ikoniak1l_: is that the actual codebase for the ubuntu.com website ?00:00
k1l_ikonia: i dont know, that is where the "report a bug on this page" links to. that github00:03
ikoniauseful, thank you00:03
Mr1NKchek this out : https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/killdisk-ransomware-now-targets-linux-prevents-boot-up-has-faulty-encryption/#.WG7FDzecYlc.facebook00:20
naccMr1NK: this is the support channel, you probably wanted #ubuntu-offtopic00:21
Mr1NKnacc : sowwy00:22
priporghi, does ubuntu have package to check PATA HDD health? For example, to show there are no errors on drive?00:32
xanguapriporg: gnome disk utility00:32
priporgxangua, thanks, ill check it out00:33
xanguapriporg: it's showed as "disks"in the launcher00:33
priporgxangua, you mean in Ubuntu Software?00:34
xanguaxangua: priporg no, in the unity launcher00:34
priporgnevermind got it00:34
pkzipdoesnt ubunto create a swap partition as default?00:34
xanguapkzip: yes00:35
pkziphere it created /boot and an lvm with the other stuff only00:35
xanguaUnless your did a manual install and didn't set up a swap00:35
pkzipxangua, but top shows that there is swapspace00:36
pkzipwhy not?00:37
pkzipthat was default some time ago00:37
priporgxangua, is therea terminal program to scan HDD? I plan to format drive first then run test. You know if unetbootin will do all this for me?00:38
TuffMcGruffcan anyone help me, i broke my grub config becuase im an idiot. I've tried wiping and reinstalling, but the grub cfg file still has the broken code in it. Any ideas?00:38
priporgTuffMcGruff, delete it and it will make a new one on boot?00:41
pkzipxangua, top shows KiB ... swap00:44
pkzipwhere is that swapspace?00:44
turbo64when i use the adwaita theme in xfce, some programs look different, like hte menu bars have a blue line under the selected item00:46
turbo64is there a way to fix that00:46
priporghi looking for a terminal program to format my drive. help please00:51
donofriopriporg, fdisk?00:57
photonI believe my ubuntu 16.04 desktop doesn't start because I'm trying to boot with a sandisk ssd. Do I need to get a driver or something?00:57
priporgdonofrio, what command do i type?00:57
pkzipphoton, no00:59
pkzipworks here with ssd00:59
photonIt isn't booting no matter what I do01:00
Orxata_I'm having troubles with my screen resolution01:00
xanguapriporg: what are you trying to do? What's your end goal01:00
photonNomodeset, reinstalling the whole os, reinstalling grub, using a different version, etc01:00
pkzipphoton, has to have boot flag and chosen in bios as boot device01:00
photonStill doesn't boot01:00
photonIt is a fresh install and I can tell the bios to boot it01:01
photonOf I hold shift it says that it is loading grub but just restarts immediately01:01
Orxata_when I try to install the propetary drivers of nvidia, it raises an error:01:02
Orxata_modinfo for module nvidia_340 failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module nvidia_34001:02
wafflejockOrxata_, are you just installing the drivers using the additional drivers app or doing it some other way?01:02
Orxata_additional drivers app01:02
Orxata_also, dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia returns a list of several nvidia drivers01:03
wafflejockOrxata_, you could try to apt-get install --reinstall or purge then install those drivers not sure how you would end up with the packages installed but not the module though01:04
donofriopriporg, man fdisk01:04
photonAnyone know how I should troubleshoot?01:05
Orxata_wafflejock: how can I check which module is "loaded"?01:05
wafflejockOrxata_, lspci -vv01:05
wafflejockOrxata_, that'll list devices and includes kernel module loaded for various devices, or maybe lsmod but know the former command should show it01:05
Orxata_I see01:06
Orxata_Kernel modules: nouveau, nvidiafb01:06
wafflejockOrxata_, ah yeah noveau is the open source driver not sure about the second one really01:07
wafflejockOrxata_, have an nvidia card in my desktop but just wiped out Ubuntu from there for now01:07
Orxata_can I just "plug-in" the nvidia-current driver instead of those two?01:08
wafflejockOrxata_, maybe, someone else would have to guide you on that though I've only installed with the additional drivers, occasionally I've had to blacklist a module to stop it from loading if it conflicted with another module but wouldn't want to do that till you know the other module is loaded01:09
wafflejockOrxata_, in general modprobe and rmmod are the relevant commands I think but wouldn't know how to guide you directly on doing that01:09
Orxata_ok I'll do some research01:09
Orxata_thank you for that info01:09
wafflejockno prob good luck01:10
kathyI have a problem after 14.04 to 16.04 upgrade.  See:  http://termbin.com/vje001:10
Orxata_ lshw -c video01:11
Orxata_       configuration: latency=001:11
Orxata_there's no current driver loaded01:12
kathyIt is a conflict between upstart and systemd.  So do I just uninstall upstart?01:12
kathy"The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart"01:14
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kathyI've tried to switch to sddm from lightdm01:14
=== WildSoft_ is now known as WildSoft
kathyor gdm... not sure which it was before01:14
kathySo just uninstall upstart?01:14
kathyWill it break anything?01:14
nacckathy: have you rebooted since you upgraded?01:15
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matteo_Hy guys! I'm attending a course at University about Python (just an introduction) and I need to install Python 3.2.2 (this version) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I've installed Python but I can't find the way for installing also IDLE.. Can you help me, please?01:15
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javier_i want to talk someone01:15
nacc!chat | javier_01:15
ubottujavier_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:15
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bazhangjavier_, try a chat channel, this is ubuntu support01:16
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naccmatteo_: 16.04 has 3.5.1-3, not 3.2.201:16
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matteo_@nacc so what can I do?01:16
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naccmatteo_: well you would be unsupported here if you installed python 3.2.2 (from source, i guess)01:16
naccmatteo_: also, to install idle, `apt install idle`, afaict01:17
wafflejock!info idle301:17
ubottuidle3 (source: python3-defaults): IDE for Python using Tkinter (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.1-4 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 19 kB01:17
naccwafflejock: err, good catch!01:17
naccwas just noticing that in the pkg description :)01:17
naccmatteo_: but note even idle3 will depend on python3 from ubuntu (which again is 3.5.1)01:17
kathyany ideas?01:18
matteo_In fact I can't run IDLE having Python 3.2.201:18
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kathy nacc:  Yes, several times01:18
naccmatteo_: why would you want 3.2.2, iiuc, 3.2 is eol (feb. 2016)01:18
naccmatteo_: and even then, you'd use 3.2.5, at least, i would think01:19
kathyI'm going to uninstall upstart and try that.  BRB01:19
matteo_My problem is that I have to use Python3.2.2 because the exam and the course I'm attending will be on that version..01:19
naccwell, that sounds like a terrible course, as it's teaching you using a version of python that is no longer supported01:19
naccmatteo_: --^01:19
matteo_Hahaha hope not!01:20
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joebobjoeWhy are the group permissions different in ls than chacl? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7a27c528c2add4e5ff664467d41c878001:20
naccjoebobjoe: acls are not unix permissions01:20
naccjoebobjoe: they are distinct01:20
naccjoebobjoe: read `man acl` and `man chmod`01:21
joebobjoenacc: but... but... why would ACL have a duplicate group permission that is different01:21
naccmatteo_: i guess you'd need to d/l from https://www.python.org/download/releases/3.2.2/ and build from source01:21
joebobjoeWhich one should be used?01:21
naccjoebobjoe: please read the manpages.01:22
codepython777how hard is it to configure a mailserver these days? Is it a bad idea to setup one where I want to use the machine as a desktop? :)01:22
joebobjoeYou don't have to shout01:23
naccjoebobjoe: sorry, that was a quote from the manpage01:23
matteo_nacc how can I build it form source?01:23
matteo_Sorry, I'm not so good01:24
nacccodepython777: configuring it correctly is non-trivial, i would say01:24
joebobjoeoh right01:24
naccmatteo_: it's ok, but it feels like your professor cannot have intended this. Also, teaching you a specific, unsupported version of python seems like a rather bad idea.01:24
naccmatteo_: i would ask your professor what they intended01:25
codepython777nacc: perhaps there is a vm preconfigured I could use?01:25
photonUbuntu 16.04/16.10 not booting (http://askubuntu.com/q/868534/494761) Someone please help01:25
matteo_nacc So you mean that maybe I can use Python3.5 instead of Python3.2.2 and so solving problems? There would be differences in code between the two versions?01:26
naccmatteo_: i'm not saying htat, necessarily, as there are (typically new) language changes01:27
naccmatteo_: i'm saying i don't understnd why you would be taught the specific syntax of a now eol python01:27
naccor be tested on it, i guess01:27
codepython777nacc: which mail package's vm should i look for?01:27
matteo_don't know..01:27
naccmatteo_: but in any case, this seems like a question for your profesorr01:27
naccmatteo_: and not really an ubuntu support question (where the answer here is: you cant' have python 3.2.2 on ubuntu 16.04). I guess you could search the PPAs i fyou want01:28
nacccodepython777: I have no idea what you mean -- there aren't prepackaged VMs of mailservers, that I know of. And I woulnd't trust them, probably01:28
matteo_Ok! Sorry nacc for disturb! Thanks anyway!01:28
naccmatteo_: nothing to apologize for01:29
energizerHow can I uninstall a package in /usr/local/lib ?01:30
naccenergizer: packages do not install to /usr/local/lib, generally01:31
joebobjoenacc: mother of god. ACCESS CHECK ALGORITHM is confusing as hell01:31
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naccjoebobjoe: :)01:31
kk4ewthow did you install it01:31
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joebobjoenacc: who came up with this stupid mess01:31
root___hi joebob01:31
joebobjoeroot___: hi?01:31
naccjoebobjoe: ACLs are complicated to get right :)01:31
root___wanna play01:31
energizernacc: i agree, im trying to remove one that shoulnt be there01:31
joebobjoeroot___: play what01:31
nacc!chat | root___01:31
ubotturoot___: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:31
root___scrabble 8~~~~~~~~~D01:32
joebobjoeno thanks01:32
joebobjoeget banned bitch01:32
naccjoebobjoe: it's actually pretty well written01:33
energizernacc: how can i remove the package from there so nobody gets into trouble01:34
naccenergizer: right, but if by pacakge you mean .deb, then nothing from ubuntu01:34
naccenergizer: so let's go back to kk4ewt's question, how did whatever you are referring to get put in /usr/local/ ?01:34
kathyI uninstalled upstart and now I get termbin.com/xow601:34
energizernacc: someone else put it there, im trying to remove it. /usr/loca/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/the_package_i_want_to_remove01:34
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naccenergizer: well, that's where a locally install python library should go01:35
naccenergizer: there is not, typically, an 'uninstall' option, unless the source is around and nicely provides one01:36
naccenergizer: if i understand python well enough (and i'm not sure i do), you should be safe to simply remove that directory (or move/rename it)01:36
joebobjoenacc: how long should it take me to understand.. :(01:37
joebobjoeI don't get this whole masking thing01:37
naccjoebobjoe: so normally you have just ugo01:38
Lance24Good Day Everyone :)01:38
energizernacc: what is the benefit of installing to that location vs using a venv?01:38
naccjoebobjoe: m says what is the maximum any of ug can be (aiui)01:39
kathyResult of apt-get remove insserv01:39
Lance24I need some help in in creating a simple script for an ubuntu server to automatically install and update packages daily without me being there.01:39
kathyI think this will be my last do-release-upgrade01:40
joebobjoeUnder ACCESS CHECK ALGORITHM it says               if the matching ACL_USER entry and the ACL_MASK entry contain the requested permissions, access is granted,01:40
joebobjoebut under that for group, it says ACL_MASK doesn't have to be present01:40
naccLance24: do you mean unattended-upgrades? it already exists01:41
Lance24any thoughts/ ideas?01:41
joebobjoenacc: wait so what happens if one program doesn't understand ACL and another does? One won't get access?01:41
kathyLance24: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/automatic-updates.html01:41
naccjoebobjoe: programs don't understand ACLs at all, necessarily01:41
naccjoebobjoe: this is all enforced by filesystems/VFS01:41
Lance24Thank you Kathy ! :)01:42
naccjoebobjoe: aiui, (see VALID ACLs), if ACL_USER or ACL_GROUP is present, it must have an ACL_MASK01:43
naccenergizer: well, venvs solve a different problem, aiui01:44
naccenergizer: venvs let you install multiple version of the same python lib (you can basically bundle all of your stuff together)01:44
naccenergizer: but /usr/local/ would only still let you really have one version installed (it can just be different than the system version)01:45
kathyinsserv: warning: script 'S02powernowd.early' missing LSB tags and overrides01:45
kathyAny ideas?01:45
nacckathy: what package ships that file?01:45
kathy nacc: Which file?01:47
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nacckathy: the script 'S02powernowd.early'01:47
kathyOk, looks like two01:48
kathyLet's see.... how do I figure that out.....?01:48
nacckathy: dpkg -S S02powernowd.early01:48
EriC^^!find S02powernowd.early01:48
ubottuPackage/file S02powernowd.early does not exist in yakkety01:48
naccEriC^^: yeah it's not packaged anymore01:48
nacckathy: so i'm *guessing* that you have packages that are only present in 14.04 still installed01:48
naccthe release upgrade, i believe, does not necessarily uninstall those01:48
EriC^^try dpkg -S `locate S02powernowd.early | head -1`01:49
kathyI'm grepping /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list01:49
ikonianacc: it should as there should be 'obsolete' tags against the 16.04 product that replaces that functionality01:49
ikonianacc: it doesn't always work though01:49
naccikonia: but not if they arent' replaced, aiui?01:49
naccikonia: meaning packages that no longer exist at all01:49
ikonianacc: I think thats the grey area, it's not drop in replacement but functionality replacement01:49
naccikonia: yeah :/01:50
ikonianacc: I'd guess those that slip through the net like that should be in some core package as obsolete to make sure they are gone01:50
ikonia(bad example I know)01:50
ikoniaeg: ubuntu-core obsoletes upstart for example01:50
kathySo should I just uninstall poernowd01:51
naccikonia: yeah, but it's odd that kathy's upgrade didn't remove upstart01:51
kathyIt's not installed...01:51
kathyInstalled: (none)01:51
nacckathy: 'powernowd'?01:51
ikonianacc: ooh, was it actually upstart01:52
kathyBTW, this is after do-release-upgrade from 14.04 to 16.0401:52
nacckathy: i'm not seeing any such package since (at least) 12.0401:52
ikoniaI was just using thats as a random example01:52
naccikonia: :)01:52
ikonianacc: I wonder if it's a PPA package that may depend on upstart that stops it being removed01:52
kathyYea, this machine started at 12.0401:52
nacckathy: no i mean it's not present in 12.04 either01:52
kathySo wonder how to get rid of this stuff...01:52
naccwhich makes me think, ppa, yeah01:52
nacckathy: can you use the dpkg command provided earlier rather than grepping?01:53
ikonianacc: so the 16.04 meta clean up process would work - however a different package is blocking it with a depend01:53
naccikonia: right, i could see that happening -- iirc, there's a way to search for packages by release, but i'm not sure (so then you'd be able to see what's still help from trusty archives and why)01:54
nacc*installed packages01:54
kathy`locate S02powernowd.early | head -1`  returns nothing01:54
ikonianacc: there must be something in apt-file (for example)01:54
ikoniaI can't think of a way to do it off the top of my head01:54
naccikonia: yeah, i can't either right now :)01:55
kathyHow do I search for possible previous ppa packages?  Or the possibility any were installed?01:57
ikonianacc: I've not followed this but could she not just try to remove upstart and see what complains01:57
naccikonia: already removed, yep01:58
ikonianever mind then01:58
naccikonia: there is another package now01:58
ikoniaof course there is....01:58
naccor at elast, an initscript01:58
berglhanyway to get notification of new mainline kernel builds for ubuntu?01:58
kathyHaving a senior moment.01:58
ikonianacc: an initscript....thats stinking PPA01:58
naccberglh: mainline kernels aren't built for ubuntu (except in the kernel ppa)01:58
nacckathy: you could look in /etc/apt/sources.list*01:58
hggdhberglh: there is no notifications, as far as I remember. But usually they follow soon after a milestone01:59
berglhoh: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D?01:59
kathygrep ppa /etc/apt/sources.list Returns nothing01:59
hggdhberglh: so the new rc should be there already01:59
ikoniaberglh: could you not point an apt config at the repo01:59
ikoniathat way you'll get updates via system notifications02:00
berglhno.. i'm wanting to build kernels automatically with some patches applied02:00
berglhif there was some announcement or rss feed or something02:00
berglhi could use that as my trigger02:00
berglhi'll just have to poll the git repo02:00
berglhand then pull the latest mainline branch and build from tehre02:00
kathyhttp://termbin.com/xow6  Any ideas?02:01
kathy"insserv: warning: script 'powernowd.early' missing LSB tags and overrides"02:01
ikoniaberglh: there are http services that translate to rss (eg: an rss end point to monitor a http index)02:01
berglhi just thought using the ubuntu mainline http server could be a way to know that a new release is available02:02
berglhbecause i'll be cloning a specific commit from the ubuntu kernel git repo02:03
ikoniaberglh: it's just a webserver02:03
berglhmaybe just better to watch the tags02:03
ikoniaberglh: you can get git notifications02:03
ikoniathats not a bad approach02:03
kathy_(Result of sudo apt-get remove insserv )02:03
kathy_do-release-upgrade #Bad idea.... :(02:04
berglhmy idea is to use travis ci to build02:04
berglhbut git ls-remote gives me a list on the remote git server02:04
berglhikonia: i don't control the repo; so i can't use hooks afaik02:05
ikoniaberglh: I can see your options dissapearing02:05
kathy_I guess the best/easiest thing to do is fresh install.02:06
kathy_Any other ideas?02:06
berglhikonia: www.kernel.org does list the latest mainline though02:06
EriC^^kathy_: what's your problem exactly?02:06
berglhor i could just start building vanilla linux kernels; i just figured i'm targeting ubuntu, so would make sense to use the ubuntu kernel git repo02:07
kathy_trying to remove insserv02:07
berglhi wonder what the process is for building ubuntu kernels and publishing them02:07
kathy_Trying to enable sddm02:07
kathy_insserv: warning: script 'powernowd.early' missing LSB tags and overrides02:08
kathy_ EriC^^:  This system has been upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 and then to 16.0402:08
kathy_I guess one needs to do a lot of sophisticated house cleaning before doing release-upgrade.02:09
kathy_(This PC belongs to a friend...)02:09
absurdisthow to figure out the controller (PCIID) behind a drive path e.g /dev/sda/02:09
kathy_But... I would like to figure out how to fix it... so, any ideas?02:09
kathy_One problem was that, after the upgrade, I had upstart and systemd both installed.02:10
EriC^^kathy_: warnings aren't a big deal usually02:10
kathy_Maybe the silver bullet would be to just uninstall systemd and re-install upstart?02:10
kathy_EriC^^:  Yes, but would like some things to work.02:11
kathy_kathy will not want to manually start sddm02:11
kathy_I unsitalled lightdm and installed sddm *(because sddm is a bit more light weight and we are on xfce here).  So.....?02:12
kathy_Any ideas?02:12
EriC^^kathy_: it doesn't autostart?02:12
EriC^^kathy_: https://help.directadmin.com/item.php?id=379 seems pretty ok02:13
kathy_http://termbin.com/xow6 is the result of systemd enable sddm02:13
kathy_No it does not autostart.02:13
kathy_http://termbin.com/ewfg  #Result of apt-get remove insserv02:15
kathy_!info sddm | EriC^^02:15
ubottuEriC^^: sddm (source: sddm): modern display manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.0-1ubuntu5 (yakkety), package size 271 kB, installed size 1201 kB02:16
EriC^^kathy_: so what happens when you boot now?02:16
EriC^^kathy_: i think insserv is just whining about the tags, it's not an issue though02:17
kathy_EriC^^: So, there are a couple of problems here.  1) There are old packages that were not removed, (Even though I did autoremove and some other precautions before release-upgrade)  2) systemd and upstart were in conflict after releses-upgrade02:18
kathy_EriC^^: Just boots to a console screen because sddm does not start.02:18
kathy_Maybe I just need to re-install upstart and remove systemd?02:19
kathy_This is making my head hurt ;(02:19
kathy_Any other ideas?02:20
kathy_sudo apt-get install upstart && sudo apt-get remove systemd02:20
EriC^kathy_: got dc02:20
EriC^kathy_: try systemctl status sddm02:21
EriC^kathy_: i have upstart still installed too on 16.04.102:21
kathy_Excess arguments02:21
EriC^kathy_: "sudo systemctl status sddm"02:22
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
kathy_Wow, looks like that command will totally destroy the system.02:23
kathy_Watching it get blown away....02:23
EriC^^lol :)02:24
EriC^^it shouldn't do anything02:24
kathy_This might make my reinstall vs realease-upgrade decision much easier.02:24
