ZJAYwedgie is that still right00:00
wedgieln -s /media/dumpebut/whatever /Volumes/whatever00:00
ZJAYso i have to make the full path the symbolic link ofr each drive then00:00
ZJAYok ill try that ty00:01
lasersaberanyone have issue playing video? at http://southpark.cc.com/clips/104439/anonymous-question-box00:02
lasersabervideo will not play. unsing firefox. help00:03
lasersabergoogle chrome will not work either00:03
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jeffrey_fUbuntu 16.10.  Most youtube videos do not start immediately.  If left alone, almost every one I have trouble with will eventually start playing.  Anyone have a solution to this annoyance?00:04
lasersabertried several web browsers00:04
samdam1jeffrey, thats not limited to Ubuntu. Im on Windows and have this00:04
samdam1disable adblock or something like that00:04
samdam1im using systemctl status to check a process but how do i get out of it00:04
Firefly67Bashing-om, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Identifying_if_the_computer_boots_the_Ubuntu_DVD_in_UEFI_mode00:04
Bashing-omFirefly67: Looking .00:05
Firefly67I am getting the purple screen and not the black one, that means I the USB is not booting in UEFI mode00:05
jeffrey_fsamdam1: Well, that's good to know.00:05
samdam1jeffrey, do u know anything about systemctl?00:05
samdam1or no00:05
samdam1gah! so we cant leave systemctl or no?00:06
genericHello guys00:06
priporggksudo gedit /user/share/applications/Files <-- gives blank. trying to edit File launcher.00:06
genericHey guys what was the command my linux automaticly to find drivers00:07
jeffrey_fsamdam1: Not really, but what is the issue?00:07
genericlike autodriver00:07
priporgsorry i mean, gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/Files <-- gives blank. trying to edit File launcher.00:07
genericor something like that00:07
Bashing-omFirefly67: Uh HuH .. and hense the problems .  Once you know how to boot EFI it will be re-install time .00:07
samdam1i typed in 'sudo systemctl status <application>' and its telling me that applications status00:08
samdam1how do i get out of it and go back to comamndline00:08
Ben64samdam1: you don't need to use sudo to get the status, and it should have already put you back on a prompt00:08
samdam1im using ubuntu server and well now i know that i didnt have to use sudo00:09
samdam1but its not00:09
Bashing-omgeneric: ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' .00:09
samdam1the last thing is 'lines 1-21/21 (END_00:09
samdam1lines 1-21/21 (END)00:09
genericthank you so much Bashing00:09
jeffrey_fsamdam1: CTL-C usually drops you out of most command line apps00:09
samdam1this was an issue i had for a month!00:10
Bashing-omsamdam1: 'q' for quit .00:10
priporgBashing-om, what does ubuntu-drivers autoinstall do?00:10
DarkchaosAnd sometimes you need CTRL+D (^D) for EOF00:10
jeffrey_fOr type q.  lol00:11
DarkchaosAnd if the app hangs, open a new terminal, issue ps aux | grep my-app, take the pid and then kill -9 pid. Or use htop00:11
Bashing-ompriporg: Goes a hunting and installs all drivers it thinks is best for the situation(s) .00:11
priporgBashing-om, it installs over existing drivers?00:11
Bashing-ompriporg: No, best results is to purge prior to intalling .00:12
priporgBashing-om, purge, blacklist, and reboot?00:13
greglpriporg, Files isn't the correct name of the file manager.. It is actually nautilus...00:14
Bashing-ompriporg: I rare see that the installer does not take care of the blacklisting . but if ya in repect to graphic's cards. check and make sure there is no xorg.conf file .00:15
priporggregl, the icon is named File. The File launcher icon is what i like to edit but don't know how.00:15
greglpriporg, Do you mean change the icon?00:16
lasersaberanyone have issue playing video? at http://southpark.cc.com/clips/104439/anonymous-question-box00:16
lasersabergoogle chrome will not work either00:16
lasersabervideo will not play. unsing firefox. help00:16
priporggregl, i want to edit the code of the File launcher icon00:16
Ben64lasersaber: it doesn't work, blame hulu00:18
* lasersaber :(00:19
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wandersonalguem ai00:23
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Bashing-omFirefly67: Are you here now ? " Converting Ubuntu into UEFI or Legacy mode "00:31
whallzhi, im on irssi on tty1 cause i broke my x server00:32
whallzi tried to change from nvidia back to nouveau and failed00:32
whallzhow should i procede to debug this?00:32
whallzis there a quick 'dpkg-reconfigure' way of restoring all this to a default state ?00:33
Ben64what did you do exactly00:33
whallzjust before trying to switch to nouveau, i was messing with xrandr too cause my hdmi output was not working properly, im on a laptop00:33
Firefly67Bashing-om, I am here, I managed to boot the USB drive in UEFI mode00:34
Firefly67but now I have a screen like this: http://core0.staticworld.net/images/article/2015/07/install-ubuntu-alongside-windows-partition-sizes-100599649-orig.png00:34
Firefly67it says Files, 50.1 GB on the left, and Ubuntu, 51.6 GB on the right00:35
Firefly67should I keep it that way, or change it by moving the divider?00:35
Firefly67is the one on the left for my files, and that on the right for the OS?00:35
whallzim running ubuntu 16.04, and i did: sudo apt autoremove --purge nvidia-*, then i backed up my xorg.conf, then i installed nouveau-firmware, then run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg which gave no wizard nor any output, then rebooted00:36
_adbubuntu 14.04 server hangs when trying to connect to wireless network (WPA) on boot: "Waiting for network configuration... Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration..." and eventually boots without networking. logging in as root and running `ifdown wlan0; ifup wlan0` works. any ideas what to try or look into next?00:37
whallznow X won't start, at boot i get to a login screen on tty100:37
Bashing-omFirefly67: No, that " install alongside" is not now the option ya want as you presently have a 'buntu install . might give boot-re-pair a whirl ( gparted show that there is a ext4 partition ?) .00:38
Firefly67Bashing-om, why should I not do install alongside?00:39
Firefly67I have just booted the live USB, and am still trying to install Ubuntu00:39
Bashing-omFirefly67: that 9,6 Gigs is mighty small ( but will marginally do ) .. ya want at a minimum 30 Gigs for a lasting install .// That " install alongside" will give you an additional install of ubuntu .00:40
Firefly67On my screen (that is not my screenshot, just similar), it is 50 GB on each side. What do Files and Ubuntu stand for?00:41
fenecoI just installed ubuntu 16.10 instead of 16.04 and now grub shows this entry:00:44
fenecoFound Fedora release 23 (Twenty Three) on /dev/mapper/fedora_unknown7071bc0d072e-root00:44
fenecoit wasn't showing before, any idea what it could be?00:44
fenecoand how to remove?00:44
Bashing-omFirefly67: Careful then ! I was going to ping on you doing this as a Vbox ( virtual Box) install . in that pic I will have to assume that the 17,1 (NTFS) partition is a Windows data partition and that ubuntu is installed to the 9.6 Gig partition .00:45
whallzBen64: how may i restore default driver and xorg.conf ?00:45
whallzi have   that crappy optimus intel-nvidia hardware thingy on my laptop00:46
Ben64oh good luck00:46
Bashing-omFirefly67: Show us ( the channel ) a screen shot of your present install from GParted . Then we can better advise .00:49
Firefly67Bashing-om, my partition looks like this: http://imgur.com/a/YTmnE (this is my own screenshot)00:49
Bashing-omFirefly67: K ^ looking .00:50
Firefly67on the left of that divider, I have /dev/sda7, on the right, /dev/sda800:50
Firefly67sda8 doesn't exist in the partitions I have till now, and neither sda7 nor sda8 has Windows00:51
Firefly67sda3 is windows00:51
Bashing-omFirefly67: Does not look too shabby at all . need to set the boot option for sda1 as the EFI boot partition - IF that is what sda1 is . / Better info from terminal command ' sudo parted -l ' .00:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:54
Firefly67Bashing-om, I am unable to open a terminal while the install window is up. Do you know why it seems to want to divede sda7 into sda7 and sda8? What do "Files" and "Ubuntu" stand for?00:56
Firefly67and is the equal division (50 GB each) advisable/desirable?00:57
Bashing-omFirefly67: I presently have no referednce to what you are referring to as " do "Files" and "Ubuntu" stand for " . Try and get a terminal with key combo clt+alt+t .00:59
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Guest79022sup nubs01:00
Bashing-omFirefly67: Currently sda7 is the partition containing ubuntu . I seee nothing about a sda8 (??) .01:00
pissed_jeditor-sas1... hummm I saw something really fun01:02
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torismlol... whos that dude?01:02
Bashing-omFirefly67: " and is the equal division (50 GB each) advisable/desirable? " . Only you can say . How much space does Windows need for your use case ?01:03
bazhangtorism, ubuntu support issue?01:03
torismhi bazhang ! dont ban me!01:03
bazhangtorism, take the chat somewhere else please01:03
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Firefly67Bashing-om, here is my own screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/QMraG01:06
_adb`grep wlan0 /var/log/syslog` produces http://paste.ubuntu.com/23736666/  it looks like a dependency issue: network manager isn't starting up until after dhclient fails to get an IP address. any help appreciated...01:08
lasersaberanyone have issue playing video? at http://southpark.cc.com/clips/104439/anonymous-question-box01:10
lasersabergoogle chrome will not work either01:10
lasersabervideo will not play. unsing firefox. help01:10
Ben64lasersaber: it still doesn't work01:10
Ben64asking all day isn't going to magically make it work01:10
lasersabersomeone might know how.01:11
lasersaberother people on here worked for them01:11
Bashing-omFirefly67: In that last screen shot  - I see no EFI boot partition ! What have you done to Windows ? Was window 10 installed as EFI or did you remove the boot partitioin ? in terminal eun ' sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 ' so we can see the numbers and the partitioning .01:12
bazhanglasersaber, did you try downloading the video and playing with smplayer yet01:12
lasersaberbazhang, i tried download video helper, but the file would not play with vlc. i will try with smplayer then01:13
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Firefly67Bashing-om: http://termbin.com/zvxf01:15
Firefly67there's no sda8, it's attempting to create it01:16
Bashing-omFirefly67: There is no sda8 , Why are you concerned about a possible sda8 ? Things now look 'good' . Were me I would try boot-repair and see if that smart tool will fix the booting .01:20
Firefly67in my screenshot, the right side says /dev/sda801:21
ikoniais it possible this is just too advanced a topic for you at this time in your ability ?01:21
ikoniayou've been at this almost a whole day and you're not really any futher along ?01:22
Bashing-omFirefly67: your http://imgur.com/a/QMraG ? I can not see anything about a sda8 .01:22
ikoniaBashing-om: partition on the right01:23
Firefly67if you enlarge the image, you will see /dev/sda8 on the right01:23
Bashing-omikonia: Firefly67 Dies not render will for me . and makes kittle sense as parted shows " 7      132GB   233GB  102GB   ext4 " . A 102 Gig partition for ubuntu .01:26
ikoniaBashing-om: it's not the clearest of photo01:26
Bashing-omikonia: yeah expanded I can see . still , not what parted shows . not at all sure what Firefly67 is doing there .01:29
ikoniaBashing-om: hence why I'm just wondering if this is too big a jump dual booting01:29
Firefly67this is what happened when I booted the live USB in UEFI mode, I didn't do anything at all. Before I was booted in BIOS mode, and did the placed a partition in the unallocated space from Windows shrinking - maybe the combination has messed things up?01:31
Firefly67in the BIOS mode, I couldn't see the option to install alongside Windows, in the UEFI mode, I see it, but it seems to want to split the current sda7 into sda7 and sda8, and I don't understand why01:31
lasersaberi give up01:36
lasersaberwill have to use winblows on vm then :-/01:37
ikoniait's called "windows"01:37
wedgielasersaber: doesn't work for me either. Not with firefox and flash plugin, and not with chrome01:40
Jordan_UFirefly67: If your Windows installation is configured to boot via UEFI, which it sounds like it is, then you also want to install Ubuntu via UEFI. I se nothing wrong with the screenshot that you've posted.01:53
Firefly67Jordan_U, I tried "install alongside windows", and that gives me that division into Files/Ubuntu, and I don't know what that is about01:56
Bashing-omFirefly67: I say again . That will now give you 2 instances of a ubuntu install ( splitting the Windows' install to do so ) .01:57
Firefly67yes, I think so too01:58
lasersaberwedgie, :(02:01
wedgielasersaber: not sure what that site is doing, but it's something funky. The error i get on chrome suggests that it's some sort of DRM thing02:02
lasersaberwhat's that?02:04
wedgieDigital Rights Management. It's the silly idea that you can send data to someone else's device and still retain control over how it is used.02:06
CodeMouse92IIRC, DRM is the reason Netflix hasn't worked on Linux for the longest time02:09
lasersaberCodeMouse92, netflix works on chrome with netflix addon02:10
icedwaterHi folks :)02:10
lasersaberhi icedwater02:10
wedgieit works super well, too. I've never seen a show ripped off of netflix on the Internet... But that's enough off-topic and sarcasm02:10
CodeMouse92lasersaber: Right, that untangles the DRM madness, IIRC02:10
CodeMouse92lasersaber: Some people are able to bypass that silliness with a User Agent Switcher02:11
CodeMouse92Weaker systems can be fooled into thinking you're running from Windows.02:11
lasersaberfor firefox?02:11
lasersaberor chrome?02:11
CodeMouse92lasersaber: Well, I've personally only used the Chrome/Opera one02:12
CodeMouse92But there's one for Firefox too. I do not know if that'll help or not. ._.02:13
lasersaberyeah i just installed it on firefox but dont know how to use it02:14
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lasersaberCodeMouse92, thank you so much! works!!!!!! :) :D lol02:22
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CodeMouse92lasersaber: SERIOUSLY? Awesome!02:26
* CodeMouse92 does his Snoopy dance02:26
cmder Hi. Is it possible to have a linux system without root-setuid executables?02:32
icedwatercmder: well, what are they and why do you not want them? :)02:32
wedgiecmder: there are plenty of things that would be much more difficult to do... such as allowing a non-privileged user to change their password. Or log in for that matter02:33
* icedwater nods at wedgie.02:33
icedwaterI suppose it could be managed, though.02:33
cmderJust I wonder about how perfect security can be in linux systems.02:34
cmderSay No Xorg, No graphical interface. Just emacs, ssh things and compilers. Isn't is possible02:35
Speiroscmder Perfect isn't a reality at present.02:37
cmderSpacePenguin, :) No system without setuid :)02:39
wedgiecmder: well, you can find all of the setuid binaries on your system with something like ''find / -perm -4000''   Then you just have to fiure out how to replace their functionality02:39
cmderwedgie: I just did. My system is huge. And I can not find a way... ssh uses setuid in debian. Some programs used by emacs are use setuid. I just wondered if there is a distro for this reason.02:41
pukkaping, passwd, ....02:41
wedgiecmnder: none that i'm aware of. Maybe a broader audience in #linux would be a better place to ask02:42
cmderwedgie: OK . Thanks a lot.02:43
icedwaterwedgie: good point. Or #ubuntu-offtopic, or just another distro's channel that isn't debian-based :)02:43
icedwatercmder: you're the second person to ask security-related stuff in about a day02:46
SpeirosWhat is this "Max SendQ exceeded" message that appears?  I noticed people come in and they go out with that message.02:52
flandersssSpeiros:  hi, i am init_one03:01
icedwaterI shall not be assimilated!03:02
icedwaterI mean, hello.03:02
Speirosflandersss Hi:)03:02
Speiroslol icedwater03:02
flandersssspeiros hours  in australia?03:02
Speirosflandersss 14:00 hours03:03
flandersss00:00 am here03:04
flandersssis a dark nigth03:04
flandersssparece una tarde tranquila03:11
flandersssSpeiros:  i have to sleep, good bye03:11
SpeirosOk, sleep well flandersss03:12
icedwaterflandersss: Goodnight!03:12
flandersssadios everywhere, desde Argentina!!!!03:12
feneconvidia drivers werent working with ubuntu 16.1003:16
fenecowith 16.04 it works just fine03:16
samthewildoneI'm getting "no flash" error within chrome on select websites.03:20
samthewildone*certain websites03:21
ilyaigpetrovhow long will it take before Chromium 55 makes its way into repository?03:21
ilyaigpetrovrepository of trusty03:21
ilyaigpetrovI'm a web developer and I want to make sure features I use are available to many people, that's why I want to wait till 55 lands into Trusyt03:23
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RVanguardHello! Can anyone help me bindsym caps lock to escape in i3?03:33
RVanguardAnyone can help me bind the keys?03:38
SpeirosRVanguard I don't know it myself, but if you're patient, someone may be able to help you soon:)03:39
RVanguardThank you sir, just looked dead there. No problem! Will keep trying on my end!03:39
Mr1NKRVanguard : bind how ??03:40
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RVanguardI simply want to remap my caps lock (since I never ever use it) to escape. I use i3, so I was thinking that'd be the best option.03:41
wafflejockRVanguard, have you checked out xbindkeys or xmodmap think one of those will do it03:41
Guest9741hey guys, I need some help, after switching  my integrated gpu for an amd radeon hd 7770 I lost audio on mpv(I'm sending the audio using the card's hdmi port) is this a known problem or is there anything I can do about it?03:41
RVanguardwafflejock -- Currently trying xmodmap --- seems to cause my i3 config file to crash or so it says..will keep trying and will report back03:41
wafflejockRVanguard, ah okay yeah just include steps you took so far if you end up stuck and can try to help from there, think I've used xbindkeys for mapping a couple of things in the past but was a few Ubuntu's ago03:42
wafflejockGuest9741, not sure but can try using pavucontrol to see your audio inputs/outputs and adjust things, or in the alsa-utils can use alsamixer to check out the lower level audio inputs/outputs available03:43
RVanguardWafflejock: So this is what I added to my i3 config file: xmodmap -e "remove Lock = Caps_Lock"03:43
RVanguardxmodmap -e "keycode 9 = Caps_Lock NoSymbol Caps_Lock"03:43
RVanguardxmodmap -e "keycode 66 = Escape NoSymbol Escape"03:43
RVanguardxmodmap -pke > ~/.xmodmap03:43
RVanguardand then when I save and reload i3 it says there's an error in there03:44
RVanguardWafflejock: I thought we're supposed to use bindsym to remap in i3?03:44
Guest9741wafflejock, well I think the problem is specifically is mpv as gnome-video(for example) outputs sound currently03:44
lasersaberfor anyone interested, i got comedy central website video to play finally. just used a user agent switcher for google chrome. iOS iPad worked best :) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher-for-c/djflhoibgkdhkhhcedjiklpkjnoahfmg?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog03:44
wafflejockRVanguard, ah sorry not familiar with i3 I've used Gnome KDE and Unity but never i3 so can't really speak to tht03:45
wafflejockGuest9741, hmm yeah pavucontrol will let you set outputs per application maybe can see what's being selected in there and try to force it to a particular output if it works for other things03:45
MannyLNJHelp please. Trying to install core fonyts using sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer  and it gives me a 404.  E: Failed to fetch https://pilotfiber.dl.sourceforge.net/project/corefonts/the fonts/final/comic32.exe  404  Not Found03:46
wafflejockRVanguard, did you paste the actual error here when restarting i3 I may have missed it but can try some googling with the specific error to see what's not being parsed properly or whatever03:46
Guest9741wafflejock, well I just tested something03:47
Guest9741and while mpv is open gnome-video also stops playing sounds03:47
Phanesi use i303:47
PhanesRVanguard, pastebin the whole file03:47
Guest9741wlel, this is odd, it fixed itself03:48
PhanesRVanguard, also what version of i3 are you using03:49
wafflejockGuest9741, strange, long story short ALSA is the audio subsystem the part that talks to the audio drivers and is like the master control for the audio but then pulseaudio sits on top of that controls audio per application, sometimes I've had troubles with pulseaudio especially with regard to various bluetooth devices but pavucontrol is a gui and helps see what's going on to some degree03:50
RVanguardPhanes: 4.11 i3 version03:53
RVanguardPanes, will do on the pastebin, one moment, thank you for the help03:53
Bashing-ommantono: Maybe check that source ? as that space in /the fonts/ does not look right to me .03:54
RVanguardPhanes: http://pastebin.com/cJKVRENW03:55
nchamberson a default 14.04 ubuntu install, what is generally running on port 53?03:57
PhanesRVanguard, try using something like this instead, and bundle them in their own script and call it with an exec http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Map_caps_lock_to_escape_in_XWindows03:58
wafflejocknchambers, nothing03:58
wafflejocknchambers, run, sudo netstat -tunlp | grep 5303:58
wafflejocknchambers, can see what process is bound to that port03:58
Phanes53 is dns03:58
nchambersPhanes, yep03:58
nchamberswafflejock, looks like its dnsmasq03:59
nchamberswhat does that do for me?03:59
wafflejocknchambers, ah don't think it's installed by default03:59
wafflejockit caches dns03:59
nchambersoh it might not be03:59
wafflejockI use it on my raspi here nice for mapping local dns entries too03:59
RVanguardPhanes, thank you04:00
nchambersbesides potentially slower dns lookups, is there any disavantage to getting rid of it?04:00
Phanesand you wont care about dns lookup time04:01
wafflejocknchambers, no I mean I use it so I can put new domains in the /etc/hosts on one raspberry pi on the network and the rest of my machines use that for DNS04:01
Phanessince the overhead is almost nonexistent04:01
Phanesin fact i would recommand against any kind of dns caching unless you know what youre doing04:01
wafflejockeh it takes dns lookups from 100ms down to 1ms but the browser caches them too04:01
Phaneswafflejock, yeah until youre using a site that's behind a load balancer that uses a CNAME record for its rotation point04:02
nchambersok cool04:02
wafflejockPhanes, all I can say is I'm glad I don't have that problem ;)04:03
nchambersactually, if its not installed by default, I probably shouldn't remove it04:03
nchambersI'll just edit the /etc/hosts file04:03
Phanes*points, sorry -- if the nodes in a load-balanced cluster are found by CNAMES by the balancer you'll run into issues with dns caching when it rotates nodes out04:03
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nchambersis there a way to source other files from /etc/hosts?04:04
Phaneswafflejock, until you access any site that's behind an elb or serving content on a CDN, or does any kind of distributed session storage with sticky sessions as the bind04:04
Phaneswhich are all still in regular practice by many large companies and their sites04:04
wafflejockPhanes, hmm strange haven't had any problems like that or at least nothing I've noticed, what would be the symptom of that? resources not loading?04:05
Dgameman1Hey guys! I'm trying to install a ubuntu server and I have 1 internal and 2 external hard drives04:10
Dgameman1The goal is to use LVM to create 1 single disk04:11
Dgameman1but when I click on guided and lvm04:11
Dgameman1I only see 1 internal, 1 external, and the usb plugged in with the ubuntu iso04:11
Dgameman1Any ideas?04:11
CodeMouse92Dgameman1: Stupid question, but are you 100% certain there is no problem with the other external?04:12
Dgameman1Yeah, it was working perfectly on the ubuntu os04:13
ikoniaI'd question the concept if the externals are USB04:13
CodeMouse92(slash) it's cable (slash) the port it's plugged into04:13
Dgameman1I'm just reinstalling it cause of something04:13
Dgameman1I restarted the installation process, I'll show you what it says, 1 sec04:13
