xubuntu39whello. i am a newb. trying to load xubuntu onto a brand new SSD I purchased01:19
xubuntu39wi have an adapter that plugs into my new SSD so that i can then plug it into another computers usb.  i then plan to download the xubuntu image and then transfer via usb to the new SSD, then install the SSD into new desktop and fire it up01:20
xubuntu39wi just don't know which xubuntu image to download and then transfer01:21
knomexubuntu39w, you'll need to create installation media, you can't install from an ISO on the SSD01:23
knome(well you can but that isn't likely what you WANT to do...)01:24
knomeyou can use either a DVD or a USB drive as an installation media01:24
knomeis the new desktop a 64-bit machine?01:25
xubuntu39wit's a 64 bit intel machine01:43
xubuntu39wi5-4460 64-bit01:43
xubuntu39wok, so i just burned it to the disc and had the disc verified01:43
xubuntu39wi was reading the instructions online and apparently i'll have to change my settings to boot from cd, then it will boot to windows, and then I'll have to boot again and verify in the bios that i did indeed want to boot from a new OS01:44
xubuntu39wso since i just burned the iso to disc, and i drilled into the disc and there is a file system there (not the pic of file.iso), can i just drag and drop everything from the CD to teh new SSD and then install the SSD to boot from?01:45
xanguaxubuntu39w: no02:11
xubuntu35wAnyone ever had authentication being required for suspension of the system? I've managed to get it so that it suspends while plugged into AC, but while on battery it will not, and in fact seems to think the system is supposed to hibernate (which is not even enabled on my computer)02:22
xanguaI did, but my suspension is broken in general (running Lubuntu in old laptop)02:34
xubuntu35wit seems no matter what ubuntu flavor i try they all have a quirk02:48
bazhangwith what06:21
bazhangplease ask the channel a question06:21
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ArranGood morning. After a long time with Kubuntu, I would try something different, but still stay in the Buntu world. I downloades the ISO for Xubuntu 16.10 and would like to install it via a USB stick.09:06
ArranUp to now, I always used burned the ISO on a DVD. Have you links how to do this or any other recepie for this?09:07
StayaSinicit's simple! you can use dd09:09
StayaSinic(if you have linux)09:09
StayaSinicdd if=/path to ISO   of=/path to USB09:10
StayaSinicoh, sorry09:10
StayaSinicno, it's right09:11
SpassArran: If you prefer GUI tools you can use Etcher (https://etcher.io - multi-platform) or gnome-disk-utility09:15
ArranThanks, Spass(vogel?), but that has short of 70 MBs to download. With my connection speed of 40 KiB/s this is not really feasible.09:44
SpassArran: You are on Windows or Linux?09:46
ArranI am in a totally free of Windows or Mac world. At present with Kubuntu 14.0409:49
ArranHovever, I am sorry but I once more confounded MB's with GB's. I am downloading now and the System monitor tells me there is still 16 Minutes to go.09:52
SpassArran: Hmm, I don't know if Kubuntu have built-in tool for burning ISOs, so probably dd from terminal/konsole will be fastest solution for you. gnome-disk-utility will probably want to download many dependencies, but you can try and see.09:52
ArranI come back in about 20 minutes.09:52
ArranKubuntu uses to burn ISO K3B.10:28
ArranI think I found the solution: UNetboot in. It's in the repos.10:28
ArranUNetbootin is installed and the USB is getting produced.11:13
ArranI have downloaded Xubuntu 16.10 and burned it on a DVD. When I start the DVD I wait until I can choose the Trial mode. Once done I click on the bottom left the icon «Install Xubuntu»16:57
ArranOnce done, I choose the language and, as I have a slow connection under 500 KiB/s, I deselect the possibility to download the upgrades at the same time.16:59
ArranI however accept the installation for the video and music files. Now, that done, the thing starts to install the OS, but after 2 hours, nothing has hapend. Only an eternal littel disk turning. No other sign of actual downloading visible.sign17:01
ArranIst his really all due to my slow connection?17:02
xanguaYou have try wit the updates while installing disabled, but be aware as your installing a normal release, you'll have to fully download a new release every 6 months Arran17:06
xanguaThat if you wanna keep a supported OS, normal releases only have 9 months support17:07
ArranThanks, Xangua. I am aware. At the moment I want to try theXfce desktop, nothing else. I use KDE but they have become totally consumer unfriendly and doctor since more that two years to eliminate some basic bugs.17:21
