black_pixelX-( i get font corruption every time i use Xmir02:13
black_pixelif i don't use Xmir, the fonts in unity8 are ok02:14
black_pixelbut once i use Xmir stuff it goes dowhill02:14
duflublack_pixel: Good news. I am the Xmir maintainer. Although do you mean font corruption in the shell?02:14
black_pixelyes :D02:14
black_pixelyou want screenshot?02:14
duflublack_pixel: I just updated that bug minutes ago:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/158308802:15
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1583088 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Randomly corrupt font / text / characters in Unity8" [High,Confirmed]02:15
black_pixeldufu http://i.imgur.com/JTekJlZ.png02:16
duflublack_pixel: Yes that's it. Please join in the above bug report and make some noise so it might get more attention02:17
black_pixeli am aldready subscribed :D dinamic (dinamic6661)02:18
black_pixelhm quassel runs ok native02:19
black_pixeli guess it's a qt5 app02:19
duflublack_pixel: Which apps trigger it will probably be random. I've had it happen with zero apps. It's a problem in the shell and not the apps02:21
dufluA problem in the Qt toolkit I mean, visible in the shell02:21
dufluOr a problem in our Ubuntu UI toolkit02:21
black_pixelbut only happens on the desktop, on the phone/tablet it is ok02:23
dufluYeah. More good news - it's not random corruption. You can see the character in there and it's just being blitted with an incorrect stride02:24
dufluIf only I knew what code was responsible it might be easy to fix02:25
black_pixelsomething that renders fonts :D02:26
black_pixel<-- me noob02:26
black_pixeland also only some chars are corrupted02:29
dufluYes, some chars where the width does not match the stride it seems. The rendering code appears a bit dumb02:30
dufluOr the font loader even. Not the renderer02:32
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black_pixelomg 5:30AM here OMG! i forgot to sleep lol, bye all03:30
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RAOFAh, good.04:24
RAOFTons of mysterious pthread aborts on process exit on trunk!04:25
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RAOFSo, not hiding all the symbols from dummy.so results in gtest aborting on shutdown.05:13
dufluWhee. Still fixing threading bugs like it's 199805:34
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RAOFDeath to UsingStubClientPlatfrom!06:06
RAOFAnd death to UsingClientPlatform!07:08
RAOFBut actually EOD.07:08
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alan_ggreyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/use-cmake-better/+merge/314106/comments/81639712:18
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