CodeMouse92ikonia: Elaborate? If he has external USB hard drives, those shouldn't be LVM'd into "one disk" alongside the internal?04:15
ikoniaCodeMouse92: correct, if they are usb04:15
CodeMouse92ikonia: Makes sense.04:15
Dgameman1Then there's no way to combine them all into 1 storage?04:15
ikoniaCodeMouse92: technically possible, but not the best idea04:15
Dgameman1Oh, why do you say that>04:15
ikoniaDgameman1: you technically do it, but it's not something I'd suggest you look at04:16
Dgameman1There's nothing sensitive on these files tho04:16
Phanesone usb drive array to rule them all lol.  yeah dont do that.  you will run into persistence integrity problems04:16
ikoniaDgameman1: the external disks will be slower and thus slow down the internal disk, also usb disks can cause a bus / port / socket to reset - which if you're building a mass volume group on it can cause crashing or data loss04:16
Dgameman1Okay good looking out04:17
* Phanes eyeballs a bunch of NFS shares04:17
CodeMouse92Sounds a little like arc-welding a formula one racecar to two Ford Fiestas. Doesn't matter how fast the racecar can go, if one of the Fiesta dies, you ain't going nowhere.04:18
ikoniaCodeMouse92: there is more to it than that, but bottom line is spot on04:18
CodeMouse92Best case scenario, you only go as fast as the Fiestas.04:18
CodeMouse92ikonia: Right, I figured that was a shameless oversimplification :P04:18
ikoniaCodeMouse92: nothing wrong with keeping it simple04:18
Phanesone million fiestas have the power of a million fiestas04:18
CodeMouse92Add an old IDE HDD to that bundle, and you've welded yourself to an AMC Gremlin04:19
LinuxNoviceIs installing Lubuntu and Xfce DE on top of that will give the same effect as Xubuntu?04:21
ikoniaLinuxNovice: why are you doing this04:22
ikoniaLinuxNovice: we hae spoeken specfically about this situation when you where "trying" desktops04:22
LinuxNoviceikonia, I found the solution for the problem we were discussing yesterday.04:22
ikoniaLinuxNovice: thats not what I asked you04:22
LinuxNoviceinstalling the latest version 16.10 will solve that.04:23
ikoniaLinuxNovice: thats not what I asked you04:23
LinuxNoviceI am going to install Lubuntu 16.10 now.04:23
ikoniaLinuxNovice: why04:23
ikoniaLinuxNovice: why areoyu installing lubuntu if you want xfce04:23
LinuxNoviceI can open those pdfs in 16.1004:23
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you've said that - but thats not the question I'm asking you04:23
LinuxNoviceand I intend to install Xfce DE also on that.04:23
ikoniaLinuxNovice: why are you installing lubuntu if you want xfce04:24
LinuxNoviceI want a lightweight DE for my old laptop.04:24
PhanesLinuxNovice, you can install any DE package on top of any ubuntu flavor, and most will show up in your greeter as an option the next time you launch X04:24
ikoniaLinuxNovice: so why are you not installing Xubuntu04:24
Haruo? You should be able to open PDFs in Xubuntu too.04:24
LinuxNoviceit can't handle Ubuntu and probably Ubuntu Mate also.04:24
ikoniaLinuxNovice: focus - why are you not installing xubuntu if you want xfce04:25
PhanesLinuxNovice, so install i3-wm and be done with it04:25
LinuxNoviceI'll be using Lubuntu primarily.04:25
ikoniaLinuxNovice: then why arey ou installing xfce ?04:25
LinuxNoviceBut, want to try Xfce also and see if that suits this laptop.04:25
ikoniaLinuxNovice: use a livecd as you've been told04:26
ikoniaLinuxNovice: every time you try this multiple desktop situation you wreck your install04:26
ikoniawe had this specific discussion a week or two ago after you'd damaged your install04:26
Mis-anthropeis i3wm better than openbox?04:26
ikoniaand then a second time when you did it again04:26
LinuxNoviceikonia, so, this is not recommended?04:26
PhanesMis-anthrope, it's better than all the things04:26
HaruoThey're totally different Mis-anthrope04:26
ikoniaLinuxNovice: what did we discuss the other day04:26
LinuxNoviceok. If it is going to cause problems, I won't do that.04:26
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you're not at a strong enough level yet, just focus on "using" your machine, rather than chasing the dream04:27
LinuxNoviceanyway, I got the solution I wanted.04:27
Mis-anthropePhanes: please elaborate.. I am planning to install (for the first time) Ubuntu 16.04 on a physical machine to be used as a file server and I am still confused on whether I should go for openbox or any other WM04:27
LinuxNoviceikonia, you are right. Will stick to Lubuntu for now.04:27
ikoniaLinuxNovice: really, try to keep it simple04:27
ikoniaif you can't do something you want to do - ask how to do it04:27
Mis-anthropePhanes: Fluxbox is causing 16.04 to crash and I dont want to use DE04:27
ikoniaLinuxNovice: rather than rush in installing things04:27
LinuxNoviceikonia, btw, is 16.10 as stable as 16.4?04:28
ikoniaLinuxNovice: yes, but it has a short support cycle, which is why you where advised not to upgrade to it04:28
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch04:28
ikoniaLinuxNovice: as upgrading a distro to a with only 6 months of support left for a pdf reader was a bad idea04:28
LinuxNovicebut, I can get these pdf files to open only in 16.1004:28
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you could get them to open in 16.0404:29
Mis-anthropeikonia: can you share a list of commands tha ubottu accepts..04:29
LinuxNoviceI am using the laptop and the OS mainly for office work and study.04:29
ikoniaMis-anthrope: just query it in a pm04:29
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I know this, that doesn't change anyhing04:29
LinuxNoviceso, this is very much necessary to me.04:29
ikoniaLinuxNovice: right, which is why running a distro that will stop being supported in 6 months was a bad idea04:29
ikoniaas you where told at the time04:30
LinuxNoviceikonia, can I upgrade to the next version if I use 16.1004:30
ikoniaLinuxNovice: yes, but you will break it04:30
ikoniaas you have done in the past04:30
ikoniabecause you install all this other stuff04:30
ikoniaand don't really understand the process yet04:30
LinuxNovice"break it" means what?04:30
ikoniawhich is why I'm telling you to just focus on using the laptop04:30
PhanesMis-anthrope, then i would definitely recommend i3.  ratpoison or awesomeWM might suit too, ratpoison initial setup will be more involved than you may like04:31
ikoniaLinuxNovice: break it as in "it will go wrong and you'll be asking how to recover your important work as your laptop no longer boots after you tried an upgrade"04:31
LinuxNoviceok. I have Lubuntu 16.04 installed. I'll install 16.10 or Xubuntu 16.10 alongside it.04:32
ikoniawhy ????04:32
zergutG'day, how to ask S.M.A.R.T. if my HDD is okay?04:32
ikoniayou can't manage a single install, why are you constantly trying to make your system unmanageable for you04:32
LinuxNoviceneed some features in 16.1004:32
zergutwith preinstalled soft04:32
ikoniaLinuxNovice: such as04:32
Mis-anthropePhanes: what stuff do I need with i3. Like with openbox, I used nitrogen, tilda, int2, compton et al.. any add ons for i3 suggested?04:32
LinuxNovicewhich I can't get in 16.0404:32
ikoniaLinuxNovice: what features do you need form 16.1004:32
ikoniaLinuxNovice: such as04:32
PhanesMis-anthrope, the man command04:32
ikoniaLinuxNovice: what features in 16.10 do you need that you can't get in 16.0404:33
LinuxNoviceI can't open those pdfs in 16.04.04:33
VA6DAHSomething I may suggest is using a VM for experimentation. See what works and what doesn't without fucking up your main install. Very handy.04:33
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you can04:33
Mis-anthropeVA6DAH: well said04:33
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I told you how and tested it for you with the PDF's you gave me04:33
ikoniait was defaulting to opening them in edit mode, not read mode04:33
PhanesVA6DAH, not if you spend a couple years being forced to fix what you break04:33
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I told you this in detail at the time and even tested it for you04:33
PhanesVA6DAH, you get immune to screwing up like that after a while04:34
HaruoScrew it. Maybe LinuxNovice can install 16.10 and ask for further support six months later.04:34
PhanesVA6DAH, the clue in your antibodies eventually forms a tough outer membrane to the parts of the non-clue that create those situations04:34
Sean_McGzergut: I think there is a tool called smartctl, part of smartmon04:34
zergutSean_McG: is it preinstalled?04:35
Sean_McGnot sure04:35
VA6DAHLol, I have learned all I have by royally fucking up installs. However I do not recommend others to go through the same torture. It takes a certain aptitude as well to figure out where and how you screw up.04:35
ikoniaVA6DAH: please don't swear04:36
cfhowlettVA6DAH, language please04:36
Sean_McGits not on my 16.04 box04:36
PhanesVA6DAH, if i can do it, anyone can.04:36
HaruoIt took me over twenty installs though...04:36
Phanesoh lord that was the first month for me04:37
Phanesi broke system, after system, after system, after system for like 2 straight years doing stupid stuff04:37
ikoniamaybe take the tails of war stories and learning approaches to an offtopic or private place please04:37
VA6DAHSorry. I will refrain from using expletives in the future.04:37
ikoniaVA6DAH: zero problem04:38
Phanesikonia, tales*04:38
LinuxNoviceikonia, are you still there?04:39
ikoniaLinuxNovice: yes04:39
LinuxNoviceconnection was lost.04:39
ikoniaI saw04:39
LinuxNoviceI don't mind upgrading to the new version if that is necessary.04:39
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I'm sure you don't mind04:40
ikoniaLinuxNovice: the problem is - it won't work for you more than likley04:40
ikoniaLinuxNovice: and you spend a lot of time telling us how important your laptop is04:40
ikoniaLinuxNovice: which means you'll end up being at risk of losing your work04:40
LinuxNoviceI tried with all the pdf readers in 16.04. I couldn't open the files. But, am able to in  16.10.04:40
ikoniaLinuxNovice: yes, you've said that04:40
ikoniaLinuxNovice: and I've told you it does work in 16.04 and tested it for you with your specific PDF04:41
nchambersis there a way to set what DNS server to use no matter where I am?04:41
LinuxNoviceikonia, then, what is the solution?04:41
ikoniaLinuxNovice: in my opinion the solution is EXACTLY the same as I told you 2 times on previous days, use 16.04 - its has a long term life cycle and you can depend on it for a few years while you learn to use linux safely04:41
LinuxNovicehow did you open that?04:42
LinuxNovicebut, how could you open those files offline.04:42
ikoniaLinuxNovice: it was trying to open it in edit mode by default, which was the password protected prompt you got04:42
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I told you on the same day04:42
ikoniaLinuxNovice: this is what I mean about you not listening, I spent 30 minutes work it out with you, for you04:42
ikoniaI advised you not to move to 16.1004:42
LinuxNoviceno. I'm still in 16.0404:43
ikoniayou ignored it, moved to 16.10 and now are still saying it doens't work with 16.04 - when I proved to you at the time it works with 16.0404:43
ikoniaLinuxNovice: then how did you test it on 16.1004:43
LinuxNovicesomeone here suggested that I install 16.10 and all such problems will be solved.04:43
ikoniaLinuxNovice: yes and you where told that was not the case04:43
ikoniaLinuxNovice: have you tested it ?04:43
LinuxNoviceI created a live usb of Lubuntu 16.1004:43
ikoniaok, so you tested it on a live media, thats not too bad04:44
LinuxNoviceyes. I could open those files in 16.10 and they didn't ask for any password.04:44
LinuxNovicenow, I'm using 16.0404:44
LinuxNoviceand I don't intend to upgrade it to 16.1004:45
ikoniaLinuxNovice: bottom line, you're going to do what you want anyway04:45
LinuxNoviceMost probably I'll install 16.10 in dual boot setup.04:45
ikoniaas we've had this dicussion 4 times at least and each time you come back wanting to do the same thing / with the same problem04:45
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you can't manage a single boot04:45
ikoniaLinuxNovice: why would you make it a dual boot04:45
LinuxNoviceI have tried dual boot before.04:46
ikoniathat wasn't my question04:46
ikoniaLinuxNovice: actually - do what you want04:46
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I'm not going to discuss this futher with you04:46
LinuxNoviceikonia, then, please suggest a solution for this specific problem.04:46
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I've already told yout he solution multiples times a few days ago, and at least 2 times just now04:46
LinuxNoviceyou are right. It is better to stick to 16.0404:46
HaruoSorry from the sidelines.04:46
LinuxNoviceok. let me try that solution now.04:47
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I'm afraid I'm no longer going to help you04:47
Phaneslet him keep trying.  that's how some people learn a system.04:47
ikoniaLinuxNovice: I feel it's a waste of time04:47
LinuxNoviceI considered 16.10, because somebody here suggested that yesterday.04:47
LinuxNoviceIt was not my idea, anyway.04:47
LinuxNoviceI am comfortable with 16.04 and I am least interested in this distro hopping.04:48
LinuxNovicejust want to get my work done.04:48
HaruoHave you considered using chromium as a PDF reader?04:48
LinuxNoviceHaruo, I want to be able to read those pdfs offline.04:49
CodeMouse92LinuxNovice: You can actually open files with Chromium without being online04:49
ikoniaCodeMouse92: he won't use a browser04:49
LinuxNoviceok. how?04:49
ikoniathis was explained already04:50
Phanesjust install xpdf04:50
LinuxNoviceI have that installed too.04:50
Phanesso use that04:50
HaruoDrag-dropping into chrome should open it.04:51
HaruoSorry if I'm wrong.04:51
ikoniafile -> open04:51
LinuxNoviceok. Let me download the files again and try.04:51
HaruoOh. Yes.04:51
LinuxNoviceNot able to open them in Xpdf.04:55
VA6DAHLinuxNovice, I usually use chrome as another suggested. Very simple pdf viewer, but if thats all you need then thats my recommendation as well.04:57
LinuxNoviceikonia, are you still there?05:03
ikoniaLinuxNovice: yes05:04
LinuxNoviceguys, thanks a lot. I can open those files in chromium. Offline.05:06
LinuxNovicehowever, none of the pdf readers can open those files. I can open them in 16.10, though.05:08
LinuxNovicewill continue with 16.04.05:11
Phanesif xpdf can't open them then they are likely not valid pdf's05:11
Phanesor they are not being opened correctly (grimace)05:11
Phanesoh it could be version incompatibility between gen and read05:12
LinuxNovicebut, I don't have such problems in 16.05:14
LinuxNovicein 16.1005:14
ikoniaI've told you why05:15
LinuxNoviceas I mentioned earlier.05:15
LinuxNoviceok. I'll have to use chromium for those files, for now.05:16
ikoniaor fix the problem05:17
LinuxNoviceI have those files downloaded. I click on them and they still ask for password.05:19
ikoniayes, I told you why05:19
LinuxNoviceor I right click, select open with and select any of the pdf readers and the result is the same.05:20
ikoniayes, I told you why05:20
Phaneswhat is this05:21
PhanesLinuxNovice, really sorry about that, man.  So your PDFs are password-protected?  Is that the deal?05:21
LinuxNovicePhanes. they are not password protected. I can open them on Windows, my android tablet and in the newer version of Ubuntu 16.1005:22
LinuxNovicebut, in 16.04 they ask for password.05:23
LinuxNovicetried all the pdf readers. Not able to open them offline.05:23
PhanesLinuxNovice, are you able to share one of these pdfs05:23
LinuxNoviceI did that yesterday. Let me provide you the link, again.05:25
Phanesso what happens when you doubleclick on one of those links05:25
LinuxNovicethey keep asking for password, when offline.05:26
LinuxNovicewhen I try to open them with a pdf reader.05:26
Phanesnot what i asked05:26
Phanesdoubleclick a link05:26
LinuxNoviceplease download the files offline and try opening them.05:27
levazhi 😊05:27
LinuxNoviceNot online.05:27
likuiI can't open baidu,why05:27
Phanesyou are no longer following instructions.  that's the demarc for support.05:27
LinuxNovicePhanes, what?05:27
williangliaolikui: try google or other site.05:29
LinuxNovicewhen I double click, I have two options save file or open with - document viewer (default)05:29
likuiI hava a trt05:29
LinuxNovicePhanes, are you there?05:31
Phanesah haaa05:31
Phanesyeah im here05:31
Phanesgo figure, this is interesting05:31
LinuxNovicedid you get the problem?05:32
Phanesyeah i see it05:32
Phanesone second05:32
Phanesgenchi genbutsu is pivotal for troubleshooting05:32
LinuxNovice_Phanes, any solutions?05:35
Phanesit's encrypted05:36
Phaneslikely with a blank password05:36
LinuxNovice_no. It is not encrypted.05:36
=== LinuxNovice_ is now known as LinuxNovice
LinuxNoviceI can open it on Windows and my android tablet.05:36
LinuxNoviceand on 16.1005:37
LinuxNovicewithout any password.05:37
mozammelterminal not starting on ubuntu 16.10, is there any solution ? its happened after I try to open unity8 desktop and come back to default unity. now if I open xterm and try ''terminal'' its openup the unity8 terminal.. looking for help05:38
Phaneslooks like a bug regression05:44
=== farhad is now known as Guest60617
Phanesits the pdf05:45
Phanesfor sure05:45
Phanesi just fixed it by decrypting it05:45
PhanesLinuxNovice, sudo apt-get install qpdf05:46
PhanesLinuxNovice, then qpdf --password="" yourencrypted.pdf output1.pdf && xpdf output1.pdf05:46
Phanesi was able to test the workaround here05:46
Phaneswoops that's `qpdf --password="" --decrypt output1.pdf`05:47
Phanesxpdf really should be handling that though05:47
* Phanes shrugs05:49
PhanesLinuxNovice, see?  It works.05:51
=== ForgottenOne is now known as Mis-anthrope
quazimodohow do I get lightdm to forward my password to ssh-agent and register all my keys upon log in/05:54
ArKaNeLSalutations, j'ai un petit soucis avec add-apt-repository, malgrès les paquets software-properties-common et python, la commande est introuvable, une idée ?05:56
cfhowlett!fr | ArKaNeL05:56
ubottuArKaNeL: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.05:56
ArKaNeLHello, i have an issue with add-apt-respository, i setup software-properties-common and python, command is not to be found, any idea ?05:57
PhanesArKaNeL, can you show in the terminal what the issue is05:58
ArKaNeLCommand add-apt-respository not found, did you mean ? The command add-apt-respository from software-properties-common ?06:00
Mis-anthropePhanes: where is the log for i3-wm?06:00
PhanesArKaNeL, pastebin please06:00
icedwatermozammel: pity, your terminal issue seems pretty similar to mine.06:00
ArKaNeLi'll switch language then06:01
icedwaterArKaNeL: no luck in ubuntu-fr eh?06:01
LinuxNovicePhanes, sorry. I was away from my computer, for a while.06:02
LinuxNoviceI can't make it open with any pdf reader.06:02
ArKaNeLdidn't try,i'll dig, and pastbin in english in case06:02
LinuxNoviceI have all the readers installed.06:02
* icedwater nods06:03
PhanesLinuxNovice, correct, the instructions provided were `sudo apt-get install qpdf` then `qpdf --password="" --decrypt <yourPDF.pdf> <yourPDF_unencrypted.pdf> && xpdf <yourPDF_unencrypted.pdrf>`06:03
LinuxNovicePhanes, what is the solution, then?06:04
PhanesLinuxNovice, on that note, I have 1) reproduced your issue on my system.  2) found and tested the solution.  3) provided the exact commands to you for you to do the same.  You have been helped.06:04
LinuxNovicePhanes, the above are commands?06:05
Phanesinstall qpdf.  run `qpdf --password="" --decrypt oldfile.pdf newfile.pdf` and then `xpdf newfile.pdf`.06:05
Phanesyes in your terminal06:05
LinuxNoviceok. let me try this.06:05
icedwaterI wonder if it's possible to log cases here on some kind of wiki/pastebin for perpetuity.06:05
Mis-anthropeI just installed lightdm and now none of my wm work with it.. The screen just flickers whenever I log in and then ldm login window appears again06:06
minimalcrapnow that's classic06:06
PhanesMis-anthrope, https://i3wm.org/docs/debugging.html06:06
PhanesMis-anthrope, but just strace it06:06
Mis-anthropePhanes: ok this is weird.. the guest account is working fine but my main account is behaving that way06:07
Mis-anthropePhanes: like in guest, openbox with lightdm works fine06:07
icedwaterMis-anthrope: I think the last time I had something like that, it was an XOrg issue... something about an authority file.06:07
Phanesew dont touch that06:07
Mis-anthropeicedwater: should I install some other dm?06:08
Mis-anthropelike kdm?06:08
PhanesMis-anthrope, output of `ls -lart ~/`06:08
icedwaterI think it was just changing the permissions to be honest06:08
Mis-anthropeicedwater: I think so too.. but permission on what file???06:09
icedwater.Xauthority, but check the `ls -lart ~` as Phanes suggests first06:09
Phanesim off to bed06:12
Mis-anthropewow.. not my xorg is not working at all!!!06:13
Phaneswhy is your home directory owned by root:root and devil:devil and devil:root06:13
Phanesyou're not logging into X as root are you?06:14
Mis-anthropeI am06:14
Phanesdont do that anymore06:14
Mis-anthropeisnt that the only way to startx06:14
Phanesproblem resolved.06:14
Mis-anthropesudo startx.. thats what I use06:14
Ben64Mis-anthrope: no don't06:14
icedwaterIsn't that handled for you by lightdm, though06:14
Phanesno use target states for systemd06:15
Phanesyeah something is off here06:15
PhanesMis-anthrope, `uname -a` please06:15
Phaneswait why are you getting a greeter from startx06:16
=== ForgottenOne is now known as Mis-anthrope
Phanesthis is a troll, right?06:17
Mis-anthropeI removed lightdm06:17
Mis-anthropeand now everything is fine06:17
Phanesare you logged in as root right now?06:17
LinuxNovicePhanes, I don't know how to use the commands you gave.06:20
=== ForgottenOne is now known as Mis-anthrope
PhanesLinuxNovice, then that's your next mountain to climb06:20
Phanesyou'll need to pull up a terminal and type them in06:21
LinuxNoviceyes. I have the terminal open.06:21
Phanesso pastebin your attempt06:21
Phaneslet's see what youre doing06:21
PhanesLinuxNovice, copy and paste from when you tried in the terminal to here: http://paste.ubuntu.com06:22
Phanes1) that's not your terminal session 2) that's not the command i gave you06:24
Mis-anthropecan I add ownership in fstab?06:25
Phanes`qpdf --password="" --decrypt 35564bos25030ipages.pdf 35564bos25030ipages_new.pdf`06:25
PhanesLinuxNovice, then: `xpdf 35564bos25030ipages_new.pdf`06:25
PhanesMis-anthrope, you can add usermasks in some situations06:25
Mis-anthropePhanes: "why is your home directory owned by root:root and devil:devil and devil:root" please elaborate :)06:26
PhanesMis-anthrope, that was before i knew you were running X as root06:26
LinuxNovicePhanes, got it.06:26
PhanesLinuxNovice, working?06:26
LinuxNoviceReally very thankful to you.06:26
LinuxNoviceyes. It is working.06:26
PhanesLinuxNovice, no worries, but man, you gotta look at those details.  The command line is verbose.  It doesn't care what you thought you mean.06:27
Mis-anthropePhanes: well you said the problem was resolved.. how? I wanna use lightdm but now, seeing how it crapped my Xorg.. I am not so sure06:27
Ben64Mis-anthrope: how did it crap your xorg06:27
Ben64seems to me you did that all on your own06:27
LinuxNovicePhanes, need to learn the command line.06:27
Mis-anthropeBen64: :/06:27
Ben64really, running as root, removing lightdm, using startx06:28
LinuxNoviceJust a beginner in Linux, here.06:28
Ben64all bad06:28
PhanesMis-anthrope, 1) you're running X logged in as root 2) you're starting X by running `sudo startx`.  I actually do not believe you're running Ubuntu.06:28
Mis-anthropePhanes: I am a noob06:28
Mis-anthropePhanes: how should I run startx06:28
Ben64more of a reason to not do any of that06:28
PhanesMis-anthrope, i would suggest reinstalling if that's what's going on06:28
PhanesMis-anthrope, the target state that launches X is the default one after installation.  you've modified your system in ways I can't guess at.06:29
Phanesand are definitely not supported here06:30
Phanesyou may want to check with the general ##linux chat if you don't want to reinstall06:30
icedwaterriottest2[m]: hello!06:37
icedwaterHow are you connecting with Riot?06:37
Mis-anthropePhanes: how am I supposed to startx without a dm?06:38
riottest2[m]icedwater: with a great deal of lag, apparently.06:38
Mis-anthropeI have to do sudo startx otherwise I get the error timeput in locking file .Xauthority06:38
Phanesyeah, im not messing with that system.  you should consider reinstalling, and then creating a user to log in as.06:39
=== riottest2[m] is now known as riottest2
icedwaterriottest2[m]: at all is OK. I'm at work, so the lag isn't necessarily network-caused :p06:39
