keithzgHrmm, I'm trying to hide a .git folder from a samba share and it doesn't seem to be working, which is kindof baffling me.00:20
keithzgI would've assumed, particularly since it's in the root of the share, that00:21
keithzghide files = /.git/00:21
keithzgwould've been sufficient, but apparently not?00:21
keithzgMaybe I'll just try the "hide dot files" option and be done with it.00:22
keithzgWait, *that* didn't work?00:23
* keithzg reads the documentation further, figures out he actually wants to "veto" the folder, aha00:28
xnoxcpaelzer, \o/ libvirt00:48
adrian_1908hello. I have apache2 up and running and just installed PHP7 via apt. If I want to use the latter with the former, do I install the `libapache2-mod-php7.0` package, or what's the usual way to do it?01:22
patdk-lapadrian_1908, personally I recommend using php-fpm, but it's not nearly as simple and easy as mod-php02:30
adrian_1908patdk-lap: yeah I need easy, I'm a total beginner :)02:32
patdk-lapwell, just install the mod-php then, it should do everything needed by itself02:32
adrian_1908Yes, I already did and am busy with it. It activated itself in Apache and appears to have changed the MPM model (I was already wondering about how I'd accomplish that myself). Very convenient.02:34
adrian_1908Damn, the `mysql-server` package sure has a lot of dependencies (perl stuff). Didn't expect it too be that large.02:55
gecko_x2anyone know alot about LXD?02:58
gecko_x2i'm just trying LXD on 16.04 first time running on a ZFS root, looking to set up LXD with MACvlan based bridging02:59
gecko_x2i installed it using DIR as storage, because the underlying ilesystem is already ZFS03:00
gecko_x2but does that mean LXD can't use zfs snapshots, instead it plays around with compressed files and rsync?03:01
gecko_x2and does that impact performance? i'm referring to the comments section in this article: https://bayton.org/2016/05/lxd-zfs-and-bridged-networking-on-ubuntu-16-04-lts/03:02
gecko_x2secondly, the concept on maCvlan is new to me, and i'm looking to try to learn if it could be used to replace IOMMU/PCI passthrough. Anyone here know alot about MACvlan/MACvtap?03:03
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cpaelzerthanks xnox06:20
lordievaderGood morning.08:06
fishcookeranyone with apt module error "FATAL -> Failed to fork"  http://vpaste.net/izPXA don't say with apt-get install -f ... it emits the same error messages09:11
odcfailed to fork? how much free RAM do you have left?09:22
ws2k3hello guys im having an issue with ubuntu 12.04 with ipv6. after some time my routing tables are getting full and then ipv6 stops working09:27
ikoniawhy are you routing tables "full'09:36
ikoniait would be a HUGE networking route table to fill a host09:36
fishcookerlittle odc http://vpaste.net/ZPYp6 any suggests?09:39
ws2k3ikonia i dont know why they are getting full i think its a bug09:41
ikoniaws2k3: are they actually "full" or do they just look full09:42
ws2k3ikonia i have around 100 ipv6 hosts in my network and i have a /6409:42
ikoniaeg: how are you determaining they are "full"09:42
ws2k3ikonia how can i check that?09:42
ikoniaws2k3: hang on09:42
ikoniado you know if they are full or not09:42
ikoniafishcooker: suggestion on what ?09:43
lordievaderfishcooker: Try to free up some ram any try again.09:43
ws2k3ikonia wc -l /proc/net/ipv6_route shows me 2186409:44
ws2k3and on some machines im already getting     wc: /proc/net/ipv6_route: Cannot allocate memory09:44
ws2k3    0 /proc/net/ipv6_route09:44
ikoniaws2k3: so you're out of memeory - is that because of the routes though09:46
ikoniaws2k3: what's allocating these routes09:46
ws2k3ikonia i dont know exacly09:48
ikoniaws2k3: are they 1:1 host routes09:48
ikoniaor network routes09:49
ws2k3ikonia i do know that im getting the canot allocate memory09:49
ws2k3ikonia they are just webserver with 1 ipv6 adres and 1 ipv6 default gateway09:49
ikoniaws2k3: what are the routes to then09:49
ikoniacan you actually display the routing table ?09:50
ws2k3yes i can i think you mean ip -6 route show cache?09:50
ws2k3i sended my ip -6 a in private message ikonia09:51
ikonianot cache09:52
ikoniaws2k3: based on what you've just pasted your networking setup is broken09:52
ikoniayou have dead routes on the loopback interface09:52
ws2k3ikonia i know they are for a load balacer09:52
ikoniayou also have conflicting routes09:52
ikoniayou have the same network routing out of two interfaces09:53
