WeiJunLioutline or inline kasan? does it really matter?00:00
wedgiedisi: from the command line you can check like this: ''nmcli device show <your netowrk device name>''00:00
wedgiethough i have had endless trouble with it not actually using them in the order listed, or getting hung up on one and refusing to let it go for some reason00:01
rajhow can I make http://i.imgur.com/ajEhqom.jpg look like http://i.imgur.com/XL7loX0.jpg ?00:02
sunrisehow to install ubuntu on lenovo with recovery system ?00:14
sunrisewindows 10 recovery00:14
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kk4ewtshrink the win10 partitions and install in the free space00:15
sunrisei dont damage recovery ?00:16
johannixI'm trying to run a systemd service every five seconds.00:17
sunrisecan a start new system win 10 on future with recovery mode ?00:18
johannixI've tried setting: OnUnitActiveSec=5s. And also: OnCalendar=*:*:0/5. Sometimes runs on "time," but mostly happens every thirtyish seconds00:18
naccjohannix: did you change the AccuracySec value?00:21
johannixnacc: yes, I have it set to 1Sec00:21
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turistaI still wonder why I cannot use the sound in this acus w9009s00:26
pabs3where do I report this? assets.ubuntu.com has an incomplete TLS cert chain, breaking stuff like curl/wget or new browser profiles00:28
tomreynEcliptica: check /var/log/auth.log , maybe enable verbose or debug logging on client and possibly server side00:34
tomreynalso temporariyl switch users' shell back to /bin/sh00:34
disiwedgie: that will always match the gui right?00:35
wedgiedisi: in theory it should00:35
disiwedgie: perhaps something is misconfigured by this IT-provided os image :/ i believe the proper DNS servers are coming over DHCP. they show up in the GUI and in the CLI, but Docker doesn't see that. maybe i should ask in #docker00:36
wedgiedisi: why would docker see the host's dns config?00:36
tomreynfinally, use a very simple command for testing, echo -en '#!/bin/sh\necho "Hello world"\n' > /tmp/mytestscript; chmod +x /tmp/mytestscript00:36
wedgiei'm not a docker expert but i expect that they have their own networking config00:36
disiwedgie: i need it to, otherwise internal resources will not be resolvable00:36
disii think so (it is still kinda magic to me), but i know it tries to pick up the hosts dns config because if resolvconf is not installed (e.g. on my debian box) then everything seems to work fine00:38
wedgie*shrug* I think you're right: #docker may be a better place to ask about that issue00:39
disiwedgie: fwiw, this seems to fix it:     cat /tmp/working-resolv.conf | resolvconf -a <interface>00:47
disiwhere /tmp/working-resolv.conf came from my debian box00:47
noway1I need to migrate an online scholarly journal from coldfusion to something supported in the modern era... linux based. Any ideas? (security has also been an issue)00:48
cfhowlettubuntu, stop00:53
ubuntubut why00:53
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cfhowlettthis is a support channel.  play somewhere else00:53
Guest12319ok sorry im just trying out ubuntu just booted it up00:53
cfhowlett!ot | chitchat in the off-topic channel.00:54
ubottuchitchat in the off-topic channel.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:54
nomici could upgrade from 14.04 but don't want to lsoe the versin of xchat01:20
nomichow do I keep it01:20
cfhowlettnomic, xchat has been dead and unsupported for YEARS.  use hexchat01:21
nomicthats what I don#t want to do01:22
nomichexchat = different01:22
nomicim on 14.04 cos it has xchat01:23
jderpanyone knows how to retrieve packages that are gone from the archive (ie updated)01:23
nomici suppose i'll have to hexchat01:23
nomicis similar enough rite01:23
disiwhy doesnt resolvconf put nameservers received from DHCP into resolv.conf?01:24
turistaI use hexchat and I don't find it bad as u seems to think01:26
turistabut if u're willing to use xchat, just get it from I dunno where :-P~ either can use it in a virtual machine01:26
nomicok thanks01:27
pirxhi all! so when do you think that Canonical will fix the "unity-panel eats up all memory and cpu"-issue? :)01:27
cfhowlettpirx, better to ask Canonical, yes?01:28
turistaI wonder why it eats lots of memory, wich proccess may be running on it?¿01:28
wedgiedisi: it sets up a local dnsmasq server. That's why you get in there01:29
disiwedgie: and the idea is that DNS server will only serve requests from localhost? or from
wedgiefrom localhost, i'd imagine01:30
disii think that would explain my issue... though someone else said https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/541#issuecomment-1756559101:30
pirxcfhowlett: i was secretly hoping that some canonical-ppl are here...01:30
pirx(and who knows, they may be)01:30
wedgiedisi: it's bound to on my box01:31
disiim trying to asses whether the correct fix is to takes steps on ubuntu machines or to take steps in the dockerfile (which will limit where the project can be run)01:31
disiwedgie: excellent thank you01:31
malkaunsin ifconfig is the rx/tx byte count a count since the interface was connected (ie. wifi connected to current access point) or count since the system booted?01:31
wedgiedisi: sounds like the easiest solution for you is the docker ''-dns <your server here>'' option01:33
disiwedgie: unfortunately, that is not an option when using docker-compose... but maybe there is something analogous. ill ask on #docker01:34
wedgiedisi: if your container is relying on local name resolution then it sounds like it's already limited in where it can run01:34
pirxturista: but whatever is running through/in/below/above it, it _itself_ should not need to take up 10gb ram after a few days, right?01:35
disiwedgie: no, that config breaks it... my debian box has a simple resolv.conf that is (presumably) updated by DHCP and everything works fine01:35
turistaare you using the 64 bits version?¿01:35
disioh oh oh , i see what you mean01:35
xanguapirx: i don't have such issue01:36
turistamay an app its using that panel as a bridge01:36
wedgiedisi: i'm not sure how bad of an idea this is, but you could potentially uninstall resolvconf on your host. No idea how angry that will name network manager01:36
disiwedgie: ya... i dont want to recommend that. i think resolvconf -a is a little more friendly01:37
SchrodingersScatsometimes when I copy text from terminal, often through ssh, or mosh, in a screen, etc. the newlines don't get picked up, or it gets all funky and gives me really long lines of text with no newlines.  Am I descending into madness or is there a thing to call this?01:39
wedgieSchrodingersScat: what are you pasting into?01:40
SchrodingersScatwedgie: often another terminal emulator that's also in a screen running a text editor such as nano, but this has also happened when copying from a local screen session in terminal and copying into a mousepad instance.01:41
SchrodingersScatand for instance, if I'm copying a couple lines of apache2 config, it comes out as one marvelous long line with a ton of spaces between what should have rightfully been returns.01:41
turistaI still can't solve the sounds problem01:42
SchrodingersScatwondering if it's some setting that I'm ignorant of and you people can save me from this01:42
allquixoticFrom `ubuntu-support-status`: `You have 52 packages (6.5%) supported until January 2017 (9m)` but `date` shows the correct date, Jan 4. So... why is the "(9m)" so wildly wrong? (Ubuntu 16.04 fully updated)01:59
cfhowlettsupport does not end bang! midnight! on 01/01.02:01
t3kg33kLooking for a ddrescue expert here.02:01
allquixoticcfhowlett: I suppose not, but what definition of "9m" makes sense when it says support ends January 2017 (this month)? 9 minutes? 9 milli-years? certainly not 9 months. and it doesn't update when I ran it a few hours in between, so it's not minutes02:02
t3kg33kSearching around on the internet I see many different examples of using ddrescue to write an .iso to USB. Some use the -d, -D & -f switch. What is the best practice?02:03
t3kg33kI meant to say some use just the -f switch while others use just the -D switch while others use a combo on all those switches02:03
Ben64allquixotic: it means they are supported for 9 months02:05
allquixoticBen64: that makes sense, but how does that jive with it saying "supported until January 2017", when the system date is set correctly to the present date/time? 9 months from now is September, not January.02:05
Ben64it doesn't mean 9 months from now02:06
allquixoticit means the total support duration of the package(s) from the time they were released until the time they expire is 9 months?02:06
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allquixoticI got it now, thanks02:06
allquixotict3kg33k: the `-D` option is for extra certainty that each block successfully read from the source is written to the destination, so as to safeguard against system hangs / crashes causing you to lose data02:09
t3kg33kallquixotic: So is it best to use the -f & -D?02:10
allquixoticthe `-d` option uses the O_DIRECT flag on the fopen call, which instructs the OS to bypass the kernel's page cache and read directly from the block layer's backing store02:10
allquixotic-f forces overwrite of the output file. Needed when outfile is not a regular file, but a device or partition. This option is just a safeguard to prevent the inadvertent destruction of partitions, and is ignored for regular files.02:12
allquixotict3kg33k: if you're trying to read data from a failing storage medium with intermittent reliability and data corruption issues, I'd say yes, because occasionally those types of errors can cause a driver hang or kernel crash or you may end up reading cached bad data from the kernel page cache02:13
allquixoticif your source storage device is "reliable" (it gives you back the data you requested, repeatably, the first time without error) you don't even really need ddrescue at all, but definitely not the -D and -d options02:14
t3kg33kallquixotic: okay. got it. I just like using ddrescue for writing an .iso or .img to USB mostly because it shows an output status02:15
Ben64pv blah.iso | dd of=output02:15
j4f-shredderis single user mode root access without a password disabled by default on ubuntu 16?02:26
j4f-shredderi¡m concerned about the physical security of a server02:27
Ben64don't let people access it02:27
j4f-shredderI know, but let's say someone gain access02:27
Ben64then you're screwed02:27
j4f-shredderis that feature where you put an 's' on grub disabled?02:27
wedgiej4f-shredder: even without single user mode, all they'd have to do is boot off a usb or CD02:27
Ben64theres no way to prevent a physical attack02:28
j4f-shredderbut they wouldn't have access to my data in that way right?02:28
j4f-shredderI mean, the live cd02:28
j4f-shredderor usb02:28
wedgiej4f-shredder: sure they would.02:28
wedgieunless it's encrypted02:28
wedgiein which case single-user mode wouldn't help them either02:28
Ben64but with physical access they could still get your data02:28
j4f-shredderhow do I encrypt everything then? I'm a developer doing a startup and I don't know much about security and I'm learning02:29
Ben64don't worry about encryption, use a good datacenter with actual physical security02:29
j4f-shreddercause when I used the live usb I just had a clean installation02:29
j4f-shredderwith a couple of programs02:29
j4f-shredderI didn't see my data02:29
wedgiej4f-shredder: you can mount the existing hard drive with the livedisk02:30
j4f-shreddernor my programs02:30
j4f-shredderI haven't try that02:30
j4f-shredderjust out of curiosity, which are the things that I could encrypt to make it safer(I will get a 3rd party service as you advised, but I want to know it)02:30
wedgiej4f-shredder: honestly, physical security of the machine is relitively easy. Data being stolen via the network/Internet is the much bigger threat (and more difficult to deal with)02:31
j4f-shredderso, I can't trust even the guys on the datacenter right?02:31
wedgieimo disk encryption is mostly useful for laptops and such that can much more easily be lost/stolen02:31
Ben64j4f-shredder: if you can't, then don't use them02:31
j4f-shredderwhich is the more trustworthy in your opinion Ben64?02:32
Ben64you gotta balance security and reality02:32
photonHello, my brand new Ubuntu MATE 16.10 doesn't start up. I get a black screen and then a reboot. No logo or anything. I just reinstalled grub from the live cd02:32
Ben64don't use a shady datacenter, look at reviews02:32
j4f-shredderwedgie, just out of curiosity, ubuntu have an encryption feature for laptops and stuff right?02:33
Ben64you'll never have a perfectly secure system as long as someone can touch it and it's on the internet02:33
j4f-shredderI'm asking this for personal use02:33
wedgiej4f-shredder: yes, the desktop installer will let you encrypt your home directory02:33
j4f-shredderonce you encrypt all your hard drive, can you decrypted if you want to disable encryption on a later phase?02:33
Ben64j4f-shredder: no02:34
photonAnyone? And I learned not to encrypt when it broke and deleted my files02:34
j4f-shredderso, once you enable that option, then you are stucked with it?02:34
photonYou could move your files to a new /home?02:34
xanguaj4f-shredder: format02:35
j4f-shredderI'm not the one with the issue02:35
j4f-shredderit's the other guy02:35
ubuinstHello. I'm trying to diagnose an issue and I would like to take a look inside the initramfs. It's 42 MB big and file says it's a straight up cpio archive, but when I try to unpack it I only get 36KB of files. Could someone take a look at what I'm doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/eugZWxDz02:35
j4f-shredderI just wanted to konw02:35
j4f-shreddermost of you have your files encrypted or decrypted?02:35
j4f-shreddercause one of the downsizes I've seen is that you can't analyze which apps are consuming the most if the files are encrypted02:36
wedgieon my laptop i use encrypted home. My servers are not encrypted. Not at the filesystem level at least.02:36
photonMy brand new Ubuntu MATE 16.10 doesn't start up. I get a black screen and then a reboot. No logo or anything. I just reinstalled grub from the live cd. What should I do?02:36
nicomachus!nomodeset | photon02:36
ubottuphoton: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:36
j4f-shredderphoton, you are better off making a backup and reinstalling, you probably messed up02:36
photonI have reinstalled more than 5 times and it's the same result02:37
nicomachusphoton: try using the nomodeset parameter in grub, as I just said...02:37
jmaderohi all - I made a mistake and used pacmd to set input instead of output and now I can't get my mic to work at all02:38
photonYup thanks, I was telling him what I've done02:38
j4f-shredderhttps://www.udemy.com/linux-security/ I'm taking that course and the guy says that if you set the pass for root on ubuntu then you are safe for physical attacks on single user mode02:38
ubuinstSo anyone have a suggestion for unpacking the initramfs completely (I'm doing http://pastebin.com/eugZWxDz but it doesn't seem complete)02:39
j4f-shredderhe even shows it02:39
nicomachusubuinst: what. why would you want to do that?02:39
Sean_McGthere is no security, only Zuul02:39
ubuinstI'm trying to diagnose an issue nicomachus, and I am currently in a chroot with the new install02:39
ubuinstbut it doesn't boot by itself02:39
ubuinstso I want to figure out why02:40
wedgiej4f-shredder: he's wrong.02:40
ubuinstwhen it drops me in a shell at boot I noticed it lacks cryptsetup02:40
ubuinstand rebooting into the chroot all the time is annoying so I wanted to make sure it was in there now before I reboot02:40
ubuinstactually maybe I should generate it with -v instead :)02:41
ubuinstokay it should be alright then. Thanks for making me question my motives nicomachus. Hopefully I can boot into my system now02:43
lzlaAnybody here?02:44
ubuinstabout 2000 people02:44
j4f-shredderwedgie, another method he uses is redirecting the kernel to load /bin/bash and then on that script 40_custom on the folder /etc/grub.d set superusers="root" password root root  and then encrypt the password with grub2-mkpasswd-pbkdf202:45
lzlaa chinese02:45
j4f-shredderin that way he "protects" the grub02:45
j4f-shredderin centOS I think02:45
Ben64j4f-shredder: sounds like a horrible mess02:45
wedgiej4f-shredder: drop the class and ask for your money back02:46
j4f-shredderfor some reason I tend to trust "security guys"02:46
ubuinstYou're probably better off reading man files02:47
wedgiej4f-shredder: don't trust anyone. Least of all us. We're random strangers on the internet. Verify for yourself that you can boot the server with a liveusb and then mount the hard drives to get full access to all the data.02:47
j4f-shredderI will try that02:47
wedgiewith or without a root password set02:47
j4f-shredderI was planning to do it02:47
j4f-shredderhow do you learn about security when you don't have much time?02:47
j4f-shredderI need to focus on development02:48
j4f-shredderand I just want to keep up to date just to hire the right guys02:48
j4f-shredderIf I don't know anything I can't pick wisely02:48
j4f-shredderI know is a dumb question02:48
wedgiejust start with the basics. Most of the breaches you hear about are caused by something fairly basic.02:48
wedgieweak passwords, poorly configured services, failure to patch, etc02:49
j4f-shredderI've seen there are online databases with xploits02:49
j4f-shredderdo you use that as well?02:49
Fluke_hello i hate to ask this question but how would I remove all files in a directory with (j) in their name02:49
stormmmmdoes anyone know how to establish connection through bluetooth using rocket fish dongle02:49
VA6DAHPublicly accessible databases like mongodb with no passwords set. Tons of those out there.02:49
Sean_McGFluke_: enclose it in quotes02:50
bobey6Hello :) I'm trying to use port forwarding on Ubuntu 16.04 with UFW and I seem to be having some trouble. I've added the appropriate iptables rule (iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-port 32400) and with both ports allowed on ufw (443 & 32400) I can use port 443 and it fowards me to port 32400. If I remove the "allow port 32400" from ufw, it won't work. Is it possible to get this working so I can02:50
bobey6close the port I'm trying to forward to?02:50
Fluke_like "(j)"02:50
nedstarkthere is an ubuntu channel for the security people02:50
wedgieFluke_: rm -- *"(j)"*02:51
nedstarkmany of the security updates are made through the debian project's separate security updates upstream02:52
kk4ewtFluke_,  backup just in case02:52
Fluke_okay thank you02:52
nedstarkhere are some of them https://www.debian.org/security/02:52
gecko_x2hi, is there a channel for LXD issues? thanks02:52
j4f-shredderwedgie  Hey, I have to redeem the teacher of that course, he explains how to avoid single user login without a password, then how to block grub manipulation, but after that he says "but this is useless if someone has physical access cause he can insert a live cd"02:52
Sean_McGj4f-shredder: yes, or remove the drives and mount them in another computer02:53
j4f-shredderthat's a good one02:54
j4f-shredderwow, I'm starting to look at things really different, how can you trust datacenters after knowing all of this?02:54
wedgiej4f-shredder: or pour coffee on it.02:54
Sean_McGyou don't trust them02:54
nedstarkdo not trust "the cloud" unless you know as much about your cloud provider as you would know about in-house servers and who maintains them and how02:55
nedstarkits just outsourced servers02:55
j4f-shredderthanks guys, but what is the common practice? to encrypt your data?02:56
j4f-shredderthe guy mentions that on the course02:57
j4f-shredderas a way of mitigate the risk of physical access02:57
Mis-anthropewhich course?02:57
j4f-shredderfor 10 dollars it's quite good02:58
Mis-anthropethanks for the info02:58
wedgiej4f-shredder: that's the key. It is only useful in cases of physical access. While the machine is running the data is decrypted (has to be for the system to work) so it is still able to be stolen via a compromise of the server02:58
nedstarkencrypt your data in a way where untrusted people don't have access to encryption keys and passwords02:58
wedgiej4f-shredder: some regulatory environments require encryption.02:58
j4f-shredderohhh yeah, I've heard abvout the os needs the data decrypted02:59
nedstarkbut knowing the servers are competently administered are just as important02:59
wedgienedstark: moreso, i'd say, as remote compromise is much more likely than physical in most cases02:59
wedgiebut this is running pretty off-topic, so i'll shut up about it now03:00
nedstarki'd just block all ip ranges not absolutely needed for the server to do its job03:00
photonSo because I geta black screen on boot I set nomodeset on the live cd. It loaded differently, slower, and the screen glitched out so I'm guessing that isn't the problem03:00
j4f-shredderI don't understand the /dev/mapper though03:01
j4f-shredderI mean, is that here the decrypted data is stored by the dm-crypt?'03:01
patientpli had fedora and for the last time it fubared. so im sick of it and want to install ubuntu. how do i overwrite the fedora installation partitions? When i try to do it i get a bootloader not writing error, but none of the radio button options will let me continue. How do?03:01
j4f-shredderI thought encryption was not reversible03:02
patientplcan anyone tell me how to overwite this in a way that works03:02
j4f-shredderdoes ubuntu saves a decrypted and an encrypted version?03:02
j4f-shredderthat's what I don't understand03:02
wedgiej4f-shredder: the data is stored encrypted. But with the key it can be decrypted. So once the keys are loaded into memory you can read the data03:02
j4f-shredderso it is reversible? does it use a weaker algorythm than md5?03:03
j4f-shredderI think someone was able to reverse md5 though03:03
Ben64patientpl: format drive first03:03
Ben64j4f-shredder: you're confusing encryption with a hash03:03
wedgiej4f-shredder: of courese it's reversable. Otherwise you would never be able to read your data again03:04
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j4f-shredderI'm used to development, in general you just encrypt what the user enters instead of rversing what you already have on your db03:04
j4f-shredderit's one of my weak areas though03:04
wedgiej4f-shredder: hashing is a special form of encryption that is not reversable. Different use case.03:05
Ben64sounds like you're still thinking of a hash03:05
j4f-shreddergreat info03:05
j4f-shredderI will read more on that03:05
wedgiej4f-shredder: passwords are typically stored salted and hashed.03:05
j4f-shredderwedgie, yes, I use bcrypt and it does what you say, it uses a salt03:05
j4f-shredderI just thought that every encryption aws irreversible and you always had to encrypt the incoming data and compare two encrypted strings03:06
j4f-shredderbut it makes no sense on this context03:06
j4f-shreddernow that you mention that03:06
photonUbuntu still doesn't load up, even with nomodeset. I have installed it multiple times and I have installed grub. When I hold shift it says its loading grub but just reboots.03:07
wedgiewith a password it is good enough to know that what the user submitted is the same as the password. You don't need to know what the password is, only that the user got it right. With data, you typically want to be able to read it again :P03:07
j4f-shredderwedgie, I just got confused by this graphic  https://s24.postimg.org/8c48u45ut/linux.jpg03:09
j4f-shredderit's not clear to me where would I find my data after encrypting03:10
