derekcatHappy Wednesday #juju!00:15
derekcatAnyone seen this error when trying to deploy an OpenStack bundle to MAAS?00:15
derekcatDeploying charm "cs:ceph-269"00:15
derekcatERROR cannot deploy bundle: cannot deploy application "ceph": cannot add application "ceph": unknown space "storage-cluster" not valid00:15
stokachumarcoceppi, hmm cannot assign unit "ghost/0" to machine 0/lxd/0: adding storage to lxd container not supported01:43
marcoceppistokachu: you can't use storage in lxd (it would seem)01:44
stokachuworks just fine with localhost though, its only when deploying to a lxd container on a bare metal machine via maas01:44
marcoceppistokachu: sounds like some aggressive check code01:44
babouhow do i remove a charm which failed to install?01:45
baboui deployed a local charm, its install failed, i fixed the problem, but when i try to deploy it again it says the application has already been deployed01:46
babouwhen i try remove-application, there is no output and the application remains on the controller01:46
stokachubabou, juju resolved <app>/<unit>01:46
stokachuoh you probably want to juju debug-hooks <app>/<unit> and fix it there so you can do a juju upgrade-charm from your working copy01:47
babousorry im quite new to all of this01:49
baboujuju resolved had no effect01:49
baboudebug-hooks ssh me into the container01:49
babouyou're saying I should edit the code from within the container instead of externally and redeploying?01:49
babouthe debug-log just keeps looping02:00
babousaying the install hook is failing again and again02:00
babourestarting the machine had no effect, it immediately began failing the install hook again02:00
stokachubabou, juju debug-hooks <app>/<unit> install02:06
stokachuthen in another terminal type juju resolved <app>/<unit> and the debug-hooks window will show up an "install" tab02:06
stokachufrom there you can edit the currently installed hook to make it work02:06
stokachuwhen you ctrl+d out of that terminal juju should continue on through the other hooks02:07
baboui was able to upgrade it by running this command02:07
baboujuju upgrade-charm --force-units --repository=./buses buses02:07
stokachuif all else works you'll get an active status and can then run `juju upgrade-charm`02:07
babouwhere buses is the name of my charm02:07
stokachuah ok02:07
babouand then running resolved02:07
stokachuthat works too :D02:07
babouonward to the next error!02:07
stokachui should probably look at the help output more02:07
stokachubabou, cool gl02:08
babougot help from this page which i had to translate to v202:08
marcoceppibabou: o/02:08
stokachuah yes i remember that post02:08
stokachumaybe time to update it :D02:09
marcoceppiyes, *updates post*02:09
stokachuyour posts aren't on github are they?02:09
marcoceppistokachu: no, wordpress02:10
babou@marcoeppi i have no idea who you are, but i feel like im meeting a famous person02:10
stokachumarcoceppi, ah ok02:10
stokachubabou, he is famous02:10
* marcoceppi blushes02:10
marcoceppibabou: thanks for the updated commands, I've refreshed my blog post02:50
rick_hmarcoceppi: stokachu storage on lxd is on this cycle's roadmap of items. Couple of folks are working on it02:54
rick_hmarcoceppi: stokachu that's both lxd provider and lxd on another cloud (maas, etc)02:55
baboudoes anyone know how to install a modern version of node to a controller?03:50
babouthe way this one does it, it installs 0.10.303:51
kjackalGood morning Juju world08:30
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anrahquestion about layers and interface-layers13:42
magicaltroutgoooo anrah gooooooooo!13:43
anrahI have a interface-layer which I (perhaps) want to peer on all nodes on my model13:43
anrahthen i have base-layer on which all other apps are build on13:44
anrahapparently i can't use my peer-interface on all nodes?13:44
anrahas now it seems that all diffent apps have their own peering, even the interface is same on all applications13:45
magicaltrouthttps://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-spark-quorum/blob/master/peers.py you have something like that?13:46
magicaltroutand you have the scope set?13:46
anrahyes, global13:46
anrahRelation  Provides          Consumes          Type13:48
anrahtest    app-control  app-control  peer13:48
anrahtest    app-worker   app-worker   peer13:48
anrahit shows like that13:48
anrahwhat I would like to have is that all different applications would peer with each other13:48
