superflyMaaz: tell Kilos Good morning03:39
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode03:39
Kilosmorning superfly and everyone else05:36
Kilosoh and inetpro 05:36
nlsthzngoeie more suid afrika05:39
Kiloshi nlsthzn ill be off a while ian needs to use my lappy05:47
nlsthznk, see later :)05:47
chesedomorning Kilos inetpro and all others06:02
superflyNight Kilos, nlsthzn, chesedo. Time for me to go to sleep. 06:05
chesedonight superfly06:06
LangjanG'morning Kilos you well this morning?06:55
Langjanhi chesedo inetpro et al06:56
Kiloshi Langjan chesedo 06:57
Kilosand theblazehen 06:57
Kilosim ok ty Langjan and you?06:57
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy `06:57
Kilossleep tight superfly 06:58
Langjanfine thks Kilos just need some help if youre up to it this morn06:58
Kilosof course06:58
Kilosexplain the prob, ill be here in 2 mins06:59
Langjanthks running on lappie, I realised from your comments I need to reinstall win 7 on my computer so I disconnectd the ssd with ubuntu, then could not boot from win 7 DVD, no grub 07:00
Langjanthen I booted from ubuntu dvd07:00
* Kilos slurps coffee07:01
Langjannow, if possible, I would like to transfer some iso files from the win 7 to my external before reinstalling win 707:02
Kilosthen you should be able to just drag drop them 07:02
Langjanit says permission denied07:02
Kiloswhat does the ubuntu see it as07:03
Kilos  /media07:03
Kilosor sda07:03
Langjanok its copying them to the ubuntu desktop07:03
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
Kilosi was scared of you needing to do chown but it would have given you all the permissions07:04
Langjanbut thats the live dvd will it work to my external drive from there?07:04
Kilosyes it should see the external07:04
Langjanok doing thhat now07:05
Kilosis the external the one with permission probs or the drive07:05
Langjantheres a few to do07:05
Langjanno the drive with win 707:05
Kilosnp im here all day07:05
Kilosoh that you coulda chowned07:05
Langjanfiles wont copy from dvd to external07:07
Kilosok so07:08
Langjanpermission denied07:08
Kilosyou see a folder on the external that you want to copy to07:08
Kilosif not make one07:09
Kilosthen try copy to that07:09
Langjanlooks like permission is being denied to external07:09
Langjanit wont open a folder07:09
Kilosif it still gives permissions probs07:09
Langjaninstalling samba   ...? right?07:11
Kilossudo chown -R /dev/ext07:11
Kilosread here07:11
Kilosi cant member is you need to sudo chown -R jan:jan (path to folders07:11
Kilosi think i had to use miles:miles in there07:12
Kilosyou can even chown the whole external07:12
Langjanwhere do I put "jan" - after the R or after the dev/ext ?07:15
Kiloswhat does it see the external as07:15
theblazehenI think you can pass a user option to mount07:16
theblazehenWould be the right way to solve it I think07:16
Langjanhi theblazehen thks for helping07:16
Kilosty theblazehen 07:16
Kilosi always chown my externals07:17
Kilosthe command i use is sudo chown -R miles:miles /media/devive name07:18
Kilosi name all my sticks and externals07:18
theblazehenLangjan can you pastebin the output of `mount` ?07:18
Kilosill let theblazehen take over07:18
Kiloshe cleverer07:18
Langjantheblazehen, its on a different machine running on ubuntu dvd, let me try connect to irc there?07:19
theblazehenNo need for all that then07:20
theblazehenRun `mount -o remount,uid=$(whoami) /media/whateverItIs`07:21
LangjanIt says mount point /media/Samsung_t3 does not exist 07:25
theblazehenAnd it is there? ls /media07:26
Langjancdrom ubuntu07:26
Kilosi always struggled with doing stuff from booted dvd07:27
theblazehenOk. ls /dev/sd*07:27
Langjanoutput is /dev/sda /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdb1 07:28
theblazehenmount /dev/sdb1 /mnt -o uid=$(id -u)07:29
Langjanok it just repromps is that right?07:32
theblazehenNow open file manager, and go to /mnt07:32
theblazehenIt should work for you07:32
Langjanwhere do I find /mnt ?07:33
theblazehenGo to file system option07:33
Langjanno file system option 07:34
theblazehenIs there an option for / or something?07:34