j4f-shredderand I can't try it right now cause I have important information03:10
j4f-shreddermaybe on a virtual machine03:10
Ben64what do you mean03:10
j4f-shredderIf I have my data, I run the dm-crypt where does my data ends up??03:11
j4f-shredderif I want to navigate03:11
j4f-shredderto the new place03:11
Ben64it appears unencrypted in /home03:11
AegNuddelOkay, my sister just got a new computer with Ubuntu on it.  It's been so long since I have used Ubuntu that I can't recall how to connect to the internet with it.  It says it detects our Ethernet, but or router has a password and I'm not sure how to put it in.03:11
j4f-shredderBen64 but in which situation would that data be unaccesible by someone?03:11
Ben64AegNuddel: you shouldn't need a password to use ethernet03:12
j4f-shredderI mean, you do the encryption to protect your data03:12
Ben64j4f-shredder: when the computer is off03:12
cipher6Hey all! Anyone know anything about Tar and willing to explain if -f and .tar.xz are both needed on a command?03:12
wedgiej4f-shredder: dm-crypt holds the encryption keys and plays monkey-in-the-middle with requests for data. When you ask for a file in /home, it finds, decrypts, and presents it to you03:12
photonMy brand new (just installed, for the 7th time) Ubuntu MATE 16.10 doesn't start up. I get a black screen and then a reboot. No logo or anything. Nomodeset appears to have made it worse. I installed grub; when I hold shift it says that it's loading it but reboots.03:12
AegNuddelBen6, it goes through our router03:12
j4f-shreddercouldn't someone run a live cd, mount the disk and then use ubuntu to decrypt it?03:12
wedgiecipher6: f is for file03:12
Ben64AegNuddel: and?03:12
wedgiecipher6: as oppsoed to stdin or something.03:12
j4f-shredderI get it now03:12
wedgiej4f-shredder: they could, IF they had the decryption keys03:13
AegNuddelI need to be able input the password03:13
cipher6wedgie: so F tells it to look for a file name?03:13
Ben64AegNuddel: again, what password? you don't need a password for ethernet03:13
j4f-shredderwedgie, but that keys would be only in my copy of ubuntu03:13
wedgiecipher6: lowercase f, but yes. Either creates a file, or reads from a file, dependinng on what you're doing03:13
cipher6wedgie: can i private chat your for no more than 3 minutes? Just to verify I'm understand, Or I can cont. here is you'd prefer03:13
wedgiej4f-shredder: the way the default ubuntu encryption works is the key is encrypted with your user's password. So they'd be able to recover the encrypted file that had the key in it, but they'd need your password to actually get the key03:14
Ben64cipher6: what exactly are you not getting? have you checked 'man tar'03:14
ZJAYIs Python automagically installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS???03:14
wedgiecipher6: here is better03:14
Ben64ZJAY: almost assuredly03:14
ZJAYhow do i add a module to it03:14
j4f-shreddersupose someone inserts a live usb, enters ubuntu , mount the disk, install dm-crypt03:15
cipher6Ben64: I've successfully mad a tar.xz of my home dir, and I've read man tar (and got more confused). I just don't understand why my original command wouldn't run, and why the eventual successful cmd did.03:15
j4f-shredderwhat would they have to do next03:15
j4f-shredderif they had my password03:15
j4f-shredderto get access?03:15
techquilaautomated install using pxe + preseed.cfg: what are my options to pull in user details from an LDAP server? anyone done this successfully or can link some good docs?03:15
Ben64cipher6: well what was the first command03:15
cipher6Ben64: I can post both if you'd like to see what did v. what didn't.03:15
Ben64j4f-shredder: type it in03:15
wedgiej4f-shredder: if they have your password then they can grab the encrypted key, decrypt it, and use it to read your data03:15
stormmmmhi i need help with mrbtad bluetooth to work on ubuntu 16.0403:15
Ben64cipher6: go for it. use a pastebin service03:16
wedgiebut if they have your password they don't need to go throught the hassle of live booting the thing03:16
stormmmmanyone ?03:16
photonMy brand new (just installed, for the 7th time) Ubuntu MATE 16.10 doesn't start up. I get a black screen and then a reboot. No logo or anything. Nomodeset appears to have made it worse. I installed grub; when I hold shift it says that it's loading it but reboots.03:16
Ben64photon: what system03:16
j4f-shredderbut once they type my password, that interchange of encrypted keys and decryption happens under the hood or the perpetrator has to do it as additional work?03:16
photonWhat do you mean?03:16
j4f-shredderwould that be a hussle or a simple thing to do?03:16
Ben64photon: your computer, give details03:16
wedgieunder the hood. Simple for anyone who knew what they're doing.03:17
wedgiej4f-shredder: and again, with physical access they could just steal the drive, take it home, and do all of this at their leisure03:17
AegNuddelben64 our router password!03:17
photonNo uefi support... Dual booted with win10 (drive disconnected ATM)?.03:17
Ben64AegNuddel: that doesn't make any sense!03:17
techquilahmmm maybe i'm in the wrong channel here03:17
AegNuddelI'm on the wifi03:18
Ben64AegNuddel: you said ethernet03:18
j4f-shredderwedgie, thanks , I will watch some videos on that03:18
j4f-shredderI need to see it in action03:18
Ben64ethernet is not wifi03:18
j4f-shredderto fully grasp the final steps of the perpetration03:18
Ben64j4f-shredder: really, don't bother with encryption03:18
cipher6Ben64: http://pastebin.com/06wiUTVP03:18
cipher6wedgie: http://pastebin.com/06wiUTVP03:18
photonMy brand new (just installed, for the 7th time) Ubuntu MATE 16.10 doesn't start up. I get a black screen and then a reboot. No logo or anything. Nomodeset appears to have made it worse. I installed grub; when I hold shift it says that it's loading it but reboots.03:19
j4f-shredderBen64, it was just for educational purposes03:19
crazyhorsei'm continuously getting a message that says "system problem detected"03:19
AegNuddelwe;re trying to connect hers directly03:19
crazyhorseis there a log file i can look up to see more details?03:19
wedgiecipher6: without the -f tar doesn't know to create a file. Instead it would output to stdout (aka, spew all over your terminal)03:19
Ben64cipher6: well yeah you need to specify the file with -f03:19
cipher6Ben64: Since the cmd worked, I'm not distraught, but I want to know why, not just how.03:19
Ben64photon: your computer, give details!03:20
Ben64photon: repeating the same no information doesn't help03:20
wedgiecipher6: though do note that your final command did not use compression at all, despite your .tar.xz extension03:20
photonI did!03:20
Ben64photon: you did not03:20
cipher6wedgie: Damn it, why not? I thought that putting .xz would make it use the compression method appended??03:21
Ben64cipher6: file extensions don't matter at all03:21
wedgiecipher6: the -J flag makes it use xz compression.03:21
photonNo uefi support, amd cpu, radeon graphics, (yes I ded xD)03:21
Ben64photon: keep going, more information03:21
wedgiecipher6: the file extension could be herp.derp and it is still the same thing03:21
photonWhat do you need?03:21
Ben64all of it03:21
photonUsing a sandisk ssd03:21
wedgiecipher6: tar -cJf tmparchive.tar.xz /home/cipher6   (you shouldn't need the sudo)03:22
cipher6wedgie: Then can you show me what the correct flag would be? maybe -cfJv? (Also this may sound really dumb, but do flags have to be given alphabetically? )03:22
photonDual bios... Unable to boot from usb... External graphics...03:22
cipher6wedgie: You read my mind03:22
photon16gb ddr3 ram03:22
wedgiecipher6: no, flags don't have to be given alphabetically. Only order that matters is if the flag takes an argument (like a file name for -f)03:23
Ben64cipher6: one thing to note is you need to have -f filename in that order03:23
photonCurrently connected via ethernet, butbI have a wifi usb dongle03:23
cipher6Ben64: So f should be the last flag b/c it takes an argument //after the f?03:23
photonIs that enough?03:23
Ben64cipher6: that's how i do it03:23
cipher6wedgie: ^^^ Same question03:23
cipher6Ben64, so that's the only way?03:24
cipher6So I thought I was compressing files, and i'm just making falsely named tarballs.03:24
photonBen64: is that enough info?03:24
AegNuddelno it's not but we can have both wifi andethernet connections, no?03:24
cipher6Back to the drawing board03:24
Ben64cipher6: use "file" to check what the file actually is03:24
photonAegNuddel: one at a time03:24
cipher6Ben64: tmparchive.tar.xz: POSIX tar archive (GNU)03:25
cipher6but I'm guessing POSIX is not .xz03:25
Ben64tar archive = tar03:25
j4f-shredderone thing, SHREDS it's a utility to do low level format or it's used for testing with dummy data?03:26
cipher6and POSIX is not xz.....03:26
Ben64cipher6: ignore posix03:26
Ben64j4f-shredder: shred?03:26
j4f-shredderyeah, I saw a guy doing that before an encryption03:27
j4f-shredderand I don't know if it's to test the encryption process or to delete the previous data03:27
LiftLeftin lubuntu when I disconnect my second monitor from my laptop, lubuntu still acts as if there's a second monitor and doesn't move the programs to the laptop's screen.03:27
Ben64       shred - overwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally delete it03:27
Ben64from the shred man page03:27
j4f-shredderyeah, but the guy made iterations03:27
j4f-shredderthat's what it made me think if he wasnt' generating dummy data03:28
j4f-shredderjust to test03:28
j4f-shredderthe encryption process03:28
j4f-shredderI think he made it to remove completely previous existing data03:28
j4f-shreddercause I think encryption deletes all your data but I think it makes a high level format only03:28
FG2hi im farshad , i love hacking , im a starter , my english are weak , im from iran03:28
AegNuddelphoton, the cable company recommended one computer being physically connected to the internet while the others are on wi-fi03:29
wedgieFG2: hi, farshad. Do you have an ubuntu support question?03:29
photonBen64: trying 16.10 on a sandisk ssd (sdb). Once this is fixed I will plug the windows 10 drive back in as drive 0. Internet: ethernet (active), wireless (dongle). Ram: 16gb ddr3; graphics: radeon; bios: phoenix; unable to boot with USB; is this enough info03:29
FG2wedgie : no03:29
cipher6Ben64: Going back to man tar, i found v, so I could append my flag to be -cJvf03:30
wedgiecipher6: you could. That will just show your what files are going into the archive. Optional.03:30
cipher6ben64: and it will show me the progress in the term, should I use the flag to drop the /'s?03:30
cipher6wedgie:  should i flag to drop /'s?03:30
Ben64cipher6: what does that mean03:30
wedgiecipher6: that shouldn't be necessary03:31
cipher6Ben64: ....I don't know, that's why I'm here ;)03:31
Ben64you asked it03:31
cipher6wedgie: what would be an instance in which i would WANT to use the flag to remove the leading /'s?03:31
wedgieBen64: he's talking about the "tar: Removing leading `/' from member names" message he got from his tar command03:32
cipher6ben64: There is a flag that says "drop leading /'s"  I didn't use it, but the terminal decided it was going to?03:32
wedgiecipher6: a flag didn't cause that. It's default behavior. Makes it so that you can extract the archive somewhere besides the root if you wanted to. It's a good thing03:33
cipher6ben64: from man tar -P, --absolute-names don't strip leading '/'s from file names03:33
photonBen64: trying 16.10 on a sandisk ssd (sdb). Once this is fixed I will plug the windows 10 drive back in as drive 0. Internet: ethernet (active), wireless (dongle). Ram: 16gb ddr3; graphics: radeon; bios: phoenix; unable to boot with USB; issue: black screen on boot, grub displays nothing. Extra info: nomodeset doesn't help.03:33
cipher6wedgie: OH, so using -P for a system back up, would be beneficial?03:33
Ben64photon: try 16.0403:34
wedgiecipher6: uh... i don't think I would... I don't normally try to back up whole systems into a tar archive though03:34
cipher6I don't either, but then again, I'm not very good at this. I usually just use the gui, but i'm a lowest tier tech in a NOC and want to move towards one of the linux admin teams in the next 24mos03:35
cipher6wedgie: so i'm just creating projects for myself03:35
wedgiecipher6: i'll put it to you this way: I've never used the -P flag03:35
wedgiecipher6: good deal.03:35
wedgiecipher6: i suggest an army of VMs to play with :)03:36
LiftLeftin lubuntu when I disconnect my second monitor from my laptop, lubuntu still acts as if there's a second monitor and doesn't move the programs to the laptop's screen.03:36
wedgiecipher6: anyway, time for me to leave. Good luck :)03:36
cipher6wedgie: I just built an 32gb i5 system and installed vbox, and dl'd OpenSUSE and CentOS, so far, my lack of terminal skills hasn't gotten me very far03:37
cipher6wedgie: but thank you for the kind words and assistance!03:37
cipher6Ben64: you as well!03:37
j4f-shredderwhen does pam authentication modules make sense?03:47
j4f-shredderagaintst the conventional authentication method?03:47
kk4ewtj4f-shredder,  pam is the conventional auth method03:50
kk4ewtunless you are referring to someother method like kerberos and ldap03:51
j4f-shredderbut it works in order? is it like a filter of different layers?03:51
j4f-shredderyou start by pam_securetty.so, then if you pass you go to the next file pam_unix.so and so on?03:51
kk4ewtand google says03:52
j4f-shredderman doesn't say anything03:52
j4f-shredderabout pam03:52
j4f-shredderand google info is not clear enough for my level03:52
j4f-shredderI read the docs03:52
j4f-shredderbut the flow is not clear03:52
kk4ewti am sure PAM has more documentation03:52
j4f-shredderI'm a noob to be honest03:53
j4f-shredderyeah, I think the directives run in order03:54
j4f-shredderit's like a filter03:54
kk4ewtPAM is Pluggable Auth modules03:54
j4f-shredderall the directives must be successful in order for the user to be authenticated03:54
j4f-shredderaccording to this03:54
kk4ewtit has different layers03:54
j4f-shredderPAM_SUCCESS      Access was granted.03:55
j4f-shredderkk4ewt, but in which file should I list the directives  auth  required  pam_securetty.so03:57
j4f-shredderlike that03:57
j4f-shredderin those docs only mentions03:57
j4f-shredderthe /etc/security/access.conf03:57
Gaming4JCNetworkManager cannot run pre-up scripts, even at the dawn of a new centuary... sad... :( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/33673603:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 336736 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "NetworkManager does not call /etc/network/if-pre-up.d scripts" [Medium,Won't fix]03:58
j4f-shredderI have one more question please, I note that my vps has /etc/passwd an  "x" on the password field04:04
j4f-shredderbut I have no /etc/shadow04:04
j4f-shredderI opened the shadow file with sudo04:05
j4f-shredderbut it has an asterisk on the password field04:05
j4f-shredderwhen the encrypted password should be there04:06
kk4ewtask the VPS provider04:06
AegNuddelok it does TRY to connect04:07
j4f-shredderkk4ewt, I can see that the daemons and services accounts has * but now I see the users I created has the encrypted password on the field04:07
j4f-shredderit looks like only human users has encrypted password04:07
j4f-shredderwww-data for example has asterisk04:08
j4f-shredderit may be cause it doesn't have shell login04:08
j4f-shredderI don't know04:08
icedwaterHi, it looks like my upstart has had problems running my indicator-datetime-service, where might I look to start debugging this?04:14
genewitchhow do i make ubuntu desktop 16.10 not load GUI by default? the /etc/default/grub method of adding "text" to the grub_command_linux doesn't work04:18
ubuntuim in super need of help04:18
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest99183
=== Guest99183 is now known as patientpl
icedwaterpatientpl: hello, how can we help?04:18
patientpli was doing everything i could to get ubuntu to work and so right now im on a live sd card and no other install on my  computer04:19
patientpltotally clean04:19
patientplwhen i try and install i get the following error04:19
icedwatergenewitch: I'm assuming you remembered to update-grub on the right device after that? I haven't done what you're doing in a while, but I often forgot that step04:19
patientplexecuting 'grub-install /dev/mmcblk0' failed04:19
icedwaterHmm, are you trying to install onto an SSD, or something?04:20
patientplthere's nothing on my computer but a completely clean partition (single partition) and yet im getting this error from a live sd card04:20
patientplwhich is WEIRD04:20
icedwaterAh, SD, sorry04:20
patientplno its a bootable sd04:20
patientplsorry should have said04:20
icedwaterDid you pick the right partition to install on?04:20
patientpltotally clean partition04:21
patientpli let ubuntu wipe and start from scratch04:21
patientpli select the option that says "delete and overwrite"04:21
icedwaterI mean, it looks like you're trying to install on your SD, which you probably don't want since that's where the install files are...04:21
patientplah no04:21
patientpli dont think i am....04:21
patientplhold on04:22
patientplill get to the prompt and tell you04:22
icedwaterI am only guessing based on /dev/mmcblk0, the hard disk shouldn't be recognised as that.04:22
icedwaterOK :)04:22
patientpli think that's what it might be doing04:25
patientplso basically the auto option is a tard04:25
icedwaterpatientpl: are you installing from some CLI, or the clickable stuff in the live SD?04:25
patientplsecond one04:26
jeffrey_fDoes a LiveCD exist that will boot up a PXE server with an existing ISO?  What I need to accomplish: Boot a 486 computer and install any 32 bit Linux distro.  I know, get rid of the computer.....But it was free!!!!04:26
icedwaterThe last time I did that (not 16.10) I had an option to select the partition to install to, did you miss that?04:26
icedwaterProbably somewhere after or around the filesystem step...04:26
patientplyeah im going to try that04:26
Speirosjeffrey_f If it's any consolation, I was using a 486 earlier this...I mean last year.04:27
genewitchicedwater: yes04:29
jeffrey_fSpeiros: This is to be a repurposed computer just a web computer for my organization.  I can't boot USB, I don't have any cd-r's and PXE seems to be the only answer, if it exists.04:29
genewitchhow do i make ubuntu desktop 16.10 not load GUI by default? the /etc/default/grub method of adding "text" to the grub_command_linux doesn't work; i ran update-grub and rebooted, gui still pops right up, no splash now though04:29
Speirosjeffrey_f I'm unsure, but maybe an external DVD drive?04:30
genewitchhe said no usb04:30
icedwaterNo bootable USB, though04:31
Speirosgenewitch Good point, it won't work there then...hmm04:31
icedwaterExternal drive should be OK, I think04:31
jeffrey_fSpeiros: If I had CD-r's to burn an image to.04:31
genewitchpxe isn't that hard to set up, really04:31
Speirosgenewitch I presumed jeffrey_f meant he had ubuntu on a usb stick, and it wouldn't boot, not that there were no usb ports.04:31
stormmmmif you have any rewriteable cd around  you can back up the contents of that rewriteable then erase it so you can burn the  image on that disk04:32
jeffrey_ficedwater: 486 doesn't know about the portable drives I have.  Can't read them due to size probably04:33
icedwaterProbably. Hmm.04:33
genewitchjeffrey_f: no floppy?04:34
jeffrey_fHrmmmm.  I have a box of them.  I have no other system that has a floppy drive.  LOL04:34
jeffrey_fEra disparity.04:34
genewitchyou're gunna need to go buy some cd-r04:35
genewitcha machine 486 era is probably not going to do PXE correctly, so you'd have to boot to floppy first, then pxe boot04:35
icedwaterjeffrey_f: genewitch probably has the best option, but your PXE issue has got me curious too :)04:35
genewitchyou can try tho, see if the BIOS will let you set network as a valid boot choice04:36
genewitchsome older machines came with network cards without the PXE chip04:36
jeffrey_fgonna check04:36
genewitchif that's the case, you need a floppy or CD-ROM to bootstrap the tftp client and bootp client04:36
genewitchbrb i am gunna reboot and try sudo systemctl start multi-user.target04:38
jeffrey_fDefinite on network boot04:39
genewitchthat worked04:42
genewitchsudo systemctl enable multi-user.target && sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target && sudo reboot04:42
genewitchthat made it boot text only04:43
genewitchi have a gig free memory now, even with everything loaded.04:43
jeffrey_ficedwater: genewitch - http://www.ultimatedeployment.org04:43
genewitchwhat is that04:44
jeffrey_flooks like a pxe deployment solution04:45
genewitchall you need to pxe boot is a dhcp server that supports options and a tftp server to send the kernel04:45
genewitchwhen the nic's mac is seen by dhcpd, it tells the nic to fetch it's boot files from the tftp's IP address, and any other options it needs04:46
jeffrey_fgenewitch: The setup is just a pain in the but.04:48
=== cmh is now known as cmh_
icedwatergenewitch: good to know. Does your use case include web browsing and the occasional youtube video, for instance?04:58
icedwaterplaguenet: hi05:28
priporgit seems updating software in the gui can be problematic. i'm experiencing a slight problem with software updating in software centre; it says installing updates has finished but the window is not closing and cursor is spining around constantly.05:34
cfhowlettpriporg, kill it an use the terminal.  you need only 2 commands05:35
kode54someone in another channel is trying to "run" the official Ubuntu Docker image in daemon mode and wondering why it immediately exits05:35
cfhowlettkode54, direct him to this channel05:36
kode54they're trying to run it on that channel's distro05:36
priporgcfhowlett, how do i kill it? clicking on the (x) in window is not responding.05:36
cfhowlettkode54, so not ubuntu.  then they can get support from their OS channel.05:36
cfhowlettpriporg, open your terminal and run ps -x05:37
kode54which doesn't provide official support, since they can't be bothered to man their channel with actual staff05:37
cfhowlettnear the end of the list, you should see "updater"05:37
kode54I'll direct them to post on their distribution's forums05:37
cfhowlettkode54, not running ubuntu, not our problem.  folks who need support might do well to select an OS that actually offers support.  (hint: ubuntu!)05:38
kode54this OS also charges people depending on how many hard drives they have installed in their machine05:39
priporgcfhowlett, i see /usr/bin/update-manager --no-update05:39
kode54it's one of those "NAS" OSes05:39
cfhowlettpriporg, there's a number to the left.  kill -9 <number>05:39
kode54I call it a toy05:39
g3terminal: xkill click the window you want to kill05:39
cfhowlettkode54, rather off-topic here.  shall we move on to ubuntu support?05:40
kode54I'll shut up about that now :D05:40
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priporgcfhowlett, thanks. it worked. now doing the update in terminal.05:43
cfhowlettpriporg, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade05:43
priporgsomeone told me to do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:44
cfhowlettsame result05:44
=== rai is now known as Rai
priporgcfhowlett, yes you're right. your way is the apt way :) thank you05:55
cfhowlettpriporg, happy2help105:56
egsomeOK, Again, Touchpad is not working on the latest kernel ! ( details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/865267/touchpad-not-working-after-kernel-upgrade-to-4-4-0-57-on-16-04-1 )06:12