anrahthrought that layer13:48
anrahI might have wrong idea on my mind and I need ot change the approach, but that is how I planned it :)13:48
magicaltroutthat output looks right from my limited knowledge of peer relations.13:49
magicaltroutYou're wanting to peer app-control to app-worker as well?13:49
magicaltroutyeah thats not happening afaik13:49
anrahWithout requires-provides13:49
magicaltrouthelp the poor person13:49
anrahI think that I'll have a beer and think this otherway around :)13:50
kjackalhello magicaltrout13:50
magicaltroutmarcoceppi is answer emails13:50
magicaltrouthe'll know as well13:50
kjackallet me see give me a sec to catchup13:50
magicaltroutpeer relations across different charms13:50
magicaltroutI think in a nutshell13:50
marcoceppidoes not exist13:51
marcoceppipeers are only for unit <-> unit communication wihtin a single application13:51
magicaltroutfigured as much13:51
magicaltroutthere you go anrah13:51
marcoceppiyou can reuse the interface for a peer relation in the provides/requires though13:51
marcoceppibut it's a seprate relations13:51
anrahI thought so13:52
anrahThen I'll have a beer and think other way around :)13:52
magicaltrouthave 513:52
magicaltroutits more effective13:52
anrahbasically the need is just to get ip-addresses of all units within a model13:53
anrahinside the charm13:53
magicaltroutthere must be a way to get that that marcoceppi can python up13:53
marcoceppianrah: ah, so, juju-info will be your savior13:54
kjackalthere is the juju-info interface that is implicit to all charms13:54
marcoceppianrah: but it's still a bit, dull13:54
marcoceppianrah: basically, juju-info is an interface you can require in your charm that allows you to connect to any application deployed. It only sets the `private-address` field so you can relation_get('private_address') but it requires the bundle or operator to add a relation to each component13:55
marcoceppianrah: without using the API, that's the best you can get13:55
anrahthanks! I'll try that13:57
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caribouHello, when creating actions for a charm in python, if I keep the .py suffix, the action is not identified by the script name w/o the .py14:30
caribouwhat is the best approach to create actions in python ? just drop the .py ?14:31
magicaltrouti did some yesterday14:31
magicaltroutdrop the .py and make sure you have a shebang in the top of the script14:31
caribouif I use a symlink (layered charm), when the charm is built, it drops the symlink & copy the file14:31
cariboumagicaltrout: then it becomes an issue with unittests14:32
magicaltrouttests are for wimps14:32
magicaltroutdunno, i asked marco the other day, he said, just write them in python so I did it like that14:33
magicaltrouti've not tried testing them yet14:33
mattywrick_h, ping?14:35
rick_hmattyw: otp pong14:35
marcoceppicaribou: magicaltrout you could do this, a pattern some charms have produced: https://github.com/juju-solutions/vpe-router/14:36
marcoceppithat's a python stub for the actions/<action> and then a start of the reactive loop14:36
marcoceppiit's not super clean, but it's something we're looking at cleaning up in reactive14:37
marcoceppicaribou magicaltrout alternatively, put the heavy lifting in lib/charms/layer/ and import it from the action stub14:37
marcoceppiunit test the library and don't worry about the stub14:37
cariboumarcoceppi: hmm, good idea14:38
stubor land stub's branch to avoid the stub14:38
marcoceppistub's stub is one approach14:40
marcoceppifwiw stub, we'll be looping back around to reactive 2.0 in the coming weeks, actions is one of the items on this list14:40
cariboumagicaltrout: marcoceppi: that seems to do the trick as well : collect = imp.load_source('collect', 'actions/collect')14:41
caribouat the top of the test script, instead of "import actions.collect"14:41
stubmarcoceppi: I need to be writing actions in under two weeks time, in reactive 1.15:19
mattywanyone around for a question about contraints?15:55
pmatulismattyw, dunno, best ask16:04
mattywpmatulis, according to the docs it's acceptable to set the arch constraints to no value. but: juju deploy ./ msql --constraints "arch=""" --series win2012r2 returns ERROR cannot add application "msql": invalid constraint value: arch=16:05
aisraelmarcoceppi: stub: Unless I'm missing some context here, actions in reactive aren't terribly difficult, just a little clunky. Totally functional, though.16:06