Langjannot that I can see07:35
theblazehenKilos- do you know how to get there?07:35
Kilos-get where07:36
theblazehenTo /mnt in file manager07:36
Kilos-nope he uses unity07:36
Kilos-just chown the whole external man its only storage isnt it?07:37
Kilos-one command and game over07:37
Kilos-how can there be a /dev/sda and b07:37
Langjanyes only storage07:37
Kilos-there only one drive connected isnt there07:38
Kilos-and i would chown it from your drive directly not from dvd07:38
Kilos-go theblazehen 07:38
Kilos-i use big hammers and often break things07:39
theblazehenIt should be as right user, just not sure how to get to /mnt in unity file manager07:39
Langjanmy drive is disconnected07:39
Kilos-when booting from dvd jan wont be seen as the right user\07:46
Kilos-i think07:46
Langjanguys this is not serious, I can download the iso files again if and when I need them07:48
Langjanthats all there is on the win 7 installation07:49
Kilos-i would connect your drive in there again07:49
Langjanso all I need to do is to get into that drive to reinstall win 7 via this motherboard07:50
Kilos-boot from it then chown /dev/sdb107:50
Kilos-then copy all stuff to your drive then format sdb07:50
Langjanthen disconnect again and reinstall win 7?07:51
Kilos-thats how i would do it07:51
Langjanand theblazehen agrees?07:52
theblazehenLangjan see if you can do sudo nautilus07:53
Kilos-im busy repairing a van der merwe bed here at the same time07:54
Langjanit opened file mgr but says polease ask system admin to enable user sharing07:55
Kilos-looks so good from outside, but, ill post picks of how it was actuaslly made07:55
Langjantheblazehen,  and error 25507:57
theblazehenHmm. Dunno, sorry07:57
Langjanand "another desktop manager in use"07:57
Langjanthks theblazehen so let me follow Kilos- suggestion?07:58
theblazehenLangjan yeah07:58
Langjanok thks for the help, appreciated07:59
Kilos-at times one needs to use large hammers08:03
LangjanKilos-, can I not format that drive from the live dvd?08:12
magespawngood morning08:21
calhaxMorning :)08:21
Kilos-yes you can Langjan 08:25
Kilos-hi magespawn 08:25
calhaxmorning Kilos- 08:25
Kilos-open disk utility or gparted and format it08:25
Kilos-hi calhax 08:26
LangjanThks, already past that ans installing...08:26
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Langjanlost your tail eh mate?08:26
calhaxLangjan, linux install party? 08:26
Kilossorry was busy helping ian get ready to go work08:26
Langjanhi calhax yes sort of08:27
calhaxhaha! awesome! I was doing the same thing yesterday, now just configuring 08:28
LangjanKilos, I think it will be better to use ubuntu on second drive as well for storage08:29
LangjanI will push win 7 into a little corner where it belongs in case I need it some time  08:30
LangjanBetter idea, I have banned Microsoft from this drive - its now gonna be exclusively Linux08:49
Kiloshee hee hee08:49
Kiloswell done08:49
Kilosms is only good for using up damaged sectors of a drive that only linux sees08:50
Kilosand for gaming08:50
LangjanGaming corrupts the brain - whats left of it in Windows users' heads08:51
LangjanSorry if I treaded on some toes here...08:53
LangjanKilos, I  have cd's and dvd's of just about all those iso files so was not worth the trouble to save them  09:02
LangjanMy system will feel much more comfy without a win install in the background 09:06
LangjanI have a new Linux convert09:11
Langjan'Bye for now guys, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS install is perfect09:37
Kilostoods Langjan 09:39
Kilosbe well09:39
SquirmMorning all09:39
Kiloshi Squirm 09:40
LangjanHello Kilos- 17:40
Kilos-hi Langjan 17:40
LangjanI see you got your tail back...17:40
Langjankeeping ok?17:41
Langjanmustve been my imagination17:41
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilosyip ok ty17:41
Kilosand you?17:41
LangjanI'm scared to reboot17:42
Kilosreinstall grub-pc and grub-pc-bin then sudo update grub the reboot will be fine im sure17:43
Langjanthere was no grub menu so I did boot-repair but when it asked if I want to purge grub I said no but am not sure where I am - if I run update-grub it fails   17:43