xanguaegsome: it's working on my laptop with that kernel06:20
Fildohello everyone06:21
xXEoflaOEXxFildo, Hello06:39
Goldschlager120I have a question on virtual desktop06:42
Goldschlager120If I have Orcle VM Virtual Box w/ Ubuntu on it. Can I use a system with wtware to connect to it?06:44
shodanerlist channels06:46
Goldschlager120Any takers on that?06:46
ducasseGoldschlager120: you mea06:50
ducasseGoldschlager120: you mean create it with vbox and run with vmware?06:50
Goldschlager120ducasse, essentially.06:51
Goldschlager120It would be a thin client connecting06:51
=== Guest42311 is now known as himcesjf
ducasseGoldschlager120: i know there is something called ovf (open virtualization format) that should allow that, but i don't know if those two support it - i only use kvm.06:52
Goldschlager120ducasse, what's kvm06:52
ducasseGoldschlager120: the virt built-in to the linux kernel06:52
ducasseGoldschlager120: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_Page06:53
Goldschlager120ducasse, on it :)06:53
Goldschlager120ducasse, I'm struggling with a bit here. I have to have the Virtual Desktop running on the server. Just to confirm?06:55
ducasseGoldschlager120: virtual desktops are a completely different thing from virtual machines.06:56
ducasseGoldschlager120: but you can run a vm on the server and connect over the network, yes.06:56
Goldschlager120ducasse, Which is better?06:57
ducasseGoldschlager120: you don't understand - 'virtual desktop' is the term for switchable workspaces under a desktop environment, it has nothing to do with virtualization.06:58
Goldschlager120ducasse, I used Citrix at my last job. Would of a thin client been connecting to a virtual machine for that?06:59
Billiasgood day07:00
BilliasI have some issues with the DHclient under ubuntu07:00
Billiaswith ipv6 and static lease07:01
ducasseGoldschlager120: most likely, i'd think07:02
Goldschlager120ducasse, so with that. Do I just simply connect to my ubuntu machine w/ rdp or is there a different or better method?07:03
ducasseGoldschlager120: i've only ever used vnc for things like that, but really only use ssh. all i know is that several of the desktops for ubuntu have trouble displaying remotely because of hardware accelleration.07:05
Goldschlager120ducasse, I guess I have some learning to do :) Thanks for your input07:07
ducasse!ltsp | Goldschlager120 maybe this can help07:07
ubottuGoldschlager120 maybe this can help: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project07:07
ducasseGoldschlager120: is that what you're looking for?07:07
=== thxer is now known as Guest17699
Goldschlager120ducasse, yes i believe so07:08
ducasseGoldschlager120: follow those links and find out :)07:08
kasumiprivacy focus torrent search engine https://www.skytorrents.in07:09
bazhangkasumi, how is that topical here07:09
cfhowlettspammy, kasumi.  please don't07:10
kasumiubuntu users might want to to do a torrent search with privacy07:10
thanato5kasumi are you a bot..?07:10
cfhowlettkasumi, no one mentioned that topic.  do not spam here.07:10
bazhangkasumi, take it elsewhere07:10
kasumidefinitely no07:10
Billiasdefinitely yes07:10
thanato5possibly... yes07:10
thanato5hah. definitely yes.07:11
kasumii was replying about me being BOT07:11
Billiasthanatos, nice nick.07:11
bazhanglets return to ubuntu support please07:11
thanato5technically it is thanato5, but yes, thank you. I like it.07:11
BilliasOn Ubuntu support: I am trying to get some IPv6 address lease on my systems. And it works nicely. BUT If i use the identifier of the client and set a static v6, then I get no Address, but the client decides.07:12
Billiasthe same doesn't happen on my mac book for instance. There the v6 Static lease works properly.07:13
Billiasi tried both dhcpcd5 and dhclient :\ I do something wrong07:13
BilliasMy DHCPv6 server is only offering stateful adresses. Anybody with experience?07:14
Goldschlager120ducasse, ever use it LTSP before?07:15
ducasseGoldschlager120: afraid not, just thought it might help you.07:15
Goldschlager120ducasse, well thank you. I think that's a step in the right direction.07:15
fw_i need support regarding fwbuilder07:15
fw_anyone here can help me07:15
cfhowlett!ask | fw_07:16
ubottufw_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:16
ducasseGoldschlager120: you're very welcome07:16
fw_sorry, i'm new in ubuntu forum, thanks for remind me07:16
Goldschlager120ducasse, Found an irc channel just for it :)07:16
somaReverseHi, I have a binary that depends on custom gcc https://ptpb.pw/TEu9 . How can I bake in libgcc_s.so and libstdc++.so so this binary can be portable ?07:16
fw_i got problem with managing iptables with fwbuilder, as soon as i install rules creating in fwbuilder i unable to ping other machine, if i add the firewall rule manualy i able to ping07:18
cfhowlettfw_, ufw is the ubuntu default FW.07:18
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo07:18
mihirhi can anyone fix my issue07:20
ducasse!ask | mihir07:20
ubottumihir: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:20
mihiri currently installed ubuntu07:20
icedwatermihir: go on07:21
mihirbut it stuck at purple screen07:21
mihirwht to do07:21
cfhowlettmihir, first stop hitting the <enter> key.  second, read the nomodeset options07:21
mihiri hv i3 quadcore with intel hd graphics with 4gb ram07:21
cfhowlett!nomodeset | mircica07:21
ubottumircica: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:21
mihirlet me try with nomodeset once again07:23
burlingkI have just tried to log into a 16.04 server using SFTP, and the system is refusing the connection.  I am able to connect using SSH no problem.  When I search on how to set up SFTP, all of the tutorials say to install mysecureshell and then use usermod -s... Which isn't a viable option because I still need to use SSH connections.  What am I likely missing? ^^07:39
=== anon is now known as Guest80491
hateballburlingk: SFTP is for file transfers, not interactive shells07:41
burlingkhateball, I need to upload files using SFTP, while still being able to use SSH for bash.07:41
burlingkThe tutorials I find seem to make it one or the other... And in older versions, it just kind of worked out of the box once openssh was installed.07:42
laravelnewbieAny Good Icons for Ubuntu gnome desktop icons is not good looking07:42
hateballburlingk: That would be the default behavior tho?07:42
ubottuscp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/07:43
burlingkhateball, For some reason, I can connect to ssh and get a bash shell.  But every sftp client says it is rejecting the connection.07:43
ubottursync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync07:43
hateballburlingk: and you're not confusing SFTP with FTPS ?07:44
laravelnewbieburlingk port is block?07:44
burlingklaravelnewbie, If the port was blocked, ssh wouldn't work.07:44
laravelnewbieit would say connection refused or connection timeout07:44
burlingkhateball, WinSCP is my default goto.07:44
hateballburlingk: and you're trying to connect how? in a LAN? Over the internet?07:45
burlingkin googling around, I found the suggestion that FileZilla might work  Gave it a try, no joy there either.  It's saying connection refused.07:45
burlingkOver the internet.07:45
laravelnewbiedefault is FTP check what port it uses i suspect ftp port is being used07:46
laravelnewbiei use CoreFtp07:46
hateballburlingk: do you only have windows clients, or do you have a linux machine to simply use scp with?07:46
burlingkftp is connection refused as well (thankfully)07:47
laravelnewbieuse http://www.canyouseeme.org/ it will tell which port are open :)07:48
* burlingk goes to check something.07:48
laravelnewbiei had same problem with other os when i browser that site it solved fastest :)07:48
burlingkI think I figured out the problem and am going to kick myself a few times. O.o07:49
burlingkOk... I am dumb. O.o07:49
burlingkI figured out the problem.07:49
laravelnewbienow it works?07:50
burlingkI changed the default port... And updated the settings in my ssh client... But not my SFTP client.07:50
burlingkFeel free to mock me. ^^;07:50
diablo_Hello everyone. I have a question about setup of openVPN under a double NAT network. Can anyone assist or PM?07:51
=== leonidas_ is now known as Guest85071
hateballburlingk: Well, good it's working then07:52
hateball!help | diablo_07:53
ubottudiablo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:53
laravelnewbieany good icons for Ubuntu Gnome Desktop?07:55
diablo_Sorry hateball. So my apartment complex has a router for the entire complex. All ports are open but they won't allow port forwarding. I have a personal router connected to the apartment router which allows my personal computers to connect to the internet. I want to setup an Ubuntu openVPN server and remotely connect to it via an external client. However, the internet (external) ip is given to the apartment router and not directly con07:56
raul782Hi guys, I'm running precise and when installing mod_auth_openidc, I get this error /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.10: version `OPENSSL_1.0.1_EC' not found (required by /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_auth_openidc.so)07:57
diablo_How can I setup openVPN when any external client will only see the apartment complex server?07:57
hateballdiablo_: I dont know, I was just telling you to ask the question. Now someone else may be able to help :)07:58
laravelnewbieraul782 i think you don't have apache ssl something07:59
diablo_If I setup my personal router as a switch I can only use the internet on one device as the isp will tie my internet connection to a specific physical address07:59
raul782apache is installed, I actually installed libssl1.0.008:00
laravelnewbiesudo a2enmod ssl08:00
wedgiediablo_: your description of the problem got cut off, but if you cant port forward you wint be hosting any services.08:01
hateballlaravelnewbie: That's not at all related to the issue raul782 is having08:02
diablo_could i setup a dedicated server as my router which also host my vpn? then set the actual router as a switch and have the host server assign ip's?08:02
diablo_So my apartment complex has a router for the entire complex. All ports are open but they won't allow port forwarding. I have a personal router connected to the apartment router which allows my personal computers to connect to the internet. I want to setup an Ubuntu openVPN server and remotely connect to it via an external client. However, the internet (external) ip is given to the apartment router and not directly connected to my per08:03
hateballraul782: does /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.10 exist?08:04
raul782yep, I did RUN ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.0.0 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1008:04
wedgiediablo_: does the wan interface get a publically routable ip? if not no ammount of fiddling on your end will fix this. the outside world needs to be able to reach the openvpn port.08:04
wedgieand your description cut off again. irc has line length limits08:05
laravelnewbieOPENSSL_1.0.1_EC google give centos08:05
hateballraul782: 1.0.0 is not 1.0.1 tho... if that could be the problem. I wonder if I have a 12.04 system handy to look at08:05
diablo_essential I have external ip being 12.*.*.* which is tied to apartment router. Personal router is assigned IP 172.*.*.* which then assigns ip's of 192.168.*.*...08:05
wedgiediablo_: then you need to be able to port forward from tha appts router08:06
raul782hateball: http://packages.ubuntu.com/en/precise/libssl1.0.008:06
=== Ocelott is now known as Ahti
hateballraul782: hmm, seems to be 1.0.1 yea08:07
diablo_i haven't tested it yet but i'm pretty sure if i directly connect my computer directly to the apartment given switch I can VPN into my server. It's when adding a second router where I have a problem08:07
wedgiediablo_: if one works the other can too.08:07
diablo_IE external IP is 12.*.*.* which assigns my server ip 172.*.*.*. all ports are open on the external router so i cant see why it wouldn't work as long as i setup a static ip on my router08:08
wedgiediablo_: if you direct connect that way, your computer will have a 172 address. how does a computer on the internet reach it?08:09
raul782laravelnewbie: It's true I'm using a prebuilt module for openidc08:09
raul782hateball: I looked if precise had this package but no luck, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libapache2-mod-auth-openidc08:09
raul782hateball: Does that mean I need to build it manually?08:09
wedgiediablo_: the answer is that it cant *unless* the complex's router port forwards to it08:10
diablo_well when i setup openvpn before openvpn recognized the IP assigned to the computer and also requested the external IP. I guess I don't see a difference here.08:10
hateballraul782: upgrading to Xenial is not an option? Precise goes EOL in a few months anyhow08:11
raul782I'm running a docker container based on precise and ruby 1.9.3, we're looking to migrate but not at this moment.08:12
Ben64raul782: you have 3 months08:12
raul782Ben64: That's enough time, but I'm trying to make this work first https://packages.debian.org/stable/web/libapache2-mod-auth-openidc08:13
Ben64a debian package? nope08:14
raul782could I download the deb file and manually install it ?08:14
raul782Ben64: so not any binary is compatible with precise correct https://github.com/pingidentity/mod_auth_openidc/releases ?08:15
Ben64you can do whatever you want, but it's not supported here at all08:16
xXEoflaOEXxraul782, Why not just upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04? Trusty has this package.08:16
raul782yeah, looking for a docker image that has ubuntu 14.04+ and ruby 1.9.x08:17
berndHi all. I have a problem with a (nearly) fresh installed ubuntu 16.04. The shutdown dialog only offers lock and logout. This seems a popular problem but I did not find any working solution or further hints for debugging.08:17
fherdomrecomendations for backup software?08:18
ducassefherdom: if you want a gui, backintime is nice08:18
fherdomand in command line?08:20
ducassefherdom: i use attic, but rsync/rsnapshot is probably more commonly used08:20
fherdomthx ducasse08:21
plaguenetis it possible to use a different package manager on ubuntu?08:28
Ben64not while staying sane08:28
plaguenetlol what?08:29
hateballplaguenet: different as opposed to what08:29
plaguenetyum or maybe pacman08:31
Ben64just install redhat or arch08:31
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digital_ghostwhat's the difference between "console , Terminal & shell" ?08:33
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elias_aCould someone please kick&ban this moron, please!08:38
ducassedigital_ghost: console is what you get to with ctrl+alt+f1..f6, by 'terminal' people usually mean a terminal emulator program like xterm, and a shell is for example bash, csh or zsh - the command interpreter.08:39
digital_ghostducasse:k, so basically the "tty" are console and Gnome terminal or xterm is a terminal emulator.But lot of people use console and terminal interchangeably?08:41
ducassedigital_ghost: they shouldn't, a console and a terminal are two different things. although both let you interact with the system.08:42
ducassedigital_ghost: historically, a terminal refers to terminals like the dec vt100 or vt220. they were connected vie serial to a mainframe to allow for multiple users.08:43
sveinseI have an interesting thing on my laptop: I have triple screen, two external screens, one laptop built-in. When I move my mouse over to the laptop screen, the "viewport" on the two other screens scroll along.08:47
sveinseI run 16.04 and gnome shell. And the thing is that if I go into display setting and reposition the 1, 2 and 3 screens, hit apply, the scrolling stops.08:48
WildPenguinhello, how many here use lubuntu as the primary os?08:50
sveinseWhat can be the cause for this? How can I approach the problem?08:50
ducasseWildPenguin: please don't take polls, just ask your particular questions.08:51
sveinseHas Xorg and gnome shell been upped from 16.04 to 16.10?08:52
WildPenguinducasse, ok. What is the realistic system requirements for Lubuntu 16.10?08:53
=== k is now known as Guest33867
ducasseWildPenguin: should say on the website.08:53
WildPenguinI know there are minimum and recommended suggested on the Ubuntu website.08:53
WildPenguinbut, it might differ in actual use.08:54
WildPenguinthat is why I asked the above question.08:54
WildPenguinI have Lubuntu 16.10. When I try to play videos on VLC the cpu usage rises to 100% suddenly.08:55
ducasseWildPenguin: try #lubuntu, to find out what people there are running it on08:55
WildPenguinand video playback gets stuck.08:55
WildPenguinthis is about an offline file. You can imaging how it is playing videos on Youtube.08:56
WildPenguinducasse,  I have posted that question on #lubuntu also.08:56
ducasseWildPenguin: http://lubuntu.net/ - there are requirements listed on the front page08:57
u11join #diaspora09:05
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icedwateru11: OK, thanks for advertising :)09:06
u11ice: oups :)09:06
fishcookeranyone with apt module error "FATAL -> Failed to fork"  http://vpaste.net/izPXA don't say with apt-get install -f ... it emits the same error messages09:10
* penetration is going to start trolling soon09:10
nightsmy python program outputs Fatal server error: (EE) Server is already active for display 009:11
nightswhat can i do to get rid of this?09:11
icedwaternights: looks like you're trying to startx in a python script?09:11
nightsi run something called http://pythonhosted.org/wkhtmltopdf/09:11
nightsits a html -> pdf converter09:11
icedwaterThat looked like a XOrg error to me, though.09:11
nightsrun it over ssh09:12
nightsso i'm not at the terminal physically09:12
penetrationhit it with a jackhammer09:12
penetrationit fixes everything09:12
icedwater!jackrabbit | penetration09:12
icedwater!jaunty | penetration09:12
ubottupenetration: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.09:12
nightsi would ,but i broke the jackhammer smashing another computer last week :/09:13
SlieHow to I get a graphical install from the command line of an already booted distro? Anyone?09:13
Ben64Slie: what distro09:13
progersAnyone know how to setup windows loader in grub2? Sorry for my english. I have 1 SSD with windows loader on it,and hdd with ubuntu 16.10 and boot loader,it's not comfortable to switch between them using bios09:13
icedwaterSlie: probably want to get to graphical mode first, if it's a live Ubuntu thing, there should be a graphical install option on the Desktop09:14
Slieactually it's kali but was hoping an ubuntu technique would hit the spot09:14
icedwaterSlie: did you try asking in #kali, if that is on? :P09:14
Ben64!kali | Slie09:14
ubottuSlie: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:14
Slieif it's possible there should be a command for it.09:14
Ben64you'll have to ask in the proper place09:14
SlieWow, i was kinda asking how you do it in ubuntu really...09:15
Ben64except you're not09:15
Slieyou asked what distro i was using i answered..09:15
ducasseSlie: and it's not ubuntu09:15
Sliewho cares is it possible on ubuntu.. I am most certain it is.09:16
Ben64irrelevant, you're not on ubuntu09:16
Sliewho cares, I don't.09:17
icedwaterSlie: yeah, you just needed ideas.09:17
Ben64with all the time you're wasting here you could be asking in the right channel09:17
Slielet me go back to the source type of guys sorry for bugging you binary folk.09:17
icedwaterBen64 is right, though. Did you try #kali-linux?09:17
progersSoooooooo, no one knows how to setup win loader to grub2 from other disk? :D09:18
* mukluks whispers... con-truh-ver-see09:19
nightsmy python program outputs Fatal server error: (EE) Server is already active for display 009:21
nightsanyone knows how to solve this?09:21
KartagisI need to install oci8 extension for php on ubuntu 16.04. am I in the right channel?09:21
icedwaternights: I'm reading the script on the side :p09:21
nightswhich script?09:21
nightsthat wrapper?09:21
icedwaterThe wkhtmltopdf thing you're trying to run, yeah09:21
nightsi'll ask a coworker when he gets back, hes been fiddeling with it more09:22
nightsactually i dont think he used the wrapper09:22
Kartagis!language | nights09:22
ubottunights: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList09:22
nightsjust command line09:22
nightsso the wrapper might be quite useless, for command line theres a verbose option09:22
icedwaterThe wrapper looks interesting, but I've never seen that kind of error message except in Xorg stuff09:23
nightshm yeah09:23
nightsit must have some very exotic library linked09:23
mcphailKartagis: doesn't that get installed with the php-db package?09:23
Kartagisdoes it? I had no idea. let me try it mcphail09:24
icedwaternights: odd, though09:24
icedwaternights: how are you invoking the script?09:25
nightsill give this a few more minutes then its command liner09:25
nightsone line of code incoming09:25
nightswkhtmltopdf = WKHtmlToPdf( url  , output_file  )09:25
nightssorry, two :[09:26
icedwaterRight, fair enough. So it's .render() that is causing some issues.09:26
ws2k3hello guys im having an issue with ubuntu 12.04 with ipv6. after some time my routing tables are getting full and then ipv6 stops working09:27
Lynx0Hi! I'm just reinstalling Ubuntu, and want to keep the /home directories. Is it correct that I choose partitions manually, and then change the partition to mount to /home but NOT put the format checkbox? This will keep all the data, right?09:29
hateballLynx0: Yes09:32
hateballLynx0: and if you use the same username as previously, things should go smoothly09:32
Lynx0hateball: I will, however there are several users. I had planned to copy the data from the old passwdf and shadow files to the new ones. Just for the users with /home, not the system ones.09:33
mcphailLynx0: that should be fine09:33
Lynx0Great, thanks. Time for the scary "install now" button then...09:34
mcphailLynx0: even without a separate /home partition, I think the installer gives you an option to preserve an existing /home directory structure09:34
wedgieLynx0: and having backups available just in case is always a good idea ;)09:35
Lynx0wedgie: Of course!09:35
Lynx0So I have only /boot and / checked for formatting, the confirmation box also lists that /swap will be formatted. That is normal I assume?09:35
mcphailswap isn't usually a mount point under /, but it is fine to format your swap space09:37
Phanescan someone explain to me the whole dash vs. sh thing?09:39
wedgiePhanes: explain what? dash is a superset of sh09:40
Phanesright but why dash over bash or even sh09:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:41
mcphailPhanes: dash is a basic shell implementation, which is speedy and enough to satisfy a script which asks for "/bin/sh". Ubuntu used to symlink bash instead, but this was slower and overkill for most scripts09:41
lord_ciao a tutti09:41
Kartagismcphail: I installed php-db, how do I enable the oci8 extension?09:41
Kartagis!it | lord_09:43
ubottulord_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:43
computer2000Where does Processing install to by default on a Linux system? Ubuntu09:43
computer2000I need to install it by hand on command line and want to reproduce the autoinstaller steps09:43
Lynx0How long should "creating ext2 file system for /boot in partition..." take? It's been 10 minutes, and that partition is 100 mb on an ssd?09:45