pmatulismattyw, yeahh i saw something similar with 'mem'16:06
pmatulismattyw, i think something changed recently16:06
stubaisrael: I need actions that tie into the reactor. I can't do that without my patch, and I've seen no alternatives.16:09
aisraelstub: This is what I've been doing for actions: https://github.com/AdamIsrael/vnfproxy16:10
stubaisrael: Hmm... You might have reimplemented my branch from 6 months ago, but without the charms.reactive patches16:13
aisraelstub: Dunno. I've been using actions with reactive like this almost since reactive was released.16:14
* aisrael smells a blog post16:15
stubaisrael: I don't recall it being brought up in Pasadena, and haven't heard it mentioned as an alternative16:15
stubaisrael: (which is surprising, since I've been escalating this the last month)16:16
aisraelstub: I'll make a point to call it out more. I didn't realize it was a pain point. I've been head-down working on open source mano and must have missed the discussion. :(16:17
stubaisrael: I'll need to revisit my old branch, but I think all that is missing is the @action decorator and that is just a style choice.16:21
aisraelstub: I'm happy to take a look at what you've got. I definitely think we can make actions easier to implement16:22
stubaisrael: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-basic/pull/69/files was my template, which might look very familiar :)16:22
aisraelHah, sure does. Yours is pulling the action name directly from hookenv, which is something I wanted to add to my template. :D16:23
stubaisrael: oh, my reactive patch is adding a new phase so the main action body is guaranteed to kick in before the rest of the reactive handlers. But I don't think I need that, at least for now.16:24
stubaisrael: Ta. This unblocks me nicely :)16:26
aisraelstub: Excellent, good to hear!16:26
stub(amusingly, I used to have states too for actions but removed that from the patch on request ;) , https://github.com/juju-solutions/charms.reactive/pull/66 )16:32
aisraelstub: I'll try to  weigh in on that discussion today or tomorrow.16:38
marcoceppicory_fu: I'll merge, but I could use a review https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/pull/29816:38
cory_fumarcoceppi: Comment added: Do you think you could add a trusty series to the mysql layer's metadata.yaml to ensure that de-dupe works across layers as well (since you ran in to that while testing)?16:42
marcoceppicory_fu: sure16:42
kjackalcory_fu: kwmonroe: Here is the error http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23747121/16:43
stubmarcoceppi: I think you lose the declared series ordering, so the preferred series (first) might change when you 'charm build'16:44
marcoceppiprobably should use ordered set then stub ?16:45
stubmarcoceppi: There is an ordered set?16:45
marcoceppiI mean, "yes"16:45
stub(hey, there is an ordered dictionary... wouldn't surprise me if there was an ordered set lurking around somewhere in stdlib)16:46
marcoceppiit's not in stdlib, but there's a generally accepted class that implements it16:46
kjackalcory_fu: kwmonroe: something very important cwr filed but it did not retrun an error code so the script tried to release the charms (even if the tests failed)16:47
cory_fukjackal: There's a card on the board for that16:47
kjackalcory_fu: so how can we move forward with this PR then? Should we have a check (eg grep FAILURE) against the output directory and stop the jenkins job?16:49
cory_fukjackal: We should address the card on the board and make cwr return a proper exit code16:49
cory_fukjackal: Ok, I know what the problem is.  Your invocation with the charm doesn't have a reference bundle16:50
cory_fukjackal: vs
kwmonroeahhh. nice!16:51
cory_fuPM'd you the login16:51
cory_fukjackal: Note the "echo 'bundle: /tmp/bundles/'" vs "echo 'bundle: /tmp/bundles/cs_beats_core'"16:52
cory_fuWe need to detect no reference bundle and use the charm path / name instead16:53
cory_fuThat, or make the reference bundle required16:53
cory_fuI'm leaning toward the latter16:54
kjackalcory_fu: if we make the reference bundle required then we are losing all our customer base :)16:55
kjackalI am not sure, I am a bit puzzled16:57
marcoceppistub: good catch on the ordering16:57
kjackalcory_fu: so we will say if you want to make a charm you should first have a bundle for it before using the CI we are building?16:58