icedwaterMis-anthrope: just wondering, why did you remove lightdm?06:40
Mis-anthropebecause lightdm crashed my xorg everytime I started it.. AS ROOT06:41
Mis-anthropehow am I supposed to start lightdm without sudo???06:41
Mis-anthropeor start x without sudo?06:41
Ben64Mis-anthrope: you never use startx06:41
Mis-anthropeok then using lightdm, my xorg crashes!!!06:42
hateballiirc Mis-anthrope is using Ubuntu server with tacked on X, yes?06:42
Ben64how do you use lightdm06:42
icedwaterI'm not sure, it is handled automatically by whatever systemctl is doing on my end.06:42
Mis-anthropeBen64: after boot, it starts up automatically.. then I select my WM and enter my pasword and BOOM! crash!06:42
icedwaterMis-anthrope: that directory you pastebinned, is it /home/devil?06:43
Mis-anthropels -lart ~/06:44
Ben64Mis-anthrope: does this return anything? find ~/ \! -user $USER -print06:44
icedwaterIt's peculiar because as Phanes pointed out, that shouldn't be pretty much owned by root:root. There was a point you ran chown -R on it, I suppose?06:45
Phaneslet's move this over to #ubuntu-server06:45
Phanesthat said, time for bed lol06:47
=== ForgottenOne is now known as Mis-anthrope
Mis-anthropePhanes: night night :)06:48
FizzyCoffeeNighty 🌙.06:49
Mis-anthropeBen64: ok I have installed lightdm again.. restarted my system06:49
Mis-anthropeBen64: now I have the tell tale lightdm screen with my username on it06:49
Mis-anthropeBen64: everytime I enter the password after selecting openbox, the screen flickers and I get the log in screen again06:49
Phaneswhat does Xorg.0.log say after this happens06:50
* Phanes dies06:50
Mis-anthropeBen64: everything works fine for the Guest account06:50
hateballMis-anthrope: you also didnt answer his question (run find)06:50
hateballwhat you describe tends to happen if ~/.Xauthority is owned by root and not you06:50
Ben64which happens with careless use of sudo06:50
Mis-anthropefind doesnt resturn anything06:51
Phaneslogging into X as root06:51
Phaneswhere you get root terminals springing out of your eyeballs06:51
Mis-anthropeso you want me to chown Xauthority?06:51
Ben64are you running the command as your user06:51
Mis-anthropeBen64: yes06:51
Ben64ls -l ~/.Xauthority06:52
* Phanes paints rainbows of root terminal emulators growing from trees, and out of electrical sockets, and off farm animals, and keyboards, and cheese wheels 06:52
Mis-anthropeBen64: its owned by root06:54
Mis-anthropeBen64: group is also root06:54
Mis-anthropeBen64: do you want me to chown to my user?06:54
hateballYou need to do that, yes06:54
Ben64if it's owned by root then you didn't do the find command properly06:55
icedwaterPhanes: I thought you went to sleep a while ago :P06:55
Phanesi did06:55
Ben64i can't continue this if i can't trust you're running the commands06:55
Phanesim asleep right now06:55
Phanesthis is cat06:55
Mis-anthropeBen64: I am running the commands06:55
Ben64if it wasn't owned by your user, it would have shown from the find command06:56
Mis-anthropeBen64: now I have chown'ed .Xauthorty  to my user06:56
Ben64so you're lying about something06:56
Mis-anthropenow can I run lightdm?06:56
* Mis-anthrope bangs her head against a wall06:56
Phanesls -lart /~06:56
* Mis-anthrope bangs it some more06:56
icedwaterMis-anthrope: did it work?06:56
Mis-anthropeot worked06:57
* Mis-anthrope is an honest human being06:57
* Mis-anthrope is evil but honest06:57
Ben64listen, the command i asked you to run, "find ~/ \! -user $USER -print" when run as your user, will print all files in the user's home not owned by the user. since you said it didn't return anything, that means everything would be owned by your user. yet you said .Xauthority was owned by root, so one of those assertions is false06:57
Mis-anthropeBen64: I think I see your point06:58
hateballSo that means you ran find using sudo then?06:58
Phanesit means she is logged in as root06:58
Mis-anthropedont lol it06:58
Mis-anthropelets forget mme06:59
* Mis-anthrope puts a brown paper bag on her face06:59
=== thxer is now known as Guest39463
Krystione9 The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism (258,898 views) https://youtu.be/-TvSiYu8z2M07:05
mozammelcant open terminal on ubuntu 16.10, if I try to open it from xterm I get this error '' $gnome-terminal07:10
mozammelerror constructing proxy for org.gnome.terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached.07:11
Mis-anthropeNow nothing is working in openbox for my user.. I cant open terminal or set menu or open nautius...07:14
Mis-anthropeBut everything is working for guest account..07:15
hateballMis-anthrope: Back up any important data and restore your system is my advice07:22
Mis-anthropehateball: its a VM07:22
hateballNot really easy to help when you've been running as root doing who knows what07:22
Mis-anthropehateball: I am not running as root.. I sudo whenever its required07:23
Ben64you told us you were logging into gui as root07:23
Mis-anthropebecause I was using startx!!07:24
Mis-anthropethe only way to run startx from a virtual terminal is with SUDO STARTX07:24
Ben64but that's still wrong07:24
Kali_Yugahow do i get java jre in ubuntu 14.04? i do not want to add repository...07:27
=== ForgottenOne is now known as Mis-anthrope
Ben64Kali_Yuga: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre07:27
Kali_YugaBen64: sorry I needed JRE 8 not 707:28
Ben64then you can't07:28
Kali_Yugawhy where is 8?07:28
Ben64not in 14.0407:28
Kali_Yugashould I add the repo then?07:29
Kali_Yugafor JRE 807:29
Ben64do what you want i guess07:29
Mis-anthropeBen64: terminal and web browser are working fine in openbox for guest user.. just not for my main user07:29
Kali_Yugawhy is it not in 14.04 it is still an supported OS07:30
Mis-anthropemeh.. I think i am gonna install my machone again..07:31
CaspersThis video exposes how Israel and World Zionism is a hypocritical tribal, racist entity that not only oppresses the Palestinians, but seeks control of the whole world. https://youtu.be/-TvSiYu8z2M07:31
mBetty800This video exposes how Israel and World Zionism is a hypocritical tribal, racist entity that not only oppresses the Palestinians, but seeks control of the whole world. (258,898 views, 90% likes) https://youtu.be/-TvSiYu8z2M07:35
ToadisSucks to be on the side of lies. All you can do is censor and try to contain the truth, but you can't win. The truth has booted this crime syndicate from over 100 nations over 100 times. And it will do that again on a global scale.07:37
yellow<--- sits waiting to drop a truth bomb.07:39
SebthreeBQM10HDtinfoil_hat, Rupert Murdoch is watching you via your Sky Broadband connection :d07:40
SpeirosWhy would I be booted off over and over?07:53
ubuntu233hello all07:54
TufishThis video exposes how Israel and World Zionism is a hypocritical tribal, racist entity that not only oppresses the Palestinians, but seeks control of the whole world. (258,898 views, 90% likes) https://youtu.be/-TvSiYu8z2M07:54
SebthreeBQM10HDSpeiros, when?07:55
SebthreeBQM10HDubuntu233, hi07:55
tyriondwarfHello, serious question, are there any security risks with this method of allowing permissions on my Web server https://dpaste.de/wsBK07:55
SpeirosSince 18:42 on my side, I've been disconnected 5 times, it is now 18:5507:56
SpeirosSorry, six times07:56
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
SpeirosI can't even register my name.07:56
tyriondwarfSpeiros: get an IRC client on your computer07:56
SebthreeBQM10HDSpeiros, wireless?07:56
SpeirosI have one.  Yes, wireless.07:56
hateballSpeiros: because maintenance is being done, check in #freenode07:56
Speirosah, okay.07:56
hateballAt least it was announced some hours ago07:57
SpeirosYeah, fair enough.  I thought it was because of discussing religion on a religious page.07:57
hateballWhich is not Ubuntu related either07:57
SpeirosNo, but at ##religion, it is religious related:)07:58
SpeirosOr it better be.07:58
SebthreeBQM10HDtyriondwarf, yes maybe, too much acess can be a bad thing for a server, more so if its for the outside world07:58
SebthreeBQM10HDtyriondwarf, so you should know what changing each permission would do07:59
SebthreeBQM10HDspeiros hateball you could start a Ubuntu bible and then even that may be :d08:02
SebthreeBQM10HDspeiros hateball I think their might be a program in repes or phone tablet apppstore actually08:03
srulii want to run a script each time after packages get upgraded i added a hook "DPkg::Post-Invoke-Success" but that executes the script after each package, what hook can i use to only execute after upgrade finished?08:03
ubuntu233thank u08:07
ducassesruli: check if there is a similar hook for apt instead of dpkg08:12
sruliducasse: cant find in man page, where can i look?08:13
icedwaterAnyone know how to check which locale dbus/systemd passes to gnome-terminal et al?08:15
ducassesruli: it would most likely be in the apt.conf man page08:16
sruliducasse: i read that hole page inc /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/configure-index.gz cant find a solution, i found online hook for APT::Update::... but there isnt for APT::Upgrade and i found that the hook for apt::update only works when called from command line not from gui (maybe because you need sudo to exec script) but still that wouldnt run post upgrade08:20
ducassesruli: then i have no idea. create a wrapper script?08:22
sruliducasse: dont know how08:22
icedwatermintisan: hello :)08:29
=== begood is now known as Guest31570
oniichanada yang tau grub irc indonesia08:43
icedwateroniichan: I'm sorry that ubuntu-id is a little slow, but you should use English here, please.08:43
ducassesruli: the basic idea is to move the apt-get binary and put a script in its place. the script checks what options it was called with, and calls the original binary with those options, adding whatever actions you want.08:43
oniichanicedwater : i am sorry sir08:44
metaresolvehey guys, I'm following this: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/11/how-to-set-up-a-safe-and-secure-web-server/3/ and i'm stuck08:46
metaresolve1. I can't "find" the nginx.conf file that it wants me to modify08:46
icedwatermetaresolve: where have you been looking?08:47
metaresolvehold on08:47
metaresolveI found it. i was looking in the ftp.08:47
metaresolveok, so, I need to open and edit i. is that a vim thing?08:48
icedwatermetaresolve: that is one of the editors you can use, yes.08:48
metaresolveicedwater: how would you recommend a very new person to ubuntu edit the nginx.conf file?08:48
Cust0sLimendoes ubuntu do something like rpmnew ?08:49
icedwatervim is a little complex to start with, but I like it. nano might be easier? Or gedit?08:49
metaresolvenano. that sounds good.08:49
metaresolveso that's a native ubuntu thing?08:49
icedwatermetaresolve: you could say that, I guess.08:50
ZenIts a default package08:50
metaresolvezen: ah, that's what i was trying to say08:50
Zen:) if you need some help: man nano08:51
metaresolveyou know, the man pages don't help me that much. they make too many assumptions about my knowledge08:51
metaresolvei'm not informed enough to use man pages. i google and get the english instructions :)08:52
icedwaterThey're meant to be that detailed for those who need it.08:52
FizzyCoffeeWell, Nano has the shortcuts on the bottom. That should be enough.08:52
metaresolvewell, i find a nice little beginner's guide to nano. i shall try that out.08:52
Zenmetaresolve: for the most part, nano's manpage is pretty good for beginners08:53
metaresolvezen: good call.08:53
DevAntoineI've got an issue with my keyboard layout under xubuntu. Every key works fine except the "+" key on the numerical side.08:53
ZenI understand some are not so great though08:53
metaresolveok, so should i deflect right now from building my web server and go into nano tutorial?08:53
DevAntoinekeyboard model is set to Generic 105-key (Intl) PC08:53
icedwaterYou could if you wanted. If you prefer and you have graphics on, gedit is closer to notepad :)08:54
metaresolveno, i want to learn with no graphics08:54
Zenmetaresolve: if you want, should only take 10 minutes to master most of it, nano isn't meant to be super complex with lots of features, unlike other editors (e.g. vim and emacs)08:54
Cust0sLimenif I use confold and confdef with dpkg (via apt) what will happen to new config file ?08:54
sruliducasse: i found this wrapper http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/70686/how-to-run-a-command-after-apt-get-upgrade but dont see how i can tell it to only execute before or after upgrade08:58
sruliducasse: second answer in that page ^08:58
cesdoHey guys08:59
cesdoWhere does Pidgin save history?08:59
srulicesdo: in /home$USER/.purple/ .. all config files and logs09:00
cesdosruli: thanks!09:03
sruliis it possible to mount bind a single file over another (file not dir)?09:07
metaresolveI'm tryin gto figure out why the find command isn't working. I was pretending i didn't know where the nginx.conf file was and trying to run find nginx.conf. can you help me understand why it didn't work?09:09
metaresolvei was signed in as root in /root09:10
hateball!details | metaresolve09:11
ubottumetaresolve: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.09:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:11
metaresolvehateball: i think i might know. i'm going to try something else for now09:11
Mr1NKguys, how long time for update linux kernel09:11
geirhasruli: no, only directories09:12
sruligeirha: from the man page it seems it is possible, "One can also remount a single file (on a single file)."09:15
geirhasruli: oh, looks like you're right. Sorry09:17
sruligeirha: just tested, works, amazing stuff09:17
egsomeIs upgrading to 16.10 worth it ? anybody got issues after upgrade ? I'm currently on 16.04.09:20
sruliegsome: 16.10 in not a LTS09:21
egsomesruli, That's why I'm asking, is there something else worth upgrading ?09:21
egsomesruli, I mean, important changes.09:22
tyriondwarfno do not upgrade09:22
tyriondwarf16 is the best09:22
sruliegsome: i dont know, i only use LTS versions, non lts run out off support to fast for me09:23
egsometyriondwarf, Why ?09:23
egsomesruli, Me too, but was asking as maybe got some important changes, but seems not.09:23
sruliegsome: important changes are added to all version while supported, i only upgraded to 16.04 last week and would have stayed on 14.04 for another year if i hadnet changed graphics card which wasnt supported in 14.0409:25
egsomesruli, I see.09:25
icedwatermetaresolve: did you find out what was wrong with find / as root?09:26
metaresolveoh no, my pomodoro ended so i got up and then got distracted by nano09:27
metaresolvei think it's because i'm not in the right directory09:27
metaresolvei was in /root and it's in like /usr/bin or something09:27
metaresolvedoes the find just do the directories in the current, or does it do the whole drive?09:27
srulimetaresolve: what is your find command?09:28
icedwaterThe arguments, I think we mean :)09:28
metaresolvehow embarrasing09:29
metaresolveit was find nginx.conf09:29
=== zergut_ is now known as zergut
srulimetaresolve: you want to look for it in the entire filesystem?09:30
metaresolvesruli: Sure. How do I do both ways? (i'm a new)09:30
srulimetaresolve: what do you mean both ways?09:31
metaresolvesruli: actually, i'm working on something else right now. i'll come back to this problem after i've figured nano out09:31
metaresolvethen i'll be looking for that file again to open it09:31
hateballIf you're not sure how to operate find, perhaps being logged in interactively as root is not the wisest move for the health of your system09:32
hateballJust.. a bit of advice09:32
srulimetaresolve: "sudo find / -type f -name 'nginx.conf'" that will look foe it in the entire filesystem, warning: might take a long time and you will get many errors for dirs it could not access. best is to replace the "/" with "/etc" if you dont find it there replace with "/usr" etc..09:33
metaresolvehateball: duly noted.09:37
whallzhow can i restore default video driver?09:37
Mis-anthropeanyone alive?09:43
metaresolveah ha! i opened the nginx.conf file in nano. i'm very proud of myself.09:44
Mis-anthropemetaresolve: congos09:44
RTutsClient: HexChat 2.12.4 • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) • CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-55 (1.80GHz) • Memory: 2.9 GiB Total (752.1 MiB Free) • Storage: 195.9 GiB / 223.6 GiB (27.7 GiB Free) • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M • Uptime: 5d 16h 16m 6s09:44
=== deanman_ is now known as deanman
Mis-anthropeI just did a fresh install of 16.04 server with openbox and lightdm.. and now, whenever I log in(using lightdm), my screen flickers before reverting back to the log in screen09:45
williangliaoMis-anthrope: just install xfce4 or kde or gnome..09:47
Mis-anthropewilliangliao: its a server.. I dont want a DE09:47
=== john-mca` is now known as john-mcaleely
icedwaterMis-anthrope: I'm here.09:48
Mis-anthropeicedwater: phew09:48
=== bill is now known as Guest62151
Guest62151How to Install .Snap Packages offline in ubuntu?09:49
icedwaterMis-anthrope: could you not just ignore the graphical bits that were already installed?09:49
williangliaoMis-anthrope: just remove lightdm09:49
icedwaterwilliangliao: this is why we needed to do a fresh install in the first place :P09:50
icedwaterMis-anthrope: why did you install a second DE to ignore if you didn't want one?09:50
Mis-anthropeI wanna cry so bad09:50
Guest62151i downloaded some .snap packages of ubuntu store.09:50
Mis-anthropeicedwater: I didnt have any GUI09:50
icedwaterGo on..09:50
icedwaterWere you not able to log on to the system without the GUI?09:50
Mis-anthropeicedwater: yes09:51
Mis-anthropeicedwater: and before installing lightdm, my openbox worked fine09:51
Mis-anthropeicedwater: I did a sudo startx (once) to see if I installed openbox properly and it worked09:51
Mis-anthropeshould I try some other DM?09:52
Ben64Mis-anthrope: so you did the same mistake as before?09:52
Ben64if you want a gui, why not install ubuntu09:52
Mis-anthropeBen64: Arrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggg09:52
Ben64i don't get you09:52
Ben64don't install server if you want a gui09:52
icedwaterMis-anthrope: what Ben64 said...09:52
Mis-anthropeI dont want a gui.. I want a window manager and not a de09:53
icedwaterNo, I understand not using a GUI. I'm in tmux more than half the time on Ubuntu myself09:53
icedwaterAh, OK09:53
Ben64i don't want a gui... i want a gui09:53
icedwaterSo you don't want the full DM09:53
Mis-anthropenow youre just being an arse Ben6409:53
Ben64no i'm not09:53
icedwaterBut if you have to run a firefox, or something, you want to be able to do so09:53
Mis-anthropeicedwater: EXACTLY09:53
Ben64just install ubuntu-mate or something09:54
icedwaterBen64: I've seen that before... it's not the most typical use case, but I've seen it09:54
rellisioxjew supremacists censoring the truth about their hatred and crimes against humanity. yawn.09:55
whallzhello, i think i messed up my driver, at boot i get to a login on tty1 instead of starting x with lightdm and stuff09:55
icedwaterI wonder why these trolls bother even logging on to IRC on a tech-dominant server...09:55
=== ForgottenOne is now known as Mis-anthrope
whallzi am on xenial, and im on a laptop with that nvidia optimus / intel card09:55
hateballwhallz: Maybe if you provide us with more details than "my driver" we might be able to help09:55
icedwaterMis-anthrope: connection issues?09:56
Mis-anthropeicedwater: yes.. :/09:56
icedwaterMaybe change your default username so you don't have to switch it every login?09:56
whallzhateball: i lost track, i was using nvidia 340 and worked fine, after installing it via the Additional drivers thingy in unity09:56
icedwaterBut anyway, that's a digression.09:56
whallzhateball: then i wanted to go back to nouveau and did a purge of nvidia-* and mv xorg.conf to a bk09:57
metaresolvehateball: When I was logged into my vps as metaresolve (instead of root) I couldn't write files to anywhere to replace files09:57
hateball!sudo | metaresolve09:57
ubottumetaresolve: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:57
hateballwhallz: what chipset are you using?09:57
metaresolveoohh i see09:57
whallzhateball: now i tried installing again nvidia-340 and bumblebee, but with no success09:57
Mis-anthropeI want a really minimal install of ubuntu server.. no de.. only a wm for times when I need to use firefox or maybe terminator with a better resolution.. thats what I am not using any desktop environment09:57
icedwaterMis-anthrope: the person I saw who did what you want was running Debian, incidentally09:57
Mis-anthropeicedwater: okz09:58
hateballwhallz: bumblebee is deprecated09:58
Ben64Mis-anthrope: install ubuntu mate, start gui when needed09:58
icedwaterMaybe you should be trying to boot to the lower level of systemctl or whatever it's called that doesn't start the GUI?09:58
icedwaterOr reconfigure systemd to not start the GUI, or something.09:58
icedwaterBen64's option works too09:59
Ben64or the real server way, install server and use vnc09:59
Mis-anthropewell thats why I was using sudo startx.... for times when I need to start the gui "whimsically" .... but someone here suggested that I should use a display manager!09:59
Ben64sudo startx is never correct09:59
Harishello all10:00
icedwaterBen64: VNC to a remote host with an X server? I'm intrigued...10:00
ksaAny of you that have experience with fsck fixing performance issue, e.g. high disk I/O wait? Reason for asking, is one of my providers said that would fix the issue, I do not however think it would. But would be nice to hear your experiences :)10:01
Hariswhere or through what means does 14.04 LTS sync clock ? on one box, I'm getting a +49 sec difference on a daily basis10:01
Ben64icedwater: yep10:01
whallzhateball: lspci says: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)10:01
HarisI didn't have NTP on it. I just installed ntp10:01
whallzhateball: uninstalling bumblebee10:01
whallzhateball: is that line of lspci helpful?10:02
icedwaterBen64: I'll have to add that to my try-it-out list :)10:03
whallzhateball: im purging nvidia-* too10:04
Mis-anthropeBen64: what if I dont have an X server on any host..10:04
icedwaterHaris: I don't know, I have about 30 minutes difference on my VPS somehow10:04
Mis-anthropeBen64: I am still learning stuff and installing 16.04 on an old PC is part of that10:04
icedwaterMis-anthrope: that's part of what makes Ben64's idea interesting.10:05
whallzshould i use graphics-drivers ppa?10:05
Mis-anthropeBen64: does mate chug in a lot of resources? cuz I have only a gig ram on that PC..10:06
whallzi /j #nvidia10:06
metaresolveI tried to use the sudo command and got "metaresolve is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported."10:07
hateballwhallz: whats interesting is which nvidia chipset you have10:07
icedwater!mate | Mis-anthrope10:07
ubottuMis-anthrope: Ubuntu MATE is a supported !flavor of Ubuntu that uses MATE as the default desktop environment. It functions similarly to older versions of GNOME. For more information, see https://ubuntu-mate.org/10:07
whallzhateball: i think is 820M10:08
metaresolvenjm, i googled10:08
hateballwhallz: guessing isnt helpful, use lspci10:08
whallzhateball: not guessing, it says on my laptop specs, lspci states this:10:08
whallzhateball: lspci says: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)10:08
hateballwhallz: Unless my eyes deceive me, that says Intel10:09
icedwaterBen64: installing a different distro with a GUI to not start it isn't really solving the problem Mis-anthrope has, though... wouldn't it be easier to just do the second step on the 16.04 they already have installed?10:09
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE10:09
JP___I know a girl that goes by the name of Miss_Anthrope in reall life... Hope it isn't you10:09
hateballwhallz: You should have a line for nvidia as well10:09
whallzhateball: yeah, but isnt that the strange nvidia optimus thingy?10:10
whallzits like 2 cards working together or something10:10
hateballwhallz: at any rate that should be new enough to use the driver from PPA, 340 is ancient10:10
hateballwhallz: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-375 nvidia-settings nvidia-prime10:11
hateballwhallz: as bumblebee is deprecated, you use nvidia-prime to pick which card to use, but you need to restart X between doing so10:11
hateballwhallz: this is done in nvidia-settings10:12
whallzhateball: i dont have a running X right now im on tty110:12
whallzim installing those packages10:12
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org10:12
icedwaterMis-anthrope: if you're still here, I'll be trying to contact my friend who did the Debian setup. When she replies, I'll let you know.10:13
