studio-user974I don't know what happens to mu ubuntu studio00:53
studio-user974there is no Icon00:53
studio-user974it's changed att all00:53
studio-user974can I send screen shot?00:53
studio-user974is therewany one?00:55
xeppepoHi. I´m from Argentina and I thought it would be helpful to have a spanish version of the UStudio site. I could translate it but I need to know who can I speak with to make it possible. There´s a huge linux latinamerican community out there. Thank you!15:38
joaolamaresHi Guy's, my name is Joao Lamares, i'm portuguese, Photographer and Director and Editor chief of JLpress Sports News and Photo17:33
userXYZHi :)17:33
joaolamaresI find Ubunto Studio at 6 months ago, I love it and for now is my unique OS... byebye windows17:34
joaolamaresAt JLpress we work with ubunto studio for all editorial things, so How can i help you?17:35
joaolamaresWhat can I do to help this project?17:35
userXYZjoaolamares, I'm just a normal user like you. :)17:36
userXYZWhat I did was help with support17:36
userXYZNot just about Ubuntu Studio, but Linux in general17:37
userXYZIt came naturally to me. Hanged out in the groups, answered the questions beginners have an so on17:37
OvenWerksjoaolamares: http://ubuntustudio.org/contribute/17:37
OvenWerksjoaolamares: The irc channel is pretty quiet since just before Christmas17:38
joaolamaresOk, thanks,17:38
OvenWerksThe mailing list likewise (maybe longer)17:38
joaolamaresI understand17:38
joaolamaresFor me is importante you know my existence and if you need you can chat-me or email me17:39
OvenWerksbut I expect people will answer in either. Most people are living close to UTC or a bit before, so that should give some idea of when people are around to talk to17:40
joaolamaresOk I explore and i come later, for now I just know how this work. See you, thanks.17:42
xeppepoI think what useXYZ says is a good idea. Answering begginers questions is a way to make them stay. I got into Linux a couple of years ago and the help from the community made me stay and give up Windows.17:47
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