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profetikAnyone there ?02:33
profetikIf so, out of all the non coding volunteer opportunities for ubuntu , what would be the biggest need in making ubuntu better ??02:34
dufluprofetik: I believe we have wiki pages answering that question.02:35
dufluLet me find it...02:35
dufluprofetik:  https://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/    and   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu02:36
profetikYes these are all great ways. I'm interested in opinions regarding 80/20, out of all the ways listed, what would be the most impactful.02:40
profetikTo be more specific02:41
profetikWhat would be the most impacting aspects towards the goal of consumer adoption on phone or desktop02:42
dufluprofetik: I found (when I was just a community volunteer) that herding cats (managing and deduplicating bug reports) was most useful noncoding thing I did (and still do). Because without good deduplication people experiencing a bug will fail to communicate with the people able to fix a bug02:44
dufluEliminating duplicates and setting bugs to the correct projects. Without those, fixes don't eventuate02:45
profetikTell me02:46
profetikIf more bug are being reported. Would t that be easier to parse through ?02:47
profetikMore of the same02:47
profetikI mean.02:47
profetikI think I'm missing something.02:47
dufluI mean not logging new bugs, but looking at existing bugs and ensuring they have detailed information (if not, request more from the user) and are logged in exactly the correct project (often not so the project maintainer never knows about the bug)02:49
dufluUnity8, Mir and Ubuntu in general all have the problem of bug reports getting created faster than they are resolved. So it's a serious problem02:50
profetikI see thanks.02:50
dufluIf the bug reports are higher quality then they are more likely to get resolved02:50
profetikWould this fall under the category of q/a?02:50
dufluNo, it's just bug management02:52
profetikOk. I guess I should be able to find YouTube vids or docs to become a master cat herder I mean bug deduplicater, yes?02:55
profetikOr would you be willing to do a hands on crash course ?02:56
profetik:D via skype or hangout02:56
black_pixelomg! NO!02:56
black_pixellet duflu code mir stuff! :D02:57
profetikWorth a shot.02:57
black_pixelprofetik: you can just use unity8 and report bugs02:58
profetikBlack pixel would you agree that bug management is one of if not the best in giving back without coding ?02:59
black_pixelthere is a unity8 session and a unity8 snap session that you can test if you like02:59
profetikCool.  And better tested on a real install as suppose to virtual machine yes?02:59
profetikBeen using ubuntu on and off since 2009 and now that I'm done w my MBA , looking to give back03:00
black_pixelhehe, better find something that you actually like03:01
black_pixelor you'll get tired/bored very fast03:01
black_pixeli actually like unity8/mir and i am actually using the unity8 session :d03:01
black_pixeland no i'm not crazy :D03:02
black_pixelit's quite usable03:02
black_pixeli'm using it right now on desktop03:02
profetikNice! I remember trying it one session and it was bonkers but that was a while ago. I've been dying to get a phone w convergence. Do you use U8 on a phone too?03:03
profetikI was thinking about getting a nexus 503:03
black_pixelphones/tablet/desktop D:03:03
black_pixeli think nexus 5 has the best ubuntu port03:04
profetikGood to know.03:04
black_pixelprofetik:  https://devices.ubports.com/#/hammerhead03:05
black_pixelexcept for bluetooth everything seems to work03:05
profetikI wanted to buy one off eBay thinking I can find one w it preinstalled but didn't see one. I don't want to bother w unlocking and installing.03:05
black_pixelscroll down, it says how to install03:05
black_pixellooks pretty easy03:06
profetikOmg Bluetooth doesn't work? Sheesh. So you have to buy adapter and plug in USB keyboard ? Lol03:06
profetikI saw I just wanted bother w it.03:06
dufluhammerhead (while great hardware) is not supported by Canonical's own software releases (it's third party). Try mako (Nexus 4) or others mentioned here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes/OTA-1403:07
profetikPart of my soul would die if marks vision of convergence didn't work.03:07
profetikI just assume the 4 was underpowered.03:07
black_pixeldufu the ports are not that bad :D my MX4 for ex feels a bit more laggy than fairphone2 with ubport03:08
dufluActually it's still one of the best thanks to a great kernel03:08
profetikI'll take a look03:08
black_pixelmx4 ubuntu edition03:08
duflublack_pixel: Non-technical users would be safer and happier with official supported devices :)03:08
black_pixelyep :D03:09
profetikI'm in the us though.03:11
black_pixeldufu have you tried xenial on M10? https://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/staging/ubuntu/frieza_arm64/03:11
black_pixeli see there are new images from the last time i briked the tablet lol03:12
black_pixel102 should boot03:12
black_pixeland nothing after that until maybe 11503:12
black_pixelbetter wait for 116 to be safe03:12
duflublack_pixel, while I own many devices, an M10 is not one of them03:15
dufluAlthough it would sometimes help, I'm plenty busy enough without one03:16
black_pixeli imagine :D03:16
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profetikHi testing unity 8 on mir and can't get beyond the tutorial screen "long swipe from the left edge to open the today scope"19:03
profetikI admit using ubuntu mate 16.04, and installed it from there via command line19:04
mterryprofetix: what device?19:52
profetixsorry for the delay20:08
profetixdell laptop20:08
profetixnon-touch screen20:08
profetixinspiron n511020:09
profetixubuntu mate 16.0420:09
profetixkern. 4.420:10
profetixIt's this bug20:12
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1526061 in Unity8 Desktop Preview in LXC "Can't click to "swipe from left" in unity8 tutorial" [Undecided,Expired]20:12
mterryprofetix: that screen hint is only supposed to trigger if unity8 thinks it is on a tablet/phone.  :-/20:14
profetixdef not on tab.20:15
profetixAnd because I can't get beyond that "tutorial screen", can't report bug from within.20:16
profetixCant call up term20:16
mterryprofetix: try this to avoid the screen: gdbus call --system --dest org.freedesktop.Accounts --object-path /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User1000 --method org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Set com.canonical.unity.AccountsService DemoEdgesCompleted '<["left", "left-long", "top", "right"]>'20:17
mterryWhere you replace User1000 with UserXXX for your user id20:17
mterryprofetix: not a great fix20:17
mterryBut might let you move on20:17
profetixso where would i go to change that in my mate desktop session?20:31
mterryprofetix: oh right this is inside some lxc session?  i'm not super familiar with those, but I think you can log into the lxc instance with some terminal command20:36
profetixinterestingly enough, the login menu for changing to unity 8 says "Unity8-Mir" with no indication of lxc20:37
profetixwould installing ubuntu 7, then trying to get into 8 help it read that it is a desktop?20:38
profetixonce i log in, im greeted with another login (which confirms that it thinks its a tablet).20:39

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