mcphailKartagis: ages since I have done this, but I think it was just a matter of adding "extension=oci8.so" to php.ini. I think the hardest bit was building the extension. You'd need to see oracle about that09:45
LinuxNovicehello, I was given a pdf document by someone here that contained the beginner09:49
LinuxNovicebeginner's guide for Ubuntu 16.0409:49
ikoniaLinuxNovice: https://help.ubuntu.com09:49
ikoniaLinuxNovice: that is official documentation teaching you how to use the basic functionality of ubuntu09:49
LinuxNoviceis that relevant for Lubuntu and other derivatives of Ubuntu?09:49
LinuxNoviceikonia, yes.09:50
icedwaternights: haven't been able to get your script to work, though. Might have messed up one of the install steps09:50
icedwaterOh right, one sec09:50
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you should also be aware of the lubuntu channel09:50
nightsicedwater well thanks a lot anyway09:50
ikoniawhich can provide you lubuntu specific help09:50
LinuxNoviceikonia, yes. I'm aware of it.09:50
LinuxNovicebut, usually I don't get people online there.09:51
Phanesits the same distro with a different wm09:51
Phanesim not sure why they have separate channels for that09:51
LinuxNoviceare they different projects with different teams? Lubuntu, Xubuntu and others?09:52
Phanesother than to have this conversation09:52
icedwaterHang on, it looks OK now. Let me see if I can reproduce the bug09:52
Lynx0So my install is still creating the file system for /boot, I think it's stuck. Can I check what's going on somehow?09:54
hateballLynx0: open a terminal and run top09:54
hateballsee what process seems to be working09:54
LinuxNovicewhy the cpu usage suddenly rises to 100% when I try to play  videos on VLC? on Lubuntu.09:54
LinuxNoviceLubuntu, doesn't seem to consume much RAM, though.09:55
ikoniaLinuxNovice: because it takes effort to decode a video09:55
Lynx0hateball: How do I open a terminal from the installer?09:55
LinuxNoviceok. suddenly the video playback becomes sluggish.09:55
LinuxNoviceeven when VLC is the only app open.09:56
Ben64LinuxNovice: what video card do you have09:56
Ben64and what cpu09:56
ikoniayes, if it's at %100 cpu it will be slow09:56
hateballLynx0: did you go straight to install, or did you live-boot and then click install?09:56
hateballLynx0: if live-boot, just open a terminal from the dash. if pure installer I guess you could switch to tty109:56
LinuxNovicedon't know about the video card. but, my laptop is very old one.09:56
Lynx0hateball: no, straight to install09:57
LinuxNoviceruns on Celeron M single core 1.6 Ghz cpu and 2 gb ram.09:57
icedwaternights: got the script to run, but the output is not there. No error as you had, though.09:57
Lynx0hateball: you mean with ctrl-alt F-key? That gives me a terminal with a cursor, but I can't type anything09:57
hateballLynx0: That's what I meant yeah. Alright hmmm09:58
nightsicedwater: very interesting, thats good info09:58
LinuxNoviceI don't have much problem with that much ram. Even Xubuntu and Mate don't use the available ram, fully.09:58
Ben64LinuxNovice: i'd suggest using a better video player09:58
Ben64but there's only so much you can get out of an old cpu09:58
LinuxNovicebut, it's the cpu usage, I feel that slows down the performance.09:58
icedwaterTo be fair, I'm running the script in an interactive python terminal.09:59
Ben64LinuxNovice: yes, that was established already09:59
LinuxNoviceIt's not just with videos. Other applications like Web browsers also give the same problem09:59
mcphailLinuxNovice: no operating system can magically make your cpu more efficient. Old hardware isn't sufficient for decoding HD video. Modern websites are cpu-intensive09:59
icedwaterAs in: x = WKHtmlToPdf(url, output_file); x.render() doesn't give any output or error messages.10:00
LinuxNoviceok. Time to throw away, this computer, I think.10:00
icedwaterLinuxNovice: why's that?10:01
Lynx0hateball: I guess I'll have to just kill it by long pressing the power button, I don't see any option to reboot or anything. I guess I can't break stuff as I'm reinstalling anyway...10:01
nightsicedwater, ok, soem weird local issue for me then10:01
nightsatleast thats confirmed, so thats good10:01
LinuxNovicewhen I can't get the work done, what is the use?10:01
ikoniaLinuxNovice: throw it away then10:01
LinuxNovicethinking of buying a new one this week.10:02
hateballLynx0: Can't say, I havent installed Ubuntu desktop clean in ages. Suggest you go to live-mode first, next time. So you can at least troubleshoot a little10:02
yeeveI'm trying to extend rsyslogs confs with my own instead of overwriting the main conf, when it comes to numbered files I have 20-ufw and 50-default, is ufw read first then default is applied? So my custom stuff should be 60-custom and not 10-custom right?10:03
LinuxNoviceikonia, can't we do some tweaking in Lubuntu so that it doesn't use more cpu?10:03
Lynx0hateball: will do10:03
ikoniaLinuxNovice: lubuntu is not using your cpu10:03
ikoniathe apps you are launching is10:03
LinuxNovice2 gb ram is more than enough for my needs.10:03
ikoniathe ram is not the problem as you've said, the cpu is maxing out is10:04
LinuxNoviceok. can't we do anything about that?10:04
Ben64get more cpu10:04
ikoniaLinuxNovice: some times you have to accept the limitation of your tin10:04
LinuxNoviceikonia, yeah. I understand.10:05
Phanesyou could check out cpu optimization during library recompilation but this is an advanced topic and probably not supported by ubuntu10:06
LinuxNoviceCeleron M single core 1.6 Ghz cpu is slow for even lubuntu, I think.10:07
Ben64it was slow when it was new10:07
Phanesyou'll have to use a stipped down desktop environment10:07
Phanesmaybe fluxbox would be a good start for that system10:07
LinuxNoviceok. what is that?10:08
ikoniachanging the desktop will not fix this10:08
icedwaterYou'll need to use a lighter distro I suppose.10:08
Phaneswell, it'll help.  there's alot of bells and whistles running.  haven't seen the top/htop but display is usually the hog.10:08
ikoniachanging the distro will not fix this10:08
LinuxNovicewill buy a new laptop and install Ubuntu on it.10:09
Ben64the cpu is ancient, it was bottom of the line when it was new, and that was likely before ubuntu even existed10:09
LinuxNovicebut, what about this laptop?10:09
Ben64you could use it as a paperweight10:09
ikoniawhat about it ?10:09
icedwaterCeleron 1.6GHz will be lightning compared to the other guy's setup, there was someone who wanted to set up an Ubuntu on a 48610:09
LinuxNoviceBen64, you are right.10:09
Phanesmeh.  it's still keeping up with some pi's.  honestly, a stripped down DE and some planning would work fine on that system10:09
Ben64Phanes: no10:10
icedwaterPhanes: for some value of "works fine" :p10:10
LinuxNovicecan I install fluxbox on lubuntu?10:11
ikoniaLinuxNovice: no10:11
LinuxNovicejust to try and see.10:11
ikoniaLinuxNovice: this will add no value to you10:11
Phanesit's entirely possible and sorry for the misinformation LinuxNovice10:11
Phanesit's in the repos10:11
ikoniano-one is giving missinformation10:11
LinuxNoviceif that's going to create some problem, I won't try that.10:12
Ben64it's not going to fix anything10:12
ikoniaLinuxNovice: look at the problems you have in the past10:12
ikoniaLinuxNovice: look at the hardware you have10:12
ikoniaLinuxNovice: look at the usecases for what you want to do10:12
LinuxNovicethe laptop has to be usable even after I try that.10:12
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you are limited in options10:12
LinuxNoviceikonia, yes.10:12
ikoniaLinuxNovice: fluxbox can run fine, it's a usable desktop, however that won't fix your video decoding needing %X cpu10:12
Phanesikonia, http://dpaste.com/3JNB0B8 | please check information prior to giving it to users (see paste).  Also that machine is well within the min specs for fluxbox.  That is misinformation.10:13
ikonia(I'm using your video decoding just as an example)10:13
ikoniaPhanes: I've not given any misinformation10:13
* Phanes defers to the log scroll10:13
Phanesah. i see the correction.  all is good.10:14
LinuxNovicebut, anyway, I will stick to Ubuntu or its derivatives. It seems to have a larger community and I can expect proper support here.10:14
icedwaterLinuxNovice: are you planning to buy a new (old) laptop?10:14
ikoniaLinuxNovice: you have had excellent support10:15
LinuxNoviceicedwater, yes.10:15
ikoniaLinuxNovice: the problem has been you have not followed the support10:15
Phanesactually i fixed his issue with the pdf after you left10:15
LinuxNoviceikonia, what does that mean?10:15
ikoniaLinuxNovice: exactly what I've said10:15
LinuxNoviceyes, that issue got resolved.10:15
LinuxNoviceI followed the instructions.10:16
LinuxNovicemay be in between there was no communication because of network issues.10:16
Phanesthe issue was the instructions he was being given re: versions of ubuntu et al, his pdf's were encrypted and this is a known issue in most desktop viewers10:16
Phanesthey had blank passwords set10:16
Phanesso we used qpdf to decrypt them10:17
LinuxNoviceok. I didn't know that.10:17
Phanesits ok10:17
LinuxNovicePhanes, that was successful.10:17
icedwaterIs there a way to make nautilus not draw PDF previews in the icons?10:17
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
LinuxNoviceguys, shall I try fluxbox?10:18
Phanesi'd recommend it10:18
LinuxNovicewould it be safe?10:18
ikoniaLinuxNovice: no10:18
ikoniabut it is totally your decision10:19
Phanesi dont know why he's doing that10:19
LinuxNoviceI hope that saves this laptop, at least.10:19
Phanesit's fine10:19
Ben64it won't10:19
ikoniaLinuxNovice: the problem is not your desktop10:19
LinuxNoviceanyway, it's going to be Ubuntu on my new laptop.10:19
Ben64nothing is going to make the cpu functional10:19
ikoniayou're not having problems running the desktop10:19
ikoniait's totally your choice though10:20
icedwaterAs far as I can tell, ikonia and Ben64 are pointing out that the distro itself is fine, the daily workload are not10:20
Ben64a raspberry pi is better in every way10:20
Phanesyes if you use a lighter DE you will have lower resource usage when resources is the bottleneck10:20
k1lLinuxNovice: you can install whatever you want. its your machine. but if you ask for support and people explain that in detail with the facts it could be worth to read that and think about it.10:21
LinuxNovicek11, ok10:21
LinuxNovicebetter to go for a new laptop, I feel.10:21
Phanesi think thats always a better choice10:22
JP___I run ubuntu 14.04 easily on a pc that can barely run windows 710:22
=== Gnomethrower is now known as uphoria
k1lLinuxNovice: yes. that machine was slow when it was new. if that was a high class leptop back then that would be a different matter today.10:22
JP___I even run qt and program in python at the same time10:22
PhanesJP___, that's kind of what im getting at.  If you're on a low carb diet, the doctor isn't going to tell you that you need to eat cake.10:23
JP___LinuxNovice: what do you wanna use your laptop for, and what are the specs?10:23
LinuxNovicejust an off topic question, which brand of laptops you guys prefer?10:23
Ben64LinuxNovice: #ubuntu-offtopic10:24
JP___I like asus10:24
Lynx0So I just reinstalled Ubuntu  keeping my home directory. It worked, however I just logged in and seem to be missing a window manager, there is background and icons but no menu or window frames. How do I start that?10:24
JP___My asus laptop was the shit, and then it died :(10:24
icedwaterLinuxNovice: no preference, I've been able to adapt to any make I've bought. But yes, #ubuntu-offtopic would be better for this :)10:24
LinuxNoviceicedwater, ok.10:25
JP___LinuxNovice: there are several linux-distributions that run on practically nothing10:25
JP___So depending on what you want, and your specs, i could advise you on that10:25
k1lLynx0: does the guest account work properly?10:25
LinuxNoviceok. guys, I've decided. It's going to be a new laptop with Ubuntu on it.10:26
Lynx0k1l: I'm now logged in without menus, how do I log out again?10:26
nightswhat a decision!10:26
k1lLynx0: super+l should log you out.10:27
JP___Can you start a terminal using keyboard shortcuts?10:27
wiselydoesitPuppyLinux is a great option for low spec machines.10:28
ikoniait's really not10:28
ikoniaas it's based on the same distros10:28
ikoniaeg: ubuntu10:28
k1lLynx0: if that doesnt work open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t and run "gnome-session-quit10:28
k1l"  which will close all programs10:28
ikoniait actually uses the same packages from the upstream distro provider10:28
wiselydoesitpersonally i'd use Arch but its not exactly new user build.10:28
ikoniait won't make a differnce10:28
JP___ikonia: i thought puppylinux was build from scratch10:29
ikoniaJP___: that seemed to stop a long time ago and now it's just bastardised re-spins10:29
JP___Pretty f-ed distro if you ask me, but fast as hell10:29
JP___I have it installed on an old pc here10:29
ikoniaeveryman and his dog using a tool called "woof" to create broken bastardised builds10:29
wiselydoesitthere are various different builds of Puppy, some are based on Ubuntu, others on Slackware and others.10:29
JP___with 512 mb ram, runs smooth10:29
ikoniaJP___: so does lubuntu.....10:29
ikoniawhich is what "tahr" release is10:29
ikonia(in essence)10:29
Phanesi dont why we are saying lower resource usage doesn't better accommodate a machine with lower resource capability10:29
JP___Oh yeah, i have slackware version10:30
ikoniaJP___: same concept, just slackware,10:30
JP___Well it kind of sucks, but works fine i guess10:30
ikoniaJP___: pretty much "the" description of it10:30
Phanesthis is not a cooking show10:30
wiselydoesitits not really a build to run on full metal as a install in my view, more a "boot from USB in emergency" kind of thing.10:31
LinuxNoviceI did try several distros, but, in the end came back to Ubuntu, because of the community support and general beginner friendliness of the distro.10:31
JP___I started with angstrom10:31
wiselydoesiti'm currently triple booting Yakkety, Debian Jessie and Android x8610:31
Lynx0k1l: No, neither worked. Just rebooting now.10:31
egsomeWhy would Touchpad get not recognized on kernel 4.4.0-47 ?10:31
JP___Triple booting? what is that?10:31
wiselydoesiti have 3 operating systems installed.10:32
ikoniait's outof scope for this channel10:32
ikoniaout of too10:32
Lynx0So the guest account works, but when I log into my account I don't get any menu or window decorations. Is there a setting somewhere that turns Unity of or something like that?10:35
wiselydoesitis unity8 discussion in scope in here? i actually really like it its what i've been testing out on Yakkety, once you get used to using scopes etc.10:36
=== imsurit_ is now known as imsurit
JP___Oh i thought you meant like all 3 operating systems working in parallel at the same time10:37
wiselydoesitLynx0: check which session your using when logging in.10:37
=== imsurit is now known as Guest11792
=== Guest11792 is now known as imsurit_
k1lLynx0: could be an issue with your old settings. i cant recall what folder/config was that in detail, but try to rename the .config folder and then relogin. then you can copy back to the new .config folder the programs you want to keep the settings of.10:37
wiselydoesitJP___: thats actually possible using virtualization10:37
JP___Yeah, but i meant without virtualization :p10:38
JP___Everyone van do VM10:38
wiselydoesitwell i suppose you could build a debian chroot inside ubuntu ;-)10:38
k1lJP___: look at lxc/lxd for that10:38
wiselydoesiti do have an experiment in Android x86 at the moment of running Ubuntu in chroot with VNC server and then connecting to the vnc on localhost. thus giving me a ubuntu install inside Android with desktop.10:41
mozammelHi guys.10:44
mozammeldoes anyone can help me to reduce boot time in ubuntu 16.10 , here is my bootimage http://picpaste.com/bootimage-0Xypk5c7.png10:58
mukluksmozammel those 10 seconds in firmware would probably be the easiest to speed up11:02
mukluksturn off disk detection etc11:02
mozammelsorry, I not get it, can you please tell me  firmware which one you mean.11:04
Ben6429 seconds isn't fast enough?11:04
mozammelI see most time takes to mount 4 drive11:04
mozammelsorry. muklus, can you tell me how to disable firmware ?11:05
mozammeland what this firmware is? if I disable will it mess my system ?11:06
mozammel@Ben64 15 second is actualy ubuntu standard bootup time.. haha..11:07
mmmmmm /server gay-serbia.com11:07
Ben64mozammel: not really11:07
* mozammel enjoying ubuntu16.1011:13
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Knight2016I get a black screen when booting the server image, the kubuntu desktop image boots to the desktop but doesn't offer raid when configuring disks11:30
Knight2016ubuntu 16.04.1 server install image, tried nomodeset11:31
Knight2016vga=ask didn't work11:46
sukeshHi am unable to sudo apt-get update in 16.04. I am getting  "Err:1 http://archive.canonical.com xenial InRelease   Cannot initiate the connection to archive.canonical.com" error. But internet connection is working. What could be the problem?11:50
Ben64sukesh: according to that error, the connection is not working11:55
=== blaisebool is now known as Guest58715
sukeshBen64, I can open that url in browser.11:57
=== giraffe is now known as Guest73411
Herbalistseems the connection is up .. but cannot be "initiated"11:59
Necydoes anyone know how much space kubuntu would take up if i installed it on ubuntu gnome. (inclusing all the media players, ect)11:59
Ben64Necy: apt-get -s install kubuntu-desktop12:00
sukeshHerbalist, what that means? .. How can i fix it ?12:01
Herbalistyour guess is as good as mine12:02
Herbalistperhaps some repositories are not enabled12:03
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Necyif i install kubuntu-desktop, i could remove it quite easily along with all the things downloaded with it?12:06
Necy- what command would i use to do that a simple remove would do it?12:06
hateballNecy: there's no simple way, as kubuntu-desktop is a meta package12:08
Necyok, thanks!12:08
hateballyou'd need to consult /var/apt/history and remove whatever packages *actually* get installed12:08
sukeshI dont know, I have bunch of  same kind of error. Is it a proxy error? Earlier version of ubuntu I didnt any face problem.. It started recently after upgrading I think..12:08
hateballNecy: Besides, why would you want to remove Plasma, it is the most glorious thing ;)12:09
Necyhateball: yee, im on gnome12:09
Necywant plasma though12:09
Necyhowever, might not like it12:09
Necyfor whatever reason12:09
Herbalistwhat is plasma do ?12:10
Necy<Herbalist>: desktop enviroment which looks beautifully12:10
hateballNecy: you could always liveboot to try it12:10
Herbalistic.. ty Necy12:10
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hateballNecy: are you planning on using 16.04 or 16.10?12:10
Necy<hateball> im on 16.0412:11
hateballNecy: both pretty much require the use of kubuntu backports ppa, as the plasma included is far from production ready12:11
hateballNecy: anyhow, we dont bite over in #kubuntu either12:11
Necyoo.. thanks12:11
Herbalisti only have the launcher dock on the left, and cairo dock below12:12
ubottunino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:16
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ubottuGuest6428: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:27
netcrimeHello. I'm freelance developer and I want to build a desktop notifier of new jobs that would be scraped from popular freelance boards. I will use Python for job scraping and now I'm trying to decide how/which desktop notifier to use for Ubuntu OS. I know that there is notify-send but it is very limited and not suits my needs. I need to be able to put link in notification bubble and have more control over design. I failed to find any12:30
netcrimeproper solution so far. Maybe you have any suggestions? Build custom with Tkinter/Qt ? Use javascript? Any other options?12:30
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BluesKajHi alll12:35
Begiinernew 12:36
Begiinernewhi Freaks12:36
mozammelbegiinernew: lol12:37
sabaDoes anyone experience Compiz to be slow aftera few weeks? Slow when switching between workspaces. I've experienced this since Ubuntu ~11. Until now I used to kill compiz every other week. However with 16.04 it messes with Xmodmap.12:38
mozammelsaba I have just started using ubuntu 16.10 , I was a openSUSE Leap user.12:46
k_szeI'm getting 403 forbidden for snapd-login-service when I try to `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`12:54
CarlFKwhat is the country code for china?  - or what repo should I be using for Shanghai ?13:01
l0llip0phi! how do I update my system? :)13:02
l0llip0pin command line?13:02
CarlFKl0llip0p: sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade13:02
CarlFKfirst finds out what is new, 2nd installs them all13:03
l0llip0pCarlFK, thank you :)13:03
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cmh_how and when does the ubuntu team decide to merge packages from debian? php7 for example is 7.0.14-2 in debian unstable but in xenial 7.0.13-2 is the proposed version.13:24
tarelerulzAny of you have the package manager crash on you? I have an don't have any idea how to install such a basic part of the system other then reinstall the os13:24
terencedo it13:24
Ridahtarelerulz: not really, any log output?13:25
FinalXif it's really broken you can manually download the .deb and reinstall it with dpkg13:25
FinalXbut last time that happened to me, the filesystem was corrupted due to disk issues13:25
ducassecmh_: packages are normally not merged from debian into a released ubuntu version, only the current development release. the exception would be if a package gets an sru (stable release update)13:25
FinalXand then even that is not gonna help you13:25
tarelerulzI'm trying to get better at Linux and computer in general so fixing a big problem like this helps.13:26
FinalXcmh_: xenial is based on jessie, debian unstable is stretch, major release further13:26
tarelerulzHow many times you reinstall Ubuntu?13:27
FinalXalso, why do you care so much about a .01 difference with PHP? rather have well maintained packages then an extremely minor upgrade :p13:27
cmh_FinalX: true, i'm more curious about if/when php 7.1 is merged into debian unstable13:27
cmh_how that will transfer over to ubuntu13:28
kk4ewttarelerulz, you never learn untill you have to reinstall a distro at least 3 times13:28
shorty06Can someone help me, I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a flash drive but I can't get grub to install on it.13:28
kk4ewtaobut that time you start learning13:28
FinalXcmh_: if PHP 7.1 makes it into Debian stretch, it'll probably be in the first Ubuntu release that's based off of stretch. but 7.0 was not in Debian jessie either. so even if stretch has 7.0, 7.1 might come in the next Ubuntu release that's based off of it.13:28
tarelerulzI have installed Gentoo from  Ubuntu , now working on arch and WIndows next and Android13:29
shorty06I'm pretty sure I select the flash drive as the bootloader location during installation but grub installed to my HDD instead13:29
FinalXcmh_: For our hosting we currently use Sury's PHP 7.1 packages.13:29
BluesKajshorty06, as long as you keep the same hdd then ubuntu on your usb should boot , if that's what you want, ubiquity/installer assumes you want to install the OS to the hddd13:31
shorty06BluesKaj I selected the USB drive though13:32
shorty06Is it because I only have an ext4 partition on there?13:32
tarelerulzWhat partitoin  system do you use for  3 os. Like windows ,  Linux and Android ?13:32