cory_fukjackal: Part of the justification for reference bundle is that we want to heavily push for testing of bundles instead of charms.  I don't think it's unreasonable to make that a requirement, but I'm not 100% set on it.16:58
cory_fuarosales: What's your opinion on that?  ^16:58
cory_fukjackal: Pretty much, yes16:58
* arosales reads back scroll16:59
cory_fukjackal: Otherwise, you're back to having to write amulet tests to get any testing done.  If you have even a trivial bundle, you can test it with matrix16:59
arosaleswe had talked about policy in making a reference bundle mandatory, thus I would be a +1 on making a reference bundle mandatory17:00
arosalesa charm that doesn't have a bundle doesn't make much sense17:00
arosalesI guess at a very minimum if someone did have a use case for a single charm they could still make a bundle of 1 charm. I wouldn't suggest it, but there is still that option17:00
arosalescory_fu: kjackal  ^17:01
kjackalarosales: cory_fu: It is a chiken and egg issue here. Let say we want to have a CI for juju from day 1 of development. That means that day 0 should start with creting a bundle. And day 2 you can create a charm.17:03
kjackalarosales: cory_fu: anyway, I am out for today17:03
kjackalOn Monday, i will look at the multiple controllers17:04
marcoceppicory_fu: I found another problem, the way combine works17:05
marcoceppiit's appending series list, instead of prepending17:05
cory_fumarcoceppi: Why is that wrong?17:06
marcoceppicory_fu: if lower layer is trusty, precise, and upper layer is xenial, trusty, order will be trusty, precise, xenial17:07
marcoceppibut upper layer should take precedence17:08
cory_fuAh, yeah17:08
stokachurick_h, thanks re: storage on lxd17:29
rick_hstokachu: <317:30
arosaleskjackal: I think in that case we could still just have a bundle of 1 charm17:30
arosalesat a very minimum if that charm doesn't have any relations yet17:30
smgollerhey all, so I'm using 2.1 beta3 to talk to maas 2.1. When I try to bootstrap, juju errors out because MAAS doesn't support the 1.0 api anymore. Is there a workaround for this?17:44
lazyPowermarcoceppi - got a second? mbruzek and I are looking to share a controller we have hosted for the team, but we want teh shares to be admin level users17:46
lazyPowercan you grant controller wide admin access?17:47
rick_hlazyPower: grant superuser https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/users-models#controller-access17:48
lazyPowerrick_h ta17:48
smgolleranybody? How do I tell juju to use api version 2?18:24
smgoller(for maas)18:24
smgollerthis is the error i'm getting18:29
smgoller2017-01-05 17:57:23 ERROR cmd supercommand.go:458 new environ: Get http://<ipv4address>/MAAS/api/1.0/version/: dial tcp <ipv4address>:80: getsockopt: connection timed out18:29
smgollerERROR failed to bootstrap model: subprocess encountered error code 118:29
smgollerbut curl on that url from the host works just fine18:29
lazyPowersmgoller what version of juju?18:46
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magicaltroutso here's a weird one19:17
magicaltroutthat is completely left field at the moment, but I need to figure out how to deploy Juju stuff to this bad boy... https://www.tacc.utexas.edu/systems/wrangler19:17
magicaltroutthats quite a powerful computer...19:17
cory_fumarcoceppi: Are you working on the append vs insert issue or is #298 ready for review again?19:23
h00pzhey folks got a mysql question regarding the openstack deployment from juju19:24
lazyPowermagicaltrout hoooo, DSSD rack scale? I bet that disk IO is *in-sane*19:27
lazyPoweranalytics with bandwidth of 1TB/s and 250M IOPS (6x faster than Stampede)19:27
marcoceppicory_fu: working on it19:27
h00pzin the past (non juju deployed openstack) I would be able to log into my mysql servers and do a “show databases;” and voila my openstack dbs19:28
h00pznow I juju ssh mysql/0 and then log into mysql and do the same and all I see is schema and test19:28
lazyPowerh00pz - not to be daft, but i'm fairly certain our openstack offering uses percona19:29
lazyPowerwouldn't that then be warehoused in percona/0 not mysql/0?19:29
h00pzyah it does hence my complete lack of brain cells19:29
lazyPowerwell I wasn't going to go that far :D  Its a common mistake19:29
lazyPoweri do ask, as some people modify the bundle, and its not always obvious if thats the case19:29