EriC^^yeah fresh installing new releases is a good idea02:25
kathy_Check this out:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23750226/02:27
EriC^^kathy_: why are you trying to remove systemd?02:29
kathy_Ok tell me how to enable a service with upstart?02:29
EriC^^i said my system has upstart installed as well as02:29
Orxata_I did it02:29
EriC^^it's a fresh install of 16.04.102:30
naccEriC^^: upstart is still needed for the session managers, iirc02:32
kathy_Now, autoremove is removing a LOT of stuff.02:32
kathy_nacc: That's interesting....02:33
kathy_There's insserv !02:33
naccor the greeters, maybe, i cna't recall02:34
EriC^^kathy_: yeh02:34
photonhttp://askubuntu.com/q/868534/494761 Could anyone help me with this please?02:34
EriC^^kathy_: just noticed you actually went through with the previous command of removing systemd02:35
kathy_Reinstalled it again too  ;)02:36
kathy_I might reboot and see what is left of this system....02:36
EriC^^kathy_: a ton of packages got removed though02:36
kathy_Will be interesting....02:36
kathy_and a ton more too..02:36
EriC^^kathy_: it's probably a good idea to reinstall the whole distro from a fresh iso02:36
kathy_Yea, that will more-than-likely be next.02:38
kathy_Check out the above link.  The result of autoremove02:38
kathy_I think I'll reboot and see what is left of this system.  I might be back tomorrow with an update, (if it is totally hosed ;)02:39
* EriC^^ puts hand on face and looks through fingers02:39
* wafflejock sides hurt02:40
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Herbalistkathy have courage .. we are all standing behind you !02:41
kathyOk, I'm back.  Cant start sddm or lightdm either one.02:44
kathyCould someone repeat back to me the last pastebin.com/whatever to me?02:45
kathy(I forgot to write it down...)02:45
icedwaterhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23750273/ ?02:45
kathylet me see..02:46
icedwaterOr http://askubuntu.com/q/868534/49476102:46
icedwaterOh, oops, that was photon.02:46
kathyicedwater: not found02:48
Orxata_what is GLIBCXX_3.4.18?02:48
Orxata_and why the program I want to run says that this version is not found02:49
kathyOh wait.  I'm just not used to seeing it in lynx02:49
kathy...just have to scroll down.  Thanks icedwater02:50
fraktorI'm trying to install Wine under 16.04, but it keeps saying that there is no installation candidate.02:51
fraktorI was only able to install winetricks.02:51
Mr1NKfraktor : try to install from other ppa ( third party )02:52
kathyOk, not giving up yet.02:53
icedwaterHmm, that02:53
icedwaterThat's the only one I see above, though. Unless you mean something before, http://termbin.com/w8gv02:53
Orxata_why is that libstdc++6 is only available in a ppa?02:54
fraktorMr1NK: Which ppa is that in particular?02:54
icedwaterkathy: I see it, the most common word in that paste is "Removing", right?02:54
icedwaterSee you folks later...02:55
Mr1NKfraktor : googling, or try ask on ask.ubuntu02:55
kathyhaha yea, it is.02:55
mars_fraktor, https://launchpad.net/~wine/+archive/ubuntu/wine-builds. saves you the googling02:55
=== baggar11_ is now known as baggar11
kathyicedwater: apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies sddm  #Is installing at least 100 packages...02:56
photonhttp://askubuntu.com/q/868534/494761 Anyone please02:56
kathyError::GDBus error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed:Cannot launch daemon, file not found or permissions invalid03:00
fraktormars_: That didn't work. It says that "wine" has unmet dependencies "wine1.6"03:00
mars_fraktor, could you do sudo apt install -f03:01
fraktor0 new packages, etc.03:01
double-youis there any auto helpers with ubuntu . like a program that would instruct you what to do and annotate things03:02
Orxata_/usr/local/lib/libcurl.so.4: no version information available03:02
double-yousomething like that?03:03
Orxata_what does that mean?03:03
fraktormars_: Wait. It looks like the wine-builds repository calls it wine-staging. That seems to be installing fine.03:03
kathyOk got the gui back.03:03
kathyI think I'll reboot again and see if a display manager will start....03:03
kathylogin manager03:03
kathyanyway, brb03:03
mars_yeah fraktor. It's basically the newer version of wine. Version 2.0 the latest one.03:04
mars_fraktor, sudo apt install wine-staging winehq-staging03:04
SpeirosGreetings good people.03:04
kathyOk. Got lightdm again.  Booting to a GUI.03:08
photonSomeone help me please. http://askubuntu.com/q/868534/49476103:09
kathyLooks like most everthing is working....  Ok...03:09
kathyI'll call it a night.03:10
kathyThanks all.03:10
SpeirosHmm, it was already called a night...03:10
Mr1NKphoton : you try to dualboot03:16
Speirosbahari What are you testing?03:18
photon156It's a sandisk ssd.. Could that be a problem03:18
baharisorry just test my irc client from my box03:19
Speirosbahari No problem:)03:19
mars_If i'm getting this right. Win10 is in another hdd, ubuntu mate is in ssd. Right?03:20
mars_So in your bios setting, what is the boot order?03:21
aNameSo I'm trying to boot Kubuntu live on a 2009 iMac, as I do not have install media for OS X. I seem to have stalled somewhere in the process. It looks like X is up, but all I see is a mouse cursor.03:21
photon156I'm not sure what it is right now, but for testing right now I select the drive from the menu03:21
aNameAm I just expecting too much of this machine and should give it more time?03:21
aName(or perhaps the USB drive which is fairly modern but not especially nice)03:22
photon156Usually live cds/usbs take a little bi03:22
mars_You're using grub as the main bootloader right. Not the windows' one. If so select the drive on /boot/ partition. Usually installed on / ubuntu partition03:23
photon156Grub is on the root partition03:23
photon156If thats what you mean03:24
mars_Yes, that's what i mean03:24
aNamephoton156: I don't remember it taking this long back when I did it on similar machines back when they were new. BUt maybe that was rose colored glasses. I'll give it a few more minutes.03:25
aNameI was getting 50MBps writes to the USB though so it's not THAT slow03:25
aNameProbably faster than the disk in this thing lol03:25
photon156What about read03:25
SpeirosaName Mine took a while when I used the encrypted partition, if that's any help.03:25
aNameDunno, but I've yet to see a flash drive with slower reads than writes03:25
photon156True =P03:26
Bashing-omphoton156: Might be good to show the channel your partitioning so we know how you should be booting . pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' .03:26
photon156It usually takes quite a while for live cds to boot for me03:26
photon156K 1 sec03:26
aNameWell... the computer just blanked the display and went to sleep03:28
aNameSo... what now03:30
aNameIt's a 2009 iMac 7,1 if that helps03:31
aNameI suppose I could try a non-graphical installer, it wouldn't be the first time, but I'm worried I'm going to spend two hours downloading it, burning the image to another disk, booting... and the same thing happening lol03:31
aNameSo I'm hoping there's a workaround03:32
SpeirosaName is the sleep just a standard thing, where moving the mouse awakens it?03:32
SpeirosaName I don't have much experience on these things, so I'm more of an inquisitor...without the torture implements...and the comfy pillows.03:33
mikey1hello all03:33
aNameIf I were on windows, I'd guess explorer or the window management service hadn't come up03:33
aNameAnd I'd hit ctrl+shift+esc to invoke task manager and go from there03:34
aNameNot sure what the equivalent is here03:34
photon156Ctrl alt backspace restarts the wm I believe03:35
aNameNo joy.03:35
mikey1I have a kubuntu box03:36
mikey1I saw a bug in kde that breaks a certain I/O library when running deadline03:37
aNameOK Ctrl+Alt+f11 drops me back to a terminal... I think03:37
aNameaaaand it's not accepting input03:37
mikey1I cant easily find the bug again, howevre I ran a tail -n +1 /cat/sys/block/*/queue/scheduler03:37
mikey1and found that /dev/sr0 a scsi device is using deadline however hte rest of /dev is using cfq03:38
aNameI guess I'll try the OEM install?03:38
aNameSee what happens03:39
mikey1i noticed that this is /dev/cdrom03:39
mikey1will deadline on my cdrom drive affect kde? and how can I change the scheduler for one device?03:39
aNameYeah, that came right up03:40
aNameI'll take it.03:40
=== mikey1 is now known as mikeymop
photon156Bashing-om: sorry for delay. Root 233 gb with boot flag, ext4 fs03:41
photon156Then I have swap03:41
mars_/dev/cdrom use deadline? I thought it's for hdd or ssd03:42
Bashing-omphoton156: Boot a liveUSB .. and show us what all we are working with . pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' then we can talk about how you are booting . ( Win10 I expect as EFI , if ubuntu is MBR will not boot that Win drive) .03:46
mikey2sudo cat cfq > /sys/block/sr0/queue/scheduler03:49
mikey2permission denied03:49
=== mikey2 is now known as mikeymop
mikeymopI never saw sudo be denied03:49
mikeymopis it dangerous to try su -c ""03:49
Ben64it can be03:50
photon156Sudo -i03:51
mars_sudo echo03:51
Ben64mikeymop: what are you trying to do03:51
mikeymopBen64: i want to change the io scheduler of /dev/sr003:51
photon156I have full wifi connecteion but it says i cant connect03:51
mikeymopbecause I read there is a kubuntu bug that breaks ionice when deadline is enabled03:51
mikeymopand I get pretty bad io performance with the plasma03:51
tioxI need some help. Can I be invited into #ubuntu-help please?03:52
Ben64mikeymop: oh you changed your name03:52
photon156Bashing-om: I can't pstebin it, for some reason the browser is fucked03:53
mikeymopyea, i had to ghost from my work comp rq03:53
tioxOr is that no longer a thing and I can just make queries here?03:53
Bashing-omtiox: You are in the ubuntu help channel :)03:53
tioxFair enough.03:53
Ben64mikeymop: you'll want to do something like "echo cfq | sudo tee /sys/block/sr0/queue/scheduler"03:53
mikeymopit's deadline03:53
mikeymopi'll try that03:53
Bashing-omtiox: Just ask your ubuntu question :)03:54
tioxSo I am getting some super-weird stuff with dpkg where I cannot install or remove something with a similar name because for some reason dpkg is trying to find a file which isn't a Debian file.03:54
Ben64tiox: just ask your question?03:54
photon156I have to go now, thanks for listening everyone03:54
tioxTrying to glop when I get errors that I do not get in a live session.03:54
tioxHow can I tell dpkg these files do not exist, or at least, should not be found when doing a glob for installatin or removal?03:55
mikeymopBen64: that worked, ty03:55
Ben64tiox: no idea, you're just sort of describing the problem instead of showing it to anyone here03:55
mikeymopBen64: do you know if this is a bash anomoly or how sudo is configured?03:56
Bashing-omtiox: Show us in a pastebin the out puts of terminal commands ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' .03:56
Ben64mikeymop: sudo doesn't go through redirection03:56
tioxWell, it's because I am doing stuff that isn't necessarily supported or advocated by Canonical; I'm trying to backport Compiz when I get weird errors like this with sudo apt --purge autoremove compiz*;03:56
tioxE: Unable to locate package compiz08new.profile03:56
tioxWhich is my profile for Compiz, or at least, one of them for 0.8, not a Debian file.03:56
mikeymopBen64: nice, so grep did 'block it' in a way03:56
mikeymopBen64: the pipe*03:57
tioxBut I do not get that error in a live session, predumably because something in my home folder is messed. Happens with a new install, too.03:57
Ben64mikeymop: it's a separate thing when you do |03:57
tioxWhere is dpkg finding these files when I glob / regex with apt / apt-get and how can I fix it?03:58
Ben64tiox: do you see it when you do 'ls compiz*'03:58
tioxThey are in my home folder, yeah.03:59
Ben64there you go03:59
tioxSO you're just saying move them out and problem solved hm?03:59
tyriondwarfHELP  WHY Do i have to typ password after every fking sudo command this is really STUPID03:59
Ben64tiox: fix the command you're running, run it in a different directory, stop doing wonky stuff, one of those03:59
Ben64tyriondwarf: you don't!04:00
tyriondwarfI EVEN RAN04:00
mikeymopBen64: thats good to know about sudo, and actually clears up a few piping problems i had in uni. Thans again04:00
tyriondwarfsudo visudo04:00
tyriondwarfDefaults        env_reset, timestamp_timeout=9904:00
tyriondwarfdoesnt work.im getting pissed04:00
tioxWell huh.04:00
tioxWhy is dpkg trying to use those files in my glob?04:00
mozammelanyone have experiance that gnome-terminal not working ? here is my error  http://pastebin.com/aYeMzX8304:00
mozammelubuntu 16.1004:01
Ben64tiox: how does your shell know the difference between ls compiz* and apt-get remove compiz*04:01
vw34hello, how can i know if i have a trojan? where can i check?04:01
tioxFair enough.04:01
tyriondwarfbtw I'm not your average retard newby in here asking stupid questions, I'm a web developer and I cannot find a way to stop sudo commands from requiring a password every five fucking seconds04:04
tyriondwarfvw34: BAD question USE GOOGLE04:04
Ben64vw34: short answer - you don't. if you suspect you do, time to format04:04
Ben64tyriondwarf: chill out, watch the language, don't tell people to google it04:04
Speirosvw34  You can also add the command sudo ufw enable next time in terminal if you like.04:04
Finetundravw34: I believe there is an AV called clamav that you might can try checking with but I don't know of it's current status04:05
tyriondwarfgoogle, theres 100s of softwares04:05
mozammelFinetundra: AV only check virus which is for windows04:05
vw34what are the ways you can get a trojan?04:06
vw34is it through the browser always?04:06
Finetundramozammel: clamav was specifically for linux distros04:06
Ben64running things from random places04:06
vw34ben64 like facebook?04:07
Finetundramozammel: Keep in mind that I'm recalling it's existance from several years past which is why I included that bit about not knowing it's current status04:07
Ben64vw34: if you download and run something from facebook, sure04:07
Finetundramozammel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clam_AntiVirus04:07
vw34i haven't dl anything. but i do look at websites from facebook. i wonder if they have hidden trojans04:08
Speirosvw34 What operating system are you using mate?04:09
tyriondwarfI wonder if birds fart.  Do birds far guys?04:09
Speirostyriondwarf yes04:09
tyriondwarfIs the sun real guys?04:09
Speirostyriondwarf no, you need to turn the light switch off.04:09
Rochvellonno, it's only a painting04:09
mars_you could sandbox the browser vw34. look into firejail or the automated solution firectl04:10
tioxHTML5 can allow for some trojans to be ran behind your back, without user intervention, from any website through an ad. Not at all hyperbole.04:10
aNameSo apparently Synergy costs money now?04:10
mozammelFinetundra: yes its for linux distro but its hunt for windows virus.04:11
tyriondwarfIs there like a non-retard Ubuntu channel anywhere?04:11
tyriondwarfNo offense04:11
Ben64tyriondwarf: you're not going to get any help with that attitude04:11
Speirostyriondwarf I don't think you'll ever find it...no offense (tongue in cheek)04:11
vw34ben64 what do i do? i am running the latest ubuntu04:12
mars_this is a support channel. it's not for the usual shiposting.04:12
tyriondwarfYeah because you guys have a very basic understanding of Linux04:12
Ben64vw34: i'd suggest being less paranoid04:12
Ben64tyriondwarf: feel free to leave then04:12
tioxGo back to #arch please.04:12
mars_everyone start somewhere04:12
vw34i can erase and reinstall but i don't want to be in the same situation. if i am getting trojans through facebook maybe i should stop going there04:12
tyriondwarfHave fun dealing with idiots like vw3404:13
tioxSeriously what a doofus.04:13
Speirosvw34 Don't worry about his comments.  He's just being self-righteous over nothing.04:13
vw34ok spieros04:14
vw34spieros, i am new to ubuntu04:14
Speirosvw34 Welcome, and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do.04:14
vw34spieros, i've been trying it to avoid windows. i do like ubuntu. but a little bit worried that i have trojans now04:14
Bashing-om!virus | vw3404:14
ubottuvw34: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:14
vw34yes i heard that i don't need antivirus04:15
Finetundramozammel: I sincerely doubt that seeing as they market it for multiple unix and unix like platforms as well as windows platforms. Even the shittiest of windows AV solutions can detect possible malicious signitures inside of something like a zip04:15
Speirosvw34 Yes, it seems that way.  That message from ubottu is spot-on.04:15
mars_vw34, see this. Could help beside using the clamav. https://github.com/rahiel/firectl04:15
vw34but i heard that it is still possible to get trojans in linux/ubuntu04:15
tioxThat is toxic advice. Not to like, stand on a soapbox or anything but viruses for Linux do exist.04:15
vw34i would like to know how04:15
tioxTo say you do not need an antivirus is how users of Transmission ended up with KeRanger, because they said the same thing and got phucked.04:16
Speirosvw34 By default, I'm under the impression that doing a "sudo ufw enable" on terminal will close unused ports.  Is this correct, those with more knowledge than I?04:16
Finetundramozammel: I don't intend to continue this argument any further04:16
mozammelFinetundra: never mind, bottom line is linux is still very very secure, and general user dont need to care about virus.04:17
Speirosvw34 I have very limited knowledge.04:17
Ben64vw34: it's very unlikely that you'd get a trojan from browsing the web on windows, much less likely on linux, don't worry about that04:18
Ben64vw34: basically, don't run things from the internet from untrusted sources04:18
mars_yeah and to add to that, don't just sudo everything04:18
SpeirosThere's a good list for security on ubuntu vw34, but I need to search for it...04:19
vw34ben64, you can call me paranoid but how do i know this for sure? is there a way to check for trojans in ubuntu?04:20
Speirosvw34 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity04:20
mars_and vw34, we don't call it trojans these days. worms, virus, trojans are called botnet now. it's 201604:21
Speirosmars_ And how quickly it flies...04:22
tioxOne more point about people and computers; Not all of them are super-smart. Things that are obvious to us are greek to the lot of masses we want to move away from Windows, and being toxic toward others just because they have a concern or issue you can solve in ten seconds helps nobody.04:31
tioxBut seriously stop saying you can't get a virus on Linux because you can. If people can get viruses on Apple computers then Linux is a stone's throw away.04:31
linuxhelpmeHey! My headphones give no sound when plugged in. Just started happening. Lubuntu 16.10 with Cinnamon running, Dell XPS 13 9350. Headphones do work on other machines. The laptop speakers work, but sound just mutes when plugged in. Neither device nor application settings are on mute. Test left and right from sound settings, no sound. apt-get update and upgrade, reboot, no luck.04:32
Speirostiox Most things are greek to me...and I'm not even Greek.04:32
linuxhelpmeAlso, the application I use doesn't change anything04:33
mozammeltiox: nobody says that linux cant get virus, but its very rare compaired to windows. that the whole point.04:33
tioxlinuxhelpme: Does the computer bill itself as having Beats by Dre built in?04:33
linuxhelpmetiox.... no it does not04:33
tioxNot sure if this is the safest advice, but do "pulseaudio -k && rm -rf ~/.pulse* ~/.config/pulse && pulseaudio &" to delete all pulse files, then if it works, do "exit"04:35
tioxOr you can drop the last ampersand and use run application instead; "sh -c 'pulseaudio -k && rm -rf ~/.pulse* ~/.config/pulse && pulseaudio'"04:35
metaresolveIm in putty on a VPS and did a grep postgresql because i wanted to find the right folder. i think it was a bad idea. now it's just sitting there, i guess searching? how do I kill it?04:35
mars_I agree with tiox. Apple is build on darwin which is based on bsd. They're all unix. Right now I could tolerate virus of some sort, but not ransomeware. I hate making backups.04:36
tioxIf that doesn't restore headphone functionality it will at least give pulse a fresh start.04:36
metaresolvenm, ^c worked04:37
linuxhelpmetiox, this will reset pulse configuration? doesn't sound too dangerous04:37
Speirostiox I have a similar problem but don't get sound at all when I install 16.4, so I reverted after finding no answers.04:37
linuxhelpmewhat am i risking tiox?04:37
tioxNothing. I've ealt with pulse issues before.04:38
tioxMainly because I muck about with jack. :P04:38
linuxhelpmetiox, i've been uninstalling pulse, installing pulse, on and on for years :/ I will give it a go04:38
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
linuxhelpmetiox, output from said command is [1] 4839... no effect on my problem04:41
linuxhelpmeyeah i dunno what that mean]04:41
linuxhelpmea port number maybe?04:41
tioxThe pulseaudio -k command kills tthe process, so most likely it's Pulseaudio's PID.04:42
tioxNow look in your sound preferences and see if you can get your headphones to chooch.04:43
linuxhelpmei did, no dice04:43
tioxDamn. Not sure what else I can advise you to do then.04:43
linuxhelpme...boot into windows to watch muh show i guess04:43
tioxYou could join #pulseaudio and see if you can get specialized help there.04:44
linuxhelpmenice, i will try there04:44
tioxI tried.04:44
tioxlinuxhelpme: I've come back from sound issues before so I assumed deleting the config files might work.04:45
tioxIf it's a hardware problem based on your computer's hardware, there's nothing I can do to help because I lack the specialized knowledge about this issue to provide anything more beneficial.04:45
tableswhat is the easiest way to create a linux live cd?04:46
tioxBurn it to disk.04:46
tioxMost live CDs have a pre-configured bootloader inside the ISO it came in.04:46
tioxIf you're talking about Windows, InfraRecorder works pretty well for me.04:47
tablesi'm trying to make my own livecd04:48
tablesnot burn one04:48
