derekcatHey everyone, anyone seen this error?00:21
derekcatDeploying charm "cs:ceph-269"00:21
derekcatERROR cannot deploy bundle: cannot deploy application "ceph": cannot add application "ceph": unknown space "storage-cluster" not valid00:21
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BlackDexhello there14:13
BlackDexhow can i force specific sysctl settings via maas to be used during deployment and always the default for that system?14:13
rbasakI think cloud-init would be the appropriate route to achieve that (and then have MAAS supply the appropriate config to cloud-init). Others will know more than me on this though.14:21
rbasakI don't see a specific cloud-config option for sysctl, but you could always run commands to tweak them directly, or perhaps better write to /etc/sysctl.d if you can get the ordering right.14:21
BlackDexill just hope the juju charms will set everything at time ;)14:32
BlackDexthe other option i guess is to add a special tag which will add everything as kernel parameters14:34
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mupBug #1654412 opened: Unable to set edge kernel as the min_hwe_kernel and deploy with the default kernel <MAAS:In Progress by ltrager> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1654412>22:33

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