h00pzubuntu@maas:~$ juju status | grep percona19:30
h00pzmysql                  5.6.21-25.8  active          1  percona-cluster        jujucharms  246  ubuntu19:30
h00pzubuntu@maas:~$ juju ssh percona/019:30
h00pzERROR unit "percona/0" not found19:30
h00pzso mysql/0 exists but not percona/019:30
lazyPowerok, they aliased the percona charm as mysql19:30
lazyPowermakes sense to me so far. When you log into the percona unit you dont see any databases related to openstack right?19:31
rick_hh00pz: right, you can name the applications once deployed whatever you want.19:31
rick_hh00pz: e.g. you might deploy mysql twice, once as mysql-leader, and a second time as follower19:31
h00pzi did a first-timer juju deploy of the basic openstack bundle and didn’t fiddle with it.19:32
rick_hh00pz: so to ssh to each you'd use your names you gave it, mysql-leader and such19:32
h00pzservices are working fine i just need to edit a couple fields (i tied to delete vms when rabbitmq was down)19:32
rick_hh00pz: right, so juju ssh mysql/0 should work for you in this case?19:33
h00pzyes that does and once in there no darn dbs19:33
rick_hh00pz: this was running before or is a new deploy?19:33
h00pzbeen running fine (and still is) for over a month19:34
h00pzim just trying to find the darn dbs to edit some stuff19:34
rick_hh00pz: k, and how are you listing the dbs on the mysql?19:35
h00pzubuntu@maas:~$ juju ssh mysql/019:35
h00pzubuntu@juju-e039b2-0-lxd-1:~$ mysql -u mysql19:35
h00pzmysql> show databases;19:35
h00pz| Database           |19:35
h00pz| information_schema |19:35
h00pz| test               |19:35
h00pz2 rows in set (0.00 sec)19:35
rick_hh00pz: can you get an interactive mysql shell and try "SELECT User FROM mysql.user;"19:36
* rick_h dusts off some old mysql know-how19:37
bildzim sitting next to h00pz btw19:37
rick_hbildz: howdy19:37
bildzhey rick_h19:37
h00pzits telling me to faq off, clearly no adequate perms19:38
rick_hbildz: h00pz so my suspicion is that it's not showing all databases, but only the ones you have permission to see19:38
rick_hbildz: h00pz so the ones for the OS aren't shown as the charms will create users/dbs with permissions in case that mysql is reused with other applications19:38
rick_he.g. a blog and a drupal and a ...19:38
rick_hh00pz: bildz so try using "sudo mysql19:38
bildzyeah that's very odd19:39
rick_hto get mysql running as root19:39
rick_hsorry, w/o the "19:39
bildzwell, you can mysql -u root -p19:39
bildzsame thing19:39
rick_hok, same thing19:39
rick_hbildz: but not mysql -u mysql?19:39
rick_hbildz: so might be completely19:39
bildzim guessing we could parse the configs of services using mysql to see what it's using :)19:39
rick_hsudo mysql19:40
rick_huse mysq;19:40
rick_hselect User from mysql.user;19:40
bildzyeah basing that root has no passwd19:40
rick_hbah, use mysql;19:40
bildzbut its appearing to have one19:40
rick_hright, it's ubuntu so you should be able to sudo from the ubuntu user19:40
smgollerlazypower: I figured it out. it's not an api problem19:40
smgollerit's a network connectivity problem.19:40
smgollerthe problem being the command was being executed on the bootstrapped controller, not the machine i was running the bootstrap from19:41
lazyPowersmgoller ok good :)19:41
smgollerand the controller couldn't talk to maas19:41
lazyPowerglad you figured out the blocker19:41
lazyPoweri wasn't entirely sure where to start but i figured best to start with what juju19:41
lazyPowerand go from there19:41
lazyPower+1 for your debugging routine :)19:41
h00pzyah so imi thinking that the only way to get into the openstack table space is from the root user WITH PASSWORD which we dont know or setup during the juju deploy19:42
lazyPowerh00pz thats in /var/lib/mysql  or /var/lib/percona respectively19:42
* rick_h goes to deploy the percona-db charm and will be back in a sec19:42
lazyPowerh00pz specifically /var/lib/mysql/mysql.passwd19:43
h00pzon the controller ?19:43
lazyPowerThat should exist on any mysql unit you have deployed19:43
lazyPowerthats a convention baked into the db charms when it auto-generates a password, it leaves a little cache file around on disk with the contents of the root users password, only readable by root19:44
h00pzi have /var/lib/percona-xtradb-cluster but no mysql.passwd19:45
h00pzi did a find and a grep for that file name, no dice19:49
