ducassegood morning all06:23
lordievaderGood morning.08:06
* ducasse hands lordievader a cup of coffee08:10
lordievaderThanks :)08:11
ducasseready for a new day? :)08:12
lordievaderPrefer to have stayed in bed.08:14
ducasseit's nearly -20°C here, so so do i :(08:14
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BluesKajHi alll12:35
ducassehi BluesKaj - all went well with xbian on usb stick :)13:24
BluesKajHi ducasse, well done :-)13:26
ducassenot sure if it's much faster, but hopefully less chance of corruption13:26
BluesKajright, I noticed browsing was somewhat quicker on usb than sdcard13:28
ducassesome things seem a little faster, but things like large apt operations still take a lot of time13:30
ducassei'm going to make frequent image backups this time, though :)13:32
ducassesilly me. for a moment there i thought cups had decided to become friendly, but turns out it's still completely feral.14:12
daftykinsducasse: haha my mum sent someone from facebook my way for soldering, i just reattached the battery leads in a guys LED torch - too easy!20:20
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