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dufluHmm some things that used to have noticeable delays are now very fast in zesty (live installer comes to mind). Does kernel 4.9 improve IO scheduling or something like that?01:58
dufluWhatever it is... something that used to block a lot in the live session doesn't any more02:01
RAOFduflu: IIRC they've merged the IO backpressure fixes?03:37
RAOFduflu: Also: is canonical IRC down?03:37
dufluRAOF: It went down very briefly but is not down03:37
dufluYou're the only one who dropped out permanently03:38
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* RAOF assumes that his IRC bouncer will, at some point, work out where irc.canonical.com is again.05:00
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happyaronanyone knows when did opencc get demoted to universe?06:11
happyaronlaunchpad shows it's in universe since xenial, but if so ibus/fcitx won't build... (and now they don't build suddenly, even there are binaries built last month06:12
happyaronhey seb128 didrocks08:14
didrockshey happyaron08:17
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happyaronseb128: hey, could you have a look at this update? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fcitx/1:
seb128it fails to build08:45
happyaronprevious SRU was fine, but it show libopencc-dev can't be installed this time08:45
happyaronbuilt successfully in this one: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fcitx/1:
seb128let me have a look08:47
seb128happyaron, your opencc SRU is buggy, unsure how it got validated :/08:51
seb128+Breaks: libopencc-dev (<< 1.0.4-3)08:51
seb128that leads to08:51
seb128 libopencc2-data : Breaks: libopencc-dev (< 1.0.4-3) but 1.0.4-1ubuntu0.16.10.1 is to be installed08:51
seb128-> libopencc-dev can't be installed08:51
seb128happyaron, you need to fix opencc B/R to be 1.0.4-1ubuntu0.16.10.1 and not -308:52
happyarongot it...08:52
willcookegoooooooooooooood morning all.  Happy new year!09:02
didrocksgood morning willcooke, happy new year! Hey Laney09:04
seb128hey willcooke Laney09:04
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willcookeoh, I think I'm supposed to be on holiday still09:04
willcookemight as well get a head start on Monday09:04
seb128willcooke, happy new year! weren't you supposed to be off for the week?09:05
Laneyhey didrocks hey seb128 hey willcooke09:05
Laneyhappy friday09:05
willcookeseb128, lol09:05
seb128good, I was concerned it was monday and that I missed the w.e somehow09:05
willcookeThat would be a worrying thing09:05
willcookeurgh, 90 unread emails in my main bpx09:05
seb128had good holidays?09:06
seb128that's a comfortable stack to keep you busy today :-)09:06
willcookeI was nice to be off for so long!09:06
willcookeWe all got sick about a week ago, so I'm not really feeling very refreshed right now09:06
willcookemaybe a couple more days off :)09:07
willcookeseb128, I got an upgrade notification today :)09:33
seb128but not update-manager auto-opening right?09:33
willcookesorry, it *did* open09:36
willcookeit opened the list of all the goodies I needed to install09:37
happyaronhey Laney willcooke09:39
willcookehey happyaron!09:39
seb128willcooke, nice :-)09:39
Laneyhey happyaron, how are you?09:48
Laneydid you have any time off?09:48
happyaronunfortunately nope, plan to do that soon, :)09:48
Laneynew year soon!09:50
willcookeNot long 'til Spring Festival right?09:50
* willcooke plans to go in to London and see the festivities 09:50
happyaronmeh, Spring festival is 28th Jan this year09:51
Laneythat's the day after my birthday09:51
Laneyyou can also celebrate that09:51
willcookeI can see it now... Laneytown in London all decorated with vegetables with candles in09:52
willcookepeople open their allotments to the public and show people round09:52
willcookethat kinda thing09:53
Laneyin the month of the bare soil09:53
Laneythat probably says something09:53
willcookewe could be on to someting09:53
seb128other option is to make it the day where people freely climb walls and towers in London09:54
* Laney is going away to avoid having to host a party09:55
* happyaron is welcoming his mom to his home next week10:02
* happyaron for the festival10:02
seb128happyaron, nice!10:12
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flexiondotorgMorning seb128 Laney willcooke happyaron10:48
seb128flexiondotorg, hey, how are you?10:48
* flexiondotorg completely forgot to say Hellos earlier.10:48
flexiondotorgseb128, Very well.10:48
seb128flexiondotorg, how is snap backlog going? ;-)10:52
flexiondotorgMuch communication.10:52
flexiondotorgLooks like I'll be focusing on Electron project for a while.10:53
flexiondotorgSo need to get the ones in progress wrapped up.10:53
seb128Trevinho was looking at some of those as well I think, but you probably know that? Just make sure you guys don't dup work10:56
Laneyhey Sweet5hark11:44
Sweet5harkLaney: heya11:45
Sweet5harkseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapcraft/+bug/1649620 <- who has a reasonable change to raise the urgency of this one? It blocks moving snap builds to lp ...11:45
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1649620 in snapcraft (Ubuntu) "snapcraft local run differs from launchpad run" [Undecided,New]11:46
Sweet5harkLaney: heh, see above. ;) -- Now that I threw some bug escalation at others, will look at the one that was thrown at me (the libreoffice autopkgtests blocking stuff apparently) ...11:47
seb128good morning Sweet5hark12:03
seb128Sweet5hark, not sure, I think there is a stakeholder meeting for snappy/snapcraft but I don't know who represents us, willcooke might have more details12:04
* willcooke reads12:04
seb128Sweet5hark, you can always try asking sergio or kyle on #snappy12:04
seb128Sweet5hark, reading the bug description it's not clear what is different between the local & launchpad build though12:05