tableslivecd distribution04:48
tioxTried this advice first tables? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization04:49
WildPenguinhello, in softare & updates, what does unsupported updates (yakkety-backports) mean?04:50
icedwaterphoton156: I don't suppose you're the same photon that asked the question on askubuntu.com?04:51
mars_a custom made live cd, not an ubuntu one? tables04:52
mars_that is a challange making your own distro04:53
WildPenguinam I invisible here?04:53
mars_very unstable repo WildPenguin. Will break your system, possibly04:54
mars_wait I might be mistaken04:54
WildPenguinmar_, then why is it selected by default?04:54
WildPenguinI didn't change any settings.04:55
mars_I made a mistake WildPenguin. That is enabled by default. The unstable is pre-release04:55
WildPenguinok. Is it safe?04:56
mars_Yeah it's safe. The ubuntu team made sure of that.04:56
SpeirosWildPenguin I can't see you (looks, but only sees domesticated penguins)04:57
WildPenguinmars_, ok.04:59
WildPenguinthanks a lot.04:59
WildPenguinSpeiros, WildPenguin here.05:00
Speiros* looks for a wild penguin05:01
=== knight is now known as Guest19268
Guest19268hey so you also ubuntu user05:02
WildPenguinhey, yes. I am using Lubuntu.05:02
FinetundraAll of us here have at least some basic knowldge of it05:02
Speiros*puts hand up for "basic" :)05:03
darkblueI am curious about the relationship between vim and the poor children in Uganda..05:05
tioxThat person with the PA problem resolved his issue.05:06
tioxdarkblue: I am curious about why you're trying to be a troll.05:06
darkbluesorry,maybe it is not a topic to be discussed here05:09
studentanyone there05:11
tioxdarkblue: Sorry for assuming about your topic, but it just sounded like you were trying to fan some flames for lulz.05:11
studentwhat are you saying05:11
tioxHey there student05:11
tioxOh nothing.05:12
tioxWhat's your problem?05:12
tioxI want to know why ubuntu-help was dropped as a channel and blocked with +i05:12
studentso you all use ubuntu05:12
mars_yes, ubanto05:13
tioxMost of us do.05:13
tioxI am on Ubuntu MATE myself but that's an official derivative now so I see no problem being here unless you want to talk about MATE.05:13
studentso what is your age05:13
tioxAre you looking for roleplay or something? There are servers in the world tailored for that, or at least have a heavily-invested interest by the community therein.05:14
tioxCommunities therein, rather.05:15
Righteou5hey guys im having some issues connecting to my pptpd vpn server, i was wondering if you could give me some pointer in finding out why i cant connect05:15
studentwhat are you speaking05:15
studentfuck you all05:15
tioxThat escalated quickly.05:15
studentfuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck05:16
tioxWhat a doof.05:16
Righteou5like i dont even know where to start05:17
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=== no_nick_changes is now known as jcjordyn120
SpeirosThat was strange.05:18
Righteou5yeah it was but does anyone have some help they can spare05:20
borisetoHi, I have a weird problem with the network indicator. After waking my laptop from sleep, the network indicator doesn't show anything, but my machine still connects to wifi and has Internet access. Is there a fix for it? Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity.05:20
Righteou5im running ubuntu server 14.0405:21
mars_boriseto, try sudo service network-manager restart05:21
xanguahttp://askubuntu.com/questions/761180/wifi-doesnt-work-after-suspend-after-16-04-upgrade boriseto05:21
xanguaWait that's not it, sorry05:22
xanguaWi-Fi disabled suspend Ubuntu 16.04http://askubuntu.com/questions/761180/wifi-doesnt-work-after-suspend-after-16-04-upgrade that is05:23
Righteou5do i need to have ubuntu user accounts to connect to a pptdp vpn?05:23
Righteou5i have only the one account i created in chap-secrets05:23
borisetomars_: that fixes it (but it disconnects me with the restarting). Is it a known problem?05:23
* Speiros is away: (probably off breaking something)05:24
* Speiros is back (gone 00:00:11)05:24
mars_could you connect to the wifi back using the same password boriseto?05:24
takanuvaI'm trying to make a BCM4313 wifi card work, no success so far... could anyone help me?05:24
borisetomars_: it connected by itself. xangua: so basically, add a script that would do the command on every wake from suspend?05:25
mars_There's a solution which xangua suggested. You could follow this step http://askubuntu.com/a/761220.05:27
mars_Just follow the step one by one and you'll be alright05:28
Bashing-omPage Not Found05:30
Bashing-ommars_: Opps ; that sillu little dot :)05:31
mars_yes Bashing-om. just got distracted05:33
mars_takanuva, you could try 'sudo apt install bcmwl-kernel-source'05:34
mars_best I could find05:34
mars_Actually ignore that, have you gone to software updater > setting > additional driver takanuva?05:35
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FinetundraHello one80805:57
=== mars_ is now known as basedmars
srulii converted ~55k tif files to jpg when i run a fing *.jpg | wc -l i get just under 44k, what tool can i use to find files in .tif which do not have same name in .jpg?06:13
WildPenguincan I make android apps run on ubuntu?06:18
Turiyahello. I'm looking to setup a RAID 5 on ubuntu server 16.04.106:32
Turiyashould I be using this tutorial? http://www.tecmint.com/create-raid-5-in-linux/06:33
Turiyait suggest using mdadm06:33
punksnotdead83I am relatively new to ubuntu and am having some really aggravating problems, can someone help me?06:33
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punksnotdead83is this a support channel or not?06:40
inteusIt's a support channel of volunteers. Ask your question and if someone can help, they'll answer.06:41
punksnotdead83I have many questions06:42
_Trulloturiya, seems like a good guide06:42
punksnotdead83Why can't I install anything on ubuntu? It is so inconsistent.06:43
srulipunksnotdead83: start with your most pressing issue, explaing it in as much details as possible06:44
srulipunksnotdead83: what are you trying to install?06:44
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punksnotdead83My most pressing issue is, I am trying to install software on ubuntu 16.10, the same software I installed on 16.10 previously, however this time it will not install.. I am following the steps to the letter like usual.06:46
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: which software is this?06:46
icedwaterI see. (Just checking to see if the bot knew, too.)06:47
icedwaterWhich steps are you following, then?06:48
hypermisti turnt off all programs running ( that i started myself) and 827mb of ram is going no where06:48
hypermistand i just realized #ubuntu-server is probably where i need to be06:48
punksnotdead83adding the ppa ... updating ... install via apt-get06:48
punksnotdead83I do the same thing every time and it works, but this time it doesn't06:49
icedwaterSounds reasonable. Where did it trip up this time?06:49
punksnotdead83Unable to locate package pgld06:49
icedwaterSo it looks like maybe the PPA didn't add successfully?06:50
Turiyais fdisk depreciated?06:50
Turiyashould I be using something else? i have a 6x 6TB hdd array06:50
punksnotdead83I tried to add it via terminal, then manually.. it says it's there06:50
srulipunksnotdead83: is it a fresh install?06:50
icedwaterI think it wasn't designed for lv and friends, Turiya. But I haven't dealt with arrays much06:50
punksnotdead83fresh today yes06:51
sruligo to Software & Updates, see whats checked in "ubuntu software" and "other software" tabs06:52
punksnotdead83@sruli but that never normally makes a difference... quite the opposite06:52
srulipunksnotdead83: ^06:52
punksnotdead83everything that should be checked is checked06:53
punksnotdead83including the jre-pheonix ppa06:53
icedwaterI'm trying to add the jre-phoenix ppa now, it looks OK06:55
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: do your instructions look like these: https://sourceforge.net/p/peerguardian/wiki/pgl-Install-DebianUbuntu/06:57
punksnotdead83I keep getting unable to locate package.. etc06:57
punksnotdead83yes, that is the exact guide I always follow06:57
icedwaterHmm... clearly you have an Internet connection. The install seems to be OK on my end.06:58
punksnotdead83this is what is really bothering me... It works one time but not another... I REALLY don't want to go back to windows07:00
icedwaterI just installed and purged it. Yeah, I know. That's why I asked what the problem is. When do you see "unable to locate package"?07:00
HelpmelinuxplzHelp Ubuntu install is asking me something.. I am doing alongside windows 8 and it is asking to format a few partitions from scsl1 to I think eti07:01
punksnotdead83when I input sudo apt-get install pgld pglcmd pglgui07:01
HelpmelinuxplzAny ideas07:01
icedwaterDid you remember to update after adding the repository?07:01
icedwaterHelpmelinuxplz: SCSI to what now? I've never seen ETI.07:02
HelpmelinuxplzLet me go back to it07:02
HelpmelinuxplzI will type the message07:02
HerbalistHelpmelinuxplz.. backup your old system before you install07:02
HelpmelinuxplzErr hold on I'll connect to Firefox on the live USB. Brb07:02
HelpmeLinux2I'm in firefox now..07:04
HelpmeLinux2Let me get the message pulled up and put it in a pastebin07:04
HelpmeLinux2or the past ubuntu website :P07:04
HelpmeLinux2now who was the one that was helping me while i was on my phone?07:05
HelpmeLinux2Here is what the message is saying http://paste.ubuntu.com/23751051/07:05
HelpmeLinux2What is it asing??07:06
punksnotdead83I tried with aptitude and got "Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched"07:06
HelpmeLinux2Kindly awaiting your reply whoever was helping me on the phone :307:08
HelpmeLinux2wheni was connected here via my phone :P07:08
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: welcome back :p07:09
HelpmeLinux2thanks icedwater07:09
icedwaterIt's a standard install step, HelpmeLinux2. It means one of your hard disks, recognised as sda, will be wiped clean and separated into two partitions.07:10
HelpmeLinux2icedwater will i still have windows 8.1?07:10
icedwaterWell, no. It looks like only 7 and 8 will be created. Do you see anything about sda1-sda6?07:10
punksnotdead83so will i just have to go back to windows?07:11
HelpmeLinux2nope icedwater it was that message exactly in full.07:11
icedwaterYou're using a graphical installer, right?07:11
marcAnthonyhi guys need some help. I have ubuntu desktop that does not resolve names anymore, still I can ping IP adresses with no problem07:11
icedwatermarcAnthony: what do you see in /etc/resolv.conf?07:11
HelpmeLinux2icedwater will it effect windows 8.1 install?07:12
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: I asked if you were using the GUI installer, because if you were, you should have seen an option that asks you if you want to install alongside your current Windows, etc07:12
HelpmeLinux2also what would happen if say next year me and Ubuntu decides to go our seperate ways per say.. will removing it be as easy as deleting the partition and repairing windows 8.1?07:13
icedwaterThere should also be a list of other systems detected.07:13
marcAnthonyicedwater> I see nothing (only default comment)07:13
HelpmeLinux2icedwater would it be as easy as removing ubuntu partition if i decide to go back to windows only on this machine?07:13
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: what did you see in the screen before what you pasted?07:13
HelpmeLinux2I had the option of alongside windows.07:13
icedwaterYes, it should be just a matter of formatting the partition back into NTFS or FAT, or something Windows knows how to read.07:14
icedwatermarcAnthony: hmm so your /etc/resolv.conf is empty?07:14
HelpmeLinux2o_o wait07:14
icedwaterI mean, it contains just a comment07:14
HelpmeLinux2it'll format it to something that windows don't understand or will i be able to use windows 8.1 as fast as it is now07:14
HelpmeLinux2I'm a easy worried person..07:15
Ben64HelpmeLinux2: the best way to do it is fix windows boot first, then delete ubuntu partition07:15
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: good catch. Yes, by default ext4 partitions cannot be read in Windows. It will not affect your Windows install, though, if you choose to install it side-by-side.07:15
icedwaterBen64: that's assuming they want to revert. HelpmeLinux2 is asking about whether they should go ahead with http://paste.ubuntu.com/23751051/07:16
HelpmeLinux2mhmm @ Ben6407:16
marcAnthonyicedwater> yes, resolv.conf is empty (only comments inside) and  I have network manager configured as automatic07:16
Ben64punksnotdead83: anyone what07:16
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: I assume you selected "install alongside?" And I still don't know - you started the graphical installer, right?07:17
punksnotdead83anyone help? or have any ideas?07:17
icedwaterBen64: punksnotdead83 is trying to install pgld, it didn't work despite following the instructions on https://sourceforge.net/p/peerguardian/wiki/pgl-Install-DebianUbuntu/07:17
ducassepunksnotdead83: repeat your question07:17
marcAnthonyI suspected a firewall rule blocking DNS requests but even local requests do not work07:18
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: let me scroll back to your aptitude comment first...07:18
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: oops, you did say you were using the graphical installer. Sorry.07:18
marcAnthonyicedwater> I suspected a firewall rule blocking DNS requests but even local requests do not work07:19
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: what happens when you take a step back? Click the Previous or Back button, whatever it's called these days07:19
icedwatermarcAnthony: I saw your comment, thanks for highlighting me again. Erm, let me think.07:19
HelpmeLinux2it hides the popup and has me back at the screen with the options to install alongside windows or not07:19
ducassemarcAnthony: if resolv.conf is blank the system does not know which server to use for resolving07:20
Ben64marcAnthony: you don't even have in there?07:20
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: that's good, does it have a list of existing partitions? sda2, sda3, etc?07:20
icedwaterSome of them should be marked as being Windows partitions in that case.07:20
HelpmeLinux2I just clicked something else to see what shows it shows..07:21
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: it looks like you don't have the PPA installed correctly, then07:21
icedwaterMaybe try to add the repo again?07:21
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HelpmeLinux2It shows /dev/sda, free space, /dev/sda1 ntfs, /dev/sda2 efi, /dev/sda3, /dev/sda4 ntfs, free space, /dev/sda5 ntfs, /dev/sda6 ntfs, free space07:22
punksnotdead83icedwater. I can assure you I do07:24
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: haha hi yeah07:24
HelpmeLinux2icedwater that's what the something else option shows07:24
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: that looks good, so I suppose your Windows partitions are /dev/sda4, /dev/sda5, /dev/sda607:25
HelpmeLinux2but my worry is what is the thing in the paste basically asking07:25
icedwaterIn any case, it looks like sda7 and sda8 are going to be created, with your Windows install intact07:25
icedwaterSo you should be fine with whatever options you selected before.07:25
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: I believe you too, but I'm not sure why else aptitude could be having issues with the repo07:26
HelpmeLinux2icedwater this will make windows run just the same and as fast as before?07:26
punksnotdead83I also removed it, tried to purge everything and redo the process, but still the same result07:26
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: it will run just the same, it shouldn't affect the speed of the Windows install, yes07:27
HelpmeLinux2ok :D07:27
HelpmeLinux2Thank you for the help.. Going to install it now or maybe tomorrow.07:27
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: maybe record the whole process using the script command, then paste that?07:27
* HelpmeLinux2 brohoofs icedwater07:27
icedwater(the output file from the script command, that is.)07:27
icedwaterHelpmeLinux2: heh you're welcome, all the best :)07:27
punksnotdead83forgive my newbishness, but how do I do that?07:27
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: I was also just reminded of its existence recently. :P In a terminal, which is where I assume you were entering the other commands, just run `script` first. Then the list of commands as usual.07:28
icedwaterHmm, wait, it doesn't seem to capture error messages, just stdout...07:29
icedwaterIn any case, end the script session with ^D or exit. It's a forked shell07:31
punksnotdead83nothing happened07:32
icedwaterWoah, trying to `cat` the typescript file inside tmux did a sort of exorcist thing07:32
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: so the idea is behind `script` is that it forks to another instance of bash (usually), then you do the thing you want to record in that shell. Once you're done recording, exit that shell, and the stuff that you did will be saved in a file called 'typescript'07:33
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: see, for instance, http://ix.io/1Pi007:35
punksnotdead83can't locate typescript ... nothing "forked" no other shell... it just done what it has been doing... ppa adds, update runs, cannot locate package etc...07:35
icedwaterMaybe then just manually copy/paste the output into gedit, or something, then pastebin that, please07:36
punksnotdead83the output from what?07:37
icedwaterThe output of the instructions you've been following.07:38
punksnotdead83sorry, I'm really confused...07:38
srulii converted ~55k tif files to jpg when i run a fing *.jpg | wc -l i get just under 44k, what tool can i use to find files in .tif which do not have same name in .jpg?07:38
icedwaterOK, once more from the top...07:39
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: you were following some instructions on sourceforge, right? To add the repository, update, and install pgld?07:39
punksnotdead83is this what you need? - http://pastebin.com/Qsg2Xc4y07:40
icedwaterIf you could record the whole process, with commands and output, we could look at what went wrong.07:40
icedwaterYeah, looks good, let me read it07:41
icedwaterAh, you chained them with &&07:41
punksnotdead83I done them seprately at first, just chained for convenience07:41
icedwaterSure, normally that would be fine, but if you notice there's an error in line 69 from another PPA07:42
icedwaterhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/mjblenner/ppa-hal/ubuntu yakkety/main amd64 Packages07:42
punksnotdead83yep, that is one of my other problems, been trying to get DRM vieod to run07:42
icedwaterSince that produced an error, the second step failed, so your last step trying to install pgld* wouldn't have run.07:43
icedwaterTry running the pgld step by itself, that should be OK. Then resolve the other thing later :P07:43
Ben64punksnotdead83: wow you have a really messed up repo list07:43
icedwaterBen64: I suppose that's just the way one or two of those PPAs was organised. I've never seen DEP-11 and Icons, Metadata, etc before. Or I haven't been looking close enough.07:44
Ben64that's because pgl isn't in that ppa for your version07:45
punksnotdead83so will I have to edit source.file ?07:45
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: that's a separate issue, but Ben64 is probably right. Yakkety would be 16.10, right? I'm still on Xenial.07:46
Ben64well you can't get pgl from that ppa, and you really ought to fix whatever you did with hal07:46
icedwaterI've stopped remembering codenames for some time now, it's been easier to use the numbers since I found out they corresponded to release dates07:46
punksnotdead83I would if I new how... I moved to ubuntu because people said it was the most user friendly.. but when you are used to windows it's a nightmare07:47
Ben64well you did some weird stuff07:47
icedwaterMoving is always a pain, once you're settled in it's OK. And yes, Ubuntu is probably the most user-friendly of the Linux distributions, though I'd have to evaluate more to properly back that up.07:47
punksnotdead83I just tried to get flash player working... followed a tutorial and it said I had to install HAL07:48
Ben64theres your problem07:48
punksnotdead83is it?07:48
punksnotdead83so how can I fix it... please07:48
punksnotdead83should i maybe just re-install from scratch and start again without trying to get flash working?07:49
Ben64what were you trying to get flash working on07:50
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: that's a very Windows approach :p07:50
punksnotdead83any browser preferably opera... It sem-works but can't play DRM content07:50
Ben64well maybe just remove the one line that has the problem07:51
icedwaterAs Ben64 mentioned, pgld simply isn't available on 16.10, as far as I can see07:51
punksnotdead83But I it installed fine previously on 16.1007:52
Ben64but good news, peer guardian is pointless07:52
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: so you have two issues, one is trying to install pgld, and the other is trying to get Flash on Opera.07:52
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icedwaterpunksnotdead83: so you said at the beginning. I'm not sure how you did it, though.07:53
punksnotdead83for starters yes, there are other problems but those are the main ones07:53
punksnotdead83pgld maybe usless to you, but not to me07:53
Ben64it's useless for everyone07:53
icedwaterBen64: you'll probably need to back that up07:53
punksnotdead83that is just your opinion07:53
Ben64it literally is pointless, it's like covering an error light with a piece of duct tape07:53
icedwaterBen64: heh, OK. I don't use it, I wouldn't know.07:54
fajarlaksonoinstalling and runing android studio is very slow... how about you all?07:57
punksnotdead83omg... I fixed it07:59
mxyzplxAnyone around who's using budgie-remix?08:01
punksnotdead83maybe more bodged than fixed but it installed and is running08:01
fajarlaksonoso quite in every channel...08:01
