praisethemoongood day o/07:53
nzoueidiAnyone have worked with Cassandra before?09:07
praisethemoonnzoueidi, i always wanted to, but never had the chance :(09:14
elachecheoussemos: maybe09:15
nzoueidiDid you know that feel praisethemoon, when you have an error and search for, then you find a guy who have posted the same error in 2012 and no one answerd him x(09:39
praisethemoonoh noes09:39
praisethemoonI was feeling it yesterday x)09:39
praisethemoonwhen my additional monitor didn't work on ubuntu (nvidia drivers)09:39
praisethemoonand found someone asked the same questions09:39
praisethemoonand the answer was that it wont work xD09:40
nzoueidixD at least you find an answer :P09:41
elachechenzoueidi: You didn't experienced yet the feeling of searching something and find only 1 link talking about the same thing, after reading it you find out that it was younger you who posted it, and got no answer yet x(10:16
nzoueidihahahaha I have experienced that a lot with low level and kernel stuff but never in such a tool which is well documentated :(10:17
praisethemoonWHAT elacheche10:20
praisethemoondid that happen to you? XD10:20
elachechemany times x)10:22
praisethemoonThat would make a nice meme elacheche  xD10:24
elachechenzoueidi: Used the docker py api before?11:09
nzoueidino elacheche11:09
elachecheK x)11:09
nzoueidielacheche: you will be at ISETj?11:15
* elacheche is scripting a nagios plugin to check dockrr contianers (or specific one) using the python API.. The python API isn't documented well and need more features x) x(11:16
elachechenzoueidi: 60% yes.. I hope so :)11:16
nzoueidiI hope I can do it too11:25

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