ikoniayour network setup appears to be screwed up looking at that route table09:53
ws2k3i think i need to delete this one 2001:1aa8:1850::/64 dev eth0  proto kernel  metric 256  expires 1906251sec09:53
ikoniaas I don't know your networking setup, I can't comment on what's valid, what's not valid, but you had dead routes, you have conflicting routes and you have bad routes - those 3 things are not good and suggest you have overall network problems09:54
ws2k3ikonia the dead routes should not be an issues cause its just a local loopback adres09:57
ws2k3and the conflicting route is a different subnet09:57
ikoniait is an issue though09:57
ikoniaws2k3> fe80::/64 dev eth0  proto kernel  metric 25609:57
ikoniathat is NOT a differnt subnet09:57
ikonia09:51 <ws2k3> fe80::/64 dev eth1  proto kernel  metric 25609:57
ikonialook how wide that network is too09:58
ikonia(I hope that is acceptable as it's not secret information on a subnet that wide)09:58
lordievaderfe80 is link local, each ipv6 nic should have that.10:00
lordievaderThough wikipedia lists it as fe80::/1010:00
ikoniahence why I'm saying you've got conflict10:01
ikoniaas it's set to route both that out of two different physical interfaces and look how wide it is10:01
ikoniaI don't know the network setup on this host so I don't know what's needed/not, however looking at the route table it's not good10:01
lordievaderMust say I have the fe80::/64 for each interface too.10:02
ikoniareally ?10:03
ikoniathat seems very odd10:03
lordievaderikonia: You don't?10:03
ikoniabut then the only ipv6 network I'm on is really simple10:04
ws2k3by now on allmost all my servers ipv6 is broken10:07
ikoniaws2k3: just because of the number of routes10:09
ikoniaor something else10:09
ws2k3ikonia my machines are getting into trouble after i get this wc: /proc/net/ipv6_route: Cannot allocate memory10:09
ikoniaright - I get that you're out of ram10:10
ikoniabut are you out of ram due to the number of routes or just out of ram10:10
ws2k3ikonia machines have plenty of ram free10:10
ikoniaok, so if you look at the route table you pasted there are only a few individual routes10:10
ikoniaso what's causing the population of that ? the dead routes ?10:11
ws2k3ikonia thats why im trying to find out10:11
lordievaderWhat do you get when you try to ping hosts?10:11
ws2k3lordievader most of them dont reply10:11
lordievaderAnd on the hosts themselves?10:11
ws2k3lordievader also no reply10:12
ws2k3lordievader i assume you mean ping from the host to the internet for example?10:12
lordievaderDo you see ipv6 traffic from them on your gateway?10:12
lordievaderFor example, yes.10:12
ws2k3lordievader i dont have access to the gateway so i cant check10:13
ws2k3lordievader but i cant ping the gateway nor any other host10:13
ws2k3i have now run sysctl -w net.ipv6.route.max_size=8388608 and then it temperarly works again10:13
ikoniaws2k3: hang on10:14
ikoniaws2k3: metric 256 !!!10:14
ikoniaws2k3: thats 256 hops it has to know to get to that route10:14
ws2k3ikonia as far as i know metric is the priority not the amount of hops10:16
ikoniamaybe thats my mistake then10:16
ikoniayour right, my apologies10:17
ikoniaahhh the metric can include number of hops10:17
ikoniaso yes, I am right, but thats not the "factual" answer in terms of a "solid number"10:17
ikoniasorry about that10:17
ws2k3ikonia np im happy with all the help i can get with this strange issue10:18
lordievaderBut, if I understand correctly, the host just adds routes as if they are candy?10:18
ikoniait's a large number of routes in /proc for sure, but looking at the route table the individual routes as few10:18
ws2k3ikonia and thats exacly the problem10:21
ikoniaws2k3: how are the routes getting populated ?10:22
ws2k3ikonia i dont know10:22
ikonia(the ones that are in the route table no the 10000000 other ones)10:22
ws2k3ikonia i just have one default gateway and one ipv6 address and thats it10:22
lordievaderAre privacy extensions enabled?10:23
ws2k3ikonia it looks like im having this issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/106515910:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1065159 in linux (Ubuntu) "ipv6 routing memory leak" [Medium,Expired]10:23
ikoniawow - a memory leak10:23
ikoniamedium "expired"10:23
ws2k3ikonia this looks like the same behavior that im having10:24
lordievaderws2k3: What kernel are you running?10:25
ws2k3lordievader 3.2.0-57-generic #87-Ubuntu SMP10:26
lordievaderws2k3: Well you could do the same as in the comments, run a newer kernel and see if the problem persists.10:27