shorty06Do I need to manually create an efi partition?13:32
Herbalist#ubuntu-offtopic :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services13:32
shorty06I know I can always boot using this computer but I'd like to make the installation as portable as possible13:32
BluesKajshorty06, do you internd to run ubuntu on th usb?13:32
shorty06shorty06, Yeah13:33
shorty06BluesKaj, Yeah13:33
shorty06Don't know why I just mentioned myself lol13:33
BluesKajthen you don't need grub on it13:33
shorty06BluesKaj Wouldn't having grub on it make it easier to use with multiple computers?13:34
ducasseFinalX: cmh_ xenial is not based on jessie, jessie is almost two years old13:34
Lynx0After upgrading to 16.04 I noticed the samba config seems to have changed, where I used to have "security = user" now is something like "server role = standalone server". Did this change?13:34
mozammeldoes anyone know how I can reduce boot up time on my ubuntu 16.10, bootimage is here http://picpaste.com/bootimage-0Xypk5c7.png13:34
FinalXducasse: yes, it is, because stretch was not released. xenial pulls from jessie.13:35
FinalXas that's the current stable.13:35
cmh_FinalX: ducasse i guess i'm confused on how ubuntu chooses a debian release to pull from13:35
shorty06BluesKaj Without grub the drive is just the operating system data though right? If I wanted to boot it from a new computer I'd need to manually install grub on that computer first?13:35
BluesKajother linux pcs will have grub installed you just need to make the uefi/bios boot from the USB first in the boot sequence13:35
tarelerulzmoxammel you  could run a ramdisk Ubuntu13:35
shorty06BluesKaj But grub doesn't automatically detect new drives13:36
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence13:36
shorty06BluesKaj the USB doesn't show up as a bootable option because it's not bootable without grub installed and configured13:36
mozammeltarelerulz: what is ramdisk ?13:36
tarelerulzIts the os running in ram only13:37
BluesKajShrooms, ^ same goes for usb ...read persistenc eabove13:37
ducasseFinalX: when a release is under development, it pulls (mostly) from debian testing. so xenial is mostly based on stretch.13:37
FinalXcmh_: When Debian releases a new stable, any future Ubuntu release will pull from that. As far as I know. Then updated/Ubuntu-maintained software is put in over it.13:37
shorty06BluesKaj This isn't a liveCD, this is a proper install to a USB drive13:37
dbuggerHello everyone13:37
FinalXducasse: hum, ok..13:37
dbuggerDoes anyone know if there is any package to control a foam rocket launcher in Ubuntu 16.04? :)13:37
BluesKajshorty06, same goes for usb13:37
cmh_ducasse: is testing the same thing as stretch13:37
shorty06BluesKaj Alright, I'll take a look13:37
FinalXducasse/cmh_: my apologies, I could swear /etc/debian_version said jessie before; but it tells me "stretch/sid" as well.13:38
ducasseFinalX: ubuntu does *not* pull from debian stable. see this, for example - http://askubuntu.com/questions/151698/which-version-of-debian-are-ubuntu-lts-releases-based-on13:38
ducassecmh_: at the moment, testing is stretch, but stretch will soon be released.13:38
tarelerulzWhat is the most bleed egdge Ubuntu like the devs use?13:39
ducasse!ubuntu+1 | tarelerulz13:39
ubottutarelerulz: Zesty Zapus is the codename for Ubuntu 17.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+113:39
SpeirosHmm, that was awkward.13:40
mozammeltarelerulz: I dont understand the relavence about of ramdisk with my boot up time. can you please explain ?13:40
cmh_"Cutting Edge: Starting with the 14.04 LTS development cycle, automatic full package import is performed from Debian unstable113:40
tarelerulzWell,  the boot might be faster, ram is 6 times faster then a ssd.13:40
tarelerulz down side you lost everything if the power goes out13:41
tarelerulzHow often does that happen.13:41
mozammelguys what is "history-daemon" process ? its eating up my CPU now.13:42
ducassecmh_: aiui, it depends a little on the package(s) in question. certain things are pulled from testing to get more stable software, others from unstable to get the latest.13:42
RaleighVanguardHello! I am getting white transparent borders around all my windows. I am using i3. This started occurring after a reboot where I installed the fish shell. Not sure to where to go from here.13:45
kankushtgood morning13:46
ducasseRaleighVanguard: are you using a compositor?13:46
kankushtdoes anyone know how to install a software by compiling it?13:47
RaleighVanguardducasee - Compton13:47
ducasseRaleighVanguard: most graphics issues i have with i3 are because of compton13:47
RaleighVanguardducasse --- this is a minimal install too13:47
RaleighVanguardducasse -- okay, what should I switch to and how?13:47
Ridahkankusht: depends in what language it is compiled, you can check about "compilers" for the language13:47
JediMasterWhere's a good place to start troubleshooting a black screen immediately after selecting Ubuntu from grub? Brand new install on a machine with inbuilt intel graphics card. Log details: http://pastebin.com/173ziLTx13:47
Ridahkankusht: common is: gcc13:48
cmh_ducasse: gotcha. so back to php7.1 as an example - what's the process look like for getting that into xenial after debian releases it?13:48
ducasseRaleighVanguard: you can try xcompmgr, it lacks some of the features of compton, but many find it to be more stable13:48
RaleighVanguardducase - will try and report back!13:49
ducassecmh_: it does not exist. a stable release is just that -  stable. it does not receive new packages, only bug fixes and security patches13:49
kankushtRidah: I remember that I read an article about using the make command for compiling but I can't find it :(13:49
JediMasterGrub works fine. And I can get X to work if I go into Ubuntu recovery mode, then select resume. I get the login prompt but can't change past 1024x768 resolution (on a 4k monitor via displayport)13:49
ducasseRaleighVanguard: there is also #i3, fyi, others there might have other suggestions13:49
RaleighVanguardducasee: did not know that, thank you13:50
SpeirosAre these logs used to update the manuals on wiki?13:50
modpbooted from lubuntu 16.10 cd...lubuntu installer says it cant find the cd-rom drive...thats right...the same drive the media itself booted from. wtf?13:53
RaleighVanguardDucasse- I need to kill compton, how do I do that?13:54
=== kenny is now known as Guest85208
ducasseRaleighVanguard: 'pkill -9 compton'13:54
JediMasterAlso if I select 4.4.0-31 it appears to boot correctly, however the screen is a small box in the centre of the screen (likely 1024x768 being displayed centred within a 4k screen), but 4.4.0-57 doesn't work (screen goes to standby as soon as it starts booting, even before X loads)13:54
ducasse!tab | RaleighVanguard13:54
ubottuRaleighVanguard: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:54
RaleighVanguardducasse: Thank you! Killing compton removed the white transparent borders!13:55
ducasseRaleighVanguard: great! as i said, you might have better luck with xcompmgr13:56
RaleighVanguardducasse: Yep, will do!13:57
cmh_ducasse: dang, thanks for the help14:01
cmh_explanation(s) rather14:01
cmh_which were helpful :P14:01
ducassecmh_: no problem :) it's exactly the same thing as debian stable, it does not receive new software either.14:02
ducassecmh_: there is one exception in ubuntu, and that is !sru14:03
Lynx0I have a second drive that I mount to /data via fstab. However if I login Ubuntu also mounts that same drive again under /media/myuser/data_drive. How can I stop that? If I set to noauto in fstab it won't be mounted at all right?14:05
blibI made a primary partition on a new drive that I added - /etc/sdb - and now my machine refuses to boot - any ideas how to fix this?14:09
tarelerulzblib hardware or software14:14
electro575bonjour a tous14:17
electro575est-ce qu'il existe un logiciel capable de créer un depot en local du depot distant de Kubuntu 14.04 LTS ?14:18
arcanescuI have a process  A which spawn B C and D. When I terminate A I want to terminate B C an D as well. I tried kill using group id but it also kills A. Is there a better way so that A stays alive and the child processes die?14:18
ducasse!fr | electro57514:21
ubottuelectro575: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:21
electro575pas de souci14:21
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ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:28
ramizhello there :)14:34
blibcan anyone help me fix a booting problem?14:35
xangua Running Lubuntu 16.04 on a 10 year old laptop, can't manage to resume from suspend (screen stays off, manage to update latest BIOS available for it. Here is my last suspend log paste.ubuntu.com/2374640314:36
kaladinSo I installed Ubuntu 16.04.1 which allowed me to connect to internet (16.04 did not)14:37
kaladinBut when I do disk check I get 1 error14:37
kaladinand when I try to boot14:37
kaladinit just freezes on splash screen14:37
Ben64there really isn't a difference between 16.04 and 16.04.114:38
kaladinWhen I do a sudo apt-get update etc. on my liveUSB does it work for my install or just for the liveUSB?14:38
Ben64you may have bad hardware14:38
Ben64only on usb14:38
kaladinis there any way I can repair my install via liveUSB since that is the only way I can boot14:38
Ben64you can run a scan using fsck14:39
Ben64but it might be better to reinstall14:39
kaladinThis is a fresh install14:39
kaladindid it 3 times and can't boot at all14:39
ramizI tried to do "sudo apt install" on Ubuntu 16.04.1 in LiveUSB mode, and it didn't work.14:40
DJones!cn | lvjesus014:40
ubottulvjesus0: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:40
xanguaramiz: run sudo apt update and try again14:41
Ben64kaladin: what video card14:41
kaladinnvm that was network14:41
kaladinone sec let me check14:41
kaladinVdeo card is Sky Lake Integrated GRaphics14:43
blibhow do I designate a particular drive as boot device?14:44
userRoadkillIs thjs channel for updates on repairs?14:45
kaladinI did boot-repair and got report paste2.org/V0A4OmX214:45
ramizxangua: already tried14:46
userRoadkillIt looks like the little italics andparanthsis are a secret code or something Racous;14:47
genkgoi have a question on mounts with noatime. what would "stat -c %x" display if i would mount with noatime?14:50
userRoadkillCatharsis; nice channel: sweet.14:50
userRoadkillNautilus  Captin Nemo14:53
kaladinWhen I do a full install14:58
kaladinit makes 3 partitions14:58
kaladinis the first and smallest one the boot14:58
kaladinthe sda1?14:58
jgcampbell300offtopic-anyone know of a way to setup a raspberry pi 3 vm enviroment ?14:59
kaladinI just am so confused with this15:00
jgcampbell300kaladin, what are you confused about15:00
kaladinI guess the 3 partitions made15:01
kaladinneither is flagged as boot15:01
kaladinso I wasn't sure if the small one UEFI is supposed to be flagged15:01
kaladininstead of the sda3 with all the space15:01
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jgcampbell300what are the three partitions ?15:01
kaladinsda1 sda2 sda 315:02
jgcampbell300should be something like /  ... /boot ... /and something else15:02
kaladinYeah mine don't have any naming15:02
jgcampbell300ahh ... you can nano or vi /etc/fstab and see more details15:03
jgcampbell300or cat15:03
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest89497
jgcampbell300that will show you how there mounted15:03
blibcan anyone help me get a ubuntu box to boot? After I added a hard drive, no booting. I just booted it in ubuntu cdrom, and can see the drives in read only15:03
jgcampbell300kaladin, should be /boot holding grub ... mounted to /boot/ then one mounted to / <---root and the other mounted to where ever it says ... problaby /home/ or something like that15:04
blamikaladin: as long as you're on uefi machine there's no need to have any partition flagged as boot. That's mostly legacy thing15:04
kaladinI am stuck in a liveUSB since I can't boot15:04
kaladinah so when I try to update grub does it matter where I send it?15:05
blibhow do I make my sdc1 bootable?15:05
SebthreeBQM10HDHi I want to factory re set a computer, start over with Windows, put Linux distros on and so on.  However uh it turns out I have video files that are over 4GB in size, since had been recording longish videos on a Ipaid Air that had copied over to the computer before.   I can't just put these files onto a external hard disk since it's in FAT something,  and so the files are too big.    My 8GB USB's are FAT32 as15:06
SebthreeBQM10HDwell  trying to copy a file didn't complete properly as a result.  I need tochange the file system to something that will work with bigger files such as NTFS,  but how and using Linux?  no  working Windows on there anyroe or Linux distros.  its just the last thing to get off there now, before factory re setting etc15:06
blamikaladin: in uefi realm the only important thing for most of firmware implementations is that the boot partition is of efi type ef00, is fat32 and has proper directory structure where firmware can find bootloader15:06
SebthreeBQM10HDuh that was long15:06
jgcampbell300that page will tell you guys a bit about how to work with grub to get you back up and running15:06
kaladinSo I get into grub np all good15:06
kaladinI select ubuntu15:06
kaladinand turns off15:07
kaladinscreen off15:07
blibjgcampbell300: My machine just hangs with a blk screen at boot15:07
blibit was booting 10 minutes ago, till I added a new hard drive with parted15:07
kaladinI think me and blib are same15:07
blibI booted in livecd15:07
blamikaladin: what do you mean by "send"? grub should be installed on EFI partition in /grub and there should be efi executable in /efi/ubuntu doing update-grub just changes configs15:07
kaladinSo right now I will power off and restart it all15:08
kaladinI log in and get an error message15:08
blibblami: I'm booted into a livecd - when I boot, I can see grub, but then after that it hangs when I boot15:08
kaladinDefault Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed15:08
blibis there a way to tell grub to boot from /dev/sdc1 or /dev/sdc2?15:08
kaladinIt takes me to boot option menu15:08
SebthreeBQM10HDhow do I change the file system of a USB Stick, using a UBuntu Live ?15:08
kaladinwhich only has option of Windows Boot Manager15:09
jgcampbell300blib, yes ... https://www.linux.com/learn/how-rescue-non-booting-grub-2-linux tells you exactly how ... iwould print it15:09
jgcampbell300kaladin, windows boot manager last i saw would not boot linux ... use grub2 to boot everything ... it will handel windows15:10
SebthreeBQM10HDor how do I cut a big video file into smaller parts ?15:10
kaladinI can't get rid of it when I select Windows Boot Manager it sends me to Grub15:10
xanguaRunning Lubuntu 16.04 on a 10 year old laptop, can't manage to resume from suspend (screen stays off, manage to update latest BIOS available for it. Here is my last suspend log paste.ubuntu.com/2374640315:11
blamikaladin: did you mangle efi partition by hand?15:11
kaladinblami: I mangled everything15:11
jgcampbell300kaladin, is this a new build ?15:11
blamikaladin: it seems that boot entry for WBM points to grub binary (like someone copied shimx64.efi to /efi/microsoft/bootx64.efi)15:11
kaladinI changed in BIOS to add Grubx64.efi to trusted15:12
jgcampbell300kaladin, the easy way is to reinstall and let it do the partitioning15:12
DevAntoineWhat should I use to establish a remote connection to a Windows Server?15:12
kaladinI tried that but the BIOS stuff is all wonky15:12
jgcampbell300DevAntoine, Remmina15:12
kaladinIt went to grub, asked me to enter encrupt password15:12
kaladinthen it said checking filesystem on 1 disk and froze at 100%15:12
blibhow can I see grub is booting from which disk?15:13
jgcampbell300kaladin, not sure ... sounds like you have some kind of bios issue ... but not sure ... sorry15:13
kaladinits ok I am bad with this15:13
kaladinI can get grub going and through encryption but each time it freezes on filesystem checks15:14
timypDevAntoine how are you trying to conenct to windows server? windows shares, RDP, VNC?15:14
DevAntoinetimyp: RDP15:15
jgcampbell300kaladin, If i where in your possistion I would... go take a break for a few ... come back and start from square 1 ... bios make sure everything is setup right then start working with partitions to see there right then grub etc ... break usualy helps me15:15
timypnone of the RDP clients work great in linux but as jgcambell300 mentioned Remmina will do the trick15:16
blamikaladin: encryption password is initramfs thing usually, not grubs15:16
blamikaladin: also ubuntu does not boot grubx64 but shimx6415:16
blamikaladin: if you know what to do and you're sure that your installation is intact, you can boot into live, inspect efi partition and use efibootmgr tool to add proper bootloader15:16
blamikaladin: what about rescue mode?15:16
kaladinblami: I tried rescue but I think I had issues since I encrypted my drive?15:16
kaladinIt said unrecognized file system15:17
kaladinblami: I should have shimx selected not grub?15:17
blamikaladin: shimx loads grub15:17
jgcampbell300DevAntoine, http://www.remmina.org/wp/ ... easiest way i have found ... but you gota install rdp plugin if i remember right15:17
kaladini have a few shims15:18
blamikaladin: i am not sure but if WBM entry loads grub, you did something very wrong to your system ...15:18
kaladin1 sec15:18
blamikaladin: if you run efibootmgr there should be a boot order, for dual boot that should include windows loader pointing to EFI\Microsoft15:19
blamikaladin: and ubuntu loader pointing to EFI15:19
blamikaladin: err EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi15:19
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DevAntoinejgcampbell300: oh, ok, thanks15:19
jgcampbell300DevAntoine, np15:19
turistaHi again every1; I still have the issue about the sound15:21
kaladinI don't have windows since I butchered it right off the bat lol15:21
kaladinLet me start from scratch15:21
jgcampbell300turista, hi15:21
kaladinFirst things first I am going into BIOS15:22
kaladinRestoring to defaults everything15:22
kaladinDeleting all Secure Boot Settings15:22
turistaI've several issues with the video and audio with this computer and I starting to think, it is unsupported15:22
kaladinNow if I go into my Security to make a UEFI Trusted I am given 4 options15:23
kaladin<EFI> <ubuntu> <Boot> <Microsoft>15:23
kaladinEFI contains Ubuntu Boot and Microsof15:23
jgcampbell300turista, I just had a big fight with mine ... what are you useing15:23
kaladinUbuntu contains Shimx15:23
kaladinBoot Contains bootx64.efi bootx64.efi.grb and <grub>15:24
kaladinBoot Contains bootx64.efi bootx64.efi.grb and <grub>15:24
turistaubuntu 16, it says totally updated but15:24
turistaI can not find drivers, either private ones to them15:24
turistaAcis W9009S15:25
kaladinIf I go into EFI>Ubuntu there is <fw> fwupx64.efi, grubx64.efi, shimx64.efi or MokManager.efi15:25
turistaAcus I mean15:25
jgcampbell300turista, what video and audio cards are you using15:25
turistaI found window video/sound drivers but I can't find these to this distro15:25
turistaCan u tell me the command line to see it in the terminal?¿ I forgot it15:26
turistaaplay -l ?15:26
kaladinShould I have Secure boot enabled or disabled?15:26
turistatarjeta 0: Intel [HDA Intel], dispositivo 0: ALC662 rev1 Analog [ALC662 rev1 Analog]15:26
turistaI would like to play warzone battle 2100 but I can't even play it, it may be cuz the driver is not installed15:27
jgcampbell300turista, have you tried    additional drivers15:27
turistaIntel® G33 x86/MMX/SSE2 for video; what do you mean with addional drivers?¿15:27
kaladinI made shimx64.efi trusted15:28
jgcampbell300open up your menu and do search under applications you will find additional drivers15:28
srulii want to install kernel manually, is there a particular order i must install it? i have headers-, image-, image-exra, & signed-image15:28
kaladinSo now it logged me into windows boot manager15:28
kaladinand somehow I am in ubuntu!15:28
kaladinNow I can try fixing on the inside15:28
jgcampbell300turista, it searches for better drivers15:29
turistaI don't get it :-P~ is there a command line that I could use?¿15:30
jgcampbell300turista, na ... its the menu ..(like start on windows) and theres a search there type in drivers and hit additional drivers button when it pops up15:31
ikoniasruli: you should really only target kernels in the ubuntu repos15:31
turistaif you mean where it says "use private drivers" or something (I have this in other language than english) I did select one to the microcode but there's not shown to everything else15:31
ikoniasruli: which means the package manager will manage all the orders for you15:32
kaladinand it froze15:32
sruliikonia: i am using from ubuntu repo, but its not in cache anymore, do i downloaded the deb files, is there a particular order those need to be installed?15:32
jgcampbell300turista, thats odd ... thats where i loaded non-free drivers for mine15:32
ikoniasruli: what's the package name ?15:33
turistathere's no drivers to this machine >_< just one but it has nothing to do with video or sound15:33
WildPenguinhello, can anyone help me.15:33
WildPenguinI messed up with the desktop, on my Lubuntu.15:34
turistausing processor microcode firmware for intel cpus15:34
turistathat's the only one shown there15:34
jgcampbell300turista, hmm maybe its already using best driver for intel15:34
WildPenguinnot able to bring up any options when I right click on the desktop.15:34
jgcampbell300turista, I am using nvidia so we problaby have two diffrent paths15:35
turistaI'm unable to play any game or listen a song15:35
jgcampbell300turista, that does make me wonder ... is your card onboard your mother board15:35
sruliikonia: i have 4, linux-image-4.4.0-51-generic-4.4.0-51.72_amd64.deb, same for linux-image-extra, linux-headers & linux-singed-image15:35
turistathe sound card should be inside the screen15:35
jgcampbell300turista, if so you may have to go into bios and tell it to use more memory or something like that15:35
ikoniasruli: so if you apt-get linux-image-4.4.0-51 that should do it15:36
turista'acus w9009s' also I was in the bios, all is enabled15:36
ikoniasruli: let the package manager resolve the dependencies15:36
turistathe sound, video, and these15:36
sruliikonia: thanks15:36
WildPenguinI created a new panel at the top and deleted that as I didn't like it.15:36
WildPenguinnow all the icons on the desktop are gone.15:37
=== Iota- is now known as kspencer
WildPenguinand not getting any options when I right click15:37
jgcampbell300turista, is sound muted15:37
WildPenguinany help?15:38
turistawildpenguin sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop15:38
turistajg the sound is never muted and everywhere I can move the scroll bar of the volume15:38
WildPenguinturista, I am using Lubuntu.15:38
jgcampbell300turista, https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/sound-nosound.html this is the one that helped me15:39
WildPenguinIt is just panel settings gone wrong. But, I don't know how to fix that.15:39
turistaI tried the troubleshooting yesterday even start from the scratch but none of these were working to me >_<15:39
WildPenguinHow to bring back the default desktop settings?15:40
jgcampbell300turista, in the end i had to install a nother pulseaudio contorl program and switch my output from hba to hdmi 215:40
turistaI did reinstall and set the grub to get load the sound modules15:40
turistaI've another issue, I connect to the internet using the free app of easytether15:40