Kilosdo the reinstalls17:43
Kilosdid you do that then swop drives?17:44
Kilosboot-repair dont like that17:44
Langjanno I put my drive back after installing ubuntu on the second drive17:44
Langjanthen then I did boot- repair17:45
Kilosthen you need to start it where you installed it from then unplug the one thats working then boot-repair fixes the other one17:45
Kilosyou put your drive back17:46
Kilosso booting from new install still17:46
Kilosand it cant see old drive?17:46
Langjanno I set bios to boot from main drive17:46
Langjanand it sees the other drive fine 17:47
Kilosso whats the prob17:47
Kilosreinstall grub-pc and grub-pc-bin17:48
Langjanjust that I have no grub menu, not serious I suppose17:48
Kilosthen sudo update-grub17:48
Kilosthen see if you have a menu17:48
LangjanOutput is command not found17:48
Kilosuse aptitude17:49
Kilosoutput of what17:49
Langjanof sudo update-grub17:49
Kilosdid you reinstall17:49
Kilosthose 2 packages17:49
Langjanvia synaptic?17:50
Kilosthen grub must be there17:50
Kilosuse aptitude17:50
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall grub-pc grub-pc-bin17:50
Langjansudo aptitude reinstall grub-pc? 17:50
Kilosyes and the pc-bin ones17:51
Kiloskeep up old man17:51
Kilosi told you 3 times now17:51
* Kilos hides17:51
Kiloslemme check why dogs barking17:51
Langjansudo: aptitude: command not found17:51
Kilossudo apt install aptitude17:52
LangjanBe careful17:53
Langjangrub-pc is not currently installed, so it will not be reinstalled17:54
Langjangrub-pc-bin is not currently installed, so it will not be reinstalled.17:54
Kilossudo aptitude install grub-pc grub-pc-bin17:55
Kilosyou told boot-repair to put grub somewhere else17:55
Kilosalways try install on the pc where the drive will live as well17:57
Kilosotherwise it misses setting up the correct hardware17:57
LangjanNow theres a "configuring grub pc with a long message and <ok> at the bottom but does not react  17:58
Kilosthen you have graphics and sound probs17:58
LangjanWell thats what I did17:58
Kiloswhat doesnt react17:58
Langjanthe message in the terminal 17:58
Kilosall i taught you you still know nothing17:58
Kilosai ai ai ai ai17:58
Kilosit doesnt react to enter17:59
Kilosis there a little cursor line under that ok line17:59
Kilosa flashing -18:00
Kilosthen run sudo aptitude reinstall grub-pc grub-pc-bin18:00
Kilosopen another terminal18:01
Langjanmust I kill terminal?18:01
Kilosmake a second one18:01
Kilosi sometimes have three or even 4 running same time18:01
Langjanok did not know thats possible, done18:01
Kilosnow do the reinstall of grub stuff again18:02
Kilosand look for error messages18:02
LangjanE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?18:02
Kilosis synaptic open?18:03
Langjanno is it not the other terminal?18:03
Kilosits hung on something18:04
Kilosand i dunno if just killing it will make a diffs18:04
Kilosbut you can try18:04
LangjanW: Could not lock the cache file; this usually means that dpkg or another apt tool is already installing packages.  Opening in read-only mode; any changes you make to the states of packages will NOT be preserved!18:06
LangjanSo I suppose that process was still running - is still running18:06
Kilosyes but its battling with something boot-repair left behind18:07
Kiloswhat you can do is take a chance and reboot18:07
Kilosthen if it wont boot boot from your install media and run boot-repair from there18:08
Kilosjust make sure it puts grub on sda1 then18:08
Kilosor sda18:08
Kilosi forget18:08
Langjanok will try and report back later18:08
Langjanits sdb118:08
Kilosgood luck18:08
Kiloswhats on sda118:09
Kilosnee man18:09
Kilosremove sda18:09
Langjanlet me check18:09
Langjansda1 is the new ubuntu installation on the second drive 18:10
Kiloswhich one did you boot from18:10
LangjanI'm on sdb1 now18:10
Langjanmy ssd18:10
Kilosdid it boot from there18:10
Kilosor did you choose it in grub menu18:11
Langjanyes after I reset bios18:11
Langjanno grub menu18:11
Kilosso bios is telling it to boot from sdb18:11
Kilosunplug sda then and try reboot this one18:11
Kilosyou have this drives grub on sda18:12
Langjanok that makes sense18:12
