bluesabreochosi, g_timeout_add is what I would suggest00:48
bluesabreor rather, g_idle_add00:50
bluesabrethe callback function would handle 1 round of the loop each go until done00:50
bluesabreonce done, return FALSE to end the loop00:51
bluesabreshould be some examples here and there of it00:51
bluesabrefor one, https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-commits/2012-February/028502.html00:52
flocculantwhat package is it that would concern itself with how to open something - eg a pdf from a website worked ok the other day, now it's apparently trying to open with mousepad :(08:29
bluesabreflocculant, usually its xdg-utils or exo12:01
bluesabreneither have been updated in the last few days though (exo back in November)12:02
bluesabremaybe check if its happening in ubuntu land as well, could be some other completely unrelated thing12:02
bluesabreochosi, what gtk3 xfce things would you recommend pulling into zesty that have not already landed?12:04
flocculantbluesabre: thanks - I coculdn't remember those at all :)12:24
flocculantbluesabre: and it's seemingly a local thing12:32
flocculantand transient - cos it works now ...12:36
akxwi-daveochosi just to advise, the scrolling problem flocculant has on the notification settings.. I'm getting the same thing on todays iso..  once a number of programs have been added to the second tab.. you can scroll with the scroll bar,  but not the scroll wheel of the mouse..19:47
flocculantakxwi-dave: the one on the iso (iirc) is the 'old' version - and the mouse scroll issue should be fixed in master19:53
flocculantmaster (or the logging_rebased) thing should have that fixed - that is what ochosi and I have been talking about19:54
flocculantiso on the left there19:55
flocculantoh my this could get confusing - screenshotting the screenshot tool :)19:56
akxwi-davelol.. ahhh  so  new version coming19:56
flocculantshould be - not sure when though :)19:57
flocculantyou can test it too :p19:57
flocculantochosi: get this erratically > http://i.imgur.com/adwlFwL.png19:59
akxwi-dave:-) will teach me to try and skim read a catch up rather than fully    :-)20:00
flocculantgit clone git://git.xfce.org/users/ochosi/xfce4-notifyd; cd xfce4-notifyd; git checkout logging_rebased;;20:03
flocculant./autogen.sh && make && sudo make install && killall xfce-notifyd20:03
flocculantwould be good to confirm it not working on zesty I think20:04
flocculantI think that is all right ^^20:04
akxwi-davegot a zest machine at work.. will get that tested 1st thing20:05
flocculantakxwi-dave: cheers - best check in channel here before - just in case I got the git voodoo wrong ...20:13
flocculantoh - apt-get build deps xfce4-notifyd too 20:14
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ochosiflocculant: hm, well the scrolling issue doesn't appear for me here, so it's not yet fixed in master. i will try to spin up a vm with zesty though and test it there with notifyd21:42
ochosithe thing that is fixed though is the not-expanding scrolled window21:42
flocculantochosi: ack - window expansion is good here 21:43
ochosik, good21:43
flocculantochosi: does the bit above I told akxwi-dave look right?21:44
* flocculant grabbed it from bash history ;)21:44
ochosibtw, would have been nice to get the bug also reported upstream so that users from other distros can also chime in21:44
flocculantwhich - the scrolling thing?21:44
ochosiyeah, that looks about right21:44
ochosiyeah, the scrolling one21:44
flocculantI did ask about reporting - and you said tell me in here ;)21:45
flocculantI did do some lp reporting I think - but I'm happy to report upstream ofc 21:45
flocculantochosi: though git issue or bugzilla?21:46
ochosiyeah, but only for stuff that doesn't affect master ;)21:46
flocculantok :)21:46
ochosiupstream is in bugzilla, github is only a mirror21:46
ochosiso bugs.xfce.org21:46
flocculantok - so I can do that no problem at all 21:46
flocculantochosi: how do I get the version from git? 21:48
ochosiflocculant: how do you mean?21:52
flocculantis it some bizarre version of xfce4-notifyd - or just what I'd see from dpkg -l ?21:52
ochosiyou lost me there21:53
flocculantok - well nvm then :p21:53
flocculantanywat xfce 1327521:53
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 13275 in general "Scrolling in Notifications applications and log fails in Settings Manager" [Normal,New] https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1327521:53
flocculantanyway ...21:53
flocculantlinked the lp bug to that too21:55
ochosiso you want to have the version of git master..?21:56
flocculantI just wondered that - not necessary for the bug I guess21:56
ochosibut this bug also affects the version shipped in zesty, right?21:59
flocculantyea 21:59
ochosik, so i'll add 0.3.4 as the version tag22:00
flocculantochosi: I just did that 22:00
flocculantand akxwi-dave confirmed the issue in the zest version ^^22:02
flocculantand I was seeing that (and the non expanding box) previously to you talking me into this git version :D22:03
flocculantadded that as a comment on the bug (ignoring the expansion of box)22:05
flocculantoff now - night all 22:06
ochosinight flocculant 22:06
knomeochosi, you have 10 minutes?22:38
knomebluesabre, when are you going to be around?22:38
ochosilike "10" or 10?22:38
knomewell it depends how fast YOU are...22:39
ochosibluesabre: do you feel we can unleash xfce4-settings-gtk3 on users just yet?23:34

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