daftykinswow a B-52 lost an engine over North Dakota... just dropped it - whoops00:07
diddledanwell they are heavy. it was probably worn-out00:08
diddledanyou'd probably drop it if you had to carry it any distance00:08
daftykinswould start to burn the ol' shoulder, yeah00:09
zmoylan-pithere was talk in a different channel of a previous incident with a b52 when 1 engine failed and 2 fell off...00:13
zmoylan-pion that day it wasn't just the pope kissing the ground on landing... :-P00:15
daftykinscrikey, 2TB drive still getting zero'd - have to leave it run overnight00:54
daftykinsg'night folks \o00:55
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diddledanbut it's early!01:15
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zmoylan-pithe router cannae take it cap'ain...01:15
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diddledanI wonder why irccloud has extreme lag when a netsplit occurs01:22
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JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Friday, and happy Cuddle Up Day! 😃09:40
TwistedLucidityJamesTait: But I barely know you. PERSONAL SPACE! PERSONAL SPACE!09:48
JamesTaitTwistedLucidity, you do get to choose your cuddlee, it doesn't have to be me. 😉10:03
foobarrywhat's the app i need for google assistant? will it let me dictate SMS to a named contact?10:09
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:23
diddledanapparently in xenial "widgets/FollowButton.vala:48.5-48.26: error: Property `Gtk.Stack.interpolate_size' is read-only" but the source code in launchpad says otherwise14:11
diddledantrying to snap-up corebird 1.4.014:11
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diddledanwhere is everyone? it's far too quiet!20:17
zmoylan-piwe're hunting wabbit20:17
diddledanmm, tasty20:18
diddledanbe vewy vewy qwiet!20:18
zmoylan-piwe'll nail that easter bunny this year!20:18
diddledanto a cross?20:19
zmoylan-pia plank of wood... cutbacks you know...20:20
diddledanthat's a lot of network: https://youtu.be/1MzRNGlDcLs20:26
diddledanI'm somewhat jealous20:26
zmoylan-pihis rasp pi must just fly... :-P20:30
zmoylan-pinow that's a guy who takes his netowrk cabinets seriously20:32
diddledanhe's probably on 8Mbps ADSL :-p20:35
MartijnVdS10GbE on copper?20:46
diddledanseems so, yeah21:02
zmoylan-picopper is supposedly good over short distances... it's only on a long haul it starts to fail21:23
diddledannow that's just silly: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/cd-tea/21:32
popeyit needs sudo21:33
popeyto eject a cd21:34
zmoylan-piand i recommend having an android device running kitkat when you do...21:34
diddledanis that like the make me a sammich xkcd?21:34
diddledan"make me a cuppa tea" .. "no" .. "sudo make me a cuppa tea"21:35
foobarryok google won't send a whatsapp message, does it work for anyone else?21:40
foobarryit opens their whatsapp convo but not send it21:42
zmoylan-piand would you want anyone with less than administer rights dunking your teabag? :-)22:09
diddledanyey for bugs: #165466622:18
lubotu3bug 1654666 in Snappy "snapd-xdg-open doesn't work in strict mode" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165466622:18
* diddledan been working on that this eve with the folks in #snappy22:18

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