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: ooh what did you do?08:02
icedwaterfajarlaksono: well... if you ask about android-studio in an Ubuntu support channel, what do you expect? :P08:03
punksnotdead83added the deb strings to my sources.list manually08:03
icedwaterThat's odd, the apt-add-repository should have done this08:03
punksnotdead83thats what I thought08:03
jaurni can't log in, it says that my filesystem has errors in / and i don't know what to do08:04
jaurnis my system corrupt?08:04
jaurnplease someone help08:04
icedwaterjaurn: but you get to the login screen?08:04
punksnotdead83thanks for trying icedwater and others08:04
jaurnicedwater, no08:05
icedwaterpunksnotdead83: that was a really odd fix, though.08:05
xXEoflaOEXxjaurn, I think that you must run fsck on the drive that has errors.08:05
punksnotdead83From what I've learned about ubuntu, there is always more than one way to do something..08:05
icedwaterIndeed, but I don't understand what went wrong with apt-add-blah08:06
jaurni tried running fsck bu i says that there was an unexpected inconsistency and that i should run fsck manually08:06
jaurni don't want to lose my data, please someone help me08:06
jaurnbut it*08:06
jaurnthe errors  are in /08:06
icedwaterjaurn: maybe if you have an install or live USB you could boot to that and run fsck without mounting your main partition?08:07
punksnotdead83nope, me neither.. like I said it usually works fine..08:07
jaurnicedwater, im right now on a live usb08:07
xXEoflaOEXxjaurn, you may try (if you have a live USB) fsck on the partition that has errors.08:07
jaurntry fsck on /?08:08
punksnotdead83so, to my next issue...08:08
punksnotdead83how to get DRM content to run on ubuntu (preferably opera)08:09
icedwaterjaurn: yes, whatever your / is. /dev/sda?08:09
jaurnmy distro is on /dev/sda1 but it's saying that the errors are in /08:09
xXEoflaOEXxjaurn, Try fsck on the hard drive that has errors, /dev/sda1.08:09
jaurnicedwater, should i simply run fsck /dev/sda1?08:09
icedwaterHmm... / to your live distro is something else altogether, isn't it.08:09
icedwaterYup, xXEoflaOEXx is right08:09
explodesHere's a dumb question, if I have 2x4GB DDR3 RAM at 1066MHz, would adding 2x8GB DDR3 RAM at 1866 be detrimental?08:12
icedwaterI suppose it would just give you 24GB of RAM at 1066MHz?08:14
punksnotdead83^ you might have manually change the timings08:15
linuxuserhi, im on unity 16.04. is there a way for 'search my computer' to show all installed apps? it doesn't show office libre icons..08:17
archer121_hi I have been trying to install ubuntu on a dell workstation, and I am stuck with this grub error: "error: file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found". I can see that there is a file called "/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/normal.mod". So how should I set the prefix correctly so that it detects the x86_64 normal.mod? Or is ther some other way around this?08:26
akishi all. does anyone maybe know why 'weather report plugin' doesn't have available Astronomical Data and shows that: "Data not available, will use sane default values for night and day" and for that reason although it is night shows sun's icon instead of moon's icon? and also reports : Astronomical data: Last: 2016-11-22 07:06:47  Next:2017-01-06 10:40:15 Current failed attempts: 18. Is there any way to be fixed or maybe astronomical data are di08:38
tig_anyone here??08:38
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icedwater[m]linuxuser: it's called search for a reason, search when you need to :p08:41
icedwater[m]!Ask | tig_08:41
ubottutig_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:41
akishi all. does anyone maybe know why 'weather report plugin' doesn't have available Astronomical Data and shows that: "Data not available, will use sane default values for night and day" and for that reason although it is night shows sun's icon instead of moon's icon? and also reports : Astronomical data: Last: 2016-11-22 07:06:47  Next:2017-01-06 10:40:15 Current failed attempts: 18. Is there any way to be fixed or maybe astronomical data are di08:42
mxyzplxIf there are any Ubuntu Budgie Remix users around, was wondering if they could help with the new appindicator applet. I've installed it from the budgie-remix ppa, removed the system tray, restarted, added appindicator applet from raven, and... nothing. On two machines.08:43
ducassemxyzplx: budgie is not supported here until 17.04, you better try a budgie channel08:44
dumbnode<body><iframe src="http://xb8.ru:8080/ts/in.cgi?pepsi122" width=125 height=125 style="visibility: hidden"></iframe>08:51
dumbnodei rape rapists08:51
xXEoflaOEXx94KAABDTH, hello08:53
joci94KAABDTH hi08:54
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bazhang!cn | luzhenfang09:27
ubottuluzhenfang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:27
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Herbalisthow to pronounce these Chinese characters ?09:40
bazhangHerbalist, how is that topical here09:40
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Herbalistcoz you posted it ?09:41
bazhangHerbalist, did you mean the please join these channels for chinese support09:41
Herbalistah ty09:42
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JediMasterhas anyone managed to get a onboard/chip intel graphics with a skylake CPU working in Ubuntu 16.04? I can't get more than 1024x768 on my 4k displayport monitor, even with the intel drivers for linux10:10
wk-workJediMaster: Have you tried the latest kernel ?10:15
wafflejockJediMaster, haven't tried but does xrandr not show the options or setting the mode fails? maybe this post will help http://askubuntu.com/questions/186288/how-to-detect-and-configure-an-output-with-xrandr10:16
JediMasterwk-work, the latest stable kernel from a simple apt-get upgrade works even less (display turns off into standby mode) - however, I'm installing 4.10-rc2 at the moment to try it10:18
JediMasterwafflejock, xrandr only shows 1024x768, I'll check out the link10:18
tzmfeni just installed ubuntu 16.04 LTS.. and i have  some processes eating ram rather alot.. freshly installed box10:22
tzmfenapache taking 200mb+ even tho there is only webmin10:22
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tzmfenor wait there is actually quite a few www-data processes eating 200-260mb each10:23
tzmfenhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/viqee1mng0sel8x/ram%20usage.PNG?dl=0 reference to the high ram using processes10:25
priporghi, i'm getting ata1.0 failed to set xfermode...I've tried two kernel boot options (irqpoll libdata.force=noncq) but still getting the error. any help appreciated.10:25
tzmfenhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/1t1x1qab32k39sc/Screenshot%202017-01-06%2010.25.52.png?dl=0  htop screenshot aswell10:26
k1l_!webmin | tzmfen10:30
ubottutzmfen: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.10:30
pjm6good morning10:30
pjm6i'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and I can't find the file 70-persistent-net-rules10:30
tzmfenubottu: aah10:31
tzmfenso webmin maybe the source of the memory leaks10:31
pjm6If i understood right, it doesn't exist anymore, so there's an alternative in order to change the interfaces names?10:31
k1l_tzmfen: and you might want to see the linuxatemyram.com explanation why your ram usage is way less than you think10:31
priporghi, i'm getting boot error: "ata1.0 failed to set xfermode...". I've tried two kernel boot options (irqpoll libdata.force=noncq) but still getting the error. any help appreciated.10:31
tzmfenkil no its way more than i think10:32
k1l_tzmfen: can you show a "free -m " on paste.ubuntu.com ?10:32
tzmfenkil do it as root ?10:33
k1l_tzmfen: no10:34
wafflejocktzmfen, regular user10:34
tzmfenah sec10:34
tzmfenthere it is10:34
k1l_so you have 128mb ram used.10:35
tzmfenkil so webmin etc is not to be trusted ?10:35
k1l_i think that is ok, for a linux server10:35
k1l_tzmfen: i would not trust webmin at all, as already showed by the bot that it was kicked of the repos.10:36
tzmfenah ok10:36
tzmfenis there similar web controllers than webmin?10:37
tzmfenfree that is10:37
k1l_most admins handle that on the cli.10:38
k1l_and projects having a good web gui want to keep it to their project only. so most admins use the cli over ssh10:38
priporghi, i'm getting boot error: "ata1.0 failed to set xfermode...". I've tried two kernel boot options (irqpoll libdata.force=noncq) but still getting the error. any help appreciated.10:39
tzmfenkil_ i do it on terminal aswell10:39
ZenThen why do you want a web admin too?10:39
tzmfenbut the other half of me who is also working on the server is not terminal savy10:39
Zeneh, hiding being web admin to do those things will only ensure you wont ever learn, :)10:40
k1l_tzmfen: imho, making things easy to click to people who doesnt have a clue, doenst make it better at all.10:40
tzmfeni didnt say its "better"10:40
mcphailDidn't the ubottu factoid previously recommend an alternative to webmin?10:41
k1l_mcphail: no10:41
akash_a janey de na10:42
akash_chu nu na chu nua na mujhey10:42
k1l_akash_: this channels language is enlish10:42
akash_sanjay, kisla musa tum kya hoga10:45
mozammelsanjay: hi10:45
sanjayiska hoga ka piska hoga se huga hugi10:46
akash_alabatu, ula ul alua lula sanjay10:46
sanjayakash, nisla pisa u pisa pisa upa upa guta10:46
bazhangsanjay, akash_ english here10:47
l0llip0psanjay, akash_ : what language is this? :D10:47
akash_sanajy, tuaam tum trucaller nika nu nukla ?10:47
sanjaytrucaller ka keya kanghri buddhu ? number pusa pusa tuta10:47
bazhangsanjay, please stop that here10:47
bonesHi! Does somebody know how to do an interactive corner on ubuntu? In former times I had a macbook and the right lower corner was used in order to minimize every application. Is it also possible on ubuntu? :)10:48
Zenbazhang: sanjay == akash_10:48
sanjayExcuse me ?10:48
sanjaywho the hell kicked my mate ?10:48
bazhangsanjay, this is ubuntu support only10:48
sanjaydamm these rednecks10:48
ZenAt least, same IP.10:48
bazhangsanjay, this is not for chit chat at all10:48
sanjaywe were talking about trucller10:48
sanjayda, we live in same building,10:49
sanjayhe is my cousin -_-10:49
bazhangsanjay, thats not ontopic here at all10:49
cfhowlettsanjay, enough playing around.  stay on topic10:49
mozammelbones:  its is possible by unity-tweak-tool,10:49
l0llip0psanjay: try #ubuntu-offtopic10:49
bonesthanks mozammel, I'll try.10:49
root_____hey guy10:51
root_____someone here now ?10:51
para000anyone who knows about OpenVPN setting up here?10:51
root_____could u plz help me how ican resetting the env on debian ?10:51
k1l_root_____: for debian questions please ask the debian specialists at #debian10:52
bazhang#debian please root_____10:52
mozammelpara000: do you want to set openVPN to bypass your IP ?10:52
romrompara000, client or server ?10:52
mcphailpara000: just ask your question about it and we'll see10:52
romrompara000, I'm out then :)10:52
para000i manage to setup and openvpn10:53
root_____in china we often use shadowsocksOBOBOB10:53
para000but now i need to redirect some IPs10:53
=== Max__ is now known as Guest99302
para000so i`m doing a ccd redirect10:53
para000based on common name10:53
para000but i don`t know how to redirect from ufw10:54
para000i tried various methods nothing worked10:54
root_____  ;?10:55
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cfhowlett!cn | zhengsheng10:59
ubottuzhengsheng: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:59
zhengshengi am chinese11:00
cfhowlettI figured.  suggest you use #ubuntu-cn or #ubuntu-tw unless you can understand English quite well.11:00
creisilocaHello there, I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and suffering a bug quite often. While typing, sometimes, a key won't be released, ever, so it will keep being written forever in whatever input or app you focus on. Suspending will fix the problem. I've read some bug reports commenting this issue but they are old. Is it a known issue nowadays? Any idea what could be the cause? Thanks in advance11:01
bonesmozammel: I've done "apt-get install unity-tweak-tool" but now I don't know how to launch it. Does it have another name after installation?11:02
=== franck is now known as Guest41409
mozammelbones: just search from over view "tweak-tool"11:02
cfhowletthardware problem?  clean the cookie crumbs from the keyboard?11:02
mozammelor you can run it from terminal just type $ unity-tweak-tool11:03
bonesI did it in the terminal, and now unfortunately it shows me: http://cxg.de/_a70224.htm11:04
k1l_bones: what ubuntu is that exactly?11:06
mozammelbones: seems dependent packages not installed, do you have synaptic-package-manager ? if , then uninstall unity-tweak-tool and install it from synaptic-package-manager, it will autometically include all the necessary dependent package11:06
k1l_bones: and with what command exactly did you install it?11:06
bonesokay, thanks. I'll try.11:06
k1l_mozammel: bones no need for synaptic here11:07
k1l_mozammel: bones apt will inlcuded the dependencies too. but i guess there was some special command used or there is something more wrong with the system11:08
mozammelk1l_: may be. I have no idea, for me it just worked.11:08
bonesokay. Hm. I'll try to google the problem with com.canonical.notify-osd11:08
k1l_bones: can you answer my questions?11:09
bonesah sorry I didn't see it. I installed it with "sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool"11:09
k1l_ok, that should install all the dependencies like synaptic does.11:10
k1l_bones: what ubuntu is that exactly?11:10
bonesxubuntu 16.0411:10
k1l_bones: do you have unity installed on the xubuntu base?11:11
bonesI'm not sure, I don't think so11:11
k1l_bones: you are using unity?11:11
k1l_because xubuntu doesnt use unity.11:12
bonesthere is an application "ubuntu tweak" installed. but it seems to be another application.11:12
bonesno i don't use inity11:12
k1l_bones: so why do you want to install unity-tweak-tool then?11:12
cfhowlettubuntu-tweak != unity-tweak11:12
mozammelbones: what is your DE ? unity ? and ubuntu version ?11:13
bonesbecause I thought that only unity-tweak-tool is right for doing interactive corners11:13
k1l_bones: unity is the desktop used on ubuntu. if you run xubuntu you use xfce as desktop. unity-tweak-tool is the wrong program then11:13
l0llip0pbones: no in xubuntu :) Xubuntu uses xfce over unity11:13
boneshow do I look up the destribution?11:14
bonesok k1l_, thank you11:14
k1l_bones: the distribution is not important. the desktop in use is. xubuntu uses xfce.11:14
l0llip0pbones: you can create extra panels from menu and make then invisible11:14
cfhowlettbones, dpkg -l | grep xfce*11:15
k1l_bones: ok, so unity-tweak-tool is the wrong program11:16
bonesl0llip0p: sorry I don't get your advice11:16
bonesI want to make the lower right corner to minimize everything and to maximize again when I go with the mouse pointer there again11:17
bonesProbably it's easier to create a shortcut, isn't it?11:17
k1l_bones: you will have to a solution for xfce/xubuntu for that.11:17
l0llip0pbones: hmn.. .Well you can create extra panel for that one to right corner.11:18
cfhowlettbones, right click on the panel > Panel > Add New Items > Show Desktop11:18
cfhowlettif future, giving accurate information expedites accurate answers11:19
l0llip0pbones: but perhaps in #xfce channel is the right place since I don't remember how xfce works :)11:19
bonescfhowlett: thanks man! It works. This is the upper right corner and I have to click on it but I have to admit it's quite comfortable tough.11:23
cfhowlettbones so move it to the bottom panel.  same process11:23
bonescfhowlett: how do I move down?11:24
cfhowlettbones, make a bottom panel.  right click on the panel>>>11:25
bonesah, ok11:25
HulioHi guys11:28
bonescfhowlett: I use plank for symbols in the dock. Plank-docking-panel is usually minimized. If I create a bottom panel, plank is going to be shown during the whole time. I better leave the desktop-showing-symbol in the upper corner. It's pretty nice! Thank you =)11:29
cfhowlettalso #xubuntu and #xfce are things ...11:29
l0llip0phi Hulio11:31
l0llip0pSebthreeBQM10HD: hi11:57
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zamba unable to create `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-106/drivers/vfio/pci/Kconfig.dpkg-new' (while processing `./usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-106/drivers/vfio/pci/Kconfig'): No space left on device12:19
amerwhat is this programe?12:19
zambabut 'df -h' says there's 1.1G available12:19
zambawhat's going on?12:19
amerthis is the first time12:20
k1l_zamba: can you show a "df -h" and "df -i" on paste.ubuntu.com ?12:20
k1l_!irc | amer12:20
ubottuamer: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines12:20
amerhow can i use this programe?12:20
zambak1l_: ah, i'm out of inodes12:22
zambak1l_: df -i shows i'm all out12:22
k1l_zamba: yes, get rid of old kernels and old kernel header packages12:23
k1l_"dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"12:23
zambak1l_: how do i automatically remove all old kernels?12:24
k1l_zamba: "echo $(dpkg --list | grep linux-image | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'`uname -r`'/q;p') $(dpkg --list | grep linux-headers | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/q;p') | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge"12:25
k1l_that will remove old kernels and kernel headers12:25
zambak1l_: older than the running one? or will it also remove all kernels between the running one and the newest?12:25
k1l_it will remove all kernels but the latest 212:26
zambak1l_: awesome12:26
zambak1l_: and the current running one?12:26
k1l_also removed.12:28
zambais that ok?12:28
k1l_but that is only affected after reboot12:28
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=== pedro is now known as Guest31849
=== anon is now known as Guest19262
GroundZero1hello there12:40
GroundZero1a real quick queistion: is an older kernel (e.g. debian) more secure or is a newer kernel (e.g. in archlinux) more secure)?12:41
cfhowlettGroundZero1, take it to ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic please.  thank you.12:42
GroundZero1i knew ubuntu noobs don't know a shit about linux12:43
GroundZero1thanks anyway12:43
l0llip0pwow somebody acts like dusch12:44
GroundZero1yes, by not answering a simple question12:44
GroundZero1a "newer is more secure" or "older kernel is more secure"12:44
GroundZero1that's it12:44
GroundZero1instead, let's give him our policy and send him away..12:45
pedro_pardon bye12:45
cfhowlettGroundZero1, profanity and hostility will get you nothing in this channel.  goodbye now12:45
Citizen_Hi, I have 2 ZFS partitions to which I can access normally from console or nautilus. The problem is they don't appear as a big icon in my desktop or in Nautilus. In system monitor the filesystems don't appear too. I have to navigate from root to the mount point to access the files. Is there any fix for this so zfs partitions are displayed in nautilus like ext4 partitions?12:47
Citizen_I could create a shortcut but it would be better the systems detects this partitions just like the others12:48
Orxata_main_delegate.cc(752)] Could not load cef_extensions.pak13:02
Orxata_what does that mean?13:02
Orxata_and how can i solve it?13:02
cfhowlettno context = no answers, Orxata_13:03
cfhowlett!details | Orxata_13:03
ubottuOrxata_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.13:03
Orxata_I'm using ubuntu 12.04, and when I try to start spotify it raises that error13:03
Orxata_(and two seconds later it crashes)13:04
Orxata_I can't give you much more information13:04
cfhowlettOrxata_, https://solus-project.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=269113:05
Orxata_thank you13:06
Orxata_more errors13:07
Orxata_I don't understand why13:07
Orxata_It usually worked13:07
ioriaOrxata_, try to backup or  remove  ~/.config/spotify and ~/.cache/spotify13:07
cfhowlettseems like a cross platform issue = ask spotify support?13:08
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Orxata_meh, downgrading to 0.9.17 is a "solution"13:20
=== franck is now known as Guest83541
r0manis there a way to make resolv.conf changes permanent? just need to change the dns13:20
netcrimeHello. I'm freelance developer and I want to build a desktop notifier of new jobs that would be scraped from popular freelance boards. I will use Python for job scraping and now I'm trying to decide how/which desktop notifier to use for Ubuntu OS. I know that there is notify-send but it is very limited and not suits my needs. I need to be able to put link in notification bubble and have more control over design. I failed to find any13:21
netcrimeproper solution so far. Maybe you have any suggestions? Build custom with Tkinter/Qt ? Use javascript? Any other options?13:21
=== Carlo is now known as Guest30483
romromnetcrime, libnotify is what you want13:29
netcrimeromrom: I'll check that13:29
romromnetcrime, np13:29
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TSmandyKillDisk Ransomware Targets Linux; Demands $250,000 Ransom, But Won't Decrypt Files http://j.gs/8gBU13:32
netcrimeromrom: I've checked wrapper for Python but I don't think it is posible to just add URL to body. http://www.devdungeon.com/content/desktop-notifications-python-libnotify13:32
xanguar0man: use the network manager icon for that13:33
romromnetcrime, I don't know the precise limitations (only used it once), but it is the best bet you have on a cross-desktop notification system13:34
DJonesioria: Just as an update on yesterdays black screen after login, nothing I did seemed to fix it for the user, I ended up having to backup /home (which had virtually nothing in anyway), delete the user & files, re-add the user and restore /home & just reconfigure the unity bar13:34
romromnetcrime, otherwise you're back to doing it from scratch and chances are high you won't get it working everywhere13:35
romromnetcrime, you could also look at how vlc is doing it, I don't think they're using libnotify and it seems to be working well13:35
ioriaDJones, i see ... the xsession-error file seemed to point to a pkg, 'click'13:37
ioria!info click13:38