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WildPenguinlet me restart and see.15:41
jgcampbell300 pressing ctrl+alt+backspace should restart X15:42
turistasince I don't use the paid version, I can not open https :-P15:43
turistabut gonna check this link anyway if there's something that I have not tried yet15:43
kyliebrooksHello all, uhm so I am curious to find out which login manager I use and how to find the background it uses so I can change my desktop background to that one to have them match.15:44
kyliebrooksI want to be able to browwse to that file forr the background that my login manager uses - but how do I find the file?15:46
martacomo va15:48
turistabtw how do I install the opengl package using terminal?¿15:49
jgcampbell300turista, problaby apt15:50
turistacuz the sound tell me about thinking on buy another sound card x-D15:50
jgcampbell300turista, apt --help15:50
turistaI wonder if u do know the name of the package15:51
jgcampbell300turista, apt-cache search opengl15:51
turistathat was awesome, still did show me some games15:55
yeeveI've finally got some central logging setup using rsyslog and I've been playing with GoAccess for apache log visuals but anyone got recommendations for software to view/parse/filter logs? Ideally I just want a fast gui for doing grep/tail stuff either on single files, a group of files or a group of dirs15:55
akishi all. does anyone maybe know why 'weather report plugin' doesn't have available Astronomical Data and shows that: "Data not available, will use sane default values for night and day" and for that reason although it is night shows sun's icon instead of moon's icon?15:57
akisand also reports : Astronomical data: Last:2016-11-22 07:06:47Next:2017-01-05 18:11:34  Current failed attempts: 23. Is there any way to be fixed or maybe astronomical data are discontinued?16:07
mihirwhen i boot to ubuntu it starts emergency mode what to do16:09
mihirplz tell16:09
lizthegreydoes a version of oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms exist for Yakkety?16:14
=== ddubson is now known as dubpies
lizthegrey(the specific problem I'm trying to solve is that the audio on Yakkety isn't working on my new Z170 chipset motherboard -- it detects the card fine, says it's playing audio on it, but nothing actually comes out)16:23
lizthegreyand http://askubuntu.com/questions/672187/no-audio-output-devices-detected-in-new-computer-build-with-skylake-z170-mothe doesn't apply since it's for 16.04 *and* also isn't the exact problem I'm having (card not detected rather than detected but no output)16:23
lizthegreyI wanted to try the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/UpgradingAlsa/DKMS steps but there doesn't appear to be anything for Yakkety, only Xenial and below16:25
BluesKajlizthegrey, open alsamixer in the terminal and make sure auto-mute is disabled16:28
lizthegreyBluesKaj: master and pcm both are on16:28
lizthegreyis there another place I should look? surround and s/pdif look muted which is fine, I'm just trying to get vanilla headphones working16:28
BluesKajlook on the far righjt in alsamixer, there's an automtue setting there , use the down or up arrow key to disable it16:30
RaulwynnAs a disclaimer, I am very new to Linux. I am working on a minimalist interface for Ubuntu, I know Kubuntu has I guess XFCE hence the "X" so I don't know if this will work on ubuntu but here goes nothing. I'm wanting to run XFCE to have a Chrome OS look and feel. Is XFCE and all customization options available and compatible with Ubuntu?16:30
lizthegreyI also made positively sure in pavucontrol that things are being output to the correct place [in theory]16:31
BluesKajlizthegrey, did you find the automute ?16:31
lizthegreyBluesKaj: not seeing anything titled automute, I do see "Smart Volume" but pressing m to turn it off and back on doesn't do anything16:32
lizthegreyI have: Master [92], PCM [100], Surround [off], S/PDIF [off], S/PDIF Default PCM [00], Crystallizer [00], Dialog Plus [00], Equalizer [00], HP/Speaker [off], HP/Speaker A [off], PLayEnhancement [00], SMart Volume [now off], X-Bass [00]16:33
BluesKajit's a look on the far right , you may have to navigate past the edge of the alsamixer screen to find it , use the right arrow key to navigate to it16:33
lizthegreyI"m navigated all the way to the right16:34
lizthegreywait a sec, I have something. I plugged into line out and it's making noise now16:34
lizthegreymicrophone doesn't work though16:34
lizthegreyand I can't get it to output via headphone jack16:34
lizthegreyinteresting, regardless of whether I select Headphones or Line Out in pavucontrol, it outputs on line out16:34
lizthegreythis looks like a different bug then regarding pin assignment rather than codec or muting issues16:35
lizthegreyseems possibly similar to https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10199116:35
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 101991 in Sound(ALSA) "Creative ca0132 (HDA Intel codec) headphones jack not working on laptop (Dell Alienware 15 early 2015)" [Normal,New]16:35
gvvgHi - I am running ubuntu 16.04 desktop - I have a bash script that initiates and keeps open an ssh session to a remote ubuntu server so I can do forwarding and RDP to my  machine in the office - is there any way to have this script have a status so I can see if the ssh tunnel is active or not? visually? widget? anything or a gui wrapper? thanks in advance :)16:36
lizthegreyexcept this is a gigabyte z170 gaming 7 motherboard rather than alienware16:37
BluesKajlizthegrey, ok, sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , there will be no output if the driver loads properly ...then rebnoot16:38
guersthey all16:39
lizthegreyBluesKaj: snd_hda_intel is already loaded according to lsmod, have already rebooted several times and verified that is loaded on each reboot16:39
lizthegrey(back later, have to run an errand, but can pick up debugging in an hour)16:39
guerstdoes any one know how to attch files using mutt command?16:40
mihirplz anyone tell h16:40
guerstdoes any one know how to attach multiple files(wildcards) using  mutt command?16:41
guersthi pc201416:41
mihiri stuck at emergency mode first but after few time it get services then shown16:42
smurfendrek123Hello guys, i'm getting operation not permitted when trying to delete a btrfs subvolume with the commmand16:43
mihirthen blank screen16:43
mihirwith one dash16:43
smurfendrek123sudo btrfs subvolume delete /.snapshots/12/snapshot16:43
mihirwhto do16:43
mihirplzzz letl anyone16:43
DJonesCan anby help with a black desktop, no unity bar or top bar etc after logging in (this is after an upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10) bootup & login is fine (its not a nomodeset issue) basic intel graphics, only happens with the primary user, guest session works fine.  I just login to a black background, with the desktop icons showing, I can right click on the black desktop to get change background/open terminal etc, but unity bar and top bar don't ...16:46
DJones... appear, no desktop background16:46
DJonesWorst case, I can just recreate the user and copy /home files & folders over, just wondered if there's an easy fix to avoid that16:47
DJonesI've tried dconf reset -f /org/compiz and then restarted unity with no effect16:48
ioriaDJones, cat ~/.xsession-errors ?16:48
nicomachusDJones: have you tried reinstalling unity?16:48
ioriaDJones,  alternatively, you can backup ~/.config and ~/.compiz and reboot16:50
skinuxI'm trying to figure out laggy performance. I have Ubuntu Unity (latest LTS), 4G RAM, 4G SWAP, I'm running two Sublime Text windows, HexChat, FileZilla (idle), File Explorer, LibreOffice Writer; Chrome with NetFlix (paused), Facebook, and 8 other idle tabs. Should I be experiencing slowness?16:50
DJonesioria: the error that shows in the cat command is "upstart: click-user-hooks main process (3323) terminated with status 1"16:50
mihirhey nicomachus plz give soln to my issue16:50
ioriaDJones,   lte's try an apt update && apt full-upgrade16:50
nicomachus!patience | mihir16:51
ubottumihir: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:51
DJonesioria: Will do, back in a bit16:51
phabletis there a way to get the sound through the HDMI cable on a bq aquaris m10?16:51
nicomachusmihir: no one can understand what you're asking for. If English is not your first language, then you may have better luck in a different channel for your native language.16:51
nicomachusphablet: that may be a question for #ubuntu-touch16:52
DJonesioria: I get: E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)16:52
DJonesE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?16:52
ioriaDJones,   using sudo ?16:52
nicomachususe sudo16:52
DJonesBut I've not got any other update managers running that I knopw of16:52
DJonesioria: Yes16:52
mihirok...after installing ubuntu...first i got emergency mode after that i got blank screen with binking underscore16:53
phabletxchatgnome crash when i try to change channel16:53
ioriaDJones,   pkill update-notifier16:53
mihirnicomachus:get my point ?16:53
nicomachusmihir: what is your graphics setup?16:54
DJonesioria: Same problem after pkill16:54
mihiri hv default intel hd graphics16:54
nicomachusmihir: this is a fresh install?16:55
ioriaDJones,   check ps -A or reboot16:55
mihiri think grphic card also not available in pc i think thats why16:55
mihiri first try to add gitel graphics to it then i will tell u wht happened again16:55
nicomachusmihir: you didn't answer my question. Is this a fresh installation of ubuntu?16:56
mihirand this is fresh install16:56
nicomachusthen try to reinstall and see if you still get the same error.16:56
mihiri overwrite windows 10 with ubuntu16:56
DJonesioria: Trying with a fresh config/compiz after backing up, rebooting to test16:57
mihirits fresh install16:57
ioriaDJones,   ok16:57
DJonesioria: No change, I'll just recreate the user and copy files over16:59
DJonesProbably the easiest way16:59
ioriaDJones,   sure, but try in console an update/upgrade, after stopping lightdm17:00
mihirok i checked...i hv intel hd graphics in desktop and also it a fresh install17:00
mihirnichomachus:get my point ?17:00
nicomachusmihir: yes, I already said you should try to reinstall.17:00
mihirnicomachus is there any method to try ??17:01
mihirwithout reinstalling ?17:01
mihirbecuz it take many time17:01
akikmihir: you don't need to install extra packages for intel hd graphics to work17:02
mihirakik:wht should i do17:02
akikmihir: why did the graphics stop working after you installed ubuntu?17:02
mihirakik:its first shows emergency mode then ubuntu screen  and then blank screen with blinking underscore at right in top most17:03
nicomachusakik: it's a fresh install.17:04
akikmihir: as nicomachus said, a new install is easiet solution17:05
mihirhey ots alredy fresh install17:06
nicomachuswhich clearly didn't work.17:06
mihirwht to do17:06
nicomachusor don't take our advice and leave.17:07
mihirit takes too much time like 8 hrs17:07
nicomachusgood luck then.17:07
mihiri uncheked updates to speedup17:07
akikmihir: you have the install media? it takes max. 30 minutes(?)17:07
mihirbut i checked for propritary driver software update17:08
akikmihir: the intel hd graphics doesn't need proprietary drivers17:08
fedecupeHi, I'm looking for help in a strange problem with touchscreen/touchpad on a dell xps 9360, I asked for help also on askubuntu but noone replied yet http://askubuntu.com/questions/868097/touchpad-and-touchscreen-stopped-working-on-dell-xps-13-9360-with-ubuntu-16-0417:10
ioriaDJones, the issue seems related to the 'click' package17:11
fedecupeGood evening, I'm looking for help on a not working touchpad/touchscreen of a dell xps 9360 (here some command outputs http://askubuntu.com/questions/868097/touchpad-and-touchscreen-stopped-working-on-dell-xps-13-9360-with-ubuntu-16-04 )17:16
=== moestevens_ is now known as moestevens
mihiri mean should i uncheck option at installation of third party software ???17:19
nicomachusmihir: up to you. that shouldn't really effect the speed, but you can do it later.17:20
nicomachusmihir: and please stop spamming users.17:20
mihirok sry17:20
akash_ogga bogga bogga17:20
nicomachusakash_: stop.17:21
mihirnicomachus :but actually i want to know wht the problem is ??17:21
akash_go away !17:21
akash_master race17:21
akash_arch sucks17:21
akash_solus disaster !17:21
nicomachusakash_: please read the /topic and guidelines.17:21
akash_i stop17:21
akash_by the way, need some help17:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:22
mihirnicomachus:wht was the problem causing this17:22
akash_I am a noob, need to recover data from a ext4 hdd, my friend formatted it and turned it int fat3217:22
nicomachusmihir: we don't know. that's why we recommended that you reinstall.17:22
akash_what to do ?17:22
akash_just give me some article link, I can not figure out what to search17:23
nicomachus!recover | akash_17:23
ubottuakash_: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery17:23
akash_I will let you guys know17:23
akash_what browser you guys reccomend ? except firefox. mozila based would be nice17:24
nicomachusakash_: up to you. plenty to choose from.17:24
akash_ok ! by the way, nice resource. Thank you very much. I think I will be able to recover the data. there are too many 10/10 movies and porn in that drive17:25
UbuntuluHallo, habe gerade von der neusten Ubuntu Version gebootet per CD und nun erscheint unten ein Zeichen und ein Strichmännchen.. was hat das zu bedeuten?17:26
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:26
sruliikonia: i did as you suggested "apt install linux-image<version>" but it downloaded lowlatency kernel , i dont need a lowlaency, so changed command to "apt install linux-image<version>-generic"17:27
ikoniasruli: ahhh you have to include generic17:27
ikoniathats a good spot but dissapointing that the default is LL17:28
sruliyes, i thought i'll let you know for future refernce17:28
fedecupeno help? It works with kernel 4.4.0-21-generic, but using that kernel it doesn't load half the modules17:28
australopithecusHello I am running ubuntu MATE 16.1, with a nivdia 1070 graphics card, I cannot change the brightness of my screen it is stuck at max,anyone know a fix for this as it makes the operating system unusable17:28
xanguaaustralopithecus: function keys? Did you try settings, brightness?17:29
nedstarkUbuntulu, Berühren Sie die Leertaste, um fortzufahren17:29
ledenifedecupe, check ==> http://pastebin.com/g7Pi1sBp17:30
australopithecusi have done this xangua17:30
ubuntu-matetry using the keyboard shortcut and see if this works17:30
australopithecusit doesntwork17:30
sruliaustralopithecus: isn't brightness controlled by a hardware button on the screen (or fn button on laptop)17:30
australopithecusfunction keys dont work17:30
akikaustralopithecus: you might need to change kernel options acpi_osi and/or acpi_backlight17:30
australopithecusneither does the appliate onthe bar, nor does it work in power options17:30
australopithecushow do I do that akik17:31
NecyHi. with full disc encryption will i enter the password at boot?17:31
sruliNecy: after grub, unless you also encrypted grub17:32
Necydoes a regular type of password be effective for a encryption pasword?17:32
Necylike those used for a user account17:32
fedecupeledeni tried that solution, but it didn't change anything17:33
fedecupe@ledeni tried that, no changes17:33
neurehow do i know from command line which ubuntu version is running?17:33
srulineure: lsb_release -a17:34
akikaustralopithecus: it's a two step process. first use "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows" to get the latest version of the output windows versions. that's be the value for acpi_osi17:35
ledeniaustralopithecus, check17:36
ledeniaustralopithecus, checkcat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness17:36
akikaustralopithecus: that value goes into /etc/default/grub in this format: acpi_osi=\"Windows 2015\"17:36
akikaustralopithecus: for acpi_backlight, it's not certain which value you need but first try acpi_backlight=vendor17:38
australopithecusGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor"17:39
australopithecusso place it in grub like this17:39
australopithecusGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" also should I comment this line out?17:39
akikaustralopithecus: yes for acpi_backlight, but you probably need acpi_osi too17:39
australopithecuswhat do you mean akik?17:41
australopithecusalso thank you for your help17:41
akikaustralopithecus: read up -^17:41
australopithecusok going to try17:41
australopithecusreseting brb17:42
akikaustralopithecus: when you've edited /etc/default/grub, run "sudo update-grub"17:42
fedecupei think my problem could be caused by new kernel. any idea on how to fix?17:44
RaulwynnHow would I have a command line run to a specific URL in a browser but without all of the tabs and buttons on the top?17:46
RaulwynnBad question...17:46
RaulwynnI'm wanting to run a command in terminal to load chrome and send me to a specific url but I don't want to have the chrome page showing (I.E., forward, back arrows, URL bar, tabs)17:47
naccfedecupe: new as in the most recent update? try the old kernel and if it works, file a bugt17:48
naccRaulwynn: `man google-chrome`, --app= option?17:48
fedecupeRaulwynn: try the flag --kiosk17:48
RaulwynnI will try17:49
sruli--kiosk doesnt work17:49
fedecupenacc: as you can see in the askubuntu question I posted I tried using kernel 21, touchscreen and touchpad work but it doesn't load 80% of the modules (no  HiDPI support, no netowrk interfaces...)17:50
naccfedecupe: I can't see, because I don't have context, let me go look17:50
naccfedecupe: if they work in the liveusb, i'd look for what's different between the two (packages installed, modules loaded, etc)17:51
fedecupenacc: i posted lsmod differences between kernel *21* and *57*17:52
naccfedecupe: is 21 on the left and 57 is on the right?17:53
=== iczero is now known as wlp1s1
fedecupenacc: exactly17:54
RaulwynnOkay. This is what I have so far... "/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --app www.google.com --new-window"17:54
naccfedecupe: and 21 works but 57 does not?17:54
RaulwynnHowever it's still showing the tabs17:54
Raulwynnand the url bar17:54
fedecupenacc: 21 touches working but no network, weird graphics (no HiDPI) 57 touches not working but everything else is ok - Also 21 was re-installed by me17:55
naccRaulwynn: i take it you're not running chome from their repository?17:55
m_tadeuhi...is there a photo album application to simulate phisical photo albuns?17:55
RaulwynnI am17:55
RaulwynnI can double check and reinstall?17:55
naccRaulwynn: it's ok, just checking17:57
naccRaulwynn: any reason you are invoking in /opt directly rather than the more typical /usr/bin?17:57
RaulwynnMainly because I am doing all this to learn linux. I'm making a POS type system and I don't want users to "accidentally" find themselves on facebook.17:58
RaulwynnI have come from Windows install wizards lmao17:58
RaulwynnHow would I build a /usr/bin command?17:58
naccRaulwynn: um, chrome ships with one17:59
naccRaulwynn: `which google-chrome`17:59
naccat least, afaict17:59
RaulwynnOkay. Lets ,ake something hypothetical...17:59
RaulwynnI'm creating a custom launcher, right? When I click on an icon, I want it to direct to a square box (app inside browser)18:00
naccRaulwynn: note that your example command worked fine for me using `google-chome --app='http://www.google.com' --new-window`18:00
akikgoogle-chrome and google-chrome-stable are sym links in /usr/bin18:00
ledenifedecupe, can you give pastebin for cat /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/51-synaptics-quirks.conf18:01
RaulwynnLet me try again18:01
naccakik: agreed, i'm not saying it's wrong to invoke /opt directly, just unusal :)18:01
RaulwynnIt's telling me command not found...18:01
RaulwynnMaybe I'm not using chrome repositories18:01
naccRaulwynn: well, in any case, this isn't really a chrome support channel (and chrome is not shipped by ubuntu...)18:02
nicomachusyou have to install the .deb downloaded from Google18:02
RaulwynnI am sorry. I figured using the linux command line to launch a specific part of chrome in a way that google doesn't support would be here... Where can I go to ask?18:03
naccRaulwynn: you're not using the 'command line to launch a specific part of chrome' ... you're launching chome, clearly18:03
fedecupeledeni: http://pastebin.com/ME4iW6iq18:04
RaulwynnI'm sorry. Not debating. On any note, how do I remove chrome repositories to add the new deb from google?18:04
RaulwynnI'm not debating. I asked a new question and I have moved on.18:05
naccRaulwynn: i don't know what you mean? you can either d/l the .deb from google or add their repo.18:07
Drakkulhello, can anyone help me install an additional repo?18:08
RaulwynnHow do I remove the bad repo?18:08
naccRaulwynn: i do not know where your chrome came from, what does `/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --version` say?18:08
australopithecusHello, so I am trying to reinstall ubuntu but I have a nvidia 1070 graphics card, so the curser image is stuck at the top left corner of the screen, and the mouse is invisible18:08
naccDrakkul: what do you mean by additional repo?18:08
hans_hello good morning everybody, i have problem with rules on udev.18:09
Raulwynnnacc: Google Chrome 55.0.2883.8718:09
Drakkulnacc: i want to install this program and i'm not sure how https://riot.im/desktop.html18:09
australopithecusthis can be fixed by installing nvidia 367 driver after installing it on the live cd how do I switch drivers without resetig18:09
australopithecusso my curser works properly18:09
hans_i wan to make my machine playing a sound when i plug the usb drive, i have 2 *.sh script and 1 *.rules script. but it's not work18:10
naccRaulwynn: ok, that's the version from the repositories and probably the same I"m running. `apt policy google-chrome-stable` ?18:10
naccRaulwynn: use a pastebin for that output18:10
australopithecusI guess I can install like I did before which was fucking painful where I just make selecton squares on my desktop to determine my mouses location18:11
ledenifedecupe, try 'sudo systemctl enable lightdm'18:11
nicomachus!language | australopithecus18:11
ubottuaustralopithecus: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:11
nacchans_: you will probably need to pastebin the scripts for anyone to help18:11
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nicomachusaustralopithecus: do you have a working install now? or just the live cd?18:12
naccDrakkul: add the repository to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/<some file name>.list?18:12
australopithecusI have a working install but I want to start fresh18:12
fedecupeledeni: still no changes, should I reboot?18:12
aarobcis there a way to make a udev rule match any usb keyboard?18:12
ledenifedecupe, yes18:12
Raulwynnnacc: http://pastebin.com/NPAmvdQY18:12
Drakkulnacc: any idea on how do i that?18:12
australopithecusbecause I feel like I broke something trying to resolve an issue and it is just easier to start over18:12
nicomachusaustralopithecus: then do a fresh install and switch to the Nvidia driver afterwards.18:12
australopithecusnicomachus I can do that18:13
australopithecusIts just18:13
naccRaulwynn: yes, you are using the repository version, which is good, then. But you should have a /usr/bin/google-chrome, I think18:13
australopithecusmy curser image is stuck in the top left corner of the screen18:13
