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javier4Hi all- I'm trying to port Ubuntu Touch to my device. Now I have to apply AppArmor patches to my 3.10.72 kernel but I'm having trouble following the guide. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/AppArmorForPhabletKernels14:38
javier4Which repo&&branch should I clone for my kernel? I found this interesting repo http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/jj/linux-apparmor-backports, but I can't figure out if that's what I need, and what branch should I choose.14:38
rtgjjohansen, ^^14:41
apwjavier4, i would think the apparmor ones are likely in there.  though i would be tempted to use a similar level kernel from one of the main releases14:41
* javier4 I don't know if I understood your message. Anyway I tried to use this kernel from this device https://github.com/usb-bullhead-ubuntu-touch/kernel_msm, but I think it lacks the squashed apparmor patches commit14:54
* javier4 @apw ^14:54
apwjavier4, i think i would have to defer to jjohansen in this regard14:57
apwi am slightly suspicious that we are on version4 patches now14:57
javier4exactly. That's another doubt I have. The wiki page is quite old (over 1 year) and talk about old kernel and old apparmor version. The only thing that seems logic to me is this branch v3.10-backport-of-v4.0-aa3.0-RC115:04
javier4If I understood the chaotic repo description, it should mean that's a backport of AppArmor 3.0RC1 from a 4.0 kernel to a 3.10 one.15:04
apwi would read it that way too.  ugg 3.10 just no15:04
King_InuYashaanyone know what the progress has been on upstreaming the Ubuntu AppArmor changes?16:49
jdstrandKing_InuYasha: it has been slow going of late but at the top of the queue and parts are planned to go up during the 17.04 cycle (and continue after that)16:59
jdstrandKing_InuYasha: for more specifics, you might talk to ty hicks when he is online next week17:00
jdstrand(he isn't doing the upstreaming but knows the timelines)17:01
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javier4I cloned the whole repo git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/jj/linux-apparmor-backports18:38
javier4I know that there's this commit http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/jj/linux-apparmor-backports/commit/?h=v3.10-backport-of-v4.0-aa3.0-RC1&id=032f9cfb647704388b6ccaefe25a036c5d3f5f8618:38
javier4why on my local copy I can't find it?18:38
apwjavier4, "git show 032f9cfb647704388b6ccaefe25a036c5d3f5f86" does not even show it ?18:52
* javier4 I tried that while you were writing. Actually it does. It seems that only gitk can't find it. Strange.18:52
* javier4 3 RC1 is really the newest backport for kernel 3.10?18:55
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jjohansenapw: yeah the goal of that repo is to bring it back to 3.10, as that was the target of the phones. The more recent stuff has only been taken back to 4.0/4.1 however as I haven't had time to do the 3.10 backport and it has been deprioritized21:47
jjohansenit is a little chaotic, but the goal was to have a branch per kernel version with the backported apparmor version21:47

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