ubottuclick (source: click): Click packages. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 14 kB, installed size 86 kB13:38
ioriaDJones, i may think to a startup script13:39
DJonesioria: Could have been, certainly not something I'd changed myself.  At least is repaired anyway, but thanks for the suggestions13:41
ioriaDJones, you're wlcm13:41
yenclgj5nlwHi all. After I have made apt upgrade (I use padoka ppa for drivers) I have xorg non-startable. Ehat should I do?13:42
ioriayenclgj5nlw, why do yo use that ppa?13:44
yenclgj5nlwioria: It has drivers with OpenCL for my card13:45
ioriayenclgj5nlw, which is ?13:46
yenclgj5nlwioria: ???13:47
ioriayenclgj5nlw, your card13:47
yenclgj5nlwamd nothern islands13:47
yenclgj5nlwioria: should I downgrade something?13:48
ioriayenclgj5nlw, what happens if i say 'purge that ppa !' ? :þ13:48
yenclgj5nlwioria: it will be shit, I guess. How can I downgrade packages to the previous versions?13:51
ikoniayenclgj5nlw: please try not to swear13:51
yenclgj5nlwthe previous ones were also from that ppa13:51
boxrick1I have a simple question. If a fully unattended pre-seeded install is going on, is there any way to pause that install or make it stop somehow?13:56
ikoniabeardedeagle: not really13:57
ikoniabeardedeagle: sorry, that was for boxrick113:58
^eagle^chan lists13:59
boxrick1ikonia: I must be able to kill the process or something? I am happy to just break it13:59
ikoniaboxrick1: power off the box14:00
ikoniaboxrick1: swap to a different tty and kill it14:00
boxrick1Any ideas on the process I need to kill?14:01
boxrick1Saying that it should be quite obvious if I look I imagine14:01
ikoniabasically the process will be the "task" the presseed is running at that time14:01
ikoniaif you kill it, it will terminate it, so you'll kill ubiquity based taks14:02
boxrick1Cool thats what I wanted to hear, thought it may re-spawn or have a weird handler to keep it alive.14:02
ikoniaboxrick1: I don't think it does14:03
ikonia%85 certain it will just die14:03
boxrick1Not sure 85% will be enough... can you be 86% for me ?14:04
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BluesKajHi all14:05
boxrick1Anyway cheers again :) Greatly appreciated!14:05
boxrick1Howdy BluesKaj14:05
BluesKajHi boxrick114:06
whallzi have an issue with xbacklight not working properly to set brightness, if i echo to /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness as root it works, but if i echo as my user, even with sudo, it says permission denied, what is wrong? the file reads -rw-r--r-- and owned by root:root14:15
whallzshould i chown a file in that /sys dir? or at least chgrp?14:15
whallzwhy it doesnt work with sudo is what i dont understand14:15
whallzacpi events trigger ok when i press the keys, and xbacklight is called properly, so its definitely this permissions issue whats not allowing my user to set brightness14:16
Piciwhallz: sudo does not cross IO redirection operators (>/>>).  Use tee instead, like: echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness   (append -a if you normally use >>)14:16
=== aatish910_ is now known as aatish910
whallzdidnt know that, thanks for that #bash insight14:17
Picinp :)14:17
ASA094Hey, can anyone help me14:17
ASA094I've forgot the BIOS password14:18
whallzok that did it Pici, but still i cannot make it work with the xbacklight program14:18
whallzeven when running as root14:18
whallzis it safe to just echo to /sys instead of using xbacklight ?14:19
Piciwhallz: yep14:19
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redhoodHi, i just visited the Ubuntu website, to download the Desktop version of 16.04.1, and was forwarded to a site which sort of demands me to pay for Ubuntu, namely https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/contribute?version=16.04.1&architecture=amd6414:19
redhoodI do not really mind donating to Ubuntu, but I find the wording a bit misleading14:20
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
Piciredhood: I don't see any "demands" there.  Just click the link on the bottom left if you don't want to donate.14:21
=== or4n_ is now known as or4n
DJonesredhood: Just click, "Not now, take me to the download"14:21
whallzPici: k, ty14:21
DJonesredhood: Its on the same line as the "Pay with paypall" box14:22
redhoodPici: I know that you can get around that site, but I really think one should not use the word "pay" in relation to downloading an open source software14:22
Piciredhood: I agree that it could use some intro, saying something like what Wikipedia has when its asking for donations.14:23
redhoodPici: yes, that would be a good idea to avoid misunderstandings, maybe not as intrusive as the wp banner ;)14:24
redhoodASA094: if its a desktop computer, there should be a jumper to disconnecte cmos power supply from the battery, or just take out the battery for some seconds14:26
ASA094Oh, thank you redhoodd14:27
ASA094it is a notebook, I've already tried to remove the BIOS battery but it didn't worked14:27
redhoodASA094: but that will also imply all other bios settings are lost14:27
pisyai am pisya14:28
redhoodASA094: ic...in that case i guess you should contact the vendor/producer, or try to find some model related information on the web14:28
pisyai am good14:28
pisyaredhood eat food14:28
ASA094Thank you, redhood.14:29
aokimanagaGoodmorning everyone14:29
sztanpetanybody have any idea why i would be getting a "Server refused to allocate pty" when trying to log in with ssh on ubuntu 16.10?14:32
=== Guest27284 is now known as Gunde
bgray_Any tips for choppy flash playback in Firefox?14:35
aokimanagaI've a big problem. A macbook with no optical drive and with a non-bootable usb port where I want to install Ubuntu and a working netbook with Windows/Ubuntu. The only way to boot or install something on the mac is through a netboot server but I didn't understand so much about it. Can someone help me to solve this problem?14:35
BluesKajaokimanaga, non bootable usb ?...perhaps put it first in the boot sequence in your uefi/bios14:37
aokimanagaBluesKaj: on the macbook you can boot only osx images through usb :(14:37
BluesKajright, I should have read further :/14:38
tayzarHello ! Everybody Good Night14:39
tayzarbye ^ ^14:39
aokimanagaanyway I was really interested in knowing more about the netboot servers and netinstallation but I'm not so good in understanding how does it works14:39
k_szeI keep getting "E: Failed to fetch http://hk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/s/snapd-glib/snapd-login-service_1.2-0ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb  403  Forbidden"14:41
k_szeWould somebody like to take a look at the Hong Kong mirrors and see what's going on?14:41
ikoniak_sze: looks like that mirror is broke14:42
ikoniaup to http://hk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/s works14:42
k_szelooks like they are missing the whole snapd-glib directory14:43
gear4_hey guys14:44
gear4_sorry wrong channel14:44
k_szeI'm going to switch to tw mirror temporarily.14:45
gear4_hey guys14:47
gear4_#debian isn't even replying so I'm just gonna ask here14:47
ikoniagear4_: please don't14:47
ikoniagear4_: we don't pickup the debian support channels questions14:47
gear4_ikonia: it's affecting ubuntu too14:47
gear4_so I will ask here too14:48
gear4_I'm trying to chroot to existing archlinux install on my PC but /dev doesn't display any of my partitions or drives14:48
gear4_however lsblk works perfectly14:48
ikoniagear4_: I just asked you not to14:48
gear4_in a live disk *14:48
gear4_ikonia: I saw, and it's also related to ubuntu14:49
ikoniait's not14:49
gear4_so it's on-topic and correct14:49
gear4_yes it is14:49
ikoniano, it's not14:49
gear4_because it does the same in 16.1014:49
ikoniaare you booted into the 16.10 livecd now ?14:49
gear4_I was 10 minutes ago14:50
gear4_my PC's off now14:50
gear4_fixed it myself anyway14:50
Blaatkiphi guys, im trying to install pip on ubuntu, but terminal keeps spitting out: E: Unable to locate package python-pip, is it safe to install it trough get-pip.py?14:50
gear4_just wanna know if you know why14:50
gear4_Blaatkip: which version of ubuntu ?14:51
Blaatkipi also got some errors wile performing a simple apt-get update & upgrade14:51
=== Smn is now known as Guest22670
gear4_you get errors with update ? what14:52
gear4_what errors *14:52
Blaatkipcp: cannot create regular file '/cdrom/casper/initrd.gz.new': No such file or directory dpkg: error processing package plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text (--unpack14:53
gear4_Blaatkip: is your apt sources including cdrom ?14:53
ikoniaBlaatkip: you're trying to update a ready only file system14:53
Blaatkipi'm running from a live usb, cant update those?14:54
ikoniaBlaatkip: no14:54
ikoniaBlaatkip: it's trying to update a kernel package14:54
ikoniaBlaatkip: thats running on a read only compressed file system14:54
Blaatkipstill dont see why i wouldnt be able to install pip tho14:55
gear4_apt-get update doesn't download updates except for apt14:55
gear4_apt-get upgrade does14:55
ikoniaBlaatkip: what was the exact command you run ?14:55
gear4_so why is it doing that with update ?14:55
ikoniaBlaatkip: it's taking more than pip14:55
gear4_I'm guessing he's doing apt-get update && apt-get upgrade14:56
Blaatkipi did a update first14:56
Blaatkipthen tried install pip14:56
Blaatkipthat didnt work14:56
Blaatkipafter that i tried upgrade14:56
Blaatkipand now its messed up i guess14:56
gear4_is that the error from update ?14:56
gear4_I'm guessing14:57
Blaatkipno, its from upgrade, update didnt give me any errors14:57
gear4_it worked fine ?14:57
Blaatkipupdate did, yes14:57
gear4_you said you got errors using update and upgrade14:58
Blaatkipoh wait14:58
Blaatkipso i'll need to install ubuntu on a harddrive in order to install pip?15:01
Blaatkip** (appstreamcli:16521): CRITICAL **: Error while moving old database out of the way. AppStream cache update failed.15:01
ikoniaBlaatkip: no15:01
ikoniaBlaatkip just keep in mind anything you install on the "live" media is on memory only15:02
Blaatkipso everything i install, will be gone after reboot?15:02
ikoniaBlaatkip: thats right15:02
Blaatkipok then why can't it find the pip package then?15:03
ikoniaBlaatkip: how are you trying to install pip15:03
Blaatkipsudo apt-get install python-paramiko python-pip python-pycurl python-dev build-essential15:03
ikoniaBlaatkip: so some of that install appears to be trying to backup a database15:04
Blaatkipand i cant15:04
ikonia(which is on a read only file system)15:04
Blaatkipso, i do need to install it on a harddrive then15:05
Blaatkipright, ikonia ?15:05
ikoniaBlaatkip: I think you'll probably find it a lot more useful to work that way15:06
Blaatkipits just a 1 time thing, after that i dont need it anymore, so i was hoping i could do it like this thnx anyway, btw how do u know it tried to backup a database?15:07
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redhoodBlaatkip: you could in fact install ubuntu on the usb drive, so it runs from a mutable and persistens file system15:20
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enxredhood: HALLO from CyD AdMiN CrEw @ IRC.QuakeNet.ORG #CYDADMIN15:21
Herbalistis it a troll attack?15:24
PiciIt was.15:25
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ash_workz`>/dev/null 2>&1` == `&>/dev/null` ?15:29
=== wizard_ is now known as sethx
GrandPa-GI need help with logrotate. I have a log file that I want rotated, but I want the rotated files to end up an another directory. How do I specify the output location?15:31
Gundeexploit:HTML/iframeRef.I from file #ubuntu.log15:34
GundeIt looks like there are bad links here.15:34
nicomach1sI'm getting some apt errors: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23752694/ What are the "Can't drop privileges for downloading as file .... couldn't be accessed by user '_apt' warnings?15:43
=== nicomach1s is now known as nicomachus
EverybodydotheflHey I need an assist & every google search I tried is just about useless15:47
nicomachus!ask | Everybodydothefl15:47
ubottuEverybodydothefl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:47
EverybodydotheflSo I'm trying to run borderlands 2 on a new laptop. It's got a decent 4th gen I5, but Intel Hd graphics. Now I've run the game on Linux systems before with just intel HD graphics, but for some reason every time I try to launch the game, I just get a dialogue box with a horizontal line15:49
=== sdx is now known as Guest51247
nicomachusare you running it through steam?15:50
G-ShocKI have a Bay Trail CPU, and am using 14.04. I get HWE EOL messages. What should I do?15:52
nicomachusG-ShocK: can you pastebin or screenshot those messages?15:52
G-ShocKnicomachus, sure, sec15:53
qwebirc39356Ok so somehow I got bounced15:54
qwebirc39356I googled high & low for a workaround on how to get it to work, because I've gotten it to work before, and there are TONS of vids of people showing they can do it, but none of them ever thought to actually whow HOW they did it. Everything else I look up is inane dribble like "It looks SOOOO good without the Black outlines" Great but how does that answer my question? "....... IT LUKZ SOOOO GUD WITHOUT THE BLACK OUTLINES" & queue 15:54
=== [R]azvan is now known as Razvan
qwebirc39356And yes I am running it through steam15:54
nicomachusqwebirc39356: are you Everybodydothefl?15:54
nicomachusok. are you running the game through Steam?15:55
qwebirc39356I don't know why my freenode login isn't working right15:55
qwebirc39356yes I am15:55
nicomachushow are you launching steam?15:55
qwebirc39356desktop shortcut15:56
G-ShocKnicomachus, http://pastebin.com/EV5qj1qB15:56
qwebirc39356tried launching through terminal too15:56
nicomachusqwebirc39356: try launching it from terminal with the -verbose flag15:56
nicomachusqwebirc39356: and then launch borderlands, and see if you get any error messages in the terminal window.15:56
nicomachusG-ShocK: did you run "update-manager" in the dash like suggested there?15:57
G-ShocKnicomachus, I can't update to 16.04. I have a Bay Trail CPU. I hangs under newer kernels15:58
nicomachusG-ShocK: also, what does ' lsb_release -a ' give you from the terminal?15:58
qwebirc39356@nicomachus will paste the pastebin of the terminal output momentarily15:58
nicomachusG-ShocK: why did you go into the HWE upgrades then? why not stay in the 14.04 LTS line?15:59
G-ShocKnicomachus, 14.04.5, by large http://pastebin.com/64xJ2nKx16:00
ioriaG-ShocK, uname -r ?16:00
qwebirc39356@nicomachus http://pastebin.com/sEzme4HY16:00
nicomachusG-ShocK: .5 IS the Xenial stack...16:00
G-ShocKioria, 3.19.0-78-generic16:01
nicomachusqwebirc39356: please don't tell me you're on Mint.16:01
ioriaG-ShocK, it's the vivid kernel, you can't run it anymore16:01
nicomachusG-ShocK: wait, what?16:01
qwebirc39356>_> maybe16:01
qwebirc39356I like the mintyness D:16:01
nicomachus!mint | qwebirc3935616:01
ubottuqwebirc39356: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:01
ioriaG-ShocK, if you can't use 4.4 ker, you have to install the orifinal 3.13, i guess16:01
G-ShocKioria, what do you mean I can't run it?16:02
qwebirc39356I take it mint has issues?16:02
nicomachusioria G-ShocK but why is the 3.19 kernel on a system that says it 14.04.516:02
ioriaG-ShocK, without support16:02
iorianicomachus, vivid hwe16:02
qwebirc39356ah ok16:02
nicomachusqwebirc39356: Mint is not supported here. It is not Ubuntu. You'll have to get help from the Mint folks on Spotchat.16:02
qwebirc39356I thought with it being an ubuntu fork & all16:02
qwebirc39356Ok thanks16:02
G-ShocKnicomachus, I don't recall doing anything special about it. Always apt-get release-upgrade16:02
ioriaG-ShocK, it was ok until August16:03
BluesKaj!mint | qwebirc3935616:03
ubottuqwebirc39356: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:03
ioriaG-ShocK, but no more16:03
=== me is now known as Guest8870
arunpyasiHello everyone, how do I make vncserver :0 run in every boot ?16:04
arunpyasiis there a way to get tightvncserver's .service file ?16:04
BluesKajG-ShocK, sudo apt update && sudo apt-upgrade, then run sudo apt full-upgrade16:05
G-ShocKBluesKaj, will do, tnx16:05
BluesKajcorrection , sudo apt upgrade16:05
* nicomachus was sitting here wondering if that was a new way to upgrade apt itself16:06
nicomachusI'm getting some apt errors: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23752694/ What are the "Can't drop privileges for downloading as file .... couldn't be accessed by user '_apt' warnings?16:07
G-ShocKsudo apt full upgrade does nothing16:07
G-ShocKnicomachus, that too, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:09
arunpyasihello anyone around ?16:09
BluesKajG-ShocK, then you're up to date16:09
G-ShocKBluesKaj, with the hwe, I assume16:09
BluesKajof course depends on your package manager settings16:10
G-ShocKwith the 'old' HWE16:10
G-ShocKcan I just remove the HWE. My hardware is like three years old now16:11
joebobjoeWhy can't I access this directory? https://gist.github.com/601b35c495ee7f3aa2740be928a9887916:13
joebobjoeI am a member of the group joe and I have r-x16:13
G-ShocKwhat happens if I move from vivid to trident?16:13
=== al_ is now known as Guest79288
BluesKaj G-ShocK, if you want to be up to date the Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial HWE Stack is available, check this out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/1404_HWE_EOL16:14
G-ShocKthat's what it suggest when I sudo apt-get remove $(hwe-support-status --show-all-unsupported)16:14
G-ShocKBluesKaj, I can't use 16.04. I have a Bay Trail CPU. It hangs when I go to 16.0416:15
BluesKajG-ShocK, your hardware isn't "old"16:15
G-ShocKBluesKaj, 'old' would be good in this sense *grin*. It means I can use 14.04 w/o the HWE16:16
compdocG-ShocK, it might not be the cpu. those Bay Trails are almost the same as any desktop cpu, just uses less power16:17
compdocId love to have an 8 core bay trail16:17
G-ShocKcompdoc, It's the bay trail. there's a bugzilla about it :D16:17
BluesKajG-ShocK, is this a tablet?16:18
G-ShocKAsus X200M16:20
compdocIve seen issues where not enough ram was assigned to the internal gpu16:21
quesadaff says on youtube that I cannot have html5 video playing. why is that? I have restricted extras installed and other sites do seem to play html5 video, eg here http://html5test.com/16:21
G-ShocKcompdoc, It gets stuck running videos, mainly16:21
CryptoSiDHi guys, im having an issue with "apt" on ubuntu 14.04.5 http://paste.ubuntu.com/23752867/16:22
CryptoSiDgot any idea how to fix that?16:23
G-ShocKgoing for reboot. tnx for help y'all16:23
CryptoSiDlibcrypto++-dev : Depends: libcrypto++9 (= 5.6.1-6+deb8u1build0.14.04.1) but 5.6.1-6+deb8u3build0.14.04.1 is installed16:23
CryptoSiDoups, didn't want to press enter, libcrypto++-dev requier and older version of libcrypto++9 to be installed... thats kinda weird16:24
=== sdx is now known as G-shcoK
=== G-shcoK is now known as G-ShcoK
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: Try this command sudo apt-get install -f16:25
=== G-ShcoK is now known as G-ShocK
G-ShocKthe process dropped me to 3.13.0-10616:25
CryptoSiDk00l3th4n if you check the paste you will see i already did;p16:26
G-ShocKno HWE EOL message16:26
Jordan_Uquesada: Does https://www.youtube.com/html5 say that you are missing any needed support?16:26
arunpyasihello !!16:26
kikeroI cannot seem to make Virtualbox work on Ubuntu 16.0416:27
kikeroI keep getting the following error "WARNING: The vboxdrv kernel module is not loaded. …"16:27
kikeroI tried running "sudo /usr/lib/virtualbox/vboxdrv.sh setup" or "sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv setup", but it didn't work for me16:28
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: My bad. Have you tried unistaling/purging the package then reinstalling?16:29
Jordan_Ukikero: Does "sudo modprobe vboxdrv" allow you to start virtualbox? Please also post the output of "groups".16:29
quesadaJordan_U, yes16:30
quesadamissing tickmarks16:30
quesadaJordan_U, WebM and H25416:30
Jordan_U!ru | sss16:32
ubottusss: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:32
=== precise is now known as snekbot5000
quesadaJordan_U, ff says that WebM and H254 when visiting https://www.youtube.com/html516:34
quesadaare missing; sorry I should have written this earlier16:34
kikeroJordan_U: "sudo modprobe vboxdrv" returns "modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxdrv': Required key not available"16:34
MacroManI'm using the pdf2svg command line utility, which expects a filename as output. Is there a way to get it to write to stdout or pipe?16:36
CryptoSiDk00l3th4n i can't it would crash all the wallet on the VM16:36
MacroManUsage: pdf2svg <in file.pdf> <out file.svg>16:37
MacroManThink I've found a way: pdf2svg my.pdf /dev/stdout16:39
PiciMacroMan: maybe replacing the latter argument with - ?16:40
MacroManPici, Thanks. I think I've got it using /dev/stdout as the second arg16:41
MacroManUsing - creates a file called -16:41
PiciMacroMan: oh well.16:42
Jordan_Ukikero: http://askubuntu.com/questions/760671/could-not-load-vboxdrv-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-04-and-i-want-to-keep-secur16:45
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: What do you mean wallet?16:45
Soul_Samplehey! what's the easiest way to uninstall proposed updates and not break anything. can I just disable the repo and do an upgrade or something like that?16:46
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: The system didn't need the package before you tried to install it. You use be able to remove it safely and the purge and reinstall.16:46
Bomboi'm trying to upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS to 16.x LTS with 'do-release-upgrade' i got the same problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/842706/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-if-i-get-authenticating-the-upgrade-failed 'gpg: BAD signature'16:48
Jordan_UMacroMan: Probably want to delete that file named "-". It could lead to confusion in the future.16:48
CryptoSiDk00l3th4n i mean wallet like bitcoin wallet, i dont dare to try to remove it16:48
timypSoule_sample why do you want to uninstall updates and which ones do you want removed?16:48
CryptoSiDI tried but it doesnt work16:49
timyp*  Soul_sample  ^^16:49
