bluesabrehi knome 02:55
bluesabrehi ochosi 02:55
bluesabreochosi, probably not a great idea, but suppose I can get some package together so folks can take a look at least02:56
knomehai bluesabre 03:03
knomejust going to bed, but check your PM03:03
bluesabrenighty knome03:03
flocculantochosi: well - I'm glad you can see the bug to confirm it at least :)07:28
ochosibluesabre: g_idle_add looks surprisingly simple to handle, are there any pitfalls?07:42
flocculantmorning ochosi :)07:46
ochosimorning flocculant 07:53
flocculantI assume the xfce4-s-gtk3 above is so you can use gtkinspector ?07:55
ochosiflocculant: yup, or to see whether the problem even exists with the gtk3 version of the settings manager10:28
bluesabreochosi, only pitfall is if the callback function is slow. basically the main thread is handed to that function so you'll have locking at that point, which is nearly any point since ui changes are near instant and the thread is available again11:47
bluesabrebut if the function is even somewhat reasonably fast, it will still seem responsive11:48
flocculantochosi: yup that makes sense :)12:18
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knomepleia2, could we enable some kind of traffic stats for docs.xubuntu.org?22:49
pleia2could add webalizer or something22:50
knomewould be nice to know if people are actually reading them22:50
knomeand how they find them22:50
slickymasterwe could also launch some sort of public inquiry on our media 22:52
knomepleia2, do you remember/know if the IS has some kind of policy on traffic stats for stuff hosted by them?22:52
slickymasterasking how many users do use/read the shipped documentation22:52
knomeslickymaster, those are always so meh :(22:52
pleia2knome: I never got a straight answer, all my requests for stats on the Ubuntu wiki pretty much went unanswered22:52
pleia2afaict they were put in the "haha we'll never do that" queue22:52
slickymasteryeah, but the other will just give us data from the online docs22:53
knomeslickymaster, they only reach a small subset of the people - likely those who don't need the docs that much anyway22:53
slickymasterwhich might not represent the real universe of users22:53
knomeyeah, but it's a passive task for the users22:53
slickymasteryes, that's true22:53
knomepleia2, meh22:53
slickymasterbut we could try to come out with some sort of not so meh inquiry22:53
slickymasterand hello pleia2 22:54
pleia2knome's right, it won't reach the right people22:54
knomepleia2, actually i remember one reply where they mentioned privacy22:54
pleia2folks who follow their operating system on social media are a special crowd ;)22:54
knomepleia2, "we must make sure people can't be identified individually" or sth22:55
pleia2probably so22:55
knomeanyway, asked on #canonical-sysadmin 22:55

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