seb128good morning desktopers08:33
flexiondotorgMorning seb128 hikiko09:01
seb128hey flexiondotorg, how are you?09:01
hikikogood morning all :)09:01
flexiondotorgGood thanks seb128 :-)09:01
seb128hey hikiko09:02
flexiondotorgGood morning Laney09:03
seb128hey Laney09:03
seb128how are things today?09:03
Laneyhey flexiondotorg hey seb12809:05
Laneylooks quite nice outside!09:06
Laneyand I managed to get climbing last night09:06
Laneyhow are you?09:06
seb128that was your first session this year?09:06
seb128I'm good! blue sky outside and a some sun, that's always nicer ;-)09:06
seb128no tennis yet for me though, lessons resume next week and it was windy/raining yesterday so I didn't go to the wednesday-mixed-group evening09:07
Laneyno covered place?09:08
didrocksgood morning flexiondotorg, hikiko, Laney. Re seb128 :)09:08
Laneyindeed it was the first session09:08
flexiondotorgMorning didrocks09:08
seb128re didrocks :-)09:08
Laneya lot of people looking a bit s-l-o-w, including me09:08
Laneyhey didrocks09:08
Laneywhat's up?09:09
didrocksin remission from coughing, so hopefully will finally get a little bit of rest this week-end :)09:09
didrocksand you?09:09
seb128Laney, they have a few indoor courts but those are usually booked for training of people who play competition&such, also not enough space for the number of people showing up for the free-play evenings09:10
LaneyI got this new huge pillow09:10
Laneythink it's giving me a bad neck /o\09:10
Laneymight go back to the old configuration09:10
didrocksor give it a little bit more time to adjust yourself?09:11
Laneyhoping it squishes down a bit09:11
pittibonjour tout le monde !10:17
* pitti hugs Laney, didrocks, seb128 and flexiondotorg10:18
* didrocks hugs pitti back! Hope you are having fun in this first week :-)10:19
seb128salut pitti! comment ├ža va dans ton nouveau travail ?10:19
pittiI do! starting to feel the pain in pointless distro differences :)10:19
* seb128 hugs pitti back10:19
didrockshaha :)10:19
pittibut the year started remarkably quiet -- it's an entirely new experience to come back after 3 weeks of holidays with ZERO backlog10:20
seb128there wasn't much ubuntu backlog for me this year10:20
pittiso, plenty of time to dive into Fedora, cockpit, vagrant, and whatnot10:20
Laneyheeeey pitti10:21
pittiwell, I did mean emails and such, but I also meant assigned bugs, WIs and so on10:21
seb128oh, right10:21
didrocksyeah :)10:22
seb128existing work didn't go away during holidays indeed10:22
seb128but I still remember years starting with stack of emails (lists & launchpad) that would take a full day to do a first pass over10:23
seb128flexiondotorg, btw, did you end up looking at snapping pidgin?10:25
flexiondotorgNot yet, but I'm game.10:26
flexiondotorgI'm just working through my catch up item for Snap now.10:26
flexiondotorgI'll also contact the project.10:26
seb128k, good, thanks10:26
seb128let me know if they reply or when you get a snap to try10:26
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Laneypitti: what should I do with proposed changes to autopkgtest itself?13:14
Laneyis there a reviewer now?13:14
pittiLaney: the usual things, I guess -- attach it to a LP or Debian bug, or mail it to the ML13:50
pittiLaney: I'm happy to review, or let barry do it -- barry and tdaitx were interested in its maintenance, and on the sprint we did an intro sessino13:50
Laneypitti: Righto, I was more wondering if anyone is maintaining it now13:51
pittiLaney: if it's something simple, just pastebin'ing a patch works too of course13:51
Laneydo they have commit access?13:51
pittino, not yet; but I didn't stop maintaining it13:51
pittiI will just probably be much less proactive about it now13:51
pittibut still happy to review/test/land stuff13:51
Laneywell, https://bugs.launchpad.net/auto-package-testing/+bug/1654025 then ;-)13:51
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1654025 in Auto Package Testing "trusty/armhf dkms tests are killing workers" [Undecided,New]13:51
LaneyI didn't really understand WTF it broke13:51
Laneybut the patch fixes it13:52
* Laney is having lunch13:52
pittiLaney: eww -- I thought lxc exec wouldn't make any assumptions about what's running in the container13:54
pittiLaney: I guess it might be killed by the sendsigs kill-o-rama on shutdown?13:55
pittiLaney: /etc/init.d/sendsigs13:56
pittiLaney: does it help to put the exec's shell pid into /run/sendsigs.omit/autopkgtest ?13:56
