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ducassemorning all!07:08
EriC^^morning ducasse :)07:37
ducassehiya EriC^^ - happy new year :) how are things?07:38
EriC^^thanks you too :)07:38
EriC^^good yourself?07:38
EriC^^today's actually my birthday, haha07:39
ducasseaah, congrats! mine's the 23rd :)07:39
EriC^^cool, how old will you be then?07:39
EriC^^i'm 31 today07:40
ducassewish i still was :)07:40
EriC^^quit that smoking and you'll get an extra 10 years of life ;)07:41
ducassei'm down to 3-4/day, so i'm getting there :)07:41
ducasseany plans for your birthday?07:42
EriC^^not much07:42
ducassego out and eat - have some fun :)07:43
EriC^^yeah :)07:43
ducassei don't usually do much for mine either, maybe my sister brings the kids and we go have a pizza. more for them than for me :)07:45
EriC^^hehe yeah same here07:45
EriC^^the family usually gets a cake and i cut it07:45
ducassewe're old enough we have to buy our own presents ;) i bought a third screen a week ago :)07:46
EriC^^nice! :)07:46
ducassei3 is amazing at handling multiple screens. i've never seen anything do it better.07:47
EriC^^cool i want to give a try some day07:49
EriC^^i think i downloaded it but forgot to launch it once, yup07:49
EriC^^i'll try it out in a few! brb making some coffee :)07:49
ducassealmost every de/wm will switch workspace on every omnitor if you switch on one, due to a moronic freedesktop.org standard. i3 switches them individually, and can also move a workspace to another screen.07:51
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BluesKajHi all14:05
ducasse\o BluesKaj - how are you today?14:34
BluesKajdoing ok ducasse, how are you?14:34
ducassegood, thanks. snowing outside, pretty cold as well so staying inside.14:35
BluesKajyeah, it's clear but -17 here14:38
BluesKajfor our American friends , that's 0F :-014:39
ducasseabout the same here14:40
BluesKajmy 16.10 Yakkety installation is shakey so I'm running the Zesty 17.04 atm, but as i mentioned before the plasma desktop is to blame and testing on an official release one would thinh the devs would be more cautious about uploading to the ppa repos14:47
BluesKaj thinh=think14:48
ducassei'm sort of considering upgrading my desktop to zesty, but then again the arch install i made on it is becoming comfy enough that i just might switch to that. i don't want to upgrade my laptop, because a fully working machine is a nice thing to have :)14:53
BluesKajyeah, arch is nice, just too much work to install15:06
ducasseit's even less automated than i remember slackware being back when i started when linux :)15:09
ducassei set it up from an existing (ubuntu) install, which is a lot more comfy than booting the installer imo15:10
BluesKajI ran the the installer and followed the commands/procedure copied from the arch wiki. It worked fine, but I thought it was somehow too geeky and excusive in the sense that if you can't do these commands you don't deserve our 'wonderful OS' .. the result was to me was anticlimactic ..arch is nice but nothing special compared to other OSs that are easier to install15:22
BluesKajand their support chat is full anti social kids with attitude ...or so it seems .. that was my experience15:25
ducassei can imaginge their support is bad, arch has become very popular with a really unattractive crowd, imo15:27
ducassehaven't tried it myself, though, i'd rather ask in ##linux, i think15:29
lordievaderTheir wiki is quite good though.15:30
BluesKajyes it's well wrtten and comprehensive15:30
ducasseyep, it's excellent.15:31
lordievaderIt is quite nice to see that the Gentoo and Arch wiki often refer to eachother.15:32
BluesKajI have considered installing it again due to it's early adoption of new apps and kernels15:32
lordievaderWhy write something again if the other party has a decent article on the topic.15:32
ducassethe arch wiki is probably my favorite online linux resource, it's usually the first place i look for something15:37
ducassethe ubuntu wiki unfortunately has a lot of stale articles15:37
BluesKajwell, i had to reinstall windows7 on my laptop yesterday. Revenue Canada requires Windows or Mac for their online apps to file our income taxes...tried windows in a VM last yr and the app kept disconnecting from the internet15:43
nicomach1sBlame Caaaaaanadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa15:44
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BluesKajsouth park ,heh, mindless garbage ..we putr the blame where it really belongs ...Russia  !15:47
ducasseBashing-om: \o20:54
Bashing-omI be here, better that you are still here , To cold there to sleep ?20:55
ducasseglad you're here, after this particular idjit i've lost any interest in following #ubuntu any more tonight...20:56
ducassei should get to bed soon anyway, nearly ten at night :)20:56
Bashing-omducasse: Yeah, do not fathom why too my fuse this day is so short .20:56
Bashing-omducasse: ^ Boy was that some conflugated English !20:57
ducassethis guy was insisting on installing a udeb on his running system and wondering why it wasn't in the repos. when told to read the page, he said "says not to install it ... but am 1st world anarchist"20:58
ducassehehe :)20:58
ducasseBashing-om: how is your machine these days? still stable?21:00
Bashing-omSeen ^ . I too lost interest in his situation at that point , OP not focused, I am not going to waste resources :)21:01
Bashing-omducasse: Well, stable so long as I do not have my primary hard drive connected. Have only had on freeze incident . Kinda makes me want to install that drive in a different box, see how it behaves , Disk contoller acting up ?21:04
Bashing-omon/one** 'e' key sticks ! .. need to clean this keyboard !21:05
ducassecould be. in one of my old machines the controllers gave me so many problems i bought a couple of pcie controllers and disabled the onboard ones.21:05
Bashing-omducasse: Life's little 1st world problems ... gives me something to occupy the mind . Now that I am "trying" to make a desktop install of xubuntu 16.04 on the SSD as my primary .21:09
ducassessd all the things! :)21:11
Bashing-omducasse: On this old hardware, I upgraded a 12.04 desktop ubuntu install to 17.04 . Compared to X on the SSD come kind of slow !21:13
ducassei was thinking of getting an m.2 ssd for my desktop, but decided a regular sata ssd would be good enough for my use.21:15
Bashing-omducasse: :) can only go as fast as the interface will let it .21:16
ducassem.2 on my system is 'limited' to 10gbps, on skylake it's 32 iirc.21:18
ducassei could have used a pcie nvme device, though.21:18
ducassebut now it's time for me to disconnect from tmux, ttyl Bashing-om!21:19
Bashing-omducasse: K; see ya on the flip side :)21:19

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