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kdskrhave i ubuntu to my samsung gakaxy s7 edge01:56
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dufluHi. I thought holding conversations in 4 channels at once wasn't enough so let's do five02:58
black_pixelweee 5 hours of using unity8 on the desktop03:15
black_pixelnew record03:15
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mcphailHas there been a decision made on whether snaps are coming to the e4.5? Presumably the kernel issues are insurmountable?10:48
DanChapmanmcphail: I think it's still early days on that decision, but i would have thought your assumptions on the kernel limitations are correct11:02
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mcphailDanChapman: thanks11:21
SaviqElleo, hey, I'm getting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23751762/ and transparent OSK, ideas?11:27
Saviqthe wizard didn't set something?11:28
SaviqElleo, huh, changing it to "en" via gsettings didn't help, now it's saying that en isn't enabled O.o11:41
ElleoSaviq: what platform is that on? Desktop?11:41
SaviqElleo, frieza11:41
Elleoah, I haven't tried flashing a device with frieza's arm64 image yet, I had heard that the current image was pretty broken from people that had11:43
SebthreeBQM10HDanyone around ?11:43
SebthreeBQM10HDbregma, to early ? ogra_  ping11:43
SebthreeBQM10HDjust been reading omgubuntu about  how apparntly UBUNTU Touch is dead, well thats not what the blog post actsually says, but how certain people seem to interupt things in the comments11:45
ElleoSaviq: I don't think the subview error is anything to worry about though, that's just due to us not using maliit's subview system for actually handling the plugin switching11:45
SebthreeBQM10HDsince wont have usual ota updats etc.  the transiting to new things etc :)11:45
SebthreeBQM10HDresponse to mailing list11:45
SebthreeBQM10HDElleo, dev or user ?11:46
SebthreeBQM10HDsome people really dont get it it seems11:46
SaviqSebthreeBQM10HD, check out the mailing list11:46
Saviqthe discussion's been going there for a few weeks11:46
SebthreeBQM10HDSaviq, yeah there was a mailing list post that got linked to explaining things nicely,  but this omgubuntu link.  I am just generally commenting11:47
SebthreeBQM10HDI Know thing aren' dead, things are coming etc11:47
SebthreeBQM10HDSaviq, makes sense to drop new features for the 15.04 base I guess though, since thats on the verge of being completly dropped a11:48
Saviqyes, that's definitely part of the picture, maintaining click/15.04-based releases was a pain11:48
SebthreeBQM10HDoh actsually can the bq 4.5  ubuntu support the new snaps Ubuntu that is coming ?11:49
SebthreeBQM10HDor are those phones going to get dropped11:49
ElleoSaviq: one idea, maybe try disabling unity's keyboard supression by changing oskEnabled to true in OrientedShell.qml to see if there's anything on that xenial image presenting itself as a hardware keyboard and so preventing the OSK from displaying?11:49
SaviqElleo, it's not suppressed, things are actually moving around, it's just that it's transparent... the QSG errros say "expect rendering issues", maybe that's that?11:50
SebthreeBQM10HDSaviq, seems going by things I just read, its not so clear, if the BQ 4.5 will be able to support a new snappy ubuntu11:50
ElleoSaviq: maybe, does that show up in the logs for any other apps?11:50
SaviqElleo, not that I've seen11:51
SaviqSebthreeBQM10HD, we'd need vendor support to get there, need newer kernels, and those we're getting from the OEMs - couldn't say, really11:54
ElleoSaviq: are you able to press keys on the invisible keyboard?11:55
SaviqElleo, good question, will try in a sec11:55
SebthreeBQM10HDSaviq, you mean the phones would need some actsual later manufacture firmwire ?11:55
SaviqSebthreeBQM10HD, well, newer kernel - we can update those on existing devices, but we'd need to get it from the OEM11:56
SebthreeBQM10HDSaviq, BQ probably don't really care much about the 4.5 and EF HD now.  Meizu MX4 better hardware, but again if that were to be a issue phone. Meizu woudn't realy care about it now11:57
SebthreeBQM10HDSaviq, you mean their kernel, with their drivers etc11:57
SaviqSebthreeBQM10HD, that's where we're getting the kernel and drivers from, yes11:57
SebthreeBQM10HDSaviq, so for those devices to have support with Snap based Ubuntu,  the OEM's would have to provide kernel and drivers, oh ok11:58
