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cmaloneyGood morning14:18
cmaloneyHow's the day?14:18
rick_hyea, the northern air seems in full effect14:25
rick_hfriday 6 degrees, sunday shark diving in the 80s14:27
cmaloneyrick_h: Another sprint or a new hobby? :)14:35
jrwrenthey sprint. he has to go to capetown again.14:36
cmaloneyAh, the annual "let's see what Mark thinks of us"14:38
brousch__What are people using for IRC clients on Kubuntu/Android/iOS these days? Work has a lot of IRC, but I can't use IRCCloud16:56
rick_hyea, moved to irccloud mainly because of android16:59
jrwreni don't irc from phone, or the rare occasion I do, I just connect a second time and leave my irssi running on desktop/server17:02
jrwreni use mutter on phone.17:02
brousch__I use my Android phone and iPad mini roughly the same amount at home17:05
jrwrenwow, you actually use your ipad mini?17:07
jrwrenis it a mini 2 at least?17:08
brousch__mini 417:17
brousch__perfect size for PDF reading17:17
jrwrenoh... nice and fast.17:19
brousch__Good for netflix and hbo now too17:28
brousch__BTW, I am using Kubuntu on my main computer at work. It's nice to be back, but this Dell laptop keyboard is a bit cramped.17:30
jrwreni never watch tv or movies on ipad. *shrug*17:33
cmaloneyI use ssh17:54
cmaloneyBecause I am an animal17:54
cmaloney^- I'm that one guy17:54
cmaloneyThough I already made the jump to tmux / weechat17:55
jrwreni could never get used to ssh and the poor tablet keyboards17:56
cmaloneyThis is why you get a cheap bluetooth keyboard17:57
cmaloneyLogitech K380 Multidevice17:57
jrwrenthen i'd rather use my laptop18:03
mrgoodcatbrousch__: why can't you use irccloud?20:21
mrgoodcati leave weechat constantly running on a server20:23
mrgoodcatand ssh into it20:23
brousch__It sounds like a lot of people do that on a specific server here20:23
mrgoodcatthen you can host something like this https://www.glowing-bear.org/20:23
mrgoodcati just use juicessh on android though20:24
mrgoodcatin practice i almost never irc from my phone20:24
cmaloneyYeah, I leave my irc session running on my desktop and ssh into that21:42
_stink__same here21:47
_stink__er, VPS.21:47
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