pittiLaney: otherwise, if you want to keep this approach, get_uptime() should check the exit code or for non-emptiness, I figure  -- otherwise out.split()[0] will throw an IndexError13:58
desrthello everyone14:34
pittidesrt: hey Allison, happy new year! how are you?14:37
desrtpretty good.  same old, same old14:38
desrthow is your new life? :)14:38
pittimy face is not made for a Fedora!14:38
desrtmaybe red just isn't your colour14:38
desrtbut seriously: sorry about having to run an rpm-based system :(14:38
pittihonestly, pretty good -- starting the year with ZERO backlog feels great, and I'm in the midst of the "play with new things" phase14:38
desrtafter a life in deb-land, that must seem pretty weird14:39
pittisome things drive me a bit nuts, but 's ok14:39
andyrockhey all14:40
desrthi andyrock14:40
desrti keep forgetting that i know you14:40
desrtit's like "oh.. it's that weird andy guy who is always here...."14:41
desrt"no wait!  it's andrea!"14:41
desrtjbicha, mdeslaur: good morning14:42
jbichagood morning14:43
pittidesrt: services not starting after installation is a bit hard to get used to, and dnf being effing slow too, but I at least got video playback working :)14:43
mdeslaurhi desrt14:43
pittidesrt: and I guess I can get used to the crappy font rendering :)14:43
desrtpitti: actually, this is something that i think debian should talk about.  debian is kinda terrifying in this regard14:43
desrtinstall something relatively innocent-sounding like ssh-import-id, don't pay enough attention to the apt prompt and suddenly your system is listening on port 2214:44
pittiwell, here it's "follow the instructions to install vagrant or whatnot", and wondering why things don't work, but they start working after a reboot14:44
desrtas someone who uses a relatively weak password on her laptop (since i have disk encryption and i use the lockscreen quite frequently) this is very scary14:45
pittihaving to reboot (or figure out which units to start manually) is rather Windows-y..14:45
pittiwell, then be consistent and also don't enable new services14:45
pittianyway, that's a Friday/beer flamewar, not for here :)14:45
jbichait's almost Friday!14:45
ogra_and its always beer !14:46
pittitomorrow is a holiday here, so practially it *is* the  last day of the week :)14:46
desrtso, what you're saying, then, is, .... beer?14:51
* desrt gets annoyed at irccloud14:51
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
hikikoI forgot the nick again14:54
desrtmorning, hikiko14:55
hikikohi desrt :)14:55
hikikoit's almost end of day14:55
desrt...and we're just getting started over here14:55
hikikobut I forgot to change my nick after luncj14:55
hikikoare you back to canada?14:55
hikikono more germany?14:55
desrtmore germany later :)14:56
desrtfor now, canada14:56
Laneypitti: Hmm, would lxc exec still return 0 in the sendsigs case?15:04
LaneyAnyway, slight preference to go with what I have to avoid having to go re-investigate :)15:04
LaneyCan add some error checking; I just figured that if it's borked we want to die anyway - but probably in a more graceful way, granted15:05
pittiLaney: well, if lxc exec cat fails, that might just be because the container is almost shut down, and /proc unmounted, or what not15:10
pittiLaney: I don't think a failure there should count as "unexpected"15:10
Laneypitti: mmm, I suppose we expect to call this when it is dying15:11
Laneyok, if it really dies then the loop fails and we bomb later on anyway15:12
pittiLaney: btw, $ lxc file pull t1/proc/uptime -15:13
pittiLaney: less involved as it doesn't need to start a shell or rely on other things (but this is probably nitpicking)15:13
LaneyFair enough15:13
LaneyI didn't know you could send it to stdout, nice15:14
pittiLaney: I meant that there is no handling of an empty result15:14
pittiLaney: i. e. nothign catches the IndexError then15:14
LaneyGimme 5 minutes to add this, will ping you back15:15
pittialso, retry loop: "for retry in range(10):" (saves having to do -= 1 and initialize)15:15
pittiLaney: is this reproducible with test/testpkg-reboot/ on a trusty container?15:16
pittior do the dkms tests do  something magic?15:16
Laneyalready did that one actually15:16
Laneydon't know, will try15:16
LaneyIt's because it makes the container reboot, so if that test does it then there's a chance15:16