Langjanis taht the only way out? Or live with it18:12
Kiloshave only one drive in at a time 18:13
LangjanDont need to boot from there, just storage 18:13
Kilosinstall grub-pc and grub-pc-bin on each one18:13
Kilosand plug your ssd in as sda18:14
Langjandoes that mean plug it in and boot it first 18:14
Kiloswhy you want a bootable storage drive18:15
LangjanNot necessary, thats why I said just leave it be, provided it will reboot18:16
Kilosis the ssd the one with grub probs18:16
Kilosremove the other one18:17
Langjan not reallly probs, it boots fine, just does not show grub menu18:17
Kilosput ssd in sda sata socket18:17
Kilosthen boot18:17
Langjanoh ok 18:17
Kilosand use boot-repair from dvd if it wont18:17
Langjanok thanks 18:18
Kilosit is a prob because18:18
Kilosit will bug you like the kde boot splash18:18
Kilosill be here18:18
Kilosfeel free to call18:18
Langjanthks pal18:20
Langjanlekker aand18:20
Langjanwill let you know18:20
Kilosill be here18:21
Kilosyou should be gone for hours18:21
Langjando I need an operating system on hdd to use it for storage?18:21
Kilosyou welcome any time18:21
Kilosbut it can be there18:21
Kilosmakes no diffs just have less storage space18:22
Kiloswell if the os is there you cant use that area for storage18:22
Langjanyou mean less space if it has an OS 18:22
Langjanso format it to what?18:23
Kilosthen no win pc can see it18:23
Kilosexperiment with a stick18:23
Langjanwill that create sda on ssd?18:24
Kilosformat to ext4 , put files on then go plug it into a win pc18:24
Kilosif only sda is plugged in it cant be anywhere else18:24
Kilosdont do installs and stuff with 2 drives in18:24
Kilosand do install on the pc where the drive will live18:25
Langjanok but hdd is sda now, if I format it will the system pick up ssd as sda? 18:25
Kilostake it out and fix ssd first18:25
Kilosthen worry about the hdd18:26
Kilosmaybe even reinstall 16.04 on ssd from scratch18:26
Kiloswith hdd lying far away18:26
Langjanfix ssd via install grub-pc and grub-pc-bin?18:26
Kilostry that first yes18:27
Kilosand boot-repair from disc18:27
Kilosif no good install fresh from dvd18:27
Kilosthere is another thing18:27
Langjanok thks18:27
Kilosyou can make a bootable iso of your working hdd if you like18:28
Kilosthen use that to install on ssd18:28
Kilosapp is called systemback18:28
Kiloslekker backup tool18:28
Langjanwhy would I want to backup hdd with clean OS on it?18:29
Kilosi think its in the repos18:29
Kilosthats if your ssd repair dont work18:29
Kilosjust another option18:29
Kilosthen your ssd will boot as if you are in the hdd18:30
Kiloseverything the same18:30
Kiloseven remember passwords iirc18:30
LangjanIt makes more sense to use systemback on ssd18:30
Kilosssd is broken18:31
Langjanall my apps on there18:31
Kilosok try that then but18:31
Langjanyou mean because of grub menu?18:31
Kilosyou might not be able to install18:31
Kilosbecause dpkg stuck18:31
Kilostry sytemback18:32
Kilosi dont think you will be able to install it18:32
Kiloslets try this18:33
LangjanTerminal is running again, target 'grub-pc-bin' is not a directory18:33
Kilossud dpkg --configure -a18:33
Kilossee it was battling to find something18:33
Langjandpkg: error: dpkg status database is locked by another process18:34
Kilostry reboot18:34
Langjanokj lets see18:34
Kilosthen do what we been talking about18:34
Kilosboot-repair from dvd18:35
Langjanok probably chat again tomorrow 18:35
Kilosi use sticks18:35
Langjanslaap lekker18:35
Kilosfaster than dvd18:35
Kilosjy ook dankie my vriend18:35
LangjanWaiting for sticks18:36
Langjanslaap lekker18:36
LangjanHi Kilos  booting fine, no prob18:37
Kilosnow do reinstall grub-pc and grub-pc-bin18:38
Kilosuse synaptic18:38
Langjanok thks en slaap lekker, gonna watch voetspore now in Madagaskar18:38
Langjanwill do18:38
Kiloslol ok lekker slaap18:38
Langjanmooi loop my vriend18:38
smileKilos: :DD18:46
Kiloshi smile inetpro 19:42
superflyMiddag oom Kilos 19:54
Kiloshi there superfly 19:54
Kilosall good?19:54
smilebye :)20:04
Kiloscheers smile20:05
Kilosslaap well20:05
superflyAll good20:24

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