lazyPowerperhaps something changed and i wasn't aware its been a bit since i've looked at those charms19:57
lazyPowerbeisner, or thedac - any suggestions on how to get the root password for the percona charm these days?19:57
rick_hlazyPower: h00pz bildz this is the only thing I can find atm https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset19:58
rick_hlazyPower: h00pz bildz lots of thing say that if not provided during install it creates on in the log file19:58
rick_hbut my deploy doesn't have a password line I can tell19:59
beisnerhowdy lazyPower, we typically set it on deploy, but i think there is a retrieval method.  pretty sure it's in rel data.  thedac may have more detail?19:59
rick_hhttps://jujucharms.com/percona-cluster/#charm-config-root-password yea20:00
rick_hhmm, /me wonders if you can change it via charm config?20:00
h00pzbwahahahaha are telling me I can set it through the juju gui20:00
rick_hh00pz: I'm testing it out :)20:01
rick_hh00pz: hmm, doesn't look like it took20:01
h00pzthis —> Root password for MySQL access; must be configured pre-deployment for Active-Active clusters. <—20:01
rick_hyea...that seems about right20:02
h00pzlemme try20:02
h00pznope might have to try lazypower’s suggestion to break the passwoid20:03
lazyPowerbeisner ok, i hand't thought about the rel data being the key holder. Percona is non reactive correct?20:03
rick_hh00pz: bildz yea, have to suggest to go the password recovery route20:05
rick_hseems this is the way it works these days to keep things secure20:05
h00pzk will do thanks guys.20:05
kjackalcory_fu: I am doing two minor changes in "Store and serve CWR reports and build artifacts"20:05
beisnerlazyPower, indeed, it's old style20:06
cory_fukjackal: What changes?20:06
magicaltroutindeed lazyPower that is some serious compute power20:07
magicaltroutnot sure how i'm gonna get charms deployed on int20:07
magicaltroutbut always like a challenge20:07
kjackalcory_fu: the ref-bundle param should be mundatory in the build-on-release as well and something is not right in the descriptiona20:07
cory_fukjackal: OK, thanks20:08
kjackalcory_fu: last show stopper in this PR (at least for me) is the CWR not reporting a failure. How do we want to handle this in respect to the PR. Should we merge the PR now knowing that this needs to be fixed or should we keep the PR pending?20:23
cory_fukjackal: It will have to be fixed in the CWR repo anyway, so I'd say treat it as a separate issue.20:25
cory_fukjackal: However, hold on one sec, I have one more minor change to make20:25
cory_fukjackal: Ok, pushed20:29
kjackalcory_fu: Ok, so we move forward with the merge (as soon as you are done). One last question. What is more important: multiple controllers vs cwr retruning an error code on failure? If you ask me the latter because with that PR the build-on-* are not safe to be used.20:29
kjackalBasically I am asking for priority of tasks for Monday morning20:30
cory_fukjackal: Well, they're safe to use if you don't use push-to-channel, and that won't affect our demo next week, so I'd actually say the multiple clouds is higher.  But they're both important.20:31
kjackalOk, multiple controllers it is then (unless someone else goes for it tomorrow)20:32
magicaltroutmarcoceppi: i get the feeling i'll know the answer to this but.... if i wanted to use the manual provider, apart from the controller, do the other units need to be Ubuntu?20:33
lazyPowermagicaltrout nah you can manually enlist other series20:33
lazyPoweri'm like 8020:33
lazyPower% certain of this20:33
lazyPowerits that last 20% that might bite you20:33
magicaltroutwell i'll have a bunch of other issues as well so i'll need to fork and extend20:34
magicaltroutbut its worth investigating20:34
kjackalcory_fu: Sorry to bother you again. Do we export the cloud credentials so that Matrix knows about them? What should happen in the case of multiple controllers?20:37
cory_fukjackal: Ugh20:38
cory_fukjackal: You're right.  And now I realize that my work-around of using the env var won't work20:39
cory_fukjackal: I can't believe I missed that20:40
cory_fukjackal: Ok, I removed the exports.  I'll have to figure out another way to do it20:54
kjackalcory_fu: multiple controllers seems an easy task. Should be one day.20:57
kwmonroekjackal: cory_fu: where did the "usage: cwr [-h] [--result-output RESULT_OUTPUT]" get fixed?  kjackal reported it in pr21 because the cwr invocation was --result-dir (not --result-output).  was there a commit in layer-cwr to update the install location of cloud-weather-report?20:59
