wrstHowdy Omnifrog02:16
Omnifroghi wrst02:16
wrstHow are you doing?02:17
OmnifrogI'm good. trying to fix Fail Blog02:17
wrstSounds... Fun?02:21
Omnifrogehh, it's not hard02:22
wrstAll going well for you and yours ?02:22
Omnifrogeverything is great here. you?02:23
wrstGoing well, getting back into the swing of things02:23
OmnifrogI'm just glad the holidays are over02:23
Omnifrognot that I mind giant crowds of stressed out angry people everywhere >.>02:24
wrstHa ha I think we might be missing the point?02:37
OmnifrogI'm not sure what you mean02:38
wrstThe angry people02:43
wrstMight be02:43
Omnifrogthey are just trying to by things people don't need with money they dont have02:44
Omnifrogit would stress me out too02:44
wrstI don't get it02:44
Omnifrogback in early 2016 I bought 4 TV-B-Gone Kits from Lady Ada for seriously cheep02:47
Omnifrogthen I forgot where I hid the box02:47
Omnifrogso now I have birthday gifts for 2017!!!02:48
Omnifrogthey were seriously low priced02:49
Omnifroglike 4 or 5 bucks02:49

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