cmaloneyPutting CHC on hiatus for a while.02:59
cmaloneyLovely. Can't seem to post to the mailing list.03:01
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widoxcmaloney: :(03:07
widoxcompletely forgot it was Wed, I was planning on coming this week03:07
widoxcmaloney: I ran into (the other) Matt last week03:08
jrwrenworking from home and forgetting what day it is?03:14
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cmaloneywidox: I'm up for heading out next week if you want03:45
cmaloneyOtherwise I'm going to head back to the juggling club that we were a part of. :)03:45
cmaloneyB&L is closing up earlier over the winter too. 9:30pm.03:47
widoxok, well I'll let ya know next week -- but don't need to change plans for me :)03:48
cmaloneyWe haven't made them yet. :)03:57
cmaloneyhow goes?14:35
jrwrengah!!! when did ubuntu curl start linking to gnutls instead of openssl?22:19
jrwrenmaybe I just remember wrongly. I thought it linked openssl, but maybe not.22:21
cmaloneyWhy wouldn't it use gnutls?22:29
cmaloneyopenssl is BSD, iirc22:30
jrwrenbecause gnu... ewe. they are evil.22:32
jrwrenalso... IME, gnutls supports less certificate formats.22:33
jrwreni still think it is a new in xenial thing. trusty uses openssl23:01
cmaloneyI think you may have overridden that23:39
cmaloneyiirc it gives you the option on which tls to install23:40
cmaloney so you may have chosen to use openssl instead23:40

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