Guest56329Xubuntu is great, but I have a small question about its install04:15
Guest56329I had ReactOS (basically a free version of Windows server 2003) on the computer but Xubuntu didnt recognize it as an already installed OS during its own install04:16
Guest56329any reason why this would be? it should recognise it as windows or something similar04:17
LinuxNovicehello, anybody here?07:24
bazhangwhat is the issue LinuxNovice07:28
LinuxNovicehi, is Xubuntu 16.10 as stable as 16.04? Contemplating installing it on my new laptop.07:29
bazhangLinuxNovice, only you can judge that , as everyone has different hardware07:31
bazhangtry a live usb of both, and decide for yourself LinuxNovice07:32
LinuxNoviceok. If I go for 16.10 will upgrading it any newer version be cumbersome?07:32
bazhangread the various ubuntuforums, askubuntu and so on for views on this07:32
LinuxNoviceyour views on this?07:33
bazhangLinuxNovice, why would you imagine it to be cumbersome07:33
LinuxNovicedon't know. Just a newbie, here.07:33
bazhangLinuxNovice, I think you have some confusion on using support channels, and polling people's opinions in the offtopic chat rooms07:34
bazhangin this case #xubuntu-offtopic07:34
LinuxNoviceok. what are the realistic system requirements for Xubuntu 16.10? I mean, for it to be fast, responsive and snappy.07:34
bazhangLinuxNovice, tell us your ideas of fast responsive and snappy, as well as your full system specs07:35
LinuxNovicenow, I am using an old laptop. runs on Celeron M single core 1.6 Ghz cpu and 2 gb ram.07:36
LinuxNoviceUsing Lubuntu 16.04 now.07:36
bazhangthen the fast responsiveness and snappiness will go in one direction from there07:37
LinuxNovicewhat does that mean?07:37
bazhangwhich direction?07:37
bazhanglubuntu is the very lightest07:38
bazhangusing something heavier means07:38
bazhangyou can install xubuntu-desktop package, then select in the login window07:39
bazhangsame with ubuntu, kubuntu, and so on07:39
LinuxNoviceit means Xubuntu is not suitable for this laptop?07:39
LinuxNoviceok. I can try that.07:39
bazhangthat way, you yourself can be the judge of what is and what is not suitable for you, your laptop, and your own personal needs07:40
bazhangno one can else can know that but you07:40
LinuxNoviceok. why Ubuntu differentiates between LTS and the regular versions?07:40
LinuxNoviceis there going to be any significant difference?07:41
bazhangLinuxNovice, have you read of the very basic ubuntu help guides at all07:41
LinuxNoviceI have. But, need some help in making the decision.07:41
bazhanglts or not is not about making a decision, it's about having read the very basic wiki and help pages to know what that means07:42
LinuxNoviceis the regular version something similar to debian testing in debian. While LTS comparable to Debian stable.07:43
LinuxNoviceok. both have the same level of stability?07:43
bazhangI will link you to the very basic help guides07:43
bazhangplease read them in full07:43
bazhang!manual | LinuxNovice07:44
ubottuLinuxNovice: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:44
bazhang!rute | LinuxNovice07:44
ubottuLinuxNovice: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf07:44
bazhangthere are many many links there for you read and follow LinuxNovice07:44
LinuxNovicethanks a lot, guys.07:45
LinuxNovicejust one more question. Is 16.10 suitable for linux beginners?07:46
bazhangLinuxNovice, is today your first day of use, or how long07:47
LinuxNoviceno. have been using 16.04 for a couple of weeks. Less than a month old in Linux.07:47
bazhangLinuxNovice, that depends on your own learning ability, willingness to read the most basic of guides07:48
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xubuntu68ihey, do you guys think installing xubuntu "extras" with a mobile hotspot is very costly to my service?11:03
xubuntu68ilike im not gonna spend 2g of data by doing this right?11:04
xubuntu68imy schools wi-fi is crap,11:05
knomenot 2g, but it's not a tiny pakage either11:06
xubuntu68icool, my phone's saying that ive spent 106mb already11:08
xubuntu33iive come here from mint, do you guys think xubuntu is more of a good, full, not-amaturish looking OS?11:17
xubuntu33ii guess ill find out when im done with this install but srl what do you guys?11:18
knomeyou are asking the xubuntu channel... what do you think the answer will be?11:19
knomeanyway, to be exact, whichever you feel is better depends on you only...11:19
xubuntu33iok.. thanks then11:20
StayaSinicmaybe he is troll11:36
