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ubabuHi all, Is juju charms only for containers (means while deploying charm it is creating a container for that charm)04:07
ubabucan we deploy our charm directly on a VM or Server?04:07
blahdeblahubabu: You can definitely deploy charms in VMs & bare metal servers04:12
blahdeblahubabu: (and containers)04:13
ubabublahdeblah: colud you please provide some refernce links about deploying charms on VMS & bare metal servers04:15
blahdeblahubabu: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/clouds-maas <-- bare metal04:16
blahdeblahhttps://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/help-openstack or https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/clouds-manual for VMs04:16
blahdeblahubabu: Also https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/getting-started is pretty good04:17
ubabuHi all, how juju is getting OS images for containers?06:19
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BlackDexubabu: That is taken care of by lxd/lxc :)08:07
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lazyPowermornin juju o/15:25
Spauldinghm, how i can achieve that kind of scenario that only leader will fill the DB with init file? is there any decorator that I can use?15:28
Spauldingor any condition?15:29
Spauldingor @only_once will do the job?15:29
lazyPowerSpaulding if you're using layer-leadership theres an @when('is-leader') state15:31
lazyPowermind you i have zero context to what you're attempting to do, i only see the last 3 messages15:32
SpauldinglazyPower: it's still a good tip!15:39
Spauldingi'll definitely check that15:40
Spauldingwow, it looks like what i needed!15:40
Spauldingthx lazyPower15:41
lazyPowernp Spaulding happy to help15:41
cory_futvansteenburgh: Would you mind rebasing your local charm branch to get the get_cloud?  I need that to test it in our workflow16:12
tvansteenburghcory_fu: yeah one sec16:25
tvansteenburghcory_fu: done16:27
cory_futvansteenburgh: Thanks!16:27
tvansteenburghcory_fu: i have one more small change to make and then i'll put up a PR for that branch16:29
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jcastrolazyPower: I'm fixing the readme that bmullan pointed out on the list, you'll have a PR soon.16:38
jcastrofor the kube-core bundle16:38
lazyPowerjcastro thanks!16:38
lazyPowerjcastro there was a few i landed in the last day i put on cdk, that i managed to not put in kube-core16:38
lazyPowercan i link you at those and collab push those in the same swoop?16:38
jcastrolazyPower: after we land in the upstream docs16:41
jcastroI want to trim these pages down considerably16:41
jcastroI don't want to have to update 3 READMEs16:42
lazyPowerjcastro https://github.com/juju-solutions/bundle-canonical-kubernetes/pull/170/files -- did you see this one sneak by on CDK?16:43
jcastrothat seems fine to me16:44
stokachujcastro, small comment on that PR16:50
jcastroon it16:52
stokachujcastro, \o/16:54
jcastrohmm, I wanted to tell him about updated CDK on the thread as well16:54
jcastrostokachu: next week I'm going to do a new video for conjure-up/LXD16:56
jcastroto replace the one we have now16:56
stokachujcastro, pimp16:56
jcastrostokachu: think we can nail that ipv6/juju issue by then?16:56
stokachujcastro, yea so I updated conjure-up code already to add that Note in there about ipv616:57
stokachuits already in the ppa16:57
jcastrooh awesome16:57
stokachuand i also handle if the user is not in the LXD group16:57
stokachui wanted to try and see about getting deis working with a conjure-up deployment, having some issues though16:58
jcastroI have a plan for approaching deis16:58
jcastronow that we spent a bunch of time with that deis guy yesterday at the sig ops meeting16:58
stokachunice, yea if you are able to manually get it working I can wrap that all up in the spell16:59
jcastroI more want them to help for real, like a proper charm with integration16:59
jcastrobut I want to go with them with "this is a little hack we did, but we could be so awesome"16:59
stokachuyea that would be nice16:59
stokachuyep agreed17:00
stokachuwould be cool if on their website they just did 'conjure-up deis'17:00
jcastrotoo small17:01
jcastro"Using Canonical Kubernetes? You have it."17:02
jcastroclick here to pay us.17:02
stokachuah i see what you did there17:02
lazyPowerthats slick17:04
lazyPoweri like it :)17:04
jcastrocome on google, my stuff is passing, merge me17:05
jcastroso _close_, then we won't have to have the docs spread out everywhere17:05
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petevgcory_fu: whenever you get a chance: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/6718:47
cory_fupetevg: Looks good at first glance, but should we move the full_stack test to follow that pattern?  Or do we want to keep it where it is for code coverage?18:49
