fishcookerhow to disable guest login?03:07
LiftLeftwhen I disconnect my second monitor from my laptop, lubuntu still acts as if there's a second monitor and doesn't move the programs to the laptop's screen.03:28
LiftLeftfishcooker: http://askubuntu.com/questions/523605/how-do-i-disable-the-guest-session-from-lubuntu-14-0403:29
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WildPenguinhello, how many here use lubuntu as the primary os?08:49
fishcookeranyone with apt module error "FATAL -> Failed to fork"  http://vpaste.net/izPXA don't say with apt-get install -f ... it emits the same error messages09:09
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io-jupiterHi, I just installed Lubuntu 16.10, but the software center is empty,  and I'm a total rookie..20:51
xanguaio-jupiter: open a terminal and run: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade20:56
xanguaFirst close the software center20:56
io-jupiterI'll try that .21:04
io-jupiterWell, it updater allot of data, but still there are only apps in the first "page" where there are the recommended.. I'd I'm going in for example the internet,  there's only allot of frames (where the programs should be displayed) .. now there's only three dots ...21:13
xanguaio-jupiter: did you fully close software center?(right click on the little icon at top left, select quit)22:12
lynorianxangua, they are not in the channel anymore22:35
pkzipdo i need an alternate installer to install with crypted swap?22:45

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