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plakedhola alguien que hable español y me pueda ayudar?07:22
lordievaderGood morning.08:05
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yossarianukwell done for getting plasma 5.8.x into the ppa !10:49
xibiris it save to use the backport ppa on LTS version?11:01
soeexibir: i would say it is recommended11:07
soeeLTS backports contains now also Plasma 5.8 LTS11:07
xibirsoee: okay i missed that information thanks :)11:10
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yossarianukwith kde distros really you want the latest plasma, etc as you will generally have a more stable experience...11:40
yossarianukplus added features11:41
yossarianukplasma 5.8.x is far better than the plasma version shipped in kubuntu 16.04/16.10 - lots of bugs fixed (i.e multi monitor)11:41
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BluesKajHi alll12:35
mozammelBluesKaj: Hello12:48
Necyman. kde looks so much better than gnome12:48
Necynext reinstall will be kubuntu fosho12:49
Necyi love gnome, but kde .. another level12:49
mozammel_Necy: true. KDE Plasma is really so good.12:50
Necynormally i hate reinstalling, but now im looking forwrd to it so much12:51
BluesKajhi mozammel_12:55
xibirsoee: I'm quite new to KDE so... what kind of black magic is this?13:29
soeexibir: it just shows new feature of incoming Plasma 5.9 - widgets explorer inside application dashboard13:30
xibirI thought this were actually implemented. looks interesting13:37
donhi evreyone14:12
aniketh__My primary display is not coming correctly.14:21
aniketh__while connecting it VGA14:21
aniketh__I'm on Kubuntu 16.1014:21
hateballaniketh__: What GPU/driver ?14:22
hateballaniketh__: And define "not correctly"14:22
aniketh__hateball:  It's like when removing the VGA connection my laptop screen goes black. But when I connect the connector the display works but no nav bar.14:23
hateballaniketh__: are you using kubuntu backports?14:25
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aniketh__hateball:  backports for plasma ?14:26
hateballaniketh__: yes14:27
hateballIf you're not: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade14:28
aniketh__No I guess. Not sure.14:28
hateballas multimonitor is less broken in 5.8.x14:28
aniketh__hateball: Will that crash or somewhat ?14:29
aniketh__It rather stable right ?14:30
aniketh__Got this error code14:32
hateballaniketh__: yes I am running it myself14:36
aniketh__hateball: okay cool :)14:36
aniketh__hateball: But see that error. What to do about it ?14:36
hateballaniketh__: I... dont really know. Because it does exist14:37
aniketh__oh that's sad :(14:37
hateballaniketh__: can always add the sources manually14:37
hateballbut it should just work14:37
hateballI wonder if acheronuk is around14:38
hateballHe would know, perhaps14:38
soeeaniketh__: install Plasma 5.8 first :)14:39
soeethan pleasecheck if you have any problems with screen14:39
hateballsoee: that's what I'm trying to help them with14:39
hateballbut see their error14:39
BluesKajstaging-plasma and frameworks ppas are available, but my 16.10 is not very stable on plasma 5.8.514:40
soeesudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports14:40
soeeaniketh__: ^14:41
BluesKajcrash notices14:41
acheronukyep. no '~' required14:43
ubottuluca: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:43
hateballI had no ~ in the line I gave them14:43
aniketh__soee: Let me try that command14:43
hateballaniketh__: so you're not copy pasting what I typed?14:43
aniketh__hateball:  did the copy paste itself :D14:44
aniketh__both not working14:44
aniketh__again the same error14:45
soeewhy do you have ~kubuntu-ppa not kubuntu-ppa14:46
aniketh__sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports14:48
aniketh__soee: I did thus14:49
acheronukaniketh__: are you connect to a network OK?14:49
aniketh__acheronuk: ofcourse yeah :)14:49
acheronukthat error usually indicates it can't reach launchpad for some reason14:50
soeeaniketh__: pastebin output of: lsb_release -a14:50
AceKingI have an external hub for my drives. If I mount, and umount one drive, and put another one in, I keep getting "An error occurred while accessing '688.3 GiB Encrypted Drive', the system responded: The requested operation has failed: Error creating mount point `/media/martok/750GB Backup': Input/output error"14:51
aniketh__soee: Wait. It's working :)14:52
AceKingIf I restart my PC, I can mount the drive. But if I unmount it, and try mounting another, the same thing happens.14:52
aniketh__soee: After full upgrade. what should I do ?14:54
soeerelogin or reboot14:55
aniketh__thats it ? Will that solve the monitor issue ?14:56
aniketh__Actually this was the first time I was experiencing something like that issue with the monitors14:57
aniketh__full upgrade on process14:57
BluesKajusually after upgrading packages with a development ppa it should be removed from the package manager sources, aniketh__14:59
soeeBluesKaj: he uses backport15:05
mgolden_AceKing: Does it work with other drives?15:18
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yossarianukhi - by default Plasma/cups seems to automatically detect printers on my network - is there a wayh to stop that ?15:26
yossarianukI still want to access network printers just not install automatically.15:29
yossarianuk(as its auto installing incorrectly and is not working - when I manually add its fine)15:29
yossarianukis it just a matter of disabling cups-browser ?15:30
BluesKajsoee, the backports ppa not just the kubuntu backports15:39
oseHey, I just updated my laptop to 16.10 and have some wifi problems. I can use internet over cable fine. iwconfig shows an interface, but there is no wifi symbol in the notification area16:30
