bel_kihttps://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12289 1.5year ago find this bug & i step on it too00:05
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 12289 in general "Thunar freezes when a file of the current directory changes fastly and the focus is on it" [Normal,New]00:05
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turbo64gtk3 apps have different menubars than gtk2 apps in the adwaita theme01:16
turbo64is there a way to fix this01:16
turbo64i thought adwaita was supposed to be fully integrated between gtk2 and 301:16
knomeadwaita is a gtk3-only theme01:18
turbo64what is a theme that looks the same in all applications01:22
knomei don't think there is one01:22
knomegtk2 and gtk3 are completely different beasts01:22
turbo64what a disaster01:27
turbo64and adwaita is not a gtk3 only theme01:27
turbo64its for both gtk2 and 301:27
knomewell, sure, but it doesn't really try to do much with gtk201:28
knomethe main focus is gtk301:28
knomeas is with most themes today01:28
turbo64im absolutely disgusted with the gnome developers and their idiotic decisions01:32
turbo64and worried what xfce will be like after fully transitioning to gtk3 (if that will even happen)01:33
turbo64the gnome devs seem to be good at staying one step ahead in preventing any 3rd party developers from properly adapting things to gtk301:34
turbo64since every update breaks everything01:34
bazhanggnome devs isnt really on topic in this channel01:36
bazhangtry to file some bugs with the gnome project01:36
knomeor help out with the development and theme work to make things better01:40
JSBmanDHi, how i can connect with maintainer of docs?07:58
bazhangwhich docs JSBmanD08:03
JSBmanDOf xubuntu 16.0408:03
JSBmanDWho helps editing it08:03
bazhangwhats the issue with those08:03
flocculantJSBmanD: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel08:06
flocculantthat will get to the people who maintain the docs08:06
JSBmanDI need reg?08:07
flocculantJSBmanD: I think you can write to the list - then it would get moderated - and approved eventually08:08
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Jerome_hello, can someone tell me how i can build a system for storage and mediaplay ?11:30
Jerome_instead of a NAS, i would like to dive into the option to get a basic computer and use it as server with mediaplay options11:31
two_jaysyou could use FreeNAS as OS and install the Plex lṕlugin for media11:32
Jerome_Hello Two_jays, would a dualcore basic pc work or spend a bit more money and get a quadcore?11:34
Jerome_i've got a Banshee FM library of around 60 to 75 gigs of music in high Ogg Vorbis quality11:34
two_jaysi dont use it myself and cant say that with confidence. i would guess it should work depending on what sort of dualcore...you should read more information on FReeNAS on the internet ;)11:36
Jerome_ok ! thanks !11:36
leapoverHello, can someone help me?12:05
knomeleapover, ask your question and find out12:06
leapoverI have an AWUS036ac usb wifi adapter, which requires the rtl8812au driver.  I obtained the driver from github modified to work with linux.  I know from previous experience that there is an issue with network-manger recognizing the adapter, see here: https://github.com/gnab/rtl8812au/issues/81 My current issue is i need to downgrade to networkmanger 1.0.10 but this version isn't offered in the xenial repos.  Do i just enable the prev12:08
knomeyour message got cut from "..enable the prev"12:09
leapoverDo i just enable the previous releases repo to downgrade to this version?12:10
knomeno, that's not as simple as just enabling the repository, and downgrading is generally not a recommended method12:11
knome(though i understand you need the older version, but there are other ways to achieve that)12:11
leapoverGotcha, any ideas on how to obtain that version then?12:12
knomethat guides you to downgrade a single package only12:13
knomenote that you should be cautious when proceeding12:14
knomeit's possible that downgrading a package means a lot more packages need other versions as well12:14
knomeespecially with a relatively essential/core component like network manager12:14
knomeanother option is to try to find a newer version of the driver that works with the current network manager12:15
leapoverI should note that i had this working on xenial prior to clean installing, but i failed to take note of the network-manger situation before hand.  The last release with a compatible version of nm was vivid vervet, can you illuminate how i would select a version from vervet?  attempting to install with apt install network-manager=x.x.x does not work as the compatible version isn't available in current release. Really appreciate your 12:22
leapoverIs downloading the .tar.xz and manually installing an acceptable way?12:49
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rexfish25I am currenly installing Xubuntu.20:55
rexfish25What should I do next?20:55
rexfish25I am used to windows only...20:55
xanguaUse it?20:56
brycemlI always add a shortcut key to open the whisker menu with the left super (windows) key after install, I would also install chrome if you want to watch netflix.21:03
xubuntu08iI am new to Ubuntu (Xubuntu) and I want to get a near experience to Windows, any help?21:20
xanguaNear experience of what?21:28
xanguaIf you want thing to work like Windows, maybe you should go back to Windows (+_+)21:29
xanguaWhat is exactly what you want?21:31
mrkrampsxangua, already left the channel ;)21:32
xanguaMaybe went back to Windows I guess21:33
digbychickenso...install Xubuntu, go to IRC to ask what to do next, get no answer...uninstall Xubuntu...makes sense. :)22:24
knomemost people aren't working logically22:25
knomei mean come on, "go to IRC to ask what to do next", who'd do that22:25
andrewrxUgraded from 16.04 to 16.10, 2016-MSI laptop doesn't boot any more. 4.8 kernel detects 3.0Gbps speed then gets "qc timeout" messages on all 4xSSD's (although grub and kernel loaded off them), followed by failure to identify ata. System still boots on 4.4 kernel, which detects SSD speed at 6Gbps. Any hint what I should be looking for?22:55
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SternHi all, I try to install XRDP on Xubuntu 16.10 but it does not seem to work when connecting. Has someone got this working?23:33

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