lordievader3.2 is old anyways ;)10:27
ws2k3on newer kernels i am not having this issue10:27
ikoniaws2k3: parts of it certainly map to that bug in terms of behaviour10:27
fishcookerbuy some RAM ikonia :p11:38
fishcookernoted lordievader... it works11:38
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lordievaderBuy? Download: http://www.downloadmoreram.com/download.html12:17
zulcoreycb: neutron is blocked on pyroute2 so I think we might want to drop it for now to get b2 things going and then re-add it13:48
coreycbzul, i think we're ok.  we can test b2 in proposed.13:49
zulcoreycb: ok13:49
zulcoreycb: you uploaded sahara?13:50
coreycbzul, yep and a few others13:50
zulcoreycb: okie dokie13:51
xnoxdoes pm-suspend work in qemu-kvm virtual machines?14:43
xnoxit did nothing for me =(14:43
cpaelzerxnox: my xenial guest goes into state "pmsuspended"14:46
xnoxcpaelzer, cool. what about trusty? =) with xenial kernel?14:46
* xnox is weird, I know14:46
cpaelzerxnox: umm I can try14:46
xnoxcpaelzer, please, as i'm on a frankenstein trusty.14:47
cpaelzerxnox: T on 3.13.0-105-generic working as well, no rebooting into linux-generic-lts-xenial14:52
cpaelzerxnox: the same - working14:53
cpaelzerxnox: also wakeup works a la "virsh dompmwakeup testguest-T-Xkernel-pmsuspend"14:53
xnoxcpaelzer, nice.... now i just need to fix why it doesn't for me =/ (as in what did I break)14:53
xnoxcpaelzer, you suspend using $ sudo pm-suspend ?14:53
cpaelzerFYI /var/log/pm-powersave.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/23746485/14:55
cpaelzerFYI /var/log/pm-suspend.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/23746488/14:55
cpaelzerxnox: ^^14:55
xnoxfor me it returns 1 and doesn't log anything in those files =(14:57
cpaelzerxnox: my host is xenial14:57
cpaelzerxnox: set -x in /usr/lib/pm-utils/bin/pm-action ?14:58
xnoxLOGGING=1 pm-suspend15:00
xnoxpm-utils does not know how to suspend on this system15:00
lordievaderWhy suspend a vm when you can do a managed save?15:03
xnoxlordievader, just testing if my userspace changes as to how suspend is initiated breaks things or not. To make sure I don't break real hw.15:04
lordievaderAh, I see.15:04
xnoxcpaelzer, $ cat /sys/power/state15:14
xnoxhas for me only "freeze disk" and no "mem" do you have "mem" in your VMs there?15:15
* xnox ponders if I need to add more ram.15:15
xnoxcpaelzer, my Ubuntu Trusty Desktop says pm-is-supported --suspend -> exit code 1, as in not supported, and I have no idea why.15:23
xnoxcpaelzer, launched VM manually via qemu command line, instead of GUI point and click virt-manager and suspend is supported.15:27
xnoxi guess virt-manager is goofing with me.15:28
lordievaderOr the xml doesn't contain the necessary config.15:29
cpaelzerxnox: wait I'll check15:30
cpaelzerxnox: reeze mem disk15:32
cpaelzerxnox: so yes I have mem15:32
cpaelzerpm-is-supported --suspend is rc=015:32
xnoxcpaelzer, yeah, doing a basic VM launch using qemu -enable-kvm -m 2048 -hda foo.qcow2 results in a suspendable VM, whatever xml virt-manager generated for the foo machine does not hibernate =/15:33
xnoxdoes not suspend that is.15:33
zulcoreycb: ping can you rediff your openstack-charm-testing branch i would like to test out the other stuff as well16:09
coreycbzul, this? https://code.launchpad.net/~corey.bryant/openstack-charm-testing/add-new-svcs-to-sparse/+merge/31315616:09
zulcoreycb: thats the one16:10
coreycbzul, ok16:10
jonahhi can anyone please help. my server seems to have lost internet connection and can no longer be reached. From the server itself I can't ping google.com either...18:40
ikoniajonah: what is the error message you get18:40
jonahikonia: everything worked great, then all of a sudden a few hours ago I couldn't reached my website any more. Tried to ssh into the server and couldn't do that either. So I've plugged a keyboard in and accessed directly and the box won't ping google.com or other sites18:41
jonahikonia: no idea what happened!18:41
pmatulisjonah, looks like networking is down18:50
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jonahpmatulis: really weird issue. all firewalls off etc. when i reboot the server internet/sites load up no problem. then when it has been on for maybe 15 seconds it can't connect all of a sudden again19:19
pmatulisjonah, i would concentrate on the fact that you cannot ssh to it, if that's still the case19:20