oseany hints?16:30
BluesKajdoes ifconfig show a wifi controller16:39
hazamonzoHowdy BluesKaj16:40
oseBluesKaj: it shows one named wlp1s0 which I assume is that16:41
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BluesKajhi hazamonzo16:43
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osefound something to try, but that involves rebooting, so I'll be offline some minutes16:44
yossarianukis there anyone here who has used inotify to watch a directory and move files to another?16:44
yossarianukI'm having an issue with subfolders16:45
BluesKajyes ose that's most likely it..run the driver manager in system settings to see if the recommended wifi driver shows, if so choose it and wait for it to install16:45
BluesKajoops , missed that16:48
hazamonzoAny OBS fans here. I was able o install it fine yesterday and record a video via the OBS-studio tool. Today it looks like OBS starts okay on the commandline but the obs-studio UI fails to start16:49
hazamonzoChecked the logs and can't see any errors16:50
oseokay so on a live USB with 16.10 the network manager is present at least17:53
oseI'm just going to get my important files backed up again and do a clean install17:55
soeewhat was wrong before ?17:55
oseupdated from 16.04 to 16.10 and got problems with network manager, as well as problems with the DE "hanging" which just made debugging the network issue a pain17:57
soeeose: did you installed backports ?18:03
Necyi press minimise in plasma19:17
Necywhere do the windows go?19:17
Necythey just vanish19:19
Necyand is the kubuntu iso from the website plasma?19:21
soeeminimize or show desktop ?19:21
soee"show desktop" effect makes windows to outside visible area but you can see part of them in screen corners19:22
soeeminimize just minimize them19:22
Necyit seems i must have done something to the panel19:24
Necythey are not showing up in the panel anymore19:24
soeemaybe you removed task manager widget19:25
soeeit displays active apps19:25
Necythis takes a little getting used to19:26
Necyso much customization19:26
soeei'm using pretty standard setup http://i.imgur.com/SKOxuXr.jpg19:27
soeewith 4 activities, application dashboard instead of kicker (menu), 2 custom action on screen corners19:28
Necywhere is themes located?19:29
Necyi had it earlier19:29
Necy(this is in a vm atm)19:30
soeeSystem Settings -> Workspace Theme19:31
soeepress ALT + F2 and type in in krunner 'Syst' and it will shouw you and entry to click19:32
Necygnome does what it does, but this is so much more modern19:35
Necymakes windows look crap19:36
Necythe file manager and the terminal at the bottom :-o awssome!19:37
user|96611hello everyone i have any question about kubuntu and nicotine(the soft) someone could answer me?20:12
Necyive booted into kubuntu iso, it shows a desktop but no installer20:19
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acheronukNecy there should be an installer launcher icon op left20:20
Necyim just seeing a black wallpaper, no icons20:21
Necynvm , i found one in the menu bar20:22
Necy- and install20:22
acheronukNecy: that was the next thing I was going to suggest20:22
acheronukthough something is amiss with plasma startup on your hardware if you have black wallpaper20:23
acheronukhopefully it won't interfere with install20:23
Necyits in a virtual machine20:23
Necymaybe thats why20:23
Necywhat exactly is LVM?20:24
Necyah, nvm20:26
acheronukSome VM software can be a bit flakey wwith plasma start as well. On Virtaul box I occasionally get an iso live session not start. but restarting the VM often sorts it20:30
Necy<acheronuk> that happened to me too20:41
Necyalso, kde seems to run alot better with kubuntu oposed to kubuntu desktop installed on an ubuntu gnome vm20:41
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acheronukNot sure why that should be, but hey :)20:42
Necyhey man20:43
acheronukmaybe some stuff like gnome setting daemon, tracker indexing, zeitgiest etc, still tries to start up in the background20:44
acheronukdunno. It's a loooong time since I used gnome20:45
Necythe dark theme also doesnt work with libre writer20:47
Necyyou cant see the bar at the top20:47
Necyit has a funny gradient20:48
Necywhen you hover over the panel and it brings up the icon it looks really lo res too20:49
acheronukAFAIK that is a bug with Qt/KDE interface of libreoffice, which they are fixing in the next release of that20:52
Necythey will probably replace the lo res icon with an application preview?20:53
Necyseems strange to have the icon twice20:53
acheronukI tend to uninstall libreoffice-kde and install libreoffice-gtk2 or libreoffice-gtk320:58
acheronuknot ideal, but until libreoffice fix their Qt frontend, it's reasonable20:59
Necyi dont understand why i add some widgets to the desktop (the network and a few others) and it only shows an icon21:01
Necydoes discover have the same software as software (software center) in gnome?21:06
Necyi cant find atom in there21:06
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Necydoes discover have different software?21:21
[Relic]what atom?21:29
Necyyea. and i cant seem to find discs as well21:31
Necythe program to manage your hard drives on ubuntu21:32
Necy- not in the software center but installed21:33
PiciThe software center has packages, and the disk management tool is likely part of a suite of tools or goes by a different name than you are used to.. also I'm not sure if all software is actually reported by the software center, it used to be that many command-line and server stuff would not show up.21:35
Pici(I'm more of a server person, I actually don't use Kubuntu at all)21:35
[Relic]I always use apt to install the muon package manager and don't use discover21:36
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