cory_fukwmonroe: kjackal somehow had an old version of cwr20:59
kwmonroeright cory_fu.. now i've got it.20:59
kwmonroeand iirc, pypi wasn't updated, so layer-cwr did a clone/install (or wget master.zip or something)21:00
kjackalkwmonroe: cory_fu: yes, I probably had an old cwr. Probably because I reused a jenkins deployment21:00
sfeolehey guys, i'm working on a new charm and the install hook keeps failing with the following:   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23748751/     looks to be related to wheelhouse, has anyone ran into this before?21:10
thedaclazyPower: looking that up for you now. The file is written on disk somewhere. Not where I expected. Give me a few.21:12
thedaclazyPower: no it is shipped of to leader settings: juju run --unit percona-cluster/0 leader-get21:16
lazyPowerthedac aha! thats excellent. Thanks for the follow up21:16
lazyPowerh00pz - still poking around?21:17
thedacno problem21:17
kwmonroekjackal: did you fix it by manually updating cwr on the jenkins slave?  i ask because my cwr charm (on the jenkins unit) says to pip_install_from_git, so i know that's correct.  however, the cwr installed on the jenkins system is *not* the same as the github repo.21:20
kwmonroeit's like cwr is getting pip installed prior to the 'pip_install_from_git' and being skipped.21:21
kwmonroecory_fu: do you have pypi release rights to cwr?21:21
kwmonroe(not that that's the right answer, just curious)21:21
cory_fukwmonroe: I do not.  Only ses21:24
kjackalkwmonroe: I am back. So I fixed it by going to bed and woke-up realising what I was doing wrong21:24
kjackalkwmonroe: let me parse what you are sayiing21:24
kwmonroekjackal: let me help:  i deployed the latest cwr-ci bundle and upgraded the cwr charm with the feature/reports-and-artifacts branch.21:25
kwmonroethe jenkins principal has an old version of cloud-weather-report pip installed21:25
kjackalyeap, that will not work.21:26
kwmonroeit doesn't seem to be using the "pip_install_from_git(..., http://repo/c-w-r)21:26
kjackalI just destroyed the model and tried manually from scrach21:26
cory_fukwmonroe: It's working fine for me21:26
kwmonroenot possible!21:27
cory_fukwmonroe: As kjackal said, did you re-deploy the jenkins, or did you upgrade it from an old deploy?21:27
cory_fukwmonroe: Of course, this would be moot if we had the workloads containerized.21:28
kwmonroecory_fu: this is a new jenkins deploy.. from ~kos.<greek-name>21:28
cory_fuVery strange21:28
kwmonroecory_fu: should cwr be in the /var/lib/juju/agent/cwr/.venv or on the system?  it feels like i'm getting cwr installed outside of the cwr charm.  and that feels bad.21:30
cory_fuI've deployed many times and not hit that, but it might be a heisenbug21:30
cory_fukwmonroe: It should be in the system now, because it's not python3 so isn't compatible with the venv.  Really, it should be in the containerized job env21:30
kwmonroeheh, you keep saying "containerized" like we have time to do something about that21:30
cory_fuYeah.  :(21:31
magicaltroutfix it!!!! fiiiiix iiiiiiit!21:32
kwmonroewell, i had a stale ciuser preventing me from doing the build-on-commit, so let me tear all the way down again.  if i deploy cs:~kos.greek/jenkins + local cwr from feature/reports-and-artifacts, i should have a cwr that supports --results-dir?21:32
kwmonroeawww heck.  i know what happened.  i didn't upgrade jenkins, but i did 'cwr' (hence cwr-ci.installed was already set).  damn.21:35
cory_fukwmonroe: :)21:38
kwmonroetotally not my fault.  you asked "did you re-deploy the jenkins ... or upgrade it".  you said nothing of the cwr subordinate.21:39
cory_futvansteenburgh, kwmonroe, petevg: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/pull/4321:51
kwmonroei don't look at PRs until travis is done21:51
tvansteenburghi don't look at PRs when ppl ping me about them right after i get the email from github21:52
kwmonroecory_fu: i'll approve this part: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/pull/43/files#diff-9aa2102e02a5e20ed59d041e8ee2b2e4L91, tvansteenburgh can approve the rest.  python async isn't really my thing.21:55
tvansteenburghthat line was there for a reason, -121:55
kwmonroegood point.  lack of comment for why 2 blank lines weren't needed.  -1.21:57
cory_futvansteenburgh: Was the reason to give lint errors?21:57