flocculantArran: below the main installer part with the slideshow - there is an arrow - click that and you'll see a terminal output - what does that say? http://i.imgur.com/myi2iQs.png17:36
redmountain__problem is with autostart at boot of an app, it has the top bar and at the bottom it is cut off...If I start the app normally, no top bar and full size window like I need it18:27
redmountain__sorry, Ubuntu Studio 16.04.118:27
redmountain__this didn't happen in Ubuntu Studio 12...18:28
knomeredmountain__, press alt+f2 and try running "xfwm4 --replace" (without the quotes)18:29
redmountain__should I be online ?18:31
knomeirrelavant if you are or not18:32
knomeirrelevant too :)18:32
knomethe command will simply try to run the window manager again, which should normalize things18:32
redmountain__I messed it up ( Mac keyboard, will try again )18:33
knomeif i'm interpreting your problem correctly, that is18:33
redmountain__I try to be detailed...18:33
redmountain__I have an app autostarted at boot and the window toolbar is taking the top space from the app, shifted downwards and at the lower / bottom the app is cut off18:34
redmountain__that didn't happen with UbuntuStudio 1218:35
redmountain__whoa, received an error while trying to restart-session manager must be in idle state req shutdown18:38
redmountain__key shortcut to reboot ?18:39
redmountain__had to reboot hardware ( Mac mini 2,1, with OSX and rEFInd bootmanager > Linux )18:41
redmountain__knome, a different theme helps, > greybird-compact; is there a theme with even a smaller top toolbar ?18:48
knomenot in the default selection at least, but there might be some themes online that do that18:49
bel_kihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23747742/ sambody, start tonar and this bash script from one dir = tonar is DoS?18:49
knomethought you can't get too much smaller from that point...18:49
knomebel_ki, tonar? do you mean thunar?18:50
bel_ki<knome> yes18:50
knomebel_ki, what is that script even meant to do?18:50
bel_kiwrite 4 files18:50
bel_kiin s dir18:50
bel_ki1 dir*18:51
knomeand how is that script related to thunar?18:51
bel_kii dont know tonare is DoS in my system18:52
knomeDoS? denial of service?18:52
bel_ki<knome> mybe froozen i dont know18:53
knomeok, so how do you know it is?18:53
knomedoesn't it take any input?18:53
knomeor isn't it just updating the file listing for the files immediately?18:54
redmountain__thanks <knome>18:55
knomeredmountain__, and maybe the usual F11 -shortcut for "fullscreen" works18:55
knomeif that's what you want18:55
bel_kiit is 4 files for create, what file listing?18:55
knomebel_ki, the thunar file listing?18:55
knomebel_ki, you aren't being very clear about the problem you are facing18:56
knomebel_ki, you say you run the script and then thunar might freeze -- and then what? how do you think thunar might be freezing?18:56
redmountain__If I close the app and relaunch, no more toolbar, like I would like to see it...18:56
redmountain__f11 does nothing18:57
knomeredmountain__, aha, so the problem is that it doesn't go into that mode when launched by autostart?18:57
knomeredmountain__, which app is it?18:57
redmountain__searching the link...18:57
bel_ki<knome> i m russian i dont andestend you18:57
bel_kii littel know ENG18:58
knomebel_ki, i'll make ubottu paste you a link to a russian channel, maybe you can get better help there18:58
knome!ru | bel_ki18:58
ubottubel_ki: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:58
bel_ki<knome> OK18:58
redmountain__X32-Edit https://downloads.music-group.com/software/behringer/X32/X32-EDIT_LINUX_V.2.5.tar.gz18:58
redmountain__it's based on 'Juce'18:59
redmountain__now they have a newer version of the app but it's not for production...18:59
knomeredmountain__, if you run the command to launch the app on command line with " --help" at the end, does it produce any information about a possible parameter you could use to get to whatever mode you wanted?19:00
knomeanyway, got to go for a while - be back a bit later19:00
redmountain__me too backups...19:02
redmountain__anyone heard of X32-Edit https://downloads.music-group.com/software/behringer/X32/X32-EDIT_LINUX_V.2.5.tar.gz19:14
flocculantredmountain__: have you tried asking this in #ubuntustudio ?19:15
redmountain__no, I will, thanks19:16
bel_ki<knome>tanks, him freez on 10-20sec = file listing update in tonar19:23
