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jimtendo-X540SHi guys, my laptops been running a bit slow and I'm trying to debug why that might be. In Kinfocenter, I've noticed that under the power-consumption menu, the application that seems to be consuming the most power (significantly) is "irq/190-ELAN100". I'm pretty sure this is for my touchpad. Should it be consuming this much power or is this indicative of a driver problem probably?05:30
sintrei'm hardwared on this notebook05:34
sintreolder alppy but that power managerment issue changes  almost every second05:34
sintreso wouldn't look at it as a absolute05:34
sintreas for slow ness have you updated yet05:34
sintreolso what is your hardware05:35
sintresorry for bad spelling05:35
sintrei promise i'm not 505:35
sintrehaalso what version of kubuntu are you using atm05:36
jimtendo-X540SI'm currently running Kubuntu 16.04, everything has been updated and I'm running a 4.8.0-32 Kernel (had some problems with the 4.4 ones - intermittent crashes).05:37
sintreupdated thru back ports or just normal updates system amanger alerts you to?05:38
jimtendo-X540SThe Laptop itself is an Asus X540S (Quad-Core Pentium N3700's) with Intel Graphics (using i915 driver).05:38
jimtendo-X540SNormal updates - except for the Kernel... I originally was downloading these from Ubuntu's Mainline page.05:38
sintreok good idea to install some back ports05:38
sintrenew kde landed last night05:39
jimtendo-X540Shaha, one minute... I'll go look up what they are ;)05:39
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports05:39
sintrethen type sudo apt update afterwards05:40
sintrethen after that sudo apt full upgrade05:40
sintrei mean sudo apt full-upgrade05:40
sintreafter your fully updated then we can troubleshoot a bit more05:41
jimtendo-X540SWow... been using Kubuntu for probably almost three years and never new about backports!05:42
jimtendo-X540SThanks will give it a go now and be back in a few05:42
sintrebtw go get a beer once you install05:42
sintreit might take awhile if you haven;;'t upgraded ibn awhile05:42
jimtendo-X540Shaha, already on it ;) Let you know how it goes05:44
sintreif on notebook i would plug in ac if possible onless on full charge , just incase05:45
sintreas for ower management and estimation , all systems window or any distro is so over the place its not even worth the time to figure out imo05:47
sintrelog windows ten say is have 5 hours , then open a youtube video then its 4 hours05:47
sintreso on same with any power usage breakdown05:47
sintrei don't think a touch pad is draining your battery05:47
sintreonly for like a decade accurate useage aand timer is a stop watch and use it as you want to05:48
sintreno matter what ditro05:48
sintreor os05:48
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:22
sintretesting bot?06:23
valoriesintre: just needed those links06:37
valorieI probably should have messaged the bot, but this time of day the chan is usually quiet06:37
sintrewell had a guy in ealier , thought he'd come back but guess not06:38
valorieI miss the excellent bot while trying to hand out info in non-*buntu chans06:38
sintrehe never upgraded thru backports and complained about slowness06:38
sintreso after 3 years of using lts06:38
sintregave him the idea06:38
valorieyes, I read up06:38
valoriegood help to him06:38
sintrelike alot of people it good sign they go away as they don't need anymore help :)06:39
sintreohh yea fixed my mouse, user error of sorts06:39
valorieI don't think they consider the people answering the questions as actual people06:39
sintrewell not when you respond to them as servants06:39
sintrebut it is a pain like that guy who had a 2almost 24 hour trouble shooting session , would of been nice to know is ram set up06:40
valorieit took me years of using linux before I had time to think about pitching in06:40
sintreas to why all installers kept crashing for future reference06:40
sintrei'm geting better at asking questions that you wouldn't think to ask06:41
sintrebefore after troubleshooting myself06:41
valorieI find IRC help awesome06:41
valoriepeople here have helped me a lot06:42
valorieand I try to pay it forward when I can06:42
sintrei try to , go dthing is alot of other people will jump in that know way more than me06:42
sintredarrin taught me alot06:42
valoriehe knows his stuff, yeah06:43
sintrealthough how to ge thru to kde people , to fix tthe silly unify problem , now that no console command can do :)06:43
sintrethough the resort to useless screen bug seems to be fixed in last update06:44
valorieuseless screen bug?06:44
sintreohh , well duel minotrs have to modes primary  , which is wierd because thats the display open windows go to06:45
sintreand secondary06:45
sintreoddly the secondary screen desktop is where you actualy have task bar icon ect06:45
sintrewhen in duel mode06:45
valorieI use only laptops, and don't have any secondary screens06:45
valoriealthough a few years ago, kscreen thought I did!06:46
sintreproblem was when you stoped duel mode either you normal screen was primary or secondary06:46
sintreit turned into the display screen06:46
valorieand sometimes everything opened on that "other" screen06:46
valoriethat was not good06:46
sintreonly wora around i found was to rehook up monitor06:46
sintrethen disable it while in duel mode06:46
sintreso no i can shut down pc and it returns toa useable screen06:47
sintrefor now fingers crossed06:47
sintreyes , sound seems to run without manual config for now06:47
