OvenWerksanyone who is interested in adding the right way to set ubuntu to performance to our docs, I just put it in #ubuntustudio.16:12
OvenWerksthis method works, does not get reset by upgrades, does not interfere with upgrades.16:13
OvenWerkstwo steps:16:13
OvenWerkssudo /usr/sbin/update-rc.d ondemand disable16:13
OvenWerkscreate a file  /etc/default/cpufrequtils with the line  GOVERNOR="performance" in it.16:14
OvenWerksusing what other tutorials tell you will:16:14
OvenWerksa) switch you to performance only to have the system switch you back 60 seconds later.16:15
OvenWerksb) vanish in the next software upgrade or give an error in the next upgrade.16:15

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