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praisethemoonelacheche, good day09:14
elachecheHello praisethemoon09:15
praisethemoonHow is it going?09:16
elachecheGood.. Alsmot finished my 1st nagios plugin..09:16
praisethemoonwhat Nagios?09:17
elachechepraisethemoon: https://is.gd/Pl13Xp :)09:20
praisethemoonoh nice elacheche09:23
praisethemoonyou used it @ work?09:23
elachecheI use a fork, called Icinga..09:25
praisethemoonAh okay09:38
praisethemoonYou should assist to my next workshop :D09:39
praisethemoonwhere I will talk about ELK Stack09:39
praisethemoonwhich you can also use to monitor stuff09:39
elachecheLK is for monitoring logs, not system/apps metrics09:55
praisethemoonelacheche, that's right10:27
praisethemoonbut not only logs ..10:27
praisethemoonit can read any data from tcp/udp/webservice/db/ etc10:28
Drohello world!16:45
elachecheHey Dro17:18
Drohey bro17:22
* elacheche GTG home18:16
elachechenzoueidi: My 1st nagios plugin works :D x)18:16
nzoueidi\o/ elacheche is it public? :D19:59
elachechenzoueidi: I'll share it on a git repo next week, now I need to finish a report and tweack it little bit to get better outputs → I'll try to make it output contianers names instead of IDs.. Or maybe not tonight..20:30
nzoueidiGood luck :D20:31
elachecheThanks :)20:32
elachechenzoueidi: Dro AcidNinjaFWHR One of the outputs of my 1st NAGIOS plugin :D → http://i.imgur.com/K6LR9up.png20:53
nzoueidiCool! :D20:53
elachecheOh god! I killed the docker philosophy x)20:55
AcidNinjaFWHRHi guys21:47
AcidNinjaFWHRwow is this nagios core with a theme ?21:47

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