Mis-anthropeicedwater: Thanks!10:13
Mis-anthropeicedwater: I am always here.. I have no life :D10:13
hateballwhallz: I'm talking about once you do, if you want to switch between Intel/nVidia10:14
icedwaterMis-anthrope: although, why not just run something like LXDE, then do most of your work in another tty?10:14
Ben64icedwater: what second step10:14
Mis-anthropeicedwater: thats what I am doing!!10:14
Mis-anthropeand yes.. what second step10:14
icedwaterBen64: to not start the GUI bit except when needed10:14
whallzhateball: ohh right, but after installing these packages i should reboot and X should start?10:14
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
Ben64just install vncserver, would be easiest really10:14
Mis-anthropeBen64 said starting GUI (sudo startx) is "not good"10:15
hateballwhallz: With some luck. I obviously don't know what you've done to the system before, if there are old lists of modules to blacklist or whatever10:15
icedwaterNo, it is "never correct".10:15
icedwaterI'm not sure why, but that's their take. It can be quite hairy, though.10:15
Mis-anthropeJP___: I dont think so JP..10:15
whallzhateball: i tried isntalling nouveau-firmware before, purged it10:16
Mis-anthropeicedwater: isnt running anything with sudo is?10:16
whallzis there something i need to add to my kernel line?10:16
hateballwhallz: should be no need, go with defaults first. dont fix it if it aint broken and so on10:17
icedwaterMis-anthrope: I use sudo a lot... I prefer that to logging in as root10:17
whallzhateball: thanks, i'll reboot and go from there10:17
icedwaterI thought the point of Linux was to be able to do things your own way and live with the trade-offs :p10:17
icedwaterOf course, some things make less sense than others, but that's not what I meant.10:18
hateballNo one is stopping you from living with the trade-off of a broken system. It's just pretty unwise10:18
icedwaterhateball: indeed.10:18
icedwaterSo I haven't played around with [sudo startx] enough to confirm or deny Ben64's statement, but it shouldn't lead to a broken system as far as I know10:19
Mis-anthropeNothing was broken.. until I installed lightdm10:21
icedwaterWhat was wrong with just openbox, then?10:21
icedwater...so why did you install lightdm?10:22
icedwaterI mean, seriously.10:22
ripper17hi all, I can't play mp4 videos in firefox on Ubuntu 14.04 , even though gstreamer1.0-libav and gstreamer1.0-ffmpeg are installed (which is the solution that a google-search suggested) - any more ideas?10:22
Mis-anthropeAsk Ben6410:22
icedwaterGiven that you already made a fresh install10:22
hateballripper17: maybe they're using a codec that are in the bad or ugly packages10:22
Mis-anthropeanyways.. phuck dms.. I am happy with sudo startx until I figure out a better way10:22
whallzhateball: back, no success with nvidia-37510:23
ripper17it's my own site and it works on my computer, but not on a second10:23
hateballwhallz: Right, so what exactly happens when you boot. Do you get lightdm at all?10:23
freddd__I have accidentallz messed up my system in a very bad way :(, I'm now trying boot-repair and it suggested me to 'apt-get purge linux-signed*' (among other things). I acidentally typed *install* instead of purge, now it wants to install all the kernels. I stopped with ctrl+c, but now they are selected for installation. how do I revert that?10:24
whallznope, after all that logging which plymouth hides i get to tty ready to login10:24
whallzno lightdm10:24
whallzno xserver10:24
ripper17hateball: the mp4 is created with ffmpeg on Ubuntu 14.04 as well10:24
freddd__apt install -f will try to stinall about 800MB worth of kernel files, but I dont have that much space on /boot, so that seems like a bad idea10:24
icedwaterMis-anthrope: On that note, DMs are not DEs... and lightdm by itself could be used to give you a login, I suppose, to something else.10:25
freddd__dpkg-configure -a complains about unmet dependencies (too many!) and then aborts10:25
hateballripper17: yes, but mp4 is a container, it can hold various types of codecs10:25
Mis-anthropeicedwater: ik.. hence no to dm s and not de s :D10:25
whallzhateball: lightdm service seems to be running tough, sudo service lightdm status says active10:25
whallzactive (exited)10:26
ripper17hateball: "H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)10:26
Ben64Mis-anthrope: install vncserver holy crap10:26
hateballwhallz: try just "sudo service lightdm restart" for kicks10:26
icedwaterMis-anthrope: let's bring this to ubuntu-offtopic, I thought you wanted no DE. I'm confused :p10:26
hateballwhallz: and then have a look in your Xorg.log10:26
ripper17hateball: also, the bucks bunny demo video doesn't work on the one computer (and I doubt that there's some issue with that :-) )10:27
freddd__output from dpkg --configure -a at http://paste2.org/mWyG1beY10:27
* Mis-anthrope slaps Ben6410:27
Mis-anthropeBen64: no cussing -.-10:27
Ben64don't be a jerk10:27
whallzhateball: no output on Xorg.0.log10:27
icedwaterMis-anthrope: lol, no violence, please :P10:27
Ben64you've been here with the same problem for ages, how about you listen?10:27
icedwaterOnly slaps with a really big trout are allowed10:27
Xorgstop calling my name10:27
Xorgfor christs naem10:27
hateballwhallz: it... shouldnt be empty10:28
icedwaterIt's a tradeoff you have to live with, Xorg. :P10:28
Mis-anthropeBen64: though seriously, dont assume everyone is as competent as you in linux.. installing vnc doesnt make sense to me..10:28
whallzhateball: its no empty, there's no output after restarting lightdm service, which does nothing btw10:28
Ben64Mis-anthrope: install it, open a vnc client to the server when you need a desktop there10:28
Ben64done and done10:28
hateballwhallz: I'm wondering if you've purged more than planned while cleaning out old stuff10:29
Mis-anthropeBen64: thanks.. will look into it10:29
whallzhateball: maybe10:29
whallzlet me check10:29
whallzi purged bumblebee, nvidia-*, console-common, and older stuff prior to this happening10:30
hateballwhallz: check /var/log/apt/history*10:30
whallzoops i havent purged nouveau-firmware10:30
hateballwhallz: well, installing nvidia-375 should blacklist nouveau anyhow10:31
whallzjust nvidia-* and bumblebee10:31
whallzso what can i check next?10:31
hateballwhallz: well, check that you even have /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg so you havent removed all of X :p10:32
whallzi do have that10:32
hateballwhallz: check "dmesg" for errors loading nvidia module10:33
hateballwhallz: check /etc/modprobe.d/ that nvidia isnt blacklisted somewhere10:33
hateballwhallz: and try running "sudo prime-select nvidia"10:34
hateballwhallz: or sudo prime-select intel10:34
hateballwhallz: just to make sure things are set up proper10:35
whallzhateball: ok, sudo prime-select intel seems to have worked, no errors output10:37
whallzi see a bunch of blacklists for nvidia in /etc/modprobe.d10:38
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
whallzblacklist-framebuffer.conf blacklist nvidiafb, nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf (installed by nvidia-375) blacklist nvidia-current, nvidia-173, nvidia-96, nvidia-current-updates, nvidia-173-updates, nvidia-96-updates, nvidia-375-updates,10:39
whallzno errors on dmesg10:40
whallzat least when grepping -i nvidia10:40
whallzlast line in dmesg reads: nvidia-uvm: Loaded the UVM driver in 8 mode, major device number 24510:41
whallznot sure if that is helpful10:41
whallzi tried startx on tty2, i see lightdm background and the mouse cursor is an X, nothing more10:42
whallzi selected intel, i'll reboot and see what happens now10:43
whallzhateball: ok, now i say an error when booting, failed to start nvidia persistance module or something10:45
whallzother than that no improvements, still on tty110:45
whallzshould i prime-select nvidia ?10:46
hateballwhallz: yes lets try that10:46
whallzok rebooting10:46
hateballwhallz: also the persistance thing is nothing to care about10:46
JP___Nice support10:47
JP___You've been at it for like half an hour now10:47
whallzhateball: same thing10:47
hateballwhallz: what does "lsmod|grep nvidia" give you?10:49
hateballwhallz: What's weird to me is if you get nothing in Xorg.log at all10:49
whallzthere not event Xorg.log file, just Xorg.0.log10:50
whallzwait, i tried sudo nvidia-xconfig, and it says that No package xorg-server found10:50
whallzthen wrote /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:50
Fr33K0librigreat irc is still alive10:50
whallzhateball: lsmod outputs several lines, what should i look for?10:51
hateballwhallz: did you check your apt history, if xorg got removed?10:51
whallznvidia_uvm, nvidia_drm, nvidia_modeset, nvidia10:52
hateballwell that's good, at least the modules are loaded then10:52
whallznot by executing apt purge10:52
whallzbut maybe was removed when purging nvidia-* ? or bumblebee ?10:52
whallzwould be weird though10:52
hateballwhallz: yes, but that should show in the history10:52
whallzno "xorg" found in /var/log/apt/history.log10:53
hateballwhallz: well, it doesnt hurt to "sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg"10:53
whallzok isntalled10:54
whallzwhat now?10:54
hateballwhallz: did it give any feedback implying it reinstalled?10:56
whallzhateball: startx now is doing nothing before this it showed abackground and the cursor as an X10:56
whallzhateball: nope10:56
hateballwhallz: you should NOT use startx10:56
whallzreinstalling xserver-xorg just showed some packages i now can autoremove which are some primus-libs and xserver-xorg-legacy10:57
hateballwhallz: restarting lightdm, does that produce anything in /var/log/lightdm ?10:58
whallzno output whatsoever10:58
whallzthis is wicked10:58
hateballI'm starting to draw blanks here10:59
hateballwhallz: could you pastebinit your apt history?10:59
whallzhow can i do that from cli?11:00
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com11:00
whallzthats /var/log/apt/history.log11:02
srulii wrote a wrapper for apt and apt-get, works fine when calling apt update from command line but not from gui, what tool does gui updater call for apt update/install?11:04
whallzhateball: it starts after i installed nouveau-firmware11:04
whallzeverything was ok before that11:04
whallzhateball: any ideas?11:09
whallzhateball: this is what dmesg | grep -i error outputs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2373845711:13
whallzFreeKolibri: hello11:13
JP___FreeKolibri: ask your question11:13
abcdefwifi is not working in ubuntu11:13
FizzyCoffeeDoes it work in all of your other devices?11:15
JP___Japanese advice :D11:16
JP___abcdef: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-connect.html11:16
FizzyCoffee? You need Japanese advice?11:16
JP___I saw your ip-thing-a-majig that says your in japan11:17
JP___So i went with it11:17
JP___Japanese pop culture fan here :p11:17
metaresolveNeed help with nginx. I'm trying to relocate the html files for a site using the sites-available file but it won't read the right page and i don't know why.11:17
metaresolvenever mind11:17
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest77348
metaresolvelet me try something else11:17
FizzyCoffee#ubuntu-jp is happy to help you.11:19
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
metaresolveI'm having an nginx issue: right now the root for the websites is /usr/share/nginx/html. I (think I) want to relocate the index page for that site to my /home/metaresolve/meta_site folder11:21
metaresolvebut when I try to change the root path in the sites-available doc, it doesn't do anything.11:22
metaresolvei'm still pointing to the old /usr/share/nginx/html which is pulling up the index.html there.11:22
srulii wrote a wrapper for apt and apt-get, works fine when calling apt update from command line but not from gui, what tool does gui updater call for apt update/install?11:24
ducassesruli: it might use the python apt bindings, at a guess11:28
mozammelhi guys, I've just faced another weird problem. my terminal cant start. I have try to start it from xterm ''gnome-terminal'' but output is "Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached" i'm on ubuntu 16.10 unity. this problem I have faced after I try to open unity 8 and when come back to default unity. if I enter "terminal" in xTerm then11:30
mozammelunity 8 terminal opens up.. please help11:30
sruliducasse: where can i find the pythin apt files? i guess will have to make a wrapper on those too11:32
ducassesruli: do you know python?11:33
ducassesruli: because it's not that simple.11:33
sruliducasse: no, but can i not write the wrapper in bash? if not i have a friend who is expert in python11:34
sruliducasse: where do i find the files though?11:34
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
ducassesruli: you need to modify the python files themselves, and they will be overwritten on updates. look for a package named pythonsomething-apt, then check what files are in that package. i would investigate the gui updater first, though.11:36
sruliducasse: is there anyway i make a trace on the gui to see what tools its calling?11:37
ducassesruli: i don't know any python, ask in ##python how to do that. the easiest way might be to add a call to your script in the gui updater itself, if someone can help you.11:39
ducassesruli: but you need to make sure none of these edits are overwritten on upgrades.11:39
sruliducasse: will find solution for not overwriting on updates. in /usr/bin i found update-manager, i'll try to write a wrapper for that see if it works11:40
ducassesruli: you use dpkg-divert to avoid overwrites, iirc11:41
sruliducasse: thanks wqill read up on the divert11:42
ducassesruli: a wrapper to update-manager will run the script even if update-manager has been used for something other than updating.11:43
sruliducasse: yes, but my script has condition "if [[ $1 == *upgrade* ]] ; then"11:43
ducassesruli: ...which update-manager will not ever meet...11:44
sruliducasse: oh crap.. back to sq 111:45
faLUCEhello. I have two wifi netowrks in my area. network1 with a stronger signal and network2. How can I set ubuntu to connect network2 when this one is active, regardeless of the strenght of the signal ?11:45
salty-horsehi. how can I pass flags to startx? I would like to change the log verbosity but I'm not sure in which script it's executed11:45
ducassesruli: that's why i said you need to modify update-manager itself or the python apt bindings.11:46
sruliducasse: dont know how to go about finding which files it uses11:47
srulisalty-horse: try http://askubuntu.com/questions/165679/how-to-manage-available-wireless-network-priority11:47
salty-horsesruli, that doesn't seem related...?11:48
srulisalty-horse: sorry, someone else asked the question.. sorry11:48
srulifaLUCE: : try http://askubuntu.com/questions/165679/how-to-manage-available-wireless-network-priority11:48
ducassesalty-horse: 'startx -- -whatever' iirc11:49
faLUCEDLange: sorry I made a wrong question. I have to be connected both to network1 and network2, but only network2 must be the GATEWAY11:51
ducassesruli: you just hunt down the appropriate packages (python[3]-aptwhatever), then 'apt-file list packagename'11:52
ducassesruli: probably easier to just edit update-manager, though11:53
sruliducasse: in which paretn dir should i look for them? /etc, /usr?11:53
sruliducasse: i persumed update-manager would be a compled file.. its readable, will go through it11:54
DLangefaLUCE: Network Manager -> Edit connections -> network 1 -> IPv4 -> routes -> use this connection only for ressources in this network11:55
ducassesruli: look for what? the packages? just use 'apt search --names-only' with the appropriate search terms.11:55
DLange(rough english translation of the menu options, so use brain while clicking)11:55
ducassesruli: python code is 'compiled' when started11:55
ducassesruli: you want the .py files, .pyc are compiled11:56
k_szeSomething is really weird with my new computer.11:57
faLUCEDLange: thanks, they did not choose a clear name for this option11:57
ducassesruli: i need to say, though, this is an ugly, ugly hack and i wouldn't recommend it.11:57
k_szeI just installed Yakkety on a brand new Core i7-6700. Somehow my wireless mouse "works", but I don't actually see the cursor moving on the screen.11:58
k_szeI can move it, and the buttons do respond; I just don't see the cursor moving.11:58
sruliducasse: noted, so back to the original question how can i hook a script to when update-manager finished installing updates?11:58
ducassesruli: this is the only way i can think of, editing the code. but then you need to divert it, and you will miss any updates to it.12:00
eightfoldhi there12:00
sruliducasse: thats something i want to avoid12:00
eightfoldis there a way to have emojis in input boxes etc in ubuntu12:00
eightfoldon macOS i press ctrl+cmd+space12:00
eightfoldand i can haz12:00
eightfoldis something like this achievable12:01
ducassesruli: sorry, i just can't think of another way. the optimal way would be to get something like apt::post-invoke added, but that's not done overnight.12:02
ducasseeightfold: there are character selectors, if you have an emoji font i guess it would work like that.12:03
sruliducasse: there is apt:update:post-invoke but same problem, it does not run when initiating from gui12:03
fribHi, I am unable to see audio devices in Unity control center.  How can I fix this?  Thanks!12:04
ducassesruli: that sounds strange, the apt preferences should still work. is it named 'apt' or 'apt-get'?12:04
ducasseeightfold: try kcharselect, i couldn't find a gtk one.12:05
sruliducasse: you mean if the hook is named apt/apt-get? i made the wrapper for both12:05
computer2000Anyone knows about an IR-Cam to use with Ubuntu?12:06
computer2000That's not expensive and works reliably?12:07
ducassesruli: there is an _existing_ apt:update:post-invoke AND apt-get:update:post-invoke in the documented apt preferences? i didn't find any of them.12:07
=== Agent is now known as Guest54296
Guest54296hello, which is the most lightweight DE suitable for ubuntu?12:08
ether8unny_who was the lead actor in the movie shazam?12:09
ether8unny_anyone? (wityhout imdb)12:09
Speirosether8unny_ Ubuntu 14.4?12:10
Speiroslol, well, I guess not then.12:10
ether8unny_its an experiment12:11
SpeirosSorry guest54296 what is DE?12:11
ether8unny_i just needed a place with several people online12:11
Speirosno probs ether8unny_12:11
ether8unny_desktop environ12:11
SpeirosAh, okay.  Thanks.12:11
SpeirosGuest54296 I'm unsure, but there used to be a "sugar on a stick", but I still don't think it was the lightest.12:12
Speirosether8unny_ I'm curious...who was the lead actor?  I know the name, but never watched it.12:13
Guest54296one more question. Suppose I have installed ubuntu on a partition and over time I run out of space on that partition, can I increase the size of that partition?12:13
Guest54296without having to re install the os again?12:14
mozammelSpeiros :  I've just faced another weird problem. my terminal cant start. I have try to start it from xterm ''gnome-terminal'' but output is "Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached" i'm on ubuntu 16.10 unity. this problem I have faced after I try to open unity 8 and when come back to default unity.12:14
ducasseGuest54296: the lightest de is probably lxde12:14
SpeirosGuest54296 No, not that I'm aware of.12:14
mozammelyou have any idea ?12:14
ducasseGuest54296: if there is free space immediately before or after that partition then yes.12:15
Speirosmozammel No, not me specifically.  Im using 14.4, due to not being able to get sound for my music requirements.12:15
Speirosducasse There you go eh.  Good to know that.  I thought it would change everything.12:16
Guest54296ok. I have installed the os on the last partition.12:16
sruliducasse: i added a post-invoke entry for apt:update and apt-get:update, 1 of them did trigger it, problem is it triggers it at end of update not upgrade, i need it to be triggered at end of task12:16
Guest54296actually I have two OSs now.12:16
ether8unny_im on 16.10 and am able to use it for music related12:16
Speirosmozammel Can it open with the search function?12:16
Speirosether8unny_ No soundcard issues?12:16
ether8unny_Speiros, im using an external USB sound card12:17
ether8unny_but no, no problems12:17
Speirosether8unny_ Ok.12:17
ether8unny_i can also run through hdmi without problem too12:17
hateballGuest54296: you can of course resize partitions as you please12:18
ducassesruli: no, it would need to be apt:upgrade, but afaict that does not exist...12:18
k_szewow, I never imagined that installing Ubuntu + NVIDIA would be such a huge PITA.12:18
Speirosether8unny_ I need to be able to edit my songs, and can't do anything when the soundcard isn't working.  I ended up removing it and putting 14.4 back on, and ther eit is.12:18
Speirosk_sze That sounds like my problem.12:19
mozammel Speiros: no cant open from anywhere.12:19
ether8unny_Speiros what DAW are you using12:19
Guest54296hateball, ok. how can I do that?12:19
Speirosmozammel Far out.  I don't know how to help you on that.  One of the other more experienced people might be better at troubleshooting it.12:19
hateballGuest54296: use something live gparted-live since you cant resize mounted/in use partitions12:19
k_szeMy mouse "works", but I don't see the cursor moving (it actually moves "in memory", as far as Ubuntu knows it).12:19
k_szeApparently the solution is to upgrade the nvidia driver.12:20
Speirosether8unny_ What is DAW?12:20
ether8unny_digital audio workstation12:20
hateballk_sze: are you using a hybrid gpu or just plain nvidia on a desktop?12:20
sruliducasse: i guess the only solution would be that the script should call another script &, the other script will wait and check for the locks in /var/lib/dpkg and /var/cache/apt/archives to cease and then execute.. long windy way round but cant think of other option12:20
hateballk_sze: because usually it is not more complicated than booting with nomodeset and installing the nvidia blob12:20
k_szehateball: hybrid?12:21
hateballk_sze: laptop, optimus etc12:21
k_szehateball: my Core i7-6700 comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics 530.12:21
Speirosether8unny_ I use a mixture of stuff.  I use a broken chain of freeware to make my music, and they conflict with each other, so I have to save them individually and mix.  I use Audacity for the final production, but I start with tuxguitar for writing score, then hydrogen (in theory), then transfer using Timidity, then open in Audacity and adjust my playback effects, and add vocals and other.12:21
k_szeBut my monitor is connected to the NVIDIA card.12:22
ducassesruli: i'm still curious why update-manager doesn't trigger the hook...12:22
Speiroshateball I use NVIDIA on my desktop and it is also supposedly an update, which I did, but it didn't do anything on 16.4, so I went back and it works on 14.412:22
ether8unny_Speiros, gotcha, you using Jack, or Alsa?12:23
Speirosmozammel When have you last turned on and off your computer?  Just as a question, not as a suggestion.12:23
sruliducasse: i did write a few messages ago that apt-get::post-invoke did trigger it12:23
Speirosether8unny_ Alsa.12:23
Speirosether8unny_ et tu?12:24
ducassesruli: i must have misunderstood, i'm trying to do many things at once here, sorry :)12:24
SpeirosYeah, it seems to work well.12:25
hateballk_sze: So this is a desktop then12:25
k_szehateball: yes12:25
Speirosducasse you're doing a good job mate.12:25
sruliducasse: no prob... really appreciate the help12:25
ducasseSpeiros: :)12:25
hateballk_sze: What nvidia chipset is this?12:25
k_szehateball: GTX108012:25
ether8unny_when you run ALSA mixer from command line, or aplayer, what devices show up?12:25
hateballk_sze: Then you most likely want the latest driver from PPA12:26
k_szehateball: and not the one from the nvidia download server?12:26
k_szeWhich ppa would that be?12:26
Speirosether8unny_ I wouldn't know.  I'm very illiterate with terminal.  I started learning, but instead of being able to progress I had a life event that has locked me into a mental freeze on everything, and I haven't been able to progress basically since 2010.12:26
k_szehateball: this? https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa12:27
hateballk_sze: Nah use PPA for ease of managment12:27
hateballk_sze: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37512:27
hateballk_sze: That would be it yes12:27
ether8unny_Speiros, ah i see then.12:27
k_szethat would also work with CUDA, right?12:27
hateball!ppa | k_sze, as usual this little tidbit12:27
ubottuk_sze, as usual this little tidbit: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:27