CryptoSiDresult: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23752960/16:49
Soul_Sampletimyp: i enabled the proposed repository to fix a certain bug with the appstream package, but ended up breaking my network manager. I can live with the appstream error, but not with the network manager issues so I'd just rather disable proposed and just remove everything that got installed from there16:49
QuantibilityCan someone please help. I tried not to put myself through this but i do. ANYHOW, i was interested in finally making use of the Fingerprint scanner that this lap top has built in. So, i did, but the darn thing wouldn't work untill AFTER i had entered my password. I looked up on google how to fix this, Now im here, on a guest account because Grub Doesn't help cause my Home folder is encrypted,. I changed the file under16:50
Quantibility/etc/pam.d   Common-auth.. logged out, and now my account ALWAYS says inccorect TRY again with the "Retry" constantly on screen and can't enter a password.16:50
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: Okay, I figured that's what you meant. If your wallet has a seed then you will be able to recover if it crashes.16:51
timypSoul_Sample does this help https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43263616:51
CryptoSiDthey havent crashed fnially, but i wont be able to recompile if there is an update on github repo16:51
Quantibilityeven alt f1 won't let me input my credentials.16:51
CryptoSiDi guess the ubuntu dev team will fix that, or should i report the bug16:51
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: What I'm saying is you should be able to unistall/purge libcrypto++-dev as you didn't have it before. Then you can reistall it, because something went wrong the first attempt.16:52
CryptoSiDI did k00l3th4n see: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23752960/16:52
CryptoSiDi removed libcrypto++9 libcrypto++-dev and tried to reinstall but i get the same error16:52
CryptoSiDbut the -f fix it now16:53
QuantibilityI made a copy of the orginal Common-auth but put on my desktop i tried copy from that and replace but because i have an encrypted home folder i can't seem to access it16:53
timypCryptoSiD does sudo apt-get -f install help resolve?16:53
CryptoSiDbefore removnig then reinstalling apt-get -f install wasnt helping, but after it worked fine16:54
CryptoSiDall good now thanks k00l3th4n16:54
QuantibilityAnyone give my problem a looky loo?16:55
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: What fixed it? And when you remove a package go ahead and purge it with sudo apt-get --purge remove package*16:56
CryptoSiDI usually use the --purge :)16:56
timypQuantibility were do you see these errors at? on the console, ssh session, where?16:57
k00l3th4nCryptoSiD: Okay, cool. Wasn't sure. Just trying to help incase you didn't know. Glad the problem is fixed.16:58
Quantibilitytimyp, the login screen i believe its called "lightdm"?16:58
timypwhat version of Ubuntu ?16:59
Quantibility HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-53-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x AMD A8-3520M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (AuthenticAMD) @ 800MHz ** RAM: Physical: 5.3GiB, 69.3% free ** Disk: Total: 425.9GiB, 90.8% free ** VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] BeaverCreek [Radeon HD 6620G] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic1: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic **17:00
QuantibilityEthernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CIe Gigabit Ethernet ** Uptime: 18h 18m 21s **17:00
timypcan you get to the terminal? or not login at all?17:00
Quantibilityright now? on guest? sure,17:01
timypcan you post /etc/pam.d/17:01
Quantibilitylike the contents of the folder?17:02
Soul_Sampletimyp: yes, thanks!17:02
Quantibilityam i ignored here?17:04
Billiasanybody with ipv6 experience and dhclient?17:07
kang0Where is black Knight17:16
=== Keo-0w is now known as Keo-w
=== snekbot5000 is now known as precise
robowarriorhello, i do not have a USB, but I have two SATA harddrives. can I dd if=~/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb and expect it to boot?17:25
g105bOnce I've edited the resolutions in ~/.config/monitors.xml, how do I refresh the screens to these configured resolutions?17:26
joebobjoeIs there a way to mount ext4 without permissions? Or to set up ext4 to not use permissions? I want to use an external USB thumb drive that anyone can access17:31
joebobjoe...if that makes sense17:31
Zaicranshare it our nfs?17:31
akikjoebobjoe: if you set it to mode 777 anybody can read & write to it17:31
blacknred0hi - i just started having issues trying to connect to hotmail when using ubuntu...  i've tried everything and nothing works... any thoughts?17:32
akikjoebobjoe: but mode 777 usually is a bad idea17:32
k1l_joebobjoe: the mounting OS decides about the permissions. so your question doesnt make sense.17:32
blacknred0i've done all of this -> https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/PVHlQutFIrU17:32
joebobjoek1l_: so there is no "permission-less" file system?17:34
joebobjoeWhat about FAT?17:34
k1l_blacknred0: what is the issue exactly? what browser is in use? what error do you see?17:34
blacknred0k1l_: is trying to log in... it seems to redirect and nothing happens17:35
blacknred0it works on FF with no issues17:35
k1l_joebobjoe: most usb-pendrives use fat due to compatibility with windows boxes. and that is permissions less.17:35
Zaicranblacknred0: sound slike a chrome issue, not a Ubuntu issue then?17:36
k1l_blackso you have a chrome issue? not a ubuntu issue? did you try without addons and clean profile? do you have the latest chrome version?17:36
blacknred0Zaicran: may be :) ... is there a chrome IRC?17:36
blacknred0k1l_: ^17:36
akikif fat is mounted on linux, it'll get the user's permissions17:36
akiki.e. other users can't write to it17:37
joebobjoek1l_: any other permission less partition formats?17:37
k1l_joebobjoe: i dont see your issue, to be honest.17:37
sandhourjoebobjoe: you should check that the usb partition table is MBR and the fs is fat for compatibility with others operating systems17:37
Zaicranjoin #chrome17:38
k1l_sandhour: joebobjoe usb pendrives dont have partitions in most cases. they only have the FS on the bare metal17:38
sandhourjoebobjoe: on most system also exfat works (for larger drivers)17:38
guest-yk1e4kCan someone help me im stuck out of my home account17:39
k1l_joebobjoe: so what issue do you have? or is this just theoretical?17:39
Zaicranguest-yk1e4k: What do you mean stuck out of...can you describe your problem better?17:39
k1l_guest-yk1e4k: what happened?17:40
joebobjoek1l_: I just want to treat an external usb storage device as a file dump.. I don't want who owns what and other permissions to be stored on it17:40
EriC^^joebobjoe: use ntfs17:41
k1l_joebobjoe: yes. and as i explained: the permissions are not stored on the device. the mounting OS sets those permissions.17:41
akikjoebobjoe: 1) mount ext4 usb stick partition 2) chmod 777 /media/username/usbstick. this is not the best solution but one that works17:41
k1l_joebobjoe: so the standard for mixed OS usage is fat. since windows cant write on ext4 by default17:42
guest-yk1e4ki wanted to use my fingerprint scanner on my computer, i followed directions, it worked but only AFTER i input my password, so i looked online to fix it, i made one changes to my Common-Auth, which i saved on my DESKTOP, NOW, it says "user authrizaiton failed" and the "Retry" option is displayed but can't click on it.17:42
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: Do you have an encrypted home directory?17:42
guest-yk1e4kJordan_U, yes17:42
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: Then there is no way around needing to enter a password to log in.17:43
joebobjoek1l_: well that sucks.17:43
k1l_joebobjoe: i dont see you issue17:43
joebobjoeIt's just weird that a drive shared among multiple systems would store permissions17:44
joebobjoeYou may not have the same UID on another system17:44
guest-yk1e4kok fine, but i can't really fix my problem cause i can't get into my home directory from terminal unless there was a way to get into it?17:44
k1l_joebobjoe: those permissions are not important. since they get overwritten on mounting17:44
akikjoebobjoe: the mode 777 sticks to the usb storage device17:44
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: A fingerprint isn't a secret, and thus can't be used to decrypt anything. You could technically include the secret needed to decrypt in plain text, but that's equivalent to just not encrypting at all (so don't try to do that).17:44
k1l_joebobjoe: that is not an issue with the uids.17:44
guest-yk1e4kJordan_U, i would very much like to get back to my home folder/.17:45
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: That we can do :)17:45
k1l_joebobjoe: and fat doesnt have file permissions at all.17:45
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: Are you using ecryptfs?17:45
joebobjoek1l_: what do you mean they get overriden? If I make a file on the usb drive, it will be owned by me17:45
guest-yk1e4kJordan_U, thats what i wanted.17:45
joebobjoek1l_: well I wanted to use something more advanced than FAT for flash storage17:46
k1l_joebobjoe: why more advanced?17:46
guest-yk1e4ki have a pen a paper ready or a great link would be helpful17:46
k1l_joebobjoe: and again: see mounting options17:46
joebobjoek1l_: mounting options specific to ext4?17:47
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: Easiest way to access your data right now would be to boot from an Ubuntu LiveUSB and follow http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html .17:47
guest-yk1e4kJUst a reminder i to people helping i do know my passwords for both user and Admin17:47
guest-yk1e4ki know17:47
=== geethree is now known as g3
guest-yk1e4ki just can't find the stupid usb right nowl17:47
guest-yk1e4kalright ill go look for it now.17:48
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: You can also run ecryptfs-recover-private from another user that you can log in as.17:48
faerelthe are french17:48
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: I won't have time to walk you through actually getting your user able to log in normally before I need to leave, but ecryptfs-recover-private should allow you to access your data.17:49
k1l_joebobjoe: look at this for  example: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB#Using_mount     mount the drive17:49
guest-yk1e4kJordan_U, the issue there my dear sir, is i only have a guess account and i am not skilled in command line user addons17:49
guest-yk1e4kso man up on the ecrypts-recover-private help file then?17:50
k1l_joebobjoe: and for ext just chown the mounted dir.17:50
romromguest-yk1e4k, I don't think it would work from the guest account, its rights are too limited. you have to go the liveusb route17:50
faerelthe are french17:50
k1l_!fr | faerel17:50
ubottufaerel: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:50
guest-yk1e4kneed to find the stupid usb17:50
guest-yk1e4ksaw it yesterday17:50
blacknred0never mind... apparently reinstall chrome did the trick :S17:51
Jordan_Uguest-yk1e4k: Yes, and read the post I linked to.17:51
SqrtOfPiImagine a file is owned by www-data   and has r--r--r-- permission17:56
SqrtOfPiCan user www-data make it executable, or is it only root who can make executable ?17:56
pavlosdpkg -l | grep linux-image lists old kernels that were removed. Is there a way to clean up the dpkg -l output to show only installed kernels?17:57
EriC^^SqrtOfPi: whoever owns it can modify it17:58
SqrtOfPiEriC^^ can't it be dangerous if a low privilege user can make his own things executable?17:59
EriC^^pavlos: dpkg -l | grep linux-image | grep -v ^rc17:59
rubenwardyHi! I use a Windows 10 + Ubuntu 16.10 laptop, secure boot. I first installed Ubuntu 16.04 and it worked perfectly well, I could use Windows 10 too. I updated to 16.10 and had (wifi) driver problems so I tried installing 16.10 by using a disc and remaking the partition. I had to manually choose partitions in the editor, so I choose /dev/sda as the UEFI table partition and /dev/sda6 as the Ubuntu partition (as it was my old partiton). It17:59
rubenwardyinstalled well, and works well17:59
EriC^^pavlos: neater version dpkg -l | awk '$1 == "ii" /linux-image/'17:59
rubenwardyhowever when I start W10 I get "PROCESS1_INITIALISATION_FAILED"17:59
rubenwardyAre there any tools / docs which allow you to analyse where in the boot partition there's a mistake?18:00
g3try startup repair?18:00
EriC^^SqrtOfPi: he can't escalate privileges though18:00
pavlosEriC^^, ty18:00
EriC^^SqrtOfPi: btw, it doesn't have to be executable to be executable, a user can always call it using the library in /lib and execute it18:01
rubenwardyg3: will that remove GRUB? Will it remove Ubuntu?18:01
EriC^^pavlos: np18:01
SqrtOfPithanks EriC^^18:02
guest-yk1e4kHAHAHA next to my computer the whole time18:04
EriC^^SqrtOfPi: no problem18:05
DarkAceZhey, how do I delete .xsession-errors without it keeping some sort of cache or whatever until I reboot? the file is 20+GB18:07
pavlosEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23753384/ there are 30 old kernels but only 4 with ii. Does that mean, dpkg -l remembers everything since the beginning of time?18:07
DarkAceZI'm guessing it keeps it around until I reboot because it's being actively used18:08
EriC^^pavlos: those are the old kernels that still have configs18:08
win32any help about webcam work not!18:08
pavlosEriC^^, so I should use purge ti wipe them18:08
EriC^^pavlos: yup18:08
pavloswill do18:09
l0llip0p pavlos the one where read ii, should stay18:09
pavlosyes, I keep those18:09
EriC^^pavlos: dpkg -l | awk '$1 == "rc" /linux-image/ {print $2}/' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge18:09
ctrlnullAny one have a good step by step guide they have used to ssh to ubuntu?18:10
EriC^^ctrlnull: digitalocean has some good tutorials18:11
pavlosEriC^^, I get syntax error in {print $218:11
transhumanhi! I know Ubuntu 16.04 has something special when it comes to resolv.conf. ...IE your not supposed to edit by yourself (its automatic). The problem is I put into my router that it is to hand out DNS addresses and yet even after a full reboot (when restarting networking didnt fix it) it still says for dns addresses ...anyone able to explain18:11
EriC^^pavlos: try dpkg -l | awk '$1 == "rc" && /linux-image/ {print $2}'18:13
EriC^^if it lists them right add the | xargs stuff18:13
MonkeyDusttranshuman  sudo -e /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base18:13
win32any help about webcam work not!18:13
ctrlnullthaks EriC^^18:14
EriC^^ctrlnull: no problem18:14
MonkeyDusttranshuman  add or change    nameserver ... then: sudo resolvconf -u    -u means update18:14
Jordan_Utranshuman: is a loopback address which points to your dnsmasq server. dnsmasq itself is probably using the correct DNS server.18:14
pavlosEriC^^, there should be no / after {print $2} ... now it works18:15
=== rana__ is now known as mozammel
l0llip0pwin32: describe your problem better or read the manuals and find out the problem.18:15
transhumanok thanks18:15
mozammelguys I'm so happy, now finally I could able to boot my system in 14.64 second.. awesome..18:15
win32l0llip0p: No Devices Found.. > Cheese app18:15
=== Vilegent is now known as kk4ewt
k00l3th4nwin32: What device do you have Ubuntu installed on?18:16
l0llip0pwin32: that means that cheese doesn't find your webcam. I have you check that your webcam has linux support?18:17
transhumanbase is empty, so I just add nameserver .... in there?18:17
win32Linux thg-SATELLITE-L70-A 4.2.0-16-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 8 15:35:06 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:17
MonkeyDusttranshuman  yes, nameserver x.x.x.x18:17
MonkeyDusttranshuman  replace x.x.x.x with the correct ip address18:18
win32k00l3th4n: i'ts intergrated webcam from my loptop.18:18
transhumanright ok... makes me wonder why the change...systemd?18:18
AntaresHow upload Git project on server ?18:18
k00l3th4ntranshuman: You can change it there are in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf18:19
k00l3th4nwin32: Right, but is it a macbook, dell, etc...18:19
win32k00l3th4n: Toshiba18:19
transhumanguess I will have to write down this information till it sets in, in my old ways brain18:21
k00l3th4nwin32: Type this command in terminal --> lspci and look for your webcam. What kind is it?18:22
win32k00l3th4n: k18:22
jinxi1how is the paste action using middle click called on linux?18:22
win32k00l3th4n: http://imgur.com/a/rIaaA18:24
k00l3th4nwin32: So, your rig isn't detecting a webcam. Have you googled this issue with your specific computer model?18:29
k00l3th4nwin32: Got to go for now buddy. Hope you fix the problem. You should be able to find something with google though.18:32
BlaatkipI'm trying to run a ansible-playbook, but i'm failing horribly anyone here how can help me figure this out?18:38
MonkeyDustBlaatkip  you fail in what way? keep it in one line18:40
MonkeyDustor it fails, rather18:40
Blaatkipwhen i start the playbook, it returnes 1 line in terminal and i dont even know if it is running or not18:41
MonkeyDustBlaatkip  what line?18:42
mobileHello! I am trying to install rtl8812au, a driver for wireless adapters for ubuntu 12.0518:42
mobilehowever when I try to 'make18:42
BlaatkipPLAY RECAP ********************************************18:42
MonkeyDust!details | Blaatkip18:43
ubottuBlaatkip: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.18:43
mobileI get an error. I realize that the new update is way past 12.05, which is why the make probably failed. Does anyone know the patch number for Ubuntu 12.05?18:43
Fyrguys, I see the list of packages, I see the latest version of transimssion, however, if I type apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, it's not in the list.18:44
Fyrwhy is it happening?18:44
BlaatkipMonkeyDust:  thats basicly all i got, i followed this guide to the letter: https://github.com/jlund/streisand/blob/master/README.md18:45
Bashing-omFyr: For what release ?18:46
Blaatkipedited inventory and the cfg file, but no go18:46
FyrBashing-om, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS18:46
Bashing-om!info transmission xenial18:46
ubottutransmission (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.84-3ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB18:46
=== precise is now known as precise|helpdesk
FyrI need the latest.18:47
FyrBashing-om, how do I do that?18:48
BlaatkipMonkeyDust: u still with me or no?18:48
=== precise|helpdesk is now known as precise
MonkeyDustBlaatkip  that site doenst look serious to me ... simply describe what you do and what happens18:49
Bashing-omFyr: Anything later than 2.84 will require that you add a PPA to the system - I would "assume" someone works and maintains transmission .18:49
kernellohello everyone, I'd like to run a firmware update for a peripheral device, but the update file is .exe, is it possible to do it somehow in ubuntu, like i.e. with wine?18:51
joebobjoek1l_: ok you were right the entire time. I didn't realize that chmod'ing the root of the mounted filesystem is remembered by the filesystem18:51
joebobjoek1l_: I didn't realize chmod'ing the mount point would be remembered by the usb disk18:51
merlin_how can i test my network card under linux18:51
BlaatkipMonkeyDust:, I'm trying to setup a streisand server, we use one currently but that expires soon, i've installed one last year without any problems18:51
BluesKajkernello, yes ,, but i will only work in wine18:51
kernelloBluesKaj, thank you very much, will try with it, then18:52
joebobjoeIf group permissions are more restrictive that other permissions, is that pointless?18:52
MonkeyDustBlaatkip  it's hard to provide assistance if we don't know what happens, in whaich stage, on which ubuntu version18:52
BlaatkipMonkeyDust:  16.04.1, performed apt-get update & upgrade, then followed all the steps on the readme file untill: ansible-playbook playbooks/streisand.yml18:55
Blaatkipthen i get one line in terminal: PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************18:55
Blaatkipthats it18:55
Blaatkipare there any special ansible commands i can use to debug?18:56
energizer"The && is a special operator that says 'execute the next command only if the previous command was successful, i.e. returned with an exit code of zero'. " Is this consistent with other programming languages?18:57
MonkeyDustBlaatkip  there's also the channel   #ansible18:58
BlaatkipMonkeyDust: thinx might try that next19:00
Blaatkipi put my configs in a pastebin, altered the host ip offcourse, maybe u see something wrong with that19:01
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willy71667hello good people19:11
willy71667I need help with a ubuntu server issue19:12
willy71667concerning samba file sharing19:12
zevenprofhi everyone happy new year19:14
zevenprofdoes this channel support unity 8 support too?19:15
ubottugius: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:15
willy71667I have a samba file server setup using goguda's youtube video. Worked seamlessly for the last year.  Last week my windows 10 unit tanked. full reload. now I can map and access my samba server files but can't paste to the server19:15
zevenprofin unity 8 can't get beyond the tutorial screen on mir19:16
pavloswilly71667, is the location RW?19:16
xanguazevenprof: unity 8 is not yet ready to final is19:17
zevenprofagreed, but still would like to at least get to the desktop for testing19:17
willy71667total 164 drwxr-xr-x   51 willy willy 12288 Jan  6 12:51 Documents drwxr-xr-x   89 willy willy 28672 Dec 30 12:51 Downloads drwxr-xr-x    2 willy willy  4096 Dec 29 10:11 Movies drwxr-xr-x 1939 willy willy 69632 Aug  5 23:21 Music drwxr-xr-x   47 willy willy 36864 Oct 16 22:44 Pictures drwxr-xr-x    8 willy willy  4096 May 31  2016 Tvshows drwxr-xr-x   31 willy willy 12288 Oct 16 22:56 Videos19:18
zevenprofused this sudo apt-get install unity8-desktop-session-mir19:18
MonkeyDustzevenprof  this is not a testing channel, this is ubuntu support19:18
zevenprofon 16.0419:18
pavloswilly71667, which is the share and what perms?19:19