willcookeSweet5hark, seb128 I have a snapcraft stakeholders meeting next Friday.  I will raise then, but yeah, poke on IRC in the meantime12:05
Sweet5harkseb128: well. actually its quite likely two issues: one is that local and lp builds differ (because I managed to finish local builds somehow that fail on lp), but I would need to recheck the "local build" stuff. I last tested that in December, so I dont remember all the details.12:09
seb128Sweet5hark, the bug report would be more useful with details on what is behaving differently imho12:09
seb128or at least build logs from local and launchpad12:09
Sweet5harkseb128: The other issue is that on lp, whatever is downloaded during "pull()" is deleted before "build()". That makes no sense to me at all, so IMHO that quite likely is an issue on its own. I tried to recreate that locally and failed -- thus the report.12:11
Sweet5harkseb128: so this is bug-yenga: stacking them higher.12:11
Sweet5harkseb128: the lp logs are linked in the report. that same stuff completed fine locally (so I didnt add a log for that).12:13
seb128Sweet5hark, having the local one would allow to diff the log and see the differences12:14
Sweet5harkseb128: anyway, will retry locally and see if I can get a  happy log ...12:14
seb128Sweet5hark, also the clean between pull&build is worth a bug report by itself or asking Colin if he knows about that12:14
seb128Sweet5hark, thanks12:14
Sweet5harkseb128: IIRC it failed locally even earlier than on lp, so I had to work around it to get it to finish. But that workaround did _NOT_ work on lp. So the situation was: Running snapcraft locally fails early at something that is fine on lp. I work around that, and then it works fine locally and does NOT reproduce the failure that happens on LP.12:17
Sweet5harkseb128: so starting from the same source, lp and local fail in to different interesting ways making it extra hard to create a good slim test-case. As I said: bug-yenga.12:19
seb128Sweet5hark, yeah, maybe go one bug at the time, fix the local bugs until you get it to build, if you hit snapcraft issues than block you let's escalate/work with the snappy team to get those fixed, once it build locally go to launchpad and see how it goes, if it hits an error report that bug/get it fixed/repeat12:22
willcookehappyaron, sorry if you already emailed me about this one (still working through my back log) where are we with:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/164569812:25
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1645698 in network-manager (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Upgrade network-manager to latest point release" [High,Triaged]12:25
seb128k, going to grab something to eat, bbiab12:27
happyaronwillcooke: back, there's regression found in that SRU, I'm preparing a new one, will include all known requested patches13:15
willcookehappyaron, coolio.  Any ETA?13:16
happyaron(meant for xenial series13:16
happyaronwillcooke: guess by next Wed13:16
willcookehappyaron, ack. thx13:16
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desrthi everyone!14:03
willcookehey desrt HNY!14:05
desrtwillcooke: same to you =)14:05
desrtwas santa generous this year?14:05
willcookeCoal and oranges are always useful14:05
desrti wonder if santa has to pay carbon tax if there are too many naughty kids14:06
seb128hey desrt, how are you?14:08
desrtexcept that my feet are a bit cold14:09
seb128time to put socks on?14:09
desrtbut then i can't complain about it ;14:09
desrtwhat country are you in today?14:09
willcookeSweet5hark, that 33c3 vid about wifi is really interesting.  I wonder if we should/could build smarts in to Network Manager to spot AP IDs which are the same as an existing one in your history only with a space on the end and warn the user?14:10
willcookeor maybe just replace spaces in AP IDs with a box or something14:11
desrthow is that useful?14:11
desrtcould not someone simply use exactly the same name, then?14:11
willcookebasic attack is:  I sit outside your house and spot that you have a wifi network called "Fish" I then create a new once called "Fish " and de-auth you from Fish.  You then connect to "Fish " and type your password in14:12
willcookea few liberties in that description, but you get the idea14:13
desrtbut what happens if there are just two separate "Fish" networks broadcasting?14:14
willcookeyeah, fair point, dunno14:14
willcooke@ 4 mins14:15
meetingologywillcooke: Error: "4" is not a valid command.14:15
* desrt knows so little about how wifi works14:15
desrti think the point where it stopped requiring me to plug something in is where my brain basically said "okay.. so... magic, then?" and stopped paying attention14:16
Sweet5harkwillcooke: hah! yeah, I didnt really think too much about defenses here so far TBH. I think we might end up with auth over a second channel at some point (e.g. router displays a 4-number pin that you need to add at the end of your password). Then again, these attacks so far have not yet reached the levels of damage to justify this for home users...14:33
seb128Sweet5hark, there are far easier ways to hack into a wifi though, like wps14:34
Sweet5harkseb128: yep. Everything is broken.14:35
Sweet5harkFWIW, speaking of 33c3, this one is pretty amazing: https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8034-build_your_own_nsa (german, but downloads should have dubbing for other langs).14:37
Sweet5harkThey set up a fake startup, asked web trackers sellers about "sample data" and show that it is quite trivial to identify individuals from the click-stream. A14:39
Sweet5hark(Those were the guys finding that the WoT extension is evil, btw)14:40
Laneyhappy weekend18:14
seb128same here18:17
seb128have a good w.e desktopers18:17
seb128enjoy Laney!18:17
willcookethat was a long week.  Glad its the weekend18:28
willcookeSee y'all next week18:28
flexiondotorgNight desktopers18:46
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