australopithecusand my mouse is invisible18:13
nicomachusyou can't alter the LiveCD after it's been created. You can alter the image and then rewrite the live disk, but that's starting over in another way.18:13
naccDrakkul: what I said *is* how you do it?18:13
australopithecusthe fix for it is installing nvidia-367 driver18:13
RaulwynnOkay I got that to pull up. Where can I go to ask google chrome specific questions?18:14
australopithecusIt is really annoying to install with an invisible curser18:14
australopithecusI was just wondering if there was a way to load the live cd with the new driver18:14
australopithecusso that the issue is resolved18:14
australopithecusso I can have a curser I can see18:14
aarobcHow would I make a udev rule that matches any USB keyboard?18:14
hans_i dont know why, but i think everything is correct. http://pastebin.com/raw/LX3SDY32 but it doesn't work18:14
RaulwynnBeautiful. I figured it out. thank you.18:15
Drakkulnacc: where can i find the .list file to add to that directory?18:15
nacchans_: ok and where does notify.rules live (note that it's typical to prefix it with a number for ordering purposes)18:15
nicomachusaustralopithecus: there is but you have to create the live CD with an altered image (including that nvidia-367 driver). which isn't easy and I've never done it.18:16
naccDrakkul: you will need to create it (hence <some file name>)18:16
Drakkuli have no idea on how to do that :/18:16
naccDrakkul: you don't know how to create files?18:16
australopithecusok sounds awful, I thought you could just install the driver and reset xorg or whatever the graphic user interface was18:16
australopithecuswhy isnt nvidia-367 driver in nvidia current18:17
Drakkulnacc: i can create an empty something.list file, but i dont think that would help me at all in this situation18:17
australopithecusdo they want to punish people with new gen graphics cards18:17
Drakkulnacc: what am i supposed to have in the .list file?18:18
hans_sory nacc, im new to ubuntu, i dont know what you mean. but the file .notify is located on /etc/udev/rules.d18:18
akik!info nvidia-367 yakkety18:18
ubottunvidia-367 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-367): NVIDIA binary driver - version 367.57. In component restricted, is optional. Version 367.57-0ubuntu3 (yakkety), package size 39265 kB, installed size 167350 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf)18:18
naccDrakkul: look at other examples from the same directory or in /etc/apt/sources.list. I don't know what is specifically needed for that program, you would need to ask them.18:19
akik!info nvidia-367 xenial18:19
ubottunvidia-367 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-367): NVIDIA binary driver - version 367.57. In component restricted, is optional. Version 367.57-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 39332 kB, installed size 167349 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf)18:19
Drakkulok thanks nacc18:19
fedecupeledeni: after reboot, stillo nothing18:19
nacchans_: just to be sure  you mean notify.rules is in /etc/udev/rules.d ?typically that would be 99-notify.rules (or better 99-usbsound.rules or something(18:19
akikaustralopithecus: i don't remember this but isn't nvidia-367 available in 16.04 and 16.10 just with an apt-get?18:21
nacchans_: to be sure, as well, are those unplugged and plugged.sh file executable?18:21
r063r1hwo is all on18:21
hans_yes, i've already change the permission, and when i run ./pugged.sh it's work18:22
australopithecusit is18:22
australopithecusbut with the live cd I have to install with an invisible curser18:22
australopithecusubuntu you havent changed a bit since the early 2000s lol18:23
einsmsg hans anu18:23
einsMSG hans_ tes18:23
akikaustralopithecus: so does installing nvidia-367 fix your setup?18:23
australopithecusand no18:23
australopithecusI still have the brightness problem18:23
einshans_ tes18:24
australopithecusbut I broke something earlier trying to fix it so I am doing a fresh install18:24
Cust0sLim3nwhat man page explains APT::Archives::MaxAge ?18:24
australopithecusthen I am going to try the instructions you gave me18:24
akikaustralopithecus: it's not 100% certain whether configuring acpi_osi and acpi_backlight will work, but they've worked on my acer laptop18:25
australopithecuscan you repost the settings again18:26
australopithecussorry lost them18:26
akikaustralopithecus: i'll pastebin them18:26
naccCust0sLim3n: `man apt.conf` points to /usr/lib/apt/apt.systemd.daily18:26
Cust0sLim3nnacc, thanks a bunch - I was searching for whole string :/18:27
naccCust0sLim3n: me too, at first :)18:27
akikaustralopithecus: http://pastebin.com/raw/e4y21fda18:28
australopithecusthanks again akik18:31
FManTXlol, that's a great nick you have, australopithecus :D18:33
budmanHi everyone, Ive got an SSD drive, I used DKMS to make a drive/module but now I want to not use that driver and just use a pre-packaged .deb driver. no matter what I do to remove the DKMS, its always taking priority18:33
yellabs-r2hello all18:33
yellabs-r2hacky new year everyone !18:33
fedecupeledeni: any other idea?18:34
yellabs-r2how would i catch the output of hiddev0,hidraw0:18:34
wedgieyellabs-r2: "catch"?18:35
yellabs-r2does hidraw0: create a file ?18:35
yellabs-r2catch as in cat , or some way in terminal ( output )18:36
budmanwhy is modprobe stuck trying to load the newer driver that isnt on the system and not the .deb packaged driver?18:38
digital_ghosthey is there way to skip line number for commented lines in vim ?18:40
yellabs-r2okey got something working right now18:41
ledenifedecupe, you are on 16.1018:41
naccdigital_ghost: you mean you want it to show line numbers for all lines but those starting with (syntax-sensitive) comments? Or do you want the numbers to only be incrementing for (syntax-sensitive) non-comment lines?18:42
fedecupe16.04.1 -> maybe that *.1 caused the problem? http://askubuntu.com/questions/868097/touchpad-and-touchscreen-stopped-working-on-dell-xps-13-9360-with-ubuntu-16-0418:43
digital_ghostnacc: i want to skip line number for everything that starts with "#" when i am coding python18:43
ledenifedecupe, try 'sudo apt-get install synaptic'18:44
joebobjoeWho user/group should own .ssh/authorized_keys? And what should the permissions be?18:46
naccdigital_ghost: that didn't really answer my question, just repeated yours. I asked two very *specific* and different questions.18:46
fedecupeledeni: the package manager?18:47
ledenifedecupe, try 'sudo apt-get install synaptic' in terminal18:47
romromjoebobjoe, owned by the user, group user as well, and only u=rw permission18:49
wedgiejoebobjoe: 700 for .ssh, 600 for authorized_keys18:49
romromjoebobjoe, ie. it should only be readable by the user18:49
fedecupeledeni: synaptic is just the package manager, why shoud I install it?18:50
ledenifedecupe,yes sorry18:50
digital_ghostnacc:i want it to show line numbers for all lines but those starting with (syntax-sensitive) comments18:50
joebobjoewedgie romrom thanks18:51
romromjoebobjoe, you're welcome :)18:51
joebobjoeromrom: can root read any file without changing permissions first?18:51
wedgiejoebobjoe: yes18:51
joebobjoeok thanks18:51
ledenifedecupe,sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics18:52
ledenifedecupe,just to check18:52
fedecupeledeni: is already installed18:52
romromjoebobjoe, though if you really on sudo, bash completion won't see the files/directory if the current user don't have access to it18:53
naccdigital_ghost: id on't think by default there is a way, and seems odd :)18:53
romromjoebobjoe, *rely on sudo, sorry18:53
joebobjoeromrom: makes sense18:53
romromjoebobjoe, yup, but it is a pain sometimes18:53
joebobjoeI wonder how you pipe to a file with sudo18:53
romromjoebobjoe, tee is good18:53
joebobjoeromrom: ah, thanks. won't tee also write to stdout?18:54
wedgiesudo bash -c 'command > file'18:54
romromjoebobjoe, you can do sudo tee > /dev/null for example18:55
ledenifedecupe,you can use normal usb mouse ?18:55
joebobjoeromrom: can I do cat file.txt | sudo tee rootfile.txt ?18:56
fedecupeledeni: yes, you can see it in the first xinput output, the Logitech one18:56
joebobjoeOr does sudo not forward its stdin18:56
wedgiejoebobjoe: in that case why not just ''sudo cp''18:56
joebobjoewedgie: I need to append18:57
joebobjoeoh, sorry. forgot to mention that18:57
wedgiesudo bash -c 'cat file.txt >> rootfile.txt'18:58
wedgieor tee -a per romrom's example18:58
romromjoebobjoe, sometimes with bash -c you can end up in bash quoting hell when you have to mix up 's and ''s. I like tee for these moments.18:59
ledenifedecupe, 'gconftool-2 --set --type boolean /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled true' in terminal19:00
IriezJust installed 16.04 LTS and everything was working. After installing system updates, I get a blue screen right after I enter in my password. Is there a easy way to recover?19:00
joebobjoeI guess you can't pipe to sudo unless sudo has your password cached right?19:00
joebobjoeOtherwise it has no other way to prompt for password19:00
romromjoebobjoe, yup19:00
joebobjoeI wonder if sudo would try to take the password from whatever you pipe it heheh19:01
joebobjoeunless sudo communicates directly with the tty19:01
fedecupeledeni: did it previosly, still no changes19:02
gnxhello guys19:02
gnxany tip to install Intel HD Graphics in Ubuntu 14.04.519:02
=== vok is now known as vok`
ledenifedecupe, sorry mate out of solutions19:03
fedecupeledeni: my last hope is some guru dropping by here or on askubuntu :(19:04
Iriezbtw, same thing happens when I choose guest account. So unsure why the system updates crashed a fresh install....hoping there is a easy way to undo the changes, but being locked out from logging in seems like maybe I might need to reinstall?19:04
ioriaIriez, blue screen ?19:05
xanguagnx: should work out of the box19:05
Iriezioria: Yep. Blue screen. Funny enough. Feels like windows :P19:06
ioriaIriez,  yeah, can you open a console ? ctrl+alt+f119:06
ioriaIriez,  uname -r19:07
Iriezi was going to update to 4.9 right after this login19:07
ioriaIriez,  sudo apt update && sudo apt-full-upgrade19:07
Iriezall i did was use the GUI to install system updates, then rebooted19:07
ioriaIriez,  sudo apt update && sudo apt-full-upgrade19:08
Iriezyup, its going19:08
ioriaIriez,  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade19:08
Iriezhahaha! Once is fine, im not a crazy person :P19:08
Iriezinteresting. says dpkg was interuupted19:08
Iriezand that i have to manually run dpkg --configure a to correct the problem19:09
Iriezdoing so19:09
Iriezlooks like its updating correctly now19:09
ioriaIriez,  when it finishes, rerun  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade19:10
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h00pzwondering if anyone knows where the heck the mysql database is hidden in a juju:openstack deployment.  When doing a "show databases;" I only see test and scheme dbs19:19
elichai2every time i've used SSH it asked me for unlock passphrase, and now it stopped. I think i've accidentally selected the "Automatically Unlock...." option. how do I disable it?19:19
SeTunTunhello, i use ubuntu 16.04 with my garmin gps. i always had to create an udev rule for the device in order to use it as non  root user.19:20
romromelichai2, you can use seahorse to access your keychain and remove the ssh key from it19:20
SeTunTunbut something has changed in 16.04 because the rule does not work at all.19:20
SeTunTunis there any good manual or tutorial to create udev rules in 16.04¿19:21
elichai2romrom, it won't delete the ssh key itself, right?19:21
romromelichai2, no19:21
romromelichai2, just the passphrase that got stored in the keychain19:22
h00pzanyone in here with juju:openstack deploy knowledge19:22
romromelichai2, you can make a backup of it if you're paranoid19:22
elichai2romrom, now I get permission denied when pushing git for some reason19:23
elichai2no such identity: /home/elichai2/.ssh/id_rsa: No such file or directory19:23
elichai2and it doesn't prompt me for pass19:23
romromelichai2, does the file still exists ?19:24
elichai2ok, it did removed the files it self. good I backed them up19:24
romromelichai2, it did ? that's strange as hell19:24
romromelichai2, it should have 600 permission as well19:24
ledenifedecupe, can you check is there /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-libinput.conf and give pastebin 'cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-libinput.conf'19:24
elichai2600? why not 400?19:25
romromelichai2, 400 works as well, I just got into the habit of using 600 :)19:26
elichai2ok :)19:26
elichai2and i'm pretty sure it was 40019:26
elichai2which makes it even weireder19:26
romromelichai2, yup19:26
elichai2only the pub key was 64419:27
Iriezioria: thank you, problem solved!19:27
bobey6Does UFW have a specific help channel?19:27
ioriaIriez,  good job19:27
Exterminadorguys, if the output of the 'hostname -f' returns the hostname that i've set, that means that my FQDN is valid?19:31
fedecupeledeni: I don't evene have the xorg.conf.d directory19:31
australopithecusI have a gtx 1070 using ubuntu mate 16.1 and my brightness levels wont chage, I have tried editing the grub file still no luck19:32
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ledeniaustralopithecus, check cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness19:33
msev-if i got with ctrl+alt+f1 in a terminal to fix an unresponsive system, how do i then get back into gui?19:35
msev-lets say i kill -9 an app which uses most cpu and restart gnome shell from the terminal...how do i then get back to it19:35
slicktuxmsev-: f719:35
msev-gonna try it19:35
RoyKhi all. I'm reading https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=133530&p=890858 and with this, I can choose a SLAAC address autogenerated by the hwaddr - how can I do this in dhclient.conf as on ubuntu 16.04?19:35
slicktuxis not then f819:35
australopithecussays 3519:36
rr_what i should do if my youtube movies or movies from other sites are played at very high speed? (arch 4.9.1 other kernels too)19:36
slicktuxrr_: slow them down19:36
slicktuxrr_: could cause a sonic boom19:36
msev-yup slicktux it works19:37
msev-nice :)19:37
rr_what i should do to fix it if my youtube movies or movies from other sites are played at very high speed? (arch 4.9.1 other kernels too)19:37
slicktuxmsev-: f1-f8 are x terminals19:37
stevenguys how can I see what binaries will be installed with a package?19:38
slicktuxyer login manager that is started by systemd is in f7 whcih then starts yer DE19:38
msev-with ctrl+alt+f7 i got into the login screen19:38
msev-so cool :)19:38
ledeniaustralopithecus, 'echo 20 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness'19:38
msev-just dunno what f8 does19:38
slicktuxsteven: their should be a dependency flag19:38
slicktuxor verbose flag19:39
slicktuxmsev-: is it just a cursor19:39
slicktuxsteven: append --help or help to apt get or whatev ya using to read the flags available19:39
msev-slicktux, dunno what you are asking me?19:39
slicktuxmsev-: nvm19:39
ioriasteven, you can try    dpkg-query -L  packagename  | grep /bin19:42
stevenioria: thanks :) that's it19:42
ioriasteven, ok19:42
stevendpkg -L packages works just as good19:42
stevenoh dammit, its docker.io in19:43
fedecupeledeni: I infer you've given up19:46
ledenifedecupe, sorry mate yes19:46
australopithecusledeni the command didnt work19:47
ledeniaustralopithecus, try sudo sh -c "echo 7 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness"19:49
australopithecusran it19:50
australopithecusand nothing happened19:50
Exterminadori quit. i'm trying to find out how to make relays of mails from google via sendmail. no lick19:50
Cust0sLim3nhow safe/unsafe is it to share /var/apt/cache/archives via nfs rw and mount on other ubuntus ?19:51
australopithecusalso thanks for the help ledeni I appreciate it19:51
ledeniaustralopithecus, can you check cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness19:53
fedecupeledeni: said "f*** it" and installed kernel 4.9 now everything works19:53
australopithecusledeni says 10019:54
ledenifedecupe, great19:54
australopithecusledeni which is weird because I have set my brightness to the lowest setting19:55
australopithecususing function keys19:55
australopithecusbut it is infact 10019:55
australopithecusmy screen is burning my eyes19:55
ledeniaustralopithecus, try sudo sh -c "echo 20 >> /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness"19:56
Jacksometimes reboot can fix a lot of things lol19:56
fedecupeledeni: not great, it's not yet stablet for ubuntu...but still is a solution. Thank you very much for your help and patience19:57
ledenifedecupe, don't worry19:57
australopithecusledeni says, "sh: 1: cannot create /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness: permission denied19:58
ledeniaustralopithecus, try sudo "echo 20 >> /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness"19:58
_adbi can't get lightdm to execute greeter-setup-script. ubuntu 16.04.1. lightdm config file includes both 'greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/touch /tmp/foo' and 'display-setup-script=/usr/bin/touch /tmp/bar'. when system boots, /tmp/bar is created but /tmp/foo is not. any ideas why?20:00
australopithecussays command not found ledeni20:00
ledeniaustralopithecus, try sudo "echo 20 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness"20:01
bekksaustralopithecus: echo 1 | sudo tee -a /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness"20:01
bekksledeni: everything between " ... " is interpreted as a single command, which doesnt exist.20:01
ledenibekks, thanks20:02
australopithecusi tried your command bekks and it just gave me a >20:02
australopithecusi think it wants an input?20:03
_adbthere's an extra " at the end20:03
bekksaustralopithecus: omit the " at the end.20:03
akikaustralopithecus: did you reboot after changing grub config?20:03
australopithecuspermission denied bekks20:04
australopithecusyes I did akik20:04
australopithecusno luck20:04
australopithecustried multiple options20:04
bekksSo that file is read only.20:04
yangm97"96 and 0 pages still available in the bound and unbound gpu page lists"20:04
yangm97what the hell is this20:04
australopithecusbekks so I need to change its permissions?20:05
bekksaustralopithecus: No. Since that file is not writable at all.20:06
bekksaustralopithecus: It contains the value of the maximum brightness, not of the actual brightness.20:06
_adbaustralopithecus:  sudo bash -c 'echo 20 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness' #?20:06
milp_mediahi there, i installed ssmtp and nowsomething is trying to send mail through it every other minute. How would i find outwhat is doing this?20:06
bekksecho 20 | sudo tee -a /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness :)20:07
_adbor `xrandr --output <outputname> --brightness 0.5` for example, and you don't need root...20:07
australopithecus I ran that command _adb no return20:08
ubuntu-matehi ys just seeing if this works from inside VBox20:08
australopithecuswell idc at this point I just want the brightness to be like 50-75% of what it is now20:09
australopithecusso its not scortching my retinas20:09
ledeniaustralopithecus, echo 3 | sudo tee -a /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness20:09
australopithecussays brightness is 320:10
VystyHi! I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 using dual monitors that have been working fine up until a few minutes ago. My 2nd monitor suddenly turned off and is now showing "No Signal". It still appears to be working, as I can still drag Windows over to it. Can anyone help me figure out how to detect the 2nd monitor again and get it displaying properly?20:10
australopithecusbut the actual brightness and what it is reporting is disconnected20:10
Iriezin this tutorial it talks about how you have to enter your password 3 times at boot for your 3 different encrypted volumes. I want to know if i can do the homekey trick with the swap? Because i currently have to enter the password for root and for swap, would be nice if after entering it for root it unlocks swap? http://thesimplecomputer.info/full-disk-encryption-with-ubuntu20:10
ubuntu-mateJust checking our MATE for a new laptop I am getting tomorrow. Any comments?20:10
australopithecusI mean I can change my brightness setting and it has no affect on actual brightness20:10
_adbaustralopithecus: did you try xrandr?20:11
ledeniaustralopithecus, can you give us ls /sys/class/backlight/20:11
romromIriez, you can use a keyfile stored somewhere inside your root partition20:12
australopithecuswhat is xrandr _adb20:12
australopithecusledeni output gives acpi_video020:12
_adbaustralopithecus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RandR check if you have it installed with `type xrandr`20:12
Iriezromrom: ok, i think i can manage this one.20:12
ledeniaustralopithecus, ls /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/20:13
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pleasebesimplehey anoyne home20:14
australopithecus_adb typing xrandr gives output of pastebin.com/9TD1PD0e20:14
Iriezromrom: when adding to crypttab, the UUID would be the UUID of my swap partition correct?20:14
_adbaustralopithecus: xrandr --output DP-0 --brightness 0.720:15
romromIriez, yes20:15
pleasebesimpleim trying to connect my ubuntu 16.04 machine to my windows 10 machine via cat5e crossover and i cannot figure out how to get internet on the ubuntu machine through the windows machine20:15
australopithecusledeni output is pastebin.com/TX8k9q8N20:15
romromIriez, though (but it conflicts with the tutorial you're using), I would really advocate using an LVM volume that you encrypt with LUKS and that contains the partitions itself20:16
romromIriez, it's easier to setup20:16
pleasebesimpleanyone have a link to a guide on such a task20:16
australopithecusyou are the king _adb20:16
australopithecusthe command worked!!!20:16
romromIriez, but it will work with keyfiles20:16
australopithecusthank you so much _adb20:17
timypaustralopithecus what static address did you assin on both computerS?20:17
pleasebesimplemy windows machine is already sharing the ethernet that has internet connectivity with other computers on the homegroup20:17
Iriezromrom: im already setup that way, so unless you feel that this is a insecure way to do it?20:17
australopithecusI dont understand the question timyp20:17
_adbaustralopithecus: ledeni's solution is good too. if you can figure out what the actual path is, then something like `sudo bash -c 'echo 50 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness'` (or similar using tee) should work20:18
romromIriez, it's not, just a matter of convenience20:18
timypoops that was for pleasebesimple20:18
Iriezalso, in crypttab does the /root/swapkey replace "none" ?20:18
romromIriez, be careful (of course) with the permissions of the keyfile20:18
Iriezalready chmodded :)20:18
romromIriez, yep, I think that's the syntax20:18
timyppleasebesimple so you have two computers connected directly with crossover cable?20:19
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timypand you want to access the share of the windows machine?20:19
pleasebesimpleyes that is as far as i have gotten timyp20:19
timypdon't need internet connection sharing20:19
pleasebesimplei setup a static ip on the main ethernet connection on my windows machine20:19
ledeni_adb, anyway your solution worked20:20
timypdid you set the gateway address on both?20:20
pleasebesimplei do want internet on the ubuntu machine20:20