sintrei think for now is my best bet , as sometimes one thing can get fixed and break another06:48
sintreso two bugs down i'm happy06:48
valoriefor sure06:48
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jimtendo-X540Ssintre: Thank you for your help... after using the backports repo and doing a full upgrade, things feel a lot more "responsive" (for lack of a better term). It also seems to have fixed the flickering issues I was encountering using the Brave Browser and Chromium (thinking something to do with rendering must've been updated?)07:59
jimtendo-X540SAre the packages from Backports the same as Kubuntu 16.10?08:00
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valoriejimtendo-X540S: the same packages, updated -- except in a few cases (possibly) if there are updated dependencies which are new08:13
sintrewell seems i missed  some thing with my shower beforre bed , did jim get thru thr upgrade?08:17
valorie"ter using the backports repo and doing a full upgrade, things feel a lot more "responsive" (for lack of a better term). It also seems to have fixed the flickering issues I was encountering using the Brave Browser and Chromium (thinking something to do with rendering must've been updated?)"08:18
valorieso yes08:18
valorieerr, first word should have been after08:18
sintreglad to hear08:19
sintreat time he came in didn't mention any flickering issues08:19
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renn0xtk9kubuntu 14.04 plasma crashes (see the libreoffice apps but no desktop anymore). I reboot and can't log into the session anymore: after entering the password I see a blackscreen for one two seconds and it throws me back to the password screen10:46
renn0xtk9any help welcome10:46
renn0xtk9got it!! turns out it was the .Xautority stuff....10:53
danijelanybody know how print cd with canon ip4600 at last kubuntu OS11:53
danijel16.10 x6411:54
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mozammelLINUX users: DO NOT BUY CANON PRODUCT they are purely sucked for linux support.12:09
koffeinfriedhofthank you for sharing your detailed knowledge.12:09
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BluesKajHi all14:05
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aruncehi, is this normal? can't update: E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu yakkety Release' does not have a Release file.17:12
BluesKajarunce, that ppa may have been removed17:25
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BluesKajarunce, you can remove it from /etc/apt sources.list.d  using, kdesudo dolphin /etc/apt sources.list.d , in krunner/run command17:30
BluesKajarunce, correction  /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:30
arunceBluesKaj: but it's the ppa you get from http://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-8-5-bugfix-release-in-xenial-and-yakkety-backports-now/17:49
arunceBluesKaj: on a second look, that's it. I was adding just ppa:kubuntu-ppa instead of ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports17:52
arunceBluesKaj: thank you17:55
BluesKajarunce, I used the staging-plasma and frameworks ppas, but the backports ppa didn't fix my bugs, they look like they were just moved up to the backports from staging17:55
arunceohh.. too late17:56
BluesKajand thee were no packages to upgrade17:56
aruncejust upgrade to 5.8.517:57
BluesKajyes, but with bugs17:57
aruncereboot, brb17:57
BluesKaji'm getting Kwin crashes17:57
aruncedo you use nvidia?17:58
aruncelet me see17:58
aruncejust crashed18:07
arunceit was quick18:07
arunceBluesKaj: and system tray icons have a fixed size now, the date's font of the digital clock is huge.18:12
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BluesKajarunce, check your system settngs>app style>widget style and icons18:17
arunceBluesKaj: nothing new.. or did I miss something? (didn't crash)18:20
BluesKajarunce, i meant try to change those settings temporarily to see if they will fix themselves when you go back to your preferred18:25
arunceBluesKaj: the icons size was dynamic at the system tray18:29
efloidanyone know why camera transfer is really, really slow?19:34
psychoholichello does kubuntu work just like ubuntu as far as install go. I see CL install instructions for ubuntu every where can i use them for kubuntu also20:45
valoriepsychoholic: yes, Kubuntu is Ubuntu21:04
valoriewe use different DE and applications, and underneath, different libraries21:05
psychoholicso most of the time you add a source then install from source your saying i would have to make sure i use right source for kubuntu?21:29
psychoholicill figure it out i guess lol time to install!!! been a little while since i used kubuntu21:30
mhall119ahoneybun: yo, you're not near the Ft. Lauderdale airport are you?21:57
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efloidok how to disable the alt-left click window move feature?22:10
efloidit interferes with applications!22:11
efloidoh i found it22:11
efloidWindow Behavior -> Window Actions  change from Alt to Meta22:12
ahoneybunmhall119: I'm not22:13
mhall119ahoneybun: :)22:14
ahoneybunthanks mhall11922:14
mhall119this is the downside of being in a global community, whenever something bad happens anywhere in the world, you probably know somebody near it22:15
ahoneybunI'm down in Hollywood so I'm safe22:16
ahoneybunmhall119: did popey say anything about our Sprint idea?22:22
* ahoneybun moves over to -devel22:23
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