Speirosether8unny_ Sorry:)12:27
hateballk_sze: It should I guess, havent used it for that myself12:28
sruliducasse: my long winded way round wont work either, apt-get-update-post-invoke-success calls the script 3 times, any idea why?12:28
Speirosether8unny_ Slowly I'm working my way out, which means getting my backlog of tax etc worked out, but yeah, I'm a slow learner now on those things from that era.12:29
ludHave one of you ever experienced a ubuntu 14.04 network problem after upgrading some packages ? It stops at boot at 'STOPPING CPU INTERRUPTS BALANCING DAEMON' and there is no network available. It it not reachable by any of its IP adresses and cannot go out on the network, for no reason really, the local ip is up but it seems 'confined'12:29
hateballk_sze: should be noted that apt upgrade wont put you on a newer version, say if nvidia-376 happens, so you'll need to keep an eye for that yourself12:29
Speirosether8unny_ Like a major burnout in life, and trying to find motivation to do it again, without resentment.12:30
ducassesruli: not really, i'm not that familiar with the internals of apt/dpkg. i'm wondering if there is a #debian-something group that would be more able to help you, but that is most likely over at oftc.12:30
Speiroslud No but were the packages canonical or ubuntu, or other?12:30
Speiroslud I might not be able to help, but I can ask questions that others might be able to work from.12:31
sruliducasse: i guess will have to add a ps grep to see if script is already running... this is getting more windy12:32
ludSpeiros what's the difference? I thought it was the same ubuntu is canonical12:33
SpeirosNo, although they work together.12:34
Speiroslud I can't give you the specifics of difference though, as I don't know, but Canonical came on the scene later.12:34
k1l_lud: what packages did you change/update?12:34
whallzi messed up my driver, im running xenial in a laptop with intel graphics + nvidia 820M, i tried installing nvidia-375 from ppa but still no success, no lightdm, no xserver, i simply get to login at tt112:35
whallzwhere should i start looking?12:35
k1l_Speiros: lud canonical is the company behind ubuntu. canonical is running and paying all the servers ubuntu needs. and the developers etc.12:35
Speirosk1l_ Wasn't the 2008 ubuntu pre-canonical?12:35
whallzthere's no errors in dmesg12:35
whallzhateball: hi, u there? did you say something after i sent my apt history?12:36
Speirosk1l_ I understand the symbiotic relationship, but they are separate...or at least they used to be.  Even the software package manager, as opposed to the synaptic package manager.12:37
k1l_Speiros: no12:37
k1l_Speiros: canonical got funded 200412:37
hateballwhallz: I had a look but nothing seems off to me12:37
Speirosk1l_ Ok, lemme do a dig:)12:37
ducassesruli: hehehe :) i think any option other than the right apt prefs hook is going to be ugly and hackish. i suggest asking the debian people, seriously. they are much more likely to have a better idea than i do.12:37
whallzhateball: damn, i dont know where to start from!12:38
k1l_Speiros: no. that is not correct. synaptic package manager was a total differen program with another focus than the software center12:38
ludk1l_ quite a lot really, can I provide a screenshot of the apt/history.log ?12:38
k1l_!paste | lud12:38
ubottulud: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:38
hateballwhallz: It's kinda hard for me also, since you had already been dabbling a bit before I got involved12:39
whallzis there a way to go back to ubuntu's default driver setup after i installed ubuntu last time?12:39
whallzi mean, the default installer config12:39
hateballwhallz: you can purge the nvidia driver12:39
ludk1l_ cannot paste, its in the vmware console. Here's the screenshots : http://imgur.com/a/1rHwL12:39
whallzi guess the installer detects my hardware and installs some driver and config ?12:39
whallzhateball: yeah but that leaves me in the limbo! lol12:40
whallzi need to restore all config involved12:40
whallzhateball: after purging nvidia, what should i do to restore config? i deleted xorg.conf12:41
k1l_lud: were there any errors when installing those updates? see the apt log12:41
Speirosk1l_ Yes, it had a totally different focus for sure.  The Software Centre came later.  Still, it seems you're right about Ubuntu mate.  Although self-governed as such, it is indeed funded and sourced by Canonical resources.12:42
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whallzXorg: help me out here! are you xserver-xorg ?12:42
whallzhow can i test xorg init if startx is a big no-no?12:43
whallzi want to tail -f the log and see what happens at boot12:44
ludk1l_ no errors in the logs, and no errors during the execution of the update12:44
k1l_lud: that sounds like a vmware issue to me12:44
hateballwhallz: that should be it, it should use intel by default I think. but I am not a pro at hybrid gpus12:45
k1l_lud: can you boot an older kernel in grub?12:45
ludk1l_ the issue is : the vm seems to be confined in her own network, she can only ping her own ip adress, and is not reachable even by other vms in the same subnet.12:45
ludk1l_ we tried booting older kernels, still the same issue :<12:46
SpeirosDarn, my mango froze...12:46
k1l_lud: is that a desktop or server install?12:47
ludk1l_ server install12:47
aciculai tried the package linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge to try out the 4.8 kernel on a 16.04.01 system, but after booting i just saw a cursor that froze at some point and the system didnt completely boot. No dmesg entries logged in kern.log either, any way to troubleshoot what is happening?12:48
mozammel last time I did restart my computer 6 hours ago. normally if I finish my work, I just put my computer in sleep mode.12:48
acicula(not looking to repair, trying to understand why the 4.8 kernel isnt working)12:49
=== ForgottenOne is now known as Mis-anthrope
k1l_lud: seems its a vmware and linux kernel issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/155009012:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1548587 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "duplicate for #1550090 Ubuntu VMWare guest won't show UI after upgrading to 4.2.0-30.35, 3.19.0-51.57, 3.16.0-62.82" [High,Fix released]12:50
SpeirosWhat is this "Max SendQ exceeded" about?12:51
=== linuxuser is now known as CrazyDuck
BluesKajHi folks12:52
k1l_Speiros: its a irc error when the client/user sends too many requests to the irc server and gets kicked because of that12:52
Speirosk1l_ I see.  Is it automatic?  As I saw someone earlier come in and go out just as fast.12:53
k1l_Speiros: its automatic. for more details you might want to ask in #freenode12:53
Speirosk1l_ Ok.12:54
ludk1l_ changing kernel does not work for our case :<12:55
sruliducasse: dont think they'll want to help with ubuntu update-manager gui...12:58
ducassesruli: no, but they might know about any hooks to apt that would suit your purpose, and that would get called no matter what language bindings are used.12:59
sruliducasse: it only gets weirder, when running apt or apt-get from command line it only works with hook apt-get-post-invoke.. (not apt-post-invoke) update-manager stopped calling the script13:01
sruliducasse: will go to #debain now13:02
ducassesruli: ok, good luck! you can also ask in #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-desktop how update-manager does it's thing, maybe they can think of something. sorry i can't help more.13:03
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nasobeytoashello! What are the implications of spreading a ZFS pool across multiple controllers? I have a PCI jbod card and the motherboard ports - if the card were to fail would it corrupt the whole RAID?13:08
CrazyDuckdebian or ubuntu for beginners? for school kids?13:10
cfhowlett!edubuntu | CrazyDuck,13:10
ubottuCrazyDuck,: Edubuntu is an Ubuntu derivative aimed at schools and educational institutions. For more info, see http://www.edubuntu.org13:10
CrazyDuckgreat. Thank you.13:11
whallzwhat are the possible issues for ubuntu not starting x? i get redirected to a login screen on tty1 instead of lightdm on xserver13:11
whallzservice lightdm seems to be active (exited)13:12
zokkohi guys! :)13:13
zokkohow can I successfully adjust /sys/module/be2net/parameters/rx_frag_size? I'm making changes to options be2net rx_frag_size=8192, and no effect :(13:14
yvaI'mworking with a clean 16.04 install on an xps13 but it freeze completely very often (couple of times a day). I tried changing the idle_state in grub and it didn't help. The new 4.7 kernel prevents the laptop from booting. Any ideas?13:18
cfhowlettyva, drop back to an older version.  14.04 is still supported13:18
yvaand if possible I'd rather keep the install I have. Maybe changing the kernel but I'm not sure why the new kernel prevent the machine from booting?13:20
cfhowlettyva, if this is the kabylake cpu, it might not be fully supported in the kernel.13:20
yvais that the cpu for the xps13 2016?13:21
cfhowlett!cpu | yva13:21
cfhowlettyva, depends on which model you bough13:22
cfhowlettyva, run lscpu in a termianl13:22
XtremeHello, can someone suggest me good and reliable anti-theft software?13:22
XtremeFor linux laptop. paid is fine.13:22
cfhowlettXtreme, prey13:23
yvacfhowlett, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23738832/13:23
Xtremecfhowlett, any other alternative?13:23
cfhowlettnot offhand Xtreme13:24
cainehello all13:24
hateballyva: you can use the kernel from yakkety if you like to try that13:24
hateballyva: found in linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge13:24
cainei am using caine forensic toolkit bro13:25
yvahateball, I tried this but couldn't get it to boot http://sourcedigit.com/19889-how-to-update-install-linux-kernel-4-7-rc3-on-ubuntu-16-04/13:25
cfhowlettXtreme, actually, your laptop may have some tracking functionality in the bios.13:25
Xtremecfhowlett, http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c0494621413:26
XtremeThis is my laptop13:26
cfhowlettXtreme, yeah, no i'm not reading all that.  contact HP to ask if you can enable tracking on that device at the hardware level13:27
Xtreme:) Fair enough.13:27
Xtremethank you13:27
cfhowlettand outstanding on the purchase!  how's it working for you?13:27
yvahateball, was it the kernell you were suggesting?13:27
Xtremecfhowlett, it had virus on it when i got it from hp. You must be knowing this virus. Named Windows 10.13:28
hateballyva: No, I suggested you use linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge13:28
hateballyva: not a particular mainline kernel advised on some random page13:28
XtremeChanged hdd to ssd, installed Linux and its pretty good.13:29
hateballyva: "apt show linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge" will tell you it is 4.813:29
whallzhello, im on tty1, lightdm didnt launch and i think xserver-xorg or a driver is broken13:29
whallzi removed all drivers and reinstalled intel drivers13:29
ikoniawhallz: re-installed the intel drivers ?13:30
ikoniahow ?13:30
ikoniaand how are you launching lightdm13:30
whallzi installed xserver-xorg-video-intel13:31
whallzalso xserver-xorg-core13:31
ikoniawhallz: why are you re-installing things ?13:31
yvahateball, indeed thanks. Should I install it manually (wget + dpkg) as described in the webpage or is there a better way?13:32
whallzikonia: im trying to restore default configuration13:32
whallzand default drivers13:32
ikoniawhy though ?13:32
ikoniawhat changed with yours13:32
whallzikonia: i was using nvidia 340, i wanted to try nouveau13:32
whallzand then all got messed up13:33
whallzi purged nouveau13:33
whallzthe i tried bumblebee which i later got told its deprecated13:33
whallzthen i installed nvidia-375 from ppa13:33
whallznow i purged all and tried reinstalling default intel drivers13:33
ikoniawhallz: so if you're using nvidia, why are you installing intel ?13:33
whallzbut still no success13:33
whallzits intel graphics + nvidia 820M13:34
whallzhybrid gpu13:34
whallznot sure how to proceed13:35
whallzis there a safe way of restoring everything just as ubuntu configured when i installed ubuntu the first time?13:36
yvahateball, is there a way to see if my cpu is the new one (kabylake)?13:36
whallzi mean ubuntu installer detected my hardware and installed some packages and configured xorg and stuff, right?13:36
whallzcan i make that happen again?13:36
yvahateball, my bad it is.13:37
ikoniawhallz: have you looked at the xorg13:37
ikoniawhallz: the xorg log sorry13:37
ikoniawhallz: how is lightdm getting started13:37
whallzikonia: im guessing the default way, i've never changed lightdm, just its greeter13:38
whallzlet me paste xorg log13:38
ludk1l_ it was a network related issue. The macaddress of the network cards got mixed up we had to force them in the /etc/network/interfaces file13:38
ikoniawhallz: perfect,13:38
ikoniawhallz: don't need to paste it13:38
hateballyva: you would install it using apt, as you always should13:38
ikoniawhallz: just look for the startup error13:38
hateballyva: that is sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge13:38
whallzikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2373888513:39
ikoniawhallz: look for the error13:39
cfhowlett!fr | slah13:39
ubottuslah: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:39
hateballyva: and if it fails to boot, hold left shift and pick an older kernel in grub menu and then remove linux-generic-hwe-16.04-edge if it isnt working13:39
whallzikonia: how does an error show up? i grep for "error" and nothing13:40
ikoniawhallz: actually look at the log13:40
ikoniawhallz: follow it through13:40
hateballwhallz: when I asked you, you said the xorg.log was empty13:40
slahjoin ubuntu fr13:40
hateballwhatever, ikonia is helping now13:40
whallzhateball: i said it didnt output anything when i executed 'startx' or restarted the lightdm service13:41
whallzyeah, thanks13:41
yvahateball, ok installed. I updated grub and will reboot and then we'll see13:41
=== anon is now known as Guest12040
yvahateball, yes that's how I did it last time then removed 4.7rc13:41
=== linuxuser is now known as CrazyDuck
CrazyDuckwhat is the best package to install windows only apps on ubuntu?13:43
cfhowlettbest OS for windows is windows.  2nd best, virtualbox +windows, 3rd, emulator such as wine.13:44
whallzikonia: i thought pasting my log so you could take a look, i dont quite understand whats happening here13:44
CrazyDuckhi, ikonia..13:44
whallzikonia: there are some EE13:44
whallzikonia: Failed to open DRM device for (null): -2213:45
CrazyDuckbest emulator?13:45
cfhowlett!wine | CrazyDuck13:45
ubottuCrazyDuck: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:45
CrazyDuckis wine the best available?13:45
whallzikonia: Screen 0 deleted because of no matching config section13:45
cfhowlettCrazyDuck, drop the idea of "best" from your vocabulary.13:45
whallzikonia: Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)13:46
CrazyDuckI mean, the most preferred or the most used.13:46
whallzsince i purged it13:46
cfhowlettwine is arguably the best SUPPORTED but there are other factors.13:46
whallzikonia: those are the actual errors on Xorg log13:46
cfhowlettno stats available CrazyDuck13:46
whallznow im not sure how to proceed13:46
CrazyDuckok. I understand.13:46
CrazyDuckwill use wine.13:47
=== _dv_ is now known as dv_
whallzikonia: i think its making a fallback since drm device cannot be opened13:50
ikoniawhallz: what device13:52
k_szehateball: yes, got it. :)13:52
k_szeThe version of python3.6 in the yakkety repo is version 3.6.0~b2-113:52
k_szeWhat does the "b2-1" mean?13:53
whallzikonia: dont know, it reads Failed to open Drm device for (null): -2213:53
ikoniawhallz: just grep EE from the log13:53
whallzyeah, thats one of the EE's13:54
whallzthe first one13:54
WildPenguinhello.. does Lubuntu consume less power than Ubuntu and hence help in longer battery life?13:54
ikoniawhallz: you need to look at them all13:54
WildPenguinDoes the DE chosen have any effect on this?13:55
ikoniaWildPenguin: not quite that black or white13:55
blackflowHello. I'm running Ubuntu 16.10, and I have Updates set to daily with "Display immediately" on both the security and other updates. I haven't seen any updates in weeks and when I ran apt-get update and upgrade on the command line, I see ton of updates available.13:55
ikoniaWildPenguin: it can have an impact13:55
whallzikonia: i just wrote them here13:55
ikoniawhallz: where ?13:55
WildPenguinis Lubuntu specifically meant for old computers? or is it preferred on the latest hardware also?13:56
whallzhere, 11mins ago13:56
cfhowlettWildPenguin, can be used on new hardware, is optimized for legacy hardware13:56
whallzikonia: isnt it faster if you take a look at my paste?13:57
ducasseWildPenguin: many who have modern hardware still want a light environment13:57
ikoniawhallz: I'm asking you to look at the errors,13:57
WildPenguinok. I like Lubuntu.13:57
ikoniawhallz: and asses what's happening13:57
whallzikonia: yeah, and thats not helpful at all13:57
whallzthanks though13:57
ikoniawhallz: why not ?13:57
ikoniawhallz: what do the errors tell you is going on ?13:57
whallzi dont understand those errors13:58
whallzdont know what drm is13:58
ikoniawhallz: ok, so pastebin the errors and lets take a look13:58
ikoniadrm probably isn't your problem13:58
whallzikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2373888513:58
WildPenguinI am using Lubuntu now. In Synaptic package manager, when I apply filter, I have an option "Missing Recommends". Shall I install those packages?13:59
ikoniawhallz: I just wanted the error14:00
=== www is now known as Guest33410
ikoniawhallz: here is your problem14:01
ikonia(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)14:01
ikoniawhallz: your config is set to use the nvidia module. the nvidia module doesn't exist14:01
whallzikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23739877 here's the grep for (EE)14:02
whallzikonia: how can you tell?14:02
Guest33410do you can help me14:03
ikoniawhallz: I read the log14:04
whallzikonia: so, just the errors is not really that useful14:04
ikoniawhallz: they show you the exact problem, as I've just shown you14:04
whallzok, so, trying to understand here: when i purge a package, some configuration may not be restored14:05
whallzwhy is nvidia still my autoconfigured driver 0 if i purged it ?14:05
ikonia whallz your xorg.conf is hardcoded to use the nvidia module - the nvidia module is not on your system/can't be loaded14:05
ikoniawhallz: there is your problem for you to resolve14:05
ikoniawhallz: because the package doesn't own the configuration file14:05
hateballwhallz: you created xorg.conf by running nvidia-xconfig earlier today14:06
whallzhateball: i removed it afterwards14:06
l0llip0pWildPenguin You don't need install those packages. They are recommended but not necesery for programs to work14:07
bgray16.04 - Startup Disk Creator is recognizing an ISO (Fedora-Workstation-Live), I select 'other', choose ISO and it doesn't show as a source disk image.14:07
hateballk_sze: mouse pointer issue solved?14:08
whallzalso, when i ran nvidia-xconfig it said that package xorg-server was not found14:08
JP___My fingers hurt from coding :(14:08
ducasseWildPenguin: recommended packages can add additional features to programs, so you might want to investigate which programs recommend them and what features they add.14:08
whallzJP___: switch to dvorak (?)14:09
JP___Lol, how does that help? :p14:10
=== www is now known as Guest85375
whallzJP___: they say its better, less stretching and movement, i haven't even bothered to try it14:11
JP___I just wrote allot of code today, not something i do regularly14:11
whallzikonia: so which file states which driver to use?14:11
whallzJP___: then its probably not worth it14:12
k_szehateball: yep, solved. Thanks for the help.14:12
JP___whallz: what is up with your problem anyway?14:13
JP___whallz: did you get anywhere?14:13
whallznot really14:13
JP___what are you trying to do?14:13
whallzwell, i got to learn some stuff, thats good14:13
whallzbut still not enough so i can tame this sucker14:14
=== xDie is now known as Guest31405
whallzim trying to restore default drivers and xorg+lightdm config14:14
whallzsince i lost my gui after trying to switch from nvidia to nouveau14:14
JP___Is it like a play around pc?14:15
JP___Or do you have valuable stuff on it?14:15
CocodudeDoes anyone here know how Ubuntu interacts with PulseAudio when there are multiple cards to do audio? From what I can tell, it only has one sink available, which changes depending on what playback device you've selected. I'm trying to create a combine device but can't, as the two sinks don't seem available at the same time.14:15
whallzvaluable customization and confs14:15
whallzexcept this one..14:16
JP___So you broke your login?14:16
whallzim trying to avoid a reinstall of ubuntu14:16
JP___That was gonna be my suggestion :p14:17
whallzjust to learn to tame drivers, xorg and stuff14:17
JP___That way everything is autoconfigured14:17
whallzyeah dont want that14:17
whallzit has to be doable bu hand!14:17
JP___it is14:18
whallzreboot time14:18
l0llip0pHi! How I start a program in ubuntu when I turn on the computer_14:18
JP___l0llip0p: what kind of program?14:18
l0llip0pJP___, thunderbird14:19
blacknred0l0llip0p: https://www.lifewire.com/ways-to-open-a-ubuntu-application-407552914:19
JP___in the top left you see the ubuntu logo, if you click on it you can type thunderbird in the search14:19
JP___Then click it14:19
whallzwell i finally got my gui back, reinstalled nvidia even though i wanted to try nouveau, but hey, im back and i have work to do so maybe some other time14:21
l0llip0pJP___, blacknred0 sry I didnt mean that :D14:21
JP___l0llip0p: What did you mean?14:21
whallzhateball, ikonia, JP___ : thanks guys14:21
blacknred0l0llip0p: yea, what do you mean?!14:21
l0llip0pthank you CountryNerd you answered to my question14:21
JP___Oh there we go14:21
JP___Whallz: any luck?14:21
JP___Oh nice14:22
JP___I got credit without doing anything XD14:22
wouwoop woop14:24
=== anderson is now known as Guest95013
blackflowThe updater app doesn't seem to be working, I haven't seen it in weeks, and the updates are configured to daily, display immediately. running apt-upgrade shows lots of updates. What could be wrong?14:40
Noruxdoes anybody have time for an error i get when i do "sudo apt-get update" or "sudo apt-get upgrade"? error message here: http://termbin.com/szap14:41
k1l_Norux: i dont see an error there14:41
Noruxk1l_: well i can't update, upgrade or install anything14:42
k1l_Norux: can you manually copy the output from terminal to paste.ubuntu.com ?14:42
soopblackflow: are you getting an error?14:43
Noruxk1l_: sorry i didn't check the output before pasting ^^ here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23739232/14:44
soopNorux: and if you do a apt-get dist-upgrade14:44
soopwell it says its ignoring a file you renamed, that's all14:44
Noruxsoop: i can't install stuff14:45
soopat least that's what I'd think from the error14:45
k1l_Norux: did you rename/copy/mv stuff there?14:45
soopok so if you do a "sudo apt-get install screen"14:45
soopwhat's the output14:45
Noruxk1l_: no.14:46
k1l_Norux: can you show a "ls -al /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ | nc termbin.com 9999" ?14:46
soopthen do a "sudo apt-get install -f"14:46
soopK1L: you can drive ;)14:46
Noruxk1l_: http://termbin.com/jg3a14:47
k1l_Norux: seems something made a backupfile of that file when creating a new one.  but apt doenst like the renaming sheme. i would suggest to move that file somewhere else or delete it. to delete it do"sudo rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades.ucf-old"14:49
soopis his current file broken though before deleting the original14:49
k1l_soop: no14:50
oniichancan you help me to fix ssh error14:50
soopjust move that file someplace else first ...14:50
k1l_soop: the error says clearly that apt doesnt like the .ucf-old naming since that is not a file-format14:50
soopmv /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unatttended-upgrads.ucf.old   ~\.14:50
Noruxsoop: failed to preserve ownership :D14:51
sruliducasse: you around? not much luck in other channels, weird thing is, it wasn’t the hook that made it work before, it was the wrapper "apt" and "apt-get" in /usr/local/bin if its not there it doesnt execute, why would running apt check to see it there is a copy of it in /usr/local/bin!!14:52
blackflowsoop: error where? no, I mean, the updates pop up, I haven't seen it in weeks14:53
soopk1l: I'm just a fan of preserving my default files JIC ;)14:54
soopblackflow: if you run the updates, it's all fine?14:54