SaviqElleo, no, no interaction with the keyboard12:01
ogra_if it is an invisible keyboard you probably have to close your eyes to interact with it12:01
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ElleoSaviq: maybe not just a rendering issue then; I'm wondering if it's possible that the surface is ending up behind everything else?12:21
SaviqElleo, unlikely, but not impossible - also one important data point is that it was fine until I completed the wizard... bootstrapped now so will let you know if that reproduces12:22
black_pixelwelp does anyone know if frieza_arm64/staging/r116 is bootable?12:23
ElleoSaviq: interesting12:23
Saviqblack_pixel, bootable, yes, but that's about it...12:23
black_pixelthanks Saviq :D then i'll wait for a new image12:23
ElleoSaviq: it'd be good to know if you get those rendering error messages while it's working in the wizard too12:24
black_pixelSaviq: what is in that image? it's just xenial+overlay and maybe unity8 snap? last time i looked it didn't seem like something you see in personal12:25
Saviqblack_pixel, no snap, not for a while still12:26
black_pixelso it's just xenial+overlay :D12:26
black_pixelSaviq:  ok thanks :D12:26
Saviqyes, "traditional" still, we're working on a snap-based image12:26
black_pixelnice :D12:30
SaviqElleo, same messages, OSK fine in wizard... and then after wizard ever touch makes it slide down O.o12:43
Saviqmight be somewhat related to the fact that orientation sensor is nowhere to be found...12:43
Saviqjibel, has anything changed in device tarball and such? think it would be possible to go back to a working image and start upgrading packages one by one?12:44
Saviqthere seem to be just too many issues...12:44
ElleoSaviq: okay, guess I'll try and get my m10 flashed to that image and see if I can figure anything out :/12:47
SaviqElleo, note device is frieza_arm6412:48
ElleoSaviq: right12:49
ElleoSaviq: does it need to be a specific image? I seem to remember someone mentioning that some of the more recent ones don't boot12:51
SaviqElleo, the newest one does boot, but there's *issues* - downgrade dbus* to the released version, that gets you most of the way towards a working thing12:52
Saviqnot sure yet why we got proposed enabled in there12:52
Elleookay, which channel?12:52
SaviqElleo, ubuntu-touch/ubuntu/staging12:53
SaviqElleo, found something in unity8.log13:02
Saviqgreyback, [2017-01-06:13:04:45.216] qtmir.surfaces: MirSurface[0x1f811190,"-"]::dropPendingBuffer() dropped=0 left=1 - failed to upate texture13:02
Saviqring a bell?13:02
Saviqyeah that has to be it13:03
Saviqhappens every time maliit tries to draw13:03
greybackSaviq: usually means the surface isn't made visible in the shell13:03
greybacki.e. a MirSurfaceItem for it was not created, or set visible13:04
Saviqthat would be our bug then13:04
ElleoSaviq: never seen that before13:05
SaviqElleo, ↑ we need some investigation on our side13:05
ElleoSaviq: okay cool, I'll hold off on breaking my m10 then :P13:05
greybacksomething funky going on alright13:05
greybackis there a bug with a quick summary of how to repro?13:06
Saviqgreyback, yeah, flash frieza ;)13:18
Saviqfiling a bug in a mo13:18
SaviqElleo, just realized maliit-server.conf is only an upstart job in ubuntu-touch-session... shouldn't we have it in unity8-desktop-session, too?13:19
greybackwould be sensible13:20
greybackSaviq: what channel has the xenial image?13:22
jibelgreyback, staging/ubuntu13:23
ElleoSaviq: yeah, I'd have thought so13:23
Saviqgreyback, --device frieza_arm6413:24
SaviqElleo, TBH it shouldn't be in any -session at all, should it - should be shipped with the keyboard?13:24
Saviqyay, reproduced OSK jumping jacks13:24
Saviqon desktop13:24
greybackSaviq: ack thanks, fetching image 11613:24
ElleoSaviq: maybe, I'm not sure what the original reasoning was behind sticking it in the -session packages was, that predates me :)13:25
Saviqyeah, there probably wasn't any, except for "it'll do, will fix that later"13:25
Saviqthe definition of tech debt, really13:25
Saviqgreyback, note you'll need to downgrade dbus to the !proposed version to get *anywhere*13:29
* greyback goes for lunch while it flashes13:29
mterrymorphis_: hello!  I was interested in checking out how the pulseaudio snap works -- is there source somewhere?13:47
mterrymorphis_: I'm interested in relying on it for the unity8 snap13:47
mterrymorphis_: do I just need to add the slot "pulseaudio"?  (is that autoconnected for me?)13:47