pleasebesimplei plan to use it as an encoding slave for my webstream20:20
pleasebesimplei have not set any addresses on the ubuntu machine20:20
pleasebesimplemy question i guess is20:20
pleasebesimpledo i need to set a static ip for the crossover connection20:20
timypyou need to do that here is an example20:20
pleasebesimpleas well as the main ethernet with internet access20:21
milp_mediaaccording to my syslog cron tries to send mails via ssmtp every minute, but i disabled MAILTO in the crontab, how do i find out wwhat is sending emails?20:21
bekkspleasebesimple: Which hypervisor are you using?20:21
pleasebesimpleidk what that is20:21
timypif two machines are connected to each other via crossover how is internet working do you have two network cards in this PC?20:21
bekkspleasebesimple: So you have two physical machines?20:21
pleasebesimplei have a ethernet adapter plugged into usb 3.020:22
Iriezwhen i update initramfs i get a warning possibble missing fw for i915 ....is this going to cause problems or is that common?20:22
GroundZero1uvuntu 16.10 has a kernel almost as new as the one from arch linux20:22
pleasebesimpleyes i have 2 machines20:22
bekksGroundZero1: So use Windows Internet Connection Sharing.20:22
GroundZero1and i thought archlinux would be far more up to date than ubuntu20:22
GroundZero1bekks, what20:23
timypmachine 120:23
timypmachine 120:24
australopithecusthanks again everyone20:24
akikaustralopithecus: test if that brightness setting survives a reboot20:25
VystyHi! I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 using dual monitors that have been working fine up until a few minutes ago. My 2nd monitor suddenly turned off and is now showing "No Signal". It still appears to be working, as I can still drag Windows over to it. Can anyone help me figure out how to detect the 2nd monitor again and get it displaying properly?20:25
Iriezromrom: btw, for the "next time" that i do this, which is usually about once a year, do you have any tutorials you could recommend that encrypts the LVM? agreed that tutorial is a bit old, but it was the best/easiest i could find.20:26
timyppleasebesimple if that is done correctly you should be able to ping from and vice versa20:26
romromIriez, nope, I don't have any links. I used to do that manually a few years ago, but now I just use the default installer options.20:26
_adbakik: australopithecus: 95% sure it won't. line would have to be added to a startup script20:27
pleasebesimplei think i need to take a class on this xD timyp20:27
australopithecus_adb I can always just run it20:27
pleasebesimplethatkyou for lame ing it down as much as you could20:27
australopithecusi dont mind20:27
timypits networking this is the same way you would get any OS to talk to each other over crossover20:27
pleasebesimplei dont understand networking at all is the thing20:28
timypall machines that talk to each other need to be on the same subnet and have same default gateway, even if the default gateway does not really exist20:28
pleasebesimplewhat has to be different?20:28
pleasebesimplethe static ip of the machines correct?20:29
timypjust the  static IP address for each machine20:29
pleasebesimplethat kinda helps20:29
pleasebesimpleso i have the ubuntu machine set to DHCP20:31
ubottucarmen: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:32
pleasebesimplei know it does not work20:32
pleasebesimplebut i kinda want to know why20:32
timypthere is no DHCP service in your setup20:32
pleasebesimpleso manual20:32
pleasebesimplethere are a few options20:32
timypsend me screen shot20:33
timypi'll fill in the blanks for you20:33
pleasebesimplekinda hard to give you a screen cap of my 2nd ppc xD20:33
timypoh yea lol. camera phone?20:33
timypyou got one of them there fancy phones with the picture taken machine on it?20:34
pleasebesimpleheh im not that inept20:34
pleasebesimplei can leave the ipv6 tab alone?20:34
timypnot in front fron a ubuntu box but it should be IP, default gateway ( will work) and subnet mask20:35
timypthan do the same on the other machine but setup another IP address on next computer keep the default gateway, subnetmask the same20:35
timypthan you should be able to ping each other20:36
timypyea no need for ipv620:36
VystyRunning Ubuntu 16.04, have a 2nd monitor that just lost connection. I can still drag windows to it, I just can't see anything. Anyone able to help me to get it to display properly again/20:38
timypVysty this an nvidia chipset?20:39
VystyGood question. how do I found out?20:40
beginnerI did a "cassandra repair" command on one of my servers, and then I can not ssh it. So I used ssh-keygen and connected, but I can not connect to the outside of the server, even the "apt-get" command does not work. Please help me20:40
ikoniabeginner: you need to explain the errors not just "doesn't work"20:40
ikoniathe fact that you needed to repair cassandra suggests something had gone wrong with your machine20:40
pleasebesimpletimyp im going to take a screen cap on my ubuntu machine and then put it on my portable hard drive then take a screen cap of my windows machine and then you can clearly see where i went wrong20:41
pleasebesimpleill have a imgur link shortly20:41
timypvysty https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-tell-which-graphics-vga-card-installed/20:41
timypok pleasebesimple20:41
Iriezromrom: so the default installer can now do full disk encryption? The reason i went through all of that manual circus is because when i started doing this, the default installer did not allow for full disk encryption to a external usb20:42
spearthistlehi, user postgres has read access to a file, but the psql process reports permission denied for COPY statement?  thx.20:42
timypvysty are you connecting via hdmi or vga?20:42
_adbspearthistle: does user have permission to write to the destination?20:42
VystyMy main monitor is HDMI.20:42
romromIriez, yes. I have not tried FDE to an external USB with the installer, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work.20:42
VystyWhich is the one that's still working.20:42
mustmodifyI'm seeing this message about ruby1.9.1-dev. Am I correct in thinking that package is not available on 16.04 ? I'm running 16.04.0120:43
Ben64!info ruby1.9.1-dev xenial | mustmodify20:43
ubottumustmodify: Package ruby1.9.1-dev does not exist in xenial20:43
timypyou have one video card with dual ports or just two separate video cards?20:43
spearthistle_adb: no, postgres user is member of group growerHome which has r+x access.20:43
Vystytimyp: Here's my output: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)20:44
mustmodifyBen64: And yet I can't install without it. :(20:44
mustmodifyCan I pretend to have it by symlinking or ... something?20:44
Vystytimyp: I'm pretty sure it's one card with separate ports.20:44
timypvysty is the display at fault detected under System settings > Displays >detect display.20:44
Ben64mustmodify: you got something weird going on20:45
Vystytimyp: Yes.20:45
naccmustmodify: seems like bogus dependencies for rbx20:45
mustmodifythat info bot is super handy.20:45
mustmodifynacc: I agree.20:45
mustmodifyAnd yet...20:45
timypadjust its resolution and see what happens20:45
Ben64mustmodify: what version of ruby do you have20:45
mustmodifyruby 2.3.1p112 (2016-04-26) [x86_64-linux-gnu]20:45
Ben64how about dpkg -l | grep -i ruby20:46
mustmodifyin this context, root doesn't have access to chruby so that's the actual system ruby.20:46
pleasebesimpleFIGURED IT OUT20:46
Vystytimyp: Nothing happens when I adjust the resolution.20:46
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mustmodifyBen64: https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/206cb906de08965117da11cee27bf04820:47
Iriezromrom: do you know, does the default installer allow you to encrypt the bootloader?20:47
romromIriez, not to my knowledge20:47
Iriezwould be nice to get a fully encrypted setup. :)20:47
pleasebesimplewait no....20:47
Ben64mustmodify: then idk20:47
romromIriez, I use /boot and /boot/efi on an external usb flashdrive personally20:47
mustmodifyok well, thanks anyway.20:47
pleasebesimpletimpy i have an established connection but i cannot get on the web20:48
romromIriez, but the setup is a bit finicky (ie. your forget to plug the key at update time, you're fucked)20:48
pleasebesimpledo i maybe have to brodge the connections on my windows machine20:48
Iriezromrom: not a bad idea, but this is already a usb ext flash haha. Also, with usb being as broken security wise as it is, im more concerned with usb firmware malware20:48
Ben64mustmodify: i was expecting to see some old 1.9.1 stuff in there, but that all looks fine20:48
Iriezwhich if you increase the amount of ext devices use, you increase your attack footprint20:48
romromIriez, true20:48
spearthistle_adb: even when postgres user has read, write and execute access, psql process is reporting permission denied.20:49
jowatextraPLZ any ideas i want to be able to resize and move the widgets inside any windows20:49
timyppleasebesimple so you can connect to the share over cross over now but you have no internet using your USB network adapter?20:49
pleasebesimpleyes timyp20:49
Vystytimyp: In case you didn't see my last message, nothing happened with I adjusted to resolution of the 2nd monitor.20:50
timypwhat kind of USB adapter?20:50
pleasebesimplean insignia usb 3.0 to gigabit ethernet adapter20:51
pleasebesimpleall the info on the box20:51
jowatextradon'T forget to tell my name when u answer to me(if u do)20:51
timypso you have an onboard ethernet card for crossover and this adapter right?20:52
pleasebesimplei have the other pc hooked up via the adapter not my network card20:52
pleasebesimplethe network card is recieving internet via router across the house20:52
timypwhy not just connect both comptuers to the router than?20:53
pleasebesimplei wish to use the 2nd pc to encode video20:53
pleasebesimpleand then upload it20:53
pleasebesimplemy router would explode20:53
timypso the 2nd PC can't have internet access?20:54
pleasebesimplethe 2nd pc needs internet access thought my 1st pc in order to uload directly20:54
pleasebesimpleim going to stream video via rmtp server to the 2nd pc then encode it20:54
timypif you connect both computers to the same router they can still talk to each other20:54
timypand connect to the internet20:55
Ben64and it makes much more sense and is easier to do20:55
pleasebesimple50000 Mbps20:55
timyp50000 Mbps what?20:55
pleasebesimplethats the bandwidth i need in order to take the stress off my main pc20:56
Ben64well you're never going to get that20:56
pleasebesimpleso if i sent the unencoded video to my 2nd pc via the router20:57
pleasebesimplewould i not see immense lag20:57
timypthe router have gigabit ethernet ports?20:57
pleasebesimpleyeah but thats another 180 feet of cat5e cable id prefer to not run20:58
Ben64well it's the way to do it20:58
pleasebesimpleim trying to do exactly this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OedbAPcHVMs20:58
pleasebesimplebut he skips the part where he networks the computers together20:59
pleasebesimplethat is all20:59
Iriezromrom: going through installer now, yea, it does look like it sorts everything in the default installer now. Looks like I did it the hard way :)20:59
Iriezand can install to any attached device20:59
romromIriez, at least you will have mastered the whole thing :)21:00
timypdid you enable internet connection sharing ?21:00
Ben64pleasebesimple: just have them hooked to the same gigabit switch, easy21:00
pleasebesimpleyes timyp21:01
pleasebesimplemaybe if i just swap where i plugged in the cables21:01
pleasebesimpleon my windows machine21:01
Ben64pleasebesimple: or, just do it the right way21:03
timypBen64 he would still need to run cables for an upload on the switch, I take it this pc in question and the router are far apart21:04
Ben64move the computer21:04
mustmodifypleasebesimple: Hey, how did you make that video?21:04
mustmodifyOh, nm.21:04
=== Guest43 is now known as Rufus
Ben64how on earth does it make to use a second computer to offload stuff, but then make the first computer handle routing all the data from the second computer?21:05
timypBen64 I don't really get it either but what he is doing should work if internet sharing is setup correctly. pleasebesimple can you share the output of ifconfig for the pc that inet is not working on?21:08
RufusHello. I'm writing some scripts for some ubuntu 14.04 vms. At one step, I need to restart the vms, wait for them to beocme available again, and then ssh and to them and continue the script. I'm currently checking that a vm is available with a while loop that checks output of command: nc -z -w 5 ip.add.re.ss 22 . There are times when this command executes successfully, but ssh is still unavailable. Is there a nicer way to check vm has indeed fully21:09
Rufus booted up?21:09
timyppleasebesimple you are prob better off running 180 feet of cable if you want this to work well21:09
Ben64or buy a gigabit switch and put it in the room with the two computers21:10
mustmodifyBen64: I have an idea.21:10
mustmodifyI compiled RBX on several servers. I'm going to just tar that directory and ship it on over to my dev machine and see if it works. Those servers are probably 14.whatever instead of 16 but...21:11
mustmodifyat worst I doubt it will destroy my machine. :P21:11
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timypRufus why not just time the vms startup and than which ever one takes the longest base your script off of that delay time?21:13
timypso if the the vms take 2 mins to boot just add something to your script that will wait before running ssh.21:15
Rufustimyp boot time is almost never the same. sometimes there's a fsck, some vms have other services that start before ssh, etc. Timing + margin will lead to at least 10 minutes wait time, when in fact most of the times under 1 minute is enough21:15
Rufusgiven that I run this script in serial, for about 20 hosts per day, that'd add too much21:15
timypwhats the longest time it takes for ssh to start?21:15
Rufusit happend to take 7-8 minutes21:16
Rufuson rare occasions21:16
Rufusbut 95% it's under 1 minute21:16
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timypCan you set ssh to be the first service to start?21:17
Rufusdue to governance stuff, short answer is no21:18
timypdoes telnet start any faster?21:19
Rufushonestly don't know21:20
Rufusbut you do have a point there21:20
timypor try an OpenSSH alternative21:20
RufusI could check a service that has higher run level21:20
Rufusthat would give enough time for ssh to start21:20
timypyea that could work21:20
Rufusit's still a bit weird though. nc reports port 22 open, but if you immediately try to ssh, sometimes it would fail21:21
Rufuswhich breaks my entire cycle :|21:21
Rufus(yes I know, some error handling should've been in place heh )21:22
timypyea I've seen this on centos systems, authentication options can cause a delay, disable the ones you don't need21:23
Rufusand actually, it just hit me. must be winbind that's holding back a successful ssh connect, even if service is listening21:23
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the8thbitIs there a way to import an openshot project into kdenlive?21:29
timypRufus you can also use the -v  switch to see what takes ssh so long21:32
timypthe8thbit I don't think so two different video editors, be like trying to take a windows movie maker project and import it into iphoto.21:33
Austin__1what encrypt/decrypt packages are included with ubuntu? I want the ability to encrypt/decrypt a string on any linux live usb stick21:47
Picigpg should already be installed21:48
timypyou can still score an older copy of truecrypt 7.1a21:48
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Austin__1ideally whatever i choose is native to ubuntu, and almost always will be21:48
akikAustin__1: openssl21:49
timypor https://veracrypt.codeplex.com/ is truecrypts success but I'd put more faith in old truecrypt than a new modified fork of it21:49
timyppppst I think veracrypt is maintained by the NSA21:49
Picitimyp: isn't that more for encrypting drives?21:49
romromAustin__1, for a simple file, I would use gpg with symmetric encryption21:49
timypwhen you say encrypt string what do you mean Austin_121:50
Austin__1its a 40-50char string, i just want to be able to encrypt/decrypt21:50
Austin__1but as its my bitcoin privkey, i want to memorise the process of encrypting/decrpting, so it needs to be bundled with ubuntu so i can just have a linux live usb stick ready to go whenever21:51
timypoh as in a string within a file nevermind nothing I mentioned above will help21:51
Austin__1i'll have a look at gpg and openssl21:52
Austin__1thanks all21:52
romromAustin__1, gpg uses aes-128 by default for symmetic encryption, which is a tad too weak. you may want to change the cipher21:53
Austin__1im reading the man now. can i go upto aes-256 easily? not seeing the option anywhere21:54
AegNuddelok, we have a computer with Ubuntu that won't connect to the Internet.  It TRIES, but it never works21:54
romromAustin__1, --cipher-algo21:55
vltHello. I registered a netflix account but when I try to watch a movie I get shown a list of system requirements. Any idea what I need to use netflix?21:55
AegNuddelWe were looking to see if there was away to copy wine to a disk so we could install it over there so we could get a wireless adapter21:56
wedgievlt: no experience with it myself but my understanding is that there are plugins for firefox and chrome21:56
romromAustin__1, --cipher-algo AES256 or --ciper-algo BLOWFISH should get you sorted21:56
Austin__1gotcha, google pipped you to it21:57
AegNuddelThe drivers seem to be for Windows21:57
Austin__1romrom: thanks :)21:57
romromAustin__1, you're welcome !21:57
AegNuddelbarring that, which adapters have Linux drivers available for download?21:58
Ben64AegNuddel: you can't install drivers with wine21:59
Ben64that's not how anything works21:59
CrellHi folks. I've installed openjdk-8-jdk from the main repository.  It seems to have installed fine. My IDE, however, keeps insisting that I have no jdk directory.  When I tell it to use the seemingly correct path (/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java), it keeps insisting it's not a valid JDK path.  From what I've googled that usually means that it's a JRE directory, not a JDK directory.  (Er?)  What am I missing here?22:00
CrellThere doesn't seem to be a "jdk" directory that I can tell.22:00
AegNuddelokay I thought not, but it said someone did on review.  Maybe that's why the review was low22:00
metaresolvecould someone help me figure out why my nginx path reset isn't working? i'm a new.22:02
metaresolvei'll go to the nginx forums if need be22:02
metaresolvebut it basically said to replace the default path with the path you want your website files to be, but it won't switch to reading from there, it just stays in the default folder.22:02
=== Guest95998 is now known as ariver
wedgiemetaresolve: probabbly better off in #nginx22:08
metaresolvety, didn't realize that was a room.22:09
wedgieonly guessing, but chances are good22:10
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AegNuddelndiswrapper silly me22:14
=== CHIPOTLEBUTT is now known as murphy
jocihiii everyone22:17
AegNuddelok then must take dis wrapper file to sister's computer22:18
xanguaAegNuddel: if you need to use ndiswrapper, that's desperate... What adapter?22:19
k1l_AegNuddel: modern wifi chips dont need ndiswraper.22:19
AegNuddelWhat do I need then?22:19
xanguaIs this bundle or a USB adapter?22:19
AegNuddelDon't have it yet22:20
k1l_ndiswrapper was used 10 years ago, when there were only windows drivers for wifi chips. today there should be proper drivers for most wifi chips.22:20
k1l_AegNuddel: run "lspci" or "lsusb"  and see what exact wifi chip it uses22:20
jocii have no idea why but my both browser become quite slow chrome and firefox , what mihght cause tha issue?22:21
xanguajoci: define slow22:21
xanguaBecome slow*22:21
AegNuddelnever mind22:22
joci*become slow when i type in an url after 3 or 4 sec loads tha page, 2 weeks before it was much fatser22:23
luca_ /msg NickServ identify Kalgon ErnestGulbis22:24
=== ollever is now known as dabuttuns
jocii assume there i much smarte solution than delet the history of the browser22:24
=== luca_ is now known as Calgon
disihow do i get systemd-udevd to stop flooding every terminal?22:26
pavlosCalgon, "/msg ..." should be sent to freenode. Better change your pw.22:30
xanguajoci: maybe it's an add-on, the only time Firefox become slow to me is when I have to open Facebook22:32
disiit wont even stop once i open nano, this is infuriating22:32
timypI was able to assist metaresolve in the nginx chat room22:33
jocixangua i set all of them to disable22:34
jocixangua: its improved a bit22:34
jocixangua : thanks22:35
TYRONESi told them i was a holocaust denier. i like to rub the truth in their faces.22:36
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Guest44870fist time connecting on this chat :P22:41
disiGuest44870: welcome22:41
metaresolveIf I'm using psql on a vps running ubuntu, what's the best way for me to get my .csv tables onto the server?22:44
metaresolveright now i'm just doing sftp or ssh whatever22:44
metaresolveusing filezilla22:44
zuiss1how should i decide between kubuntu, ubuntu+kde, or kde neon?22:55
izznoMy ubuntu nettwork service just went down and i had to reconfigure my bridges... Did anyone else experience anything ?22:56
k1l_zuiss1: kde in the ubuntu repos is managed by the kubuntu team. so ubuntu+kde is most probably the same when you do the full kubuntu-desktop install on that ubuntu base. kde neon is not affiliated with ubuntu in any way. but the guys in #kubuntu can give you more details on the kde on ubuntu thing.22:58
vltwedgie: Thank you!23:00
arashi256hi - i have a kernel compile question that is not ubuntu/distro specific. that okay?23:02
k1l_arashi256: better ask in #linux23:02
BendrHi, am i the only one seeing something weird on the download button in this page https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop ?23:02
arashi256okay ,thanks.23:02
nchambers##linux **23:02
k1l_Bendr: no, i see that too23:03
zuiss1k1l_: ok thanks23:03
nchambersrofl gg ubuntu23:04
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raynoldahh it's a wonderful day23:15
Bendris it?23:15
me2hello everyone23:17
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=== me2 is now known as dad
dadits an ok day23:19
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creisilocaHello there, I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and suffering a bug quite often. While typing, sometimes, a key won't be released, ever, so it will keep being written forever in whatever input or app you focus on. Suspending will fix the problem. I've read some bug reports commenting this issue but they are old. Is it a known issue nowadays? Any idea what could be the cause? Thanks in advance23:47
dedondestaanyone else seeing with undefined error https://www.ubuntu.com/download/server on the download button?23:50
dedondestaseeing this23:50
creisilocaYeah, me too23:50
mcphaildedondesta: yes - noticed this on the desktop button a few minutes ago23:50
dedondestamcphail: should we say someone?23:50
mcphaildedondesta: there's a bug report link at the bottom of the page, but I've never had a response to a bug report on an Ubuntu site23:51
k1l_there is already a bug opened: https://github.com/ubuntudesign/www.ubuntu.com/issues/123623:52
dedondestak1l_: great23:53

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