cory_fukwmonroe: Do you want lint errors?  Because this is how you get lint errors.21:58
tvansteenburghcory_fu: confirmed21:58
cory_fuOk, travis passed.  Someone feel free to merge it so I can submit my next PR21:58
cory_fukwmonroe, petevg: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/6622:02
cory_fupetevg: Ok, looking at your PR now.  Sorry for the delay22:02
kwmonroewhitespace seems legit22:03
petevgThat's my bad, apparently.22:07
petevgI usually catch that sort of nonsense.22:07
kwmonroepetevg: emacs has a box for "add superfluous whitespace".  maybe check that out.22:10
cory_fupetevg: Technically, that indentation was correct, because the timeout value went with the wait_for(), but I changed it to make it less confusing22:13
petevgcory_fu: ah. You are right.22:14
cory_fuSometimes getting indentation to be reasonable while sticking to < 80 columns is a PITA22:14
cory_fupetevg: Crap, that's a good catch.  I think that log message is rather important, so I'm +1 to blocking that until I can figure out a fix.22:17
petevgcory_fu: cool.22:17
petevgI don't have any immediate suggestions. unfortunately :-/22:17
petevgcory_fu: you might actually be able to do try: else: finally, actually (all on the same indentation level).22:18
petevg... though I'm not sure how to nested Exception will interact with it ...22:19
cory_fupetevg: Actually, the way it's structured, crashdump won't happen if add_model fails22:20
petevgThat's not good either.22:20
petevgcory_fu: thx for merging the output dir PR. :-)22:20
petevgcory_fu: darn. If an exception is raised during an "else" after a try-except, it doesn't look like the "finally" executes :-(22:24
petevgcory_fu: actually, hang on ... it does work. Flaw in my script.22:25
cory_fupetevg: Too late, it's updated22:25
cory_fuYeah, I tested it and it seems to work properly with the else22:26
cory_fuThough, TBH, if run_once kicks up an uncaught exception, I'm pretty sure it will hang Matrix22:26
cory_fuBut it has internal exception catching, so it should be ok22:27
petevgcory_fu: I think that run_once won't hang matrix. An uncaught Exception in the "finally" block definitely will, but there's not too much to be done about that other than being careful.22:28
petevgcory_fu: in any case, I am +1 on this.22:28
cory_fuSweet, gonna merge it22:29
cory_fuWe might actually have a demo yet.  ;)22:29
cory_fuOk, I have to EOD now.22:30
tvansteenburghcory_fu: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/tree/local-charm-bundle-support22:31
tvansteenburghi just deployed a bundle with local charms using that branch22:31
cory_futvansteenburgh: That's fantastic!22:31
tvansteenburghneeds some cleanup before merge, but feel free to test it out22:32
tvansteenburghi have to eod now too, will finish it up in the morning22:32
cholcombehow does the charm review process work again with promulgated charms and their code living at github?22:46
rick_hcholcombe: use the review queue to submit a request for review22:49
cholcomberick_h, is it still review.juju.solutions?22:49
cholcomberick_h, nvm i found the link22:50
rick_hcholcombe: I thought the old one was going away but that doesn't look right22:50
cholcomberick_h, https://review.jujucharms.com/reviews/81 looks good :)22:52
rick_hcholcombe: ok cool22:53
* rick_h thought there was a big request review button but is blind atm22:53
cholcombeyeah you're correct rick.  i was looking at the old site again.  it comes up in my search history.  i need to delete it22:53
rick_hcholcombe: gotcha22:54
rick_hah right, there you go22:54
rick_hI missed the url change from first paste to the other22:54
cholcomberick_h, do you know if amulet works with juju storage yet?  that was my blocker last time22:59
rick_hcholcombe: not that I'm aware of23:00
marcoceppicholcombe: so amulet will slowly be deprecated for python-libjuju. Amulet will eventually adopt libjuju instead of deployer at which case you'll have access directly to the model23:18
cholcombemarcoceppi, interesting23:19
cholcombemarcoceppi, so should i start developing against libjuju?23:19
marcoceppicholcombe: if you're comfortable with async io23:22
cholcombei am but it looks like libjuju is also missing storage support23:22
marcoceppicholcombe: it shouldn't it implements every aspect of the Juju api23:22
cholcombehmm alright i'll dig deeper23:23

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