petevgcory_fu: leave it where it is for code coverage, I think.18:50
cory_fupetevg: In exchange: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/6818:54
petevgcory_fu: looks good. merged.18:57
cory_fupetevg: Cool.  The functional test stuff looks good, too.  I'm running them now.  About how long do they take?18:59
petevgcory_fu: they should take about as long as the full stack test -- the gating tests all skip actually deploying things.19:00
petevgcory_fu: it is spitting the matrix log to stdout, but I don't know how to make py.test/tox verbose enough to output it. You can tail /tmp/<hash>/matrix.log if you get impatient :-)19:04
cory_fupetevg: It finished.  Merged.  Thanks19:15
petevgcory_fu: awesome. Thx :-)19:16
kwmonroecory_fu, i just noticed that nothing checks if cwr was successful -- it always pushes if push-to-channel was specified: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-cwr/blob/master/templates/BuildMyCharm/config.xml#L10420:38
kwmonroeshouldn't we only push on a successful cwr run?20:39
cory_fukwmonroe: Correct20:39
cory_fukwmonroe: Though, I think the job is set up to fail fast (set -e) so it shouldn't actually get to that part of the code if cwr sets its return value properly20:40
kwmonroecory_fu: it seems cwr doesn't think bundletester failures are fatal:  (line 82): http://paste.ubuntu.com/23754237/20:44
cory_fukwmonroe: Yeah, that's why there's a high priority card on the board for that20:44
magicaltroutsod matrix, don't test for failure, just assume it all works \o/20:46
cory_fu"With one simple change, we have made it to 100% passing tests"20:46
magicaltrouti assume you two are coming to gent?20:46
magicaltroutbdx: you coming to gent this year to get off your face?20:49
magicaltroutsorry i mean, talk about monitoring20:49
kwmonroemagicaltrout: i think it's just petevg and kjackal from the big team going.  it'll be too cold for cory_fu and myself.20:49
magicaltroutfair enough20:49
magicaltroutpetevg's easier to wind up than cory_fu so thats acceptable20:49
magicaltroutfscking kjackal and he's endless talking about cars... might have to bring earplugs20:50
magicaltroutwell cory_fu you have no excuse to not do apachecon this year20:51
magicaltroutwell... unless mark doesn't want to pay your expenses which will be basically nothing20:51
kwmonroeit's in miami in may, right magicaltrout?20:52
magicaltrout18th i think20:52
kwmonroei'm there.  just have the pesky task of getting a talk accepted.20:52
magicaltroutaye, i need to submit some shit20:53
kwmonroe... i suppose i should check the cfp closing20:53
magicaltroutsee if they go for it20:53
magicaltroutfeb the something for the CFP20:53
magicaltroutyou've got a few weeks20:53
kwmonroephew - feb 11 deadline.20:53
cory_fuUgh.  But Miami20:53
kwmonroewill smith says it's a nice place20:53
cory_fuI lived there for a year, and that was one year too many20:53
magicaltroutyeah never been.  I believe most people in seville shrugged and sighed20:53
cory_fuIt's probably great for visiting20:54
magicaltroutwell we only ever see a hotel and 1 block each side20:54
cory_fuAs long as you want to spend a whole lot of money20:54
magicaltrouti think i'm safe20:54
magicaltrouti've been told JPL are planning a whole science track, dunno how likely that is to happen, but hopefully i'll get some apache - science - juju stuff accepted with this sparkler charm and some other bits20:55
magicaltrout"Tracking down the crims on the dark web with Juju"20:58
magicaltroutand get kwmonroe to say that in his british accent20:58
magicaltroutit'll go down a treat20:58
kwmonroe2 right!21:03
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spaok_if I have an issue with OpenStack deployed via juju and cloud-init/neurton, what team is my best bet to talk to?22:04
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kwmonroespaok: your best bet is probably to ask in #openstack-charms22:07
spaokthanks kwmonroe I'll try there22:08
magicaltroutthats right kwmonroe you just pass the buck!22:09
spaokheh, well kwmonroe is in that channel also :)22:14
magicaltrouti wouldn't bother asking him... he'll tell you to use Hadoop22:14
spaokbtw, anyone know what jujud's tipping point is for the number of nodes reporting in to it?22:15
spaokwe seem to have killed ours22:15
magicaltroutnope, but i believe you can change the default controller size if its really load that kills it22:15
spaokmagicaltrout: we have an open issue with canonical about it, but was just curious22:21
spaokwe've bumped the resources for the VM to like 64 cores and 128GB mem and juju can still take 10 min to respond to a status22:23
kwmonroemagicaltrout: :)  i clearly didn't /part #openstack-charms fast enough22:23
kwmonroespaok: what juju version?22:23
kwmonroeand how long has the controller been up?22:23
spaok13 days22:24
spaokwe usually endup rebooting it, waiting 5min or so for it to settle and it responds for a bit22:24