arnaldo_Salve come posso installare ettercap su xubuntu 12.04....mi da errore libnet1 non si puo installare12:17
pirxhello! i just installed xubuntu. have found and edited a few keyboard shortcuts. but how can i see in which workspace i am? there is no info-window when i switch between workspaces13:06
jon_hello. i am having a problem with screen flickering on my xubuntu. I searched the usual forums for solutions but didn't find any. Does someone have 5 or 10min time to look at it with me?13:17
jon_i am sorry but does someone know a way how to check if the screen flickering is a hardware problem or a software problem without having to install an other system on it?13:46
flux242jon_: what version have you installed?13:46
flux24216.04 lts?13:47
jon_ubuntu 16.04.113:47
flux242jon_: upgrade to 16.1013:47
jon_ok ty13:47
knomeflux242, how would that fix flickering?13:47
flux242new kernel version13:47
knomejon_, there's unfortunately no way to know what is causing the flickering... where is it occurring?13:48
jon_it flickers and some time it logs out that is why i thought it might be a hardware problem13:48
knomeflux242, usually that doesn't help though13:48
flux242knome: it helped me13:48
knomejon_, is this related to the login screen as you mention logging out?13:48
flux242jon_: you have intel graphics right?13:49
flux242just upgrade then13:49
jon_all the screen becomes black for less then a second13:49
jon_ok i'll try that13:49
jon_knome no but sometimes the screen flickers a bit longer and it logs me out13:50
knomeokay... that makes me think it's not hardware, but who knows... i haven't seen that issue13:50
flux242jon_: or you may use a kernel version up  from 4.813:51
jon_ok thank you13:51
pirxanything i need to do to get a bluetooth headset working in xubuntu? i can pair with the headset, but it fails to connect... (bluetoothd: a2dp-sink profile connect failed for ...: protocal not available)14:57
JustanickHi, are there any improvements for the network manager in 16.10?15:16
xubuntu38wwhere do i find a bootable cd for any linux for an old computer15:39
knomenone of the xubuntu releases that fit on a CD are supported any more, you'll likely want to look for something else15:41
xubuntu38wwhat about a dvd15:41
knomethe recent xubuntu releases will fit on a DVD15:42
knomewhat kind of hardware do you have?15:42
xubuntu38wi cannot use the recent releases i nee dolder version and bootable not iso15:42
knomeISOs will create a bootable DVD15:43
xubuntu38w'they dont for me15:43
knomethen you are likely doing it wrong, or your PC can't boot from the optical drive15:43
geniiWhat is this, some 486?15:43
xubuntu38wyes i can i put linux 8.04 on there15:44
knomeplease tell us what kind of hardware you have so we can assist you15:44
xubuntu38wit is a cd/dvd recorder dont kknow what type15:45
knomehow much RAM does the computer have?15:45
knomethen i'd probably look at something else than xubuntu15:45
xubuntu38wwhat about lubuntu15:46
knomeyou should probably consult the lubuntu channel on the specifics of that - it should be able to run at least, but whether it's usable or not is a different thing15:47
xubuntu38wi cannot find any thing on that and 16 10 ran real slow15:47
knomein that case you'll want to look at something even smaller15:48
flux242do you need a de?15:48
flux242just use command line then15:48
xubuntu38wi cant get the download to work on tht 8.0415:49
xubuntu38wwhat kind of installer do i need on that15:49
knomeplease don't use any 8.04 release, they are all out of support a long time ago15:50
knomeor if you insist on doing that, then acknowledge there will be no support at all15:50
geniixubuntu38w: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall15:50
xubuntu38wwell i would use something else if i could find anything with a bootable dvd15:50
knomeand fwiw, all ubuntu releases are distributed by ISOs15:50
knomeeven the 8.04 releases15:51
xubuntu38wi got that and a 13.10 bootable and couldnt find anything else15:51
knomehow are you creating your discss then?15:52
xubuntu38wwith cdburnerxp15:53
geniixubuntu38w: On that page are links to the current minimal images. I'd suggest Xenial 16.04, and probably 32bit x8615:54
xubuntu38won the minimal istall url15:55
xubuntu38wit doesnt work either16:31
lyzeHello! Is there a way to exclude some specific windows from alt+lmb dragging without completely turning off the feature?17:24
knomei don't think so, without modifying the window manager code17:26
lyzeAh thats a bummer x3 Thanks anyway!17:27
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