k1l_soop: as you can see the change of that files was already in november14:54
soopgood point14:55
ubinstHello. Can I make the ubuntu installer (16.10, amd64, default desktop flavor) reuse an existing dmcrypt(lvm(root, home)) disk layout? The wording in the installer's partition configuration tool makes me think it will write new dmcrypt headers on the disk14:56
ubinstShould I unlock the disk myself before heading into the installer?14:56
ducassesruli: not sure what you mean, but /usr/local/bin is before /usr/bin in $PATH14:59
zach2825Hello and thank you in advanced, does anybody know where the configs are for what shows up in the notification area? I have an extra icon that does nothing up there but i can't remove it14:59
Menzador!info pastebin15:02
ubottuPackage pastebin does not exist in yakkety15:02
kk4ewtpastebinit ?15:03
kk4ewt!info pastebinit15:03
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (yakkety), package size 14 kB, installed size 156 kB15:03
kk4ewtMenzador, ^^15:04
Menzadorkk4ewt - I know. I wanted to cross-check a package from a derivative of Ubuntu. Thank you!15:05
blibI've  a machine behind a dynamic ip (comcast) - how can I get a name for the machine so that I can ssh from outside? )15:07
ducasseblib: look up "dynamic dns" and find someone that offers it free or paid.15:07
mcphailblib: you need to register with a dynamic dns service and use their software to keep the name updated15:08
_adbunless you're behind a nat15:08
soopblib: you'll also need to create a route via your router to that machine15:08
BromsklossHi! Does ticking "Turn off Secure Boot" during installation disable it permanently, or only during installation? If permanently, can't I just as well turn it off in BIOS?15:08
ducasseBromskloss: it only turns off the actual validation of kernel modules, not secure boot itself. software can't do that.15:09
blibsoop: mcphail: ducasse: Is there a script I can run on my home machine, that extracts the ip and updates the dns on namecheap?15:10
blibThat is all I need, right?15:10
Bromsklossducasse: Hmm, I thought the BIOS were going to ask me for that password  during boot.15:10
ducasseblib: a lot of routers have built-in support for a variety of ddns services.15:11
MenzadorBromskloss - I believe the installation option temporarily disables Secure Boot long enough for DKMS to install proprietary modules it needs. You may want to check in #ubuntu-devel , though, of you want a more definitive answer.15:11
soopblib: yes ... not sure about namecheap but I know dyndns etc support this ...15:11
ducasseMenzador: Bromskloss no, software cannot just disable sb - that would defeat the point of having it. it uses mokutil to tell the shim not to verify kernel modules so dkms works.15:12
blibubuntu ddclient perhaps?15:12
MenzadorThanks for the enlightenment, ducasse15:12
ducasseMenzador: np :)15:13
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WildPenguinhi guys, I have been using Linux for the last few weeks. Recently switched to Linux from Windows. Installed a lightweight distro on my old laptop which I would have had to throw into the junkyard if not for Linux.15:13
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WildPenguinCan't express how happy I am with the stability that Linux provides.15:14
WildPenguinNever felt this stability on Windows.15:14
MenzadorWildPenguin - That's cool. If you don't have a technical issue, we have #ubuntu-offtopic , and for Ubuntu-related discussion, we have #ubuntu-discuss15:14
WildPenguinwas using WinXp to be precis.15:15
WildPenguinJust want to say thanks for the community for the help.15:15
Bromsklossducasse: I might have misunderstood things, but in any case, I don't see it as Secure Boot being disabled by software if I have to tell the BIOS a password during boot. I thought I did that precisely _because_ software cannot disable Secure Boot.15:16
BromsklossMenzador: Thanks.15:16
ducasseBromskloss: a bios password has nothing to do with secure boot itself, it is a separate bios feature.15:18
TaunkaHello peeps! Where can I donwload a live image for Ubuntu touch?15:18
ducasse!touch | Taunka15:18
ubottuTaunka: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:19
JP___Any SBC that can run ubuntu without any problems?15:19
oniichanuvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem osas15:20
ubinstI found this question http://askubuntu.com/questions/853078/reinstall-to-existing-encrypted-partitions that is relevant to my issue described earlier, but it doesn't seem to have any answers. :(15:20
JP___Like running a qt gui and still manage databases and stuff15:20
TaunkaNo live image then for ubuntu touch, ducasse ?15:21
ducasseTaunka: i have no idea, sorry, you need to ask the touch crowd.15:23
ducasseJP___: the most widely used is the rpi by far, but you could ask in #ubuntu-arm for other ideas15:23
Bromsklossducasse: So, what part of the system is it that receives the password I enter? I thought it was the BIOS (to tell it that I indeed wanted to disable Secure Boot, temporarily or permanently), but I guess that might not be true then.15:23
jilocasin0morning everyone15:24
jilocasin0Does anyone know how to remove old kernals from the (full) boot partition?  apt-get purge doesn't work because it's stuck in an unmet dependencies loop.15:25
nicomachusJP___: I just installed Ubuntu MATE on an rpi3 last night. works great.15:26
ducasseBromskloss: some systems require you to set a bios password in order to access the secure boot settings, that might be the source of the confusion. the bios asking a password has no direct connection to secure boot itself.15:26
ducasseBromskloss: check this, it has a fairly good explanation of what sb is and how it works without being bogged down in technical details: http://www.rodsbooks.com/efi-bootloaders/secureboot.html15:27
Bromsklossducasse: OK. It's unfortunate that it is referred to as "Turn off Secure Boot" during installation.15:27
ducasseBromskloss: yes, it should say 'turn off secure boot validation'15:27
fenecoikonia: after all was  a google problem15:28
jilocasin0Does anyone know how to remove old kernals from the (full) boot partition?  apt-get purge doesn't work because it's stuck in an unmet dependencies loop.15:28
fenecoand I reinstalled the os for nothing15:29
Bromsklossducasse: Does it even have anything to do with Secure Boot? If it's not the BIOS that performs the validation, couldn't such a validation take place even on a system without Secure Boot?15:29
akikBromskloss: for me it was also a bit weird experience that the nvidia driver asks to disable the secure boot but if i say no, the driver still works15:29
storiaChat /server irc.tiscali.it15:31
gajuswhen working with Ubuntu docker image, there is something odd with my terminal15:31
Bromsklossducasse: In any case, my concrete questions are: (0) Do I need to remember or protect my password after the installation? (1) How do I know what drivers will and will not be possible to use if I do not disable validation? (2) Can I change my mind and install third-party drivers later, after installation?15:31
gajusit is as if the maximum length of the line is ~160 columns15:31
gajusand everything within is scrolled15:31
gajuswhat kind of setting is this?15:31
Bromsklossakik: That's odd. I feel the whole thing is a mystery step of the installation procedure.15:32
ducasseBromskloss: yes, it does. secure boot is used to validate the shim that loads grub, which loads the kernel. the validation is preserved throughout this chain. what that setting does is tell the shim "don't bother".15:32
sruliducasse: how can i do an strace? on #ubuntu-devel someone told me that on their machine the hook is working, i want to do an strace on my machine to see why its not working15:32
ducassesruli: 'strace name-of-binary'. there are tons of options, you'd want to check the man page. you'd most likely want at least '-o filename' to save the output.15:34
theoceaniscoolrouting problem, by some reason something deletes my routes after some time, even if I'm using them. Anyone willing to help?15:34
Bromsklossducasse: Right. So I take it that the shim validating stuff wouldn't be of any use if it wasn't itself validated by the hardware.15:34
ducasseBromskloss: right.15:34
jgcampbell300anyone here know why my VM says "agpgart: Unsupported intel chipset (device id: 1237)15:36
user07510312does wine related question belong here?15:37
jgcampbell300user07510312, im sure someone will tell you if it shouldnt go here just ask15:38
ducasseuser07510312: it might be better to try #winehq for detailed stuff15:39
user07510312okay, going to ask in winehq. it's a program specific problem15:40
mcphailblib: ddclient works for several hosts. I have a name registered with mythic-beasts, and can update my ip with a cron-job curl request15:42
Bromsklossducasse: Do I need to remember or protect the password even after installation?15:43
ducasseBromskloss: which password? bios password, encryption password, user password...?15:51
ijDoes cron intentionally remove all the environment it was started with?15:52
mcphailij: almost. Read "man 5 crontab"15:54
Bromsklossducasse: The password that the Ubuntu installation process asks me to choose (and later enter) for the purpose of "turning off Secure Boot".15:55
PCatineanhey guys15:58
PCatineanI made a script that installs all the basic software I need when running ubuntu for the first time15:58
sruliducasse: i rebooted and it seems the hook works, there nust have been some apt stuff running in the background which meant apt didn’t reload the config (i checked ps for update-manager, that wasnt there) as there is no equivalent of apt-upgrade-post-invoke, and for some reason gui updater calls the script 3 times i will need to 1. touch a tmp file first time its run and each time it runs exit if it already exists, 2. call the script with & and wait for /var/l15:59
PCatineanI wans now to have my .ssh folder transfered to the new ubuntu instance15:59
PCatineanSo I have the same hosts and same passphrase etc on the new host15:59
PCatineanand i'm not forced to re-add the new key to all my remote hosts15:59
usuario__How can i reinstall my sound card driver in ubuntu 1415:59
PCatineanHow can I do that safely and securely with a bash script?15:59
dStructusuario__: it's more of a kernel module, what's going on with it?16:00
dStructPCatinean: have you seen Docker?16:01
WildPenguinhello, I needed Opera browser. I downloaded the package from its website. Is it safe to install that?16:01
usuario__dStruct: in the sound configuration display dummy output all the time16:01
ducasseBromskloss: keep track of it, in case you want to turn it back on later. that is done with 'mokutil --enrolled-validation'16:01
usuario__i dont know what else do to fix the sound16:02
dStructusuario__: that could be a number of things, if you're missing your sound output device in that preferences list you may need to adjust some things, has your sound worked previously?16:02
Bromsklossducasse: OK, so it's not possible to set a new one later (without knowing the old one)?16:02
xXEoflaOEXxWildPenguin, If it is from the official website, and if it is real, install it16:02
WildPenguinok. It's from the official website only.16:03
usuario__dStruct: Yes, it work perfectly, but later, i dont know why, put dummy output16:03
dStructusuario__: did you do an software update perhaps?16:03
usuario__dStruct: it worked***16:03
xXEoflaOEXxWildPenguin, It is safe to install it16:03
mcphailWildPenguin: only genuine Ubuntu packages are supported here. We cannot tell you how safe the foreign package may be16:04
usuario__dStruct: No, i dont have an update available16:04
WildPenguinmcphail, it is from the official website of Opera.16:04
ducasseBromskloss: i wouldn't think so, no. i've never had reason to play much with mokutil, since my personal machine has secure boot disabled anyway.16:05
dStructusuario__: what I mean is, could you have done an update that caused the sound to stop working, I'm trying to understand why it would just stop, something had to have changed16:05
Bromsklossducasse: Thanks a lot!16:05
mcphailWildPenguin: yep. That doesn't tell you if it is safe, install conflicting libraries or anything else16:05
usuario__dStruct: yes, soe changed, maybe another package broke that16:05
WildPenguinI just installed it.16:06
usuario__dStruct: I tried some solutions, but there is no result16:06
usuario__dStruct: I tried to reinstall alsa. in the console always appear this: No soundcard driver found16:07
soopWildPenguin: why did you "need" opera? *ponder*16:07
dStructusuario__: it's probably more likely one of the sound packages was broken after the update, well if you have no new updates and you're running the latest version, I would recommend checking google or the Ubuntu support forums to see if you find any bugs or issues out there, there are lots of little tricks out there you can try to revive your sound, the kernel module itself is probably fine16:07
dStructusuario__: it may be that it's no longer associating a valid kernel module/driver with your sound device for whatever reason16:08
WildPenguinsoop, I found it faster on my android tablet.16:08
usuario__dStruct: mmm, kernel problems so...16:08
WildPenguinwanted to use it here also.16:08
WildPenguinIt's working.16:08
dStructusuario__: you may try googling something like ubuntu update no sound, or be specific with your hardware brand/model16:09
ningai am new to irc what is this16:09
ningais there somebody to help me16:09
nicomachusninga: join the #freenode channel and they can tell you about it. just type "/join #freenode" without the quotes16:09
usuario__dStruct: can result an update to ubuntu 16 ?16:10
Picininga: This is the official Ubuntu support channel.16:10
GivenToCodeHi, I'm trying to understand the ubuntu kernel management. We have a server running ubuntu 12.04 with a kernel 3.2.0-75-virtual #110 from Dec 16 2014. Kernel 3.2 was released sometime in early 2012. The kernel on the server seems to have a change from a commit that came in early 201316:12
GivenToCodeHow can i trace the commit to the kernel I am running?16:13
blackflowsoop: yes, it's just that the updater pop up doesn't appear any more.16:14
NOVAtechiesninga, what is your question?16:14
bennabiyCan anyone help me with ldap login? I had it working fine, but recently an update caused it to hang while booting. I researched the matter and found libnss-ldap to be the culprit, and replaced it with libnss-ldapd, but now my computer boots but I am unable to log in. The users show in the list, but lightdm just kicks me back to login16:16
soopblackflow: sudo apt-get install -f ?16:19
soopi'd start there16:19
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z1hazewhat does it mean if when i try to create a symlink i get failed to create, protocol error?16:22
blackflowsoop: no pending updates16:23
blackflow(or broken installations to resume)16:23
blackflowthre's no visible error, just the popup missing16:23
z1hazeim attempting ln -s /path/to/source /path/to/destination ?16:23
pavlosz1haze, can you write to the destination?16:28
z1hazeyea but tried with sudo as well16:28
akikz1haze: the last thing on the command line would be the symbolic link that is created16:29
z1hazeoh i may have forgotten the last segment16:29
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farmerI have the following problem: packages A - ver 1  & B -ver 1  are installed on a system. Package A contains file X. The file X moves out of package A to package B in version 2 of both packages. When trying to update B - ver 2 it complains it is trying to overwrite X which belongs to A. How to bring this about?16:33
naccfarmer: update A first?16:38
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pavlosz1haze, sudo ln -s /bin/ls /root/bob creates a symlink named /root/bob -> /bin/ls16:39
wiakhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23739743/ <- question16:40
nsklaushi there16:42
z1hazepavlos, i dunno what isnt working correctly then16:42
nsklausdpkg -L python3-pip | grep pip.conf  <-- return nothing, is it normal pip.conf isn't packaged on ubuntu ?16:42
z1hazeam i clearly screwing sometyhing up here? ln -s /home/vagrant/projects/oblivion-networks-forum/ /home/vagrant/projects/oblivion-networks/public/forum getting protocol error16:43
naccwiak: there is no question there?16:43
z1hazeim trying to access the oblivion-networks-forum when navigating to /public/forum in the other directory16:43
naccnsklaus: is it perhaps generated at runtime?16:43
naccnsklaus: but yes, no package ships a pip.conf16:44
nsklausi can tell it is not generated at runtime either16:44
nsklausso now i need a template pip.conf16:44
nsklausto create the file myself. i wonder if this is expected of users or if it's a mistake ?16:45
naccnsklaus: why do you need the file?16:45
Picinsklaus: the pip documentation makes it pretty clear how to create your own.16:46
z1hazei figured it out, kinda.16:46
pavlosz1haze, the first arg has oblivion-networks-forum/ the second has oblivion-networks/ do they exist under projects/16:46
z1hazeim on homestead/windows and it doesnt work through that16:46
nsklausPici,  pip list complain about changes, some deprecated default behavior that need to be specified in pip.conf16:46
naccnsklaus: https://pip.pypa.io/en/latest/user_guide/#config-file presumably?16:47
nsklausnacc,  thanks for the link, but there's no full file template, just bits and bobs16:48
Picinsklaus: but it explains how to create your own file. "The names of the settings are derived from the long command line option..."16:48
nsklausi tryed to make pip.conf myself out of tha, but did not succeed. apparently a specific format is required16:49
nsklausit's a packaging problem that need to be reported maybe ?16:49
Picinsklaus: I personally would disagree, but you are free to log your own bug for it.  In the meantime, you may want to ask #pypa (the channel for pip) about their configuration file syntax.16:51
nsklausPici, thanks for telling about #pypa16:52
PCatineandStruct, yeah I was just working with it, but I wanted to make a script for my own machine17:19
PCatineannot a container17:20
unimousei have one question. Sorry, help me?17:20
dStructPCatinean: gotcha, well are you wanting to push it from a central place, you could always do it via SSH?17:20
darklight_I've recently installed ubuntu on my xps13 using a dell recovery image however the touchpad does not work at all, it works fine during the install and in the bios so I can rule out an hw issue. Dmesg and Xorg logs seem ok too (https://paste.ubuntu.com/23739851/). I'm not quite sure what's wrong with it17:20
dStructunimouse: it's always best to just ask :D17:21
PCatineandStruct, it's about installing my def software, like chromium, spotify, skypeforlinux, add .ssh keys and all available when I boot my computer17:21
dStructPCatinean: have you seen how OpenStack pushes stuff like that on remote machines, it's really interesting and may be related/usable for this17:22
unimousehey dest17:24
unimouseI declare the variable $ HOME and alternate ~ to test it in a script. In promp runs the variable perfectly but in the path does not work. Because i can solve it?17:24
unimouseI declare the variable $ HOME and alternate ~ to test it in a script. In promp runs the variable perfectly but in the path does not work. Because i can solve it17:24
ekaanyone knows why my xscreensaver would not suspend even when configured to17:25
ducasseeka: check with 'xset q'17:25
unimouseBecause the files of the application controls do not work well. That's why he does not answer your orders, what subversion do you use?17:27
ekaducasse: it's on 360 but it doesn't suspend :( if I do by hand pm-suspend it works17:27
ducasseeka: oh, you meant the machine? i thought you meant the monitor, sorry.17:28
unimouseyes eka17:28
unimouseBecause the files of the application controls do not work well. That's why he does not answer your orders, what subversion do you use?17:28
ekaducasse: yes the monitor will do it17:28
unimouseyou use original ubuntu17:28
ekaunimouse: what subversion has to do with it?17:29
ekaah ubuntu subversion? I'm using xubuntu17:29
soopAnyone know of a way to block kanji with spamassassin?17:30
ekaI mean.. with suspending the monitor I'm happy17:30
unimousedstructor you are here?17:32
unimousealguien habla español17:33
unimousemesmo portugués17:33
dStructunimouse: I'm doing a few things, but I'm here more or less17:33
unimouseI declare the variable $ HOME and alternate ~ to test it in a script. In promp runs the variable perfectly but in the path does not work. Because i can solve it17:34
dStructunimouse: I don't know the answer to that, sorry17:34
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dStructunimouse: if you're talking about a bash script variables can act differently within a script depending on how you call them17:35
unimouseand to solution?17:35
unimousei am fucked17:35
pavlosunimouse, can you pastebin the script17:35
sruliunimouse: the translator you are using isnt doing you any favours. maybe post the script to paste.ubuntu.com so someone can take a look17:35
unimousemmm... cd $HOME/Desktop.... cd /$HOME... cd //$HOME17:37
unimouseNOT found in the scrip17:37
pavlosunimouse, echo $HOME17:38
unimousesomeone helpme?17:38
ducasseunimouse: please don't swear, keep to the !guidelines17:39
unimouseOnly works in bash17:39
unimousepavlos in path not found17:39
dStructunimouse: do you know about ~ ?17:39
dStructunimouse: cd ~ for example17:40
unimouseyes and is identic17:41
zamanfany way to handle iphone's music with ubuntu?17:41
unimousegood in bash and bad in path17:41
dStructunimouse: I would do as sruli suggested and paste your script to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and provide us a link17:42
pavlosunimouse, BOB=/home/unimouse;echo $BOB; cd $BOB/Desktop; pwd (should give /home/unimouse/Desktop17:43
unimousex sh ... cd ~, /~,//~,17:45
ducasse!iphone | zamanf17:45
ubottuzamanf: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod17:45
unimouseand cd "~," "/~,"/""/~,"17:45
unimouseand cd '~', '/~','//~',17:45
zamanfthank you17:46
sruliunimouse: do you run the script with sudo or logged in as root?17:47
unimousewith sudo, ksudo17:47
funkyheadgirlHow do I install pipelight? Ubuntu 16.0417:48
xXEoflaOEXxMy problem with GNOME re-appeared that when I open any apps , and close it, the background appears black, sometimes it logs me out, sometimes the GNOME desktop appeared! If I reproduce this bug several times I am able to use it normally without crashes.17:48
Laurencebcan anyone help me ssh between two machines?17:48
sruliunimouse: i dont know ksudo, does it work when called with sudo?17:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:48
LaurencebI'm trying ssh with the -vv option17:48
dStructunimouse: I would recommend you read up on shell scripting, for example doing cd "~" or cd '~' would not work, as pavlos pointed out his example works, if it's not working for you something is not right17:49
Laurenceblets call my machines 1 and 217:49
Menzadorsruli , unimouse - kdesudo ?17:49
Laurenceb1->2 gives no response17:49
ducassefunkyheadgirl: http://askubuntu.com/questions/760898/cant-install-pipelight-ubuntu-16-0417:49
Laurenceb2->1 fails as only key is accepted17:49
sruliLaurenceb: please put your question into a 1 liner17:49
Laurencebif I could just do 1->2 I would be happy, but its dead for some reason, I'm a n00b and don't know how to debug it17:50
unimouseI also tried on several different physical issues For if it was kernel security the bug and I do not understand why I do not get it17:50
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:50
ducasseLaurenceb: ok, is sshd installed and running on 2?17:50
xXEoflaOEXxAnd the second part of the problem is that when I go to Activities, it does not show up the minimized window during this problem, but it does after this problem disappeared.17:50
RonaldsMazitishello, I installed NFSMW on ubuntu 16.04 using wine17:50
Laurencebducasse: yes, 100% sure17:50
RonaldsMazitisanybody knows how to fix camera flipping upside down17:50
RonaldsMazitison speeeding17:50
MenzadorRonaldsMazitis - use #winehq for Wine app support17:50
k1l_!wine | RonaldsMazitis17:51
ubottuRonaldsMazitis: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu17:51
ducasseLaurenceb: verify with 'netstat -tulpn | grep \:22'17:51
MenzadorRonaldsMazitis - and use #playonlinux if it was installed using PlayOnLinux17:51
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k1l_RonaldsMazitis: wine issues are best worked on with the wine guys. take a look at the wine database first if there is already a fix17:51
unimousei go see, tx17:51
RonaldsMazitisno fix in wine database17:51