SaviqElleo, it's the OSK that's dealing with the drag-down-to-dismiss gesture, right? I've managed to reproduce a jumping-jack-OSK on a zesty desktop (using http://paste.ubuntu.com/23752185/ to force it to show in the first place)13:48
ElleoSaviq: yeah, it is; I don't get that behaviour on my xenial desktop though13:49
ElleoSaviq: actually, could you expand on what you mean by jumping-jack OSK to make sure I'm understanding the issue right? Is it dismissing when you attempt to press a key?13:50
SaviqElleo, yes, and coming right back up13:50
ElleoSaviq: and is the keyboard actually displaying or is it invisible like on the m10?13:51
SaviqElleo, displaying13:51
taiebotWith all the negativity of the mailing list i cannot still made up my mind if there will be a new phone with UT.  Is  it worth waiting for wmc ? My nexus 4 stopped charging and I ended up replacing battery and charging port but i feel they were not as good  as originals, so my UT device is near end of life. :'(13:52
taiebotNew charging port has made the notification led blue instead of green :P13:55
SaviqElleo, check out the two videos https://owncloud.sawicz.net/index.php/s/OK21qJqovYb5X0w13:55
morphis_mterry: hey!13:56
morphis_mterry: sounds great! however the pulseaudio snap currently doesn't support running pulseaudio in a user session but only in system wide mode13:57
morphis_so I don't know how well this works with the unity8 session snap13:57
mterrymorphis_: yeah I was also curious about that  :)13:57
* mterry isn't familiar with system wide mode13:57
mterryJust root can play sounds?13:57
morphis_for IoT devices we don't have any other chance but for personal devices we should add support for that13:57
morphis_mterry: right now, yes13:57
SaviqElleo, bug #165456313:57
ubot5`bug 1654563 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "OSK jumping up and down on click/touch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165456313:57
ElleoSaviq: I'll setup a zesty vm and see if I can reproduce it there13:57
morphis_mterry: but its a valid use case to support untiy8 as well we just didn't had a requirement for that yet13:58
morphis_mterry: source is at https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-hwe-team/snappy-hwe-snaps/+git/pulseaudio/+ref/master13:58
SaviqElleo, FWIW I saw the same on frieza@xenial...13:58
mterrymorphis_: how do I add one?  :P13:58
morphis_mterry: you have access on https://trello.com/b/6xj9V2bb/system-enablement-backlog ?13:58
mterrymorphis_: I wish snaps had "Source:" metadata for open source ones  :)13:58
mterrymorphis_: yes13:59
morphis_mterry: me too, we include the source link in the description of all our snaps13:59
morphis_mterry: you should see it with $ snap info pulseaudio13:59
mterrymorphis_: ah very cool thanks13:59
ElleoSaviq: odd, as I don't get it in unity8 on my xenial desktop system :/14:00
mterrymorphis_: I add to dartboard?14:01
morphis_mterry: yes, just add it at the bottom14:01
morphis_jhodapp: can you invite mterry to our stakeholder meeting?14:02
jhodappmorphis_, sure14:02
morphis_jhodapp: thanks14:02
jhodappmterry, invited14:03
Saviqgreyback, bug #1654568 btw14:09
ubot5`bug 1654568 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "OSK transparent - buffer not updated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165456814:09
greybackSaviq: how do I make the filesystem writable? phablet-config writable-image didn't work, nor has touch /userdata/.writable_image14:13
greybackor should I just muck with mount?14:14
Saviqgreyback, mount -o remount,rw /14:15
greybackyep alright14:15
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1654578 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "webbrowser-app - Network error 301 protocol "filesystem" is unknown" [Undecided,New]14:50
greybackSaviq: have your tablet handy? I've got mine set up, and yes OSK surface appears "missing" on first boot. But if I open indicators (makes OSK go away), then close them, OSK re-appears and this time draws14:51
Saviqgreyback, nope, still blank14:52
* greyback reboots and tries again14:52
Saviqgreyback, but yeah it did show up at some point in a similar situation14:53
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diddledanI'm saddened by the ML of late. So much vitriole.20:13
mcphaildiddledan: I think there is inevitable frustration at this point. So near, yet so far20:22
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