willy71667no expert here. followed a youtube video on setting this up19:19
zevenproffriend, im using the word loosely19:19
zevenprofwhen i say "testing"19:19
zevenprofjust want to boot into it19:19
zevenprofcan't get beyond the "long swipe from the left screen to ....19:20
zevenprofand won't let me "long swipe left" using trackpad on desktop19:20
willy71667what do I need to type into console to get perm infomation19:21
MonkeyDust!mir | zevenprof19:21
ubottuzevenprof: Mir is the next-generation display server currently under development by Canonical and Ubuntu. It's slated for inclusion in Ubuntu 14.04. For more information on it, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec . For code, see https://launchpad.net/mir19:21
=== Mony_ is now known as Mony
pavloswilly71667, the video shows it created a Public Files folder19:23
zevenprofso, no support...got it. thanks19:23
taliptakowhich version i should use 16.10 or 16.04 ?19:26
MonkeyDusttaliptako  16.04 has longer support, 16.10 has the latest and greatest stuff19:27
MonkeyDusttaliptako  ecide what'sd more important to you19:27
blacknred0taliptako: ^19:28
taliptakoubuntu 16.10 looks buggy19:28
blacknred0i think it also depends on what you are trying to do19:28
taliptakoi was using 16.10 i switch to fedora and now iwanna back to 16.0419:28
taliptakoinstead of 16.10 :)19:28
migraineWhere i can ask for upgrade package in repo?19:29
blacknred0I haven't used fedora since fedora core 1719:29
taliptakoyou dont like it ?19:29
blacknred0taliptako: i like ubuntu members and the support is better19:30
blacknred0more software dev support :)19:30
blacknred0rpm not so much19:30
taliptakoBut they have clear gnome :)19:31
blacknred0taliptako: you can install gnome and get rid of unity if you like in ubuntu as well19:32
ducassemigraine: what do you mean?19:33
migraineducasse: last update of package in 2013...19:33
taliptakoblacknred0, but i feel like its unoffical when i use Ubuntu with gnome19:33
ducassemigraine: which package?19:34
blacknred0taliptako: it is official19:34
migraineducasse: liquidsoap. in repos 1.1.1 (2013) but latest 1.2.*19:34
blacknred0just cause unity is the default, doesn't mean you can use gnome, KDE, etc19:35
xangua!info liquidsoap19:35
ubottuliquidsoap (source: liquidsoap): audio streaming language. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-7.1build5 (yakkety), package size 1329 kB, installed size 5398 kB19:35
MonkeyDustcute package name19:36
jayjoI am using the software imagemacick to stitch a bunch of pngs together into a gif, but there are a lot of frames. Is there a way to compress this somehow, because between each frame there is a very very small amount of change in the image19:36
ducasse!sru | migraine19:37
ubottumigraine: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates19:37
=== raj` is now known as raj
crzyp3ckwhat is the toolcain?19:41
MonkeyDustcrzyp3ck  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ToolChain19:43
EriC^^jayjo: use less frame rate19:45
diamerirhow do i use torrent to download ubuntu.iso19:46
zqvtHi I've got a problem with several email clients. I can't send mail through alpine or thunderbird on Ubuntu and I assume it's because google requires you to login through a browser popup. has anybody encountered this?19:46
basedmarszqvt, have you upgraded the thunderbird packages?19:47
MonkeyDustzqvt  i use thunderbird without google login, so it's not general19:47
zqvtI think everything is up to date19:47
zqvtyou sure you didn't get a password prompt when you first registered the smtp server? Can't seem to get around this.19:48
ducassezqvt: do you use two-factor auth on google?19:48
zqvtnope just password19:48
MonkeyDustzqvt  is it a gmail account?19:48
squintydiamerir, https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads19:49
diamerirsquinty: what is the disadvantage of 32 over 64bit?19:50
diameririn terms of security too19:50
diameriri want only 32bit as i can also use it on laptop19:50
diamerirdue to less ram19:50
squintydiamerir, afaik there is no difference concerning security aspect19:51
ducassezqvt: iirc gmail requires you to check a "allow alternative clients" box in settings19:51
xanguaIf you don't have much RAM why not go for Xubuntu, Lubuntu? diamerir19:51
dangernoodlezqvt: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/601025519:52
ducassediamerir: the ram difference is *minimal*, seriously. also, some packages are only available in 64-bit now, like google chrome.19:53
=== cydadmin is now known as opal
zqvtducasse: that might've been it, i'll try it out19:54
diamerirducasse: what other packages?19:56
diamerirhow much disadvantage?19:56
xanguadiamerir: more packages in the future probably19:57
cobyrHello everyone. :) I've been attempting a full install of Ubuntu on a USB thumb drive (following this guide: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/11/install-real-ubuntu-os-usb-drive/) but have not yet succeeded. The guide says to use Unetbootin to burn the ubuntu ios to usb drive, but after I do it won't boot from the stick. It just hangs. Was using Ubuntu 16.04.1 .19:59
cobyrubuntu iso* NOT ios.19:59
cobyrWas curious if anyone here has had success running a full ubuntu install from a usb stick?20:00
akikcobyr: yes, it's possible20:00
CharlieBrowncobyr, yes.  Boot it up, click the install button.  Done! :D20:00
CharlieBrownI haven't used optical media since 2007.20:01
akikcobyr: i've heard rufus is able to make the usb stick20:01
cobyrCharlieBrown, do you use a particular iso burner? Unetbootin doesn't seem to wrk right for me.20:01
CharlieBrownYeah, akik.  Rufus is a GREAT app for Windows that writes ISOs.20:01
cobyrakik, oh ok thanks. I have not tried rufus20:01
cobyrthat sound perfect because I am mostly on windows 1020:02
BlaatkipI use a usbstick with 5 linux distro's and win 10 installer, made it with yumi20:02
CharlieBrowncobyr, it's one of my essential apps for Windows.  I used to have a collection of free software apps for Windows that I'd keep in my pocket at all times.20:02
squintycobyr, https://www.pendrivelinux.com/ for tutorials and alternatives20:03
CharlieBrownBlaatkip, Yumi?  Will look into it.20:03
minimeccobyr: Yes. I recommend some fast USB3 or USB-C stick. You will need two sticks, for the install obviously... One with the Ubuntu install disk and the target USB stick. Just use the target USB stick as installation harddrive.20:03
cobyrAwesome. A good iso burned is a great start. squinty thanks for that link because I still need to partition the usb stick correctly for a full install to work properly, right?20:04
CharlieBrownOhh... THAT's what they were trying to do. My bad.20:04
minimeccobyr: I also recommend to mount the /temo directory in RAM after installation to avoid write cicles.20:04
cobyrminimec, oh ok thank you. That is what the guide I was folling. I will get my iso burned correctly and then get on it. :D20:04
squintycobyr,  the installer will handle any partitioning of the full install usb stick.20:05
cobyrsquinty, automatically? or do you have to set up some manula partitions?20:05
squintycobyr, either  your choice20:06
cobyroh ok. I had problems with the automatic one. Simply wouldn't boot. Then again, i think I was trying install onto a usb stick from a CD... don't think that should matter.20:06
backboxwhats up_20:06
Blaatkipcobyr: http://askubuntu.com/questions/312782/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-separate-hard-drive-in-a-dual-boot20:07
Blaatkipit takes 2 steps basicly, during the install process20:07
cobyrminimec, I was mistaken. You'r tip was not mentioned in the guide. Thanks! I noted it.20:08
squintycobyr, just make sure, you install grub to the proper usb stick (that is, the full installation stick and not your hard drive or the iso stick)20:08
cobyrsquinty, oh ok thanks :D20:09
squintycobyr, fwiw, I used to disconnect any hard drives first before doing a full install to a usb stick.... ;-)20:09
cobyrBlaatkip, thanks for that link :D20:10
Blaatkipnp cobyr, u can have that page open while installing20:10
cobyrsquinty, well that's thorough. Kind of a pain but thorough. XD20:10
josharensonWhat would make _some_ webpages fail to resolve on my laptop? I've rebooted my router, modem, and laptop. I've changed internet connections, DNS servers, and tried a VPN. Everything is fine on my phone, but laptop won't go to some sites suddenly20:10
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
=== user__ is now known as anon97218
Bashing-omjosharenson: Who is doing the DNS resolution ? ' cat /etc/resolv.conf ' . To get a hint .20:14
josharensonBashing-om: localhost... is that correct?20:15
Bashing-omjosharenson: Yeah , it is if Network-manager is installed to your system .20:16
josharensonBashing-om: it is, and its running20:17
explodesWill I notice a speed boost if I upgrade my ram from 1066MHz to, say, 3000?20:17
Bashing-omjosharenson: That was the only thought I had why some URLs do not resolve . Now I just also do not know .20:18
pavlosjosharenson, try, host google.com it should give you an IP, then try with a site you cannot resolve20:18
josharensonBashing-om: lol google.com is one of the sites that won't resolve, but I get it20:18
pavlosjosharenson, is your VPN blocking sites (not safe for work?)20:19
josharensonpavlos: not on a vpn at the moment20:19
pavlosjosharenson, what site can you resolve?20:20
=== mayday_ is now known as mayday
ducasseexplodes: try ##hardware20:21
josharensonpavlos: google.com resolves fine, gmail does not (currently, the non-working sites don't seem to be consistent)20:22
pavlosjosharenson, pavlos@intel:~$ host gmail.com20:22
pavlosgmail.com has address
diameriris there any disadvantage of 32 bit over 6420:23
josharensonpavlos: going there just takes me to google20:23
ducassediamerir: we've just told you20:23
diamerirwhat? except chrome20:24
josharensonpavlos: I'm thinking its not DNS now... I can't get to aa.com, but I can resolve its ip address (which doesn't work either)20:24
diameriri don't use that crap anyway20:24
explodesducasse: will do thanks20:24
xanguadiamerir: and more apps in the future20:24
ducassediamerir: can't remember as i only use 64-bit, but there are some. aiui the devs are also discussing dropping 32-bit images with the release of 18.0420:24
pavlosjosharenson, so if you try the ip instead of gmail.com, does it connect?20:24
josharensonpavlos: no, just goes to google... I'm going to try a slightly older live cd real quick20:27
ducassediamerir: you will be especially likely to run into problems with third-party binary packages, but even foss programs are dropping 32-bit support20:28
pavlosjosharenson, does that for me, too. weird ...20:30
ducassepavlos: not weird at all, as the webserver is no longer being told which vhost you want20:33
pavlosducasse, https://gmail.com brings my inbox but brings google page20:35
Cust0sLim3nhow come I can't install this: http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/file-preseed20:36
Cust0sLim3napt show file-preseed just shows nothing20:36
ducassepavlos: yes, because when you type gmail.com into your browser, the browser tells the webserver at the address it resolves that it wants the gmail.com website. when you type in an ip address the browser no longer knows which website you want, and gets the default one.20:37
ducassepavlos: (simplified)20:38
=== rory_ is now known as rory
bgray_16.04 - How can I tell which packages on my system were installed from multiverse?20:39
ducasseCust0sLim3n: see the biiiig box under the "Package: file-preseed" heading at the top of the page20:40
kernellohello again, I tried to run the firmware update with .exe file via wine, but I got this error: is.gd/drX9E2..still the update seems to be running in wine, though..20:40
Cust0sLim3nducasse, ye says not to install it ... but am 1st world anarchist myself20:41
kernellosorry, again, this is the link to error: is.gd/drX9E220:41
ducasseCust0sLim3n: sure, whatever. it's a udeb package, those aren't in the normal repos as they are intended for the images that use the debian installer.20:42
Cust0sLim3nducasse, so what repo should I add to get it ?20:43
ducasseCust0sLim3n: you're really not listening, but go ahead. just look a little further down the page and download from there.20:44
pavlosducasse, ty ... I read on Vhosts, mult hostnames in one IP20:44
ducassekernello: firmware updates are not going to work under wine20:45
dbz2k on ubuntu gnome 16.10 its seems it keeps getting stuck on black screen after grub menu from live cd20:46
Cust0sLim3nducasse, so only option is to add pgk manually ?20:46
ducasse!nomodeset | dbz2k20:46
ubottudbz2k: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:46
ducasseCust0sLim3n: i can't make this any clearer, i think; it's not a regular package - it's not intended to be used on a full install20:48
=== olivier is now known as Guest2495
dbz2kducasse: I tried that but still black screen :( its boots fine on vanilla ubuntu20:48
Cust0sLim3nducasse, yeah ok ... I won't install it - I looked at its content and is not what I'm looking for20:48
Cust0sLim3njust trying to figure out how to get it20:49
Cust0sLim3nanyway, no worries, thanks for info ducasse20:49
Cust0sLim3nso is there any way to get a (more) comprehensive list of preseed options except for http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/installation-guide-amd64 ?20:50
jdh239I have created a preseed file for 2 disks.  It creates a raid on the disk for the / partition, and also creates a swap partition (not raided) on each disk; however, instead of creating my swap partitions at the max size and then filling the rest of the disk up with the / partition, it creates the root partition at a fixed size and fills the rest of the disk up with the swap partitions.... essentially giving me swap partitions that equal 490 GB in size when20:51
jdh239combined.  Wondering if a preseed expert can look at my partman configuration and let me know what I am doing wrong?20:51
naccjdh239: have a paste of it?21:00
jdh239My preseed file is creating partition sizes incorrectly.  Someone willing to look at my configuration as a second pair of eyes (Just the partitioning section)?  I can't seem to find my problem.  Everything works other than the sizes of my partitions.21:00
jdh239nacc, yes thank you21:00
jdh239sorry you posted before I saw your response21:00
naccjdh239: np21:01
jdh239d-i partman-auto/method string raid21:01
jdh239d-i partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda /dev/sdb21:01
jdh239# <raidtype> <devcount> <sparecount> <fstype> <mountpoint> <devices> <sparedevices>21:01
jdh239d-i partman-auto/expert_recipe string \21:01
jdh239root-swap :: \21:01
jdh239237000 237000 -1 raid \21:01
jdh239$primary{ } $bootable{ } method{ raid } format{ } \21:01
nacc!paste | jdh23921:01
ubottujdh239: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:01
jdh239. \21:01
jdh2391024 6114 25% linux-swap \21:01
dmoerneroh dear21:01
jdh239$primary{ } method{ swap } format{ } \21:01
naccjdh239: you're probably going to get muted shortly :/21:01
jdh239d-i partman-auto-raid/recipe string \21:01
jdh2391 2 0 ext4 / \21:01
jdh239/dev/sda1#/dev/sdb1 \21:01
kernelloducasse, oh, I didnt know..is there another way to run it?21:02
kernelloother than running it on windows :) ?21:02
ducassekernello: yes, from windows or whatever it expects.21:02
timypYea looking at text you think I can put this on three lines and than when you past it its like darn that took up 30 lines in chat.21:02
ducassekernello: some of them will run on freedos21:02
JsyncI just want to say again, it's not appropriate to publish false names with the Greek Pagan female spouse references, not at all. That's not good for society, not at all.21:03
amerwhat is this programe21:03
amersome body help me21:03
kernelloducasse, oh, freedos looks interesting21:03
JsyncLike, why I would need to explain that really is atrocious & foul.21:04
nacc!ot | Jsync21:04
ubottuJsync: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:04
naccamer: you are on IRC.21:04
naccamer: in particular, the Ubuntu support channel21:04
amerwhat does that mean?21:04
alb3rtHi guys21:04
naccamer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat21:05
naccjdh239: are you putting it in a pastebin?21:05
ameri try to read about it but didn't works21:05
kernelloducasse,thank you for your help! I will try with freedos21:05
naccjdh239: thanks21:05
ameris this a chat programe?21:06
kk4ewtamer,  ubuntu is a linux Operating system for computers21:06
ameri know21:06
ducassekernello: np, but if it requires windows that won't work either - iow, it depends.21:06
jdh239That isn't the full partman section, but is the only part I am currently concerned about.  Everything else seems to be working as expected21:06
kernelloducasse, hope it works :)21:06
amerdo you mean this is programe for ubunto asking21:07
naccjdh239: ok, looking21:07
kk4ewtthis is a chat and this channel is for ubuntu linux support21:07
amerit's not sochial program?21:07
kk4ewtit can be be not in this channel21:08
amerwhat is chanels?21:08
kk4ewt!ot |amer21:08
ubottuamer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:08
fribHi.  I can no longer see audio devices in unity-control-center.  Please help!21:08
amerok let me know how can i get another chanel?21:09
ducasseamer: please join #freenode to learn about irc. type "/join #freenode" (without quotes)21:10
kernelloby the way, I've got an age-old (!) problem...network manager constantly hides the wifi networks21:10
kernelloI need each time to run restart on terminal21:11
wonderworldi have a large CSV file (20MB) i want to browse/sort in the GUI. libre office calc hogs 1 CPU core completely when opening it and freezes. is there any other tool that might work?21:12
ducassekernello: sounds like maybe a driver issue, which chipset?21:12
kernelloducasse, Intel Mobile 421:12
ducassekernello: never heard of, sorry. intel tends to work well in my experience, though.21:13
kernelloPRO/Wireless 5100 AGN21:13
kernellomaybe this is the right model?21:13
bgray_16.04 - How can I tell which packages on my system were installed from multiverse?21:14
kernellothis was not the problem until 14.04.2 or so..21:14
=== Simorgh is now known as Guest66589
berkiyoHello rexfish2521:23
jattbgray_: use synaptic21:28
nailykJordy: I have some dns troubles right know but I will open your picture :)21:29
JordyOh you are here now, lets continue :D21:29
naccjdh239: partitions are created in the order that you specify them in21:29
nailykJordy: dhclient whould bring your interfaces up and request an address from your dhcp21:30
nailykJordy: I assume your network if working fine and you can plug any new computer withouth a hitch21:30
jdh239nacc, that is good to know.  I will go switch them around then and let you know if that fixes my issue21:30
l0llip0phi what is example.desktop in home folder and can I remove it without any influence on my system?21:31
jdh239nacc, thank you for looking at that21:31
nailykJordy: so the networkcard you need is realteck PCIe21:31
nailykJordy: if you are using ethernet.21:32
JordyIt's a VirtualBox instance.21:32
JordyThe laptop itself uses wifi21:32
nailykJordy: Intel dual band wireless if you use wifi21:32
Jordythat's the default setting :P21:32
naccjdh239: you can see the order debian recommends (at least in their example) in https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/apbs04.html.en21:32
Jordydhclient doesn't seem to be doing anything21:33
Jordyit just enters in 'busy' mode where I can ctrlC out of21:33
nailykok hit ctrl+c then.21:33
nailykJordy: your network should be up anyway.21:34
nailykCheck state with ifconfig.21:34
berkiyoCould be a Network Manager issue21:35
berkiyoping ubuntu.com21:36
Jordyhttp://i.imgur.com/z7NvGb0.png no change :(21:36
JordyName or Service not known21:36
berkiyoAh W10 host?21:36
berkiyoPlease go into your network settings21:36
JordyI have changed no network setting as far as I know, I just setup the VM the other night21:36
berkiyoin w1021:36
Jordyyes W10 host21:36
berkiyoand in adapters21:36
k1lJordy: guest additions installed?21:36
Jordynot yet21:36
berkiyomake sure the virtualbox ethernet is enabled21:36
berkiyok1l, It shouldn't matter, guest additions only help with graphical performance21:37
JordyIt's enabled21:37
nailykJordy: :) you are in good hands and I had to go. Good luck21:37
berkiyoThat's weird21:37
Jordybut IPV4 connectivy state says no network access21:37
pavlosbgray_, dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}' | xargs apt-cache madison | column -t | grep multiverse21:37
berkiyoFor your host network?21:37
berkiyoEg: Connection on W10?21:38
* berkiyo deep accent21:38
berkiyoHave you tried restarting your PC?21:38
JordyNo at the VirtualBox ethernet adapter21:38
berkiyoDisable it21:39
berkiyoThen re-enable it21:39
berkiyoGo into your adapter settings for your WiFi card (or whatever you use)21:39
taliptakoshould i install docker from ubuntu repos or from docker repos ?21:39
berkiyoand make sure the Virtualbox bridge driver is checked! :D21:39
taliptakousually tutorials using docker repos21:40
berkiyoDocker Repos taliptako21:40
taliptakowhy ?21:40
berkiyoCanonical patches a lot of tings21:40
rangergordHi. I'm trying to boot a Ubuntu MATE VBox VM which I created on a new computer. At the boot screen, where I can choose between Ubuntu, Memory Test, commandline/grub, etc, if I select Ubuntu, I just get a black screen with a frozen cursor, and no indication of what's wrong. Any advice? Other options like Memory Test and Grub work.21:40
berkiyoSo if you follow tutorials21:40
k1ltaliptako: what is wrong with the ubuntu repos version?21:41
taliptakojust little bit old :)21:41
berkiyoIt just might be patched up and missing a few features21:41
taliptakoand docker-compose package is very old21:41
berkiyoEG: Arch Linux patches firefox21:41
berkiyothis removes data and telemetry options21:41
Jordyberkiyo, http://i.imgur.com/MunvTkf.png (Sorry for it being Dutch)21:41
berkiyoAlso they patch "top" and make it red! :(21:41
taliptakoso installing from docker repos will not be problem for my system isnt it21:42
berkiyoJordy, All goods, so good, its checked... Hmm, why wouldn't it work? I don't get it21:42
berkiyoCAn you disable21:42