pittiI tried the exec sleep 3600 in a trusty container, works quite well; but that was on a zesty host, maybe it's different in xenial15:17
LaneyI'm on zesty too, could only make it happen from autopkgtest15:17
Laneysimulating the same thing manually always seemed to work properly15:17
pittiLaney: yes, it's a dummy test that reboots twice, and zero test deps or other stuff15:17
Laneyokk, I will try it15:17
Laneyif retry == 0: bomb() # doesn't work so well :)15:27
pittifor retry in range(10):15:29
pitti   .. do stuff15:29
pitti   bomb('timed out')15:29
Laneywhat is that construction?15:29
* Laney hasn't seen for / else before15:29
pittiLaney: else: gets run if the loop completely finishes instead of encountering a "break"15:29
pittiit's pretty much for this case15:29
pittii. e. the "not found" end of iteration15:30
pittifor needle in haystack:15:30
pitti   if isok(needle):15:30
pitti    break15:30
pitti   print('not found')15:30
Laneypitti: thanks, sensei!15:32
pittiprint(Laney.explain("sensei", please=True))15:33
Laneypitti: https://artofvailaya.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/sensei-student.jpg15:34
* pitti bows15:35
* Laney somehow ends up on the floor15:37
* Laney has much to learn15:37
* pitti is reminded of his one year of Judo practice15:38
Laneypitti: pushed a couple more commits15:44
Laneynow I've got an exit 12 to investigate15:44
Laneyrock and roll15:44
Laney(completely different issue)15:44
Laneywoah, wait - lxc file pull gives the *host*'s /proc/uptime16:05
* Laney reverts that bit16:06
pittiLaney: oh argh -- that's a different /proc/uptime than in the container? sorry, didn't notice that16:06
Laney(force pushed)16:09
Laneypitti: kind of bad - the testcase exhibits the bug if I add a sleep 30 in there, but it exits 0 so is reported as passed16:17
Laneydon't want to burden you with this16:19
pittiLaney: sorry, which test? tests/autopkgtest LxdRunner if you run it against a trusty image? or test/testpkg-simple/ ?16:19
Laneyit should say "all good" too16:23
Laney(and does after my fix)16:23
pittiLaney: I'm not following, sorry -- what's wrong about that paste?16:24
Laneypitti: The final line of the test wasn't printed, because the test was killed by the delayed reboot - and yet autopkgtest says that it passed16:25
LaneyI'm just saying that I don't know how to make the testcase be 'bad' before - my fix still works to fix it16:26
pittiLaney: ah, so the "continuing after reboot" is not really after rebooting?16:26
Laneymore worrying that we get an exit 0 when the test process is killed by reboot16:27
pittiI thought the "continuing test after reboot. sleeping for 30s" was from the test itself, as it's not an adtlog.* message16:27
Laneyit is16:27
Laneyit just thinks it's after the reboot, but it's not16:27
pittiright, the test should fail on spontaneous reboots16:27
pittilooks like lxc exec actually exits with 0 instead of with some error?16:28
pitti(that should be fixed)16:28
LaneyI guess so16:28
pittiwould be interesting to test the same with lxc or qemu16:28
Laneyluckily in the production case it was trying to download the source package which proved to be fatal16:28
Laneystill, might have some false passes in other tests due to this16:28
pittiright, I even had that in a comment "lxc exec exits with 0 on reboot", without thinking of the consequences16:28
* Laney will file a bug at lxd16:29
LaneyAll the lights just went off for a second16:35
Laneyin that exact second there was the sound of an eagle from outside16:35
Laney...and my desktop stayed on...16:35
seb128weird indeed, but good that the desktop stayed on :-)16:41
Laneyyes, as I was typing ^ that lxd bug report on it ;-)16:43
* pitti waves good night, and holiday tomorrow16:54
pittiLaney: please sub me to a bug report once you have something to push16:54
Laneypitti: I think this one is good to go now16:54
Laneybut roger, have a nice weekend16:54
LaneyMaybe I'll try the lxd workers on this branch16:55
seb128pitti, night, enjoy the 3 days w.e :-)17:10
ogra_pffft ... bavarians ...17:10
ogra_(northern germany doesnt have a free day)17:10
* Laney will celebrate by removing the christmas tree17:11
ogra_give it to your local zoo !17:11
ogra_donkeys and deer love them17:11
Laneythe council are coming to collect it17:12
Laneywonder what they do with them17:12
seb128night Laney18:06
seb128calling a day as well18:06
seb128see you tomorrow18:06
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