into Wish on a VPN and it locked my account out for fraud. It is a pain to get that fixed23:25
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Haha23:25
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> speaking of which...23:25
floridagram1<AdamOutler> I'm ordering a bunch tomorrow.23:25
floridagram1<KMyers> @Ivoriesablaze, I know, been slammed23:26
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> lol, ok23:26
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> at least when i go to buy one right now I won't get banned lol23:26
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> what was the link again, @AdamOutler ?23:27
floridagram1<AdamOutler> https://www.wish.com/m/c/58403e2f009f554edf1ba76023:28
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> you said it was slow, but it's a USB 3.0?23:29
floridagram1<AdamOutler> The one I have is slow.  It's also no longer in stock.   But remember you can't have it ALL for $8 and Universal Serial Bus specifications only affects data from the computer to the flash controller.  It doesn't represent the speed of the memory.  By that logic, all SD cards should be class 10+ because they use the SD interface.23:31
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> @AdamOutler23:31
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> but i want it all for $8!!!23:32
floridagram1<govatent> Adam, I'd like to use it to make a huge Bootable USB. Is the flash memory seem reliable? Like it won't wipe itself? I don't care about speed for the price.23:33
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Mine isn't blue, btw.  No reason to think this one wouldn't be faster, but no reason to think it would either.23:33
floridagram1<KMyers> Wow... I thought @govatent got Kidnapped23:33
floridagram1<KMyers> And clearly since he has not, I need to get a refund23:34
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> who's alan?23:34
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @govatent  yeah.  It takes about 6 minutes to boot Ubuntu.23:34
floridagram1<govatent> Lol23:34
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> so it might be better as a storage device rather than running applications on it?23:35
floridagram1<AdamOutler> This could very well be Kingston flash memory trials.  I think everyone has heard about Kingston 2TB at Vegas today?23:35
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> no, is CES going on now?23:35
floridagram1<AdamOutler> @Ivoriesablaze yes and yes.  I have mine just in case I have a catastrophic failure and need to boot and pull info off a machine.23:36
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> and you definitely wrote over a TB to it to make sure?23:37
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Yeah.  My current plan is to RAID a bunch of them on a massive USB hub.  That ought to make bang-for-buck23:37
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> alright, i'm trusting you on this23:38
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> and if it does work as well as you say... you might have led me down a rabbit hole23:39
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Hahaha.  It's 8 bucks.  That's a fancy coffee23:40
floridagram1<AdamOutler> That's 2 quarter lb sandwiches23:40
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> true, but it's still $8 i could have put towards my own place23:40
floridagram1<AdamOutler> I don't yet trust the integrity of the devices.   But that will come with time.23:41
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> if i'm short by $8 on a down payment for a condo, i'm blaming you23:41
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> that's off the usb?23:42
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Yep23:43
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> maybe try some heavy use as a daily driver for a few days with it... and yes, i realize what i just asked you to do23:44
floridagram1<AdamOutler> Nope.  Lol23:44
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> meh, was worth a shot23:45
floridagram1<AdamOutler> It's just for recovery and installation of Ubuntu.23:45
floridagram1<Ivoriesablaze> okay, that's tolerable, lol23:47

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