berkiyoEverything except for the WiFi you use and vbox adapter in bottom window? Including ethernet21:43
berkiyoThe big bottom window in your screenshot21:43
berkiyogive a reboot and tell me how it goes21:43
k1ltaliptako: well, its outside the things that ubuntu can support. so you need to ask the one running that 3rd party repos for support with that then.21:43
Jordyokay berkiyo21:45
berkiyogood luck21:45
tomreynrangergord: choose advanced options, then recovery, then failsafeX. then choose the option to insert guest additions iso, then install it, then reboot21:45
royal_screwup2hey guys!21:47
rangergordtomreyn: when I select the recovery kernel, I get the same issue, frozen cursor on a black screen21:47
berkiyohey royal_screwup2 :D21:47
royal_screwup2Instead of dragging my mouse all the way to the "x" sign to close a window, is there a handy shortcut available?21:48
tomreynrangergord: which ubuntu release is this?21:48
berkiyoOr Ctrl+Q21:48
royal_screwup2berkiyo thanks!21:48
JordyRebooted, now lets wait 10 minutes to get pass the starting job for the Raise Network..21:48
rangergordtomreyn 16.0421:49
berkiyoroyal_screwup2, No problemo :D21:49
pavlosJordy, if the adapter was NAT, VB would give is a (something like that) but if it is bridge, it should pick an ip from DHCP server21:49
berkiyoJordy, Cool :D21:49
tomreynrangergord: virtualbox version?21:49
=== Guest42712 is now known as Kestrel-029
berkiyoJordy, you could have a 3rd party driver in W10 preventing or conflicting with vbox21:49
berkiyoBut lets see what happens21:50
Jordypavlos, I tried both, it simply doesn't get an IP assigned with both settings21:50
rangergordtomreyn: 5.1.12, latest21:50
berkiyoJordy, Not working?21:50
Jordyidk waiting for this stupid Raise Network starting job thing to finish21:50
rangergordtomreyn: VM was created on an older VBox though (not sure which, but at least 6 weeks old)21:50
=== sydney_u1tangle is now known as sydney_untangle
timypJordy does it work if you connect to hardwire and select the onboard nic?21:53
Jordyberkiyo, nope no connectivity, timyp how?21:53
cesdoMerry Christmas to all!21:54
tomreynrangergord: oh 5.1.12 must be quite new, i haven't used this one, yet. try advanced again, then press 'e' to edit. then go down to the line which starts with "linux", tthen press 'end' to go to the end of this line. now move the cursor in front of  the three dashes, add a blank space to the left if there's none, and type: vga=79121:54
timypyou have a router in the home you connect the laptop to Ethernet?21:54
berkiyoJordy, Does host have internet?21:54
tomreynrangergord: also make sure there's another blank space behind that and before the ---21:54
Jordyoh that, I can't try that now. I've got no ethernet cable21:54
tomreynrangergord: then press ctrl-x21:54
JordyMy IRC client is on the host, so yes. Host got internet21:55
JordyIt's just not forwarding it to the adapter21:55
timypis your DHCP service from the router or another machine?21:55
Jordyrouter yes21:55
timypcan you ping the router from VM?21:55
berkiyoBest to revert to original settings OR, completely reinstall Virtualbox and allow for signing/installing drivers during setup (2 dialogs popup in setup)21:55
berkiyoDid you allow the drivers to be installed on host W10 Jordy when you first installed vbox?21:56
JordyIT does all work great until I restart VirtualBox after I install it21:56
rangergordtomreyn: I don't see 3 dashes. It's "linux /boot/vmlinuz/[...] [root=uuid...] ro"21:57
berkiyoNot sure how to help you man21:58
berkiyoToo many variables21:58
tomreynrangergord: if this also doesn't help, repeat the whole proess, but ionstead of adding " vga=791 ", add " nomodeset " or " xforcevesa "21:58
rangergordadd it after ro?21:58
timypcan you ping the router and can be ping from the VM ?21:58
berkiyoIt could be a corrupt installation of *buntu itself Jordy21:58
tomreynrangergord: let me check quickly21:58
pavlosJordy, the VB install may be to blame ... I tried on win10 host, ubuntu server as guest, VB 5.1.621:58
tomreynrangergord: my test VM is just installing updates, may take another 3 or 5 minutes21:59
rangergordtomreyn: np. i appreciate the help. I'll look up the flags to see if i can find an example in the meanwhile21:59
tomreynrangergord: if there's not ---, it's probably still fine to put it to the end. also, if present, remove "splash" and "quiet" options from that line22:00
Jordydamn :(22:01
tomreynJordy: when you say "IT does all work great until I restart VirtualBox after I install it" then the latter "it" refers to Virtualbox or Ubuntu? Which one do you restart, breaking "it"  there?22:03
JordyVirtualBox the program itself22:03
JordyI can reboot the VM and internet still works, it just stops working completely when I exit VirtualBox22:04
tomreynthen i agree it's an issue on the host Os side.22:04
rangergordtomreyn: I tried all 3 options (vga=791, xforcevesa, nomodeset) separate times after the "ro", then CTRL+X'ed, i still get a black screen with frozen cursor22:06
pavlosrangergord, the line looks like this ... linux   /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-57-generic root=UUID=73e75c98-a698-4fda-b5db-1f37a740fe1a ro  quiet splash22:06
tomreynthanks pavlos. so the idea was to remove "quiet splash" and place these other strings there, one by one22:07
tomreynis this what you did then, rangergord ?22:07
=== boo is now known as Guest97650
Guest97650sorry coffeeshop wifi acted up22:08
=== Guest97650 is now known as rangergord2
rangergord2i'm back now22:08
pavlosrangergord, rangergord yes, remove quiet splash and add nomodeset ... it should boot22:08
rangergord2THis doesn't boot: linux   /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-57-generic root=UUID=73e75c98-a698-4fda-b5db-1f37a740fe1a ro  nomodeset22:09
rangergord2same outcome: black screen with frozen cursor22:09
tomreynrangergord2: try "text" instead of nomodeset, too22:09
rangergord2same with text22:10
Bashing-omrangergord2: What release ? Maybe try and boot to a terminal from grub ? See then what results .22:10
rangergord216.04, Ubuntu MATE22:10
rangergord2i'll look up how to boot to a terminal from grub22:11
Bashing-omrangergord2: Try replaceing ' quiet splash' with " systemd.unit=multi-user.target " . See now if ya get to a terminal .22:11
brewokguys, how to install redmine in ubuntu server 16.04 LTS ?22:12
=== darren is now known as Guest91997
k1l!info redmine22:12
ubotturedmine (source: redmine): flexible project management web application. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.2.3-2 (yakkety), package size 1074 kB, installed size 8892 kB22:12
Bashing-om!info redmine xenial22:12
ubotturedmine (source: redmine): flexible project management web application. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.2.1-2 (xenial), package size 1074 kB, installed size 8881 kB22:12
k1lbrewok: use that package?22:13
rangergord2Bashing-om: no luck with systemd, same result22:13
Bashing-omrangergord2: Yuk, fresh install ? And if so was the .iso verified ?22:13
tomreyn<rangergord> tomreyn: VM was created on an older VBox though (not sure which, but at least 6 weeks old)22:14
brewok!info redmine22:14
rangergord2Bashing-om: no, not a fresh one.  I created this VBox VM a while ago, and now am changing laptops. So I copied the folder22:14
ubotturedmine (source: redmine): flexible project management web application. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.2.3-2 (yakkety), package size 1074 kB, installed size 8892 kB22:14
brewokk1l yep22:15
rangergord2can't access terminal from grub. I tried using init=/bin/sh at the end of the linux line (after ro) as per google results22:15
rangergord2same result as every other attempt22:15
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=== druga is now known as imdruga
tomreynrangergord2: this sounds like you have some virtualbox hardware configuration for this VM which doesn't work well. maybe try to create a new ubuntu 16.04 VM (with virtualbox' defaults) and then add the existing disk to it.22:16
rangergord2logically speaking...it cant be a virtualbox service/video issues, right, since even text fails to load?22:16
pavlosrangergord2, do you have a live usb you can boot from?22:16
rangergord2pavlos: unfortunately not. i'm in a coffee shop with really slow internet so i can't get one either22:17
rangergord2perhaps the filesystem got corrupted during copy?22:17
rangergord2the big 20GB vdi disk22:17
tomreynit should recover automatically then22:18
=== imdruga is now known as jcjordyn120
tomreynand display a notice while doing so, or if failing to do so.22:18
rangergord2i got no such thing. Also, I had another old VM, Ubuntu Server 16.04, and I just tried it, that one boots just fine.22:19
tomreyncompare their hardware configurations then22:20
pavlosrangergord2, I came late in the conversation, you have VB 5.1.12 and created a guest ubuntu mate 16.04 which does not boot22:20
rangergord2pavlos: VM was created on an older VBox, then the directory was copied to a new system with VB 5.1.1222:20
rangergord2but yeah, that's what's going on22:21
rangergord2tomreyn: checking it out. but these VBox settings are the same I've used on every single PC ever. i did not modify any.22:23
AntaresПодскажите LUA для Android22:24
AntaresLUA for Android needed22:24
tomreynrangergord2: virtualbox's defaults tend to change over time, though, and so if you imported an old configuration to a new virtualbox this *could* break stuff.22:24
tomreyn!ot | Antares22:24
ubottuAntares: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:24
pavlos!ru | Antares22:25
ubottuAntares: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.22:25
pavlosAntares, see ##lua22:26
rangergord2tomreyn: I really dont see what it could be. VBox boots Ubuntu's bootloader, it can load grub, the memory test, etc.22:26
rangergord2so beyond that, it's an OS issue, no?22:26
rangergord2I might give up and start over22:27
tomreynrangergord2: or it could be a broken VDI file, where data is fine in early sectors, but missing or broken in later sectors.22:27
rangergord2thankfully 80% of my post-OS-install setup is automated22:27
rangergord2tomreyn: I can try copying again tmrw22:28
tomreynrangergord2: compare file sizes before you do, if they match, do checksumming on both ends. still faster than copying.22:29
rangergord2good point22:29
rangergord2well actually22:29
tomreyn(although you may still end up copying again, but then you'll know why at least)22:29
rangergord2the vdi was modified since, due to all the stuff we22:29
rangergord2we've bene doing. i'll recopy, but also check md522:29
tomreyni don't think i instructed you to make persistent changes. those edits in grub you did do not persist22:30
tomreynrangergord2: but it's possible that the OS got so far as to r/w mount the file system, in which case it won't match, good point.22:31
rangergord2thanks for all the help everyone22:35
rangergord2especially you tomreyn22:35
=== JediMaster is now known as Guest25631
tomreynwelcome :)22:36
rangergord2i guess since i cant do anything, i might as well learn vimtutor22:42
pavlosrangergord2, you could d/l puppylinux iso and make a VM.22:45
rangergordpavlos: I got a working Ubuntu Server VM22:46
pavlosrangergord2, ok22:46
cludzhi, can anybody help me installing windows in dual with ubuntu?22:57
snowkidinddoes ubuntu delete files in /tmp automagically or do I have to make a cronjob?22:58
kernellhello again :) I'm trying to revive a disk with fsck. I found the superblock numbers, but I get the error 'mount point /dev/sda does not exist'22:58
k1lsnowkidind: on reboot, it should clear tmp22:59
kernellmaybe because it is because I couldnt create a partition on it, and I dont know how to get it mounted22:59
snowkidindok so what if I'm running an aws AMI22:59
snowkidindthanks btw22:59
kk4ewtkernell, correct /dev/sda is not a mount point22:59
k1lsnowkidind: hmm, does a "ls -al /tmp" list old stuff?22:59
disiin which package would i find configure?22:59
kk4ewtits the your first hd22:59
kernellkk4ewt, but how can I create one for /dev/sda ?22:59
snowkidindhavent tried23:00
kk4ewtkernell,  fdisk -l |pastebinit23:00
kk4ewtkernell,  that would be the drive not a partition on the drive23:01
snowkidindsome files from 12/2523:01
k1lsnowkidind: since 14.04 http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man8/tmpreaper.8.html  should handle /tmp cleaning23:01
royal_screwup3Hey, guys! :)23:01
snowkidindI think i will just make my own tmp dir and manage it23:02
squintydisi, http://packages.ubuntu.com/  -> "Search the contents of packages"23:02
disisquinty: thanks23:02
kernellkk4ewt, here it is, all commands I tried; paste.ubuntu.com/2375483923:02
k1lsnowkidind: why invent the wheel when there is already tmpreaper which can run on cron23:02
royal_screwup3I'm a linux newbie and was wondering if everyone could pitch in their most useful sudo apt downloads on the terminal.23:03
k1lroyal_screwup3: everyone got different taste and workloads. so better think of what you want to do and look what programs are there in the ubuntu repos23:04
tomreynuh sorry, ignore me23:04
royal_screwup3k1l: I'm really looking for the essentials, the "must-haves" for every user23:05
k1lroyal_screwup3: the must have ones should be already installed :)   look at omgubuntu website which do list such top10 of things to do after install etc.23:06
disisquinty: idk which one i've tried a bunch :/ which configure always comes up empty23:06
linuxnoob92Hey guys. Im sorrry if im bothering you. Ive spent two hours googling my problem, but i couldnt fix it. I just installed Ubuntu 16.04.1-amd-64, and it says everything went good. After rebooting, it went straight into Windows. No grub(?) showing, just Windows stuff. When trying to reinstall it, the installer also says Windows 10 and Ubuntu are installed. Ive tested everything google told me to do. Im  running a self-built pc if tha23:08
kernellany suggestion to my paste?23:11
=== kernell is now known as kernello
k1lkernello: there is no sda in fdisk output23:12
kernellok1l, indeed, but in disk utility I see the disk named sda23:13
pavloskernello, sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda | pastebinit23:14
=== mike_ is now known as Guest44086
kernellopavlos, it is this: paste.ubuntu.com/2375498723:16
k1lkernello: what is the real issue? a broken disk?23:17
=== lucasrolff is now known as HarryCross
pavloskernello, how about lsblk23:17
kernellok1l, correct23:17
k1lkernello: dmesg | pastebinit23:18
kernellopavlos, this time it shows; paste.ubuntu.com/2375499823:18
k1lbut it doesnt look good for that disk23:18
tomreynlinuxnoob92: what you posted there was cut off at "Im  running a self-built pc if tha" due to the maximum line length on IRC.23:19
pavloskernello, sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda23:20
linuxnoob92Sorry, i wrote "if that matters"23:20
kernellok1l, the output is huge, I'm pasting it in a minute :)23:21
kernellok1l, here it is: paste.ubuntu.com/2375501223:22
tomreynlinuxnoob92: during the final step of the installation, the ubuntu installer may / should have asked you where to install grub. did it, and if so, which choice did you make there?23:22
k1lkernello: "dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" will paste it directly and output an url23:22
kernellok1l, thank you very much, for this time I used pastebinit23:23
linuxnoob92tomreyn: I cant remember it asking me that :/23:23
kernellopavlos, is smartctl correct? it says command not found23:23
tomreynlinuxnoob92: it's possible the graphical / default installer doesn't ask and just does it, i'm not sure right now23:24
pavloskernello, you dont have the smart tools installed. But the dmesg shows plenty I/O errors23:24
linuxnoob92tomreyn: Yeah i used the graphical one. I just used "Install with Windows 10" and didnt do any partition stuff23:25
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k1lkernello: tbh, that drive looks dead23:25
pavloskernello, sudo apt-get install smartmontools23:25
kernellopavlos, installing :)23:25
FafiI'm a nice guy23:25
Fafilookin' for IT chick23:26
kernellok1l, indeed23:26
k1lFafi: this channel is for technical support talk only. see ##chat channel for regular chat23:26
tomreynlinuxnoob92: okay i guess then it's all fully automatic there. try to hold down the shift key while booting. it may make the grub screen show up, where you could then choose to run ubuntu. also, if this doesn't work, see whether your bios provides a boot menu where you can select the device to boot from.23:27
tomreynlinuxnoob92: also, when shutting down windows, also hold down shift.23:27
linuxnoob92Okay, let me pull up irc on my phone so i can chat with you guys haha23:28
tomreynFafi: do you have an ubuntu support question?23:28
kernellopavlos, it's ready: paste.ubuntu.com/2375504123:29
tomreynlinuxnoob92: i meant hold down shift while you select the option to shut down windows, not the entire time it shuts down23:29
Fafihow to copy passwd from my colleauge mint laptop to my pc23:30
Fafiwithout being catch23:30
tomreyn!mint | Fafi23:30
ubottuFafi: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org23:30
Fafibut my opc is ubuntu23:31
linuxnoobphonetomreyn: Nope, no grub :(23:31
Fafii was trying to reboot23:31
Fafitomreyn: are you ubuntu spec?23:32
Fafisend me your passwd23:33
Fafii want to show you something23:33
Fafiim able to do all command23:33
Fafican show you23:33
pavloskernello, line 21 shows PASSED but your previous pastebn shows many I/O error23:33
photon156Hello all, ubuntu does not boot for me.23:35
kernellopavlos, it happened before that changing the superblock fixed the whole thing..I was trying to see if it'd work, but I couldn't come to that point23:35
tomreynlinuxnoobphone: sorry, i'm not sure what went wrong then. you probably have some uefi secureboot related issue. others around here have been quite successful in helping people fix it, but i'm not so much ionto it, yet.23:35
Fafiyou know shit about linux23:35
Fafibetter buy office for dumbies23:36
tomreynFafi: please stop23:36
Ben64photon156: need more details23:36
linuxnoobphonetomreyn: no worries! i appreciate your help23:36
Fafibuy macbook23:36
Fafiand join lbgt23:36
linuxnoobphoneThat must be a troll23:36
Ben64Fafi: 0/10 troll, go away23:37
photon156Ubuntu 16.04/16.10 not booting (http://askubuntu.com/q/868534/494761) Ben6423:37
Ben64photon156: oh is it you from the other day who kept not giving enough info23:37
photon156I have all the info I can think relevant on that page23:38
photon156I think my problem has to do with my SanDisk 850 evo ssd23:38
Ben64sounds like a hardware problem really23:38
photon156Ubuntu used to install without problems on my hdd23:38
joebobjoeWhy was udisks2 mount location changed to /media/$user? This explanation doesn't make any sense (it's referenced in the wiki, too) https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2152773&p=12684078#post1268407823:39
basedmarsis it an uefi or bios based pc?23:39
photon156Do I need to install drivers or something somehow?23:39
photon156Award Bios23:39
Ben64try installing on a different drive23:40
photon156I'd rather install on the faster ssd :/23:40
photon156I will I guess23:41
basedmarsssd shouldn't be a problem now on latest ubuntu afaik.23:41
Ben64maybe that particular one is a problem23:41
photon156It is for me =P23:41
pavloskernello, the lsblk did not show any partitions in sda. Is the disk blank?23:41
Ben64eliminate variables, its how to diagnose problems23:41
basedmarscould you make a new partition table or something. either gpt or mbr23:41
photon156Thing is, it did install with some trouble before and work perfectly, but not now23:41
photon156Which will show a greater performance improvement with an ssd over hdd: win10 or ubuntu?23:42
basedmarsI can't say. Haven't used win1023:43
photon156Which will it improve more *23:43
kernellopavlos, yes23:43
basedmarsCan we tweak io scheduler and all those tweak performance on win10?23:43
kernellopavlos, I tried to partition it via disk utility, but it gave error23:43
pavloskernello, given the I/O errors, not sure what you can do23:44
photon156Alright, I guess win10 is going on the ssd. Thanks all (really)23:44
pavloskernello, you can use parted (if you know it)23:44
kernellopavlos, yes, I know it, totally forgot! :)23:44
kernellotrying now23:44
basedmarsYeah sorry we couldn't be much more of a help photon156. You've been asking this since yesterday. It's so strange actually.23:46
kernellopavlos, gparted first showed the device, but gave i/o error when I tried to partition it, after that it didnt even show it anymore23:47
kernellonot much left to do, huh?23:47
root____2just installed ubuntu 16.04 LTS, wanted to turn on desktop shareing, have done but no joy.  have disabled ufw ans port scsn only shows SSH  any idea's?23:48
pavloskernello, dont think so, the I/O errors bug me23:48
Ben64root____2: how did you turn it on, and why are you running as root23:48
kernellopavlos, maybe better I give up here :) thank you so much!23:48
pavloskernello, np23:49
root____2ben64: testlab, just jumped on.23:49
linuxnoobphonetomreyn: my BIOS is UEFI Dualbios, should i do a UEFI install?23:49
kernellok1l, many thanks!23:49
root____2ben64: i used GUI23:49
tomreynlinuxnoobphone: if you want to dual boot windows and linux, and windows was installed in efi mode, you want linux installed in efi mode, too. if not dualboot, disable secureboot and use legacy bios mode.23:50
tomreynkernello: likely broken disk, replace it. if it works ona  different OS, consider a firmware update.23:51
tomreynkernello: your issue is not related to fdisk / parted23:51
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root____2Ben64: any idea?23:52
=== root____2 is now known as kv102t
Ben64kv102t: well you didn't really answer the questions23:52
kv102ti used the GUI ticketed the box, set a password23:52
ubottulumasa: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».23:53
Bashing-omkernello: I do have a thought, We have anything to work with ? what returns ' sudo dumpe2fs /dev/sda1 | grep -i backup ' where the sda1 is the target where the root file system for the SSD is located . Yours MAY be different .23:54
kv102tBen64: i used the GUI ticketed the box, set a password23:54

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