shakes808cmaloney: that is pretty cool!14:17
cmaloneyshakes808: Thanks. Found out about it last night and was mesmerised.14:21
shakes808yeah, my buddy and I just got to work and watched... couldn't look away14:21
_stink_anyone want a senior web dev job at michigan state?  i can pass your info along.16:02
cmaloneyIs it remote-friendly? :)16:02
cmaloneyThat's a bit of a commute. :)16:02
cmaloneyalso: what languages are they currently using?;;16:03
_stink_do not know; yes!; do not know16:04
_stink_you can see how much info i have :)16:04
cmaloneyI see. :)16:04
cmaloneyhttp://decafbad.net/files/resume.pdf if you want to pass that along16:05
cmaloneyThough I'm not huge on driving into Lansing16:05
_stink_ok cool!16:05

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