esdwdfttyNeed test. Always when I try to logout (or auto monitor blocked) and login as my user me reset and back to login and password. 17.04 version, only installed the guest additions. Reinstallation of Linux won't help. The password I enter is correct. If I enter the wrong password, anything does not change or appears red warning. Lang ru http://rgho.st/download/private/76sVclDFZ/d778d54c85b547bb0fa461a83dfb2387/81fdfe3204a4053e1aec05:12
esdwdfttyhelp onlry reboot or turn off05:14
esdwdfttyexemle password aERTYUY05:15
esdwdfttyI use auto login when install linux05:23
esdwdfttyuser q2n4j9d6h3i5v1b@q2n4j9d6h3i5v1b-VirtualBox05:37

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