superflyEvening all 02:49
superflyNight thatgraemeguy 06:22
superflyTime for me to zzzz06:22
* night superfly 06:22
LangjanGood morning from a very wet Bushveld06:55
LangjanYou ok Kilos ? 06:55
Kilosmorning Langjan yes ty im fine06:56
LangjanMini flood with 80 mm in short time early hours06:56
Kiloswe had about 5mm this morning06:56
Langjansjoe, at least wet06:57
LangjanI have to own up I told a lie the other day06:57
Kilosyeah will help the farmers dryland plantings to kick off06:57
Kilosoh my06:57
Kilosabout what?06:57
Langjanwhen I said my grub had picked up the second hard drive06:58
LangjanI thought it had because I saw something in the output06:58
Kiloswhat is on the second drive06:58
Langjanbut no luck so far06:58
Langjanwin 706:58
Kilosuse boot-repair06:59
Kilosit will find it06:59
LangjanI tried boot repair did not work06:59
Kilosor wait06:59
Kilossome bell ringing06:59
Kilosfsck -f i think it was07:00
Langjanhear them beels...07:00
Langjanbells not belles07:00
Kilosoh and remember with lies07:00
Kilosrevelations 21 v 8 i think it was07:00
Langjanyou have to have a great memory07:00
Kilosnono never lie07:01
Kilosall liars gonna pay07:01
Kilosoh hahaha07:01
Kilosdid you see the video of when i arrived in oz07:01
LangjanYou know your Bible, but it also says I am forgiven if I own up07:02
Kilosdebs is a cheeky chick so i told her i am taking my walking stick to beat her into submission07:02
Kilospeeps misunderstand that07:02
Kilosall liars07:02
LangjanHe who was without sin paid for our sins07:03
Kiloswe had just got together at the airport when she asked where is the walking stick07:03
Kilosall liars07:03
Kilosi forgot the stick07:04
Langjanthat means all are lost07:04
Kilosyou can be forgiven07:04
Langjanthrough unmerited grace 07:04
Kilosbut i dont believe daily liars will be able to use that excuse07:04
Kilosits like teaching a child07:05
Langjancorrect but we cannot judge07:05
Kilosyou talk twice then the third time you get the stick07:05
LangjanSo you picked up sticks in oz07:06
Kilosanyway man tara took lotsa vids when i arrived there07:06
Langjanok did not see them saw some pics07:06
Kilosand posted on my facebook where debs asked about the walking stick07:06
LangjanI will have a look07:07
Kilosvery funny07:07
Kiloswhew thats too far back07:07
Kilosback to the drive07:07
Langjanshould be able to search back07:07
Langjanok thks07:07
Kilossudo fsck -f /dev/sdb1 i think it was07:08
Kiloswhere are the clever guys when you need them07:08
Langjanshows up as folder(inode/directory)07:09
Kilosdoesnt it fix it?07:09
Langjandoes network share have any effect here?07:10
Kilosi dunno07:10
Kilosim a greeter bot man07:10
Kilosgood morning south africa07:10
Kilosthat fsck should repair inodes07:10
Kiloswhatever they are07:10
LangjanIt says I must install samba07:11
Langjanfor folder share07:11
Kilosoh maybe i had samba07:11
Kilospaddatrapper help07:11
Kilosi have no idea where inetpro is07:12
Kilosread through this whole page https://www.maketecheasier.com/check-repair-filesystem-fsck-linux/07:17
Kilosgparted also seems able to sort things07:17
Kilosyou have done a sudo update-grub hey?07:18
Kilosalso is the win7 drive from another pc07:18
Kilosif so you might need to unplug your linux drive then boot from 7 dvd and repair the installation 07:19
LangjanHi Kilos sorry I was sidetracked07:19
Kilosread everything before you decide what to try next07:19
LangjanOK will work on those guidelines, a bit later just busy with some other dual boot hiccups but winning07:20
LangjanThe grub prob is not urgent 07:20
Langjanthks 07:21
Kilosim here most of the time07:21
Langjangoing for brekfis07:21
Kilosor outside so be patient07:21
paddatrapperKilos: sorry, grub is still magic to me07:58
inetprogood mornings09:05
inetproKilos: 19mm of rains09:05
inetproor more09:06
magespawngood morning09:06
inetproshould check my rain meter, think it might be leaky 09:06
inetprohello magespawn09:07
inetprohow are you doing?09:07
magespawngood and you inetpro?09:07
Kilosyou lucky inetpro 09:35
Kiloshi magespawn 09:35
magespawnHey Kilos.09:51
inetproKilos: lucky?12:59
inetprodid you not get rain on that side?12:59
paddatrapperAll we have is fire here... Rain would be amazing 13:00
Kilosabout 1 mm inetpro 13:09
MaNIyeah some rain right now would be fantastic13:09
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pavlushkaahoy ZA!15:43
magespawnhey pavlushka 15:54
pavlushkahey magespawn  :)15:54
pavlushkamagespawn: in the office still?15:54
magespawnyup working the late shift.15:57
magespawnchater later all, home time18:31
LangjanHi Kilos hoe was jou dag?18:54
Langjanhi nsnzero 19:13
Langjanand all others19:14
Kilossleep tight everyone19:55
smilegood night! :)19:55
smilebye :)20:05
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calhaxwhats up guys21:23

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