Laurencebducasse: http://pastie.org/1098783917:52
pavlosLaurenceb, test is machine2 responds to ssh ... nc -zv IPofmachine2 2217:52
xXEoflaOEXxI noticed that gnome-shell is using too much memory, like 145.8 MB.17:52
unimouseyeah, but i not defined var, i got var of environment17:53
xanguaxXEoflaOEXx: is it using too much CPU?17:53
Laurencebpavlos: no response17:54
Laurencebpavlos: response from localhost tho17:54
xXEoflaOEXxNo, it is using less on CPU17:54
unimouseIf it is already environment variable I have to redefine it in my path?17:54
pavlosLaurenceb, hmmm ... so sshd is not running on m217:54
Laurencebah ok17:54
pavlosLaurenceb, ducasse asked that and you said 100% yes17:55
Laurencebheh sorry17:55
Laurenceb* Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server sshd                                    Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key17:55
LaurencebCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key17:55
xXEoflaOEXxxangua, No, It is using less CPU from little to no amount.17:55
xanguaxXEoflaOEXx: I guess there's nothing wrong then17:56
unimousedstructor Pavlov defined one var, i get to var enviorement and not found17:56
unimousethis exeple is bad17:56
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unimouseIn the place of the writing in the terminal I only want to launch it from a file and it does not work, I do not understand it. Can not you help me because nobody understands?17:58
xXEoflaOEXxxangua, yes, nothing wrong but when I restart, shutdown, logout, etc., and I login, it will either show me the GNOME desktop, or it logs me out immediately with some undecorated window saying about System program problem detected. When I open any apps after GNOME Desktop showed, it went to black screen, and it either crashes to login screen or it shows me GNOME Desktop again.17:58
pavlosLaurenceb, can you try ssh-keygen -A to regenerate keys?17:59
xanguaxXEoflaOEXx: oh, what Ubuntu release? Using PPAs?17:59
xXEoflaOEXxxangua, Ubuntu 16.10, and there are no ppas.18:00
unimousexXXx you reinstall18:00
xXEoflaOEXxunimouse, I reinstalled only gnome package using sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome18:01
Laurencebssh-keygen: illegal option -- A18:01
unimousexXXx you using ubun?18:02
pavlosLaurenceb, the option is minus upper A18:03
unimousexXXx you apt-get download gnome and hour the reinstall use gDEbi that informe the dependencies18:03
xXEoflaOEXxunimouse, now my electricity is cut, so I will try it on the other time.18:04
pavlosLaurenceb, I'm on 16.04 and do not get error ... ssh-keygen -A18:04
Laurencebpavlos: no matter, I got it to work with sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server18:04
pavlosLaurenceb, ok18:05
Laurencebwell - fixed the error message when I restart sshd18:05
Laurencebbut its still broken18:05
Laurencebsudo restart ssh18:05
Laurencebssh start/running, process 1740618:05
Laurencebdebug1: Connecting to <my_ip>18:05
unimousexXXx Try now and say the dependencies, install them alone. In principle is that you have all dependencies unfulfilled.18:05
Laurencebpavlos: then nothing18:06
xXEoflaOEXxunimouse, I cannot turn on the laptop because of my electricity cut18:06
unimousexXXx When you use the terminal look at the dependencies and libraries to satisfy18:06
xXEoflaOEXxunimouse, ok18:07
pavlosLaurenceb, so m2 has a fresh sshd running, you try to connect from m1 and get nothing? is there a firewall blocking port 22 on m2?18:07
unimouseyou already probe?18:07
Laurencebpavlos: no firewall, same issue from machine 118:07
xXEoflaOEXxunimouse, what do you mean?18:07
pavlosLaurenceb, if both m1, m2 are running ssh, please verify using the nc I wrote above. You should get succeeds m1->m2 or m2->m118:09
unimouseHave you tried reinstalling? It's just open and the program tells you everything that is incomplete. It's for browsing, since I told you ...18:09
Laurencebpavlos: I need some food, thanks for help, bbl18:09
pavlosLaurenceb, ok18:09
xXEoflaOEXxunimouse, I reinstalled gnome last few days18:11
unimouseYou know the ofsec and anonymous chat for my question?18:11
unimouseOr similar, same as redhat ?18:12
xXEoflaOEXxunimouse, no18:13
pavlosunimouse, you can try #bash for help18:14
unimousesomeone the canonical or ubuntu on this chat?18:16
unimousepavlos:  I need it to create user-friendly portable executables. Can you give me a solution?18:18
unimousehi mikelever, you helpme please?18:20
pavlosunimouse, not sure I understand what you want to do ...18:21
arooniwhere do i adjust settings in ubuntu to change frequency that it locks the screen?18:21
CommonCentsHas anyone on here ever set up two monitors/two video cards on xubuntu?18:22
wilsom_Hello anyone could or could help me with my local my system?18:22
CommonCentswilsom_:  What is your issue?18:23
CommonCentsarooni:   What flavor of ubuntu are you running?  Xubuntu? Kubuntu? other?18:23
unimouseA portable executable. So in the system that is not affected by links and do not retouch programs. Got it? / Home / my user / home / you user ..... var HOME and perfect18:24
CommonCentsunimouse, are you trying to make a bootable USB stick that you can use to boot up Ubuntu, but leave nothing on the PC you are using when you shut down?18:25
wilsom_CommonCents: You will see the problem is that I have two variables in my configuration file but I do not think that is the problem, the thing is that I would like to leave my system in Spanish in Spain but there is no way despite having been following the manual at the bottom of the letter.18:25
unimousewell change18:26
unimouseplease, one doctor please :,(18:27
wilsom_hola bendroide18:28
arooniCommonCents: ubuntu 16.0418:28
wilsom_bendroide: hola18:29
wilsom_unimouse: hola18:30
unimouseeste chat es oficial de ubuntu?18:30
wilsom_unimouse: hablas español?18:30
Pici!es | wilsom_18:30
ubottuwilsom_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:30
unimousey portuges y frances18:30
wilsom_unimouse: sabes algo de gentoo?18:30
unimousees un sistema joven18:31
unimouselo creo hace años uno que usaba ubunto 8.x creo18:31
zhenyaчто такое18:32
zhenyaчто такое nexchat и как им пользоваться18:33
CommonCentsarooni, it will be in your settings somewhere.  Either "lock" or "Brightness and Lock" or maybe screensaver settings18:34
pavlos!ru | zhenya18:34
ubottuzhenya: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:34
CommonCentsI run XFCE4, xubuntu, so I'm not sure where it is in the latest 16.04 Gnome/Unity based release.18:34
wilsom_unimouse: estoy en su privado ya que aqui parece ser que no se permite español18:34
unimousekhenya: Английский, пожалуйста, хватает переводчик18:35
kaladinHas anyone gotten Ubuntu 16.04 working on an Acer laptop?18:36
BluesKaj!es | wilsom_18:36
ubottuwilsom_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:36
k1l_kaladin: i bet someone has it working on some acer laptop :)  if you describe your real issue people could try to help18:36
kaladin@ouroumov where to start lol18:37
unimousei use 16 but recomd you used 14.x18:37
kaladinThat was what I was thinking18:37
kaladinI first had issues causing me to get a black screen with cursor18:37
kaladinmessed with some stuff18:37
kaladinthen couldnt boot18:37
k1l_there is no need to recomment 14.0418:37
kaladindid some troubleshooting with grub and bios18:37
ducasseCommonCents: can't either of the two gpus support two screens by itself?18:37
kaladinreinstalled again18:37
kaladinthen did a few other things18:37
kaladinreinstalled about 5 more times with differences18:37
k1l_and 14.10 is out of support long time already. so that should not be used anyway18:37
kaladinwifi isn't working18:37
kaladinbasically I butchered it all18:38
kaladinI have a liveUSB I have been using18:38
kaladinbut not sure if when I go into the liveUSB if I am making modifications to my Ubuntu install or the USB or both18:38
xanguakaladin: we can not know what "messed with some stuff" and "a few things" is18:38
kaladinSo one of the things was that I did the boot repair18:39
kaladinand got this paste18:39
kaladinI followed the recommended setting, went through terminal to do what it said and completed18:39
unimousekaladin: you live usb is buy or mount?18:40
kaladinI am not sure I understand unimouse18:40
kaladinLike first I did the install18:40
kaladinthen I went to try ubuntu without installing18:40
kaladinI never did the mount /mnt/sdb18:41
kaladinmount /dev/sdb /mnt*18:41
kaladinI confused myself a lot with this18:41
kaladinIt seems something I did messed up my network connection18:41
kaladinso I cannot get boot-repair or network-manager to try18:41
unimousewitn cd the install ubuntu18:43
kaladinI also did an rxkill list and it showed I was softblocked from wifi18:43
kaladinI will start with install now fresh18:44
wafflejockkaladin, think you mean rfkill?18:44
kaladinyes typo18:44
unimousehola, etais aún aquí?18:44
EriC^^!es | unimouse18:45
ubottuunimouse: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:45
wafflejockkaladin, yeah can try to use rfkill to set the enable to true or check for any hardware switches or function key switches but otherwise would probably reinstall if things are botched and it's a new install anyway18:45
kaladinnot sure why I cannot connect to any WiFi in new install or anything though18:45
kaladinthat was why I wasn't sure if i Mess up my liveUSB when I tried editing18:45
unimousejusto busco personal de ubuntu. Vosotros sois de ubuntu?18:47
wafflejockkaladin, does the wifi work in the live usb?  typically from what I gather when you do the install on the system the system will get fresh configs from the deb installers regardless of what config has been changed on the USB but doesn't hurt to make a fresh one and verify the checksum on the file and the disk if you can just to be sure everything is in order18:47
wafflejockwhen you install Ubuntu* on the system18:47
k1l_unimouse: this channel is english only. you have been asked to write in english in here and were directed to other channels already.18:47
kaladinIt is not working on the live function18:47
kaladindoes the checksum change if I made any alterations?18:48
nacckaladin: if your system is soft blocking (rfkill) the wifi, it won't work, you'll need to use rfkill to try and unblock it as wafflejock said18:48
unimouseI look for ubuntu staff for an incident, a fatal error that I do not understand. You, you're from ubuntu?18:48
k1l_!bug | unimouse18:49
ubottuunimouse: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:49
naccunimouse: there is no such thing as 'ubuntu staff', I don't think in the way you mean18:49
kaladinI tried doing sudo rfkill unblock wlan and it changed back18:49
nacckaladin: changed back to what?18:49
kaladinbut then it still wasnt working18:49
wafflejockkaladin, yeah not sure if it was you, but saw someone in here had this problem I think in the last week but not sure if it got resolved18:49
nacc!who | kaladin18:49
ubottukaladin: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:49
james\join #beans18:49
=== james is now known as Guest68073
kaladin!ubottu Sorry about that18:49
ubottukaladin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:49
kaladinwafflejock: I am on liveUSB now trying to look at it18:50
kaladinunder rfkill list everything is set to no18:50
unimousesi hago cd /~/Desktop desde un archivo .sh porque no funciona?18:50
unimouseIf I make cd / ~ / Desktop from a .sh file because it does not work?18:51
kaladinwafflejock: when I go to the network thing on the top it says Wi-Fi Networks as normal but underneath says device not ready18:51
naccunimouse: i am having a hard time understanding what you mean. You tried to `cd ~/Desktop` in a .sh file?18:51
k1l_unimouse: as what user is that script run?18:51
unimouseturista: ...18:52
naccunimouse: `cd /~/Desktop` is nonsensical, afaict.18:52
wafflejockkaladin, not sure, you can try iwconfig to see the wireless interface in the terminal and iwlist wlan0 scanning should show available networks18:52
k1l_unimouse: and /~/ is not working anyway. just ~/Desktop18:53
wafflejockkaladin, seems like if the network manager and gui parts can't get the list though not sure those commands will get you anything either18:53
unimousetu si que eres nonsensical18:53
turistaI came up with a trouble in the system either18:53
turistatambién hablo español, cómo lo supo18:53
naccunimouse: English only, yu've been told multiple times18:53
unimousenacc chupame el pito18:53
pavlosunimouse, cd ~/Desktop is proper18:53
* nacc stops trying to help.18:53
k1l_unimouse: if you are not interested in getting proper help and sticking to the guidelines please dont misuse this channel. thanks18:54
kaladinwafflejock: I tried iwconfig I got  the wlp2s0 which is what wlan0 was renamed to18:54
MichaelP16.04 How do i blacklist radeon ?18:54
kaladinMode:Managed Access Point: Not-Associated18:54
wafflejockkaladin, ah okay yeah try to run iwlist wlp2s0 scanning, see if it lists networks18:54
k1l_MichaelP: usually you dont do that. what is the issue?18:54
unimousepavlos tanks. But not found18:54
pavlosunimouse, so Desktop directory is not there?18:55
MichaelPk1l_: after installing amdgpu-pro.... I just get a black screen after booting18:55
kaladinwafflejock: it is just saying iwlist: unknown command 'wlp2s0' (check 'iwlist --help')18:55
turistaunimouse should type in the terminal: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:56
k1l_MichaelP: is your video card supported by amdgpu pro?18:56
pavlosunimouse, there should be a /home/unimouse/Desktop directory18:56
user_hello good evening18:56
wafflejockkaladin, hmm perhaps I have different version of iwlist here or something just type iwlist to see the command format18:56
unimousenacc suck me idiot18:56
k1l_MichaelP: usually, amd_gpu should handle the radeon install itself18:56
MichaelPk1l_: works in opensuse18:56
ducasseMichaelP: add 'blacklist radeon' to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, for example18:56
turistabtw I've a big question ppl18:56
kaladinwafflejock: I did iwlist wlp2s0 scanning and I get Failed to read scan data : Network is down18:57
turistawhy the volume is low and I can't move it forward18:57
user_I have a question, everytime i wanna listen music in Ubuntu with vlc or whatever till now my pc is frozing without listening to music now i'm constant online hours with a lot things on the screen.18:57
ducasseunimouse: please behave politely or leave.18:57
MichaelPby the way... ubuntu web sites get this site can not be reached18:57
turistauser_ did you try with antoher app?¿18:58
turistalike kplayer or mplayer18:58
wafflejockkaladin, you said rfkill list all says no for anything being blocked right now correct?18:58
wafflejockkaladin, no soft or hard block on the live usb?18:58
xanguauser_: "with a lot things on the screen"?18:58
user_yes music player (i'm using backbox (ubuntu sctructure) but also with ubuntu itself i have problems when i'm starting music and get freeze screen everytime18:58
pavlosunimouse, try this ... cd ; ls -l | nc termbin.com 9999    give us the url18:59
xanguauser_: backbox is not supported here, sorry18:59
user_sorry xangua, i try to tell i kick the cpu on it's ass18:59
kaladinwafflejock: correct rfkill makes it look all good18:59
user_but with music on and no activities everytime freezing screen19:00
user_also with ubuntu os and i can't kill the problem19:00
xanguauser_: please contact backbox support19:01
k1l_user_: come back when you use ubuntu and can provide some errorlogs. we cant support backbox. please see their support.19:01
user_yes but i'm in ubuntu also19:01
user_so i'm only saying19:01
user_i'm using ubuntu now @ the moment so can somebody tell me what to do?19:01
wafflejockkaladin, hmm yah not sure really everything about that message seems to point to some hardware switch but not the state of rfkill so not sure where to go from there https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=107114    https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=10711419:02
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day19:02
kaladinwafflejock: thank you let me check it out19:02
turistaI do use ubuntu 16 but; I don't get why the volumen control can't be moved from its "low position"19:03
kaladinwafflejock: weird message19:03
MichaelPducasse: thanks... i'll go if that works19:03
kaladinwafflejock: forced up with sudo, got error : SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable"19:04
wafflejockkaladin, you can try pasting the exact version of Ubuntu, lsb_release -a, uname -a, and lspci -vv, output .... hmm yeah it's greek to me19:04
wafflejockkaladin, someone else here might know about some particular problem or way to diagnose further but those bits will tell them what software you're running and what hardware you have19:05
kaladinlol one sec19:05
turistaI feel invisible here x-P anyone know something about my trouble?¿19:08
wafflejockturista, sorry nope not really, have you tried pavucontrol?19:08
virtusкак найти документацию на русском hexchat19:08
wafflejockturista, or alsamixer?19:08
wafflejock!ru | virtus19:09
ubottuvirtus: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:09
turistaI tried everything about these; from the help and troubleshooting but nothing19:09
wafflejockturista, so it plays audio it's just at low volume and the slider on the regular volume control doesn't work, what happens with pavucontrol or alsa? er am I misunderstanding?19:09
turistalook, in alsamixer and pavucontrol I can move the scroll to get more volume; but I believe it does not play any sound19:10
=== bubbafat is now known as bubbafat_
wafflejockturista, also have you tried with speaker-test or aplay to avoid using pulseaudio and see if it's something to do with alsa or pulse?19:10
wafflejockoh ok19:10
=== bubbafat_ is now known as bubbafat
energizerI can ssh using the ip address, but using the hostname says "ssh: Could not resolve hostname leela: Name or service not known"19:10
turistaalso with the default scroll, it's disable to move it from its original position (low)19:10
energizerWhat does that mean19:10
pavlosenergizer, means there is no DNS in your network to resolve IP to name19:11
turistaI tried to unmute it, mute it, install, reinstall, load, reload modules and so on19:11
wafflejockturista, alright have you tried using speaker-test or aplay, also in alsamixer when you hit F6 do you see what looks like your sound card/chip?19:11
=== pkennedy_ is now known as pkennedy
energizerpavlos: What can I do to fix it?19:11
compdocturista, you might have to select a different sound device or input19:11
pavlosenergizer, if your network does not have DNS, you can install/configure DNS19:12
turistajust to save time: Acus W9009S19:12
turistaI also got into the bios to check that its anything able there19:12
virtusГде набрать?19:12
energizerpavlos: Is there a service I can use for sshing to computers that have domain names on the Internet?19:13
wafflejockenergizer, you can just ssh into them :)19:13
wafflejockenergizer, the domain name will resolve to IP you can use the domain name to ssh into them though19:13
wafflejockenergizer, oh just read back19:14
kaladinwafflejock: So I ran the things but I can't paste wihtout typing since its on a separate machine without internet access lol19:14
wafflejockenergizer, yeah just means DNS lookup didn't work, what do you get from nslookup somedomain.com19:14
energizerwafflejock: `ssh hostname.domain.tld` works from any other computer, just not this one pavlos19:14
wafflejockkaladin, ah no wired connection to fall back on?19:14
blizzowI'm trying not use pip to install a python prerequisite, is there a package that provides imapclient for python?  I tried to install python-imaplib2 and still get this when running a python script... "ImportError: No module named imapclient"19:15
pavlosenergizer, what's your network, IP of leela19:15
wafflejockkaladin, could always sneakernet it with a USB flash drive too not sure I can help further anyhow but good to know the configuration to be able to search further for known issues19:15
akikenergizer: you need to fix the name resolution in your client computer19:15
kaladinwafflejock: For lsb_release -a it is Ubuntu, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 16.04, xenial19:15
kaladinfor uname -a19:15
pavlosenergizer, are you in a 192.168.*.*19:15
pavlosenergizer, or 10.0.*.*19:15
kaladinLinux ubuntu 4.4.0-21-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 18 18:33:37 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNY/Linux19:16
kaladinwafflejock: Then lspci -vv is way too much19:16
kaladinBut for the network controller it is Qualcomm Atheros QCA617419:17
energizer`nslookup hostname.domain.tld` says server address Non-authoritative answer: Name: hostname.domain.tld Address: 128.... pavlos akik wafflejock19:17
wafflejockkaladin, yeah just looking for the wireless section of that really it has the device id and kernel module that's being used to talk to that hardware19:17
kaladinwafflejock: kernel is ath10k_pci19:18
akikenergizer: hostname.domain.tld was an example. replace it with your server hostname19:18
energizerakik: yes i did, just anonymizing for the chat19:18
kaladinwafflejock:  Communication Controller is different using mei_me its Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-LP CSME HECI19:18
akikenergizer: are you using network-manager in your client computer?19:19
energizerakik: yes19:19
kaladinwafflejock: I know I am not as experienced with computers as I thought I was but it seems like the network should be working19:19
energizerpavlos: wafflejock: what can I do to fix this?19:20
akikenergizer: you can find out the dns server with nmcli. on 14.04 "nmcli dev list | grep -i dns", on 16.04 "nmcli con show" and then "nmcli con show connection-name | grep -i dns". your defined dns server does not know about that server dns name19:20
wafflejockkaladin, yeah wireless networking is one of those notoriously buggy/problematic areas since the radios typically have closed source firmware and from what I gather drivers have to be reverse engineered around a black box so to speak so wireless issues like GPU issues aren't too uncommon, also having multiple modules loaded that can conflict can cause problems19:21
pavlosenergizer, please describe your network19:22
wafflejockkaladin, personally bought my last laptop from System76 many years ago their one of a few distributors that test their systems with Linux so as to avoid any pitfalls like that, the kernel and modules support a huge amount of chipsets but here or there things will still fail19:22
energizerpavlos: university wifi19:22
kaladinwafflejock: I wish I did some more research since I just assumed it would work on anything since19:22
pavlosenergizer, ok, you're logged on to the UNI wifi and would like to access leela by name19:23
wafflejockkaladin, yeah it's like 90/100 I'd say at this point, but sometimes you get one of the bad components that doesn't play nice19:23
pavlosenergizer, leela is some other box on the UNI19:23
energizerpavlos: i would like to ssh to it by its leela.sub.domain.edu19:23
kaladinwafflejock: thank you very much19:23
energizerakik: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23740680/19:24
tdannecy1energizer: In my experience, eduroam is configured to block a lot of protocols. SSH, IRC, and some various others (DNLA, etc.) are inaccessible through the eduroam network.19:24
wafflejockkaladin, if you can get the computer on a wired connection can get output of dmesg there too or you can just browse through that and see if it gives any errors can usually, dmesg | grep EE, or dmesg | grep -i error19:24
energizertdannecy1: it works with the ip address, just not the domain name19:25
pavlosenergizer, do you know if leela runs sshd ? to test try, nc -zv leelafullname 2219:25
wafflejockkaladin, no prob, sorry I don't have more direct answers on the actual problem but will do some googling and let you know if I find anything19:25
energizerpavlos: ip works19:25
pavlosenergizer, ok, for some reason leela is not in the DNS of the UNI19:25
kaladinwafflejock: it is okay thanks, I might try to burn the driver iso to another usb and install it as well19:26
kaladinmaybe I messed up the driver?19:26
energizerpavlos: see also my pastebin to akik19:26
pavlosenergizer, can you paste your /etc/resolv.conf19:29
pavlosenergizer, using pastebin19:29
pavlosor cat /etc/resolv.conf | nc termbin.com 999919:30
energizerpavlos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23740704/19:30
energizerI wonder what will happen if i try to ssh using my phone hotspot brb19:31
energizerpavlos: doesnt work from phone wifi either. then resolv.conf just says nameserver
akikenergizer: is the dnsmasq process (dns server)19:33
