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ochosibluesabre: just replaced notebook with gtkstack in xfce4-notifyd-config, that was surprisngly easy and looks quite great too11:28
bluesabreochosi, can't say it looks great and then not post a screenshot :)12:21
flocculantha ha ha 12:22
flocculantmorning bluesabre :)12:22
bluesabremorning flocculant 12:22
flocculantbluesabre: re ochosi and the settings manager in gtk3 - I assume you'd put that on the current ppa for zesty and I would just see the update? 12:23
flocculanteven if it goes awfully wrong and ppa-purge :D12:23
bluesabreflocculant, yeah, I'll let you know when its up12:23
bluesabreI'll probably toss it in my experimental ppa first, dunno how bad it can be12:23
flocculantack 12:24
ochosibluesabre_: hehe, alright, here you go: http://i.imgur.com/NuBqoe3.png19:47
ochosiflocculant: a look into the future ^19:48
flocculantI saw :)19:49
flocculantand I hope it's Xubuntu ... you're go to Xfce distro :p19:50
ochosiflocculant: wait, what..?? :) are you hanging out with the elementary folks or something?20:56
flocculantnah - that was on one of those screenshots :p20:56
ochosioh, haha20:57
ochosiyeah, the notification log should be blurred by default on screenshots ;)20:57
ochosii still need to fix the clear log and refresh buttons20:57
flocculantlooks good though :)20:59
ochosithanks, yeah the inline toolbar makes the buttons more connected to the widget they belong to21:00
ochosior did you mean the revamp in general?21:00
flocculantwell - both really - the revamped revamp and the original revamp :)21:00
flocculantwelcome :)21:02
flocculantochosi: btw - I'm watching for gtk3 s-manager btw - as soon as I see it - I'll test scrolling and let you know (assuming I see it first ;) )21:08
ochosii'll push my latest changes to my branch soon btw21:09
ochosiand this may be test-worthy too21:09
ochosiat least if the problem was really on xfce4-notifyd's side21:09
ochosibecause the widgets changed a lot21:09
ochosino more gtknotebook21:09
ochosimaybe that helps with the scrolling21:09
flocculantochosi: just let me know and I will git pull (I think) and test21:10
flocculantwell I did that with what I have and see some changes already :)21:11
ochosiyeah, but it's not the last transformation/cleanup21:12
flocculantnope - I see it's not like the one you screenshot just now 21:12
ochosiyou also noticed the application icons?21:12
flocculantI do now :D21:13
flocculantespecially the non-existing xfces4-settings-helper one :D21:19
flocculantI would screenshot it - but it's all blurred lol21:19
ochosiyeah, the search for icons is far from perfect or good21:21
ochosii'm still not sure whether it's better to show them as is or remove them again21:21
flocculantochosi: well - I don't know how perfect it would be in the end - any reason why xfce4-anything-at-all 'needs' to have an icon eg. tell it not to use those even if they exist? 21:29
ochosisry, can you rephrase that in simple english?21:30
flocculantrather than show a 'no icon available' thing21:30
flocculantochosi: I'll try 21:30
ochosithere shouldn't be a "broken image" icon in the last revision21:30
ochosimaybe you need to git pull again21:30
ochosi(if that was your concern)21:30
flocculantit is - I did - it's still there 21:31
ochosithat is odd21:32
flocculantanyway - might point was - nice to see application icons - but for the things like I see here http://i.imgur.com/dIdsdPa.png21:32
ochosicould you do a "make distclean" and start again from autogen?21:32
ochosioh, that looks ok21:33
ochosiapart from settings-helper21:33
flocculantis there any actual reason to see those xfce4-any-thing with an icon?21:33
ochosiyou mean like places-plugin?21:33
flocculanteg if some have them - some don't and some give the broken image - could those icons just be ignored completely? 21:34
ochosithe broken image should never be shown, not sure why it is in this case21:34
ochosii check whether an icon with that name exists in the icon theme and if it does i display it, if not i display an empty image21:34
ochosiwhen does settings-helper show a notification...21:35
* ochosi scratches head21:35
flocculantwell just distclean and redid autogen etc - and it still shows broken21:35
ochosii need to reproduce that21:35
ochosihm, that is not even an executable21:35
flocculantwell - yea I don't even know what it does lol21:35
ochosiis your log still there?21:35
ochosiyou could open it and search21:35
flocculantnah I cleared it the other day when it was full of track 1 track million etc21:36
ochosifull log is in: ~/.cache/xfce4/notifyd/log21:36
flocculantoh hang on - I copied it to yak and xenial to test those21:36
ochosiactually i guess i can fake it21:37
flocculantnothing in there that looks close 21:37
ochosiok, i get the same broken image here21:38
ochosivery strange21:39
ochosithat icon definitely does not exist21:39
flocculantok cool 21:47
flocculantwell - you know what I mean - you can see it too :)21:47
flocculantsometimes I'm not sure whether it's just 'my installs' 21:48
ochosiwell oftentimes it's not ;)21:49
ochosiok, pushed another small change for the primary monitor option21:49
ochosinow when i've fixed the inline toolbar buttons (refresh and clear) i'll be done with the settings dialog for now21:50
ochosirighty, done21:59
ochosimay add some icons to those two buttons21:59
ochosior even another button that opens the full log in a text editor21:59
ochosibut that is optional and for later21:59
ochosiflocculant: do you have any input on the phrasing of some of the options?22:01
ochosialso, would you be ok with testing the log options once more? (i'm removing the "never" option now as it doesn't seem to make sense anymore)22:03
flocculantochosi: can I look tomorrow at the phrasing - supermarket has just delivered stuff for a month here 22:04
flocculantand yes ofc I will test the options again - I'll turn on ones I have turned off currently too :)22:04
ochosisure, anytime22:04
ochosithere's no rush22:05
flocculantok - well I will look at that tomorrow for you otherwise I'll forget :)22:05
flocculantochosi: I'm going to disappear shortly - I will git pull etc tomorrow before checking wording so I'm sure of being up to date with it 22:09
ochosii shall do the same22:09
ochosii really need the slee22:09
flocculantI remember those days with fondness ... not sure I felt that fond when I had toddlers though :D22:09
flocculantnight night ;)22:10
ochosii will push this to master soon i think22:11
ochosiit's in really good shape already22:11
ochosithanks for your help flocculant 22:11
flocculantnever a problem :)22:16
flocculantI'll be away now - night :)22:17
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bluesabreochosi, thanks, looks good23:07
bluesabrepadding is a bit funky, but good23:08
bluesabreand inline toolbar buttons are usually icon only23:08
bluesabreand linked23:09

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