spaok51092 root      20   0 40.449g 2.695g  48732 S 252.5  2.1  37318:27 jujud22:25
spaokconsidering how many cores there are, 252% isn't too bad22:25
spaokbut on reboots it will max all the cores22:25
kwmonroespaok: i had trouble with an azure controller that would become unusable after a couple weeks (https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1636634).  i upgraded to 2.1-beta and it's been smooth sailing for the last 3 weeks (fingers still crossed).22:25
mupBug #1636634: azure controller becomes unusable after a few days <juju:Fix Released by alexis-bruemmer> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1636634>22:25
spaokjujud is very core hungry22:25
kwmonroeso 2.1-beta3 works for me, but i think 2.0.x had some mem improvements (according to comment 5 in the above bug).  maybe worth an upgrade to 2.0.2 if you can.22:26
spaokya, I have 2.0.2 in my other environment22:27
spaokthe one with the neutron issues22:27
kwmonroedoes that one fair (fare?) any better?  also, which word is correct in <-- that context?22:27
spaokwell different scale22:27
spaokonly has a 50 or so servers, the one with the issue recently had 500 servers added to two different models22:28
magicaltroutkwmonroe: Yogi bear 'as many different meanings as an adjective, adverb, and a noan. it most commonly means just and unbiased, pleasin', crystal, and Billie Jean, or a public exhibition event. Grey Mare can be used verb and a noan. as a verb, it means ter Scapa Fla, get along, or succeed.22:29
magicaltroutFair has many different meanings as an adjective, adverb, and a noun. It most commonly means just and unbiased, pleasing, clear, and clean, or a public exhibition event. Fare can be used verb and a noun. As a verb, it means to go, get along, or succeed. if you don't understand22:30
spaokwhere did the yogi bear come from?22:31
magicaltroutFair == Yogi bear22:31
kwmonroeexcellent.  i fare well now.22:31
magicaltroutin cockney22:31
spaokI'm like wtf22:31
magicaltroutme too and i'm only 100 miles from london22:32
magicaltroutbut when i get bored I like to annoy kwmonroe22:32
spaokI'm in California, so yogi bear is a cartoon to me22:32
kwmonroeyou are bored a lot22:32
magicaltrouthttp://www.whoohoo.co.uk/main.asp mostly by translating stuff on this website22:32
magicaltroutkwmonroe: i work in IT... its acceptable22:32
kwmonroei think you mean exceptable22:32
magicaltroutplus i work from like 9am to 12+ most days, so my down time is normally annoying you22:33
magicaltroutor petevg if i'm feeling nice22:33
petevgI'm touched that you care.22:33
magicaltroutsooo petevg you're coming to gent?22:34
petevgayup. Got the flight booked and everything.22:34
magicaltroutblimey, ive not even looked at the train yet22:34
* kwmonroe jots down 'blimey' for my accent antics22:35
petevgI'm bringing the family along, so I had to do more logistics.22:35
magicaltroutjesus petevg what did i tell you about bringing family along to drinking events....?22:35
magicaltroutsorry i mean work22:35
magicaltroutanyway, same applies22:35
magicaltroutis it punishment for not buying the cigs in the duty free?22:35
petevgThey know that I may be scarce for a couple of days.22:36
petevgSomething like that. :-p22:36
magicaltroutor so the others can buy kinder egss.... legally!22:36
petevgExactly. :-)22:36
magicaltroutmake sure you know theh heimlich maneuver22:37
petevgI think that the kidlet will manage not to eat the toy ...22:37
petevgWe'll brush up just in case.22:38
magicaltrout*face palm* famous last words22:38
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kwmonroecory_fu: it just dawned on me that we're having bash shell out to cat a function that is then executed by python3... in the middle of a bash command hidden in a jenkins job xml.  this is like, awesome.  https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-cwr/blob/master/templates/BuildMyCharm/config.xml#L9622:45
cory_fukwmonroe: Awesomely terrible, yeah.22:45
kwmonroewhatever.  the only good python3 is the python3 nested in bash.  amirite magicaltrout?!?22:46
cory_fukwmonroe: That would also be good to break out into a script.  Those jobs really need to be broken up so that the XML just contains the info specific to the job and then calls out to the common code22:46
magicaltroutthat is the best python322:46
magicaltroutsimply the best..... better than all the rest.... better than....22:46
magicaltroutdart \o/22:47
magicaltrouteverything should be written in dart22:47
cory_fukwmonroe: Quick PR for you: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-cwr/pull/2923:04
kwmonroegotta wait on travis23:05
cory_fukwmonroe: Travis doesn't run on the charm23:05
kwmonroethen we're gonna be waiting a while23:05
kwmonroehey!  that's nice.  that would have caught a jclient.create_job that bit me earlier.  merged23:07

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