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fossfreedom_hi all (moving this from #ubuntu-devel)12:45
fossfreedom_since I haven't seen something similar for zesty - any immediate thoughts on this one?  Are we missing a systemd package or something similar to make ubiquity run without root permissions?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/165436812:45
gpiccoliHi, sorry for the silly question. But how do I enable SSH during installation? It's hanging for me and I'd like to inspect what's going on14:55
gpiccoliCannot change to other vtty because I'm not sure how to send ctrl+Alt through gnome-terminal14:55
fossfreedom_Hi all - have a separate issue with the direct install - have run the installer via the kernel option debug-ubiquity.  I see this error in the installer log - GTK_MODULES environment variable seems to be missing.  Any ideas? http://imgur.com/Mc1tpLk14:59
fossfreedom_as before - this applies to the daily build of Ubuntu Budgie15:00

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