jaltHi, is there a release candidate .iso for Xubuntu 16.04.02 that is scheduled for general availability in a few weeks? Will there even be an updated .iso for Xubuntu? I could only find stuff for 17.04 in the dev area...19:27
knomejalt, if you are on 16.04, you will get to the so-called .2 by updating all of your packages19:28
flocculantjalt: and also there'll be nothing 16.04.2 ish till the week it releases19:28
knomejalt, and there aren't any xubuntu-specific changes, but there will likely be a .2 ISO as it contains changes in the ubuntu core19:29
jaltnah, i want a clean install, and i have a little deployment script that i am updating, so i figured that i could try it with .2 if available19:29
knomewill be, but not yet19:29
jaltonly big deal with .2 is mandatory hwe, which i think will be fine, but would like to test19:29
jaltthanks guys :)19:30
flocculantjalt: there are dailies of 16.04.1 which should be current iirc19:30
flocculantthat is up to date - not .2 ;)19:31
jaltwhile i am here, anything xubuntu specific in the pipeline for 17.04 that is big/important/have-you-fixed-the-thunar-rename-bug-yet sort of thing?19:31
flocculantthe bug isn't fixed - no-one has come up with anything for that afaik19:32
jalti tried one of the suggested patches and it seemed to work fine, but i forgot i had it and some time later i overwrote it with the default during an update...19:33
knomethere are definitely patches that make it less worse, but none of those are perfect19:34
jaltany chance of those less worse patches being accepted into .2?19:34
flocculantit has some patches - no idea which ones - nor whether the one you're talking about was one of them19:35
flocculantbecause some of the patches worked for some but not all - I could regularly make a 'working' patch fail here19:36
jalti should check that thread sometime, i think someone eventually made a ppa, which was better than building from src and having to dupe apt to not update it19:37
* flocculant could go off on one about people testing things before release not the day after ...19:39
jaltwell, the price is right, so there's only so much i can complain about.19:44
jaltare the daily isos official? as in, signed and supported by xubuntu's infrastrucutre?19:49
flocculantthey're testing iso's19:50
jaltthat's alright, just wondering.19:50
redmountain__knome u here re: launching the app in terminal ?19:55
flocculantredmountain__: were there any pointers from there?19:56
redmountain__I was talking to <knome> earlier...19:57
flocculantyes I know19:57
redmountain__I have that app on the desktop and launch it by doubleclick, or drag into terminal and enter19:57
flocculantredmountain__: have you tried starting it from the terminal?19:58
redmountain__but don't know what <knome> meant with '--help' in terminal launch19:58
redmountain__yes I launch the app in terminal by draging the app into terminal from the desktop and it just opens full size without toolbar19:59
redmountain__The toolbar of the Linux theme is only visible upon autostart at boottime20:00
flocculantredmountain__: oic - well, you would need to start it by manually typing the command the desktop launcher uses then add --help to the end20:00
flocculantunless someone specifically uses this app then we would just be giving you generic 'try' this responses20:01
redmountain__sorry, don't know that command the desktop launcher uses20:01
jaltyou can inspect it with the menu-editor thingy20:02
jaltlet me see if i can find the tool's name20:02
flocculantright click on it, properties - check the Launcher tab20:02
jaltwell, it is Menu Editor20:02
redmountain__right click on it, properties there is no launcher tab...20:05
jaltredmountain__: click the mouse icon, click the bottom All Settings icon left of the lock icon,  then click Menu Editor. you should now see all your apps, folders, etc.. find the app you want and click it. In Command you should see all parameters it used.20:10
jaltmouse icon = main/start menu20:10
flocculantredmountain__: also, you might be able to use devilspie and/or gdevilspie to set that app up to how you want it, then autostart devilspie AND this app thing20:30
flocculantI used to use it to start apps on specific workspaces in specific positions20:30
flocculantredmountain_: it opens with a toolbar for me here - and it appears to be a binary so not sure there would be any options to do anything but start it20:36
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doc|work_hey, I have a screen connected via hdmi which is going black while xrandr says it's connected, xubuntu's display GUI says it's not. Anyone know what might be going on?22:15
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