jonahpmatulis: I can ssh in initially when it first boots but as I say 15 seconds later the internet on that box drops and then I can't ssh in any more as there is no access in19:24
pmatulisjonah, and what kind of server is this? a cloud instance?19:24
coreycbbeisner, hello can you please promote all of newton-staging to newton-proposed?19:27
jonahpmatulis: i think it is due to resolv.conf only having nameserver19:31
jonahwhen i add another nameserver to resolv.conf it wipes it on reboot...19:32
pmatulisjonah, right, that's normal19:32
coreycbbeisner, also neutron is ready to promote from mitaka-proposed and newton-proposed to -updates19:33
beisnerhi coreycb, newton staging-to-proposed done19:37
beisnercoreycb, neutron promoted to updates for mitaka and newton19:42
coreycbbeisner, thanks19:51
cmh_is there a wiki somewhere that shows what debian versions ubuntu releases are based on?20:03
bekkscmh_: No, since they arent based on specific debian releases.20:04
maswanor, they're all based on the debian "testing" release. not very useful answer either. :)20:05
maswan(or is the sync against unstable? thought it was testing)20:05
cmh_since 14.04 it's unstable i think20:05
cmh_not 100%20:06
pmatulismaybe LTS -> testing , non-LTS -> unstable20:06
tarpmanhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS says Starting with the 14.04 LTS development cycle, automatic full package import is performed from Debian unstable20:07
tarpmanotherwise I think it's as pmatulis said20:07
maswanok, so, thanks. easy then. all ubuntu releases are based on Debian Sid. :)20:07
bekksSo its unstable for both LTS and non LTS :)20:07
cmh_unstable = sid?20:08
maswancmh_: yeah20:08
pmatulisbekks, since 14.04 yeah. i didn't know that20:16
pmatulistake a look at /etc/debian_version , for xenial (LTS) it shows 'stretch/sid'20:17
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ninjaiis it possible to install php 5.2.anything on ubuntu server 16.04?22:51
ninjai5.6 is already installed but I need 5.222:51
ninjaiI keep getting erros like this:  php-apcu : Conflicts: php-xcache but 3.2.0-2+deb.sury.org~xenial+1 is to be installed22:52
ninjaihow do I tell apt to only install the one from the xenial repo?22:52
naccninjai: not officially, no22:53
naccninjai: also, 5.2 is incredibly old and even unsupported upstream, afaict22:53
ninjaiWhile I was expecting someone to say that, I'm well aware but it's what the client wants to support their ancient web server22:54
naccso they're fine with (potentially) CVEs...?22:54
ninjaijust trying to move it off of a physical freebsd box from 2007 or so, to a linux VM...22:54
naccseems like a terrible choice to me, but not mine to make :)22:54
ninjainot mine either22:54
ninjaiI just need to get it on and make it work22:55
naccninjai: as to your conflicts, you've add ondrej's ppa, which will conflict with the archive. And installing php5, period, on 16.04, will lead to issues with the archive (afaict), as ondrej has to provide his version of the deps in the ppa22:56
ninjaiany way I can find out which version of ubuntu server had the option to install php 5.2?22:56
naccninjai: even 12.04 (the oldest currently supported) has 5.322:57
naccninjai: you could look at hte publishing history for php5 to go back further22:57
ninjaiok thanks22:58
adrian_1908hello, I'm a bit unsure what good practices are for folders & files inside `/var/www/` regarding ownership and permissions. Could someone help clarify this for me? For static websites I can probably just let root or my user own them, but what about sites like WordPress that need to write content?23:12
adrian_1908I've found conflicting advice online.23:12
adrian_1908(I'm using apache2 btw)23:12
ikoniaadrian_1908: it's not a hard set of rules, it's an evaluation of the setup23:15
ikoniaadrian_1908: for example the wordpress referenc eyou use, actually needs very little write access and it's very controlled of only a few directories23:15
ikoniaadrian_1908: thats very different than "/var/www"23:15
ikonia(just for example)23:16
adrian_1908ikonia: yeah, wordpress would be very different and it's the part I'm unsure about. I don't want to create some security risk. My thinking would be to set ownership inside the wordpress dir to `myuser:www-data` and give writable folders 775 permissions.23:17
ikoniaadrian_1908: it's not just that simple23:18
ikoniathe whole structure needs to be evaluated,23:18
ikoniabut you're approach of varition depending on needs is correct23:18

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