teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:45
MutantTu2keyjedijf_: slight emergency18:57
MutantTu2keywhen the heck did franconis close!!!18:57
jedijf_MutantTu2key: omg - i know - don't know when it happened - i switched about 4 months back and they closed19:07
jedijf_MutantTu2key: i stopped seeing the big older dude before I switched...so19:10
jedijf_MutantTu2key: that's all the info i have....I guess you could check the rockledge/huntingdon pike location to see if any went there19:10
waltmanWhat is/was Franconis?19:52
waltmanoh, small local pizza chain?19:53
jedijf_waltman: yeah - good pizza19:59
jedijf_the willow grove location went bye bye19:59
=== jedijf_ is now known as jedijf
waltmanThey don't seem to have any near me.20:00
jedijfi think a new breakfast place opened near'ish you - turning point20:01
jedijfbryn mawrt20:01
jedijfmawr too20:01
waltmanjedijf: It wasn't quite open yet the last time I was by there, maybe a week or 2 ago. It looked promising. Is that the same people?20:27
MutantTu2keyjedijf: yeah not sure if the betharyes one is still there...21:05
MutantTu2keyshame, i frequented that place for 10 years.21:05
MutantTu2keyalways good pizza.21:05
MutantTu2keymy dad ordered from there... said it tasted weird... didn't think anytihng of it till i drove by21:05
MutantTu2keyi gues they kept the number.21:05
MutantTu2keynow it's station pizza numbero 221:06

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