pavlosenergizer, can you change your recolv.conf to read, search dns.ucla.edu (instead of host)19:33
energizerpavlos: done, doesnt help19:34
wafflejockkaladin, ah what do you get with dmesg | grep ath10k, it looks like maybe the module could be installed but missing some parts19:34
wafflejockkaladin, looking at this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/763080/no-wifi-in-qualcom-atheros-ubuntu-16-04-acer-aspire-e-1519:34
akikenergizer: have you found any dns server that has this dns entry defined?19:34
pavlosenergizer, host.ucla.edu does not ping but dns.ucla.edu pings19:34
wafflejockkaladin, looks like another one here where they do a manual install of the driver for the wifi http://askubuntu.com/questions/607707/ath10k-installation is that what you're trying now?19:35
kaladinwafflejock: lots and lots of red lol19:35
kaladinwafflejock: tons of errors nothing successful19:35
wafflejockerrors look the same as the link I pasted there or something different?19:35
energizerpavlos; akik: sorry networking is pretty far out of my area of expertise, but i can ssh using that hostname on my phone19:36
energizerin juicessh app19:36
kaladinwafflejock: thanks so much let me put the driver onto a usb and transfer19:36
=== bnice is now known as Br|aN
wafflejockkaladin, okay cool good luck, fingers crossed :)19:36
=== himcesjf is now known as Guest42311
pavlosenergizer, box leela does not announce its name hence you can access only by IP19:36
energizerpavlos: but i can ssh to it with that name from another client19:37
akikpavlos: it doesn't need to announce its name, it just needs to be in a dns server which can be queried19:37
energizerpavlos: akik: perhaps this is too strange a request, but what happens if you try to ssh to it19:38
akikenergizer: you can add hosts into your local /etc/hosts which dnsmasq in turn queries. this is just a quick fix and not a permanent fix to your dns problem19:38
pavlosenergizer, does the other client you can ssh to leela by name, have a different resolv.conf?19:40
pavlosenergizer, nslookup class=any leela dns.ucla.edu19:41
pavlosenergizer, nslookup: couldn't get address for 'leela': not found19:41
energizerpavlos the host is leela.sscnet.ucla.edu. it is available from any computer but this one19:42
pavlosenergizer, Name:   leela.sscnet.ucla.edu19:42
unimousehi, some armor or serlin imposibiliting me work19:43
wafflejockenergizer, did you already output dig leela.sscnet.ucla.edu, if not can you?19:43
energizerwafflejock: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23740778/19:43
unimousepolitiques defined in kernel?19:43
akikenergizer: you can try "host leela.sscnet.ucla.edu" and "host leela.sscnet.ucla.edu" and see which works19:44
pavlosenergizer, nc -zv leela.sscnet.ucla.edu 2219:44
akikenergizer: that'll query the dns servers directly19:44
energizerpavlos: that 'succeeded'19:44
energizerakik: what am ilooking for19:45
pavlosenergizer, so ssh username@leela.sscnet.ucla.edu fails?19:45
akikenergizer: the host command should return the ip address19:45
energizerakik: each command returns the ip i put into it19:46
digital_ghostHow do I change screen resolution of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server on Virtual box?I tried editing grub file and add "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX" but its not working19:46
akikenergizer: the ip addresses in my examples are your defined dns servers in your client machine19:46
energizerpavlos: yes that fails19:47
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akikenergizer: you pasted your nmcli output earlier19:47
pavlosenergizer, I tried ssh user@leela.sscnet.ucla.edu and I get a prompt.19:48
energizeroh my god19:48
energizerim so embarrased19:48
energizeri figured it out19:48
pavlosdo tell ...19:48
energizeri had in my  .ssh/config Host leela.sscnet.ucla.edu HostName leela19:49
energizerinstead of the other way around19:49
energizerso any time i tried to ssh by either name it tried to 'ssh leela' which means nothing19:49
EriC^^digital_ghost: install the guest additions19:49
energizerthanks so much pavlos akik wafflejock, sorry for the silliness19:50
pavlosenergizer, np19:50
=== EriC^^ is now known as explosive
GeorgesLeYetiI'm having a big problem.19:51
wafflejockenergizer, ah glad you got figured out, it's the little things :)19:51
digital_ghostEric:guest additions won't work on "Ubuntu Server" edition19:51
GeorgesLeYetiMy partner try to backup our wordpress website using a plugin (don't remeber the name) But I just stop my serv.19:52
energizerwafflejock: not quite as bad as the time i spent 3 hours trying to get wifi "nmcli says everythings ok!!" when my antenna was unplugged...19:52
GeorgesLeYetiI can connect to my server through rescue pro19:52
explosivedigital_ghost: why not?19:52
GeorgesLeYetibut when i try to see log even boot.log nothing is writen there since my isue.19:53
soopanyone care to help me try and diagnose a mail.log?19:53
digital_ghostexplosive: I already installed guest-additions-x1119:53
GeorgesLeYetiEven after trying to restart my server19:53
energizerpavlos: wafflejock: akik: Seems like networking is fairly complex but also has a uniform-enough baseline of knowledge that I should just put in the effort to learn the basics. Is there a book or resource you recommend?19:53
explosivedigital_ghost: install the guest additions iso19:53
GeorgesLeYetiIt s seems my server doesn't boot anymore19:54
GeorgesLeYetiwhat can i do ?19:54
pavlosenergizer, I'd recommend the O'Reilly books19:54
soopGeorgesLeyeti: be more descriptive .... whats on your screen19:54
k1lGeorgesLeYeti: look at the dmesg or syslog in /var/log19:54
energizerpavlos: any one in particular?19:55
pavlosenergizer, let me find ...19:57
zherlock_I need to have my linux (ubuntu) client updating its primary dns server with its own record. I.e. tell dns server that I now (host A record host.thedomain.local) now have IP
digital_ghostinstalled guest additions still not getting higher resolution19:57
zherlock_nsupdate if for dynamic dns record updates right, but more for dns server to server?19:57
GeorgesLeYetithe tail -50 of syslog and dmesg are : https://gist.github.com/anonymous/9a549982fc7a377703c003de222925a319:58
akikenergizer: any tcp/ip primer and then on top of that how ubuntu does it20:00
jhutchinsIs there any schedule to WordPress core updates?20:00
pavlosenergizer, some pdf's ... https://www.google.com/search?q=oreilly+book+networking&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=networking+books+for+beginners+pdf20:00
energizerpavlos: akik: great, thanks yall20:01
soopjhutchins: #wordpress20:02
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jhutchinssoop: Obviously.20:04
jhutchinssoop: Not that I expect an answer there.20:04
jhutchinssoop: Wrapping my brain around the right google search.20:05
wafflejockjhutchins, https://wordpress.org/about/roadmap/20:05
k1ljhutchins: since ubuntu is not building but only shipping wordpress, you will have to ask the wordpress team20:06
wafflejockjhutchins, I searched for "wordpress release schedule" by the way20:06
jhutchinswafflejock: Thanks, so did I, and I found that.  Looks like every 4 months.20:06
jhutchinsApril, August, December.20:07
wafflejockjhutchins, yeah gotta take their word for it I suppose, just look for how often headlines come out about old versions that have had some major flaw exploited and you know how often they update :) (just poking fun don't get mad)20:07
pavloszherlock_, I think you need to modify the TTL entry20:09
jhutchinsSeems like the answer is "about every 120 days, but don't hold us to it, we'll release when we have something".20:09
GeorgesLeYetiany idea for my problem ?20:16
GeorgesLeYetiOr at least where i could find the isue20:17
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pavlosGeorgesLeYeti, can you run smartctl tests on sda ?20:19
IhrFusselMy PC sometimes shows orphaned inodes when shutting down...is this normal or likely a HD error?20:21
ioriaIhrFussel, not normal, run fsck20:25
GeorgesLeYetipavlos https://gist.github.com/anonymous/9257df924855069459299e57a61f83f420:26
_adbi'm having trouble getting autologin working using ubuntu 16.04.1 with lightdm/openbox. /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf is http://paste.ubuntu.com/23741117/  "public" user is in the nopasswdlogin group. when the computer boots up it presents the lightdm greeter with a "Log In" button under the "public" user. the button works, but i want it to log in automatically, without interaction. what am i missing?20:26
ioria_adb, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutoLogin20:28
pavlosGeorgesLeYeti, line 21 SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: FAILED!20:30
ducasseGeorgesLeYeti: that drive is dying fast.20:30
pavlosGeorgesLeYeti, backup and replace disk20:30
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pavlosGeorgesLeYeti, line 22 Drive failure expected in less than 24 hours. SAVE ALL DATA.20:31
_adbioria: thanks. i tried that, and got the same result. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM says that /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf should work (that is, a separate file under lightdm.conf.d shouldn't be necessary) and that [SeatDefaults] is obsolete, preferring [Seat:*] instead.20:32
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ioria_adb,  you mean that setting a /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-myconfig.conf  is not  working ?20:34
_adbioria: yes. i mean that if the output of `cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-myconfig.conf` is now20:35
_adband the behavior is unchanged20:36
_adbalthough i think i found the problem.. cronjob @reboot is trying to clean up the public user's homedirectory and i think that's interfering with logging in20:36
ioria_adb,  and you surely have a user as 'public' ?20:36
_adbioria: yes. it's the correct username20:37
batman1anyone have time to help with an openstack autopilot/landscape error? "2017/01/04 20:23:39 http: TLS handshake error from tls: client offered an unsupported, maximum protocol version of 301"20:38
ioria_adb,  well, usually it works, without issues ... maybe there's something wrong   in you setup... check /etc/passwd20:38
_adbgrep public /etc/passwd => public:x:1000:1000:public,,,:/home/public:/bin/bash20:39
_adbhrm. definitely something with that cronjob was interfering with the login. i'll have to sort through that later. thanks for your help20:44
ioria_adb, np20:44
energizerHow can I move the applicatiion menus to the top bar instead of the applicatino header bar?20:54
k1lusing unity?20:54
k1lthen look at systemsettings -> appearance, 2nd tab20:55
energizerk1l: perfect thanks20:55
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reyzguys, would you recommend Ubuntu as a HOME NAS OS?20:59
calhaxI use it as a nas and a media box reyz21:00
calhaxthen again I have a simple samba network21:00
reyzcalhax: media box?21:00
srulii added a script to apt DPkg::post-invoke problem is it executes it multiple times, so i added a touchfile to the script and exits if exists, now the problem is that dpkg calls the script so fast that exit if file exits kill each other, 1. why is it calling it multiple times, 2. what other solution can u ise the script shouldnt run twice?21:01
reyzcalhax: like Minix etc?21:01
reyzcalhax: do you access your sever via the PC or you can access the server and configure it via a local ip on a browser?21:03
calhaxreyz, I installed a copy of elementry, set my drives to auto mount and then set up a simple samba share with a dedicated user for logging in on other machines, works like a charm21:03
reyzhm what is elemntry?21:03
calhaxreyz, have a google elementry os21:04
jak2000hi all21:05
k1lcalhax: reyz we cant support elementary in here. for their issues ask their support21:05
jak2000when a debian box access on initialramfs: i run a command: fsck /dev/dm-0   in ubuntu not exist the command21:05
k1lreyz: the question is: what speaks against using ubuntu as home server os?21:06
reyzk1l: i guess accessing everything from a central dashboard from a local ip like
reyzlike freenas21:07
calhaxreyz, k1l , In that case better to use ubuntu, however it doesnt matter, so long as you have that stable debian base :)21:08
calhaxreyz, do you want to use it for file sharing primarily? do you need a dashboard?21:09
jak2000calhax any advice21:09
reyzcalhax: media sharing yes (maybe i want to add emby, plex, nextcloud, etc too)21:10
tomreynjak2000: try e2fsck (assuming it's and ext* file system)21:10
reyzcalhax: the dashboard is just for ease of use21:11
k1lreyz: those have own status/settings interfaces21:11
reyzk1l: what you mean21:11
reyzah for configuring emby etc?21:11
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jak2000e2fsck command not found21:11
reyzthey do, but for example my current NAS OS is OMV which is like that21:12
k1lreyz: when you install nextcloud, its managed within their own webinterface.21:12
tomreynmeta / what is better discussions -> please /join #ujbuntu-offtopic21:12
tomreynwith or without the extra j21:12
FestourHello! How to stop ubuntu intercept Alt key? I dont need this search function. I tryed some tutorials, but they doesnt works21:13
calhaxreyz, once emby is installed it can be accessed from a port of the server, so you will be able to configure it :)21:13
k1lreyz: openmediavault is its own distribution.21:14
tomreynjak2000: maybe you chose to build the 'minified' initramfs. i had assumed it'd be there. so use the live / install cd/dvd/usb stick instead.21:14
tomreynFestour: try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/122209/how-do-i-modify-or-disable-the-huds-use-of-the-alt-key21:17
reyzk1l: i cant get this frontend dashboard for ubuntu?21:18
k1lreyz: i dont know if you can run the openmedievault gui on the ubuntu base.21:18
reyzk1l: not the same gui, just something similar with all NAS functions21:19
reyzbut on ubuntu21:19
Festourtomreyn: already tryed to disable it on keyboard shortcuts, and ccsm too21:20
jhutchinsubottu: nas?21:20
ubottujhutchins: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:20
Festourtomreyn: i dont even have this entry in keyboard shortcuts, and ccsm looks doesnt apply his settings21:20
tomreynFestour: sorry, i don't know then. i don't personally use unity, and thus cannot try it here.21:21
jak2000tomreyn i am on a vps cant access a any hardware21:21
jak2000can  start in advanced mode...21:21
k1lreyz: i am not aware of a functioning dashboard like that which is standalone. most projects have that only for their own use21:21
reyzk1l: ahh i see21:22
tomreynjak2000: i don't know what "advanced mode" is21:22
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k1lreyz: but as i said: the programs you named have their own settings guis21:23
tomreynjak2000: any non terrible VPS providers / hosts offer some type of recovery system.21:23
arunsHi, I am running Ubuntu 16.04.21:23
arunsIf I launch an application from the application menu.21:23
arunsIs there a log I can check to see which executable was called to launch the application, and the file location of the executable?21:23
reyzSamba has a GUI in ubuntu?21:28
GroundZero1nee help..ubuntu mate doesnot help21:28
reyzor its just CLI?21:28
CommonCentsI'm having difficulty getting a second video adapter and second monitor working on my xubunut 16.04 installation.  Can anyone help or advise?21:29
k1lreyz: the desktops do have a integration into the filebrowsers. but the smb on the server doesnt. just put it into the config once and its done.21:30
pavlosreyz, you can right click on folders using caja and enable sharing. you may have to install caja-share21:32
EclipticaI want to restrict certain SSH users to be able to run a single python script and not do anything else. What's the most efficient/secure way to do so?21:32
Bashing-om!ask | GroundZero121:32
ubottuGroundZero1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:32
Eclipticai.e. they log in and the script runs automatically, but they can't create files, cd to directories, etc.21:32
k1lpavlos: caja is the nautilus fork. standard ubuntu uses nautilus on the desktop for unity and gnome shell21:33
pavlosk1l, my mistake ... I thought he mentioned ubuntu-mate but it was someone else21:33
tomreynEcliptica: local login or ssh?21:34
Eclipticatomreyn: Through SSH.21:35
tomreynoh you said so, sorry.21:35
tomreynEcliptica: combine these opensshd configuration options: Match User + ChrootDirectory + ForceCommand21:36
Eclipticatomreyn: Thanks, will try that. Was in the process of setting up a jail but it seems like overkill for my purposes.21:36
tomreyn+ chsh /bin/true21:36
tomreynopensshd added jail support with a globbing / wildcard mechanism, making the whole process a lot easier than it used to be.21:37
Eclipticatomreyn: Awesome! Thanks for the info.21:38
GroundZero1question: i have ubuntu mate. i edited the order of the apps of the "application menu" at the top. Now all apps are gone, the list is empty. The Edit-Window does not show up anymore, just quits21:38
tomreynEcliptica: here's a good how-to (should mostely or entirely work on ubuntu, too), just substitue SCP with the command you want them to run: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SFTP_chroot21:39
Eclipticatomreyn: Thanks so much, that will be helpful.21:39
tomreyni meam substitue sftp, not scp21:39
gebruikerhow can I configure ubuntu to auto update ? I have seen som solutions on wiki.ubuntu like cron jobs ... but It does not explain how this work for i.e laptops, where there is a more frequent of shutting down and booting up?21:40
tomreynEcliptica: another how-to to complement the Arch one - this one is Debian centric. https://www.howtoforge.com/restricting-users-to-sftp-plus-setting-up-chrooted-ssh-sftp-debian-squeeze21:41
tomreyn(and i'm done with the highlights for now ;) )21:41
EclipticaPerfect, will check it out! Much appreciated.21:42
Bashing-omgebruiker: unattended-upgrades : see: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2343732 ; https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2339387 <- setting up unattended-upgrades .21:47
WebGearsorry, stupid question, i have windows installed on sda2 with sda1 marked as windows 10 (loader) and am installing Ubuntu in a totally different disk sdc1 being the swap and sdc2 being the root / , now it asks me for a bootloader drive, which one should i go with?21:52
WebGearshould i install grub in just "sda" or in "sda1" which is marked as win loader or "sdc2" which is the Ubunto root partition on another disk?21:53
Bashing-omWebGear: With separate drives I am all for seperate boot means, Install ubuntu's bootcode to sdc, and run ' sudo update-grub ' in sdc to pick up and chainnload the Windows' boot code. That leaves the Windows code untouched on sda .21:55
WebGeari guess it is pretty late for that, because grub was previously installed on sda and then when i reinstalled it i picked sdc and so sda is now un-bootable, i am reinstalling Ubuntu to fix this situation so i am not sure if i install it on sba it will fix the windows boot and be able to boot Ubuntu as well?21:58
WebGearnow when i boot which defaults to sda i guess i get grub rescue shell21:59
WebGearso how to get out of this mess? :)21:59
WebGeari googled the issue a lot but almost everyone is talking about a single drive dual boot, but with my two drives and grub been previously installed on sda i am not sure what to do ....22:01
Eclipticatomreyn: Got the SSH config set up for a specific group, but the session closes immediately after login for anyone in the group. :/22:08
rajis there a way to transfer gnome-terminal preferences?22:13
Bashing-omWebGear: Were me, I woulkd re-install Windows' boot code to sda and then boot ubuntu on sdc and chainload Windows to ubuntu's boot .22:14
Bashing-omWebGear: All be it . now if you also have a linux install on sda, the issue gets deeper !22:16
WebGearBashing-om makes sense, i will just reinstall both system each on their own drive and each with their own boot loader so they be pretty much isolated then i can do the chainloading!22:21
Bashing-omWebGear: Unless the file systems are messed up I see no reason to re-install the operating systems . Just the boot code for Windows .22:22
turistaHi, I wonder if Acus W9009S has a supported sound card22:24
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unimouseencontre una solucion, solo que aún no la probe. Ya es tarde, mañana haber22:43
Bashing-om!es | unimouse22:43
ubottuunimouse: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:43
Mirshi can someone help me with a doubt ?22:49
MirsI've got a pendrive with ubuntu but i'd like to know if i can install without losing any info on my current hdd22:50
Bashing-omMirs: Pastebin the output pf terminal command ' sudo parted -l ' and we can better address what you ask of us .22:52
elkyunimouse: if you're having that much difficulty keeping your conversations separate perhaps consider leaving here until you need this channel again22:56
elkyunimouse: you've added quite a bit more nonsense than we're happy to put up with22:56
jgcampbell300how do i open a grub2 img to see what's inside23:02
unimouseYes, what happened?23:07
jgcampbell300nm got it23:08
jgcampbell300so if i wanted to turn one of my old backups from long time ago into a vm but my hardware is way diffrent ... where would i look for info on that23:16
nedbati'm trying to prevent grub from asking for information during an OS installation.  I found this discussion that mentions a few possibilities, none of which work, for various reasons.  What's the Xenial way to pre-configure grub? https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/289#issuecomment-4196260023:23
naccnedbat: do you mean preseed (as opposed to pre-configure)?23:26
nedbatnacc: i'm not sure what I mean.  When I run "sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y", the pink grub configuration screen pops up and interrupts the process.23:27
nedbatnacc: I want to prevent that from happening.23:27
naccnedbat: that would be after installation, then, I assume23:27
nedbatnacc: sorry, yes, after the OS installation.23:27
naccnedbat: do you have a screenshot of the grub screen?23:28
nedbatnacc: I use Vagrant to bring up a boxcutter/ubuntu1604 box, then run that command.23:28
nedbatnacc: I can get one, it'll take a few minutes.23:28
Bashing-omnedbat: 16.04 currenrly has an update, a frub configuration change that the sytem is asking what to do ,23:29
nedbatBashing-om: do you know how to prevent the interactive aspect?23:30
naccnedbat: is the prompt saying you've modified, e.g., grub.cfg you either need to keep your version, take the maintainer version, etc?23:31
Bashing-omnedbat: In the case above of the current grub update, you want to make that choice yourself .23:31
nedbatnacc: http://imgur.com/a/xBC3U23:32
nedbatBashing-om: ok, can i make it programmatically, instead of interactively?23:32
nedbatBashing-om: i'd love a command-line command to use instead of waiting for that screen to appear.23:32
naccnedbat: hrm, that's not a prompt i've seen in some time (and i know longer use grub-pc)23:32
wedgienedbat: i think this works the same way in ubuntu http://www.microhowto.info/howto/perform_an_unattended_installation_of_a_debian_package.html23:35
Bashing-omnedbat: That is above my skill level. I can not imagine why ' dpkg-reconfigure grub ' would run .23:35
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k1lthere was some grub update the last days, iirc23:35
naccwedgie: yeah, noninteractive would be a start, it *might* still prompt, but that should be used regardless23:36
nedbatwedgie: thanks, I'll try export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive23:37
=== sorin-mihai_ is now known as sorin-mihai
nedbatthat didn't do it.23:49
nedbattrying this now:  sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -y -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" upgrade23:49
=== silvana is now known as Guest27333
nedbatwhich did work!  Thanks all.23:51
disidoes ubuntu ship with resolvconf by default?23:54
k1ldisi: since ubuntu 12.04, iirc23:56
disik1l: how does it work? i think it is causing problems when running docker because only the loopback address in /etc/resolv.conf23:57
disiappears in*23:57
k1ldisi: usually the network is handled by the networkmanager23:57
disik1l: so, the dns servers shown in (what i think is) networkmanager, are correct; however, docker doesnt seem to be able to find those and default to it's fallback (, etc.)23:58
k1li am not using docker, so i cant tell you what the network setup with that should look like or needs tweaking23:59

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